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3 1833 01776 8059 








Volume LXVII 





^aJjlts^ing Committee 






ADADOURIAN, Rev. Haig This booklet, 
with the exception of the last four 
sketches, contains brief descriptions of a 
number of the residents of New Salem, 
Mass. noticed 386 

ADA3[S, Arthur and S. A. Rinley A genealo^ 
of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbor, 
N. J. noticed 9i 
Jeremy, deposition concerning, 1726 89 
William Frederick Everett Hosmer Barney, 
his family connections, a record of his 
life work — George Murray Barney no- 
ticed 302 

Alabama, register, official and statistical, 1911, 
by T. M. Owen noticed 95 

ALBREE, John Report of the Committee on 
Finance xix 

ALEXANDER, Frederick Warren Stratford 
Hall and the Lees connected with the his- 
tory, biographical, genealogical, and his- 
torical noticed 384 

ALLEN, Gardner Weld A naval history of 
the American Revolution, vols. 1 and 2 
noticed 304 
Richard, will 1718 362 

ALLEN genealogy, descendants of Samuel of 
N. Y., in preparation 301 
descendants of William of Salisbury, Mass., 
in preparation 301 

American Antiquarian Society, celebration of 
100th anniversary, address, by C. G.W ash- 
burn noticed 193 
proceedings, 1912 noticed 07 

American Clan Gregor Societv, year-book, pro- 
ceedings, 1909 and 1910 noticed 191 

American colonies, smuggling at the outbreak 
of the Revolution with reference to the 
West Indies trade, by W. S. McClellan 
noticed 194 

American Historical Association, report 1910 
noticed 193 

American Irish Historical Society, journal, 
vol. 10, by P. F. MoGowan noticed 97 
journal, vol. 11, by E. H. Daly noticed 97 

American Revolution, Battle of April 19, 1775 
in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arling- 
ton, Cambridge, Somerville, and Charles- 
town, history, with American muster 
rolls, by F. VV. Coburn noticed 192 

Continental Congress, journals, 1774-1789, 
edited from original records in the Li- 
brary of Congress, by G. Hunt, vol. 19, 
1781, January 1-April 23 noticed 192 

Continental Congress, journals, 1774-1789, 
edited from original records in the Li- 
brary of Congress, by G. Hunt, vol. 20, 
1781, AprU 24-July 22 noticed 192 

American Revolution cont'd 

Continental Congress, journals, 1774-1789, 
edited from original records in the Li- 
brary of Congress, by G. Hunr, vol. 21, 
1781, July 23-December 31 noticed .■?04 
history, by G. O. Trevelyan noticed 304 
historv, George III and Charles Fox, by 

G. d. Trevelyan noticed 304 
naval history, vols. 1 and 2, by G. W. Allen 
noticed 304 
ANDREWS, Bessie Ayars Benjamin A. Ayars, 
his ancestry and descendants noticed 92 
Ifrank De Wette Tombstone inscriptions in 
the old burying ground at Harwinton, 
Conn., with historical sketch noticed 
The Vineland pioneers noticed 305 
ARBOCKLE genealogy, family of Va., in The 
McCues of the Old Dominion, by J. N. 
McCue noticed .384 
AUSTEN and variants 
Henry, will 1572 34 
Walter, will 1601 35 
ASTKN, Richard, will 1623 .345 
AwsTYNE, William, will 1567 344 
AUSTEN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers ot Biddenden, Eng. 
baptisms, marriajjes, and burials from parish 

registers of Tenterden, Eng. 1G2 
genealogical record of family of Stephen 165 
AUSTIN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Titchfield, Eng. 

AVERY, Catherine Hitchcock, memoir noticed 
95; notice xlviii 
Elroy McKendree John Humfrey, Massa- 
chusetts magistrate. Did he mairy the 
daughter of the third Earl of Lincoln? 
noticed 95 
Elroy McKendree and Catherine Hitchcock 
The Grotou Avery Clan, vols. 1 and 2 no- 
ticed 302 

AVERY genealogy, descendants of Christo- 
pher, bv E. Mclv. and C. H. Avery no- 
ticed .302 

Awstyne, see Austen 

AYAKS genealogy, ancestry and descendants 
of Benjamin A., by B. A. Andrews no 
ticed 92 

AYERS genealogical items 88 

BAILEY, Marietta Peirce Solomoji Peir'"o 
family genealogy containing a record of 
his descendants, also an appendix con- 
taining the ancestry of Solomon Peirce 
and his wife Amity Fessenden noticed 

Index of Subjects 

BAKKR, Edward Wild Rufus George Fred- 
erick Candage 3 
Barbados, W. I., genealogical notes 360 
BAKNKY genealogy, descendants of Jacob of 
Salem, JIass., by W.J*". Adams noticed 

BARl'.ETT. Franklin Ripley, notice xlix 

BAKKKTTjjenealogy, llescendant^<of Williiim, 
Tlioina.-*, and Humplirey, by G. C. Mar- 
tin noticed 92 

BARTLKTT, Joseph Gardner .John Pierce of 
London and tliu merchant adventurers 

BASKKRVILL, Patrick Hamilton Genealogy 
of tlie 13;i>kervillt' family and some allied 
familieii including the English descent 
from 1266 noticed lf-9 

BASKERVII,I,K genealogy, by P. H. Basker- 
vill noticed Wi 

BASSOCK baptisms, marringes, and burials 
from parish registers of btaplehurst, Eng. 
genealogical record of family of Ralph 1C8 

BASSOCK E, William, will 1597 100 

BATES, Hon. Theodore Cornelius, notice liv 

BATES Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1 noticed 190; 
vol- l,n(>. 2 noticed 383; vols. 1-5, index 
notical 3»3 

BAXTER, Hon. Jamei Phinney Address be- 
fore N. E. Hist. Gen. aociety 191.3 ix 

Bay State 'Hstorical League, publication 5, 
proceedings, 1908-1912 noticed 380 

BEACH, Mary Ella The descendants of 
Tliomas Beach of Milfurd, Conn, noticed 

BEACH genealogy, descendants of Thomas of 
Milfurd, Conn., by M. E. Beach noticed 

BEALL genealogy, ancestry and descendants 
of Gustavua and Thomas Heugh Ueall, 
by J. H. Shinn noticed 38'i 

Belchertown, Mass., celebration of 150th anni- 
versary, proceedings, by P. W. Lyman 
noticed 193 

Bennington, Vt., battle 1:7", history, 2d edition, 
by F. \V. Coburn noticed 96 

BESBEECH and variants 
Juliu, will 1610 33 

Bestbeech, Dorothy, will 1620 33 

BESBEECH baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from English parish registers .34 

BEYER. J/ari/ Queul Genealogical hi-tory of 
the irencu and allied families noticed 

BIXNEY. Amos, notice liii 

BIRCKHEAD, J/rs. Sarah K. Bulletin of the 
Newport Historical Society, no. 5. Gov. 
■William Coddiiigton, paper read before 
the Society Nov. 18, 1912 noticed 194 

BLAEE, Afartin ./. William de Burgh, pro- 
genitor of the Burkes in Ireland noticed 

BLXrCHFORD, Eliphnlet Wickes Blatchford 
21emurial 2, a genealogical record of the 
family of liev. Samuel Blatchford, D.IJ., 
with some mention of allied families, 
also autobiographical sketch of Rev. Dr. 
Blatchford noticed 92 

BLATCHFORD genealogy, descendants of 
Kev. Samuel, by E. Vf. Blatchford no- 
ticed 92 

BOG ART, Ernest Ludlow University of Illi- 
nois bulletin, vol. 9, no. 21. University 
of Illinois studies in the social sciences, 
vol. 1, nos. 1 and 2 noticed 96 

BOLTON, Charles Knowles Ancestry of Jfar- 

garet Wyatt, wife of Matthew Allyn of 

Braunton in Devon, Eng. and later of 

Winder, Conn, noticed 192 

Christ church, Salem street, Boston, Mass. 

noticed 193 
Report of the Treasurer xxxvii 
Ethel Stanw^od Report of the Committee 
on I'apers and Es.says xxi 

BOND genealogy, descendants of .Joseph and 

John, by S. B. Garrett noticed 302 
Boston, Mhsi-., Christ church, Salem street, 

history, by C. K. Bolton noticed 193 
Bowdoin College, catalogue 1794-1912 noticed 

class of 1862, oOth anniversary, biographical 

sketches noticed 192 
obituary record of graduates, 1910-1911 no. 

ticed 304 

BOWEN, Ruby Violet and Agues, ancestry of 
noticed 302 

B0W3IAN, Charles Wesley Bowman gene- 
alogy, fiagmentary annals of a branch 
of the Bowman family to which is ap- 
pended data relating to other Buwmans 
and the Spencers noticed 3s3 

BOWMAN genealogy, descendants of Edward 
of Amherst Co., Va., by C. W. Bowman 
noticed 383 

Brenton, William, record of family 181 

Bridgetown, Barbados, W. I., epitaphs 370 

Bridgewater, Mass., settlers, notice 382 

BRIG HAM, Willard Irving Tyler William 
Tyler genealogy, descendants of William 
Tyler of Salem, N. J., 162»-1701 noticed 

Brookline, Mass., "Green Hill," history, by 
J. Goddard noticed 305 

Brookline Historical Society, proceedings, 1912 
noticed 97; 1913 noticed 3»6 

BROWN genealogy, descendants of Capt. Ed- 
ward of Newbury, Mass., by W.F. Tenney 
noticed .383 

Buffalo, N. T., First Presbyterian church, 
manual with historical sketch and ac- 
count of centennial celebration Feb. 1912 
noticed 193 

BULY, George, will 1719 362 

Bunker Hill Monument Association, proceed- 
ings, 1912 noticed 97 

BURGES, Col. Elizeus, memoir, by A. Mat- 
thews noticed 303 

BURKE, Arthur Meredyth Indexes to the 
ancient testamentary records of West- 
minster noticed 305 

BDRKE genealogy, descendants of William de 
Burgh, by M. J. Blake noticed 93 

Cambridge Historical Society, publications 6, 
proceedings 1911 noticed 305 

CANDAGE, Rufus George Frederick, notice 
with autograph and portrait 3 

CARTER, Capt. Robert Goldthwaite Record 
of the military service of Col. Benjamin 
Giildthwaite, a Provincial soldier no- 
ticed 385 
Record of the military service of Capt. Jo- 
seph Goldthwait at the siege of Louis- 
burg, 1745 noticed 385 

CARTER genealogy, descendants of Capt. 
Thomas of Va., by J. L. MUler noticed 

CARVER, Catherine, note 382 

Index of Subjects 

CHAFFIN, William Ladd History of Kobert 
Cliaffin and liis descendiintu and ot the 
other (Jhaffins in America noticed .:i02 

CHAFKIN seiiealopy, descendants of Robert, 
by W. L. Cliaffin noticed ;{02 

CHA l.LONKR, John, will 1687 362 
Richard, will 1U02 .Wi 

CHAMUKRI.AIX, Georr/e Walter Report of 
tlu' Committee on Increase of ileinber- 
ahip xxiv 

CHAMPION note 381 

CHANDLKR, Charles Henry, notice Iv 

CHAXDl.KR (jenealogy, ancestry of John and 
George ot Oare, Eng. and i'a., by T. A. | 
Gleiin noticed 190 

Chatham, Mass., celebration of 200th anniver- 
sary, aiidress, by J. W. U;iwes, in Xo. 
rS Library of Cape Cod history and gen- 
ealogy noticed 193 
history, pare two, by W. C. SmitU noticed 

CHURCH, t/oftn.^drt»ras Descendants of Rich- 
ard Church of Plymouth, Ha»s. noticed 
Mrs. Mary Wood and V. S. Pease Descend- 
ants of Levi VVoo<l, ir55-l»33 and some 
allied families noticed 385 

CHURCH genealogy, descendants of Richard 
of Plymouth, Mass., by J. A. Churcli no- 
ticed 3s3 

Civil War, see United States Civil war 

CLAGHOKN, William Crumby The Barony 
of Cleghorne, I'^03, Lancashire, Scot., to 
the family of Claghorn, 1U12, U. .S. A. 
noticed lUO 

CLAGHORN genealogy, by W. C. Claghorn 
noticed I'M 

CLARKE, Dr. Augustus Peck, notice Ivi 
James Freeman William Hull and the sur- 
render of Detroit noticed 192 

CLOri'ER genealogy, descendants of Corne- 
lius Juuseii, by .j. R. Witcraft noticed 93 

COBURN, Frank Warren The battle of April 
19, 1775, in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, 
Arlington, Cambridge, domerville, and 
Charlestown noticed 192 
Historv of the Battle of Bennington, Vt., 
^d edition noticed 96 

COBV US. Silas Hogeranii G. A. Gordon Gen- 
ealogy of the iiescendants of Edward 
Colburn-Coburn noticed :ite.3 

COKAYNE, George Edward, notice xlvii 

COLBURN-COliURN genealogy, descendants 
of Edward, by Gordon and Cobura no- 
ticed 383 

Colchester County, Jf. 8., history, by A. W. 11. 
Eaton noticed 301 

The Colonial, vol. 1, no. 2 noticed 386 

COMBS genealogy, descendants of Andrew, 
in preparation 383 

Connecticut, history, legislative, and souvenir 
with portraits and sketches of stiite offi- 
cers, senators, representatives, etc., vol. 
8, 1911-1912 noticed 96 

Connecticut Historical Society, library, list of 
genealogies, corrected to Aug. 31, 1911 
noticed 97 

Connecticut Valley Historical Society, papers 
and proceedings, vol. 4 noticed 304 

COOLIDGE, Benry D. and J. W. Kimball 
.Manual for the use of the General Court, 
1913 noticed 304 

COOPER genealogy, descendants of John of 
Cambridge, Mass., in preparation 92 

CORDIS, Mrs. Adelaide Elizabeth, note lix 
COREY, Deloraine Pendre, memoir, by C. E. 
Mann noticed 303 
The Waitefamily of .Maiden, Mass. noticed 

CRAPO, Henry flowlnnd Certain comeover- 

ers, vols. 1 and 2 noticed 93 
William Wiillace, Miicesiry, vols. 1 and 2, by 
H. H. Crapo m/ticid 93 

CRAWFORD, Gen. Willinm The Crawford 
family of Uanliam, Mass. noticed .302 

CRAWFORD genealosry, descendants of Aa- 
ron, by VV. Crawford noticed .302 

CUNNINGHA.M genealogy, family of Va., in 
The .McCaes of the Ulil Dominion, by J. 
N. McCue noticed 384 

CURRIER, Edwin M. Address or historical 
sketch, delivered at a Currier family re- 
union, Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 31, 1910 noticed 

CURRIER genealogy, by E. M. Currier no- 

ticed 190 
CURTIS genealogv, ancestry and descendants 

of William of Marcellus, N. Y., by L. E. 

Steele noticed 3 .2 
CUTTER, William Richard Jlemoirs xlv 
Report of the Historian xlii 

DALY, Edward Hamilton Journal of the 
American Irifh Hi.^torical Society, vol. 
11 noticed 97 

DANA, Hon. Charles S. Rufus Putnam, an 
address delivered at 10th annual meet- 
ing of the Rufus Putnam Memorial As- 
sociation, 1910 tioticed 95 

DAVIS, Andrew McFarland Thomas Went- 
worili Higginson 192 

DEAN, William, notice xlv 

De Blois genealogy, descendants of Louis 6; 
adilitious iM) ; by A. W. H. Eaton no- 
ticed luO 

Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati, un- 
veiling anil presentation of tli" monu- 
ment erected on " Dover Green" noticed 

DERMER, Richard, will 1501 330 

Desceuilauts of tlie Signers of the Declaration 
of Independence, year-book, 1912 noticed 

DEVEREUX genealogy, descendants of John, 
in preparation 92 

DEXTER, Franklin Bowditch Biographical 
notices of graduates of Yale College no- 
ticed 3S5 
Biographical sketches of the graduates of 
Y"ale College with annals of the College 
history, vol. 6, Sept. IsOa-Sepc. 1815 no- 
ticed 95 

Dighton. JIass., bicentennial celebration, 1912 
noticed 96 

DOANE meeting of family, 1912, proceedings 
noticed 190 

DOOCITfLE, James Rood, memoir, by D. 
Mowry noticed 95 

DRYDEN, John Fairtield, raomoirno/iced 192 

DUMARESQ, Edward, will 1701 302 

DCMONT, McPike, and Denton genealogies, 
in Romance of Genealogy, pt. 2, by E. V. 
McPike noticed 93 

DUNTON, John, letters from New England 
by C. M. Greeuougli, reprint noticad 

DUS TON, Mary, notice li 


Index of Subjects 

DUSTON f;enpalogy, in Address or liistorical 
sketcii, delivered at a Currier family re- 
union, lylO, by E. II. Currier -noticed lyO 
DWEi-LKY, Hon. JedeUiall, notice Ixi 
DYEK genealogy, ancestry of William noticed 

EAbTMAX, Sophie E. In old Soutli Hadley 

notici:d 'Ji 
KATON, llev. Dr. Arthur Wentworth, Hamil- 
ton EmiueiiC ^uva scotians of ^cw 
England birttj 287 
Olu boston families, number one, the De 

Jilois fiunily C; noticed iw 
Old lioslou luaiiUeo, number two, the fam- 
ily of Capt. John (ierrisU 10.1 
The setlUug of Colchester County, Nova 
Scotia, by New England funtana and 
Ulster Scotsmen noticed Mi 
EDENDEN and variants 
Edysues, Jolin, will 1588 :Ji) 
luuuKUKN, Agues, administration of estate 
16'J? M 
Christian, will 15'J8 3'.t 
Edmund, administration of estate 15U7 38 
Edmund, will IbUU -SB 
James, admiulsiiatiou of estate 15^7 37 
James, will I5y7 37 
Joan, auministration of estate lo'Ja 37 
John, notice :13 
William, will iba-Z 37 

EUENUEN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
ti'oiu Euglisli parish registers 'i\i 
genealogical notice, descendants of Stephen 
of Craubrook, Eng. il 
EDWAKUS, Falsgrave, notice -'J7 
Elmira, N. Y., military prison, history, by C. 
\V. Holmes noticed laS 

EMEKSUX genealogy, descendants of -Uichael, 
Uobcrt, and Tuomas, by C. H. I'ope no- 
ticed Mt 

England, genealogical research in 'H 161 248 


ENO, Joel Xelson Connecticut cemetery in- 
scriptions 63 ;itfb 376 

ENSIUN, Charles Sidney Keportof the Com- 
luittue on Epitaphs xxiii 

Exeter, N. U., history of the town in 1S30, by 
W . U. I'erry noticed 3b6 

FARNA3I,..Henr7/ }^alcott Biographical rec- 
ord of tue Class of l87i in Yale College, 
1th part, la7-l-iuuy noticed ao 

FERGUSON, Dr. Arthur Bixby Genealogy 
of the descendants of Jouii Ecrgusou no- 
ticed ys 

FERGUsON genealogy, descendants of John, 
by A. li. Ferguson noticed y3 

FEUllY-Ferre-Feriit Family Historical Asso- 
ciation of America, note 'ii 

FISKE, John, memoir, by W. K. Thayer no- 
ticed l\)Z 

FLOYD, David, memoir with autograph and 
portrait lyS 
Report of the Committee on Collection of 
Records xxiii 
iV. J- LSio^'raphical genealogies of the Vir- 
ginia-Kentucliy Floyd families with notes 
of some collateral branches noticed y3 

FLOYD genealogy, families of Va. and Ky., 
by is. J. Floyd noticed y3 

FOLSOil, Julia Elizabeth, notice li 

FULsOM meeting of family lyij, records of 
the -Ith annual reunion of the descend- 
ants of John noticed 190 

FOOTE Family Association of America, re- 
ports, lyoy and iyi2 noticed IKO 

FOWLE genealogical history, by E. A. Pierce 
noticed .Mz 

FOWLE,li, JT. Alfred An incomplete geneal- 
ogy of the Fowler family noticed Uri 

FOWLEK genealogy, by U. A. Fowler no- 
ticed 'Mi 

FOX Family Sv'iii, vol. 1 noticed 302 

Frankford (Philadelphia, Pa.) Historical So- 
ciety, pamplUet, iyil noticed y7 

FRASER genealogy, descendants of Alexan- 
der, in preparation :i83 

FIIEEJIAN, James Goldtliwaite, notice Ix 

tKENCH, Elizabeth Genealogical research 
in Euglaud 33 161 2its -i-iu 

FRENCH genealogy, descendants of Thomas, 
by Ai. Q. Ueyer noticed laO 

FUliLVVOOL) genealogical notes, by E. F. 
JlcPike noticed .isi 

GAGE, Gen. Thomas, spies of, narratire, by 
J.C. Hosmcr noticed 3U3 

GALLAGHER, Charles T. La memoriam, 
Samuel Crocker Lawrence noticed y5 

GALLATIN genealogy, in Genealogical-bio- 
giaphicai histories of the families of 
Stevens, Gallatin, and Nicholson, by iJ. 
K. Steveus noticed lyi 

GARUlNER, Silvester, memoir, by H. S. Web- 
ster noticed 303 

GARRETT, Samuel Bond Bond genealogy, 
a history of the descendants of Joseph 
aud J ohu tiond noticed 302 

GARVER, Austin S. Edward U. Hall, an 
address giveu in the church of the sec- 
ond Parish, Worcester, April H, rjUi 
noticed :J«5 

GERRISU genealogy, descendants of Capt. 
John 100 

GEtsNER, Anthon Temple Gesner family of 
New York and Nova acotia together 
witu some notes coucerniug the families 
ol Bogardus, Brower, Ferdou, and Pineo, 
171U-iyi2 noticed lUO 

GESNER geuealogy, by A. T. Gesner noticed 

Ghost-book, New England's Memorial, by N. 

ilortou, London eUitiou 1669, reprint 

trom the publications of The Colonial 

society of Massachusetts, vol. li noticed 

GLENN, Thomas Allen Chandler of Oare 

noticed lao 
Welsh founders of Pennsylvania noticed 

GODUARD, Julia The history of "Green 

Hill" noticed 305 

GO DEREY, Caleb, record of family 158 

GOLDTHWAIT, Capt. Joseph, memoir, by 
R. G. Carter noticed 365 

GOLDTHWAITE, Col. Benjamin, memoir, by 

R. G. Carter noticed 365 
GOODWIN genealogy, descendants of Samuel 

of Pownalborough, ile. 27 

GOOKIN, Daniel, ancestry and memoir, by 
F. W. Gookiu noticed laO 
Frederick William Daniel Gookin, 1612- 
1687, Assistant and Major General of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony, his life and 
letters and some account of his ancestry 
noticed lyo 

Index of Subjects 

GORDON, Capt. George Augustus and S. B. 

Coburn tienealogy of the descendants 

of £dward Colburu-Coburn noticeti Mi 
Gosport, N. H., town records 56 132 231 354 
GOULD, Daniel, wiU 1694 362 
GOULDING, Koger, will 1695 363 
GRAFTON, Charles Chapman, Bp. of Fond 

du Lac, Wis., memoir noticed 192 
GRANT meeting of family, 1905 noticed 93 
GREKN, Samuel Abbott Natural liistory and 

the topography uf Groton, Mass. noticed 

GREENLAW, miliam Prescott Report of 

the librarian xxv 

GREENOUGH, Chester Noyes John Dun- 
ton's letters from Seyt England, reprint 
Ttoticed 95 

Groton, Mass., history, by S. A. Green noticed 

HALL, Edward Henry, memorial address, by 
A. S. Garrer noticed 385 
Sev. John History of the Presbyterian 
church, Trenton, N. J., from the hrst 
settlement of the town, 2d ed. noticed 

HALL genealogy, by M. H. Shumway, in Me- 
morial volume, selections from Che prose 
and poetical writings of the late John 
Savary noticed 191 

HAMILTON, Samuel King The Hamiltons 
of Waterborough, Me., noticed 93 

Hamilton genealogy, family of Waterborough, 
Me., by a. Jv. Hamilton noticed 93 

HANSON, Harriet, notice xlTiii 

HARDON, Benry Wiiithrop Robert Huckins 
of the Dover (Jombiuacion and descend- 
ants SI 180 :i70 348 

HARDWICK, Benjamin Cutler, notice xlix 

HARMON, Israel Part first, souvenir of the 
Harmon reunioa, 1896 ; part second, spec- 
ial family record of Israel Harmon (3) 
and Frances M. Cooley Harmon and 
Harmon geuealogy from John Haruou 
noticed 3b4 

HARMON genealogy, descendants of John, 
by 1. Harmon noticed 364 

Harvard University, class of 1853, report, 1849- 
1913 noticed 3sa 
class of 1883, report, 1883-1913 noticed 38J 
records 1636-1600, notes, noticed 305 
Harwinton, Conn., epitaphs with historical 

sketch, by F. 1). Andrews noticed 305 
HARWOOD,Xir. Watson Herbert Genealogi- 
cal history of the Concord Harwoods, ae- 
scendants of Nathaniel Harwood, vol. 3, 
New England Harwood genealogy no- 
ticed 30a 
Genealogical history of the Harwood fami- 
lies descended from Andrew, 3d ed. no- 
ticed 93 
Genealogical history of the Salem Har- 
woods, descendants of Henry and Eliza- 
beth Harwood noticed 190 

HARWOOD genealogy, descendants of An- 
drew, by W. H. Harwood noticed 93 

descendants of Henry, by W. H. Harwood 
noticed 190 

descendants of Nathaniel, by W. H Har- 
wood noticed 302 

HATCHE, John, will 1629 45 

HATHOKNE and variants 

Anne, will 1627 250 

Edmund, will 1652 251 

John, ancestry 248 

HATHORNE cont'd 

Nathaniel, will 1654 251 

Robert, will 1692 252 

Sarah, will 1656 252 

Maj. \7illiam, ancestry 243 

William, will 1626 250 

William, will 1651 251 
Hawthorne, Joan, will 1577 249 

Thomas, will 1616 219 
HoTHOBJ), Robert, will 1564 248 
HOTHOBNK, James, will 1560 248 

HATHORNE baptisms, marriages, and bnr- 
ials from parish registers of Binheld, 
Eng. 25a 
genealogy, descendants of Thomas 255 
HA WES, Frank Mortimer Aaron Sargent 


James W. No. 78, Library of Cape Cod his- 
tory and genealogy, Chatham, Mass., 
history noticed 193 

Hawthorne, see Hathorne 

HAYNES, Thomas, record of family of Ames- 
bury, Mass., note 88 

HEARNE genealogy, addenda noticed 93 

HIGBY genealogy, descendants of Edward, 
in preparation 383 

HIGGmSON, Thomas Wentworth, memoir, 
t)y A. McF. Davis noticed 192 

HILL, Dr. John Fremont, notice lir 

UlLLYAliD, WUUam, will 1694 363 

HINKLEY, Holmes, memoir, ed. by W. S. 
Hiuchman noticed 385 

Historia, vol. 4, no. 1 noticed 193; vol. 4, no. 
2 noticed 305 

HOLMES, Clayton Wood The Elmira prison 
camp, a history ot the military prison at 
Elmira, N. Y. 193 
Rev. Obadiah, will 1682, with extracts from 
his manuscripts 21 

HOOPER, Thomas, notice Ix 

HORBIN, Joseph, wiU 1692 363 
Sarah, will 1697 363 

HOKR, Norton Townsend Versuch den Urs- 
pruug und die genealogie der Rhein ptll- 
zischeu familie Ritter zu verzeicUueu 
noticed 191 

HORTON, Byron Barnes The ancestors and 
descenaants of Isaac Hortou of Liberty, 
N. Y. noticed 93 

HORTON ancestry and descendants of Isaac, 

by a. B. Uorton noticed 93 
HOSMER, Jerome Carter The narrative of 

Gen. Gage's spies, Mar. 1775, with notes 

noticed 303 

HOTCHiCISS, Ellas, note 380 
Fanny, notice li 

HOTCHKISS genealogy, descendants of Sam- 
uel 48 123 223 

Hothorn, see Hathorne 

Hothorne, see Hathorne 

HOVENDEN, Kobert, notice xlv 

HOWARD, Channing David Floyd 195 

HOWE, Daniel Wait The Mississippi Valley 

in the movement for flfty-four forty or 

tight noticed 193 

HOWLAND Homestead, vol. 1, nos. 3 and 4 
noticed 93 

HOWSE, Thomas, will 1644 260 

HUCKINS genealogy, descendants of Robert 
81 ISO 270 348 

HUCKSTER baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from English parish registers 46 


Index of Subjects 

HUCKSTEPP, John, wUl 1625 44 
John, will 1631 44 

Hugueaot Society of South Carolina, transac- 
tions, no. 19 noticed 306 

HULL, William, memoir, and the surrender 
of Detroit, by J. F. Clarke noticed 192 

HUMFREY, John, memoir, by E. lIcK. Avery 
noticed 95 

HUSE, Bebecca Parker, parentage, notes 87 

HUSSEY, Obed, memoir, ed. by F. L. Greeno 
noticed 304 

HUTCHINSON, Jonathan, wUl 1689 364 

Hyde Park Historical Record, vol. 8, ed. by 
W. A. ilowry noticed U6 

Iddenden, see Edenden 

Illinois State Historical Society, transactions, 
1910 noticed 97 

Indians of North America, narratives of cap- 
tivity, bibliography noticed 191 

INGPEN, Arthur Robert The Middle Temple 
bench book, being a register of benchers 
noticed 305 

INGRAM, John Van Ness Check list of 
American, 18th century newspapers in 
the Library of Congress noticed 194 

Iowa, history, annals, 3d series, vols. 1-8, in- 
dex noticed 90 

Ireland, Presbyterian Historical Society, fifth 
annual meeting, 1912 noticed 193 

IVORY and variants 
Luke, will 1679 3.34 
WiUiam, will 1650 334 

lUOBlE, Thomas, will 1627 333 
lUORY, Edmund, will 1631 3.33 

Elizabeth, will 16:U :m 
IVERY, Elizabeth, notice 338 

Robert, notice 337 

Robert, will 1525 notice .337 
IVERYE, Robert, will 1569 331 
IvoREY, Edmund, notice 338 
IVORIB, Richard, will 1581 331 
IvoRTE, Katharine, will 1584 3.32 

William, will 1619 332 
YUERYE, Robert, will 1547 330 
IVORY baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
English pariah registers 3;i5 

gentalugy, desceudauts of Robert 339 

JACK, David Russell History of Saint An- 
drew's church. Saint John, N. B. noticed 

JACOBUS, Donald Lines The Hotchkiss fam- 
ily 48 123 223 

JAilES genealogy, descendants of Capt. John, 
by C. P. Ohler noticed 190 

James Sprunt Historical Publications, vol.11, 
no. 2 noticed 97 

JENKINS, Joel, wives, notice 89 

Jersey Dutch genealogy, by VV. Nelson noticed 

JOHNSON, Catherine, will 1610 109 
(iiirard, will 1506 169 
Walter, parentage, note .380 
Wolcott Howe, memoir noticed 95 
JOHNSON genealogy, descendants of William 

of Canterbury, Eng. 170 
JONES, George Russell Genealogy of the 
Jones family, flrst and only book ever 
written of tlie descendants of Benjamin 
Jones noticed 384 

JONES cont'd 
Judge Lewis Hampton Capt. Roger Jones 
of London and Va. Some of his ante- 
cedents and descendants noticed 94 
JONES genealogy, antecedents and descend- 
ants of Capt. Roger of London and Va., 
by L. H. Jones noticed 94 
descendants of Benjamin, by G. R. Jones 
noticed .384 

Kennebnnk, Me., history and biographical 
sketches, by D. Remich TWticecC 96 

KENYON, genealogical notice of Roger of 
Block Island 296 

KIDDER fund, report of trustees for 1912 

KIMBALL, Helen Frances Report of the 
Committee on the Library xix 
James }V. and H. D. Coolidge Mannal for 
the use of the General Court, 1913 tu>- 
ticed 304 

KINGMAN, Bradford Descendants of Henry 
Kingman, .^ome early generations of the 
Kingman family noticed 190 

KINGMAN genealogy, descendants of Henry, 
by B. Kingman noticed 190 

KITCHEL genealogy, descendants of Robert, 
by G. C. McCormick noticed 384 

LAKE genealogy, family of Great Egg Har- 
bor, N. J., by A. Adams and S. A. Risley 
noticed 94 

LANGDON genealogical notes •'379 

LANGTON, Elizabeth, will 1682 364 

LAPUAM genealogy, descendants of John, in 
preparation is^ 

LAWRENCE, Samuel Crocker, memoir, by 
C. T. Gallagner noticed 'J5 

LEAVITT,£ntj7y Wilder Marriages of Pom- 
fret, Conn., 1706-1753 371 

LEDDRA, John, will 1683 364 
Nathaniel, will 1664 364 

LEE genealogy, family of Va., with history of 
atratford Hall, by F. W. Alexander no- 
ticed 384 

LE MOINE, Sir James MacPherson, notice lii 
LE VET genealogy, descendants of Thomas 66 
LEVETT genealogical notice, descendants of 

John 75 
Lexington, Mass., history and genealogy, re- 
vised edition, 1912 noticed 305 
Lexington Historical Society, sketch of its 
origin, purposes, and achievements, 1S86- 
1912, by F. S. Piper noticed 306 
LITTLEFIELD and variants 
LITLEFIELD, Francis, will 1618 343 
LITTLEFBILD, Nicholas, will 1678 344 

Robert, wil! 1679 314 
LITTLEFIELD baptisms, marriages, and bur- 
ials from parish registers of Titchtield. 
Eng. 315 
genealogical notice, descendants of Francis 
London, Eng., Middle Temple bench book, 
being a register of the benchers, by A. B. 
Ingpen noticed 305 

London, Westminster. Eng., records, ancient 
testamentary, indexes to, by A. il. Burke 
noticed 305 

LORD, Charles Edward The ancestors and 
descendants of Lieut. Tobias Lord no- 
ticed 190 

Index of Subjects 


LORD genealogy, ancestors and descendants 
of Tobias, by C. E. Lord noticed ^,90 

LOWE, Enoch Louis, memoir, by C. E. Ma- 
grader noticed 192 

John Adams Obituary record of the Society 
of Alumni, Williams College, 1913-1913 
noticed iHo 
LOWEKY, Woodbury The Lowery collection, 
a descriptive list of maps of the Spanish 
possessions within the present limits of 
the United States, 1502-1820, ed. by i". L. 
jPhiUips noticed 96 

LYMAN, Bev. Payson W. 150th anniversary 
of the iucorporation of the town of 
Belchertown, Mass. 1911 noticed 193 

LYNN, Eliza B. Genealogy of Col. Andrew 
Lynn, Jr., and Mary Aahercraft Johnson 
and their descendauts noticed 'i6i 

LYNN genealogy, descendants of Col. An- 
drew, by K. B. Lynn noticed 381 

MCCARTHY, Kt. Hon. Justin, notice Ivii 

McCAUSLAND genealogy, by M. Marvin no- 
ticed 91 

McCLELLAN, William Smith WUliams Col- 
lege, David A. Wells prize essays, no. 3, 
smuggling in the American Colonies at 
the outbreak of the Kevolutiou with spec- 
ial reierence to the West Indies trade 
noticed 191 

Mccormick, George Chalmers John Kitchel 
and Esther I'eck, their ancestors, ue- 
scendants and some kindred families no- 
ticed 381 

MCCUE, John xV. The McCues of the Old Do- 
miniou, supplemented with brief charts 
of tlie Steele, Arbuckle, and Cuuiiiugham 
famiUes noticed 381 

McCUE genealogy, family of Va., by J. N. 
McCue noticed 381 

McGOWAN, Patrick F. The journal of the 
American Irish Historical Society, vol. 10 
noticed 97 

MacGREGOK genealogy, in Year-book of 
American Clan Gregor Society, 1909-1910 
noticed 191 

McPIKE, Eugene Fairfield Fullwood, Halley, 
I'arry, Tike lamilies noticed 3sl 
Romance of genealogy, pt. 2 noticed 93 

MAGGS, George, will 1677 365 

MAGRUDEK, Caleb Clarke Enoch Louis 
Lowe, Gov. of Maryland, 1851-1851 no- 
ticed 192 

Maiden Historical Society, register, no. 2 no- 
ticed 191 

MANN, Charles Edward Memoir of Deloraine 
Peiidre Corey noticed 303 
William Kufua, notice Ivi 

MARSHALL, John, memoir, by M. N. Stanard 
noticed 385 

MARTIN, George Castor Barrett ancestry 
noticed 92 

MARVIN, Merze The McCauslands of Don- 

aghauie and allied families noticed 91 
Maryland Historical Society, note 92 

MASON, Orion T. Handbook of Medway his- 
tory. A condensed history of tlie rown 
of Medway, Mass., 1713-1913 noticed 386 

Massachusetts Bay, Province of, acts and re- 
solves, vol. 18, being vol. 13 of the appen- 
dix, 1765-1771 noticed 301 

Massachusetts, acts and resolves passed by the 
General Court in 1912, together with the 
constitution, messages of the Governor, 
lists of Civil Government, tables showing 
changes in the statutes, changes of names 
of persons, etc. noticed 192 
General Court, manual for the use of, 1913, by 
H. D. Coolidge and J. W. Kimball no- 
ticed 301 
public records and public documents, laws 
relating to, with opinions of the Attor- 
neys-General, issued by the Commis- 
sioner of Public Records noticed 301 
record commissioner, report 1912, by U. E. 
Woods noticed 193 

Massachusetts, Colonial Society of, publica- 
tions, vol. 2, collections, .Massachusetts 
Royal Commissions, 1681-1771 noticed 

Massachusetts Light Artillery, 2d Battery in 
the Civil war, history, by C. E. Whit- 
comb noticed 98 

MATTHEWS, Attert Col. Elizeus Burges no- 
ticed 303 
MAVERICK, Nathaniel, will 1671 386 

Nathaniel, will 1701 366 

Nathaniel, will 1711 366 

Medway, Mass., history, 1713-1913, handbook, 
by O. T. Mason noticed 386 

Merchant Adventurers aud John Peirce of 
London 117 

MERRIMAN, Mansfield Nathaniel Merriman, 
one of the founders of Walliugford, Conn. 
noticed .301 
Nathaniel, memoir, by M. Merriman noticed 

Metcalf, Albert, notice xlix 

Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, col- 
lections, vol. .38 noticed 97 

Middle Temple, London, Eng., bench book, be- 
ing a register of the ueuchers, by A. K. 
Ingpen noticed 305 

Military Order of the I^oyal Legion of the 
United States, Masaacliusetts command- 
ery, register noticed 3U0 

MILLER, Dr. Joseph Lyon 1652-1912. The 
descendants of Capt. Thomas C:irter of 
Barford, Lancaster co., Va. noticed 190 

Minnesota Historical Society, biennial report, 
1913 noticed 386 

Mississippi Valley, movement for fifty-four 
forty or light, by O. W. Howe noticed 

Missouri Historical Society, new liome, notice 

M ITCH ELL genealogy, cie?C'initant3 of Christo- 
pher of Kittery, Mt;. noticed 191 

JIOFFA T, Reuben Burnham Pierrepont gene- 
alogies from Norman times to 1913, with 
particular attention paid to the line of 
descent from Hezekiuh I'ierpont, young- 
est son of Rev. James Pierpont of New 
Haven noticed 'Mi 

MORE Historical Journal, vol. 2, no. 1 noticed 

MORIAKTY. George Andrews Barbadian 

notes 360 
Nathaniel Mott of Scituate and his sons 

Report of the Council .xv 

MORRIS, genealogical notice of the family of 
Capt. Charles of Nova Scotia 28? 

MOTT genealogy, descendants of Nathaniel of 
Scituate, Mass. 23 

MOWRY, Duane An appreciation of James 
Rood Doolittle noticed 95 


Index of Subjects 

Nantucket Historical Association, vol. 2, bulle- 

tin no. 7 noticed 306 
National Society of Daughters of Founders and 
i'atriots of America, history forthe 14th 
year ending May l:i, iyi2 noticed 194 
National Society of the Sons of the American 
Kevolution, national year-book, lai2 no- 
ticed U7 
official bulletin, vol. 8, no. 1 388 
NELSON, William Discovery and early his- 
tory of New Jersey noticed 193 
Some Jersey Dutch genealogy noticed 95 
New Brunswick, N. J., first settlers noticed 

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 
aduress 1913, by J. 1". Baxter ix 
building, notice tfl 1S9 
charter and enabling acts Ixiii 
(jommittee on (Jullection of Kecords, report 

for 19la xxiii 
Committee on English BesearcU, report for 

191.: xxi 
Committee on Epitaphs, reportfor 1912 xxiii 
Committee on Eiuauce, report tor lDl:i xix 
Committee on Heraldry, report for lul'^ xxi 
Committee on increase of Membership, re- 
port for 1912 XXIV 
Committee on the Library, report for 1912 

Committee on Papers and Essays, report for 

1912 xxi 
Committee on FubUcations, report for 1912 


Corresponding Secretary, report for 1912 

council, report for 1912 xv 
Historian, report for 1912 xlii 
Librarian, report for 1912 xxv 
library, donors, 1912 xxvii 
memoirs xlv 

officers and committees for 1913 v 
proceedings 1912 oi; 1912, 1913 183; 1913 

XU 290 
Treasurer, report for 1912 xxxvii 
New England Society in the City of New York, 
107th anniversary noticed 3et> 

New England's Memorial, by N. Morton, Lon- 
don edition lOUV, a ghost-book, reprint 
from the publications of The Colonial 
Society of Massachusetts, vol. 14 noticed 

New Hampshire Historical Society, building, 
dedication noticed 98 

New Jersey, history, by W. Nelson noticed 193 
New Jersev Historical Society, proceedings 
1912 noticed 98 

New Salem, Mais., history, by H. Adadourian 

noticed oSti 

New York Genealogical and Biographical So- 
ciety, officers, committees, by laws, 1910 
noticed 98 

New York Society of the Order of the Founders 
and Patriots of America, address and list 
of officers, 1912-1913 noticed 306 

NEWCOMB genealogy, descendants of An- 
drew, in preparation 92 

Newport Historical Society, bulletin, no. 5 no- 
ticed 194; no. 7 noticed 300 
special bulletin, visit of Gen. Washington to 
Newport iu 1781, by Mr*. F. E. Chadwlck 
noticed 194 

Newspapers, American, daily, directory of no- 
ticed \'H 

American, Ibtli century, check list in the Li- 
brary of Congress, by J. Van N. Ingram 
noticed 194 

list in Virginia State Library, Confederate 
and Valentine Museums, by Minor, Har- 
rison, and Swem noticed 197 

NEWTON, John Marshall, memoir noticed 

NICHOLSON genealogy, in Genealogical-bi- 
ographical histories of the families of 
Stevens, Gallatin, and Nicholson, by B. 
K. Stevens noticed 191 

Norwich, Conn., vital records 1659-1848, part 1 
noticed 305 

Nova Scotian Institute of Science, proceedings 
and transactions, 19U-U12 noticed 98 

NUTTING, William and Dr. David Hubbard 
Nutting, addresses by noticed 95 

Oakham, Mas*., July 4th celebration in 1797, 
history, by H. P. Wright noticed 30.^ 

Ohio, history, financial, by E. L. Bogart no- 
ticed 96 

OHLEK, Clara Paine Ancestors and descend- 
ants of Capt. John James and Esther 
Denison noticed 190 

Old Dartmouth Historical sketches, nos. 34, 35, 
and 36, proceedings noticed 194 

OLMSTED, iJr.S^enr;/ King and G. K. Ward 
Genealogy of tue Uimsted family in 
America embracing the descendants of 
James and itichard noticed 191 

OLMSTED genealogy, descendants of James 
and itichard, by H.K. Olmsted and U.K. 
Ward noticed 191 

OWEN, Thomas M. Alabama official and sta- 
tistical register, 1911 noticed 95 

PAINE and variants 
Sarah Cashing Paine ancestry, the family 
of Uoberc Treat Paine, including ma- 
ternal lines, ed. by C. H. Pope noticed 

PAINE genealogy, by S. C. Paine noticed 191 
descendants of Thomas, by A. F. P. White 
noticed 94 

PARK, Lawrence Old Boston families, num- 
ber three, tue Savage family 198 309 

PARKS, Frank Sylvester American ancestry 
of Ansun sanborn noticed 385 

PAELIN, Frank Edson Parlin genealogy, 
descendants of Nicholas noticed 302 

FAKLIN genealugy, descendants of Nicholas, 
by F. E. Parlin noticed 302 

PARMENTEK, James Parker Report of the 
Committee on Publications xx 

Payne, see Paine 

PEASE, Verne Seih and ^fr$. it. W- Church 
Descendants of Levi Wood, 1755-1833, 
and some allied families noticed 385 

PECK genealogy, in Selleck and Peck gene- 
alogy, by W. E. Selleck noticed 94 

FEELLE, Stanton Jndkins, Chief Justice of 
tlie U. S. Court of Claims, retirement, 
resolutions and remarks noticed 385 

Peirce, see Pierce 

Pembroke, Mass., celebration of 200th anni- 
versary of incorporation, 1912, in Bryant- 
viUe News noticed 96 
muster rolls during the Revolution and al- 
phabetical list of soldiers, by S. A. Smith 
noticed 96 

PENCE, Kingsley Adolphus History of Judge 
John Pence and descendants noticed 384 

PENCE genealogy, descendants of Judge 
John, by K. A. Pence noticed 384 

PENH ALLOW, Charles Sherburne Report 
of the Committee on English Research 

Index of Subjects 

Pennsylvania, history, Welsh founders, vol. 1, 
by T. A. Glenn noticed 305 

Pennsylvania, Colonial Society of, 2:!0th* anni- 
versary of the landing of William Penn 
in Pennsylvania noticed 306 

Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolu- 
tion, proceedings, 1911-1912 noticed 9S 

PERRY, [{on. Howard Doiodoin Some early 
marriages recorded at South luugstowu, 
11. 1. 285 
Oliver Hazard, memoir noticed 385 
Dr. IVilliam Gilmun Exeter in l«:iO, notes 
and occasional papers noticed 386 

PHIMJPS, Samuel, notice 212 

PHU'PS, ilaj. H. H. Xotes on Phipps and 
Phip families of England, Ireland, the 
West Indies, aud iivvr England, pt. 2 
noticed 94 

PHIPPS genealogy, notes on families of Eng- 
land, Ireland, West Indies, and Hkv/ 
h,ngiand, by H. K. Phipps, pt. 2 noticed 

PIERCE and variants 
Elmore Allen Immigrant ancestors of the 
various Fowle families ot America tio- 
ticed 302 

Peirce, John, memoir 147 

PIERCE genealogy, descendants of Solomon, 
by il. P. Bailey noticed 94 

PIERREPONT genealogy, descendants of 
HezeKiali Pierpout, by K. U. iloSnt 
noticed 302 

The Pilgrim Magazine, vol. 1, no. 2 noticed 

PIPER, Dr. Fred S. Lexington Historical 
Society, sketch of its origin, purposes, 
and aciiievements, 1S8<}-1»12 noticed 3uu 

PLAISTED, William, uotice 188 

POM.Klt.OY, Albert Alonzo History and gene- 
alogy of the I'omeroy tamily, ancestors 
and descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy 
noticed 191 

POilEROY baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from English parish registers 261 
genealogy, descendants of Eltweed, by A. A. 
Pomeroy noticed 191 

Pomfret, Conn., marriages 1706-1753 371 
I'OPE, Charles Henry The UaveriiiU Kmer- 

sons, part lirst noticed 3U2 
POUREDGE and variants 

Henry, will 1593 176 

John, will 1JS2 175 

Margaret, will Iftos 179 

Robert, will 1557 174 

Stephen, will 1574 174 

Thomas, record of family 179 

POBDAGK, Edward, will 1616 177 

PoKEDQE, William, will 15t)9 174 

PORRAGE, Thomas, will 1549 173 

Portsmouth, li. I., epitaphs 89 

PRESTON, David Christie Preston geneal- 
ogy. Orange Co., N. X. branch, and life 
sketch of the compiler noticed 384 

PRESTON genealogy, family of Orange Co., 
N. Y., by D. C. Preston noticed 384 

PRINCE, Isaac, record of family 158 

Puritans' Farewell to England, historical no- 
tice noticed M6 

PUTNAM. Gen. Rufus, address at 10th annual 
meeting of the ttufua Putnam Memorial 
Association, by C. S. Oana noticed 95 

KATUBUN, Samuel, record of family 184 

HEXDE, Brig.. Gen. Philip Dedication exer- 
cises at the Massachusetts military monu- 
ment. Valley Forge, Pa., erected by the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts no- 
ticed 193 

READE Record, vol. 5 noticed 303 

REDWOOD, John, will 1669 367 

REMICK, Daniel History of Kennebunk from 
its earliest settlement to 1890 and bio- 
graphical sketches noticed 96 

Rhode Island Historical Society, library, 

manuscript genealogies in, list 299 
RINGWALT, John S., notice xlvi 
RISLEY, Richard, depo,«ition 1726 89 
Sarah Ann and A. Adams A genealogy of 
the Lake family of Great Egg Harbor, 
N. J. noticed 94 

RITTER genealogy, by N. T. Horr noticed 

ROBINSON, Harriet, notice xlviii 
Rev. John, parentage, notice 381 
Morgan Poitiaux Complete index to Stith's 

history of Virginia noticed 96 
William, will 1626 161 
RODMAN, John, will 1686 367 
RODMAN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parisn registers of Barbados, VV. I. 

ROLFE baptisms, marriages, and burials, in 
Notes on the English ancestry of the 
Whittier and Kolle families noticed 94 

ROSSELL, Prof. Hugh Bertrand Steinmata 
Rossellana, the lineage and history of 
the family of Rossell, compiled aud ar- 
ranged from 76D-loS9, by C. S. Sims, 2d 
edition, 1912, by U. B. Rossell noticed 

ROSSELL genealogy, by H. B. Rossell noticed 


Royal Society of Canada, proceedings and 
transactions, 3d series, vol. 5 noticed U8 

RULOFFSKN genealogy, descendants ot Lau- 
rens, in preparation 301 

RYNO genealogy, descendants of John, in 
preparation 3s3 

Saint John, N. B., Saint Andrew's church, 
history, by U. R. Jack noticed 305 

St. John's Lodge, list of officers and members, 
1913 noticed i^d 

SAMUEL, /. Bunford Records of the Samuel 
family collected Irom essays, manu- 
scripts, and other sources noticed 384 

SAMUEL genealogy, by J. B. Samuel noticed 


SANBORN, Anson, ancestry, American, by 
F. S. Parks noticed 385 
Franklin Benjamin Hon. Joseph Burbeen 

Walker, A.M. 99 
Victor Channing Thomas Levet of Exeter 
and Hampton 66 

SANFORD Association of America, first, sec- 
ond, third, fourth, and fifth reunions no-' 
ticed 3U3 

SARGENT, Aaron, notice with autograph and 
portrait 307 

SAVAGE genealogy, descendants of Thomas 
198 309 

SAVARY, John, memoir, ed. by John Albee 
noticed 191 

SAVARY genealogy, by M. H. Shumway, in 
Memorial volume, selections from the 
prose and poetical writings of the late 
John Savary noticed 191 

Index of Subjects 

SCOTT, Henry Edwards Report of the Cor- 

responding Secretary xxxlii 
SEAES, Brig.-Gen. Clinton BrooRs, notice lii 
Seiiwell, see tjewell 
SELLEClf , William Edwin Selleck and Peck 

genealogy noticed 9-i 
SELLICCK genealogy, by \V. E. Selleck noticed 

SEWKLL and variants 
George, will 1644 265 
William, will IWJ 202 
Sewai.l, John, will 1041 263 
Seawkll, George, will 1627 263 
John, will 151)0 202 
Ttiouius, will 1645 264 
SEWliLL, baptisms, marriages, and burials 
(ioni Englisli parisli registers 265 
genealogical notice ol' descendants of John 

of Halstead, Eng. 268 
genealutiical notice of de.-^cendants of Thomas 
of llaistead, Eng. 269 
SEYMOUlt, J/orris Woodruff Record of the 
Seymour familyiu lUe Kevolution noticed 
SEY3I0 U R genealogy, descendants of Richard, 
in tlie Kevolution, by M. VV. Seymour no- 
ticed y4 
SHEPAKDSOJf, jfrancii Wayland TheShep. 
aril.sou lamily noticed 'j4 
The Sliepardaon family, some miscella- 
neous records ot several generations no- 
ticed ml 
SHKPAltUsOX genealogy, branches of the 
family iu United states when the first 
census was taken in 17aO, by F. W. Sliep- 
ardsou noticed a4 
descendants of Daniel, by F. \V. Shepard- 
son noticed lul 
SHERMAN, Faith, will 1C07 153 
Samuel, will 1010 157 

Thomas Townsend Additional facts about 
the English Sliermans 154 
SHERMAN baptisms, marriitges, and burials 
from Uedliam, Eng. parisli register 154 

SHINN, Josiah Hazen The ancestry and de- 
scendants of Gu?tavu3 Beall aud Thomas 
Heugh Beall noticed 383 

SHUR ILEFF, Senjamin Descendants of Wil- 
liam SliurtUll' of Plymouth aud Jlaish- 
tieUI, Mass. noticed 191 

SHUUTLEFF genealogy, descendants of Wil- 
liam of Plymouth and Marshtield, Mass., 
by B. Shurtleff noticed lul 

SILV'ESTEK, Constant, will 1672 368 

SIMMONS genealogy, descendants of Moses, 
iu pi epar.itiou 189 

SMITH and variants 
Dr. Dwight Kalph Smyth of Hingham and 
Ka-lUam, Mass., and his descendants no- 
ticed :iii3 
Susan Augusta Muster rolls of Pembroke, 
iiasM., during the Kevolution and alpha- 
betical list of soldiers noticed 96 
William Christopher A history of Chatham, 
Mass., part two noiicerf 386 

SMITH genealogy, descendants of Ralph of 
liingliam and Eastliam, .Mass., by U. 
Smith noticed 303 

Smuggling in the American colonics at the 
ouibreak of the Revolution, with refer- 
ence to the West Indies trade, by VV. S. 
McUlellan noticed 194 

Smyth, see Smith 

Society for the Preservation of New England 
Antiriuities, bulletin, vol.3, no. 2 noticed 
98 ; vol. 3, no. 3 noticed 300 

Society of the Cincinnati of Delaware, insti- 
tution, charter, by-laws, and members 
noticed 306 

Society of the Cincinnati of Massachasetts, 
officers, committees, and members, 1912 
noticed 194 

Society of Colonial Wars, Conn., membership 
roll, lul3 lujticed :J86 

Society of Colonial Wars, New York, address 
and year-book, 1911-1912 noticed 306 

Society of Mayflower Descendants, New York, 
record book 1912 noticed 194 

Society of Sons of the Revolution, Iowa, regis- 
ter, 1912 noticed 98 

Society of Sons ot the Kevolution, Miaeoari, 
register, 1910-1912 noticed 194 

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, Penn- 
sylvania, tlie standards, flags, and ban- 
ners noticed -306 

South Hadley, Mass., history, by S. E. Eastman 
noticed 97 

South Kingstown, U. I., marriages, 1716-1797 

Southampton, Eng., Pilgrim Day, laying of 
foundation stones of PilgriiuFathers' Me- 
morial; Suuiliampton and the Great Re- 
public, a notable anniversary noticed 97 

Spain, possessions in United States, descriptive 
Ust of maps, 1502-1820, by W. Lowery, 
ed. by P. L. Phillips noticed 96 

SPRAGUE, Dr. Edward George The Ralph 
bprague genealogy noticed 385 
Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague families in 
America noticed .303 
SPRAGUE genealogy, by W. V. Sprague no- 
ticetl :ju3 
descendants of Ralph, by E. G. Sprague 
noticed :M35 

STACKPOLE, Ilev. Everett Schermerhom 
swett genealogy, descendants ot John 
Swett of Newbury, Mass. noticed 303 

Star Island, see Gosport, N. U. 

STEELE, Lorissa E. Ancestry and descend- 
ants of William Curtis of Marceilu8,N.Y., 
also some allied tamllies, Sperry, Matte- 
son, Wordeu noticed 302 

STEELE genealogy, family of Va., in The 
McCues of tlie Uid Dominion, by J. N. 
McCue -noticed 364 

STETSON Kindred of America, inc., booklet 
no. .1, reunions of 1910 and 1911, etc., pro- 
ceedings noticed 94 

STEVENS, Byam Kerby Genealogical-bio- 
graphical histories of the families of 
btevens, Gallatin, and Nicholson noticed 
Thaddeus, memoir, by J. A. Woodburn no- 
ticed 304 

STEVENS genealogy, by B. K. Stevens noticed 

STOUOARD, Francis Russell The Stoddard 
family, Ijeing an account of some of the 
descendants of J ohu Stodder of Hingham, 
Massachusetts Colony noticed liil 

STODDARD genealogy, descendants of John 
stodder of Hingham, Mass., by ¥. R. 
Stoddard noticed 191 

STOW ELL. Dr. Charles Henry Condensed 
genealogy, Stowell family with allied 
lamilies noticed 191 

STOWELL genealogy, by C. H. Stowell no- 
ticed 191 

SWEM, Earl G. Virginia State Library, flnd- 
ing-list of books relating to printing, book 
industries, libraries, and bibliography in 
the Virginia State Library noticed 96 

Index of Subjects 


SWETT genealogy, descendants of John of 
Newbury, Mass., by K. S. Stackpole no- 
ticed 303 

TALCOTT, Mary Kingshury Records of the 
churcli at Williiigton, Conn. 115 215 

TATEM, Nathaniel, will 1711 368 

TENNEY, Wallace Fay Genealogical data 
concerning the family of Capt. Edward 
Brown of Newbury, Mass., noticed 383 

THAYER, Nathaniel, note Ixi 

William Roscoe John Fiske noticed 192 

THOMPSON, Abijah, notice Iriii 
John, note ;J80 
Mary, note 380 

THORNDIKE, Samuel Lothrop, notice xlvi 

TILDEN, William Smith, notice Ivil 

TILLEY, Edith May Will of Rev. Obadiah 
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JANUARY, 1913 


By Edward Wild Baker, A.B., of -Brookline, Mass. 

RuTus George Frederick Candage, a resident member of 
the New England Historic Genealogical Society from 1876, died 
at the home of his daughter in Gleasondale, in the town of Stow, 
Mass., 19 June 1912, at the age of 85 years and 10 months. He 
was born at Blue Hill, Hancock County, Me., 28 July 1826, the 
son of Samuel Roundy and Phebe Ware (Parker) Candage. 

The name Candage was originally written Cavendish, which in 
the lapse of years became Candish and Candage. All of this name 
are believed to be descendants of the early Cavendishes, of good old 
English blood. Among the early settlers of Massachusetts was 
John Candage, or Candish, a shipwright and a landowner at Charles- 
town about 1670, and the name in all three forms is found in the 
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in records pertaining to several 
Essex County towns. 

In 1766 James Candage and his wife Elizabeth, who are said to 
have come from Beverly, ^lass., took up their residence at Blue Hill, 
Me., where white men had formed a permanent settlement only a 
few years earlier. They hud tliree sons and tiiree daughters, of 
whom all except the youngest daughter were born before the parents 
migrated to Blue Hill. Rev. Jonathan Fisher, the first settled 
minister at Blue Hill, wrote in his record about this James Can- 
dage : " His name was originally spelled Cavendish, but custom 
has chans'ed it to Candag-e ; he was one of the first settlers." Jamea 
Candage died in 1788, his widow surviving until 1809. Their eld- 
est child, James Candage, Jr., who was born 9 ^lay 1753 and died 
12 January 1819, married, 13 April 1775, Hannah Roundy, daugh- 
ter of John and Elizabeth (Rea) Roundy, who was born at Beverly 
3 August 1753 and lived to be over 97 years of age, dying 12 ]\Iarch 
1851. John Roundy, together with Joseph Wood of Beverly, had 
founded the settlement in what is now the town of Blue Hill, 7 April 
1762. To James, Jr., and Hannah (Roundy) Candage eight chil- 
dren were born. Their third child, Samuel Roundy, born 15 January 
1781, married, 29 February 1816, the widoAV Phebe Ware (Parker) 


4 JRufiis George Frederich Candage [Jan. 

Walker, who was born 29 Xovember 1787, daughter of Simeon and 
Mary (Perkins) Parker. ' Her grandfather, Hon. Oliver Parlcer of 
Castine, Me., born at Worcester, Mass., about 1738, was from 
about 1800 to 1815 a judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Samuel 
Roundy and Phebe AVare (Parker) Candage were the parents of 
twelve children. Two sons and three daughters died in infancy, 
but seven sons grew to manhood and became shipmasters in the 
merchant service. The father died 23 December 1852, and the 
mother 3 October 1850. 

Eufus (jreorge Frederick Candage was the seventh child and the 
sixth son in this family, and outlived his last surviving brother by a 
third of a century. His boyhood was spent on his father's farm, 
where his opportunities for education were limited to a few months' 
schooling in summer and winter and two terms in the Blue Hill 
Academy. At the age of eighteen he followed the example of his 
father and older brothers by taking up a seafaring life, sailing at 
first in vessels engaged in the coasting trade and later going on voy- 
ages to the West Indies and to European ports. TVTien only twenty- 
four years old, he became master of the brig Equator, built for him 
by citizens of Blue Hill, and sailed in her from Boston to Valpa- 
raiso, Chile, his first " long " voyage. Later he was master of the 
ship Jamestown of New York and of the ships Electric Spark and 
National Eagle of Boston. During his twenty-three years of life 
as a sailor he doubled Cape Horn thirteen times, and sailed around 
the world three times, journeying in all more than 300,000 miles 
along the pathways of the sea. In 1867 he retired, and settled in 
Brookline, Mass., which continued to be his legal residence even 
after his removal to Gleasondale in 1909. 

Capt. Candage was connected with many fraternal, business, his- 
torical, and literary organizations, and held various positions of 
honor and trust. He was prominent in Masonic circles, and in the 
Boston Marine Society, which he joined in 1867, he held in succession 
the positions of secretary, vice-president, and president, and was a 
member of the board of trustees. In 1868 he was appointed marine 
inspector for the Record of American and Foreign Shipping, and in 
the same year he was appointed marine inspector by the Boston 
Board of Marine Underwriters, holding that oflice for ten years. 
In December 1882 he was appointed by the Bureau Veritas of Paris 
surveyor for the district of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He 
was treasurer and, in 1873, president of the Boston Fire Brick and. 
Clay Retort Manufacturing Company, and also, in 1881, president 
of the Boston Terra Cotta Company and of the Massachusetts Safety 
Fund Association. For seven years he was a director of the Frank- 
lin Fire Insurance Company of Boston, and he was a trustee of the 
Home Savings Bank. For twenty years he was to be found almost 
daily at his office in the old ^Merchants' Exchange Building, actively 
engaged in insurance and marine aflfairs. 

1913] Rufus George Frederich Candage 5 

In politics and in all that concerned public improvementa and the 
general welfare of the community Capt. Candage showed a lively 
interest. For eight years he was chairman of the Republican Town 
Committee of Brookline, he was a member of the Kepublican State 
Central Committee from the second Xorfolk district, and he belonged 
to several political clubs. Very frequently his fellow-townsmen 
called upon him to serve as moderator at the Brookline town-meetings. 
In March 1884 he was elected one of the assessors of Brookline, 
and served in that capacity for twenty-sLx years, during sixteen of 
which he was chairman of the Board. In 1880-1882 he was one 
of the selectmen of Brookline, and in 1882 and 1883 he represented 
the town in the General Court, being a member of the Committee 
on Harbors and Public Lands as well as of the Committee on Rules. 
In 1871 he was elected to the Brookline School Committee for five 
years, during three of which he was chairman, and for more than 
forty-one years he served as a trustee of the Brookline Public Li- 
brary, being also treasurer of that institution between 1880 and 1883. 

In historical and genealogical research and ia literary work Capt. 
Candage took great delight, especially in his later years. He read 
much, and enjoyed social gatherings at which discussion of books 
found an appropriate place. In the New England Historic Grenea- 
logical Society he was a member of the Council for three years, 
1904, 1905, 1906, and of the Committee on Epitaphs for the four 
years 1904-1907. He belonged also to the Bostonian Society, the 
Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, the 
Bunker Hill ^Monument Association, and the Blue Hdl (Me. ) His- 
torical Society, and was a corresponding member of the Maine Histor- 
ical Society. In 1901 he was the principal organizer of the Brook- 
line Historical Society, serving as its president for eight years and 
then receiving the title of president emeritus. He was also a mem- 
ber of the Brookline Thursday Club. He was the author of two 
volumes of verse, Gathered A.utumn Leaves and J/ore Gathered 
Autumn Leaves, but his historical writings usually appeared in the 
publications of the various societies with which he was connected. * 

His religious affiliations were with the Baptist Church, and at 
various times he held office in that organization. 

Capt. Candage's first wife, whom he married in Boston, 1 May 
1853, was Elizabeth Augusta, daughter of Elijah, Jr., and Mary 
(Richards) Corey of Brookline. She was born 17 January 1829, 
and died 18 November 1871. He married secondly, 22 May 1873, 
Ella Maria, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah K. (Hall) White of 
Revere, Mass., who survives him. His six children, aU by his 
second wife, are : George Frederick ; Ella Augusta, wife of Watson 

• Capt. Candage contributed to the Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 4, pp. 129-137 
(January, 1889), a brief genealogy of the Cavendish, Candish, or Candage family, from 
which most of the genealogical statements in this memoir have been taken. This 
genealogy was reprmted in pamphlet form at Bangor, Me., in 1889. See also Bangor 
Historical Magazine, vol. 5, pp. 182-183. 

6 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

S. DoUiver of Eoxburv ; Phebe Teresa, wife of William L. Ray- 
mond of Wayland ; Eobert Brooks of Seattle, AVash. ; Sarah Hall, 
who died in infancy ; Sarah Caroline, wife of Edward Thompson of 
Brookline and Gleasondale. 

Capt. Candage was for many years a familiar figure on the streets 
of Brookline, particularly in the early morning, Avhen he lingered 
on the sidewalk to greet his many friends. His tastes were so va- 
ried and his interest in every one so genuine that he touched others 
at many points. His life in a metropolitan suburb and his literary 
pursuits never banished tlie bluff but genial greeting of a sea-captain. 
Quick and generous with his sympathy, he could be gentle to a 
marked desrree in dealins: with those less fortunate than himself. 
His popularity was a natural outcome of his personal qualities, and 
his death removed him from a large circle of friends in every walk 
of life. 


Number Oxe 

By Kev. AETHrR Wentworth Hajiiltox Eatox, D.C.L., of New York City 

The founders of the three American branches of the De Blois 
family were Stephen" De Blois, who was born at Oxford, England, 
24 July 1(399 {vide infra, 2), and the two brothers Stephen,'' Jr., 
and George' De Blois, who were born at Oxford in 1735 and 1740 
respectively, sons of George,'' who was bom at Oxford in 1710. 
( P7c/e infra, 3, 6, and 7.) Stephen" lived first in Xew" York, 
and then permanently in Boston; Stephen,^ Jr., lived finally at 
Newport, K. I. ; and George,' commonly called "George, Sr.," 
lived first at Salem, ^Nlass., and tlien at Halifax, Nova Scotia. TVith 
Stephen,' Jr., at Newport, lived also his sister Mary ("Polly"), 
who was born about 1743, and died unmarried at Newport, 11 
Dec. 1818, aged 75. In America the name of the family has 
almost without exception been spelled either Deblois or De Blois, 
though in the earliest mention of Stephen De Blois in the records 
of King's Chapel his name is given as Dublois. In t]\e entry which 
he made in his Bible, as also in signing as a witness Governor 
Burnet's will and signing his own wUl, Stephen spelled liis name 
clearly Deblois, and to this spelling many of his descendants have 
adhered. The name of his second son Stephen spelled Lewis, not 
Louis, though it is probable that the first Oxford ancestor of the 
family wlien he came to England spelled his name in the continental 
way. The ancient fomily Bible of Steplien De Blois is a treasured 
possession of Dr. Thomas Amory De Blois of Boston. 

1913] The Be Blois Family 7 

1. Louis^ DE Blois, or Lewis De B-lois, of Oxford, England, accord- 
ing to De Blois family tradition came to England as a Huguenot refugee 
as early as 1688, and was in ffing William's forces at the Battle of the 
Boyne in 1 G90. Beyond this tradition, which has not been verified, nothing 
whatever is known of his origin, except that it was undoubtedly French. 
Records of St. Clement's Parish, Oxford, state that his first wife, ilARTiiA, 
was buried at Oxford 24 June 1 098, having borne her husband five chil- 
dren. The name of the second wife is not known, nor is it known when 
she died, but she bore her husband seven children. Louis de Blois was 
buried at Oxford in June 1739. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Mary,= bapt. 25 Oct. 1688. 

ii. AViLLiA-M, bapt. 17 Feb. 1G89/90. 

iii. Abrahaji. 

iv. Lewis. 

V. CoNSTAXCE, bapt. 22 June 1G98. 

Children by second wife : 

2. vi. Stephen, b. 24 July 1699. 
vii. Francis. 

viii. Samuel, bapt. 9 July 1704; d. 1799. 
ix. Secundus. 
X. Lezee. 

3. xi. George, b. 1710. 

Xii. J.UyE. 

2. Stephen^ De Blois {Louis'^), born at Oxford 24 July 1699, and 
baptized in St. Clement's Parish 21 July 1700, came to New York 
in Sept. 1720 in the ship Seahorse, commanded by Capt. Philip 
Dumaresq, in the retinue of Governor William Burnet. He mar- 
ried in New York, 16 Feb. 1721, Ann Furley, who Avas also in 
the household of Burnet and had come in the same ship with her 
future husband. Within the precincts of Fort George at New York, 
where Governor Burnet kept his stately court, their three children 
were born. Governor Burnet's removal to Massachusetts in July 
1728 undoubtedly caused the transfer of the family to Boston, 
where Stephen De Blois connected himself, as did his patron the 
Governor, with the parish of King'a Chapel. The earliest written 
record thus far found of Stephen De Blois is his signature as a wit- 
ness to the will of Governor Burnet in New York in 1727, and 
the next is a vote of the vestry of King's Chapel on Easter Monday, 
26 Mar. 1733, " That M'' Dublois be Organist for the year ensuing, 
at Forty pounds Salary." In the ledger of King's Chapel, also, is 
the following entry : "" 1735 July 2. To M-^ Step" Dublois, for 1 
qu"" Sallery to 25th June 10.00.00." It was voted, 30 Mar. 1741, by 
the vestry of the Chapel that " Stephen De Blois, Organist," should 
receive "y* Same Sallery as last year, p £50." On 11 Apr. 1748, 
" Steph"^ Deblois, Orgainist," is said to have been paid " in full 
of his year's Sallery now due 35.00.00." (Annals of King's Chapel, 
vol. 1, pp. 421, 524, and vol. 2, p. 102.)* The first mention found 

•Governor Burnet's will was made in New York, but was proved in Boston, where 
he died. The Governor's fondness for music is shown by the fact that in the long 
inventory of his effects are mentioned a larf;e bass violin, two "trible" violins, a 
" harpsicord," a " clapsicord," a " double conrtell," a " large violine or tenor riddle," 
and two brass trumpets. It is interesting to know that Stephen De Blois, a member 
of the Governor's household, was so much a musician that as early as 1733 he became 
organist of King's Chapel. 

8 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

of Stephen De Blois in property records is in ilar. 1736, when 
he takes a mortgager from Michael Asher, a tobacco and snuff 
manufacturer, on property situated at C'haml>ers and Lynde Streets, 
including the snulf-mill and the stock of tobacco and manufactured 
snuff which it contains. 

From the register of King's Chapel it appears that Mrs. Ann 
(Furley) De Blois died 4 July 1762, aged 75, her fimeral being 
held three days later. 

Stephen De Blois's will, dated 10 Aug. 1777 and prored 26 .June 
1778, mentions his sons Gilbert and Lewis ; his daughter Sarah 
Wallis and her husband William Wait Wallis ; the children, William, 
Elizabeth, Lewis, Francis, John, and Stephen, of his son Gilbert; 
the children, George, Sarah, Lewis, and Gilbert, of his son Le^-is ; 
his daughter Sarah Wallis's daughter Sarah ; and his brother 
George in Oxford, and his sister Twycroft, presumably also in 
Oxford, both of whom had children. At the time of the making 
of his will both his sons were refugees in England, and be 
pathetically mentions the improbability of his ever seeing them 
again. In their absence he appoints his nephew Stephen De Blois 
of Newport, R. I., Mr. John Timmins of Boston, merchant, his 
son-in-law William Wait Wallis, and his daughter Sarah Wallis as 
his executors. K his sons, however, return before his estate is set- 
tled, he prescribes that they also shall be added to the list.* He and 
his wife are probably buried under King's Chapel in the De Blois 
tomb (tomb No. 11), which was built and owned jointly by his 
sons Gilbert and Lewis. 
Children : 

i. Sarah.^" b. 22 Apr. 1723 ; m. at Boston 28 Apr. 1743 WrLLLtM "Wait 
Waixis, son of Thomas and Grace (Wait), b. 14 Jan. 1721. She 
had children, one of whom, Ann, d. 27 Aug. 1748. aged 4 yrs., 4 
mos., and 1 day, and another, Harah, was living in 1777. 

4. ii. Gilbert, b. 15 Mar. 1725. 

6. iii. Lewis, b. 9 Sept. 1727. 

3. George^ De Blois (Louis'^), bom at Oxford in 1710, married Eliza- 

beth , who died at Oxford 17 Aug. 1780, aged 77. He 

died at Oxford in 17i)9. How many children he had is not known ; 
but there were three who came to America, and there was also an 
Elizabeth who lived at Oxford and died there unmarried. 
Children, born at Oxford : 

6. i. Stephen,^' b. 1735. 

7. ii. Geokge, called '-Sr.," b. 6 Mar. 1739/40. 

iii. Mary, b. abt. 1743 ; lived at Newport, K. I., with her brother 
Stephen; d. unm. 11 Dec. 1818, aged 75. She is buried in Trinity 
Cliurchyard, where her inscription may still be seen. 

iv. Elizabeth, lived and d. at Oxford. 

4. Gilbert' De Blois {Stephen,- Louis^), bom in New York 15 Mar. 

*The will of Stephen De Blois seems to be in his own, a strong, clear, English hand- 
writing, and is signed "Stephen Deblois," and endorsed: "The last will of me, 
Stephen Deblois. Not to be open'd till after my Buriel." It begins : " I Stephen 
Deblois of Boston in the Couutv of Suffolk and province of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Gentleman." He divides his silver plate among his three children. 
The name of his nephew Stephen of Newport he spells as he does his own name, 

1913] The De Blois Family 9 

1725, between five and six o'clock at night, was undoubtedly named 
for Gilbert Burnet, the Governor's son. He married in Boston, 17 
Feb. 1741), Ann Coi-fin, fifth child of William and Ann (Holmes), 
who was born 15 Dec. 1730. ^Irs. De Blois was a sister of Nathaniel 
Coffin, father of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart., and also of Eliza- 
beth Collin, wife of Thomas Amory of Boston. Surviving lier hus- 
band, she made her will ly -luue l!il)7, and died in Dec. 1808. 

Of the apprenticeship of Gilbert De Blois nothing is known, but 
in early manhood he became a successful importer of hardware and 
other foreign goods, for many years a<lvertising conspicuously in 
tlie Bo>tou newspapers. In 175() his chief jilace of business was at 
the '• Sign of the Crown and Comb," near the prison, in Queen 
Street ; then for some years he had his warehouse at the head of 
Green's Wharf. In 17G4, however, he abandoned the latter stand 
for a store at the lower end of King Street, on the south side, " ad- 
joining Mr. James Apthorp's." During the smallpox epidemic in 
this same year he removed part of his large stock of hardware, 
groceries, and liquors to Weston, where he had " a commodious shop 
and store adjoining the house of M"'. Josiah Smith, inn holder (on 
the great road to Worcester), at the Sign of the Half-Moon, near 
the ileeting House." (^Post Boy and Advertiser, March 19, 1764.) 
In 1773 he had a shop opposite School Street, near the late Rev. 
Dr. Sewall's meeting-house. Last of all he had a shop at No. 1 

His latest dwelling-house was on Tremont Street, at the north 
corner of Bromfield Street, the whole property having been pur- 
chased by him in Jan. 1774 from Mr. John Timmins. With its fine 
garden about it, the house stood until it was burned, shortly before 
Aug. 1840, the property passing then by sale to j\L\ Charles H. 
Elilredge. In 1865 Horticultural Hall was built on the site of the 
ancient house. In the Revolution this valuable property was con- 
fiscated, but Mrs. De Blois was soon afterwards permitted to buy it 
back. There this lady lived, and there her daughter, " Miss Betsey," 
also lived, probably until the house was burned. 

Gilbert De Blois planted the so-called " Paddock elms " in front 
of the Granary Burviug-Ground, buying them from Mr. .James 
Smith, the wealthy su:rar-baker and a warden of King's Chapel in 
1722, who had imported them from England and placed them in his 
nursery at Brush Hill, Milton. In return for the trees he promised 
to name and did name a son for James Smith. (Letters of James 
Murray, Loyalist, Boston, 1901.) 

Gilbert and his brother Lewis De Blois jietitioned, 15 May 1754, 
for the widening of Queen (Court) Street, because they had bought 
a piece of land at the corner of Hanover and Queen Streets, two or 
three years before, and had since built a brick house there. They 
had given some of their own land to widen Hanover Street. (Bos- 
ton Records, vol. 14, pp. 258, 261.) The building afterwards long 
known as " Concert Hall " was conveyed, 30 Sept. 1754, by Gilbert 
and Lewis De Blois, braziers, to Stephen De Blois, their father, for 
£2()00 lawful money. In 1769 tliis property was sold by Stephen 
De Blois to William Turner, gentleman, for £1000 sterling. Turner 
at the same time mortgaging it to De Blois. It afterwards passed 

10 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

to the Amory family.* (Drake, History and Antiquities of Boston. 
pp. 641, G42.) Until. the Revolution Gilbert De Bloi.s's name ap- 
pears in many records 'of transfer of real estate in Boston. 

In 1774 he was an addresser of Hutchinson and in 1775 of Gage, 
being culled a " shop-keeper in Comliill." In Mar. 1776, with 
a family of four, he went to Halifax with Howe's fleet, and from 
there, probably in May, he sailed for England with other Lovalists. 
In 1778 he was proscribed and banished as an enemy of the state. 
In 177S), as one of a group of expatriated Lot'alists in London, he 
addressed the Iving. Whether his wife Ann left Boston with him 
for Halifax is not known, but if she did she soon returned, and 
imtil her death she retained the oversight of her husl)an(rs business 
in Boston. In 1789 Gilbert Ue Blois revisited Boston for the mar- 
riage of his son Lewis with Ruth Hooper Dalton, and also, no 
doubt, to make his will, which bears date 3 June 17.'59, and was 
proved in Boston 28 Feb. 1792. 

He returned to England, probably in the late autumn of 1789, 
and died at Peckham, a suburb of London, 27 Nov. 1791, aged 65. 
He was probably buried in London. The notice of his death in the 
Gentleman's Muffazine, vol. Gl, part 2, p. 11 CI, describes him as 
" ]Mi\ Gilbert De Blois, late of Boston, New England, mercht."' 

He first appointed as executors of his will Oliver Smith, George 
De Blois of Boston, and Mr. Lewis De Blois, his brother, of Lon- 
don. But 11 Nov. 17s9 he substituted for these his sons Lewis of 
New York and Stephen of Portlimd. In his will he mentions his 
wife Ann ; his children Gilbert. ^Villiam, Elizabeth, Lewis, Stephen, 
and James Smith ; his nephew George, " of Boston " ; and his 
brother Lewis, in London. Among his bequests were his pews in 
Iving's Chapel and Trinity Church. The agent appointed by the 
court, 29 Jan. 1779, to care for his estate, because of his absence in 
England, was Dr. Thomas Bulfinch, the well-known physician, who 
performed similar service for many other expatriated Loyalists, his 
old friends and fellow-worshippers at King's Chapel. 

Gilbert De Blois was long one of the most prominent supporters of 
King's Chapel, his family from their first coming to Boston having 
worshipped in this church. For many years, until his death, he 
owned pews Nos. 20 and 72, and he owned two pews in Trinity 
Church. He was a vestryman of King's Chapel from 1763 to 1776, 
and a warden from 1769 to 1775. In his portrait by Copley, which 
was painted in London after the Revolution, he is represented as 
" sitting partly in profile, di'essed in a brown coat, with a white wig. 
His right hand rests upon a table before him. holding a pen, and 
over liis head is a crimson curtain, with sky in the background. It 
is a fine specimen of Cople3''s latest manner." (Perkins. Works of 
John Singleton Copley, p. 51.) This portrait was bequeathed to his 

* Concert Hall, a writer for a newspaper has stated, " was enlarged by ^Ir. Amory. 
The front hall, on the second stor_v, was GO by 30 feet; it was admired for its correct 
proportions and the richness of its architecture. In ISl" it was unt only the l)tst, but 
the lari;est, hall in Boston. The entrance was on Pemberton Hill, now Court Street. 
Its basement, on Hanover Street, was occupied by Peter Brisham, oysternian, who 
opened and nold fourteen oysters for foiirpcnce, half-penny (GA cent<i, that being a 
Spanish coin, the only silver money of that day. From this humble occupation and 
by prudence in affairs he became owner of Concert liall, and laid the fnuudation of 
his large fortune, the major part of which he bequeathed to the poor of Boston." 










1913] The Be Blots Family 11 

son Lewis, and from him it passed to Lewis's daughter Charlotte, 
after whose death it was sold to jMrs. Augustus Thorndike Perkins.* 

The baptisms of the children of Gilbert and Ann (Coffin) De 
Blois, except Stephen, are recorded in the register of King's 
Chapel. Stephen's baptism is found in the register of Trinity 

Children : 

AxN,'' b. 17 July 1752; d. U Sept. 1753. 
Axx, b. 2 July 175-1; d. 14 Sept. 1755. 
Gilbert, b. 20 Sept. 1755. 
Stephex, b. 15 June 1757 ; d. 15 .June 1758. 
"William, b. at Medford, Mass., 7 Oct. 1758. 
Lewis, b. 25 May 17G0. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. 16 Aug. 1761; d. unm. at Koxbury 27 Oct. 1843; bur. 
in the family tomb in King's Chapel. "Miss Betsey" De Blois 
has passed into history as oue of Boston's noted eighteenth-century 
belles. In her youth she was wooed by "the altogether unex- 
ceptionable " Mr. Martin Brimmer, but her mother disapproved of 
the match, and just as the wedding ceremony was about to be 
performed, entered the church (perhaps King's Chapel) and for- 
bade the marriage. The town record of Boston marriages has 
this significant entry : "Mr. Martin Brimmer and Mrs. Elizabeth 
De Blois (forbid), July 24, 1777." In the Register, vol. 11, pp. 75, 
76, the story of the tragical ending of this romantic love-match is 
interestingly told, and a letter from Benedict Arnold to Mrs. 
Knox, wife of General Knox, is also given, in which, under date 
of 4 Mar. 1777, Arnold incloses a missive to "the heavenly Miss 
Deblois," with whom he also was evidently much in love. This 
letter from Arnold to Mrs. lijiox is also printed in the Register, 
vol. 26, p. 201. In her grandfather's will, as we have seen, Eliza- 
beth De Blois's name occurs. It was placed there, however, not 
when the will was written, but in the early part of the succeeding 
year, 1778. In this insertion, which is made above the original 
line in the will, immediately after the name Elizabeth appears 
the word " Reconcil'd," and we have here, no doubt, unexpected 
testimony to the family's displeasure at the young lady's determi- 
nation to become Mr. Brunmer's wife. When the match was 
finally given up, her family became reconciled to her and she 
found her proper place in her grandfather's will. Miss De Blois 
inherited almost all her mother's property, including the house on 
Tremont Street, and apparently lived there in " single-blessed- 
ness and high respectability" until well on towards 1840, when 
she removed to Roxbury. She is said to have remained almost 
to the last " a straight, tall, elegant woman." Her will, dated 
27 Dec. 1830, is recorded at Dedham. 

viii. Francis, b. 4 Apr. 1763 ; d. unm. in Boston 18 Mar. 1786. 
11. ix. Stephen, b. 4 Apr. 1764. 

s. Ann. b. 10 Aug. 1765 ; d. 6 Sept. 1765. 

xi. John, b. 24 Dec. 1767 ; d. unm. in London, England, 8 Mar. 1784. 

sii. James Smith, b. 3 Jan. 176!); was purser of the frigate Constitution; 
d. of fever, 29 Nov. 1803, in the harbor of Smyrna. He was 
named for James Smith, sugar-baker of Boston, a warden of King's 
Chapel. ( Vide supra^ p. 9.) 

xiii. ls,.KAC. b. 12 June 1770; d. 28 Jan. 1771. 

xiv. Ann, b. 8 Oct. 1771; d. 11 Oct. ir74. 

XV. Ralph, b. 7 Feb. 1773; d. 14 Julv 1774. 

xvi. Lucy Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1774 ; d. 10 Aug. 1775. 

* A copy of this Copley portrait, made early, and other interesting portraits of his 
De Blois and Amory ancestors, besides a valuable painting of his uncle Thomas 
Amory De Blois, LL.D., of Portland, are in the possession of Dr. Thomas Amory 
De Blois of Boston. Dr. De Blois has also many letters written by members of the 
De Blois family in the earlier generations. 

12 Old Boston Families [Jan, 

5. Lewis^ De Blois {Stephen.- Louis^), born in New York Sept. 
17i'7, became like his brother Gill)ert a successful importer of and 
dealer in hardware and other forei<rn goods in Boston. His place 
of Inisiness in 175G and 1757 was at the " Siam of the Golden Ea^le " 
in Dock Square, but in July 1703 it was at the foot of Kin^r Street. 
He amiouiicfs. 24 Oct. 17()o, that he- lias removed his stocic of ;.'ood3 
from King Street to his '• late <l\\>'lling house on Dock Square." 
He announces also, 2.') July 1703. that he intends to sail for Eng- 
land early in the next spring, and he wishes all persons indebted 
to him to settle their accounts. At this time he adverti>es for sale 
" a curious toned harpsicord just imported from Loudon." which 
" is esteemed the master piece of the famous Falconer." He also 
advertises for church use an organ made by Mr. Thomas Johnston 
of Boston, formerly used in the Concert Hall. He calls for lumber, 
codfish, and mackerel. In 1774. when he becomes a " ^.rotester 
and addresser," he is called '• Shopkeeper" in Dock Square, 
{Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Vol. 11, p. 392.) In ^lar. 1776, 
with a family of two, he went with Howe's fleet to Halifax, from 
there, very likely in ilay, sailing with his brother Gilbert and other 
Loyalists for England. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 18. p. 
2G6.) With his ])rother he was proscribed and banished in 1778. 
He was a vestryman of King's Chapel from 1763 to 1776. In 
1754 he exchanged his pew, No. 68, in the church with Samuel 
Withered for pew No. 66. 

Lewis De Blois married first, in Boston, 4 Sept. 1748 (Rev, 
Timothy Cutler, D.D.. officiating), Elizabeth Jenkixs, daughter 
of Robert and Elizabeth (Goddard), who was bom 16 Aug, 1730 
and died 16 or 17 June 1767. He married secondly, 25 Dec. 1770, 
Elizabeth Debuke, who died in England 23 Nov. 1799. aged 74, 
He died in England 9 Feb. 1799. and in the Gentleman's Magazine, 
vol. 69, pa»t 1, p. 173. appeared the following notice: " Very sud- 
denly at his apartments in Holborn. after being out on that day, 
Mr. Lewis Deblois, late merchant in Boston, North America." He 
was probably buried in London. Administration of his estate was 
granted in Boston, 9 Sept. 1800, to his eldest son George. 
Children by first wife : 

12. i. Geohge,* called "Jr.." b. 27 Oct. 1750. 

ii. Sakah. b. 29 Dec. 1753: m. 25 Dec. 1771. in King's Chapel Parish, 
her father's first cousin. Gkoroe^ De Blois, called •• Sr.." b. at 
Oxford (3 Mar. 17.39/40. founder of the Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
branch of the faniilv. ( Vide infra, 7.) 

13. ill. Lewis, b. 10 Apr. 1762. 

iv. Gilbert, b. 20 Dec. 1763; d. at Providence, E. I., June 1785, prob- 
ably without issue. 

6. Stephen' De Blois, Jr. {George,- Louis^), bom at Oxford in 1735, 
came, it is said, in a warship to Newport, R. I., at the age of thir- 
teen, and decided, like his brother George, to make New England 
his home. On the earliest stages of his business career no light is 
thrown ; but in Sept. 1757 '• Wickham and De Blois "* advertise in 
the Boston Gazette, at the " Sign of the Golden Eagle, opposite to 
Dr. Tweedy's," ami at their store •' opposite to Col. Malbone's brick 
house," a large stock of hardware, India goods, etc. In May 1763 

• The name of this Newport firm was later " De Blois and Wickham.'' 


1913] The De Blois Family 13 

Stephen De Blois, Jr., advertises a similar, though larg-er stock at 
his shop at the " Sign of the Golden Euirle," Dock Scjuare, Boston, 
George De Blois, liis bro'ther, also aunouncinjj in the same adver- 
tisement a mixed stock of hardware, spices, silks, threads, canvas, 
hour-glasses, coffee-mills, etc., at his shop in Salem. ( Bo>.ton Gazette, 
May 9. 17G3.) It will thus be seen that Steplieii. .Ir.'a. place of 
business in Boston at this time was the same us that oi Ids cousin 
Lewis, but what business connection there was b' tween the two 
does not appear. In the News Letter of February 2M and March 15, 
17G4, Stephen, Jr., informs the public that he lias opened a store 
in Dedham, at the house of Dr. Nathaniel Ames (Hie almanac- 
maker), where he has a large stock of hardware. Fie will take in 
exchange for new goods old pewter and brass. This temporary 
removal, like that of his cousin Gilbert to Weston at the same 
time, was made necessary by the epidemic of smallpox raging in 
Boston. How soon after this Stephen, Jr., removed permanently 
to Newport, R. I., is not known, but the Biocjrirplilcd! Cyclopedia 
of R. Z, part 1, p. 114, says that in Newport he was first an im- 
porter of hardware, then a shipping merchant and ship-owner, al- 
together one of the most considerable merchants in the town. 

In the Revolution he was a Tory, and for a while he left New- 
port for New York; but he resettled there in Aug. 1784, and in 
1790 his household is described as consisting of one male over 16, 
two males under 16, six white females, and two slaves. His 
dwelling-house was on Thames Street, " opposite tlie old Ruggles 
house," and there he died, 15 Feb. 1805, in his 70th year. He was 
a vestryman of Trinity Parish, Newport, and is buried in Trinity 
Churchyard. The inscription on his tombstone calls him a "re- 
spectable citizen and merchant of Newport," and the Biographical 
Cyclopedia says that he was generous, enterprising, public-spirited, 
and foremost in every movement for the prosperity and welfare of 
the town. 

He married first,* at Newport, 9 Dec. 1767, Rr.BKCCA "WrCK- 
HAM ; and secondly, 15 Mar. 1779, Jane or Jknny Bkowx, who 
died 8 July 1829, aged 78, and whose inscription may be read in 
Trinity Churchyard. 

Child by first wife : 
i. George,* bapt. 12 Aug. 1770 in Trinity Parish, Newport. 

Children by second wife : 

ii. Ann, m. Capt. Robert Robinson of Newport. 

iii. Stephen, m. Sarah Ellis Dean. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 15 Oct. 1786; m. Timothy Pearce 

V. Rebecca, bapt. Jan. 1788, when 3 months old ; m. Da^hd Thatcheh. 

vi. John, bapt. 2 Dec. 1790; m. Sarah Cookson Scoi't. 

vii. Jane, bapt. 16 Mar. 1797 ; d. unm. at Newport abt. 1878. 

7. George^ De Blois {George,'^ Louis'^), called " Sr.," born at Oxford 
6 Mar. 1739/40, reached Boston, Mass., in Jan. 1761, and on Christ- 
mas Day, 1771, being then of Salem, married, in King's Chapel 
Parish, Sarah'' De Blois, daughter of Lewis,' his first cousin, and 
Elizabeth (Jenkins). Sarah De Blois was born in Boston 29 Dec. 
1753. ( Vide supra, 5.) 

• This is believed to have been his first marriage. 

14 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

George De Blois liverl at Salem, but seems to have had business 
connections with his rehitives Gilbert, Lewis, and Stephen De Blois, 
and was in business with George De Blois, Jr. Like his cousins 
in Boston he was an ardent Tory, and in 1774 si;Tned addresses to 
Hutchinson and Gage. In Ajir. 1775 he was obliged to flee from 
Salem, leaving ]:)ehind him property valued at £438. 11. .oi, of 
which, however, he recovered a good deal. {Essex Institute Histor- 
ical Collections, vol. 43, p. 302.) When he saw that it was necessary 
to leave Salem, he first planned to go to Boston, but this plan he 
found impracticable, and he therefore embarked for Halifax, 20 Apr. 
1775, in the brig Minerva, with his own family, a ilrs. Cottnam and 
her famih', Dr. John Prince, and iNIr. James Grant. He left Hali- 
fax, 14 June 1777, in the transport Catherine, for New York, where 
he staid for three years, until 28 July 1781, when he left New York 
harbor on the Britannic for Halifax, sailing 1 Aug. from Sandy 
Hook. He reached Halifax again 14 Aug. 1781, and establishing 
a commission business lived there, perhaps without again ^-isiting 
the United States, until 1799. In the latter year, in very poor 
health, and accompanied by his daughter Sarah, he left Halifax, 
4 May, in the schooner Mary for Boston. After eight days he 
reached Boston, and from there went to Newport, R. I. In Newport 
his illness increased, and he died, 18 June 1799, probably at his 
brother's house. In the churchyard of Trinity Church is a tomb- 
stone, on which is the following inscription : 

" Sacred to the memory of George De Blois, Esq., a reputable 
merchant of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who departed this life the 18^ 
of June, 1799, in the 59"^ year of his age ; and of his sister, Mary 
De Blois, died December 11, 1818, aged 75 years." 

On the 8th of May, 1802, a little less than three years after her 
husband's death, Mrs. George De Blois sailed from Halifax in the 
schooner Mary with her sons Stephen "Wastie and William Minet 
and her daughters Lydia and Ann Maria, to make her home once 
more in Massachusetts. The next month the sons returned to Hali- 
fax, but the mother and daughters remained at Dedham. At Hali- 
fax the sons continued their father's business in the name of their 
mother, Sarah De Blois. It is not known in what year Mrs. De 
Blois herself returned to Halifax ; but she died there at the house 
of her son Stephen Wastie, 25 Dec. 1827, "aged 74." 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth,* b. 20 Nov. 1772 ; bapt. in St. Peter's Parish, Salem. 
Stephen' De Blois of Boston records in Ms family Bible : " My 
grand-daughter Sarah was delivered of a daughter. November 20, 
1772." Elizabeth De Blois ra. at the houseof her sister Sarah 
Boggs in Halifax, 16 Sept. 1802, Lieut. William Despard, bach- 
elor, of the 7th Regt., Royal Fusiliers, nephew of Lieut. -Gen. 
Despard. Children: 1. Han-iet Murray. 2. P/ii7ip, a captain in 
the army. 3. Letitia. 4. George Packenham, a clergyman of the 
English Church. 

ii. Sarah, b. at Salem 18 Aug. 1774; m. at Halifax 3 Sept. 1800, by 
Rev. Robert Stanser, afterwards Bishop of Nova Scotia, to Thom- 
as BoGGs, son of Dr. James and Mary (Morris), b. 1771. Chil- 
dren: 1. James George. 2. AiinAnse'u. 3. Sarah. 4. Thomas. 
5. Fanny. 6. Henry. 7. George. 8. Stephen. 9. Bowman. 10. 
Kate. il. Edwin, d. youna:. 

ill. Mary, b. at Halifax 20 June 1776 ; bapt. in St. Paul's Parish by Rev. 
Dr. John Breynton. 

1913] The De Blois Family 15 

iv. Eebecca, b. in ITew York 5 Mar. 1778 ; bapt. there 7 Apr. following 
by Rev. William Walter. D.D. ; m. May 1811 Eev. John Bart- 
LETT, a graduate of Harvard, pastor of the Second Congregational 
(Unitarian) Parish, Marblehead, Mass., from 1811 to iS-tO; d. 24 
Dec. 18.58. Children: 1. John IStf'phen. 2. Sarah Lijdia. 3. 
Samuel William. 4. George Edioard. 5. 2Ianj Susan. 6. Lewis 
De Blois. 

14. v. STF.rincx Wastie, b. in New York IG Jan. 17S0. 

15. vi. Geokge Lewis, b. at Halifax 17 June 1782. 

vii. Lydia Haukiet (or Hauuiot), b. at Halifax 19 June 1784; m. at 
Dedham, Mass., 25 Xov. 1805, Rev. James Flint, D.D., b. at North 
Reading, Mass., 10 Dec. 1779, d. at Salem 4 Mar. 1855. Dr. Flint 
was graduated at Harvard in 1802, und settled lirst at Ea&t Bridge- 
water, Mass. He then became pastor of the East Church (Uni- 
tarian) of Salem. Children: 1. Sarah Ann. 2. Frances JIaria. 
3. Amelia Grant. 4. James. 5. William De Bluis. Q. Elizabeth 
Despard. 7. Henry Elkins. 8. George Herbert. 9. Caroline Dan- 

viii. Ann Maria (or Mary An"n), b. at Halifax 19 or 20 July 1787 ; bapt. 
by Rev. Joshua Wingate Weeks ; d. unm. at Dedham, Mass., 30 
Oct. 1802, in her IGth year. 

ix. Era: CIS Edwin, b. 25 Oct. 1789; bapt. by Eev. Joshua Wingate 
AVceks; d. 27 July 1790. 

16. X. WiLLLUi Minet, b. 7 or 10 Nov. 1795. 

8. Gilbert^ {GUhert,^ Stephen," Louis'^), horn 20 Sept. 17oo, married 

an English wife, whose name we do not know. In the Revolution 
he sympathized with the American cause, and thus incurred his 
father's severe displeasure. He died probably 12 Nov. Ib03. 
Child : 

17. i. Francis GiLBERT,= b. abt. 1781. 

9. "William^ De Blois {Gilbert,'^ Stephen," Louis'^), born at Medford, 

Mass., 7 Oct. 1758, and baptized in King's Chapel 20 Oct. 1758, 
married, 11 Sept. 1785, Sarah Williams, who was born at Salem, 

A merchant in Boston, he was also captain of a ship, and about 
17'JG was seized by the French and taken to Bordeaux. In 1789 
he was in Georgia. In 17MG-87, in 17'jr)-l)7, and possibly between 
17."S.S and 17'JO, he was a vestryman of King's Chapel. In 1785 
he owned pew Xo. 55 in the Chapel ; ami in the same }'ear pew Xo. 9, 
which as early as 1754 had l)een acquired by Samuel AVentworth, 
father of Lady Frances \Yentworth, Avas i-old to him by the wardens. 

He (lied in London, and administration on the estate of "Wil- 
liam De Blois, mariner," was granted iu Boston, 2G Jan. 1807, to 
Thomas Appleton, trader. 

Children : 

18. i. Gilbert,^ b. 24 June 1786. 

ii. Sally Williams, b. 12 May 1788; bapt. in King's Chapel 9 Nov. 
1788 ; m. 28 Sept. 1809, by Rev. John Sylvester John Gardiner, 
D.D., to JouN Clark Brown, son of Josiah and Susanna 
(Clark), b. 19 Dec. 1781. Children: 1. John De nioi.-i.h. 1813. 
2. Sarah, h. It^ld. 3. Susanna Elizaheth, b. 1:1 May Is'JO. 4. 
Anr/nsta JIagee, b. 13 July 1822. 5. Hnnnnh Louisa, b. Feb. 1826. 

ill. Charles Jakvis, l)apt. in King's Chapel 12 Aug. 1792; d. young. 

iv. Augusta, bapt. 18 Aug. 1795. 

v. Augusta Sjiitii, bapt. 8 Nov. 1796; m. Jajies Magee. 

vi. Thomas Melville, b. 1800; d. unm. at Salem 25 Feb. 1802. aired 
92. He lived tirst at Halifax. N. S.. where lie was clerk to Stephen 
Wastie De Blois (Bowie and De Blois), and afterwards at Bath- 
urst, Richibucto, and St. John, N. B. 

16 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

vii. Cauolixe Louisa, bapt. at Cliarlestown, Mass., 27 Oct. 1805 frecord 
at Kiusr's Chapel) : m. (1) Chakles Church Chandler Tucker; 
ni (2) 25 Aii^. 1842 Asauel Huntington, Esq., of Salem, for 
■\vlioin see Esaex IrnsC. HinL Coll., vols. 11, pp- yl-114, auj 15, p. 
295 ; d. at Salem 17 Aug. 1888. aged 82. Children by second hus- 
band: 1. William De Blots, b. 15 Au?. 1843; d. at Manila Mar. 
181)8. 2. Sarah Louisa, b. 23 .July 1845. 3. Arthur Lord. b. 23 
July 1848 ; d. ly Oct. 11IU2. 

10. Lewis* Dk Blois (Gilbert,'^ Stephen,^ Louis'^), horn 25 May 1760, 

married, 21 July 1789, Ruth Hooper Dalton, daughter of Hon. 
Tristram and Ruth ( Hooper j of Xewburyport, ilass., who was bom 
17 May 17G7. He was living in New York 11 Nov. 1789, as his 
father's will shows. He was a purser in the U. S. Navy in the 
War of 1812, was afterwards stationed as purser at the Churlestown 
navy-yard, whither he was ordered 18 May 181.5, and was subse- 
quently Portuguese consul at Boston. He died in Boston 24 Mar. 
1833, and vas buried in the De Blois tomb. 
Children : 

i. Maky Ann,* b. 1790 ; d. unm. 

ii. Chaulottk, b. abt. 1791 ; d. unm. at Boston 24 July 1881, aged 90. 

lii. EuzAJiKTH, b. at Philadelphia, 1792 ; d. unm. at Boston 4 May 1849, 

aged 56. Her will, dated 6 Apr. 1849. mentions her brother Dal- 

ton and her sisters Matilda and Charlotte, 
iv. John, d. unm. 
v. Matilda D.. b. at Georgeto^vn, D. C, abt. 1798 ; d. unm. at Boston 

6 Aug. 1863, aged 65. 
vi. Dalton, b. abt. 1800; d. unm. at Boston 11 Apr. 1854, aged 54. 

Administration of his estate was granted to his sister Matilda, 

29 May 1854. 

11. Stephen* De Blois (Gilbert,^ Stephen,- Louis^), born in Boston 

4 Apr. 1764, married, 25 Sept. 1792 (Rev. Samuel Parker offici- 
ating), his first cousin, Elizabeth Ajiory, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Coffin), who was born 26 July 1768 and died 21 
Oct. 1850. He died at the United States Hotel, Boston, where he 
had long made his home, 3 June 1850. 

He went to Portland, Me., soon after the conclusion of peace 
with Great Britain, in 1783, opened a store at the comer of Ex- 
change and Middle Streets, Portland, and in 1788 purchased that 
property of Dea. Richard Codman. In his father's will, dated 11 
Nov. 1789, he is mentioned as living at Portland. Two years after 
his marriage he returned to Boston to reside. (Register, vol. 10, 
p. 63, and vol. 22, p. 199.) 

Children : 

1. Stephen,* Jr., b. abt. 1793; d. at Boston 21 July 1817, aged 24; 
bur. in the De Blois tomb. He had been long at Savannah, Ga. 

ii. Thomas Amory, b. at Boston Dec. 1794 ; bapt. in Trinity Parish, 
Boston, 4 Jan. 1795 ; m. Dorcas Deering, daughter of James of 
Portland, Me. ; d. at Portland. Me., 14 Sept. 1867, without issue, 
aged 72 years, 9 months. His wife survived hun. He was gradu- 
ated at Harvard College in 1813, and practised law at Portland, 
Me. During the administrations of Presidents Taylor and Fill- 
more he was U. S. district attorney for Maine, and in 1857 repre- 
sented Portland In the legislature. Bowdoin College conferred 
on him in 1867 the degree of LL.D. (See biographical sketch in 
Eegister, vol. 22, p. 199.) 
19. ill. John Amory, b. in Boston in 1797. 

iv. Elizabeth Amory, bapt. 12 Aug. 1799 ; d. 1876. 

1913] The De Blois Family 17 

V. Cathaeixe Codman, bapt. 25 June 1801 ; d. young. 

vi. Mary Newell, b. 1804; d. 187G. 

vii. Nathaniel James, bapt. 18 May 1806 ; m. abt. 1845 Mrs. Axg£lique 

L. V. (lloussE) Hurd; d. s.p. at Boston 13 Aug. 1858, aged 52. 
viii. Edward A., bapt. 2 Aug. 1808 ; d. at New Orleans in 1832. 

12. GEORGii'* De Blois {Lewis,^ Stephen,- /.oiu's'), called ''Jr.," born 

27 Oct. 1750, married first, in Boston, 10 Oct. 1773, Catharine 
Lauguton, who died at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 21 Apr. 177G, aged 
24;* secondly, in New York City, 11 Aug. 1777, Ltdia Scott; 
and thirdly, -'2 June lyO'J, Mrs. Ruth (Houpeu) Jexkins 
of Newburyport, Mass., widow of Lewis Jenkins. He died in 
Boston, 6 Sept. 1819, aged 69, and was buried in the De Blois 
tomb in Iving's Chapel. In pursuance of the widow's petition in 
18 1 9, administration of the estate of George De Blois was granted 
to George Lewis* De Blois, son of George,* a nephew and second 
cousin of the deceased, and the widow herself was appointed, 8 
Nov. 1819, guardian of her two children. 

At the time of his first marriage George De Blois was livinjj at 
Newburyport. In a memorial to the British Government, claiming 
recompense for losses he had sustained in the Revolution, he says 
that at the beginning of the war he was settled in Newburyport, 
Mass., but that in April, 1775, he embarked with his family for the 
River St. John. When his uncle Gilbert's wUI was made he was 
probably living in Boston. 
Children, by third wife : 

i. George,' b. 30 Dec. 1810 ; bapt. in Trinity Parish, Boston, 25 Apr. 

ii. Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 20 Nov. 1811; bapt. in Trinity Parish, Bos- 
ton, 2 Feb. 1812. 

13. Lewis^ De Blois, Jr. {Lewis,^ Stephen,- Louis^), born in Boston, 

10 Apr. 1762, and baptized in King's Chapel, is said to have been 
in 1777 in the employ of Stephen De Blois of Newport, R. I. He 
married, but his wife's name is unknown. In his American Loyal- 
ists Sabine confuses Lewis, Jr., with his father Lewis ; but Sabine's 
statement that after the peace Lewis was a merchant in St. John, 
N. B., and in 1795 a member of the Loyal Artillery there, prop- 
erly refers to Lewis, Jr., and is undoubtedly true. He died at 
St. John, 9 Oct. 1801, -aged o9." 
Children : 

i. Mary,^ d. unm. 

ii. Elizabeth Cranston, m. at St. John, N. B., James White, Esq., 

Sheriff of the County of St. John, 
iii. Thomas L., a sea-captain, lost at sea; no children, 
iv. George, mate with his brother Thomas L. ; d. in Jamaica, W. I. 

14. Stephen Wastie^ De Blois ( George,'^ Sr., George,^ Louis'-) bom in 

New York, 16 Jan. 1780, and baptized there 13 Feb. following 

by Rev, William Walter, D.D., married Jane Catharine , 

who died 17 Jvme 1854, aged 52. 

He was a prominent merchant at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was 
at first attached to St. Paul's Parish. In the defection from that 

•In the register of St. Paul's Parish, Halifax, where this record is found, there is 
also recorded the burial, 23 Apr. 1776, of a Charlotte De Blois, the name Charlotte 
being here undoubtedly an error for Catharine. 

18 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

parish, 1824-182G, however, he withdrew, and connected himself 
with St. George's ;^ and on the south wall of St. George's Church, 
the " Round Church," there is a tablet to his memory. 

He died 26 Dec. 1848, and is buried in St. George's Church plot 
in Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, where his wife and other members 
of tlie family also lie. In his will, dated 18 Apr. 184-4, he mentions 
his wife, his two sons, his daughter Sarah Wastie, then under 21, 
and his nephew. Rev. George Packenham Despard. 

Children : 

20. i. Geouge Wastie'. 

ii. Samuel AVastie, barrister, b. probably in 1827 ; d. unm. at Halifax 

23 Mar. 1870, aged 43. 
iii. Sarah W.^tik, m. Ajlbert Hensley, Esq., of Charlottetown, P.E.I. , 
and has issue. 

15. George Leavis* De Blois {George,^ Sr., George,"^ Louis'^), born at 

Halifax 17 June 1782, and baptized by Rev. John Breynton, D.D., 
removed in early life to Boston, where he became a well-known 
shipping merchant, connected successively with the firms of Cool- 
idge, De Blois and Co., George L. De Blois and Co., and Skinner 
and De Blois. 

He married in Boston Ameli.a. Grant, daughter of Moses of 
Boston, who was born 2 Mar. 17'J2, and died 2U Aug. 1867. He 
died 22 or 23 Oct. 1837, and is buried in the family tomb in King's 
Chapel. The guardianship of her three youngest children was 
"■ranted, 21 Mar. 1842, to Amelia De Blois. 

Children : 

i. Stephkx Graxt,^ b. in Boston 1 An?. 181G; m. 29 Oct. 1850 Aaiexia 
D. Grant, dau. of Samuel of PliLIaclelpIiia. Pa., formerly of Bos- 
ton: d. v.-ithout issue •") Apr. ls>>8. For many yours he was a 
prominent member of Trinity Church, Boston. (^See Register, 
vol. 44:, pp. 324-325.) 
21. ii. George Lewis. Jr., b. in Boston 6 Jan. 1822. 

iii. Elizabeth, ra. Frederick Bush of Boston. 

iv. Sarah Ann, m. J.uies of Bostou. 

V. AxxE E., m. (1) Capt. Nye: m. (,2) 22 July 1858 Alexander Pee- 
CEA"-VL, Esq., of Temple House, co. SUh'O, Ireland, barrister, b. 25 
June 1821, third sou of Alexander Perceval. Esq., of Temple, J. P.. Lieut. -Col. of the Sli^ro militia. Sera:eaut-at-Arms to 
the House of Lords, and his wife Jane Anne (L'Estrauge). (See 
Burke's Landed Geutry.) 

tI. Fk.'Os'cis Edwaud, drowued in Ipswich Bay. 

16. "WiLLiAAi ^^Iixet'' De Blois {George.^ Sr.. George,- Loin's^) , hom at 

Halifax 7 or 10 Nov. 17L)o, and baptized by Rev. Robert Stanser, 
D.D., married Jane Vermilye Pryor, daughter of John and 
Sarah (Stevens), who was baptized at Halifax ID Jan. 1802. He 
died 27 Dec. 1837 ; and his widow was married, secondly, to George 
W. Daniel, and lived in NcAds, British AVest Indies. 
Children : 

i. Edavard Pryor,^ a merchant at Halifax. 

ii. Sa!;.\h Jane, in. 17 Sept. I.s4i> Lord Willlvji Kexneda", then Captain 
R. A., b. 30 Nov. 1823. d. 5 :\Iar. l.-<i;.s, sixth child of Archibald. 
Earl of Cassilis, jziraudsou of Archii)ald, twelfth Earl of Cassilis 
and Urst Martinis of Ailsa. and yonn-ier brother of Archibald, 
second Marquis of Ailsa; d. 5 Feb. 1875. Children: 1. 2Iari/ 
Osicald. 2. William. 3. Mabel Esme. 

1913] The Be Bloin Family 19 

iii. Emji.v Sophia, m. Capt. Charlics Austen, R. N., son of Admiral Sir 
Charles Austen, .E. N., and nepliew of Miss Jane Austen, tlie 

iv. Eev. Stephen 'William, D.D., b. at Halifax 4 Aug. 1827; bapt. in 
St. Paul's Parish by Rev. Edward Wix, Bishop's Chaplain; grad- 
uated at Acadia College, AVolfville, Nova Scotia: ni. at Wolfville. 
li Peb., Marv Scjphlv PiTcri, dau. of Simou, Jr., and Sophia 
Henrietta (DeWolf), b. 24 June 1827. Children: 1. Henrietta 
Sophia, b. 29 Dec. 185,5 ; d. 29 Aug. 1839. 2. Bev. Austen Kennedy^ 
Pli.D., LL.D., now of Boston, Mass.. who in. Ermiuie Daginar 
Day, and has children. (Eaton's History of King's Co., Nova 
Scotia, pp. 487, (125.) 

V. Jane Vermilye, b. 19 July 1829 ; d. unm. at Plymouth, England, 
probably in 1903. 

vi. Rev. Henry Despard, M.A., D.C.L., a clergyman of the Church of 
England in Nova Scotia and rural dean, b. at Halifax 13 Oct. 
1831; bapt. in St. Paul's Parish; graduated at King's College, 
"Windsor, N. S. ; d. at Annapolis Royal June 1911. He m. (1) 
Eleanor Esmond Spurk, dau. of Thomas and Charlotte (Van 
Buskirk) ; m. (2) 4 Feb. 1891 Margaret Mary JIcLaciilan of 
Lunenburg, N. S. Children by first wife: 1. Henry, m. in Cen- 
tral America a lady of Spanish origin, and has three children. 2, 
William Jlinet, m. Bessie Ritchie, dau. of Rev. James J. of Anna- 
polis Royal, and has three children. 3. Frederic, living in Central 
America, probably unm. 4. Emilij Charlotte, m. Charles McCor- 
mick. merchant, of Annapolis Royal. 

vii. WiLLi.iM MiNET. Jr., solicitor. 

viii. Frederick Charles, b. 5 May 1838 ; d. young. 

vs.. Louis George, M.D., a well-known physician of Bridgetown, N. S., 
m. 25 June 1863 Armanilla "Willett of Granville, N. S., dau. of 
Walter and Rebecca (Gilliatt). Children: 1. Louis William. 2. 
Ella Jane, m. (1) Hastings Freeman of Shelbume, N. S. ; m. (2) 
Harry V. Barrett of Boston, Mass. 

17. Francis Gilbert^ (Gilbert,* Jr., Gilbert,^ Si/'phen,- Louis'^), born 
about 1781, was baptized in Trinity Parish, Boston, as an adult, 24 
Feb. 1808, George De Blois and his wife acting as sponsors. 

He married Millicent M. , who died in Boston, 2.5 Xov. 

1834 or 183.5. aged 4G, and was buried in the family t^mb in Kir.g's 

Chapel, administration on iier estate being granted to ihorias V/. 

i Phillips, 28 Aug. 1837. He died in Boston, 18 Apr. 1831, aged 

i 50, and was buried also in the tomb in King's Chapel. Ha and his 

i wife Millicent were witnesses to the will of his grandmother, Ann 

De Blois. 
I The guardianship of their daughter Millicent De Blois (her mid- 

dle name being either Alicia or Cecilia), aged about seventeen, was 
granted, 30 Oct. 1837, to George W. Phillips of Boston. After the 
death of their parents the younger children were much under the 
care of their great-aunt, Miss Elizabeth De Blois. 
Children : 

i. Gilbert Francis,^ bapt. in Trinity Parish 29 June 1809 ; d. young. 

ii. Ann, d. unm. 

iii. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

iv. Margaretta Mary, m. in Trinity Parish 9 June 183G, by Bishop 
i Griswold, to Capt. Philip Dcmaresq, and had eight children. 

'f (Register, vol. 17, p. 319; and Pickering Genealogy, p. 844.) 

' V. Millicent Alicia (or Cecellv), b. abt. 1820; d. unm. 

vi. Francis Gilbert, b. 1822; d. 23 Dec. 1822, aged 11 mos. 

vii. John, d. young. 


20 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

18. Git.BERt' De Blois ( William.* Gilbert.^ Slfphen,'^ Louis'^), Iwjrn 24 

June 1786, married Cakolixe Annie , who was baptized 

in King's Chapel Parish, with her two elder sons, 26 June 1«12. 
He died in Boston 9 Sept. l!i20. 
Children : 
22. i. John BaowN,^ b. ISIO. 

ii. WiLHA.M Lkwis, Ijapt. in Kind's Cliapul 20 June 1812 ; lived iu Maine, 

where he m. and had issue, 
ill. Augusta. 
iv. Henuy G., probably lived and d. unm. in TVestchester Co., X. Y. 

19. John Amoiiv^ De Blols {Sieplien.* Gilbert;' Steplienr Louis^), 'oom in 

Boston in 1797, and l)aptized in Ti'inity Parish 21 Sept. 1797, was 
graduated at Harvard in 1^16. He married E.mily .Jane Uocsse, 
daughter of .Jean Claude and Anne (Onire), who was born in Vir- 
ginia 21 Nov. 1822 and died in Boston 2 Feb. 19U7. He died at 
Columbus, Ga., 30 3Iay 1855, and administration of his estate was 
granted to Kdward A. Dexter of Boston, 22 Oct. 1855.* 
Children : 

I. Thomas Amory,^ M.D., a well-known physician of Boston, b. 27 Jan. 

184:8 ; graduated at the U. S. Naval Academy and was for 18 years 
in .the Navy; graduated later in medicine at Dartmouth iu 1877 
aud attlie L'uiversity of New York iu IsTS: m. Loui.'^a Ddkinthea 
Andeusox, dau. of Charles E. of New York. Cluldren : 1. Eliza- 
bfth Aiiwry. 2. Lewis ^Imonj, '^.B. (Harvard), 18'J'J. 

II. John Edward, b. 1850; d. at jMauila, 187j. 

lii. Nathaniel J.uies, b. 1853 ; d. at Newport, R. I., 1900. He was of 
the llrra of De Blois and Eldridge, Newport. 

20. George Wastie*^ {Stephen JVus/.ie,* George,' Sr., Georr/e,'- Louis^), 

married, probal)ly at Charlottetown, P. E. I., .Sarah Frances 
Children : 

i. Alice R.,^ m. George Peate. 

ii. Robert Fitzgerald, m. DesBrisay. 

iii. Ada Maria. 

iv. George Walter. 

V. Louis Heath. 

vi. Bessie (twin), b. abt. 1857: d. young. 

vii. Frances (twin), b. abt. 1857; d. 25 Feb. 1883, " in her 26* year "; bur. 

at Halifax, 
viii. Kathleen Beatrice. 
ix. Laura, d. unm. 

X. George Dundks, killed by an accident at sea. 
xi. Mary Peters, d. unm. 

21. George Lewis,* Jr. {George Lewis, ^ Geot-ge,^ Sr., George," Lnids^), 

born 6 -Ian. 1822, married Amanda Malvina Fuller, and died 
23 Jan. 1890. 

•The Columbits Enquirer of b June 1855 contains the following: "This sudden 
dealU of one ot'our leading inerc'nants tills our entire community with profound sor- 
row. In all the relations of life Mr. John A. De Blois was a model man; he was one 
of the pillars of tlie Episcopal Cluirch. He was a native of Boston, but has resided 
in this city since 1837, and has been actively engaged in the commission liusiness as 
a meinlier of the firm of Hall and De Blois, a firm which has contributed much to the 
prosperity of the city of Columbus by its e.Ttensive business relations with Northern 
manufacttirers. Honest and upright in his business relations, social in his intercourse 
with his I'ellows, a model husband, father and citizen, he dies without leaving an 
enemy behind him, and his loss is deplored by the community as a public calamity." 

1913] Will of Rev. Obadiah Holmes 21 

Cliildren : 

1. Jk.wn-xie,^ m. (1) James R. Page; m. (2) S.^iuel S. C Williams. 

ii. Haukiet Smith, m. Edwin Augustus Boaudman. 

iii. GiiOEfiE Lewis, 3d, b. 17 xiug. 1867; .irraduated at Harvai-d in 1889; 
ni. Mary Biiooks, dau. of Joliu F., Esq. ; is of the fiiTa of Bur- 
rojjglis and De Blois of Boston; lias a dau. Elizabeth. 

22. John Bkown-^ De Blois (Gilbert,^ William,* Gilbert,^ Stephen,'^ 
Zouis^), born at Bath, Me., in I.SIO, and baptized in King's Chapel 
26 June li>12, married, 10 June 18o8, Lydia Fillp:brown, who 
died 27 Nox". 1882, age<l 76 years and 2 mouths. He died in Boston 
17 JMar. 1887, aged 76 years, 6 months, and 1.5 days- 
Children : 

i. John G.,' b. 20 Mar. 1839 ; d. 28 Oct. 1857. 

ii. Geokge, b. 25 Oct. 1840; d. 17 Apr. 1843. 

iii. Augusta Elizabeth, b. at Cambridge, ilass., 23 Mar. 1843 ; d. at 

Boston 5 Nov. 1864. 
iv. CuAiiLES Thomas, b. 29 May 1844^ lives in Boston, unm. 

An Isaac De Blois, Sabine sajs, " was in the service of the King, and a 
lieutenant. In 178-4 a lot in the city of St. John, New Brunswick, was 
granted him by the Crown," He was probably another member of the 
Oxford, England, family, of whom we have no further knowledge. Nor 
have we an^- fm-ther knowledge of Elenor Deblois or Dubiois, married, 
according to Boston records, 9 Sept. 1787 to Jonathan Bellows, or Violet 
Deblois, married 4 June 1789 to Prince Hunter. 



i Communicated by Miss Edith Mat Tillet of Newport, K. L 

The original will of Rev. Obadiah Holmes, a copy of which fol- 

y lows, was found recently among the Bull family papers, which are 

now in the possession of Charles M. Bull, Esq., of New York City 

and of Newport, R. I. Xo recorded copy of this will is known to 


These are to Signifie that I obadiah Holme of Xewport on Rhod Island 
Being at present threw the goodness And mercy of my god of Sound mem- 
ory And being by dayly intimations putt in mind of the frailty And In- 
certainty of this present Life doe tharefore for Settling my Estate in this 
world which it hath pleased the Lord to bestow upon mee make And or- 
daine this my Last will And testament in mano"" following Committing 
my Spiritt unto the Lord y' gave it mee. And my body to y* Earth from 
whence it was taken, in hops And Expectation that it Shall from thence 
be Raised at the Resurrection of the Just. 

Imp" I will that all my .lust debts which I owe unto Any person be 

payd by my Executo'^ hereafter named in Convenant time After my de- 


, Item I give And bequeath unto my daughte'' Mary Brown five pounds 

j In mony or Equivlent to mony : Item I give And bequeath unto my 

22 Will of Hev. Obadiah Holmes [Jan. 

daiighte'' IMartha odlin tenn pounds in y® Like pav Item I give unto my 
daughte'' Liddiali bownd tenn pound Item I give And bequeath unto my 
two grand Cliildren y** ChiMrin of my daughte'' Hopestill Taylor tive 
pounds Each And if Either of them deceas the Surviver to have tenn 
pounds Item I give And bequeath unto my Sonn John Holme tenn 
pounds Item I iiive And bequeath unto my Sonn obetliah Holme tenn 
pounds Item I give And bequeath unto my grand Children the Children 
of my Sonn Samuel Holme teuii pounds to be payd unto them in Equall 
portions all these portions by mee bequeathed my will is Shall be payd 
by my Executo'' in mony or equivilent to mony Item I give And bequeath 
unto All my grand Chikken Now Living tenn pounds And tenn shillings 
in y® Like pay to be Lay^ out to by Each of them Abibell Item I give 
unto my grand Child Martha brown tenn pounds in the Like pay all which 
Afore Said Legacies are to be payd by my Executo'' hear After named in 
mano'' heare P^xpressed that is to Say the ferst paymt to payd with in one 
yeare After y" decease of my wife Katraine holme & twenty pound y" 
yeare till all y° Legacies be payd And Each to be payd According to the 
Degree of Age My will is And I doo heare by Appoynt my Son Johna^ 
than Holme my [so]le Executo'' unto home I have Solde all my Land 

housing And Stock for the pe''formance of the Same Legacies Above 

And my will is that my Executo"^ Shall pay unto his Mother Katrain 
Holmes if Shee Survifes & Lives the Sume of twenty pounds In Mony or 
Mony pay for hir to dispose of As Shee Shall see Cause 

Lastly I doo desire my Loving friends iP James Barker Sen' m^ Joseph 
Clarke And m"^ Phillip Smith ail of ^Newport to be my over Seers to see 
this my will truly p''formed In Wittness 'UTiare of I have heare unto 
Sett My hand And Seall this ninth day of Aprill 1681 

Signed Sealled and Delivered Obadiah : hulliie. 

In the p'^sence of [Seal] 

Edward Thurston 
Weston Clarke 

Edward Thurston Senr And "Weston Clark Appeared before y® Coun- 
ciell the 4* of Decemb"^ 1682 And did upon their Ingagments declare & 
owne that they Saw obidiah holmes deceased Signe Seall And deliver the 
Above Kitten Will as his Act And deed and at v® time of y® SeallLnj heare 
of he was in his perfitt Memory According to y® best of our understandings 
Taken before y® Counciell As Attest Weston Clarke, Town Clerk 

The Above Written Will is Entered on Record in the 80 page of the 
Councills book N" 2 belonging to y® town of Newport 

g Weston Clark Town Clerk 

In "A Letter to all mv children," dated 17th day, 10 mo., 1675, 
Rev.. Obadiah Holmes writes : 

And now my son Joseph remember that Joseph of Arimathea was a 
good man and a disciple of Jesus and was bold and went boldly and asked 
the body of Jesus and buried it. My son John remember what a loving 
and a beloved disciple he was. My daughter Hope* consider what a grace 
of God hope is and court after that hope that will never be ashamed but 
hath hope of eternal life and salvation by Jesus Christ. My son Obadiah 
consider that Obadiah was a servant of the Lord and tender in spirit and 
in a troublesome time hid the prophets by fifty in a cave. 

• Called Hopestill in the will. 

1913] Nathaniel Mott of ScitiMte 23 

My son Samuel remember Samuel was a chief prophet of the Lord 
ready to hear his voice saying speak Lord for Tliy servant heareth. 

My daughter Martha remember Martha although she was cumbered 
with many things yet she loved the Lord and was beloved of him for He 
loved Mary and ]\Iartha. 

My daughter IMary remember jMary she chose the better part that shall 
not be taken away and did hearken to the Lord's instructions. 

My son Johnathau remember how faithful and loving he was to David 
that servant of the Lord. 

My daughter Lidiah remember how Lidiah's heart was opened her ear 
bored her spirit made to be willing to receive and obey the apostle in what 
the Lord required and was baptized and entertained and refreshed the 
servants of the Lord. 

In the Register, voL 64, pp. 237-239 (July, 1910), evidence 
is offered to sliow that Rev. Obadiah Holmes was the son of Robert 
Hulme of Reddish, in the parish of Manchester, Lancashire, Eng- 
land, and was baptized 18 Mar. 1609/10. Additional evidence as 
to his English connections is aiforded by his memoirs, in Avhich Rev. 
Obadiah Holmes writes : 

The twentieth day of the tentli month in the year 1675 I Obediah 
Hullme now come to the evening of the day being sixty nine years old or 

He also says, in speaking of his parents : 

Three sons they brought up aright to the University at Oxford. 

A letter of Rev. Obadiah Holmes, which, unfortunately, contains 
no further genealogical information, ends with these sentences : 

This for Mr .John Angher, and my brother Robert Hullme, and broth- 
er in law, and sisters ; with Mary Ho.wly, . . . 

For Robert Hullme at his house in Redish near Gorton Chapel in the 
parish of Manchester. In Lancashire. 

In these sentences, therefore. Rev. Obadiah Holmes positively 
identifies Robert Hidlme of Reddish near Gorton Chapel as his 


By G. Andrews Moriaett, Jr., A.M., of Newport, K. I. 

Nathaniel Mott, one of the pioneers of Scituate, Mass., left 
a large and interesting family, which scattered into various parts 
of New England, some of them attaining eminence in various walks 
of life previous to the War of the Revolution ; but, curiously 
enough, nothing about him except the meagre and imperfect account 
to be found in Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island 
and a brief and incomplete statement in Harris's James Mott of 

24 Nathaniel 2Iott of Scitucde [Jan. 

Dutchess County, X. Y., and his Descendants, p. 7, has ever ap- 
peared in print. The present article will deal with Nathaniel ^Nlott 
and his sons, showing where they settled, giving their children, and 
tracin"' a few of" his more distinimished descendants. 

1. Xathaxiel^ Mott, of Scititute, Plymouth Colony, ami Braiutree, 
Mass., is first mentioned, as an inhabitant of Scitaate, in the list of men 
able to bear arms ia Plymouth Colony in 1 043. In 1 645 he was one of 
the eiLiht Scituate men sent out in the expedition of Plymonth Colony 
against the Narrauaasett Indians, and he served thirteen days. He is 
next found ia 105(3 in the neighboring to'wn of Braintree, wliere he mar- 
ried. The Middlesex court records mention him as living at 3Ir. Parker's 
farm, 22 Dec. 16G;3. The births of his children are all recorded in the 
Braintree records, and the same records state that he was one of the four 
Braintree men kille<I by the Indians, 23 Feb. 1G75/6, when they made 
their incursion into that town. Nathaniel Mott seems to have been a man 
of humble position, for he nowhere appears in the Suffolk land evidence, 
and lie left no will. He married at Braintree, 25 Dec. l6o&, Hannah 
Shootek, widow of Peter of Scituate. 

Children, born at Braintree : 

Natha^;iel,- b. 28 Dec 1657; (L 13 Mar. 1660/1. 

John, b. V.) Aug. Kw!^. 

Nath^inlel, b. oO Aug. 1661. 

Mauy, b. 15 Dec. 1664. 

[LyJdia, b. 12 .luly 1666; possibly ra. Caleb Littlefizld of Brain- 
tree, Mass., and of Kingstown auU New Shoreham, R. I., ancestor 
of the Khode Island Littletields. 

S.UIUHL, b. 25 Jan. 1668/!>. 

Eliz.vhkth, b. 17 May 1671 ; m. 30 Dec. 1690 Edmund Littlekfeld 
of Wells, Me., and Braintree. Mass-., ancestor of the Littletields 
of Norfolk aud Bristol counties, 
viii. ExPEUiHNCE, d. 24 Dec. 1672. 

Edwaiid, b. 11 May 1673. 

Ebenkzer, b. 16 Sept. 1675. 

JoHN^ MoTT {Nathaniel'^), of New Shoreham, R. I., and Lyme, 
Conn., born at Braintree 19 Aug. 1659. removed to New Shoreham, 
or Block Island,, with his brother Nathaniel about the year 1(380. 
His name appears in the list of freemen there in 1684. He sold 
land at Block Island 19 Dec. 1689, and again 27 Mar. 1693, when 
he is descril>ed as " formerly of this Island, but now o-f Lyme, 
Connecticut." This is all that has been gleaned concerning his 
career. He married, 16 Oct. 1683, Marct Tosh, ilaughter of 
William and Jael (Sullivan) of Block Island. This TTilliam Tosh 
appears to have been the William Maclntjosh who was among the 
Scotch prisoners shipped to New England by Cromwell in 1 651, 
after the battles of Dunbar and Worcester, most of whom were sold 
to the Lynn and Braintree Iron Works^ Tosh or Macintosh mar- 
ried at Braintree, 7 Dec. 1660, .Jael Swilvan, who was e\'idently 
one of the ship-load of Irish captives sent to New England in 1 654. 
When the Braintree men set out to settle Block Island, Tosh 
was among the first settlers, and became a man of prominence 

Children : 

i. Anna,' b. at Block Island 9 Jan. 1684 ; d. young, 
ii. Anna, b. at Block Island 8 Jan. 1685. 















1913] Xathanitl Moll of ScUaate 25 

Hi. Sakaii, b. at Block I,>^Iaiid 1!) Jan. insS. 

iv. M.MiY [possibly a mistake for Maucy], b. at Lyme, Conn.. .5 Jan. 
7. V. Maucy, b. IO'J.5. 

3. Nattianikl- Mott {Nafhaniel'^), of New vShoreham, R. I., born at 

Braintreu -'30 Aui;". 16(51. followed liis l':itlier-in-!a\v Natlianitl 
A\ inslev of Sali.^bury, Tilaso.. to Hlock Island, where he wa.^ a free- 
man in 1(5.S4. He became one of the leadin-j citizens of New 
Shoreham and a large landowner. In Ki'J.) anil for many siibse- 
(juent years he v.'a.s town clerk, from 1700 to 1710 he was deputy 
from the Island to the Rhode Island General Assembly, and in 
1710 he was lieutenant of the I'lock Island eompany. He married 
first, 2!) Nov. 10H2, Mkpzibah Winslky, daughter of Nathaniel 
of Salisbury, Mass., and Block Island ; and secondly. 23 .Ian. 1 693/4, 
Sakaii Tosh or i\lAclNT0SH, <laughter of William and -lael 
(Sullivan) of Braintree and New Shoreham. Nathaniel Mott's 
will is dated 14 Nov. 1717, and proved 12 Dec. 1717. He is the 
ancestor of all the numerous Motts of New Shoreham. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Mauy.' b. (■) Mar. 1684. 

ii. Nathaxiel. 1). 9 Oct IfiSS: d. 4 Apr. 1706. 

iii. John, b. 25 Mar. 1690; d. 2 Mar. 1092. 

Children by second wife : 

iv. Sakah, b. 24 Dec. 1694. 
V. Lydia, b. 18 Mar. 1697. 
vi. John, b. 1 Jan. 1699/1700. 
vii. Bathsheba. b. 24 Apr. 1702. 
viii. ExPEUiKXCE, b. 27 Oct. 170.5. 
ix. Nathaniel, b. 2.5 Nov. 1706. 
s. Edwakd. b. 19 Mar. 1709/10. 
xi. MiKiAM, b. 20 July 1712. 

4. Sajiuel^ Mott {N<ithaniel'^), of Lyme, Conn., born at Braintree 1h 

Jan. 166S/'J, was at Lyme as early as 6 Apr. 1692. He resided 

in that part of Lyme known as .Toshua-town. He was a yeoniau of 

■ large landed property. Ilis will, on lile at New London, is dated 

20 Aug. 17.1 1, and was proved 16 Apr. 17.5o. He married first, 

at Lyme, 6 Apr. 1602. Mary ; and secondly Makciaket 

, who survived liim. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Mauy,^ b. 10 Mar. 1692/.?. 

ii. S.\MUKL, b. 1 Feb. 1693/4; d. bef. 12 June 1735. 

iii. Hannah, b. 11 Mar. 1696/7. 

iv. John, b. 25 Dec 1698; m 5 Oct. 17;)2 his first cousin, Hannah 

Mott, dau. of Edward of Westerly, E. I. 
V. Experience, b. 8 Mar. 1703/4. 
vi. Lydia, b. 22 Mar. 1706. 
vii. Nathaniel, b. 16 July 1707. 
viii. Debokah, b. 1 June 1710. 

5. Edward^ Mott {Nathaniel), of New Shoreham. Kingstown, and 

Westerly, R. I., bora at Braintree 11 May 1073, followed his 
brothers to Block Island, where he was a freeman in 1696, and 
constable in 1700. He married, 9 Dec. 1695, Penelope Tosh, 
widow of William, Jr. His family is the most obscure of all the 
Mott families of this generation. In 1702 he was at Block Island, 

2Q JVathaniel Jlott of Scituate [Jan. 

but he had removed to Kingstown by Mar. 1713, when he was 
sued by Capt. John Greenman of Kingstown for trespass (Newport 
County Court Files).' He resided in that part of Kingstown which 
■was set oif to South Kingstown in 1723, and he is found there as 
late as 1727. He became a freeman of Westerly 1 May 1730. 
Administration on his estate was granted, 26 3ilay 173.5, to his 
widow Penelope, who was living as late as 2'J Apr. 1751, when we 
find an account of the town of Westerly with Nathan Burdick for 
going to " ye jiresten " after widow Mott's gooils. The births of 
his children appear nowhere in the vital records of the towns in 
which he lived, nor do the probate records of his estate furnish any 
complete list, but from certain deeds at Westerly, the record of the 
settlement of his estate, and various items in the town records, it 
can be shown that he had issue as below. 
Children : 

i John,' of Stonington and 'Westerly. 

ii. H-iNNAH, m. 5 Oct. 1732 .John Mott of Lyme. 

iii. Saeah, m. \C> .July 1738 Wiij,iam Thokn of Westerly. 

iv. Samuel, of Westerly, R. I. He was the father of the distinguished 
General S'nmiel Mott. h. at Westerly 31 Oct. 1730. The latter re- 
moved to Preston, Conn., where he became a very eminent citizen, 
a deputy, a magistrate, and an officer in the Revolutionary War, 
and d. at Preston 17 May lal3, " aged 78 years." 

V. A daughtkk, in. bef. 27 .Jan. 1751/2 John Lewis. 

vi. ? Abigail [probably], m. 27 Jan. 1722/3 S^oiuel Worden of Kings- 

vii. ? Patience [probably], m. 8 May 1726 Nicholas Holway of Kings- 

6. Ebexezkr^ Mott {Nathaniel'^), of Scituate, Mass., born at Braintree 

16 Sept. 1675, is the only one of Nathaniel Mott's sons who re- 
mained in the original home of the family in New England. He 
removed from Braintree to Scituate. where he married, 19 Feb. 
1699/1700, Grace Vinall. He died 1 .Jan. 1736. He is the 
ancestor of all the Motts of Scituate and the adjoining towns. 
Children : 

i. Ebenezer,=' b. 26 Sept. 1700. 

ii. Grace, b. 17 Aug. 1702. 

iii. John, b. 11 June 1707. 

ir. Mary, b. 21 Mar. 1712/13. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 17 July 1716. 

vi. Nathaniel, b. 23 June 1720. 

7. Marcy* Mott {John,'' Nathaniel'^), bom 1695 (gravestone), died 

3 Apr. 1761. "Marcy Mott of New Shoreham " was married at 
Block Island, 1 July 1714, to Caleb Littlefield, Jr., "of Kings- 
town." She is clearly the daughter of John and Marcy (Tosh) 
Mott, for the wills of Nathaniel and Samuel Mott eliminate them 
from consideration as her father, while Ebenezer Mott of Scituate 
married too late to be her parent. She must therefore be the 
child of either Edward or .John Mott. Now Edward Mott was 
living at Kingstown at the time when she was called of New 
Shoreham. We find no trace of any daughter Marcy for Edward 
and Penelope Mott, and the names Edward and Penelope nowhere 
occur among her descendants. On the other hand, the first son of 
Caleb and Marcy (Mott) Littlefield was named John, a new name 
in that branch of the Littlefield family. 

1913] Descendants of Samuel Goodwin 27 

Her son, John Littlefield, Esq., was a prominent man at New 
Slioreham, being warden, deputy, and ensign. He married Phoebe 
Ray, and was the father of Capt. William Littlefield of Newport, 
R. I., a distinguished Revolutionary officer and senior warden of 
Trinity Church there, and of Catherine Littlefield, the wife of Major- 
General Nathaniel Greene. William Littlefield, Jr., son of Capt. 
William, was for many years collector of the port of Newport. 


Communicated by Hon. Henry Sewall Webster, A.M., of Gardiner, Me. 

The book from which the followinor records are taken was ffiven 
to Hon. O. B. Clason of Gardiner, Me., by Mrs. Margaret Fen- 
lason of Fort Kent, Me. Mrs. Fenlason is a daughter of the late 
Major William Dickey of Fort Kent, who was a prominent figure 
in Maine politics, and occupied a seat in the legislature for many 
consecutive years. On account of his complete control of his legis- 
lative district he was called " The Duke of Fort Kent." He married 
Lydia F. Bodfish at Gardiner, Me., 23 Oct. 1842. 

Samuel Goodwin and his son Samuel were identified with the 
settlement and early history of Pownalborough on the Kennebec 
River, a town which included the present towns of Dresden, Per- 
kins, Wiscasset, and a part of Alna. The elder Samuel was a 
member of the so-called Plymouth Company, composed of the pro- 
prietors of the Kennebec Purchase, who had obtained this grant 
originally from the Pilgrim Colony at Plymouth. Both he and his 
son were extensive owners of real estate in Pownalborough.* 

In this book there are two series of entries. The first series is 
found only on the right-hand pages, and is written in a large, fair 
hand which might be compared to copperplate if the simile had not 
been so often employed. The rest of the writing, most of which ia 
on the left-hand pages, is much inferior. Perhaps the first series 
was written by an experienced penman at Mercy Bodfish's dicta- 

*ror this Goodwin family see a paper read by the late Charles E. Allen of Dresden 
before the Maine Historical Society, 17 Mar. 1892, and entitled Some Huguenot and 
other early Settlers on the Kennebec in the present Town of Dresden. From this paper, 
which has been published in pamphlet form, it appears (p. 23) that John Goodwin, 
father of the elder Samuel Goodwin, was born " at Savers Dock, near London, Eng- 
land," 16 Mar. 1683, and came to Boston, Mass., in 1712, his wife, two sons, and a 
daughter following him to Boston the next year. The wife and daughter died soon 
afterwards, and John Goodwin married Lydia Sprague, daughter of Jonathan of 
Maiden, Mass., the Boston records giving 25 Nov. 1714 as the date of this marriage. 
She died at Charlestown in 1739, aged 57 years. Samuel Goodwin, onlv son of John 
and Lydia (Sprague) Goodwin, was born " near King's Chapel, Boston," 27 Jan. 1716, 
this date appearing also in the record given below and in Boston Births, 1700-1800, 
p. 114, where the birth of " Samuel Son of John Goodwin and Lydia his Wife " is re- 
corded. There is also something about this family in Wyman's Genealogies and Es- 
tates of Charlestown. 

28 Descendants of Samuel Goochoin [Jan. 

tion, -vvlillc most of the second series is probably in her handwririnc'. 
There are breaks in the reford, caused by somebody's havin!:r cut out 
parts of leaves, and these breaks have been indicated in the usual 
way, bv a succession of periods. The entries in the first series are 
printed in order below, and are followed by those in the second 

First Series of Entries 

Mercy Eodfish Her Book God <rive Her health And Strength to iro Tlirue 
All her Lawful Undertakincrs 

Saimiel Goodwin My hon'^ Father was Born in Boston On the 27^' Day of 
Jf;inia*' 171 'J 

Elizabeth Willard My hon*^ Mother was Born In Salem On the 4"^ Day 
of Novem"' 1714 

Mv honoured Father and Mother was Marrid by the Rev'^ Docter Cool- 
man On The lo^'' Day of Febry 17.38 

Samuel Goodwin -lun'' first Son of my honoured Father And Motlier was 
Born on the 10"* Day of Feb"" 1739/40/ at six Oclock a Sunday Morning 
At Charletown 

Lydia Goodwin Daughter of Said Goodwin was Born on the the 11^'' Day 
of April 1742 at Cliarleton at six Oclock A sunday Night 

Elizabeth Goodwin Daughter Of the Aforesaid Goodwin was Born at 
Charletown on the 21*' Day of Nov'' 1743 A monday Morning at five 

Abigail Goodwin Daughter Of the Aforesaid Goodwin was Born at Charle- 
town on the 24"* Day of October 1746 A frvdav Morning at live Oclock 

Sarah Goodwin Daughter of the aforesaid goodwin was Born at Charle- 
town on the 1 1"" Day of .Time 1749 a sundy Morning at 3 Oclock 

Mercy Goodwin Daughter Of the aforesaid Goodwin was Bom at Charle- 
town on the Sixt Day of August 1752 Old stile A thuesday in the 
Afternoone Between 5 Or 6 Oclock 

Rahackah Goodwin Daughter of the Aforesaid Goodwin was Born at 
Charlet" On the 8"* Day of November 1755 new stile Between 4 or 5 
A clock saterday Morning 

Thursday the 7'^ Day of October 1762 AYas Marrid Samuel Goodwin 
Junio'' ]\Iy Brother to Miss Anna Goud in the Publick place of Worship 
at pownalborough by the Rev'^ J\F Jacob Bayley Minister of said place 

Monday the P' of March in the Morning was Born Lydia Goodwin My 
[.<»V] first Daughter about 1 1 or 12 aclock In the Day In the Year 1763 

Tuesday the 13"* Day of November 1764 My sister Lydia was marrid to 
Cap" Robert Twycro^s the son of the Rev'' Robert Twycross of Waiter- 
perry In Oxfordshire In old England he was Bom at Brill in Bucking- 
hamshier December 25*** on old Christmass Day In the Year 1747/8/ 
and Marrid In Pownalborough by the Rev** .Jacob Bayley 

Ann Goodwin Daughter of my Brother Goodwin was born .January 13"* 
17G5 Sunday Night about 12 or One Oclock She was his second child 

Samuel Twycross Goodwin son of My Brother Goodwin born on Monday 
Night About 9 or 10 Aclock November. 3" 1766 he was his third Child 

George Goodwin son of my Brother Goodwin was Born November the S^ 
1768 On Monday Night about ~i or 8 Aclock he is his fourth Child 

Robert Ilarcourt Twycross son Of my Brother and Sister Robert And Lydia 
Twycross was Born Tuesday October the 17*"* 1769 being A very Re- 

1913] Descendants of Samuel Goodwin 29 

markable Earthquake- Taken in Travel about a 11 or 12 Aclock at 

Night and continuid till 11 or 12 in the Day and then Brought to bead 

then a Nother Terrible Earthquake 
Stphen Nvrnphas Twy cross was born the 8'" of Decem^"^ 1773 The son of 

the above* 
Pownalljorouuh Aiiril 1 4"^ 1774 Mercy Goodwin Daughter of iMujor Samuel 

Goodwin was Marrid to Nymphas Ijodlish Of sanda^e liv .ludge Bowman 

Of pownalhorough in the county of Lincoln on a fast dayt .... 
Joseph Goodwin Bodfish son of the Aforesaid was Born at sandage the 29''^ 

Day of September 1776 sunday Evning at 7 aclock. 
William Rodlish son of aforesaid was Born at sandage the 0'^ Day of April 

1779 on a saterday 10 aclock ^Morning 
Pownalhorough October 3" 1776 Abigail Goodwin Daugliter of Major 

Samuel Goodwin was Marrid to M"' Thomas Johnson by the Rev'' Jacob 

Bayley On Thursday Afternoon .... 
Thomas Johnson son of Aforesaid John And Rebeca Jolmson was Born 

Feby the S''^ 1778 Sunday at 10 or 11 Aclock in the ilonuing . . . . 
Sep'' the 2>^ 1782 This Day IMary Bodfish Daughter of the aforesaid 

Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish was Born Tuesday Morning At 7 Aclock 

at Pownalhorough court house 
October the IS"' 1784 Samuel Goodwin Bodfish Son of the Aforesaid 

Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish was Born Wednesday Afternoon about 5 

Aclock In Fairfield 
Margret Bodfish Daughter of the Aforesaid Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish 

Was Born at pownalhorough at Judge Bowmans house October the 16"* 

1786 Wednesday Mornning at 8"^'Aclock 

My Honoured Mother Elizabeth Goodwin Departed this life Feb^ 20"^ 

1787 In the 73'* Year of her Age 

Nathan Bodfish son of the Aforesaid Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish was 
Born at fairfield June the 6"^ 1789 Satterday Morning Between 9 or 10 

Pownalhorough June 1786 Joseph Bodfish son of Nymphas and Mercy 
Bodfish Departed this life on Sunday 

Abigail Bodfish Daughter of Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish was Born at 
Fairfield December 30"^ 1790'thursday Night at' 12 Aclock .... 

Mercy Bodfish Daughter of the Aforesaid Nymphas and Mercy Bodfish 
Was Born in Fairfaild March the 7'''^ 1794 at two xVclock in the Morn- 
ing Tuesday! 

Mary Bodfish Daughter of the Aforesi** Nymphas Mercy Bodfish was 
Marrid To M"' George Daggett by the Rev'' M"^ Cain Clinton November 
SO'** 1797 

Samuel Goodwin Ju'' Departed this life 1798 In the 59°'^ Year of 

His Age 

Nathan Bodfish Departed this Life Febr^ 26*^ 1799 In the 10 Year of Age 
and Resind his life with Cheafulness to the will of God and call^** For 
his Cotfin and took the last Fairwell of his Father and Mother And all 
the Familey Amen 

*Th:3 entry, although not in the same handwriting as the other entries of the first 
series, follows immediately the record of the birth of Robert Harcourt Twycross and 
evidently belongs to the first series of entries. 

t Nymphas Bodfish, son of Joseph and Mary (Ellis) of Sandwich, Mass., was bom 
5 May 1752. See Freeman's History of Cape Cod, vol. 2, p. 1-13, where also the an- 
cestry of Joseph Bodfish is given. 

X This word is in a different handwriting from that of the other entries of this series. 

30 Descendants of Samuel Goodwin [Jan. 

Nymphas Bodfish my dear Plusband. departed tliis Life. August y* 1 4th. 
AD 1801. in the 50 Year of his Ase He was perfectly resigned to the 
will of God. He was greatly Lamented by all his Relations and Friends. 

With pleasure he resis^d his Breath 

And fell a willing Prey to Death. 

Second Series of Entries 

Fairfield March th 14 1826 This day Enoch Goodale .Jordan Son of Tris- 
tum and Mercy Jordan was bom on monday morning March th 14 1825 

This day Harriot Granger .Jordan was born Daughter of Tristum and 
Mercj'' .Jordan august '" 25 1827 on Sunday morning 

Harriet .Jordan was born aug '•'' 25 18.31 on Sunday 

March th 14 1825 1825 Enoch Goodale .Jordan Son of Mercy and Tris .Jor- 
dan was born att fairfield March '" 14 1825 on monday morning 6. oclock 

Harriet G .Jordan was born aug the 25 1827 on Sunday morning 

Mercy Hart Daugher of Nymphas and Mercy Hart was mirred to Cap"* 
Tristram Jurdon of Saco" Dece"""" * 22=1822 • was mirred by Daniel 
Chase Esq"" Esq'^ att Atkinson Maine 

Daniel Jordon son of the afforesaid Mercy & Tristram .Jurdon was bom 
the 21 day of Septmbr 1823 att hermony maine and departed this life 
th 16 of June 1824. Daneil .Jordon son of the afforesaid Tristram & 
Mercy Jordon 

March '" 18 1837 this day Mercy Hart Came to Board att Adam Lones 
Reciveid for the above board 1 25 

March the 27 3 

april the 2 

april the 20 2 50 

Hancock Feb"^ ^ 20 1785 Brother Baily and m'' .Johnson was up att our 
house, and went to Cannaan to bye Corn, and Brother Bailey did agree 
to let me have the Gore of land that Lay the south side of Ms lot which 
he purch** of maj"*^ Sam*^ Goodwin and iLay the south side of the Joutts 
Brook and he Called it about two acres and he Give me possession 

Hencock March the 26 1785 this day we set out m' Bodiish and myself 
for Po wnalborough. and I delivered to Majo'' Goodwin a deed of a tract 
of land which he had given to me several years before which proved to 
be out of the plimouth pattern, and my father Maj"'' Goodwin did Give 
me in lieu a deed of a tract of land Laying the south side of martin 
streen so Called and he Give me a Good warrantee deed march "^30 
1885 \_sic\ and on his tract of Land. Lavin. at the heade of the river 
lots the head of the river lots being four 100 poles from Kennebeck and 
maj°'' Goodwin lent me his surveyer Compass, and we got sam^ waston 
Esq'' to run round the above land April 1785 and took possession in my 
name by twig and turf & turf as they told me and in a year or two after 
ward we found that Mathew Chase had trespasf* on it and we Got Sam^ 
weston Esq'' of Cannaan to run round it again with majo"^ Goodwins Com- 
pass and Chain. . And we allways kept up our boundres and in the year 
1793 in Octob'' we got M"" Epheram BaUard Surveyer to run round it 
again when he run out maj°'' Goodwin Great lot and maj°'' Sam^ Good- 
win was up att our house in now fairfield with mr Ballard . and I rode 
out with maj""^ Goodwin in the loggin road and he did put me in pos- 
sesion of the aflore said land again, which lay att the head of the river 
lots, which is 400 rods from Kennebec river 


1913] Descendants of Sarauel Goodioin 31 

the Consideration of the above deed was five dollors to me in hand paid by 

M. B. and for the love and good I have for my Daughter Mercy Bodfish 

and mentions the Deed I deliver'^ back to him March 1785 
in Dresden Feb 10 lbi51 aged 75 my sister Rebeca Johnson widow of 

Johson \_sic\ Johnson departed this life suddenly 
octo'"'^ the 18 1«0(J m"^ Bodtish went to Boston with Mary Dagget and 

Margret Bodiish 
Feb'T' the 26 1801 I went to Boston after my dear husband, went to bath 

& then hierd a man to Cany me to portland and then went on in the 

stage i iound my husband very ill. asked advice of Doc^'^ warren. 

and brought him home to our house and children may '^ 1. 1801 
my dear husband departed this life august the 14. 1801 on my afflicted 

mind was their ever disstres like this 
Betsey Chase was born the 10 day of Feburday 1775. 
Pownalborough July 1787 Judge Sumner and Lady was att our dwelling 

house in pownalborough and tarry'^ Eight or ten days and while the 

Judge attendiu Court Mrss Sumner & I rode out for pleasure, attended 

by M"' Davies. and again we rode to Esq"" Brides* and Judge Bowman 

went to accompany us. one or 2 days after : we rode out up above the 

Court house Call*^ and Drank tea at mrss Twycrosses 
April 10"' ]Mrss Emry moved to Adams Loan 
Mercy Hartt came to Adams Lone .... 
May th 29. 1829 or 30"^" we moved to Eleazer Nobles their to live 
Fairfield march '"^ '6^ 1831 March "^ 3^' 1831 This day Mercy Jordan was 

Mirred : to Adam C- Loan 
Decmb"^ the 15 1831 This day Robert Harcourt Loan was born son of 

Mercy Loan and Adam Loan 
Fairfield march ^^ 3** 1831 This day Mercy Jordan was mirrid to Adam 

Decem*^"^ the 15 1831 this day Robert Harcourt Loan was born son of 

Adam and Mercy Loan .... 
WUl'" Bodfish son of Joseph Joseph Bodfish of sand witch was Born Born 

jeneuary the the 7"' 1752 .... 
December the lb 1837 Melvin Loan was born on iloanday moring . . . . 
.... miss Lydia page April 18 1804 mirred by will'" Kendie Esq'' of 

Fail-field Sep"" th 19 1810 Abigail Bodfish fourth Daughter or ^'ymphas 

and Mercy Bodfish was mirred to mr Elezer ISoljle Sep" 19 1810 by 

will'" Keudle Escf 
Sam^^ G Bodfish son of Nymphas & Mercy Bodfish was mirred to miss 

fanny Chase Sep'"' '" 20 "1810 by will'" Kendie Esq"^ all of Fairfield 
Mercy Bodtish fifth Daughter of Nymphas and ]Mercy Bodfish was merrid 

to mr Nathaniel Hartt son of mr .John Hart, mirrid by Will'" Kendie 

Esq' fairfield ilarch th 17 1811 Sunday afternoon 
Fairfield Decern'"' 12 1813 Mercy Chase Grand Child of ilercy Hart was 

mirred to mr adverdis [stc] Shaw was merrid bv General Will'" ICeadle 

Esq' Decern"'' th 12 1813 
Clinton June th 13 1811 Henry thattcher Chase son of Assa and Margret 

Chase was born at Clinton June the 13 1811 Fryday morning 7 oclock 

. . . Chase, and Ann Vriiitcomb was Baptiz"^ by the Rever'* mr 
Chawick of Scarborough, march "^ 8 181-4 on Tusday Evening 

•Probably Esq. Bridge is the man reftrred to. 

32 Descendants of Samuel Goodwin [Jan. 

march ^'^ 15 1814 Lydia Twycross dairgett and Emiiv Daggett and Eliz"^ 
wliitconib was Baptiz'' by the liev'-' rnr Chadwick of bcarljouroui^h on 
Tuesday aiteruoou 
William Hemy Bodtish son of Will"' and Lydia Bodfish was horn Deem*" 

th -lo 1SU4: at Fairfield Sunday morning 
Clarissa P. Bo([!ish was Ijorn at fairtield Nov'"' th 4 1800 Tusday momin<r 
Louisa ^ViUiins liodiish at i*'airrield octoi/ th -jl ISU^'i monday morniu^r l.'^jij.^ 
Nancy Page Bodlish was Born at Fairlield yep"""^ .Sep'""" th 2.j 1810 
John Hart my dear Husband departed this liie August "' :^0"' 1826 A D 
in the 'o^J : year of Age : 1 Greatly lament my dear Husband I am torn 
from all my bleeding heart held dear — from all thats lovely — all thats 
Good Cominnd. in 
William Bodfish Son of Nymphas and Marcy Bodfish departed this at Sand- 
wich December y'= loth. 17aO 5 Oclock afternoon.* 
Betsey Chase Daughter of Nym^ and Mercy Bodfish departed this life 
July the 5"* Tusttay 180i> She was Greatly Lamented by all her friends. 
She left Seven young helpless Children 
September the . 14'" 1803 Fairfield 1803 Mercy Bodfish widowe was 
mirrid To M"' John Hartt widower from Hampsheir was mirrid By Sam^ 
Toby Escf in the County of Kennebeck 
October th t'l 1809 Fairfield Margarttas Bodfish Daughter of Nymphas 
& ilercy Bodfisli was mirred to mr Asa Chase of Clinton Massathusetts. 
By "Will"' Keudle Esq^ 
Benj" Hartt Noide son of Eleaze and Abigail Noble was born at Fairfield 

Sunday afternoon July the 28. 1811 
Sam'' Goodwin Bodfish son of Sam'' G. and Fanny Bodfish was Born at 

Fairfield July the 28-1811 a sunday afternoon 
Fanny Chase was born in Concord New hamshire on wetlnessday after- 
noon. March the 28 1791 
Charity Dasigett was born in fairfield on mondav morning September th 

16 1799 "" 
Lydia Daegett was bom in fairfield on sundav night Jenery the Eight 8 

Emily Daggett was born in fairfield on Sattaday afternoon March th 22- 

George Daggett son of George and Mary Daggett was born in Fairfield on 

Sattaday'afternoon Novem""' th 18 1809 
Mary Ann Daggett was born in fairfield on monday morning 6 oclock 

Octob'^ th 7 r«U . . . . 
f Mahailly Chase Daughter of Asa and margret Chase was born at fairfield 

Novem'""^ ^ 10 1814 on Thursday morning 2 oclock 
Stattira Chase Daughter of Asa and Margret Chase was born at fairfield 

March the 1 1817 on Sattaday noon 12 oclock 
Harlot Chase daughter of the atforesaid Chase was born may the 1819 

on f[r]iday th 14-1819 
Franklin Chase was born ''^ Dece™""^ "^ o Thursday afternoon 7 oclock 

1821 1821 
Fairfield Octo'"' 29 1816 This day David Pratt Came To my house and 
said that some person had told that Asa Chase took the Cattle which he 
prat had Repleven''. from Sheerif Burjes- without his leave . . but it 
was a lie for lie had Given Asa leave to sell them where he Could, and 
prat-said he had lent Asa Chase-five DoUors to Go on with the oxen 

*Tlie liand writing in this entry is somewhat like that in the first series of entries, 
t The remaining entries are on the two sides of a loose leaf. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 33 


Transcribed by Miss Elizaheth Fhench, and cornmimioated liy the Committee on 

Kn^^iish Kesearcli 

[C'jiitiiiiit'd iVoin vol. (3G, page 359] 

The Will of John Bksbekcii oi Beddenden in the County of Kent, 
yeomnn, t>> June 7 Jiimes [IGUiJ]. I'o be buried in tiie [>ai'ish cliurch- 
yard of Beddeudeu. To my wife Dorothy a cow, half my eoru, nil my 
leases, and a bedstead whicii staudeth in the house where Uiciiard Foster 
her son now dwelleth. To Richard Foster and Patience his wile, Tliomas 
Foster and Elizabeth his wife, liichai'd Yong and my sister liis wife, and 
Thomas Stocke and his wife, to eacli a gold ring of the value of 10s. To 
young John lieale my godchild 2Us. The residue of my goods and ciiattels 
unbe(j[Ueathed to my two sons John Besbich and Thomas Besbeech, and 
I make them nw executors. 

Mv will rei^iirdins: mv lands. To mv wife Dorothv for her dowrv £20 
a year out ot my lauds, but if she marry again only iiL4. To my son 
John Besbich and his heirs a messuage aud lands in ilcdcorue and Ijidiudea 
which 1 lately purchased of Uichard SJtanden, and my messuage lately pur- 
chasL'dof Simon Chittenden in LUddenden at a place there called Omeuden. 
My wife to have out of my said lands £12 a year, but only ii'J if she marry 
again. To my son Thomas Besbich and his heirs a me:^suage aud lands 
which I lately purchased of Robert Tayler of Haldeu, lying m Frittenden 
and Hedcorne, and my messuage 2^urchased of Anne White in Frittenden 
on the den of Buckhurst, my wire to have £8 a year out of said lauds, but ouly 
£5 if she marry again, [bigned] John Besbich. Witness: ilenry Payne, 
scriptor. Proved y March l6Uy/10 by John Besbeech one of the execu- 
'■ I tors, with power reserved for the other executor. (Archdeaconry of Can- 

,1 * terbury, vol. o8, fo. 216.) 

.{|' The \\ill of DoaoTiiY Bestbeech of Biddenden in the County oi Kent, 

widow, 27 Deceml'f!- lol'.). To Thomas Foster's three cliiklren a pair of 
sheets each. To Philip daugiiter of my son John Besbeech a pair of sheets. 
To Mary daughter of my sou Richard Foster a bedstead and a cupboard. 
To John sou of my sou .John Besbeech six napkins and a silver spoon now 
in his father's hands. To Mary Rowlett, my son Thomas Be.sDbevtcli'.i servant 
maid, a gown now in my son Thomas' house. To Margery Winter, mv 
son John Besbeech's maid servant, a gown. To John the son of my son 
Jolin Beale £G, part of such money as his father oweth me. To my son 
John Besbeech all such money as is due from him to me out of the yearly 
rent he is to pay me, at my decease. To my son Thomas Besbeech all such 
household stuti' of mine as he hath in his keeping, except my linen, and all 
such rent as shall be due from him to me, except £."3 which he shall pay 
to my son Richard Foster. Residue of all my moveable goods aud chattels 
unbe(iueathed to my son Richard Foster, whom I make executor. [Signed] 
The marke of Dorothy Bestbeech. Witness : John Stow.* Proved 4 Jan- 
uary lGr.)/20 by the executor named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, 
Tol. 61, fo. 51.) 

•Emigrant to Xew England. 

34 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

Besbeech Entries tn the PARisn Registers axd Transcripts 

OF BlDDEXD^, CO. KeXT, loS'J-lG^f) 

1551 WUlm Bestbydge and Maryane Cooke married 14 May. 

1551 Susane daughter of besbyclie christened 5 March [lool/2]. 

1554 Thomas sou of William Besbyche cliri>tened 11 March [l.j5-t/5\ 
15(32 Roger sou of William Besbeche buried 17 .July. 

1563 Thomas "Whyte and Dorythe Bestbyche married 14 June. 

1564 Agnis daughter of Wyllyam Bestbych christened 28 September. 
1566 'William son of W'illiam Bestbeche christened 2o February [15G6/7]. 
1575 Abcll base-born daughter \_sic'\ of Richard Bestbeche christened 

8 May. 

1586 John Bestbeech and Dorathy Foster widowe married 31 October. 

1587 John son of John Besbeech christened 8 October. 

1589 Thomas son of John Besbeche christened 3 March [1589/90]. 
1592 Sarah daughter of John Besbeche christened 13 August. 
1609 John Besbych householder buried 26 February [1609/10]. 

1615 Johu beshbeech and Elizabeth Taylour married 27 Novemi^er. 

1616 Phillippe daughter of John Besbetch christened 23 March [1616/17]. 

1618 Thomas Besbich and Anne Baseden married 14 January [1618/19]. 

1619 John son of John Besbich christened 4 April. 

1619 Dorathye Besbich widowe buried 1 .January [1619/20]. 

1620 Marye daughter of Johu Besbich christened 18 March [1620/1]. 

1 622 Edward Besbich an old man buried 20 September. 

1623 James son of John Besbiche christened 6 .Jauuary [1623/4]. 

1625 Susannah daughter of Jolin Bespitch christened 5 February [1 625/6 j. 
1628 Elizabeth daughter of John Besbich christened 30 November. 
1630 Elizabeth daughter of John Besbich christened 22 Aususi. 

Besbeech Entries in the Parish Registers of Frittenden, 

CO. Kent, 1561-1638 


1621 Sara daughter of Thomas Bestbeech 6 January [1621/2]. 

1624 Alice daughter of Thomas Bestbeech 29 June. 

1611 Mary Bezbeech to Nycholas Payne 9 July. 


1634 Anne wife of Thomas Bestbeech 21 April. 

The "Will of Henrye Austen of Byddenden in the County of Kent, 28 
December 1570. To be buried in the churchyard of Byddenden. To 
Marye and Thomasyn Austen my daughters 40s. each, to be paid to either 
of them at marriage or age of twenty years. To Thomas Austen my son 
£4 in money or goods, he paying to Dorothe Austen and Rebecca Austen 
my daugliters 40s. each at marriage or age of twenty years. The residue 
of all my moveable goods to my wife Anne and my son Walter, whom I 
make my executors. 

My will regarding my lands and tenements lying in Benenden. To my 
son Thomas Austen and his heirs my tenement and lands on the den of 
Mapestenstrow in the parish of Benenden, he paying 26s. Sd. a ve;ir to mv 
wife for life, and after her death paying to my son Walter Austen £10. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 35 

Witnesses : John Domerysrhte, clerk, John Maye, Laurence Earell, and 
John Carpenter the yonnuer.^ Proved '1± May 1572 by the executors 
named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 41, fo. 146.) 

The Will of Waciier Acstkn Senior of Bethersden, yeoman, 20 De- 
cember IGOO. To four poor men, Thomas Whittiuutou, Richard Lappam, 
John Kiuii'e. and Ivichard Longe, to carr}' uie to church, a ••tolvett" of wheat 
each. To Jolin son of Thomas Gillam a heifer. To Alice Gillam my 
daughter two steers. To Catherine my daughter a lamb. To .lohn Grin- 
nell a lamb. Executors : my wife Elizabeth and my son William Asten. 
Josias Seiliard of Byddenden, gent, \ViIliam Gylberd, Thillip Ilomewode 
of Biddenden, .John Austen of Rolvinden, and John Carpenter of Biddeu- 
den to divide my household goods equally between my said wife and son. 
Overseers: Thomas Stonestreet and Edward Wills, both of Bethersden. 
[Signed] AValter Asten senior. Witnesses : Richard Grezebrooke, Thomas 
Stonestreet, and Edward Wills. Proved 27 January 1 GOO/1 by the exec- 
utors named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 52, fo. 219.) 

Austen Entries in the Parish Registers and Transcripts 
OP Biddenden, go. Kent, 1538-1636* 

1540 William son of Thomas Austen christened 11 November. 

1551 John Austen and Doi-yte Mount married 17 October. 

1552 Janet daughter of Austen christened 8 May. 

1552 Katherinef daughter of Austen christened 8 May. 

1552 Jane daughter of Austen buried 9 May. 

1552 Katherine daughter of Austen buried 9 May. 

1557 Margaret daughter of Henry Austen christened 15 March [1557/8]. 

1559 Clement Downe and Elizabeth Austen married 23 October. 

1560 Rebecca daughter of Henry Austen christened 18 November. 

1561 Phillippe daughter of Henry Austen christened 13 April [sic]. 
1561 John Buste and Jone Awsten married 1 July. 
1566 John son of Henry Austen buried 21 May. 
1566 Margaret daughter of Henry Austen buried 22 May. 
1568 William Lyncke and Elizabeth Asten married 2 4. January [1568/9]. 
1570 John ilvnge and Mary Asten married 5 .June. 

1570 Henrye Asten householder buried 21 February [1570/1]. 

1571 Goddard Asten servant to Walter Asten buried 16 March [1571/2]. 

1572 Walter Austen and Julyan Cousheman married 12 January [1572/3]. 
1574 Anne daughter of Walter Asten christened 27 June. 
1574 Julian wife of Walter Asten buried 17 November. 

1576 Walter Austen and Alice Taylor married 2 July. 

1577 Henry son of Walter Asten christened 11 August. 

1579 John son of Walter Asten christened 6 September. 

1580 Thomas Foster widower and Dority Austen mayden married 20 
January [1580/1]. 

1581 George Parke and Hester Austen married 2 October. 
,, > 1582 Peter son of Wacher Austen christened 17 June. 

^/ 1582 Peter son of Wacher Austen buried 24 June. 

' 1584 The son of Jeremy Austen buried 26 July. 

, 1584 Thomas son of Wacher Austen christened 28 September. 

1586 Steven Cooke and Rebecca Austen married 27 June. 

•The records for the years 1558, 1562, 1563, 1564, and 1565 are defective, 
t Jane and Katherine were probably twins. 

VOL. Lxvri. 3 


36 Genealofjical Researcii in Encjland [Jan. 

1587 William son of "Wacher Austen christened 18 February [1587/8]. 

1591 Thomas Gyllam and Alice Austen married 2-4 January [lo'Jl/^]. 

1592 John Winsett and Thoniaame Austen married 19 June. 
159G A son of Jeremy Austen burieil unchristened 28 December. 
1597 Marv daughter of ^lichael Austen christened 12 March [1597/8]. 
1599 Alice wife of Wacher Austen buried iU March [1599/1 GOO]. 
1000 Kiclianl son of Micliiiel Austen cliristeued .'JO ^larch. 

IGOO George Bourne and lilary Austen married 21 May. 
IGOO Wacher Austen and Mary Grinnell mamed 27 3Iay. 

1604 Hannah daughter of Wacher Austen christened 21 November. 
IGOlr Haunah daughter of Waclier Austen buried 25 November. 
1C04 John Sloman and Marye Austen married 25 November. 

1605 Mercy daughter of ^liciiael Austen christened 27 December. 

1 605 Henry Austen a poor man being a drover of Tenterden buried 14 
February [1605/6]. 

1608 William son of Michael Austen christened 24 April. 

1612 Syluan .Johnson of Sandwitch and Sarah Austen of Hawkhurst mar- 
ried by faculty 9 November. 

1612 Elizabeth daughter of William Austen christened 27 December. 

1612 A daughter of William Austen buried unchristened 29 December. 

1612 Elizabeth daughter of William Austen buried 1 January [1612/13]. 

1612 Margaret wife of William Austen buried 7 January [1612/13]. 

1612 Mercy dtiughter of 3Iichael Austen burieil 11 February [1612/13]. 

1613 George Austen and Jone Kelsden married 31 May. 

1613 William Austen and Agnes Tufnode married 28 November. 

1614 Jane daughter of Michael Austen christened 29 May. 
1616 John Austine buried 11 August. 

1619 Henry son of Michael Austen christened 18 April. 

1620 Jolm Austen servant to Edward Aynscombe buried 18 May. 

1621 Elizabeth daughter to Michael Austen christened 14 October. 
1625 Francis son to Michael Austen christened 1 May. 
1627 Margaret daughter of Michael Austin christened 23 March [1627/8 

1630 Margaret daughter of Michael Austin buried 24 February [1630/1 

1631 Margaret daughter of Michael Austin christened 2 April. 
1636 Annis daughter of Michael Austin and wife Elizabeth christened 7 


[Thomas Besbeech, baptized at Biddenden 3 Mar. 1589/90. younger son 
of John Besbeech, the testator of 1609, married there 14 Jan. 1618/19 
Aune Baseden. They resided for a few years at Frittenden, where two 
daughters were born and his wife died. Later he lived at Headcorn and 
Sandwich. In the spring of 1635 he emigrated to New England, where 
he lived at Scituate and Sudbury, Mass., and died 9 Mar. 1673/4. leaving 
issue. His mother Dorothy, the testator of 1619, was daughter of Henry 
Austen of Biddenden and sister of Wacher or Walter Austin of Bethers- 
den, the testator of 1600. She was married first to Thomas Foster of 
Biddenden, by whom she had, besides other issue, a son Richard Foster, 
who married Patience Bigg ; the latter, with her son Hopestill Foster, went 
to New England in 1635 and settled at Dorchester, Mass. Hopestill Fos- 
ter was thus nephew by the half-blood of Thomas Besbeech. 

Tlie Besbeech (originally Byxpitch) family is of great antiquitv in the 
Weald of Kent, and numerous early wills of the family are extant ; but ex- 
tensive search lias failed to establish the identity of John Besbeech, the 
testator of 1609, among the numerous individuals of that name. — E. F.] 


1913] Genealogical Hesearch in England 37 

The Wi]l of TVillia' Idde^dex of Cranebroke In the County of Kent, 
weu' [weaver], 24 December 1578. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Cranebroke. To Jeames Iddenden my son my three looms with all the slays 
and other tacklings thereto belonging, in consideration of £10 which his 
grandfather Stephen Iddenden gave him, tliat I Iiad of his in my keeping, 
he to make his mother a general acquittance thereof. To my daughter 
Joane a bed and two pieces of pewter at her marriage or the death of my 
wife .Joane. The rest of all my goods and chattels, my debts and legacies 
paid, I give to my wife .Joane, in consideration of her bringing up my other 
six children, Edmonde Iddenden, George Iddenden, Mary Iddenden, Debora 
Iddenden, Anna Iddenden, and Susanna Iddenden, "in the feare &, Xor- 
ture of god & to some godly exercise to helpe earne theire lyvinge here 
after." Executrix: wife .Joane. Witnesses: John Hartreidge, Rychard 
Godly, and Laurace Weller, scriptor. Proved 23 January 1581/2 by the 
executrix named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 44, fo. 270.) 

Administration on the estate of Joane Iddendex of Cranbrook, de- 
ceased, was granted 14 Mav 1595 to her son Edmund Iddenden, who with 
John Longe of Ashford, shearman, and Samuel Smith of "Watling, in the 
County of Sussex, cowper, was boind in £30. Inventory, £12 10s. od. 
(Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 22, fo. 80.) 

Administration on the estate of James Iddenden late of Cranbrook, 
who died intestate, was granted 4 November 1597 to George Iddenden, 
brother of the deceased and guardian to Nathaniel Iddenden, son of the 
deceased, during his minority, Thomas Pellett of Cranbrook, shoemaker, 
and Richard Weller of the same, clothweaver, being bound in £100. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 23, fo. 59.) [This grant was revoked 
when the will of James Iddenden was oifered for probate.] 

The WiU of James Iddenden of Cranbrook in the County of Kent, 
weavei*, 30 July 1597. To be buried in the churchyard of Cranbrook. To 
my son Nathaniel Iddenden £30, part of my stock which is in the hands 
of John Groombridge, to be paid at the age of twenty-one ; if he die before 
the age of twenty-one, my wife to have the profit of the said stock for six 
years, paying to William Woodland and Susane Woodland, children of 
Stephane Woodland, 503. each. If my wife also die before such time, then 
out of the £30 I bequeath to the said two children of Susane [_sic~\ Wood- 
land £5 each, and to Martha Iddenden, Sara Iddenden, and Elizabeth Id- 
denden, the daughters of my brother G. [sjc] Iddenden, £3 6s. 8d., to my 
brother Edmond Iddenden 40s., to my four sisters, Mary Iddenden, Debo- 
ra Iddenden, Susane Iddenden, and Anne Iddenden, 40s. each, and to 
my brother Robert More 40s., all to be paid at the aforesaid time. The 
residue of my stock and all my moveable goods and cattle to my wife, 
whom I make sole executrix. My brother Robert More, overseer. Proved 
14 December 1597, the executrix named being dead, by Richard More, 
guardian appointed to Nathaniel Iddenden, son of the deceased. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 50, fo. 179.) 

The W^ill of James Iddenden of Cranbrook, the executrix Agnes Id- 
denden being dead, was granted 13 December 1597 to Richard More, 
guardian of Nathaniel Iddenden during his minority, Thomas Star of Cran- 
brook, mercer, and Theopliilus Turke of Halden, Joiner, being bound in 
£160. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 23, fo. 224.) 

38 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

Administration on the <roods of Aoxes Iddexdex, widow, lute of Cran- 
l)roi)l<. was ui'i'.ntiMi 22 October lo97 to Robert Moore, tailor, brotin-r of 
the deceased, during; the mihority of Nathaniel Iddenden, son of the de- 
ceased. Tlieojiliilu.s Turke of Maiden and Richard Turke of Cranbrook, 
Joiners, bound in £1 00. On 14 December lolJ? administration was irranted 
to li!i-h;;;'d Moni-c, br'>t!u-r oi t'le deceased an<l ir'iardian of Nathanii-1 Id- 
deiiden. son of tlie dect.-ased. durin:^ his minority, to ailminister the goods left 
unadministered by Robert iMoore, deceased, Thomas .Star of Cranbrook, 
merct^r, and Thomas Turke of Halden, joiner, being hound in £100. A 
note states that Robert Moore was sick of the plajriie when administration 
was ur^mted to iiiui and died within a fortnight, and Thomas .Star and 
Thomas Turke testify tliat never any of the goods of the deceased came in- 
to tile hands of the said Robert Moore. Inventory, £;j;3 IGs. Gd. George 
Nun of London, woolen draper, suljstituted in the bond for Thomas .Star 
and Thomas Turke. {Ibid., fo. 57.) 

Administration on the estate of'n'd Iddendex of Cranbroke, who 
died intestate, was granted I'J October 1.3'J7 to (jeorge Iddenden, who with 
Thomas Goddard of Cranbrock, clothier, and William Pitlocke of the 
same, clotliier, was bound in £iiO. Inventory, £48 73. lOd. [This ad- 
ministration was revoked when tlie will was proved by George i<ldenden, 
o June IGOC] (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 2-j, fo. 57.) 

The Will of Edmund Iduexdicx of Crambrocke in the County of Kent, 
broad weaver,* 28 August Wd Elizabetli [15:.»7]. All sucli household stuli 
as I had by the death of my mother i give to ray sister Estlaud and my 
sister Anna, equally divided, and also certain articles of furniture [uamedj. 
To each of my three sisters, ^larye. .Susan, and Anna, a joined cln.->t. To 
my sister Goddard a Hockbed. To William ISatcheler's widow and \\'iiliain 
Weiler's widow two loads ot wood each. To Thomas Willyams alius Rams- 
burve one load of wood and wearing apparel. To .Symou Vaiie a load of 
wood and a pair of stockings. To .Susan WooiUaud 20s. anrl a coverlet, to 
be delivered when she shall be removed out of widow Lucas's house. To 
widow Lucas 5s. and a load of wood, if she do live. Tlie rest of my wood, 
except one load which I owe to James Metherst, to be equally divided be- 
tween my brother Gorge and my sisters Susan and Anne. To my brother 
George " my cote and cognsaunce " and my best suit of apparel, viz.. a 
cloak, dublet Venetians hat, a cam brick ruff l«nd. a pair of worsted stock- 
ings, antl my best shoes. The apples growing in my close to Richard 
Turke and Symon Vale. My brother G odd an I to have my lease which I 
have from Thomas Scotchford during the term to come. To my sister 
Marie £4, and to her children 20s. each. To AVilliam son of Stephen 
Woodland 10s. To ray brother John Longe wearing apparel, and to my 
sister Lon<xe a coverlet. To her sons Samuel and Alexander a ruli band 
each. To my sister's daughter Anne Waterman a blanket. To servant 
William Crackbone a new suit of apparel. To William Tonge, my brother 
Goddard's ser^'ant, a band. The residue of all my goods and debts unbe- 
queathed to my brother George Iddenden, whom I make sole executor. 
If he die before my testament be performed, then my brother Thomas 
Goddard to be executor. [Signed] Signum Edmunde Iddenden. Witnes- 
ses : Richard Turke, Symon Vale, and George Martyn, script'. Proved 
3 June IGOO by George Iddenden, brother of the testator and executor 
named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 53, fo. 23.) 
* A weaver of broadcloth. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 39 

The Will of Johx Edyndex of Cranbrooke in the County of Kent, 

tailor, 15 March 1587/8. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 

Cranbrooke. To my daughters Susanna Edynden, vSara Edynden. ]\rary 

Edinden, Elizabeth Edynden, Katherine Edinden, and .Judy the Edinden 

£10 each, to lie paid at the aije of twenty or day of marriaire. To iny 

dauu'hter Rebecca Edinden £5, to be paid at tlie aL;'e of twenty or day of 

*^ marriage. To my son .lolin Edinden £10, to I)e paid at the age of twenty- 

, " one. All the residue of my goods, debts, and chattels unbequeathed to 

^ Christian Edynden my wife, whom I make executrix. Overseer : brother 

Ricliard Gluvcr. By deed dated 27 -luly 22 Elizabeth I hold a mortgage 

on the lands of my brother Richard Glover, on which I receive an annuity 

of £(j a year, the principal of which, £(50, is to be paid at the feast of St. 

John the Baptist, 1589. [Signed] John Edynden. Witnesses: Richard 

Glover, Thomas Pellett, and Laurence Weller, scrintor. Proved 9 April 

1588 l)y the executrix named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 47, fo. 

'} In the act book the date of probate is given as 27 March 1587 [s«V]. In- 

ventorv, £66 I3s. 4d. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 20, fo. 
175.) " 

The Will of Christiax Iddexden, widow, of Cranbrook was not proved 
[probably for lack of proper witnesses] 27 September 1597, but adminis- 
tration was granted to William Pittocke, husband of Elizabethe Pittocke, 
daughter of the deceased. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 23, 
fo. 216.) 

The nuncupative Will of Christian Iddendex of Cranbrooke, "sick 
of the plage," 12 August 1597. To her son .John Iddenden £20 and £10 
his father gave him, to be paid to him at twenty-two out of the £G0 her 
brother Richard Glover hath of hers on a mortgage on his land, on which 
he pays £6 a year interest, and the other £30 to be equally divided among 
her six daughters and her son-in-law George Iddenden for the good of his 
children, viz., Susan. Marie, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Katherine, and .ludeth 
[evidently meaning the testator's children], to be paid hj her brother 
Richard Glover into the hands of her son-in-law William Pittocke. All 
household stuif to be equally divided between her five daughters, Susan, 
Marye, Rebecca, Katherine, and Judith, her daughter Elizabeth having al- 
ready had her part of the linen and pewter. If all of her son-in-law George 
Eddenden's children die, his part of the £30 to revert to her own said six 
daughters. Executor : son-in-law William Pittocke. Overseers : Thomas 
Pellet and Tymothie Mercer. Proved 13 April 1598 by the executor 
I named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 51, fo. 28.) 

The nuncupative Will of Xpiane Iddenden, late of Cranbrook, was 
proved 13 April 1598 by the executor named. Inventory, £75 18s. 6d. 
(Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 23, fo. 231.) 

Edenden Entries in the Transcripts of the Parish Registers 
OF Cranbrook, co. Kent, 1560-1632 

1560 Edmond Edenden christened 9 March [1560/1]. 
156'4 George Edynden christened 18 July. 
1568 Debora Edynden christened 23 May. 

40 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

1570 Susan Edvnden christened 25 Septemher. 

1570 An Eflyndeu christenecl IS February [1570/1]. 

1571 Sara Edenden christened 27 January [1571/2]. 

1572 Susanna Edenden christened 24 ilay. 

1572 Danyell Edenden christened 3 October. 

1573 Danyell Edi-nde' buried 8 Octo!)er. 

1574 Martha Edenden ciiristened 21 November. 

1575 John Edndene [s/e] christened Aui^ust. 

1575 Rebecka yddenden christened December. 

157G Elizabeth yddenden christened 3 March [157G/7]. 
1577 Katheryn Iddynden cliristeneil 23 Febiniary [1577/8J. 
1580 Danyell yddenden christened 2 April. 

1582 Danyell Iddenden buried 10 Ausrust. 

1 584 Stephen "Woodland and .loane Iddenden married 6 February [1584/5]. 

1586 Ja^vmes Idenden and Ag'nes Moore married 8 May. 

158G Elizabeth Iddenden christened 12 February [158*3/7]. 

1586 Elyzabethe Idenden buried 22 March [1586/7]. 

1587 John Iddenden christened 28 January [1587/8]. 

1588 Nathan Iddenden christened 22 December. 
1590 Martha Iddenden christened 9 August. 

1592 Thomas Godard and Mary Idenden married 11 June. 

1597*.Iaymes Iddenden householder buried 30 .July. 

1597 Wyllm Pyttock and Elyzabethe Idenden married 8 Augnst- 

1597 ElyzalDethe Idenden buried 8 August. 

1597 Debra Iddenden "a mayden" buried 11 August. 

1597 Crystyan Iddenden widow buried 13 August. 

1597 Elyzabethe Iddenden "chelde" buried 15 August. 

1597 Judethe Iddenden "a gyrle" buried IG August. 

1597 Martha Iddenden "childe" burieil 16 August. 

1597 Sara Iddenden "chelde" buried 31 Autiiist. 

1597 Edmvnde Iddenden householder buried 2 September. 

1597 Agnes Iddenden widow of .Jaymes buried 20 October. 

1599 "Edmond Iddenden sonne of George" christened 21 October. 

1601 Rychard son of George Iddenden christened 26 July. 

1603 Martha Iddenden christened 28 August. 

1604 "William Bucher and Susan Iddenden married 18 .June. 
1604 Mary Iddenden christened 20 January [1604/5]. 
1607 Anne Iddenden christened 21 June. 

1610 "William Iddenden christened 10 June. 

1612 Elizabeth Iddenden christened 26 July. 

1614 Elizabeth Iddenden christened 8 January [1614/15]. 

1614 Elizabeth Iddenden puer buried 6 March [1614/15]. 

1621 Thomas Iddenden son of George christened 7 October. 

1625 Edmond Iddenden and Elizabeth "Wellerj married 12 July. 

1625 James Iddenden son of Richard christened 26 February [1625/6]. 

1627 Alexander son of Richard Edinden christened 30 December. 

1628 Alexander Edinden puer buried 2 July. 

1631 Georjje Gennin^s and Ann Edinden married 11 October. 
1632" George Edenden buried 24 April. 

* In Jul_v, August, and September of this year the plague raged in Cranbrook and 

t Ciiristened at Ci-anbiook 21 Decembei" 160ft. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 41 

Edexden Extkies IX THK Parish Registers axd Traxscripts of 

BlDDEXDEX> CO. IvEXT, loZ^-l^Voi 

1541 Thomas son of John Tddenden christened 13 January [1541/2]. 

1543 .John son of Iddenden infant buried 20 March. 

1544 Richard son of Idynden infant l)uri(.-d IG Si-ptember. 

1544 Maruei'vc and Jolm 6o\i and chiuglitcr of Jddendcu Imric-il 

28 September. 
1544 Edward Nortone and Ellyue Iddenden married 2(5 .January [1 544/51. 
1549 William Nelle and Jlm'saret Iddynden married 21 October. 

1551 Jlercye ihiuu'liter of yddenden oliristened 2 November. 

1551 Jlercy daughter of yddenden buried 13 November. 

155.8 ilarye daughter of Stephen Iddynden cliristened 29 March. 
1555 Ryciierd son of Steven Iddynden christened 4 July. 

1555 Rycherd son of Steven Iddynden buried 13 July. 

1556 Jlercye daughter of Stephen Yddynilen cliristened 4 June. 

1559 Margaret daughter of Stephen Lldencien christened 9 July. 

1560 Stephen son of John P'ddenden buried 19 February [1560/1]. 
1563 .John Edynden buried 27 January [1563/4]. 

1566 Betteris Iddenden widow buried 15 .July. 

1575 George Holland and Marye Iddenden married 1 December. 

Edendex Extries in the Parish Registers of Texterdex. 
CO. Kent, 1625-1636 

1626 John son of Edmund Idenden christened 11 March [1626/7]. 

1631 Elizabeth wife to Edmund Iddenden buried 2 August. 

1632 Elizabeth daughter to Edmund Iddenden christened 25 November. 
1632 Elizabeth daughter to Edmund Iddenden buried 3 December. 
1634 John son of Edmund Idenden christened 6 April. 

1634 John son of Edmund Iddenden buried 26 April. 

Edenden Entries in the Parish Registers and Transcripts of 
Staplehcrst, CO. Kext, 1538-1630 

1611 Nathaniel Iddenden and Marie Gnimbridge married 3 December. 

1612 James son of Nathanaell Iddenden christened 8 November. 


Edmond Iddenden of Tenterden, woollendraper. widower, and Elizabeth 
Wiseman [Whiteman or Wightman] of Maiilstone. virgin, about 25, at 
her own government, at Maidstone, 24 January 1631/2. 

Edmund Idenden and Elizabeth Wightman married at Maidstone 1 Feb- 
ruary 1631/2. 

[From the foregoing wills and entries the following Iddenden or Eden- 
den pedigree has been compiled : 

1. Stephen Iddenden, bora probably about 1.500, died before 1578. 
No will of his has been found. 

Child : 

2. i. William. 

2. William Iddenden of Cranbrook, co. Kent, a weaver, the testator 
of 1578, was born probably about 1530 and died between 24 Dec. 

42 Geneuloc/ical liesearch in Englrtnd [Jan. 

157S and 23 Jan. ].j8 !/•_'. He marrieil Joaxi:. who died Ijeiorc 
14 ^lay 1.3D5, when udraiuistration on her estate woa granted to her 
son Kilmund. 
Children : 

3. i. .Tamus, b. probably abt. IT,',~. 

ii. JijANi-:, b. probably abt. \ :>:>'.) ■ m. at Cranl)ro()\- (! Feb. 15>!+/,") Sna'iiF.N' 
W(^oDr-AND. Their children Suskh and H'tHimu are lueutiuued la 
the wills of their uncles .James and Edinoud. l.'/.iT. 

iii. Edmund, bapt. at Cranbro(jkt) Mar. IjOU/I: d. probably of the plague; 
bur. at Cranbrook 2 Sept. 1 jlJ". He left a will. 

4. iv. Geouge, bapt. at Cranbrook is .July l.".i;4. 

y. ;Mauy. m. at Cranbrocjk 11 .June !•'/)-! TiroMA.s GoDDAno; mentioned 
with her husband and children in the wills of her brothers, l.')!)?. 

vi. DEBOit.*., bapt. at Cranl)rook 23 ;May l.j(;8; d. probably of the plag-ue; 
bur. at Cranbrook 11 Auicust I '>'.)' . 

vli. Anne, bapt. at Cranbrook 18 Teb. 1570/1: probably m. (1) 

Watei:ma>', by whom she had Aaup : and (2) .Ioun Longe. by whom 
she had S'nnuel and Ali-x/nider : mentioned with her second husband 
and her children in the wills of her brothers. 1.5'.)7. 

viii. Susan, bapt. at Cranbrook 2+ May 1.372; prol)a))ly m. Estland; 

mentioned in the wills of her brothers, 101)7. 

3. James Iddicndex of Cranbrook, a weaver, the testator of 1507, was 

born proljably at Cranbrook uljout 15o7. and was buried there 30 
Jnly 1597, l)eing pri;l)al)ly one of the victims of the plai^vie. lie 
married at Cranbrook, 'i May 1586. Agnks Mooue, who survived 
him only a few weeks, dying probably of the same disease and being 
buried at Cranbrook 20 Oct. 1507. Administration on her estate 
was granted to her brother Robert IMoore. who also died of the 
plague, and then to her brother Richard ^loore. 
Child : 

i. jSTathan or Nathaniel, bapt. at Cranbrook 22 Dec. IjSS ; m. by licence 
at Staplehurst .'3 Dec. Kill Maiue GnoiBuiDcjE [GnooMnr.iDGE], 
by whom he had a son James, christened there 8 Xov. 1G12. 

4. George Iddendex of Cranbrook. a tailor, was baptized at Cranbrook 

18 July 15G4, and was buried there 24 Apr. lG-32. He married 
first Sara Iddexden, daughter of John and Christian (Glover) of 
Cranbrook, where she was baptized 27 Jan. 1571/2. Sjie died 
probably before her mother, whose will names her son-in-law George 
Jddenden, to whom she gives a bequest " for his children." She 
names her six daughters, not including Sara, though she is named 
in her father's will. The name of George Iddenden's second wife 
has not been found. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Martha, bapt. probably at Cranbrook Auj. 1.5D0 : d. of the plaarue ; 
bur. at Cranbrook 16 Aug. 1597 ; mentioned in the will of her uncle 

ii. Sara, d. of the plague: bur. at Cranbrook 31 Aug. 1597: mentioned 
in the will of her uncle James. 

iii. Elizabeth, d. of the plague; bur. at Cranbrook 3 Aug. 1597; men- 
tioned in the will of her uucle James. 

Children by second wife : 

5. iv. Edmond, Impt. at Cranbrook 21 Oct. 1590. 

V. RicuARD, bapt. at Cranbrook 26 July 1(J01 ; m., and had sons James 
and Alexaiukr. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 43 

Probably the following children baptized at Cranbrook were chil- 
dren of George Iddenden, though the transcripts do not give the 
names of the parents : 

vi. Martha, bapt. 28 Auff. 1003. 

vii. ilAitY, Inipt. 20 Jan. l'604/5. 

viii. .\.xxi:. Inipt. 21 Jime IfiOT; m. at Cranbrook 11 Oct. 1031 Geokge 

is. TViLLiA.M. bapt. 10 June 1010. 

s. Ei.TZAisKTii. l)apt. 20 July 1012 ; probably d. youn??. 
xi. Eli/aukth, bapt. 8 Jau. 1014/15 ; probably bur. at Cranbrook 6 ^lar. 

xii. Tno.MAS, " sou of George," bapt. 7 Oct. 1021. 

5. Edmoxd Iddenden or Edenden, woollen-draper, of Ci-anbrook and 
Tenterden. co. Kent, and of New England, was baptized at Cran- 
brook 21 Oct. 1599. The date of his death is unknown. He mar- 
ried first, at Cranbrook, 12 July 1625, Elizabeth Welleu, who 
was baptized there 21 Dec. 1600 and was buried at Tentenlen 2 
Aug. 1631. He married secondly, at Maidstone, 1 Feb. 1631/2, 
Elizabeth Wightman or Whitejian of Maidstone, aged about 
25, as appears from the marriage licence. He emigrated to New 
England after 9 Aug. 1636, being at that date a witness to the will 
of Susan Curtis of Tenterden. In 1637 he was a proprietor at 
Scituate, Mass. He took the oath of allegiance in 1638, was free- 
man in 1641, and representative to the General Court in 1642. 
He removed to Boston. His widow is mentioned in the will of her 
brother John "Weightman of Charlestown, Mass., dated 12 Oct. 
1681, as "my sister Elizabeth Ski£f," and bequests are left to her 
daughter Rebecca Edington and to her married daughters Sarah 
Eand and Hannah Cleesby. 
Children by first wife : 

i. JoHX, bapt. at Tenterden 11 Mar. 1020/7; probably d. youn?. 
ii. Maky, b. probably abt. 1029; m. 23 Sept. 10.51 "VVilllv-M Baker of 

Children by second wife : 

iii. Eliz.vbetii, bapt. at Tenterden 23 Nov. l'"32 ; bur. there 3 Dec. 1032. 
iv. Joiix. bapt. at Tonterdeu .Vpr. lOMi ; bi.r. there 20 Apr. 1034. 
V. Saiiaii. b. al)t. lO.'SO : m. 12 Mar. 1050 Tiioalvs Raxd of Charlestown. 
vi. Hannah, b. abt. li)38; m. John Clisby of Cliarlestown. 
vii. Rebecca, m. 10 Dec. I<i84 Samuel Lord of Charlestown. 
viii. Mehitaule, bapt. at Boston 4 June 1G54; m. 17 Oct. 1674 John 
N utter. 

The Iddenden or Edenden family also is of great antiquity in the "Weald 
of Kent, having been associated with the cloth trade for which Cranbrook 
was famous ; but although abstracts of many Edenden wills have been 
made, it has not been found possible to identify the parents of Stephen 
Iddenden, great-grandfather of Edmond Edenden the emigrant. 

John Iddenden of Cranbrook, tailor, the testator of 1587/8, whose 
relationship to the family described above is not known, died between 
15 Mar. 1587/8 and 27 Mar. 1588. He married Christian Glover, 
the testatrix of 1597, who died of the plague and was buried at Cran- 
brook 13 Aug. 1597. 

44 Genealogical Research in Enyland [Jan. 

Cliildron : 
i. SuSAX. bapt. at Cranbrook 25 Sept. l.'TO. 
ii. Sara, bapt. at Ctanbrook 27 Jau. 1J7I/2; m. GiiORGE Iddexden 

{vide, supra, 4j. 
iii. Mauy, ineutioiied in the wills of her parents, 
iv. Rkhkcca. ))apt. at Cranbrook Dec. I5T.'>. 

V. Er.iZAiucTii. l)apt. at Cranljrook o Mar. l.'7n/7: in. "William Pittock. 
vi. Katiii;i:ini;, Ijapt. at Crauln-ook 2.', Fol). l-j77/.-i. 
vii. .TuniTH. d. of tlie plague: bur. at Cranbrook IG Aug. 1597. 
viii. John. bapt. at Cranbrook 28 Jan. 1587/8. 

— E. F.] 


The "Will of John Huckstepp the elder of Tenterden in the County of 
Kent, yeoman, 4 November 22 .lames I [1624]. To my kinswoman Lydia 
Tilden, wife of Nathaniel Tilden, .£-5. To Thomas son of my Ijrother 
Stephen Huckstepp £5. To my brother Stephen Huck.stepp £o. To 
John son of my l)rother Stephen Hnek.^tepp £10. To my kin.swoman 
Susanna "Witherden, wife of Henry Witherden, £10, and to their son 
Richard £20 at twenty-one. Residue of all my jroods and chattels to my 
son Lawrence Huckstepp at twenty-one. my executor to have the use of 
said goods until that time, paying to my son for the use thereof £G for 
every £100 worth, the money to be used to buy lands for my said -on. If 
my son die before said age, reversion of said lands or money to John 
Huckstepp, whom I make my executor. 

My last will concerning my lands and tenements in Tenterden and 
Snargate, which I give to mv son Lawrence at twenty-one. and ii he 'lie 
without lawful issue, reversion to my brother Stephen's son Thomas 
Huckstepp. [Signed] The m'ke of John Huckstepp. Witnesses : Garret 
Haffenden and Robert Ilatfenden. Proved 17 February lG24/o by John 
Huckstepp. The will was contested, but was upheld 5 April 1C25. 
(Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 6G, fo. 381.) 

The "Will of John Hitckstefp of Tenterden in the County of Kent, 
yeoman, 6 November 6 Charles I [1630]. To my wife Alice £30, house- 
hold goods to the value of £40, wearing apparel, cloth, wheat, bees, poul- 
try, etc. The residue of my household stuff to my children, equally 
divided, to my sous at twenty-one and to my daughters at nineteen or 
marriage. To my brother Thomas Huckstepp £10. and I make him ex- 
ecutor. To my daughters Sara and .Toane £40 each at nineteen or mar- 
riage. To my son Stephen at twentv-one the lease of the farm where I 
dwell, he paying to my father Stephen Hucstepp. if he be then living:. £16 
a year for life. My brother Thomas to liave the letting of said farm during 
the minority of my son Stephen, he paying the said annuity to my father, 
and the overplus to be used to apprentice my sons, with the consent of my 
wife, to some honest and lawful trade. 

My last will concerning my lands and messuage in Appledore and Ten- 
terden. To son Stephen at twenty-one a messuage and three acres of land 
in Appledore in the occupation of Anthony French. To my son Thomas 
Hucstepp at twenty-one my other two pieces of land in Appledore called 
Barneland and lower wish, containing ten acres and in my own occupation. 
To my four youngest sons, Nathanaell. William, Joseph, and John, at 
twenty-one, my two pieces of land in Tenterden at Sherleys ]Moore. con- 
taining nineteen and a half acres. My brother Thomas to have the lettmg 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 45 

of my farm, paying the profits to my wife Alice for the maintenance and 
education of all my children. ^ [Signed] John Huckste]")p. Codicil. 15 
August 1631, makes provision for any ]>ossible posthumous child. "Wit- 
nesses : Samuel Curtis and Nathanaell Tilden. Proved 2 December 1631 
by Thomas Huckstepp. gen', brother of the deceased and executor named 
in the will. (Couaistory of Canterbury, vol. 49, fo. 248.) 

The "Will of .John Hatche of Tenterden in the County of Kent, yeo- 
man, 23 March 1G28/9. To my wife Dorothy Hatch £100, wearing 
apparel, plate, furniture, cattle, poultry, grain, cloth, and all my books. 

To my brother "William Hatch's children as follows : To his second son 
Thomas Hatch £10 and all sums he owes me, and at his death to all his 
children £50 equally divided, at twenty-one. To his now youngest son 
"William Hatch £50, and if he die before receiving his legacy reversion to 
his children at twenty-one, ecjually divided. To his daughter Elizabeth, 
wife of Eobart Soan of Brasted, £10, and at her death to her children 
£40, equally divided, at the age of twenty-one. To his second daughter 
Judith, wife of Joseph Osborne of Ashford, £60, and to her son Jeremy 
Osborne at twenty-one £5. To his third daughter Margarett, widow of 
"William "Wood of Tenterden, £20. To his fourth daughter IMary. wife of 
"William Shusall of New Romney, 22s. To his youngest daughter Anne 
Hatch £30 at twenty-one, she not to marry without the consent of her 
brothers John and "William Hatch. If she do as her sister Shusall did, 
without their and my consent, then she shall have only 22s. 

To my sister "Winufrithe's children as follows : To her eldest son Thomas 
Huckstepp £15, and to her other son John Huckstepp £30. If John die, 
reversion to his sons Stephen and Nathanaell, equally divided, at the age of 
twenty-one. To her eldest daughter Joane, widow of Robert Numan late 
of Crayford deceased, 20s. and a silver spoon which I had of Mr. Chapman, 
and to her children at twenty-one 10s. each. To her second daughter 
Anne, wife of "William Snatte of Hunto [Hunton], 20s., and to Anna 
Snatte her daughter 20s. at twenty-one. To her third daughter Susan, 
wife of Benjamin Robus of Kennarton, £5, and to her sons ami daughters 
Thomas Ramkyn, "William Rambvn [si'e] and Marv Rankin [_sic'], Kath- 
erine Rol)us, Lidia Robus, and Susan Rolius 20s. each at twenty-one. 
" Alsoe I do giue vnto Lidia Tilden witfe of Nathaniell Tilden my sisters 
Youngest daughter" £10, and to her children Thomas. Joseph, Mary, 
Sarah, Judeth. and Lidia £20, equally divided, to be paid at twenty-one. 

To my sister Katherine's children as follows : To her eldest son John 
Dunke £lO, and to each of his children 40s. at twenty-one. To her second 
son "William Dunke £20. To her youngest son Daniel Dunke £30. To 
her daughter Ann, wife of Robert Glover, a silver spoon, and to each of 
her children 40s. each. To Katherine ]May, daughter of Martin Maye of 
Ould Romney that he had by Margaret Donck, my sister Katherine's 
daughter, £10. To her daughter Elizabeth Hubbard, wife of Hub- 
bard, £20. 

To my sister Ellraor Chittenden 22s., and to her children as follows : 
To her eldest son Thomas Chittenden £30. To her second son John 
Chittenden £50. To her youngest son "William Chittenden £30. To her 
son Nathaniel Chittenden's son Nathaniel £20 at twenty-one. 

To my wife's sister's daughter, Elizabeth Pargiter. a silver spoon and 
a " spurr Ryall." To Peeter Philpott my wife's brother a " spur Ryall," 
and to Thomas Philpott her half-brother iOs. To Steven Huckstep "my 

46 Genealor/ical Research in England [Jan. 

booke of !Mr. Caluins [Calvin's] sermons upon Galathians." To Rohert 
Chittenden 10s. To Nath-iniell Tilden. William Snatte, Beniamyn Uohus, 
Robert Glover, Robert son of Joseph Osbane. and Thomas .Smith, that 
have married my kinswomen, 10s. each as a token of my love. To .Mr. 
Warren of Sanduicli, late lecturer of Benenden. £?j. " Alsoe I doe ;:iue 
vnto "M'" L()n'0[)|) late mynister of Eirerton Iforty ~lullin;rs." * To Tliomas 
Brattell my wife's half-brotlier. To .James Willes 10s., and to his wife 
Marv, my wife's brotiier's ilaughter, 20s., and to their dauirhter Dorotliie 
Wills 10s. at the age of twenty-one. To I)rother Peeter Philpott"s sons, 
Thomas Pliilpott of Arundell and .John Pliilpott of Tenterden. .5s. each. 
To Thomas son of my brother Thomas Philj)ott of Rochester 2Us. To my 
uncle Peeter Ware £5. To .John Hatch of Mayfile [MayHeld. Sussex], 
mv brother William Hatch's eldest son, certain household gooiLs [named] 
and a feather bed which was my own father's. Tlie residue of all my 
goods to the said -John Hatch, sole executor. [Signed] .John Hatche. 
Witnesses : Francis Smith, Daniell Benison, and .Job Cushman. 

My will regarding all my lands, ily messuage, buildings, and lands in 
Tenterden on the dens of Elarinden, Ealvinden, Shrubcot, Donny, and 
Preston, and my gardens and lands in Tenterden to John Hatch, son of 
my brother William, he paying ray debts, legacies, and the following 
annuities : To wdfe Dorothy £4 a year jointure and a further £20 a year 
for life. To my brother William Hatch's son Tliomas and his daughter 
Elizabeth Soane £4 a year each for lite. To .Joane Numan, sister Wyni- 
frith's daughter, 40s. a year for life. '• To Liddia Tilden wilfe of Nathaniell 
Tilden forty shillings a yeare during the tearme of her naturall litfe." To 
Anna wife of Robert Glover, my sister Ivatherine's daughter. 40s. a year 
for life. If John Hatch die l)efore the legacies be paid, my loving cousins 
John Huckstepp, William Hatch, William Donck, and .John Chittenden 
to sell my lands on the dens of Donny and .Shrubscot. and to each of them 
for their pains £10 ; after the legacies and annuities are paid, the remainder 
of the money to .John Hatch, son of my said cousin [nephew] .John Hatch. 
[Signed] John Hatch. Witnesses : Fraunces Smith, Daniell Benison. and 
Job Cushman. Record of probate unfinished. (Consistorv of Canterbury, 
vol. 49, fo. 279.) 

HucKSTEP Entries in the Parish Registers and Transcripts of 
Tenterden, co. Kent, 1544r-1634t 


1551 Edward son of Lawrence Hucsteppe 21 February [1551/2]. 

1553 John son of Lawrence Hucsteppe 15 .January [1553/4]. 

1555 Denis daughter of Lawrence Hucsteppe 10 October. 

1577 William son of Thomas Hucsteppe 26 May. 

1578 Jone daughter of Thomas Hucsteppe 16 February [1578/9]. 

1579 Margaret daughter of Edward Hucsteppe 21 June. 

1580 Alice daughter of Edward Hucsteppe 10 July. 

1580 John son of Thomas Hucsteppe 9 October. 

1581 John son of Edward Hucsteppe 18 June. 

1582 Thomas son of Edward Hucsteppe 19 November. 
1584 Jlarc}' daughter of Edward Hucstepe 9 August. 

•Rev. .Jolin Lathrop, later of Scituate and Barnstable, New England. 
+ Registers, 1544-1.593 ; transcripts, 1594-1634. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 47 

1584 Thomas son of Stephen Ilucsteppe 22 November. 

1586 John son of Stephen Ilucsteppe 22 May. 

1587 "Lidia Hucstepp Duught* of Steve Hucsteppe bapt ye 11th of 

tfe'oruary" [15b7/8].* 

1588 Susan daughter of Edward Hucsteppe 29 September. 
15n8 .lames son of .John Hucsteppe 9 ^March [1.38S/9]. 
151JU .lone (hiughter of Edward iiucstep2>e 18 October. 

1599 xsicholas and Laurence sons of Thomas Hucstepp 20 May. 
1611: ^Martha daughter of Thomas Hucstep 25 September. 

16 IG Sarali daughter of .lolin Hucstepp .Jun. 21 April. 
1616 ^Marie daughter of Thomas Hucstepp 2-i Xovendjer. 
1618 Stetihan son of .John Iluckstepp the younger 9 .July. 

1620 .John son of Thomas Iluckstep 29 October. 

1621 Thomas son of .John Iluckstep 3 April. 

1621 Walter son of Thomas Hucstep 10 Fel)ruary [1621/2]. 

162o Nathaniel son of .John Hucstep .lun. 27 April. 

16:^3 .Judith daughter of Thomas Iluckstep 26 October. 

1625 William son of John Huckstepp 10 April. 

1625 Lidia daughter of Thomas Huckstep 16 October. 

1627 Samuel sou of Thomas Huckstep 16 September. 

1627 .loseph son of John Huckstep 17 February [1627/8]. 

1629 Wiuefi-ith daughter of Thomas Huckstep 19 April. 

1600 Samuel son of Thomas Huckstep 27 February [1630/1]. 
1633 Edward son of Thomas Huckstep 21 April. 


1546 Lawrence Hooksteppe and .Tone Pope 17 August. 

1553 Thomas Hokestepp and Agnes Kerrey 19 June. 

1559 William Holneste and Jone Hucsteppe widow 10 February [1559/60]. 

1576 Thomas Hucsteppe and Martha Watts 13 .Vugust. 

1578 Edward Hucstepe and Alice Smyght 1 December. 

1584 Stephen Hucstepe and Winnifred Wills 14 February [1584/5]. 

1593 .Steven HuckstepiJ and Friscilla Kenison 13 Februai'v [1593/4]. 

15'.!6 Ib-ury Barnes and Annah Huckstepe 8 February [1596/7]. 

1611 ThouKiii Hucstepp and Mary Reeve i^ March. 

1611 Phillip IJromell u:id Joane Hucstepp 16 September. 

1614 Steph^m !luck:-tenp und Jone llaifenden 2 November. 

1 633 liob<;rt Vv'ills and Sarah Huckstepp both of Tenterdea 27 August. 

1634 Uichard Highsted and Fnmces iluckstep 14 April. 


1589 Agnes Hucsteppe wife to .John 1 3 May. 
1591 Edward Hucstepp 6 April. 

1591 John Hucstepp 24 April. 

1591 Vv'idow Hucsteppe 24 November. 

1592 Winnifreth wife of Stephen Hucsteppe 6 October. 
1595 Alice Hucstepp widow 2 August. 

1598 Jone wife of Stevin Hucsteppe October. 

1599 Marie daughter of Stephan Hucsteppe puel' [la] 31 xVugust. 
1608 Thomas Hocstepp 24 May. 

1608 The wife of John Hocstepp 25 .June. 

*She niarrifd Xatlmniel Tilden and emi;,'rated with him to New England, IG".'). 

48 The HotchJciss Famihj [Jan. 

1609 Old Mother Hucstepp 23 October. 

1612 Susiiu wii'e to Stepliec Hucstepp 23 March [1612/13]. 

1617 "William son of Nicholas Huckitep 1-1 December. 

1624 .John iiucstep sen. 25 November. 

162() Sai-:ih wife of Stephen Iiucstep 12 October. 

1G2'J SauuR-1 sou t>i Thonuis Muckstep 5 April. 

1630 .John Hucstepp 15 October. 

1633 " Stephen lluckstepp a verie Auncient man was buried the 20"' 

1633 Joaue Huckstep 2 July. 

Miscellaneous P^xtries from the Parish Registers and 
Transcripts of Tenterden, 1544-1636 


1577 .Jone daughter of Richard Willes 23 June. 

1579 Susan daughter of Richard Wylls 15 February [1579/30]. 

1582 .lohn son of Richard Wills 23 .July. 

1636 Alice daughter of Thomas Hatch and Lydia his svife 25 September. 


1576 Richard Wills and Winefred Hatch 18 June. 
1602 William Snatt aud Annah Willes 25 May. 


1582 .John son of Richard Wills 14 November. 
162'J John Hatche 31 March. 

[From the foregoing wills and entries it apppears that Steven Huckstep 
of Tenterden, who was buried 20 June 1633. married 14 Feb. 1584/5 
Winifred (Hatch) Wills, widow of Richard Wills and sister of John Hatx;h, 
the testator of 1628. Of their children John Huckstep was the testator of 
1630. and Lydia Huckstep, baptized 11 Feb. 1587/8, was married about 
1606 to Nathaniel Tilden and emigrated with him and their children to 
New England in 1635. (Register, vol. 'ab, p. 331.) John Huckstep, 
the testator of 1624, was an uncle of Lydia (Huckstep; Tilden. 

The will of John Hatch shows Puritan afliliations, and is rich in family 
historv. Doubtless some of the early Hatch emierrants to New England 
were related to him. — E. F.] 

[To be continued] 


By Donald Lixes Jacobus, M.A., of 2few Haven, Conn. 
[Continued from vol. 66, page 332] 

22. JoHN^ HoTCHKiss {John,^ John," Samuel}), born 27 .June 1694, died 
3 Feb. 1777. He was a captain, and lived at Cheshire. He mar- 
ried, 10 Mar. 1719, Miriam Wood, who was born about 1700 and 
died 10 Jan. 1765. 
Childi-en : 

1913] The Hotchhiss Family 49 

51. i. Jasox,^ b. 12 May 1719. 

ii. Sauaii, b. 13 Jiilv 1721; m. 1-1 Jane 1738 Augustus Bristol, b. 26 

Nov. 1711, d. 4 Feb. 1742. 
iii. Dorothy, b. 28 Dec. 1723; d. bef. 17.'53; m. 27 Dec. 1742 Samuel 

Bexiiam, b. 5 Jan. 1720, d. abt. 1754. 
iv. Hannah, b. 3 July 172G ; m. 28 Feb. 174.5 JosEi'n Bunnell, b. 17 

Jan. 1723. 
V. 2I1RIA.M. b. 10 Sept. 1728; m. 10 June 1747 Gideon Ccrtis. 
vi. Naomi, b. 23 Feb. 1731 ; in. 6 Nov. 1740 Samuel 
vii. Lydlv, l)apt. Feb. 1733. 
62. viii. John, b. H> Sept. 1735. 
53. ix. Eli.iaii, b. ilar. 1738. 

s. Maky, b. 5 Dec. 1740; m. 12 May 1757 Thomas Brooks. 

23. Capt. Amos'* Hotchkiss {Jolta,^ John," Samuel'^), born 27 June 1704, 

lived at Cheshire, and died 17 Jan. 1773. He married first, 25 
Feb. 1731, Elizabeth Matthews, who died 17 Sept. 1731; and 
secondly Ohedience Muxson, daughter of Samuel and Martha 
(Ferns), who was born 13 Oct. 1702. 
Children l)y .second wife : 

i. Elizabeth,* bapt. 23 Dec. 1733; m. (1) 6 May 1752 Jonathan Bris- 
tol, b. 27 Jul3' 1725. d. 17G2 ; m. (2) 1 Mar. 1769 Abner Blaxeslee. 

ii. EoBEKT, bapt. June 1736; d. Apr. 1750. 
/ 54. iii. Amos, b. 27 Mar. 1738. 

iv. Obedience, b. 7 Jan. 1740; liad son Bosioell,* b. 4 July 1765; m. 23 
Feb. 1769 Abntsr Austin. 

V. Lois, b. 2 July 1743; liad daughter Tnjal Hitchcock,^ h. 3 uly 1750, 
who m. in 1778 Samuel Anthony ; m. 14 Nov. 1765 Willia.m Jones. 

vi. Maklow, b. 20 Juue 1745 ; m. 13 Nov. 1764 Titus Lines, b. 19 Mar. 
1741, d. 1770. 

24. James* Hotchkiss {John,^ John," SamueP), born 24 Nov. 1706, lived 

at Cheshire, and died (3 Mar. 1781. He married, 23 July 1728, 
Tamar Mcnsox, daugliter of Samuel and Mary (Preston), who was 
born 5 Dec. 1707 and'died 2 Oct. 1788. 
Children ; 

i. James. ^ 

55. ii. Ben.iamin, b. 3 Mar. 1730. 

56. iii. Asa. b. 24 Nov. 1731. 

iv. KoBKiiT. b. 17 .Tune 1733. 

V. Eunice, b. 28 Mar. 1735; d. 16 Jan. 1737. 

vi. Tamar, 1). 24 Au^. 1736. 

vii. Eunice, bapt. 20 Jan. 1738; m. 15 Feb. 1758 Andrew Durand. 

viii. Waitstill, bapt. Oct. 1740; m. Eunice Bradley. ChiMren : 1. 
Asa,^ h.2S Nov. 1764. 2. Eunice, h. 25 Mar. 1768. 3. iVaitstiU, 
b. 18 May 1771 ; m. 25 May 1800 Phebe Coweli. 4. Lijdia, b. 30 
June 1775. Probably otliers. 

is. Reuben, b. 5 Feb. 1743. 

X. Lydl\, b. 11 Aug. 1745. 

xi. Lois, ra. 3 Jan. 1770 John Ites. 

25. Henry-' Hotchkiss (John,^ John," SnmueF), born 1 Apr. 1715, was 

a captain, lived at Chesliire, and died 9 June 1709. He married 
first, 23 Nov. 1736, Sarah Benham, daughter of Nathan and Sarah 
(Ikecher), who was born at West Haven about 1712 and died 19 
Nov. 1751 ; and secondly Lydia Brooks, widow, who was born 
about 1719 and tiled 7 Mar. 1793. 
Children : 

57. i. Joseph,' b. 18 Dec. 1738. 

50 The liotclililafi Family [Jan. 

ii. Hexuy, b. 2 Sept. 1730; m. 4 Jan. 1750 Esthicr Smith. Cliildren : 
1. J/'(ry, b. 20 Sept. 1700. 2. Exiiier. d. 20 Dpc. 1778. 3. Ch't.un'iej, 
b. lu Feb. 17<J.5. '4:. Ltjmnn. b. 20 Feb. K'Js : m. 20 Oct. 1700 Ulive 
Brown. 5. Amasa, b. 20 Nov. 1700. Probably others. 

iii. .Jonah, b. 20 ,Tau. 1741; d. Sept. 17-12. 

iv. Sa1!.\ii, b. .1 Feb. 1743; d. 10 Sept. 1S12; m. 2 Dec. 1762 Valentixe 
llnciicociv, 1). i:> .\pr. 1741. il. 2s Apr. liuO. 

58. V. .Jo.NAH. b. 2.'5 Oct. 1740. 

vi. Mauv, b. 1 Feb. 1747; d. 1747. 

26. Calki;^ IIotchkiss {Joshua,^ John,^ Samuel^), bom 27 July 1703, died 

•^1 Oct. 178-3. He lived at Ilamclen. lie married, vS Dec. 1728, 
Ruth Munsox. daughter of Jolin and Sarah (Cooperj, who was 
born .JO .Jan. 1708 and tlied 21 May 1785. 
Children : 

59. i. HiczKKiAH," b. 27 Sept. 1720. 
00. ii. JuHX (,twin), b. 12 Nov. 1731. 

iii. SAiiAU (twin), b. 12 Nov. 1731. 

61. iv. Joshua (twin), b. 12 Feb. 1734. 

V. Susannah (twin;, b. 12 Feb. 1734; m. 17 July 1754 Ezra Daggett. 

62. vi. Lk-MUKl. 

vii. KuTH, in. 15 Nov. 1763 Ichabod Page. 
viii. EsTUKii. 

27. Joshua^ Hotchkiss {Joshua," John? Samuel}), l)om 22 Dec. 1707, 

married, 18 Dec. 17-32, Obi;dii£XCE Cooper, daughter of Samuel 
and illizabeth (Smith), who was born 2-3 July 1712. 
Chiklren : 

i. Hannah,* b. 14 Jan. 1734. 

ii. C'HAitLKs, b. » July 1730; m. 11 Feb. 1762 Eliz-UBeth Hachis. 
iii. Timothy, b. 10 Mar. 1742. 

iv. El'nick, b. U July 1745 ; m. 5 Ausr. 1702 Jonx Davies of Litchfield. 
V. Lois, b. 10 Aug. 1740; prob. m. :;b Dec. 1772 Aauox Smith of New 

28. JosKPii^ Hotchkiss {Joseph? John,- Samner-), born o Sept. 1700, 

died -5 Sept. 1740. He lived at Guilford. He married, 1725, 
Thankful Stone, who died 14 Sept. 1751. 
C hildren : 

63. i. E/.kkikl,' b. 14 Mar. 1726. 

64. ii. Daniel, b. 2 July 1728. 

iii. liAtuEL, b. IS iiar. 1730: d. 15 Aus:. 1802: m. 1 Dec. 1748 Miles* 
HorcHiciss {Isaac? Joseph.^ Jijhn? Samuel'^), b. 11 Feb. 1728. d. 
l;i May IslO. 

iv. John, b. abt. 1732; d. 30 Oct. 1799; m. 20 Apr. 1756 Obediexce 
Stonic, who d. 2s Jlay 1707. 

V. Mary, b. abt. 1734; d. 'iS Mar. 1743. 

vi Thankful, m. 3 Sept. 1755 Elihu Stoxe of Litchfield. 

65. vii. JosFi'H, b. 22 Oct. 1736. 

viii .\Mos, b. 2 Jan. 1730; removed to Vermont. 
is. Ebf.nkzek, b. 5 Jan. 1741; d. 23 Nov. 1700. 

29. Josi All'' Hotchkiss {Josiali? John? Samuel^), born 3 Apr. 1720, lived 

at ( heshire, and married, 8 Dec. 1741, Abigail Bartholome'W. 
Children : 

66. i. JosiAH.' b. 20 Dec. 1742. 

67. ii. Bf.noxi, b. 4 Aug. 1752. 

Proljably others. 

1913] The Hotchhiss Family 51 

30. Lent* Hotchkiss (Josiah,^ John,'^ Samuel}), born 2 June 1726, died 

8 Apr. 1760. lie married. 20 Dec. 1750, Abigail Chauncet, 
Avlio married secondly Isauc Tyler. 
Children : 

i. EuTH.* b. 29 Oct. 1751 ; m. 20 Dec. 1775 "VViLLiAXi Peekixs, b. 6 Jan. 

1755. They removed to Pomfret, Vt. 
ii. AuiGAiL (twill), b. 2 Sept. 1753. 
iii. Lekt (twin), b. 2 Sept. 1753 ; d. 2 Dec. 1805 ; m. Sarah Ball, b. 19 

Oct. 17C5, d. 22 May 1803. Tliey removed to New Haveu. Besides 

several children who died young, they liad : John J3.,^ b. abt. 1703, 

d. 24 Aug. 1839. a sliipmaster of New Haven. 
iv. JIaktha, b. 2 Aug. 1757; m. 16 Nov. 1773 Elisha Jones. 

31. Caleb* Hotchkiss (Caleh,^ John,'^ Samuel}'), born 6 June 1712, died 

5 July 1779. He lived at Hamden. He married, 6 Jan. 1737, 
PiiEBE Atwater, who was born 20 Oct. 1714 and died 19 Feb. 

Children : 

68. i. Stephen," b. 4 Feb. 1738. 

li. Pheui:. b. 12 Oct. 1739; d. young. 

iii. Mehit.^bel, b. 20 Mar. 1742 ; d. 18 Mar. 1804; m. 11 Nov. 1761 Eli- 
jah* Hotchiciss of Derby (43), b. 13 May 1733, d. 2 Sept. 1806. 

69. iv. Jonah, b. 12 June 1745. 

V. Amos, b. 22 May 1750; m. 12 Sept. 1773 Rebecca Gilbert. 
vi. Asa, d. 1800. 

32. Joel* Hotchiciss (Caleh,^ John,' Samuel^), born 18 Mar. 1716, died 

in 1777. He married first, 5 ISTov. 1711, Mary Shekman, born 

19 Mar. 1719 ; and secondly Sarah . 

Children : 

70. i. Elihu,* b. 16 Aug. 1742. 

ii. Joel, b. 9 Nov. 1745; d. in 1819; m. Martha Peck. Administra- 
tion on Iiis estate was granted to Peninah and Mehitabel Hotchiciss, 
with Medad Hotchldss as surety. 

iii. Mary, b. 25 Jan. 1748 ; d. young. 

iv. Eliph.vlet, b. 14 Apr. 1750; removed to Litchfield; m. Esther 
Bkecher, bapt. 20 Aug. 1752. 

V. Elias (twiu), b. IS Mar. 1752; d. 1822; m. El'ntce Atwater, b. 

vi. Mauy (twiu), b. 18 Mar. 1752. 

vii. Rachel, b. 21 Feb. 1754. 

viii. Eldad. b. 21 Apr. 1756 ; m. Abigail Atwater, b. 1759. 

is. Meuad, b. 21 Apr. 1758; d. young. 

X. MED.AD, b. 7 Oct. 1760; d. 1828. 

si. Mehit^vbel, b. 14 July 1764. 

38. Neheiiiah* Hotchkiss (Caleb,^ Johji,"^ Samuel}), born 20 Apr. 
1719, died in 1769. He married, 8 Nov. 1739, Maky Rexford, 
daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth (Stevens), who was born about 
1720 and died 2 Aug. 1770. 
Children : 

i. Naomi,' b. 15 Mar. 1741; m. 13 Dec. 17G4 Jajies Bradley, Jr. 

ii. Amy. 

iii. Nehemiah, b. 11 Jan. 1745 ; m. 25 Jan. 1768 Rebecca Osborn. 

iv. SIauy, b. 2 Jan. 1747; m. 17 Mar. 17G8 Enoch Moulthrop. 

V. Martha, m. Jonathan Sperry of Southbury. 

vi. Arthur, d. June 1760. 


52 The Hotchlciss Family [Jan. 

34. Samuel'' Hotchkiss {Saranel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel^), born at East 

Haven 5 Jan. ITlu, died at Northiord in 1774. He mamed jIauy 


Children : 

i. M.vuY,' b. abt. 1745 ; d. 1779. 
ii. Sakaii. 
iii. Sa.mukl. 

iv. Ebexezer. b. abt. 1758 ; d. 1774. 

V. Hanxah, m. 28 Mar. 1786 Jacob Bu^-nell of Branford. b. 12 Dec. 

35. JosnuA'' floTCHKiss {Stephen.'^ Joshua} Samuel^), born 2G Aug. 

170.% ilied 29 Dec. 17^58. He lived at Cheshire. He married, 
2 Feb. 1732, Mary"" Hotcukiss, born 1 Apr. 1701, died 13 Nov. 

Children : 

71. 1. John,' b. 27 Feb. 1733. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 30 Mar. 1735; m. (1) 23 Nov. 1752 Ebenezer Bex- 

n.ui, b. 31 Oct. 1726, d. 25 Dec. 1755; m. (2) 25 Mar. 1758 Aiios 

Osborne of Waterbury. 
iii. Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1737; d. 19 June 1738. 
iv. Mary, b. 5 Juue 1739; m. 10 Jan. 1760 William "Wheelek, Jr. 

36. Dea. Gideon* Hotchkiss {Stephen,^ Joshua,- Samuel'^), bom at 

Cheshire -5 Dec. 171(5, died 3 Sept. 1807. He married first, 18 .June 
1737, Anna Brockett, who died 1 Aug. 1762 ; and secondly, 22 
Feb. 1763, Mabel Stiles. He settled at Waterbury, and his de- 
scendants are given in Anderson's History of Waterbury. 
Children by first wile : 

i.,> b. Oct. 17.38 ; d. 29 Sept. 1776 ; m. 2 Oct. 1759 CHARrtY 
Mallory, aud left issue. 

ii. Da\td, b. 5 Apr. 1740; ra. (1) 21 Nov. 1763 Abigail DorGLAS. who 
d. 5 Apr. 1775 ; m. (2) 5 July 1775 Pentnah Todd; left issue. 

iii. Abrah-\m, b. and d. 3 May 1742. 

iv. Abraham, b. 25 Mar. 1743; d. 29 Oct. 1806; m. 30 Dec. 1767 Han- 
nah Weed. 

V. Gideon, b. 31 Dec. 1744 ; d. G Jau. 1819 ; m. Mary Scott ; left issue. 

vi. HuLD.iH, b. 27 June 1747; d. 28 Mar. 1774; m. 8 Apr. 1773 Joseph 

vii. Anna, b. 22 Oct. 1749 ; m. 16 Mar. 1775 Reuben Williams. 

viii. Amos, b. 24 Nov. 1751; m. 24 Dec. 1772 Abigail Scott; left issue. 

ix. SuBJiiT, b. 2 June 1753; m. 15 June 1775 David Payne. 

X. Titus, b. 26 June 1755; m. Rachel Guernsey. 

xi. Eben. b. 13 Dec. 1757; m. 15 Peb. 1781 Mary S.njxford; left issue. 

xii. ASAHEL, b. 15 Peb. 1760; m. (1) 22 Mar. 1781 Sarah Williams, wlio 
d. 28 Mar. 1794; m. (2) 7 June 1794 Phebe Merrloi ; left issue. 

xiii. Benoni, b. aud d. 27 July 1762. 

Children by second wil'e : 

xiv. Mabel, b. 23 May 1764; d. 5 May 1797; m. Chauncey Judd. 

XV. Phebe, b. 29 Aug. 1765; d. 1789; m. Reuben Williams. 

xvi. Hannah, b. 14 Oct. 1766; d. 26 Nov. 1766. 

xvii. Stiles, b. 30 Jan. 1768; m. Polly- Horton ; had issue. 

xviii. Olive, b. 21 Nov. 1769; m. Jones. 

xix. ilELUCENT, b. 6 May 1771 ; ni. David Santord. 

XX. Amzi, b. 3 July 1774; removed to Meriden. 

37. Dea. Stei^ien'' Hotchkiss {Stephen,^ Joshua," SamiteP), born 1 Dec. 

1718, lived at Cheshire. He married first Th.ankful Cook, who 

1913] The Hotchkiss Family 53 

was born about 1718 and died 14 Sept. 1760 ; secondly, 2 Mar. 17 G 2, 
Anne (Rotce) Johnson, widow of Daniel; and thirdly, 13 Sept. 
1782, Thankful Brooks. 
Children by first wife : 

i. EsTHEK,^ b. 23 Oct. 1742 ; d. 15 Oct. 1749. 

ii. Thanki-'ul, b. 14 Mar. 1745; m. (1) 5 May 1767 Trrus Preston, b. 
29 Jan. 1744, d. 7 June 1770; m. (2) 21 Mar. 1771 Stephen Cook. 

iii. Susannah, bapt. Aug. 1747; d. 15 Oct. 1749. 

iv. Esther, b. 9 June 1750. 

V. Sus.^NNAH, b. 20 July 1752. 

vi. Stephen, b. 15 July 1754. 

vii. SAiiUEL, b. 22 Oct. 1755. 

38. Silas* Hotchkiss {Stephen,^ Joshua,"^ Samuel}), born 20 Dec. 1719, 

died in Jan. 1783. He removed to "Waterbury, He married first, 
12 May 1748, Lois (Richards) Beonson, widow of Benjamin, 

who died 7 Feb. 1776 ; and secondly Abigail , who died 

31 Aug. 1794. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Chlok,^ b. 19 Jan. 1749. 

ii. Hester, b. 2 Jan. 1751; d. 23 Feb. 1787; m. 21 Nov. 1774 Joseph 

iil. Stephen, b. 24 Aug. 1753; d. 9 Sept. 1826; m. 31 Dec. 1778 TjjiIar 

RiCHASON ; left issue, 
iv. Truman, b. 18 June 1760 ; d. May 1838. 
V. Lois, b. 21 Mar. 1763 ; d. 23 Aug. 1763. 

39. Ben.tamin* Hotchkiss {Stephen,^ Joshua,- Samuel}), born 1 Feb. 

1728, lived at Cheshire, and married, 16 Apr. 1751, Elizabeth 
Children : 

i. Abraham Barnes,* b. 21 Jan. 1752 ; d. 3 Feb. 1752. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 15 Feb. 1753. 
iii. Hannah, b. 14 June 1755. 

40. Isaac* Hotchkiss (Tsaac,^ Joshua,^ Samuel}), born about 1729, died 

in 1777. He lived at Woodbridge, and married Anna . 

Cliildren : 

i. Loranlv.,* bapt. 30 Aug. 1752. 

72. ii. Abraham. 
iii. Peter. 

73. iv. Isaac, b. abt. 1758. 


Perhaps other children. 

41. Dea. Jacob'' Hotchkiss (Isaac,^ Joshua,'^ Samuel}), bom about 1736, 

died 26 June 1825. He lived at Woodbridge, and married, 25 Jan. 
1763, 3Iabt Perkins, daughter of Thomas and Rachel (Peck), 
who was born 20 Aug. 1744. 
Children (order uncertain) : 

i. Zedekiah.* 

ii. Zaccheus. 

iii. Mary, m. Thomas. 

iv. HuLD.vH, m. Huix. 

V. KnoDA, m. "WAr.NEE. 

vi. Lucy, m. "Warner. 

vii. H.VNNAH, m. Thomas. 

54 The Hotchhiss Family [Jan. 

42. Jabez'' Hotchkiss {.Tacob,^ Joshua,- Samuel^), bom 4 Aug. 1729, 

lived at Bethany, and married Lydia Sperky, daughter of Stephen 
and Lydia (Holt). 
Children : 

74. i. Stkpuex.* b. 31 Oct. 17G1. 
ii. Mai:y, b. 3 June 17G2. 

iii. Timothy, b. 22 Jan. 176G. 

iv. Lydia, b. 1 Apr. 1768 ; d. 1773. 

V. ELii.vzEK, b. 4 June 1770. 

vi. Lydia, b. 7 June 1774. 

43. Elijah^ Hoxcniiiss (Jacob,^ Joshua," SamueP), born 13 May 1733, 

founded the second Derby branch of the family, and 'lied 2 Sept. 
1806. He married, 11 2sov. 1761, Mehitabel* Hotchkiss, 
daughter of Caleb (31), who was born 20 Mar. 1742 and died 18 
Mar. 1804. 
Children : 

75. i. Levekett,' b. 6 Oct. 1762, 
ii. Phebe, b. 2 Aug. 1764. 

iii. Elijah, b. 16 Nov. 1766. 

iv. Eliz-ujeth, b. 17 June 1769; d. 29 Aug. 1794. 

V. Meuit.vbel, b. 22 July 1772 ; d. 4 Nov. 1833. 

vi. Cy'rus, b. 16 July 1774: d. 27 Jan. 1846; m. Cathaei>'e , who 

d. 24 Feb. 1832; liad issue, 
vii. Nabby, b. 30 Au:^. 1777; m. Ezra Lewis. 
viii. BuuR, m. Maky Tojilixson. 
ix. Rebecca. 

44. Abraham^ Hotchkiss (Jacob,^ Joshua,^ SamueP-), born 9 Feb. 1742, 

lived at Humdeu, and died 8 June 1778. He married, 7 Feb. 1769, 
Phebe Acgck, who was born about 1739 and died 29 Mar. 1813. 
Children : 

i. PoLLY',^ b. 13 Nov. 1770: m. Rev. Tlllotsox Browxsox. 

ii. Ellas, b. 13 Aug. 1772; d. 7 July 1830; m. (1) Chloe Todd. b. abt. 

1778, d. 27 July 1797; m. (2) Esther Dickerjiax. b. abt. 1779, d. 

2 Nov. 1826. For descendants see Dickerman G-enealogy, p. 383. 
iii. HuLDAH, b. 22 July 1774 ; d. witliout issue. 

45. Joseph* Hotchkiss (Samuel,^ Thomas,^ SamueP) lived at Bethany, 

and married first, about 1737, Lydia Thomas, who was bom 28 
Sept. 1709 and died shortly after Feb. 1738. He married secondly, 
15 Oct. 173y, Patiexce Collixs, daughter of Joseph, who was 
born 8 Oct. 1719 and died 8 Jan, 1754. 
Children by second wife : 

76. i. Joseph.' b. 21 May 1739. 

77. ii. S.oiuel, b. 19 June 1741. 

iii. Patience, b. 22 Apr. 1743 ; m. Samuel Hn<E of Milford. 

78. iv. William, b. 9 Oct. 1744. 

V. Jonas, b. 20 Aug. 1746 : m. ilABEL . 

79. vi. Benjamin, b. 2 June 1748. 

vii. Joel, b. 19 Mar. 1752; d. 29 Jan. 1816; m. 16 Jan. 1777 Abigail 
Sperry, b. 16 May 1753, d. 15 Aug. 1837, daughter of David and 
Abigail (Perkins). They lived uear Litclifierd, and were buried 
at Northtield. They left issue. 

viii. Ezekiel, b. 5 Jan. 1754 ; m. Rebecca TnoaiAS, daughter of Gershom. 

46. David* Hotchkiss {Abrnham,^ Thomasr SamueP), born 19 Aug. 

1724, removed to Woodbury, and died 24 June 1777. He married, 

1913] The Hotchhiss Family 55 

10 Nov. 1748, Submit Hill, who died Mar. 1756. 

Children : 
i. Sibyl,* b. 29 May 1749 ; m. 1773 Suieox Taylor of "Woodbury. 
ii. DA^^D, bapt. 20 Jan. 1751. 

iii. HuLDAH, b. 16 Apr. 1752 ; m. Talk. 

ir. Eliza, b. 3 Feb. 1754:; m. (1) Jesse :Mi3-oer of Guilford; m. (2) 

80. V. RELT3EN, b. « Mar. 1756. 

47. Daniel* Hotchkiss {Daniel,'^ Daniel,- Satnuel'^), born at New- 

Haven, founded tlie fourth Cheshire branch of the famih'. He 
married Majire Cook, daughter of Capt. Ej^hraim. 
Children : 

i. DANiEL,5b. 19 Aug. 1711; d. 28 July 1827: m. 24 Aug. 1769 Sarah 

ii. Susanna, b. 2 Mar. 1746 ; m. 27 Sept. 17C9 Ephram Smith. 

iii. ErHR.Uii, b. 16 Aug. 1747; d. 1817; m. Elizabeth . 

iv. Lydia, b. 9 Mar. 1749. 

V. Esther, b. 23 Sept. 1750 ; m. Jan. 1773 Jotham Gayloed. 

vi. iViAiiRE, b. 15 July 1752 ; d. Sept. 1804 ; m. 14 Mar. 1776 Dea. Lemuel 

Hitchcock of Cheshire. IJurham, N. Y., and Windham, N. Y., 

b 20 Dec. 1749, d. 27 June 1829. 
vii. Egbert, b. 4 Apr. 1754; lived at Cheshire; m. Lucy Brooks (?). 
viii. Solomon, b. 20 June 1756; removed to Bethany; d. 20 Apr. 1849. 
ix. Eliz.abeth, b. 4 Dec. 1757: d. 29 June 1808; m". 20 Nov. 1777 Ezra 

Bristol, b. 9 Jan. 1753, d. 9 May 1819. 
s. Tirzah, b. 14 Aug. 1759: d. 6 Sept. 1786; m. Elijah Wooding of 

Bethany, b. abt. 1761, d. 7 Nov. 1825. 
si. Salmon, b. 14 Nov. 1761. 
xii. Candace, b. 14 Apr. 1763 ; m. 1 May 1783 Enos Tuttle, Jr., of New 

xiii. Rebecca, b. 5 Jan. 1765 ; m. Joel "WiLiiOT of Bristol, 
xiv. John Cook, b. 8 Sept. 1767; m. Sarah* Hotchkiss, daughter of 

John (71). 

48. Solomon* Hotchkiss {Daniel,^ Daniel,"^ Samuel'^), of Woodbridge, 

died Apr. 1763. He married, 16 Dec. 1748, Eleanor Perkins, 
daughter of Seth and Elizabeth (Munson), who was bom 3 Sept. 
172G and died 9 May 1816. 
Children : 

1. Eliz.vbeth,* b. 5 Dec. 1749 ; m. 16 Mar. 1777 Daniel Johnson of 

81. ii. Solomon, b. 20 Mar. 1752. 

82. iii. David, b. 26 Oct. 1754. 

49. Dea. Eliphalet* Hotchkiss {Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Samuel'^), born 

1 Nov. 1727, died 5 July 1803. He founded the first Derby branch 
of the family. He married, 26 Dec. 1751, Comfort Harger, 
daughter of Jabez, who was born 10 Sept. 1720 and died 11 Mar. 

Children : 

i. Susann.vh,= b. 6 Jan. 1753 ; m. 13 June 1774 Daniel Tomlinson. 

83. ii. Levi, b. 2 May 1754. 

ilL Eliphalet, b. 1 Apr. 1756 ; d. 25 Feb. 1775. 

iv. Moses, b. 28 Dec. 1757; d. 9 May 1799; m. 25 Jan. 1787 Sarah 

Bryan of Milford, wlio d. after 1»28. ChUd : 1. Sally .¥.,« b. abt. 

1790; d. 29 Apr. 1828. 
V. David, b. 30 Dec. 1759 ; d. 30 Aug. 1776. 
vi. PniLo,b. 26 Nov. 1761; d. 22 June 1787. Children: \. Philo.^ 2. 


56 Town Records of Gosporty IT. H. [Jan, 

50. Obadiah* Hotchkiss (Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Samuel'^), bom 9 Apr. 17.31, 
lived at New Haven, iind died 23 Mar. 1805. He marrie<l, 16 Nov. 
1758, Mercy Perkins, daughter of Daniel and ilartha (Elcock), 
who was born 30 Jan. 1730 and died 14 Jan. 1797. 
Children : 

84. i. Eli,' b. 18 Sept. 1758. 

ii. Lydia, b. 26 Jan. 1761; d. 2 Mar. 1793; m. 26 Sept. 1782 Jahed 

85. iii. Obadlvh, b. 4 Sept. 1762. 

iv. Silas, b. 16 Mar. 1765 ; d. 24 Sept. 1776. 

86. V. Justus, b. abt. 1772. 

[To be continued] 


Communicated by Joseph 'Weatheeheaii "WAaaEX, il.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Besides the book containing "The Records of the Chnrch of Gosport," 
which was in large part printed in the Register, vol. 66,* the town of 
Gosport, N. H., had also a book containing the records of to^\Ti-ineetLngs 
together with a variety of other entries concerning the families of Star 
Island and to some extent of other of the Isles of Shoals and their affairs. 
In 1872 nearly the whole of Star Island, including all of the land belong- 
ing to the town of Gosport, passed into other, private hands, in order that 
a large summer hotel, the Oceanic, the proposed rival of the popular Apple- 
dore House, might be erected there. The town, which was incorporated 
24 Dec. 1715, did not at once go out of existence. A kind of organization 
was preserved, some dwellers on other islands and other non-residents being 
generally taken in for that purpose, and from time to time, as late as 1876, 
a representative was elected to go to Concord and actually went. In the 
sessions of the House of Representatives in 1876 the question of excusing 
Gosport from sending a representative, which had been brought up at inter- 
vals ever since 1871, became fully ripe, and bills were introduced to repeal 
the act authorizing representation, or to take away the charter, and to annex 
the place to Rye. These passed the House 19 July, and the Senate con- 
curred therein the next day. The act was to take effect 1 Sept. 1876. 
The next year another bill was passed, which established the district of 
Gosport in the town of Rye and gave to it certain powers as to police regu- 
lations and ordinances as though it were a duly incorporated town. It was 
also provided that all the taxes of the district, other than for state and 
county purposes, should be for its exclusive use and benefit. Two years 
later, in 1879, the district of Gosport was made liable for paupers and 
other demands as though an independent township. One may reasonably 
guess that the inhabitants of Rye had a hand in this somewhat remarkable 
legislation, fearing that old and decrepit Shoalers might acquire claims on 
the town and become a burden. 

For some years the book of town records remained as a curiosity for the 
edification of the summer visitor at the hotel on Star Island. It then passed 

•Th.-\t book is now in the keeping of the New Hampshire Historical Society at 

1913] Town Records of Go sport, JST. H. 57 

into the possession of the selectmen of Rye, until, under the state law for 
the preservation of old records, it was taken to Concord and put with the 
otlier documents now in charge of the secretary of state.* 

The book has no title-page and no name, except on a strip of paper pasted 
on tlie hack, but it is proper to call it the " Town Records of Gosport," 
although it contains many other things. It is of about the same form as 
the church book, 12J by 8 inches, and has 4.38 pages. Formerly only a 
partial paging by folio numbers existed, but a few years ago all the pages 
were clearly marked, and this numbering is followed here. The book con- 
tains two kinds of paper ; it is in fact really two books bound in one, and 
some pages clearly show that they were slightly trimmed in the process. 
Down to page 110 we evidently have a portion of what in some late entries 
is called the "old book," which was begun in 1731. Some of the records 
here are beautifully written, while others show evidence of much painful 
labor with the pen and a use of the English of the monarch of the moment 
calculated to make modern reformei's of spelling blush at their moderation. 
A few of these remaining pages are much besmoked and brittle, as though 
the book had been in a tire. I am indeed informed that the Records were 
in the Atlantic House when this building and several others were destroyed 
in the great tire of May 1866. This was perhaps not the only exposure of 
the kind, for fires were not infrequent on Star Island. A part of this older 
book has been copied into the newer part of the existent book, but it is not 
possible to say how much was lost or destroyed. From page 111 on we 
have another kind of paper, bluish in color, and many of the sheets have 
the stamp of a crown over BATH in the corner. This part, I take it, 
formed at one time a separate " new " book. The earliest record on this 
kind of paper seems to be one of 1842 (p. 453), which is hardly an entry 
that would have been copied from the old book. The new paper or new 
book does not seem to have come into general use until several years later, 
and even then many entries continued to be made in the old book or part, 
possibly because it was more accessible. It will readily be seen that the 
utmost freedom was used, not only in the kind of entry, but also in the 
place where it was put. Even in the entries of the town-meetings there is 
much irregularity. This is in part due to the quite natural practice of 
writing first on the right-hand page and then on the left ; but often the 
whim of the moment took the writer of other entries to some unexpected 
place. Some of the confusion may Ije attributed to misplacement of sheets 
for rebinding. 

These Town Records are in some respects almost as remarkable for what 
they omit as for what they contain. There is no account of any meeting 
before 1731, although some must have been held, for we have elsewhere 
,i tiilusion to the selectmen of Gosport of an earlier date. It is a reasonable 

^ guess that the advent of Mr. Tucke had much influence in leading the town 

to start a regular book of records. None of these I'ecords, however, are ia 
his hand, nor does he appear actively in any of the business of the town. 
There is also no entry for 1734 and none for the years 1741-4.5, 1765, 
and 1772. For one or two of these years there may be some confusion of 
the dates, but whatever the explanation, a number of records are not 
here. The pages containing them may have been damaged, and the copy- 

*I gladly take this opportunity to acknowledge publicly the great courtesy and un- 
failing kindness shown me by the Secretary, Mr. Edward N. Pearson, and the staff oi" 
his office, particularly by Miss Sargent and Mr. "Willis, in my frequent visits to that 
office for the examination of these and other records. 

58 Town Records of Gosport, jV. H. [Jan. 

ing of such pages may not have appealed to the copyist when other parts 
of tlie book were transcribed. Records of town-meetings are also entirely 
lacking for the years 1776-1'802, unless the vague and undated entry on 
p. 87 i)elongs here. During the big gap from 1805 to 1844 it is certain 
that no meetings were held. For the year 18.50 a meeting is called, but 
there is no record of its doings. Although there is a call for a meetiu" 
which seems to belong to 185.3, there is no record of such a meetin;^ that, 
year or the next, but in the almanac of the period {New Hmnpsliire 
Register) town officers appear and the town had a representative at Concord. 
The years 1860-61 are also lacking, and there is no record of a towa- 
meeting after 1862, not even after the voluminous notice of one in 18C3. 
There is plenty of outside evidence that meetings were held after that 
time, although probably with some irregularity ; it is also possible that 
these records have been removed from the book, but the make-up of the 
book does not clearly show this. It is well known that at this time there 
was much disagreement in town affairs among the Gosportians, and manv 
contentions arose, reaching even to the point of personal conflicts. It is 
also pretty clear to those familiar with the conditions of these stormy times 
that the existence of jealousies and quarrels made the inhabitants ready to 
sell out when the chance came, despite the fact that the place was well on 
the way to prosperity. These are, however, matters with which the Records 
have no immediate connection, and we are not now concerned with the his- 
tory of Gosport save as it makes the book more clear. 

AVhat appears here is in the main a faithful copy of the original. In 
using the material it should be remembered that although in many cases 
we can tell who made the record and thus gauge its accuracy, there are 
also many items which may be viewed with a judicious skepticism. It 
should also be borne in mind that many of the families are by no means 
completely recorded. Often an entry was made when the family was new 
or small, and no account was taken of the adtlitions as they came along. 
In some entries having no evident historical or genealogical value a con- 
densation of the record has been made, but all such changes I have en- 
deavored to make quite clear. The pages of the original records have been 
indicated by numerals inclosed in brackets. 

Town Records of Gosport 

This is to Notifie The freeholders and other the inhabitants of Star Island 
alias Gosport duely Qualify'd to Vote, that they meet togather at the House 
of Cap* Robert Downes on said Star Island Monday next at nine of the 
Clock in the Forenoon to give the Reverend M' .lolin Tucke a Call to 
settle among us in the work of the Ministry and to pass a Vote what an- 
nuall Salary to give hiin, and to do any thing Else in that affair that may 
be Thought proper. Robert Downes ) 

Dated at Star Island Francis Combs ^ Select Men 

the 11'" December 1731. George CoUings ) 


At a general meeting of the Freeholders and other y® Inhabitants of Star 
Island alias Gosport duelv Qualifv"d to vote this thirteenth day of decem- 
ber ]7.'31 according to Notification given under the hands of the Select Men 
december the Eleventh 1731 — 

M'' Thomas Lambert beiuir chosen Moderator 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, JV. H. 59 

The Question being ask'd at the said meeting by the moderator whether 
it was their minds to make choice of the Reverend SF John Tooke to be 
their Minister and whether theydid chuse him to settle among them in the 
work of the Ministry in case he shoud accept .... and it pass'd in the 
affermative. — Nemine Contradicente 

It was al'so Voted, to give & allow the Reverend M"^ .John Tooke an- 
nually for his Support & maintenance one hundred and ten Poundii mony 
or bills of Credit, so long as it shall please God to continue him among us 
in the work of the Ministry. Nemine Contradicente 

It was al'so Voted that the Reverend M"' .John Tooke should have two 
thii'ds of his annual Salary allow'd and l^ay'd him annually by the Last of 
May and the other third by the last of September — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so voted to give the Reverend M"^ John Tooke fifty pounds in 
Mony by the Last of May next towards building him a House, in Case he 
chuseth to BuUd a House himself but in case he should hereafter remove 
from us he shall be oblidg'd to give us the refusal of buying the House and 
abate us fifty pounds in the price — Nemine Contradicente. 


It was al'so voted to give to the Reverend M^ .John Tooke a convenient 

place to sett his House upon & and a garden Spot. — Nemine Contradicente 

It was al'so voted that M"' Andrew Mace M'' Samuel Sanders & M' 

Thomas Lambert be a Committee to Treat with the Rev^' M'' John Tooke 

to acquaint him what is done at this meeting — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so voted that they would proceed to ordain the Rev'^ M"^ John 
Tooke some Convenient time next Spring in case he accepts of what is 
above voted — Nemine Contradicente 

Thomas Lambert Moderat" 
William Sanderson Town Clark 

At A General Meeting of the Freeholders and other y* Inhabitants of 
the Town of Gosport alias Star Island duly Qualified to Vote this Third 
day of Apriel 17o2. According to Notificat° given under the Select mens 
hands. %\J Tliom^ Lambert being chosen Moderator. 

( Jolm ]Michamere ) o i ^ f Joseph Mace ] Tyth*'' 

■< W" Michamere >- \, \ Charles Rendle J Men 

( Amb' Downes |) - "^^ j -^ym Sanderson | Town Clark 

j Tho^ Perkins [ Constab. j And^ Mace | Wood Cord. 

Province of New Hampshire. To the Constable of Gosport alias Star 
Island Greeting you are hereby Requird to Notifie the Freeholders & other 
the Inhabitants of Star Island alias Gosport duely Qualified to Vote that 
they meet at the meeting House in Gosport aforesay'd on Fryday the 28''^ 
day of April at five of the Clock in the forenoon then and there to take 
some propper measures and to Come into suitable methods for the settle- 
ment of a minister among us, to pass such Votes as shall be conducive 
thereunto and to do any other thing which may be Tho't jiropper to be done 
at say'd meeting makeing a due Return hereof to us — 

April y* 27"* 1732 John Michamere ) c i + 

William Michamere > \ , 
Ambrose Downs ) 

60 Town Records of Gosport, iV. H. [Jan. 

At a Legal meeting of the freeholders &. other Inhabitants of Star Island 
alias Gosport duely qualified to vote this twenty eighth day of april 1732 
according to Notification given under the hands of the Select Men y* 27^" 

M"^ John Michamere being chosen Moderator 

Whereas we at a General Meeting held y^ IS"" day of Dec'' Last did call 
the Rev'' M"" John Tooke to the work of the ministry among [us] & for 
his Support did offer him One hundred & Ten pounds mony a Year two 
thirds whereof to be pay'd on y^ Last of May and the other thirrl the Last 
of Septemb'' annually we do now renew that our Call and confirm that our 
offer to him and also as the Value of mon'y shall fall we will make the 
aforesay'd One hundred & Ten pounds as good as it is now & will be ready 
to Enlarge his Salary as his Circumstances shall require & our own abili- 
ties allow. Voted — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so Voted that the Rev'' M"^ John Tooke Salary should begin 
the first Day of October Last — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was allso Voted that we will give the Rev'' M"' John Tooke a Con- 
stant Contribution during his Ministry among us, the mon'y that shall be 
mark'd shall go towards his Salary and the mony that shall not be mark'd 
shall be jriven him gratis — Nemine Contradicente 

It was also voted to give the Rev™ M"" John Tooke fifty pounds towards 
his Building a House gratis. Nemine Contradicente 

It was also voted that we will give the Rev'' M' John Tooke a Convenient 
peice of Land for to sett his House & a Garden Spot where he chooses if 
to be had. Nemine Contradicente 


It was al'so Voted that we give the Rev'^ M'' John Tooke the Privilege 
of keeping one Cow on the abovesay'd Island — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so voted that the Ministers answer be Brought in to this meet- 
ing and that M"" Andrew Mace Sen'' & M"' Samuel Emmery be a Committee 
to fetch it — Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so voted that y® 26"^ day of July next be the Time for the or- 
dination of the Rev'' Mr John Tooke if the weather will Permitt for those 
Churches & ministers which shall be sent to, to come over but if the 
weather will not allow their comeing over at that time then it shall be 
Celebrated the first time they can get over. Nemine Contradicente 

It was al'so voted that the 13"^ day of July next be observ'd as a day of 
Fasting & prayer to beg Gods Blessing on the affair of Settleing a Minister 
among us. Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so voted that Cap. Rob' Downs & M' Joseph Mace with the 
Select Men be a Committe to order & provide both for the fast & ordination — 
Nemine Contradicente. 

It was al'so Voted that the charges be defray'd by a Rate. Nemine 

It was al'so Voted that M"" Thomas Lambert be Clark to Enter this days 
proceedings the Town Clark [Wm. Sanderson] being absent. Nemine 

To the Rev--" M'' John Tooke. 

The freeholders & Inhabitants of Star Island alias gosport assembled at 

the meeting House on s'' Island this 28"" day of April'wishing health — 

; 1913] Town Records of Gosport, IT. H. 61 


S"" "We at this meeting liave Voted and agreed to Sundry things which 
by the Enclos'd you'l be acquainted w"' among -which M"^ Andrew Mace 
Sen"^ & LF Samuel Emmery a 'Committe to bring your answer to this 

meeting that we may proceed farther as to what is necessary & remaining 
"^ we Beg You'l send your answer as soon as Possible being all waiting we 

remain Your most humV Ser'^ 

John Michamere ) ^ , 
Will™ Michamere J- -^^^^ 
Ambrose Downs ) 

■ . ^^^^ 
To the freeholders and Inhabitants of Star Island alias Gosport this 28"" 

day of april assembled at the Meeting House on said Island. 

Brethren It is some time since you Called me to y® work of the ministry 

among you to w''^ call by reason of many discouragements & withal the 

very heavy Stroake of Providence W^*" has befallen me among you has 

deferr'd my answer till this time, and now by the Committee sent to me 

by you I understand that you have both renew'd that Call and confirm'd 

■ former offers, & al'so hopeing that there is a prospect of doing Good among 
you, I rely'ing on the Strength of Divine Grace accept of Your call to me. 

But Brethren I must say to You as in 1 Cor. 9.. 14 so hath y** Lord or- 
dain'd that they w'^'^ preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel. The 
same I Expect amongst you. and whilst I am amongst you I desire your 

■ prayers for me. In praying for me you'l pray for Yourselves — The apostle 
says 1 Thess : 5.. 25 Brethren pray for us. And I hope that my poor 

i prayers will be to God for you I hope to say with y* Apostle Col. 1.. 9 I 

do not Cease to pray for you and to desire that ye might be filled w"^ the 
knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding 

I am Yours to serve in y* Gospel John Tooke* 

Gosport april 28* 1732 

^~ [13] 

[ To The Constable of Gosport or Star Island Greeting 

t Tou are hereby requir'd in his Maj^ name to summons the Inhabitants of 

the said Town of Gosport to Appear at the House of M' Tho' Lambert in 

said Town at 9 of the Clock in the Evening then & There to choose a 

i Proper Agent or Attorney to Represent the said Town at his Majestys 

♦From the records of the meeting of 13 Dec. 1731 and of the meetint; and letters of 
28 April 1732 it would seem that Mr. Tucke had been at Gosport for some time, possi- 
bly ever since October. In the Church Records (Kegister, vol. 66, p. 144) he enters 
j a marriage under date of 24 Jan. 1731/2 as though performed by him at that time. On 

<■ the other hand some 25 baptisms of Shoalers stand in the records of the Church of 

Eye betTveen 3 Oct. 1731 and 12 Apr. 1732, as copied by Mr. Tucke into the records of 
the Gosport church. These baptisms may have taken place on Star Island. There is 
also one Shoals marriage of 4 Oct. 1731 in the Rye record. It is not unlikely that Mr. 
Tucke had authority (as a justice of the peace ?) to marry, but none to baptize, not 
being as yet ordained. This view would explain the entry in the Bye record of the 
:. baptism of four children of the Shoals as late as 9 July 1732, only a couple of weeks 

before the ordination. The " heavy Stroake of Providence " refers, I suppose, to the 
death of a son. Dow, in his History of Hampton, notes a son Benjamin as baptized 5 
April 1731 and dying young. In Lane's Deaths in Hampton (Register, vol. 5S. p. 30) 
we read: " 1732 march 13 mr. Tucks child died at the shore," and I am tempted to 
j interpret " shore " as " Shoals." Another Benjamin was bom in 1745. 

': It may be of interest to add that the Church of Gosport met at the house of William 

i Muchemore 13 .July 1732 and chose Mr. Tucke for their minister and voted " that his 

ordination should be at the time mentioned by the Town." The record continues 

1 thus : " The C^^ Voted y' Letters be sent to ye Revd Mr Jabez Fitch of Portsmouth, 
• y« Revd Mr John Newmarch of Kittery, y« Revd M' Nat' Gookin of Hampton, y" Rev<l 
! M' John Odlin of Exeter and y« Re\<i M' Nat' Morril of Rye & to each of y C^* pray- 
i ing y Presence & Assistance aty« Ordination of y« Rev* Mr John Tucke." 

62 Town Becords of Gosport, iV. H. [Jan. 

Court of Quarter Sessions now setting at Portsmouth then and there to 
answer to a suit Brought against the Inhabitants of this Town by James 
Pitman of Portsm°* 

Dated this o"' DecemV 1732 Ambrose Downs '\ o . 

Jn° Michamere > ',' 
W" Michamere ) ^^^^"^ 
M"" John Michamere being Chosen Moderator 

At a Legall Town Meeting warn'd this 5"" December 1732 for the Choice 
of an Agent to answer to y® Complaint of James Pitman, The Inhabitants 
mett according to notyfycation & then & there made Choice of M'' Thomas 
Lambert thereby giving him full power to answer to the said action or 
Complaint & to Employ one or more Attorneys under him as attest 

P "W" Sanderson T. Clerk 
Vera Copia "W™ Sanderson T Clerk 

This is to Give Notice to y^ freeholders & Dwellers on Star Island that 
they are hereby Requir'd to meet hear the first Lewardf Day after the 
date hereof it being On peter punters acco' by order of the Select Men 
Jan? y« 13*^ 1732/3 John Michamere ) q i . 

W" Michamere )- ^^^^ 
Ambrose Downe ) 
Province of Newhampshire. 

To The Constable of Gosport alias Star Island greeting you are hereby 
Requir'd to notifie the Inhabitants of Star Island alias Gosport dutly Qualy- 
fied to Vote that they meet at the Meeting House in Gosport afore say'd on 
Saturday y« 27"^ January 1732+ at Eleven of the Clock in the forenoon to 
pass such votes as may be tho't propper to be done at say'd meeting on the 
acco' of Peter Punter makeing due Return hereof to us 

Jany 27'" 1732/3 John ilichamere"^ g^^^^^ 

W™ Michamere > , , 
Ambrose Down ) 

[Between this and the following entry is a memorandum by T. Perkins 
the constable that he has warned the inhabitants as directed.] 

At a legal meeting of y® Inhabitants of this Town of Gosport alias Star 
Island in the province of newhampshire according to notyfycation given 
under the Select mens hands y« 13"^ Inst this 27"' Dayof JanS" 1732/3 
M'' John Michamere being Chosen Moderator 

♦James Pitman of Portsmouth, butcher, had applied to the court sitting at Dover 
Sept. 1732 that the town of Gosport be summoned to pay charges for the care of Peter 
Punter, lisherman, for whom Pitman had cared many months. The town was said to 
be responsible for his care. It appears that news of an impending trial liad just ar- 
rived, and this caused the selectmen to send out a notice of a meeting at this unusual 
hour. Peter Punter had fished for different persons on various islands, and his habita- 
tion was a matter of dispute. It is not evident that he was already dead. 

+ To fishermen on a small triangular island, some miles out at sea. a " leeward day " 
might be either a day so calm that the boats could not go out at all or a day with a 
wind altogether unfavorable to the fishing of the season. None of the dictionaries 
has a meaning of leeward that seems to fit here. Murray gives " calmness, peace, 
tranquillity " as rather unusual meanings of " lee," but has no corresponding mean- 
ings of" leeward." The same words also occur in the Records of the Churchof Gos- 
port nearly fourteen years later, on 19 Dec. 1746. There, at the end of a church meet- 
ing \yhcre tlio condition of the communitv was a matter of verv serious and prolonged 
consideration, Mr. Tuckc makes this entry : " The C^ by a Vote adjourn y^ G^ 
Meets to 1)6 Held at ye Pastors House in a very Short Time on a Leeward Day." 

X A pen mark of erasure is drawn through these figures. 


1913] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 63 

Whereas James Pitman of Portsmouth at his Majestys Court of Quarter 
Sessions held at Portsmouth y^ o*"^ Dec'' Last obtained Judgement against 
y^ Inhabitants of this Town of.Gosport in the — \_ faded'] of peter punter 
(Lately Dead) from w'^'^ Judgement we appeal d to the next Superiour 
Court — 

Yoted that we will proceed in the prosecution [15] of that our Appeal — 
iNemine Coutradicente 

[To be continued] 


Copied bj' Joel 2T. Emo, A.M., of Hartford, Conn. 
[Continued from vol. 66, page 42] 


WiLLiNGTOX Hill Old Cejietekt 

DoUy C. Alden, daughter of the Rev. Abishai Alden & Elizabeth his wife 

who departed this life .Jan. 29th, 1796. j£.. 11 months & 7 days. 
George W. Aldrich died Oct. 17, 1893. Aged 86 yrs. 
Helen Preston, wife of Walter B. Allen & only dau. of Theron & Helen 
M. Brown died Au^. 17, 1895. Aged '29 y'rs. W. B. A. 1891- 
1892. D. P. A. 1894-1895, (Children) 
Charles H. Ames, 1st Conn. Cav. Co. L. killed in battle at Reams Station, 
June 20, 1862, aged 52. 

Caroline, his wife died March 19, 1868, aged 56. 
Eleazer Baker died Dec. 3, 1818. M. 84. 

Hannah, wife of Mr. Eleazer Baker died May 9, 1816. ^. 49. 
Ira died May 12, 1819. ^. 31 
j Maria died iMay 5, 1816 ^. 6 yrs. 

.f Son oc daughter of Mr. Eleazer & Mrs. Hannah Baker. 

' Children of Peter oi: Eliza Barrett. 

Mary M. born Aug. 20, Ib48, died April 3, 1858. 
Francis E. born 2vov. 30, 1851, died May 3, 1858. 
' Al'Dert L. born Sept. 20, 1857, died March 16, 1858. 

Peter Barrett born Aug. 'I'l, 1813- Died May 8, 1868. 
Francis C. Barrows died Feb. 3, 1887. Aged 54. Private, Co. I. 20 
Regt. Conn. Vol. 
' Olive E. daughter of Roberson & Mary Beebe who died Sept. 12, 1824 

aged 1 year. 
Ebenezer Eicknal died March 14, 1836. Aged 79. 
Eleanor, wife of Ebenezer Bicknal died Aug. 31, 1834. Aged 80. 
Eunice Bicknell, wife of Horace Bicknell died March 3, 1866. Aged 77 
yrs. 5 mos. 
'^ Horace Bicknell died July 2, 1855 aged 65. 

> Elisha Brio-ham died July 17, 1840. Aged 58. 

Mrs. MarfBrigham Died Oct. 22, 1845. ^E. 95. 
' IMrs. Sophronia M. wife of Spafford Brigham died Jlay 14, 1843. ^. 46. 

Bennet Albert, only son of Theron & Helen Preston Brown drowned 
Aug. 25, 1873 at the age of 12 yrs. 11 mo. 
' Mrs. Eunice, wife of Mr. Joseph Brown of precious memory, who died 

1 March 29th, 1798, in ye 85th year of her age. 


64 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [Jan. 

Helen Preston, -uife of Tlieron Brown died Aug. 10, 1910. Aged 71 jrs. 
Mr. Joseph Brown who died in hope of a better life July 30th, 1800 in 

ye «4th year of his age. 
Samuel Brown, he Departed this life . . . Sept. 2d, 1777 in ye 31st year 

of his age. 
Clarence, son of L. H. & C M. Buckland died Sept. 12, 1851, aged 1 
year, 'J months 21 days. 

Arthur Henrv died April 22, 1859. M. 19 mo. 7 d's. 
Charles Lee died Nov. 10, 1858. ^E. 2 y's 11 mo. & 4 d's. 
David Buttington died June 2, 1849, aged 51. 

Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin F. Burgess who died May 12, 183.3, aged 21. 
Alatheia C. wife of Caleb H. Burnham & only daughter of Dr. Chester 

Carpenter died July '>, 1845. Aged 27. 
Caleb H. Burnham died Oct. 7th, 1868. Aged 50 years. 
Chester Burnham tiled Occ. 25, 1857, aged (39. 

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph Burnham died April 13, 1828. JE. 74. 
George W. son of Chester & Mary Burnham died Aug. 31, 1853. Aged 

21 years. 
Joseph Burnham who died March 14, 1837. Aged 85. 
Lucius S. son of Capt. Alba & Mrs. Sally Burnham died March 8, 1819. 

^E. 7 yrs. 
Mary E. daughter of C. H. & E. J. Burnham died Sept. 28, 1855. .£. 

13 mo's. 
Mary, wife of Chester Burnham died Feb. 25, 1851. JE. GO. 
Dinah, wife of Darius Calkins, died Nov. 11, 1855, aged 80. 
Dunham H. Calkins died Dec. 15, 1881. Aged 70. 
Emilie C. Calkins died Sept. 25, 1909. Aged 63. 
James Calkins died Feb. 23, 1858. ^. 40. 
"Waity M. wife of Lester Carew died Jan. 22, 1868. Aged 56 y'rs 8 mo's 

2 days. 
Mrs. Charity Carpenter, wife of Mr. Abiel Carpenter who died Deer 30th, 

1774 in ye 46th year of her Age. 
Chester Carpenter, M.D. died April 3, 1868. Aged 87 Tears & 9 mo's. 

Chloe Holt, his wife died Oct. 24, 1819. Aged 31 Years. 
Julia Caroline, daughter of Elijah H. & Maria S. Carpenter died Sept. 

27, 1855. ^. 1 y'r 6 mo's. 
Philander Isaiah, son of Elijah H. & Maria S. Carpenter, died May 8, 

1852, aged 3 y'rs &, 8 mo's. 
Mrs. Lucy Case, wife of Capt. "William Case died .Jan. 10, 1811. -^. 96. 
Thomas A. son of Lemuel & Ruth M. Childs died Sept. 25, 1831. ^E. 4. 

Also an infant daughter of ilr. & Mrs. Childs died Jan. 28, 1837. 
Abner Church died April 22, 1872. Aged 66. 
Ann C. daughter of Abner & Sally Church died March 26, 1850, aged 15 

Sarah, i-vife of Abner Church died Dec. 22, 1879. Aged 68. 
David Clark died June 6, 1854 aged 67. 
George T. Clark died Jan. 26, 1864. ^E. 26. 
Jane Lyon, wife of David Clark died Maj' 12° 1875. Aged 75. 
Louisa L. wife of Daniel W. Clark died May 6, 1853. Aged 20. 
William L. son of David & Jane Clark died Dec. 15, 1849. Aged 18 years 

& 4 months. 
Edwin D. Clark died June 28, 1893. Aged 54. 
Moses Clcaveland died May 10, 1856. ^. 73. 

1913] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 65 

Sally V. daughter of Mr. Moses & Mrs. Molly Cleaveland died Not. 20, 

1819. iE. 6 yrs. 

Also Zelura A. died May 7, 1822. M. 5 weeks. 
Alpheus, son of Mr. Zebulon Crocker & Mrs. Sarah Crocker, who died 

May 23, 1778 in ye (illegible) 
Miss Anna Crocker died June 11, 1816. JE. 67. 

Anne, dauo-hter of Cupt. .Joseph & Mrs. Susanna Crocker died of the dysen- 
tery Sept. 17, 1809. Aged 2 years 9 months & 21 days. 
Candace Crocker died Jan. 11, 1849. ^. 63. 
Mrs. Anna, wife of Capt. Joseph Crocker who died April 19, 1797 in the 

7oth year of her age. 
Benjamin, son of Seth Crocker, Esqr. and Mrs. Mary his wife who died 

July 8th, 1788 in ye 5th year of his Age. 
. . . Mr. Ebenezer Crocker who died Augst 22d, 1786 in ye 62d year of 

his Age. 
Eleazar, son to Capt. .Joseph Crocker & Anna his wife ; he Departed this 

life July 4th, 1752 in ye 7th year of his age. 
Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Crocker died Sept. 14, 1818. JE. 90. 
Mr. Joseph Crocker : he departed this life Dec. the 6th, A.D. 1809 in the 

34th year of his age. 
Capt. .Joseph Crocker who departed this life March 2d, 1802 in the 82d 

year of his age. 
Joseph, son of Capt. Joseph & Mrs. Susanna Crocker who died of the dysen- 
tery Sept. 15, 1809. Aged 13 months & 26 days. 
Sarah, wife of Zebulon Crocker died June 2, 1855 aged 97. 
Zebulon Crocker, Esq. died Jan. 17, 1826. ^. 68. 
Harvey Curtis died Aug. 3, 1846. Aged 28. 
Henrv, son of Alfred & Emma Curtis died June 11, 1835, aged 8 weeks 

& 1 day. 
Martha Aurelia, wife of Selden Curtis March 14, 1822.-Sept. 21, 1892. 
Mary Elizabeth, wife of Selden Curtiss Died at "Westford Oct. 21, 1852. 

Aged 32 Y'rs. 
Mary, wife of William Curtis died . . . 1861. Aged 88. 
Sanford, son of Capt. AYilliam and Mrs. Mary Curtis died May 9th, A.D. 

1807, aged 6 years &i 6 mos. 
Sarah Curtis died Sept. 29, 1874. A^ed 69. 
Selden Curtis. Dec. 1, l8I5-Feb. 18, 1902. 
William Curtis died Nov. 3, 1860. Aged SC>. 
Wilion W. Curtis died Aug. 10, 1890. Aged 77. 

Sally, his wife died Feb. 13, 1887. Aged 74. 
Abigail Cushman, wife of Eleazar Cushman who died Novemr 15 1804 in 

the 79th year of her age. 
Eleazar Cushman who died March 9th, 1777 in ye 77th year of his Age. 
Xeziah, wife of Thomas Cushman who died April 19, 1825 aged 60 years. 
Lydia, wife of Thomas Cushman died Feb. 9, 1849. Aged 69. 
Thomas Cushman who died March 4, 1835. Aged 73. 
Jerusha, wife of John Darrow who died April 3, 1829. Aged 46. 
Marcus Darrow wlio died Dec. 15, 1833. Aged 22. 
Mrs. Orenda Davison died Jan. 1, 1864, aged 70 yrs. 11 mo. & 22 days. 
Amelia, wife of James Dawley died Nov. 11, 1887. Aged 85. 
George B. son of George S. & Sarah M. Dawley died Jan. 13, 1844, aged 

2 mos. 

[To be continued] 

66 Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton [Jan. 


By Victor Channixg Sanborn, Ksq., of Kenihvorth, 111. 

A SL'iti'KisiNG fact about the early settlers of New England is tliat 50 
few records were kept of their English homes and ancestry. Where no 
identifying record has survived three centuries of time, a connection can 
often be traced through neighbors and friends in the first twenty years of 
sojourn here. But sometimes an early immigrant cannot thus be linked 
with a group. Then, unless the family name be uncommon, the search 
for English ancestry is blind indeed. 

The name of Levet is not uncommon, and there is some doubt whether 
a connection exists between Thomas Levet of P^xeter and Hampton and 
any group of early New England settlers. Thomas Levet was born in 
1616, as appears from his death record and from a deposition of his, made 
in 1676 in the case of Drake v. Colcord (Mass. Ct. Assts., File No. 1566). 
He Avas thus born in the same year as William W'entworth, Christopher 
Lawson. and Edward Risliworth. He is first found among the signers of 
John Wheelwright's Exeter Combination of 1639, where his name ap- 
pears between those of James Wall and Edmund Littletield. For we must 
re^retfuUv abandon belief in the Wheel wri<rht Deed of 1621), where the 
name of " Thomas Levitt " appears as a grantee, with Wheelwright, Au- 
jnistiu Storre his brother-in-law, Thomas Wiifht. and William Went worth. 
This fraudulent deed was brought forward in 1707 to support the anti- 
Masonian claims, but its only genealogical use is to connect the grantees, 
between whom a relationship was doubtless at that early date known to 

In tracing the English ancestry of our Thomas Levet, three clues pre- 
sent themselves: (1) The tradition connecting him with Wheelwright, the 
Hutchinsons, and Wentworth. (Wentworth Genealogy, vol. 1, p. 76.) 
(2) What is known of other early Levets in New England. (3) The affi- 
davit of Abraham and Nathaniel Drake in 1691. that Colchester, co. Es- 
sex, was the English home of Levet's wife and, perhaps, of Levet himself. 
(Register, vol. 21, p. 316.) 

The Wueelwright-Hutchinson tradition points to Lincolnshire, since that 
county furnished the entire Wheelwright connection. Lincolnshire is sin- 
gularly lacking in Levets, though a few references to the name are found. 
The will of .John Hutchinson in 1644 mentions his "sister Le%"itt," and 
Ralph Levet was a witness (Register, vol. 20, pp. 362-363). This led 
Col. Chester and Hon. John Wentworth to believe that our Thomas was 
a son of this Ralph Levet. But Canon Maddison found in the Bilsby tran- 
script the marriage of " Ralfe Levit and Anne Hutchinson " on 25 Jan. 
1631/2. Doubtless this Ralph Levet was rector of Grainsby, Lincoln- 
shire, in 1G3.T, and belonged to the Melton line, as we shall see. He was 
the fatlier of Francis Levet, rector of Little Carlton, mentioned in the 
next paragraph. But he could hardly have been the tither of our Thomas 
Levet, w'lio was born in 1616. 

In Sulfoik Deeds, book 10, fo. 215, is a deed from .John Wheelwi'ight, 
22 Oct. 1677. conveying to Richard Crisjie all his messuage in Maw- 
thorp, i)arish of Willoughby, Lmcs, and lands in Burnethorpe and Hog- 

1913] Thomas Level of Exeter and Hamilton 67 

strope, which were in the teuure of John Banister, and were purchased of 
Francis Levet, gent., of North Willing! lam. Lines. This seemed a distinct 
clue, but the registers of North, Williughaoi contain no Levet entries. 
Francis Levet, undoubtedly the son of Kaijjh of Grainsby, was rector of 
Little Carlton. Lines, from 1662 to 1711. This was a Hutchinson and 
Thorndike parish. (Register, vol. 51, pp. 120 et seq.) The transcripts 
of Great and LictiL- C'arjton have been searched, and from 1G62 to 1710 
those for Little Carlton are signed "Fran: Levet, rector." They show 
that "Francis Levett, Gierke, and Elizabeth Marris " were married 10 
Dec. 1662. Their children were: 

i. ELiZAijiixn, bapt. at Great Carlton 15 Dec. 1GG3. 

ii. An:si:, bapt. at Little Carlton 11 Aug. 1G67. 

iii. E.vii'H, bapt. at Little Carlton IS Feb. IGGO; bur. 10 May 1074. 

iv. Mary, bapt. at Little Carlton 9 Mar. 1670/1 ; m. at Great Carlton 22 

Feb. 16'J3/-t Richard Ogle. 

V. Thojias, bapt. at Little Carlton 1 May 1673; bur. 5 May 1673. 

vi. Richard, bapt. at Little Carlton li Feb. 1673/4; bur. 16 Feb. 1G73/4' 

On IS Feb. 1673/1 Elizabeth, wife of Francis Levet, was buried; and 
3 July 1711 •' Mr. Francis Levett, Reef," was buried. The will of Fran- 
cis Levet is filed at Lincoln (vol. for 1711, fo. 60), and in it he leaves be- 
quests to his three sons-in-law, ilichael Johnson, "William Eldinor, and 
John Harrison, and to his .Johnson and Eldinor grandchildren. The will is 
sealed with the arms of the Melton Levetts. 

A few scattered notes exist of other Lincolnshire Levets. The will of 
Robert Levitt of Lincoln in 156.5 gives nothing of value, unless the be- 
quest to Isabella Symkinson connects this Levitt with the Doncaster Simp- 
kinsons. James Levit was ordained deacon by Thomas Cooper, Bishop of 
Lincoln, in 158.3. At Foston and Allington in southern Lincolnshire was 
a family of Lovetts, which can be traced for a generation or two, but this 
gives no apparent clue. 

WUliam Wentwortli of Exeter came from Lincolnshire, but was de- 
scended from the Yorkshire line. Near their ancestral home lived a York- 
sliire family of Levetts. belonging to the lesser landed gentry, seated at 
Normanton for some generations, and acquiring in the fifteenth century a 
fair est;ue, thongli nut tlie manor, at High Melton. These Norm.anton 
and ^Iclton Levetts intermarried with the Wentworths. Their pedi^'ree* 
appeared in the Visitation of Yorkshire of 1612, and is printed in Hunter's 
Dt-auery of Doncaster. It has been amplified by a descendant, Mr ililner- 
Gibson-Cullum, in 3 Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, vol. l,t and is in 
part as follows : 

* It would seem possible to construct a peiligree of the >rormantoii and Melton Le- 
vetts extending two centuries farther liack than the pedigree printed liereiu. Thus 
we find in 1249 a Hamond de Lyvet. In 1272-1307 lived a Nicholas de Lyvet, wlio 
held from John de Vesci the manor of Hooton, later Hooton-Levet, as well as fees in 
Wickersley and Pickburn; he is mentioned in Kirkby's Quest. In 1327 wo tiud a 
William Levet of Hooton-Levet, who married Constantia, daughter of Roger de Wick- 
ersley and granddaughter of Richard fitz Turgis, who with .rolni de Busli founded the 
Cistercian Abbey of Roche. In 1377 John Levet, son and heir of William Levet. sold 
to Richard Barry ol' London all hi* ancestral rights in Roche Abbey. In 1392 lived 
William Levet of Tylse, who was a feotice of Thomas de Barley. In 1120 William Le- 
vet and Elizal)etli his wife lived in Hooton-Levet. These Levets sold Hooton-Levet 
to the Clitfords, and perhaps removed to Xorraanton, where we lind a William Levet 
who was admitted in 1447 to be a tenant of the prior of St. John of Jerusalem. He it 
is who lieads the pedigree of the !N'ormanton and Melton Levetts. 

tMany recor<ls also of this family, including (in a somewhat different form) some, 
but not all, of tlic abstracts given below on pp. o9-70, have been communicated to the 
same volume bj- ^Ir. Milner-Gibsou-Cullum. 


Thomas Level of Exeter and. Hampto'ii 


Arms. — Sable, a fess battled on both sides between three leopards' beads erased argect. 
"William Le^-ett of Normanton, 1477 = 

■Wti-liam Levett 

of Xorjiiautou, U^^u, and 

of Melton, jure itxoris, 1188 

Elizabeth, dan. and 

coheir of \.iij\n:vt 

Svward of !Mt;lton 

Robert ELiz.vBF.Tn. m. 
Thomas Gargrave, 
father of "Sir 

William Levett = Anne. dau. of 
of Xormanton and !Melton j John Bamby 

"William Levett 

of Xormanton and ilelton, b. abt. 1500 : 

d. 1576 ; bur. at Sprotborough 

= Elizabeth, dau. and coheir 
of William Wentworth 
of Sprotborough 

27ICHOLAS Levett = Anne, dau. of 

of Normanton and Melton, b. abt. 1520 ; \ Ralph Westby 

d. 1598 ; bur. at Rotherham | of Rareniield 

Ralph Levett = Elizabeth, dau. of A^-n'e, 

of Xormanton and Melton, , George TTest of m. Francis 

b. abt. 1545; d. 1581; Barnborough and Hallom 


bur. at Melton 


Thomas Levett = Elizabeth, dau. 

of Melton, 

bapt. 1572; d. 

1623 ; bur. at 


of Robert 

Miriin of 



William, bapt. 1574 ; 

m. Elizabeth ("Vickars 

or Wray) Sheppard ; 

d. s.p. 1G3S ; 

lived at Bentlev 

Robert, bapt. 1576 ;= Frances, dau. of 

1 1 1 
Catherln-e, bapt. 1573; 

d. 1655 ; bur. at 

John Naljou 

m. Wm. Strelley 


of Snydale 

Gertrude, b. 1580 ; 



d. 15S5 

a quo the Levetts 

and Hansons of 

Elizabeth, m. 


John Morley 


s Levett = Margaret,* Ralph, = 

= Anne. dau. of 

of Tixover, Rutland, | dau. of John bapt. 1600, 

Ed-ward Hutchinson 

bapt. 1594 ! Lindler of Rector of 

of Alf ord 

1 Leathle 


y Graiasby 


Levet, = 

Rector of Li 

ttle Carlton 


John, =Mary, dau. and 



Thomas Levet of 
Exeter and Hampton 

coheir of 


Mote of 



b. abt. 1611; 

d.- 1672 ; 

Vicar of 


Jane, b. 1607; m. 

Andrew Goodhand 

of Lincolnshire ; 

d. 1627 

• This match is given by Brooke and Hunter; but I think that the husband of Mar- 
garet Lindley was really Thomas Levett of Sussex, who died at East Betchworth, Sur- 
rey, in 1016, leaving a will (P. C. C, Cope, 118) and a widow Margaret, sole executrix. 

1913] Thomas Level of Exeter and Ham.pton 69 

The last Le%'etts living at Melton were the children of the Thomas Lev- 
ett who died in 1623. An uijstract of his will follows, together with the 
answer of his son John to a Chancery bill, showing what became of the 
Melton lauds. 

The Will of Thomas Le^T-tt of High Melton, aent., 7 October 1022. I give 
to my wife VA\7A\\)bth £-iO, o\'t'r and a'uox'e her portion (;f my goods. To Thomas 
Levett m^' sun and heir apparent all glass and seeling in or a!)out my hoi'.se at 
Melton. To llalj)ii Levitt my second sou £21). to be paid within one mouth after 
he shall comnieuee ^Nlaister of Arts in one of the Universities of Cambridge or 
Oxford. .Vud whereas I have a spetiall desire to liave my two younger sous, 
John Levett and I'oter Levett. to be educated aud brought up at tlieir I)ooks, 
whereby they be furnished with knowledge aud learning to become protitable 
members in God's Church or the commonwealth of this land; I do hereb}' pray 
and desire my said wife, my eldest son Thoina.s, and my second son llalfe to be 
aiding and assisting to the said John aud Peter therein. And therefore, rather 
to allure them to tlieir books and to assist them in their studie, I do bequeath 
to the said John Levett £20. to be paid to him w'^'in one month after iie shall 
take the degree of Maister of Arts in Cambridge or Oxford. [Same !jeque.->t to 
Peter Levett.] To my daughter „'.aiue Levett £40, over and besides her portion. 
The bequests to my three youuger sons to be raised out of lands in Cadeby pur- 
chased of llichard Waterhouse. If this devise be insurticieut in law, then I do 
require my eldest son to consider how cliargeable Ids own education hath been 
to me and how much to the hindrance of his younger brethren's preferment, and 
therefore I do pray him to give way to this devise. My v.-ife to be executrix. 
My bretliren Robert Mirtln of Thurcroft and William Levett of Beutley to be 
supravisors. To my good friend Henry Saxton,* clerke, 10s., in thankful re- 
membrance of God's blessing i)y him as a secondary cause in the indoctrinatiug 
of my chUdren. Proved 1 May 1G23. (York WiUs, vol. 37, fo. 234.) 

Whitakee u. PiTzwiLLiAiis, Levett et al., bill dated 26 October 1653 : Tliomas 
"Whitaker, exr. will of John Whitaker, late of Meltou-on-the-Hill, complams 
that John Levett, Dr. of Lawes, being seized of a capital messuage there, did 
on May 10, 1638, lease the same to the said John Whitaker for 21 years at £61 
pr. ann. The said John Whitakers did continue tenant and much improved sd. 
farme and continued to pay his rent until he understood that the said Dr. Levett 
had conveyed the reversion thereof to Richard Berry, Dr. in Phisicke, since 
deed., after W^i^ time lie did with the consent of Dr. Levett pay the rent to Dr. 
Berry. Sd. John Whitakers made his will and appointed your orator and Jolm 
Whitacers his sou exrs. and demised to your orator sd. farme and your orator 
pd. rent to Dr. Berry. Dr. Berry, dying about June, 1651. demised sd. farme 
to John Fountaine. Esq" t and since then your orator has pd. rent to sd. Poun- 
taine, saving that sometimes by consent of Dr. Levett, Dr. Berry, and Fountaine 
your orator aud his father pd. to Thomas FitZAvilliaras of Doncaster £16 pr. 
ann., the interest on £200. lent on some small pt. of the farme l)y sd. Fitzwil- 
liams. And after tlie death of his sd. father, your orator being an illiterate 
person brought up only to husbandry, the sd. Fitzwilliams. being an attorney 
and often Under Sheriif for the County of York, repaired to your orator aud re- 
quired him to seale some writings, whicli he said were only to secure the pay- 
ment of sd. interest ; but now he preteudeth they are l)onds wh. he threatens to 
put in suit. The sd. FitzwUliams did combine with the said Dr. Levett (who 
married Mary, one of the daughters aud coheires of Emmanuel Mote deed.) 
and with Anne and Dorothy Mote, two other daughters of sd. Emmanuel ;Mote, 
so that Feb. 13, 1i;.j1, a bill was drawn by which the said Anne and Dorothy 
Mote clainied tliat the sd. Emmanuel Mote was seized in fee of the manor of 
Melton and of this farme ; and upon the marriage of the sd. Mary to Dr. Levett, 
and his agreement to pay £500 to sd. Anne and Dorothy, the premises were set- 
tled on the sd. Dr. Levett ; but the sd. Anne and Dorothy lately discovered that 
on July 30. 1635, their father conveyed the premises to sd. Fitzwilliams for £200. 
Prays writ of subpoena commanding def ts. to appear and set forth the truth, etc. 

•Henry .Saxton was vicar of Conisbrough from 1615 to 1665 and is buried in Conis- 
brougli ciiuruh. 

fjohn Foimtayne of ^.lelton married Elizabetli, daughter of Major John !Monkton 
and a t^rand-iiiece of Dr. llichard Berrv. 

70 Thomas Level of Exeter and Hampton [Jan. 

Answer of Jobn Levet. Br. of Lawes, one of the defendants, February 
IQoo/^: Deiendant ditl at tne time meutionod in the Bill believe that he was 
seized of the capital mes.iuai^e and lands e::pressed iu the Bill as in fee; for he 
did not know that Mr. Eininanuel ilote had mti^d. any part of tliem to the de- 
fendant Mr. Thomas Fitzwilliaius : and deft, believeth that John \Vhittakers, 
conipts.' fatiier, was privy to the niorti^age. The deft, leased said lands, etc., 
to tiie said Jcjhn "Wliittakers, who continued as such tenant until such tune as 
Doctor iierriu irot his interest iu it. The deit. upon trn-r and airrecraout with, 
the said Dr. Berrie (then a s^reat professor of his love to the Levets for ilr. 
Thomas Levet's salce, to whom he did acknowlcdire him.^elf behoulden for the 
greater part of his fortunes) did make a conveyance of his manors and lands in 
Sleltou (a part being the said messuage and lands) with otlier lands iu Cadeby, 
AVildethorpe, and Bentley, unto the said Dr. lierrie for the securinir of what 
money he had lent the deft, or his brother Thomas Levet. wliich loans were 
about £3300. And for the purchase of the said lands (in :Melton only; deft, 
had £10,000 protl'ered him by .Uthur Ingram the elder, as also by Sir Joan Mel- 
ton, and indeed liad sold them to the latter, but afterwards I^ecause he could 
not get his moneys in the sd. Sir Jolm desisted from perfecting the purchase. 
After, the said Dr. Berry (contrary to the trust reposed iu him; enrolled the 
conveyance and endeavored to eject deft., etc., and John Fouutayne iia^ ejected 
the Deft. (Chancery Proceedings, 1649-1714, Bundle 1', Bridge's.) 

Thomas Levett, the eldest son and heir of Melton, matriculated at Lin- 
coln College, Oxford, in 1610. and proceeded B.A. 1612/18. In 1621 he 
was entered as a barrister at Lincoln's lun, and he was still of Lincoln's 
Inn in 1626. According to Foster's Alumni Oxunienses he was B.C.L. 
of Orleans University, 1626. 

The Calendars of State Papers (Domestic), James I, vol. 11, p. 438, 
contain an interesting letter from ^Matthew Dodsworth to Dr. 3Iore, dated 
3 Jan. 1624/5. Matthew Dodsworth was chancellor to the Puritan Arch- 
bishop Toby Mathew of York, and was father of Roger Dodsworth the 
antiipiary. Perhaps Dr. More was Robert 3Iore, Pmntan vicar of Guislev, 
wliose daughter married Capt. Cliristoiihcr Levect. Tlie letter states that 
Dodsworth is v/illing to accede to Dr. Mere's wish " tliat Thomas Levett, 
student of Civil Law, may share his patent as Judge of the -Xdmiralty in 
the Northern Counties, being an able and honest man. It is said that the 
ofSces of Chancellor and Commissiuy of the Archbishop of York are now 
for the Tyme disposed of, but they say they are settled in trust for Mr. 
Levett. as they lately were for .Sir Tobie Mathew " [the Archbisiiop's son]. 
Before 1633 Thomas Levett had moved to Tixover, co. Rutland, a small 
hamlet in the smallest county of Eughxnu. Here, on 21 May 1633, he 
sued Richard Bullingham of Ketton (Chancery Proceedings, Scries 2, 
Bundle 408, Xo. 05). Bullingham was the grandson of Bishop BuHing- 
ham, and had sold the tithes of Ketton to Levett for twenty-one years, but 
had previously charged the premises vdth certain payments, unknown to 
Levett. In 163y-40 Thomas Levett was high sheria of Ruilandsliire. 
The State Papers (Domestic), Charles I, vol. 15. p. 465, contain tiie fol- 
lowing abstract of a letter from him to the Council, dated 17 Feb. 1639/40 : 

"■Upon December 20 I received instructions for levying the ship money: 
and, on January 20, the Lords' second letter, requestins me to pay by February 
20 sucli moneys as I .should by tiiat time have collected. I have lain sick here 
in London since Martliunas (November 11) : Nevertheless I have by my agents 
been framinir my assessment, and, I hope, by diligence, to bring in the whole 
money for my small county by April 1st." 

Thomas Levett of Tixover is said in all the printed pedigrees to have 
married a daugliter of .John Lindley of Leathley. It is certain that in 
1613 ^Margaret, tlie only daughter of this John Lindley, was married to 

1913] Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton 71 

" Thomas Levit, Esq.," who is named as son-in-hiw and supervisor in Jolm 
Lindiey's will, dated 31 May 1613 and proved 30 June 1614. (York 
Wills, Tol. 33, fo. 144.) If this were Thomas of Tixover, it was an early 
marriajie, for he was hut nineteen at the date of the will, and had taken 
his B.A. at Oxford only very recently, on 8 Feb. 1612/13. But this mar- 
riage of 1613 would permit the birth of our Tliomas Levet in 1616. In 
connecdon with Rutlandshire it is signiiicaut that this v.'ill (;f John Liudley 
mentions his " cousin Sii' Guy Palmes," who represented Rutlandshire 
seven times in Parliament from 1614 to 1640. Arthur Lindley, the oldest 
son of John Lindley, married a daughter of Sir John Garrard, Lord Jlayor 
of London. Two of her sisters married Lincolnshire men, one Sir John 
Reade of Wrangle, and the other Francis Hamby of Tathwell. It is 
curious to note that the granddaughter of this Arthur Lindley married the 
son and heir of Robert Hitch. Dean of York, and thus a grandson of Capt. 
Christopher Levett, the explorer. 

Hunter's Deanery of Doncaster states that Roger Dodsworth, the anti- 
quary, " was intimate with Levett of Tixover, who gave him a Chartulary 
of the Cluniacs of Pontefract." This was the Chartulary of St. Jolm of 
.Pontefract, published by the Yorkshire ArchiBological Society. On this 
volume, in Dodsworth's own hand, is the record that it came to him " ex 
dono Tomae Levett de High Melton, in anno 1 62G-7." Probably Thomas 
Levett died at Tixover before 1655, for in Dugdale's Mouasticon, of which 
the first edition was printed in 1655, is an abstract of a deed concerning 
Roche Abbey with this caption, " ex autographo penes Thomam Levet 
nuper de Tikesover in com. Rutland." The parish registers of Tixover 
were included with those of Ketton up to 1740. These have been 
searched, but no reference to Thomas Levett has been found. The regis- 
ters have suffered much from damp, and the ink is so faint that many 
pages could not be deciphered. 

John Levett, third son of Thomas Levett of Melton, was born about 
1605. He was admitted pensioner at Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1623. 
Peile's Register states that he had studied at Conisbrough and Haughton. 
He proceeded LL.D. in 1633 {per lit. reg.), and became a somewhat 
celebrated lawyer at York, but he seems always to have been fimincially 
embarrassed. In 1636 he married Mary, daughter and coheir of Em- 
manuel Mote, who owned the manor of Melton. Through this marriage 
John Levett ac(}uiied a considerable estate, iucludiug the manors of iMeiton 
and Bentley, charged with payments to the sisters of his wife. A collection 
of abstracts of deeds in Topographer and Genealogist, vol. 3, pp. 519-526, 
shows that by 1637 John Levett had sold Bentley manor to Sir Arthur 
Ingram, who in turn sold it to Bryan Cooke of Doncaster. The manor 
of Melton was offered to Sir John Melton in 1640, but as he failed to 
complete the purchase it went to Dr. Richard Berry, together with the 
Levett lands in Bentley and Cadeby, in satisfaction of hirge sums of money 
which Dr. Berry had lent to John and Thomas Levett. Hunter's Deanery 
of Doncaster quotes many letters from Dr. Berry. In one of them, dated 
7 Dec. 1649, he says that a general release has been sealed between him 
and Levett; and in one dated 4 Mar. 1650 he says that Dr. Levett had 
promised to remove his wife and children out of ^Slelton Hall and to yield 
possession, with all the demesne lands. Dr. Berry was the son of "William 
Berrie of Walesl)y, co. Lincoln, and was B.A. of Lincoln College, Oxford, 
in 1606, M.A. 1609, and B.JIed. 1614. He also obtained a diploma from 
Padua in 1620, and seems to have been a man of means, though John 
Levett says " he was behoulden to Mr. Thomas Levett for the g]-eater part 

72 Thovias Level of Exeter and Ham'pion [Jan. 

of his fortune." Di-. Bern" inarried in 1037 Priuleiice., only ilauirliter and 
heir of the uuliappy Tliomas Cktrgrave, and lived at Ilodroyd, neur Felkirk, 
v.diere he acquired a ksrge e.->tate. His nephew. Major John Monkton. was 
the ancestor of tlie present Viscount Gahvay. aiid of Gcuend Ro'wert 
Monckt'm. who was wonnded with Wolfe at Qisebec. 

Ou U July IGiO Jtunes Morley sued John ami Thomas Levett for£2700y 
for his interest '• in certain cole mines lying in Harraton and Riccleston, 
CO. Dnrham." Morley claimed that he Iiail in IG-j'J sold his interest for 
£300 a year for '1\ years to Thomas Lewis of York and Thomas Lerett 
of Tixover, and that they had " acknowledgvd a statute 'itajile of £5000 
in consideration thereof;" that in June 1G39 Thomas- and John Levett 
had agreed to purchase this £300 a year for £2790, hut tliat Sir John 
Melton, John Levett, and Thomas Levett combined to deprive Morley of 
his money. (Chancery Prot'eedings, Charles I, Bundle M. 40, ^o. 18.) 
This matter of the Harraton collieries came l>efore Cromwell's Committee 
for Compounding in 1G51-2, and on pp. 2127-9 of the Calendar appears 
the petition of Thomas Wray et al. and the answer of John Levett and 
Josiah Primate. On 21 Jan. 1652/3 "John Levett. D.C.L., of York" 
begs an allowance for attending on the Committee. 

Both John and Thomas Levett were proWuly Royalists, and tliey appear 
on the Calendars of the Committee for Advancing Money (pages 769 and 
1142). In each rase, beard in 2 64'J-50, both brothers were cited to 
appear, but neither appeared, and ihe resulting- fine was- ordered to be 
levied by distress on John Levett's estate. 

Ralph Levett, second son of Thomas LevetS of Melton, was ]>aptized 
at Melton 3 Jan. KJOO. Following his father's wish, he matriculated at 
Christ's College, Cambridge, as a pensioner, in July 1G17. This was the 
college of John Milton, and Jo-hn Wilson of the First Church in Boston 
took his degree there, as did Ezekiel Rogers, the founder of Rowley, Mass., 
and Thomas Jeaner of Rozbury, Weymouth, and Saco. Ralph Lerett 
took his B.A. in 1620/1, and proceeded M.A. in 1624, in which latter 
year he was ordained a deacon at York. Perhaps he had a curacy in 
Yorkshire, bat he was soon associated with Lincolnshire. It may be ihat 
he knew Wheelwright at Cambridge, for they were there at the same time, 
though Wheelwrighs took his IM.A. at Sidney Sirssez CoDege in 1618, one 
j-ear after Ralph Levett was matriculated at Christ's Collegt;. 

On 25 Jan. 1631/2, as shown aboTe, "Mr. Ralfe Levit and Anne 
Ilutcliinson " were marrie-d at Eilsby.* She '^as a daughter of Edward 
Hutchinson of Alford and therefore a sister of the second ^rife of John 
Wheelwright. Perhaps Wheelwright himself performed the ceremony. 
In 1633-34 " Radulphus Leret, rector," signs the transcripts of Grr.insby, 
Lincolnshire. On 3 Apr. 1 ^b, when the fcHTner rector, Thomas Hum- 
phrey, was buried, " Ralph Levitt, M.A.," was presented to the rectory of 
Gramsby by Frances, widow of Sir William Wrayf. (LincolD Presentation 

* Canon Foster has found in the Bilsby transcripts some new data about John 
Wheehvi-iglit. On 22 Jiay l&2Shis danghier Susanna was baptized; she it -n-as who 
married Edward liishworSb. On 18 May 1629, the day after the date of the Wlieel- 
wrigiit deed, John TVheehvrijjht's first wife» Mary Storre, was buried. Canon Foster 
has also found in the transcripts of Hogsthorpe.ff July 1620, the marriage of Kobert 
Towie and Elizabeth Lawson, and in thtkse of Willougbby, 2-i June 1821, the marriage 
of Georj,'ius Dearebarne aud Helena Robinson. 

t These Wrays of Glentwovth were a notable Puritan family of Lincolnshire, 
ori<:inating in Yorkshire and connected with the Wentworths and with the Melton 
Lcvetts. The father oi Sir William was Queen Elizabeth's Lord Chief Justice, Sir 
Christopher Wray, vho married a d.aughter of Nicholas Girlington. The Girliugtons 
were lords of the manor of Mumby, and of them John Wheelwright held land in 
Iilumby. Frances AVray, a ffr-ondduughter of Si'- Williiim, married in IfilQ the famooa 
Sir Harry Vane, a lifelong friend of Wheelwright. 

1913] Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton 73 

Deeds, 1635, p. 25.) The Grainsbv transcripts for 1636-37 are missing. 
That of 1638 is slimed •■ Radulpluis Levet" and that of 1039 " Raph 
Levet." The trau.-'.-ripts for 1640—18 are missing. In 1649 the signa- 
ture is " R. Levet. rifrtor." The years 1650-63 are missing, and the year 
1664 is signed hy Vv^illiam Jackson. The transcripts show tliat on 6 July 
1638 Thomas Levet was liuried. aud on 11 Doc. 1638 •• Thomas Levet, 
son of Raph Levet and Ann liis ^^•ile," was baptised. Xo record has been 
found of this Ralph Levet after 1649. He was the father of Francis Levet 
of Little Carlton, for whose marriage and children see p. 67 above. 

Wheelwright was dismissed from his Bilsby vicarage in January 1632, 
and in 1636, with a party of relatives and friends, sailed for New England. 
What more natural than that Ralph Levett should entrust to his Ijrother- 
in-law Wheelwright a near relative, perhaps his only nephew ? John 
Levett's answer to the bill in Chancery shows that he and his brother 
Thomas had borrowed £3000 from Dr. Berry on the Melton estates. 
Evidently the family inheritance was beginning to go under the hammer 
before 1 640, in which year Sir John Helton and Sir Ai'thur Ingram died. 

If then we assume that Ralph Levett of Grainsby did entrust a near 
relative to his brother-in-law Wheelwright for the New England venture, 
what was the exact degree of relationship ? Let us analyze the family of 
Ralph. His only brothers and sister were : 

A. Thomas Levett. the oldest son and heir, baptized at Melton 8 July 

1594. ( Vide supra.) My theory is that our Thomas Levet 
was his son, born in 1616. 

B. John, born about 1605 {vide supra) ; living in 1665 ; too young to 

have been the father of our Thomas Levet. 

C. Peter, born 1610-11. In Peile's Register we find that as the son 

of Thomas Levett of Melton he was admitted pensioner at 
Christ's College, Cambridge, 27 Jan. 1628/9. He had attended 
tlie Rotherham School under Mr. Thomas Bonner. He pro- 
ceeded B.A. 1032/3, M.A. 1636, and became vicar of Cantley, 
near Doncaster, where he died in 1672. Perhaps in 1666 he 
was vicar of Boynton, co. York. He was too young to have 
been the father of our Thomas Levet. 

D. Jane, born 1607 ; married in 1627 Andrew Goodhand of Kirmond 

in Lincolnshire, ne^ir Grainsln". His great-uncle Nicholas mar- 
ried Judith Harneis, the sister of Thomas, who married Esther 
Hutchinson. Jane Goodhand died in 1632, and is buried at 

In the next preceding generation of Melton Levetts we find that Thomas 
Levett, the father of Ralph, had only the following brothers and sisters : 

A. William Levett of Beutley, Yorkshire, born 1574 ; married Eliza- 
beth Viekars or Wray (widow probably of Thomas Sheppard), who 
died 1635, leaving a will which mentions daughter Dorothy Shep- 
pard, grandchild Thomas Sheppard, and nephew William Viekars. 
William Levett himself died 1638. HLs will is not extant, but 
his inquisition post mortem gives as his next heir his nephew 
Thomas Levett of Tixover, and says that William Levett made 
his will 14 May 1038; in it he left his Lamls to "my cozen 
Thomas Levet son of my brother Robert Levet." Apparently 
he had no children and did not wish his lands to go to liis spend- 
thrift nephew of Tixover. 

74 Tliomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton [Jan. 

B. Robert Levett of Normiinton, born 1576 ; marrie'l in 1605 Frances, 

daughter of John Nalson of Snydale, a hamlet of Normauton. 
His cliililren are thus recorded on the Nonnauton register : 

i. EL\.Tiir.Rixi;. daiisrhter of Robert Levett of Snydale. bapt. 30 June 

1G(j7: d. 12 May IDIO. 
ii. Thojias, sou of Leavutt of Suydale, l^apt. 3 Sept. ICO'J. 
iii. Eliz.vbeth, daughter of Robert Levett of Suvdall. bapt. 21 July IGll. 
iv. John-, .--oa of Robert Levett of SuydaU. bapt. 21 Sept. 1013. 
v. Elizahetu, daui^iiter of Robert Levett of Normaiitou, bapt. 9 Oct. 

1C17; bur. 3 Apr. lf)2.i. 
vi. Thomas, sou of Robert Levett of Nonuautou. l)apt. 1 May 1C19. 

He is said iu ^Mr. Gibsou-Cullum's Levett pediiiree to have married 

Joauna, dausiiter of .Jolni .Jaques of Epworth. co. Lincoln, and to 

have been the progenitor of the Normauton Levetts aud Hansons, 
vii. Makie, daughter of Robert Levett of Normauton. bapt. 3 Jidy 1C21. 
viii. RonERT, son of Robert Levett of Normautou. bapt. 7 Nov. 1G22 : 

bur. 19 Mar. 1G25. 
ix. Ralph, son of Robert Levett of Normautou, bapt. 2S Aug. 1G25 ; bur. 

U Oct. 1G25. 
X. Agnes, daughter of Robert Levett of Normanton, bapt. 15 April 1627 ; 

bur. 29 July 1627. 
xi. J.VNE, daughter of Robert Levett of Normanton, bur. 2 J ilay 1627. 

Eobert Levett himself was buried at Xormanton 26 .Jan. 1055/6* 
No vrAl is extant. According to the records shown above he 
had two sons named Tliomas, of whom one was bom in 1609, and 
the other in 1619. If, as was sometimes the case, he had two 
surviving sons named Thomas, it is possible that one of them 
■was our Thomas Levet ; but his brother "William, in his will re- 
ferred to above, leaves his land to Thomas, '" son of my brother 
Robert Levett of Normanton"; therefore in 1638 Robert had 
apparently but one son Thomas. 

C. Catherine Levett, born 1578; married "William Strelley of Strelley. 

D. Elizabeth Levett, born ; married .John Morley. 

Apparently in this generation there are no possibilities for our Thomas 

Levet, unless we assume that Robert had two suiwiving sons named 
Thomas, and that one of them was our ancestor — a rather violent assumj)- 
tion. The children of this generation would be cousins of Ralph Levett 
of Grainsby. 

Going back one generation, we find that Ralph Levett of Melton, the 
grandfather of Ralph of Grainsby, had no brothers and but two sisters, 
Anne and Jane. There are no i^ossibilities here, and the relationship is 
moved one degree farther off. 

"William Levett of Normanton and ilelton. the great-great-grandfather 
of Ralph of Grainsby, married Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of William_ 
"Wentworth of Sprotborough. No will is extant. His administration is 
on fde at York. The son and heir, Nicholas Levett. born in 1524. sur- 
vived his own son Ralph and died in 1598. "We find no record of brothers 
or sisters. 

Thus in five generations of the IMelton Levetts there is apparently but 
one possibility for our Thomas Levet, namely : he may have been a son 
of Thomas of Tixover and a nephew of Ralph of Grainsby, the brother-in- 
law of .John "Wheelwright. The dates for such a theory harmonize so well, 
and the probability of a Wheelwriglit and AA'entworth connection is so 
strong, that until proof to the contrary is shown I feel convinced that this 
is our line. Could the wills of anv of tlie four sons of Thomas Levett of 

1913] Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton 75 

Melton be found, this theory might be confirmed or upset. But in spite 
of a careful search at both principal and diocesan registries, no probate 
proceedings for any of the four sons have been discovered. Probably 
Thomas and Ralph Levett died during the confused Commonwealth period, 
from 1G50 to 1G60. But John Levett was living in 16G5, and Peter Levett, 
we know, died in 1G72. 

In the exhaustive search for Levetta in Lincolnshire and Yorksliire I 
desire to thank my friend Canon C. "W. Foster, editor of the Lincoln Rec- 
ord Society. Canon Foster's suggestions have been most helpful, and have 
resulted in tracing the Melton Levetts into Lincolnshire. With his aid a 
thorough search has now been made of Lincoln Subsidy Rolls, Wills and 
Administrations, Institutions and Presentation Deeds, etc. 

Among other early Levetts in New England the explorer, Capt. Chris- 
topher Levett, -whose life has been so ably written by Hon. James Phinney 
Baxter for the Gorges Society, comes first. He bore the same arms as the 
Melton Levetts, and the Visitation of Dorset in 1623 gives his pedigree 
(2 Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, vol. 2, p. 354). There may have 
been a connection between the families, but Christopher was descended 
not from the Melton Levetts, but from another line, the Levetts of Bolton 

The pedigree in the Visitation of Dorset began with " Levett of 

Harbord. co. York," who had three sons, Richard, William, and Percival. 
This undoubtedly means Harewood, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. 
William Levett of Harewood died in 1569. A Chancery proceeding was 
begun by his oldest son Matthew in 1570 (Levett v. Levett, Series 2, 
Bundle 116, No. 40). It recites that by his second wife William Levett 
of Harewood left four sons, Richard, William, Percival, and Charles. 
These are undoubtedly the sons of " Levett of Harbord," and Per- 
cival was the godson and cousin of Francis Levet of Bolton Percv. men- 
tioned in his will of 1614/15. William of Harewood was probably* the 
son William mentioned in the will of his father Richard of Bolton Percy 
in 1567. This establishes the following pedigree: 

1. John Levett of Bolton Percy, whose will was proved 1526 (York 
Wills, vol. 9, fo. 364), married Agnes . 

Children : 

i. "Welli-LM; his will of 1346 mentions sons Guy, Francis, John. 
ii. John, a clerk; under 23 in 1526; admou. in 1575. 

iii. KOBEKT. 

2. iv. RICH.VRD, executor of his father's will. 
V. Isabel, m. luiNDAiL. 

vi. Alison, m. Pickering. 

2. Richard Levit, of Appleton in Bolton Percv, whose will was proved 

1567 (York Wills, vol. 17, fo. 759), married first Ellen ; 

and secondly Constance . 

Children by first wife : 

i. Henry, of Appleton; will proved 1597. 
3. ii. William. 
iii. Katherine. 

•There was also a branch of the Levetts at Holme and Lund in the East Kidins:, in 
■which Matthew and William were family names. It may lie that William of Hare- 
wood came from this line, but their wills do not indicate" this, and the mention of a 
godson Percival Levet in the will of Francis Levet seems to connect the lino of Chris- 
topher with the Bolton Percj' family. 

76 Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton FJan. 

iv. Isabel. 

V. ItoltlCKT. • 

vi. Jamks. 
vii. Ellkx. 

Children by second wife : 

yiii. Thomas. 
ix. Maugaret. 

3. William Lkvett, of Hare'(vood, married first Anxf. ; and 

secondly .JoAX Yxolaxde. Admon. 6 .hdy 1569 (Dean and 
Chapter Vacancy Act Book, 1563-70, fo. 165). 
Children by first wife : 

i. jMatthew. 

ii. Elizabeth, nj. AVillia.m Nawte. 

ill. AxNE. m. JoHX Waudman. 

iv. Katherixe, m. Otho Waijdmax. 

Children by second wife : 

V. EiCHARD. Mayor of Doncaster. His will of 1618 mentions only one 
son, William, Alderman of Doncaster, whose will of 1043 men- 
tions two sons, Robert and Jolm, and four daughters. 

vi. "William, twin brother to Richard, of whom there is no further 
4. vii. Pekcival, b. 1560. 

viii. Cit-VRLES, probably of Scrayiugham, m. Grace Ajifleforth. 

ix. JoAX, m. Thomas Usher. 

4. Percival Letett, born 1560, was freeman of York 1581, inn- 

keeper, and sheriff of the City of York 1597. He was buried at 
St. Martin's, Micklegate, 13 Feb. 1625. He married Elizabeth 
RoTHERFORTH, daughter and heiress of Alexander. 
Children : 

i. Mary, bapt. 1581 ; m. Johx Smith of Cottingham. 

ii. Rl'dderforth, bapt. 1582 ; d. 1581. 

iii. Grace, bapt. 1584 ; m. Williasi Todd of York. 
6. iv. Christopher, b. 5 Apr. 1586. 

V. Percival, merchant of York ; had nine children, but no child named 

vi. AxxE. m. (1) 1623 Christopher Topham of York, perhaps uncle 
of the Toppans of Newbury; m. (2) 1627 Joseph iliCKLETHWAiTE 
of Swyne, great-grandfather of Viscount Micklethwaite. 

5. Caft. Christopher Levett, born 5 Apr. 1586. He is the well- 

known explorer who sailed to New England in 1623, and again in 
1630, in the Porcupine, and died at sea in 1631. He married first 
Mercy More, daughter of Robert, rector of Guisley, York; and 
secondly Frances Lottisham, daughter of Oliver, of co. Somerset. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Sarah, b. 1610; m. Robert Hitch, rector of Normanton and dean 

of York, 
ii. Rebecca, b. 1012 ; d. young, 
iii. Mary, b. 1613; d. num. 1644. Her will, proved 1644/5, mentions 

all her kindred (York Wills), 
iv. Jeremiah, b. 1614; rector of Levton in Essex; m. Edith ; 

d. 1650. 

Children by second wife : 

V. Timothy, b. 1017 ; of "West Lydford in co. Somerset. "Will dated 

1050, proved 1669, mentions wife Florexce, children Mary and 
vi. Elizabeth, b. 1619 ; d. num. 

1913] Thomas Levet of Exeter and Havi2)ton 77 

Thus the line of Christopher Levett contained no near rehxtive named 
Thomas. It may be that our Thomas Levet was a distant connection, but 
this is unlikely. 
,' Ne\y information concerning Christopher Leyett's last yoyaa'e to New 

Eniiland is contained in a Chancery proceediui^ bciiun in ICSl by hia 
widow against Thomas "Wright and Robert Gougli or Dristo]. owners of 
the ship Purcupine. The proceedings giye in detail the sailing agreement 
and mention the grant of GOOD acres to Leyett. 

Concerning John Leayitt of Ilingham, Mass., Mr. Slieldon Leayitt, Jr., 

writes tliat tlie earliest known record appears in Dorchester, ^lass.. where 

in 1634 land was granted to him by the town. In 163G he was made a 

freeman of Ilingham, where first a house-lot and in the course of time 

much other land was granted to him. His first wife (possibly, according 

to Pope, the Mary Lovitt of the Dorchester Church) died at Ilingham 

4 July 1646, and he married for his second wife, 16 Dec. 1646, Sarah, 

J daughter of Edward Oilman, then of Hingham. Mass., and later of Exeter, 

j N. il. For many years he was a deacon of the church at Hingham and 

a selectman of the town, which he represented for seyeral sessions in the 

General Court. He died in 1691, leaving a will, filed in Boston, in which 

he calls himself " a tayler," and spells his name as aboye. Some of his 

children moved to Exeter, and became the ancestors of a distinguished 

family of Leayitts there, among whom was Dudley Leavitt, the compiler 

i , of an excellent Farmer's Almanac. I can find no rea'son for l)elieying 

'■ that any connection existed between these Leavitts and our Thomas Levet. 

Perhaps John Leavitt came from the Essex Levitts, for whom see the 

next paragraph. 

j The affidavit of Nathaniel and Abraham Drake {vide supra) has led 

,1 Bome to believe that our Thomas Levet, like his wife Isabel Bland, came 

' from CO. Essex. In Essex there were se'"eral families of Levitts, one of 

which, the Levitts of Messing, had some 'jonnection with New England 

through the Whites. (Register, vol. 55, pjj. 22 etseq.) It may be that 

John Leavitt of Dorchester and Plingham came from one of these Essex 

lines, but a careful search of Essex wills reveals no Thomas Levet who 

could be our Exeter settler. 

/ Thus a systematic investigation of these three sets of clues gives no posi- 

'■ five proof of the ancestry of our Tliomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton. 

The most probable line is that of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, connected 
i with both Wheelwright and Wentworth. 

i But if Levet were a protege of John Wheelwright, he did not follow the 

i\ Antinomiau to AVells in 1642. The removal of their pastor scattered the 

i Exeter settlers in that year, and in 1643 we find Thomas Levet at Hamp- 

) ton, next neighbor to Exeter, where his name is signed to a petition against 

' Lieut. William Howard. 

The list of grants and possessions in the old Hampton town records, made 

about 1644, in the beautiful handwriting of William Howard, the town clerk, 
i shows that before that date Thomas Levet had married Isaliel (Bland), 

j widow of Francis Asten of Dedham and Hampton. The record follows : 

j II. 58. House lots aud other ground granted &.c. unto the several inhabitants 

■; of Haniptou, compiled Anno 1G44. 

i Thomas Levitt of Hamptox. 

j 1. 5 a. of upland for a house lot granted unto Fras. Asten the fonner husband 

I of Thomas Levitt's wife, lying betw. upland of Saml. Getchell, some- 

78 TJiomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton [Jan. 

times TTill. Hanton's, before tbat .Tolm Philbrook's to the West, and the 
upland of Thomas Sleeper's sometimes Ckr. Lasoue's. 

2. 5 a. of upland granted to.Tliomas Levitt. 

3. 10 a. upland in the North plan of upland. 

4. 6 a. meadow u:ranted to the above named Fras. Asten. fonner husband of 

Tho. Levitts '.vife, Ivintr between the meadow & marsh of Tuiiothv Daiton 
N.E.. and Will : Howard S. W. 

5. 3 a. meadow bought oi Anthony Taylor, Ijetw. A. T. ^ Taylor's River. 

6. C a. salt Marsh granted unto him, betw. Widow Huise N., & WilL ilas- 

ton S. 

7. 5 a. salt marsh bot. of Anthony Taylor. 
Adilitions to Anno 10-53. 

8. 5 a. bought, granted to Edw. Palmer. 

9. Granted to Tho. Levitt 2i a. swamp betw. swamp of Sam. Getchell & Timo- 

thy Daiton. 

10. 5 a. salt marsh gr. to John Sanders. 

11. 4 a. upland bot. of John Samborne. 

12. 11 a. salt marsh beyond Falls River. 

The Norfolk County record of the birth of James Level in 16.32 calls 
him " son of Thomas and Elisabeth Levitt," but this is a clerical error, 
repeated in Pope's Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire. "\7e may 
safely assume that the only wife of our Thomas Levet was Isabel Bland, 
daughter of John Bland of "Water town and Martha's Vineyard. John 
Bland was a stepson of Jeremiah Norcross, and his mysterious alias of 
" John Smith " has been explained bj^ Dr. Charles E. Banks, in his His- 
tory of Martha's Vineyard, vol. 2, pp. 41—46. It is possible that John 
Bland and the Hampton Drakes were of Yorkshire origin. 

The old pronunciation of the family name was Lovitt. In spelling it 
our Thomas Levet seems to have used interchangeably " Level." '' Levitt," 
and " Levit." These are the forms in which the name of Ralph Levett 
of Grainsby appears : " Levet " when he signed his name. '' Levitt " when 
others wrote it. In the case of our Thomas Levet the uncertainty of 
Colonial orthography is increased by the fact that apparently he could not 
■write, and always signed by a mark, so that his name was spelled and 
written by some one else. It is " Levitt " ia the Exeter Combination, 
written by his relative Wheelwright, and also in the record of a deed in 
1659, in the "Wheelwright Deed," the Hampton record of 1844, and the 
Drake deposition. In signatures of 1654 and 1657 and in the Martha's 
Vineyard power of attorney it is " Levit." In the testimony in Drake v. 
Colcord, 1676, and a jury verdict of 1680 it is " Levet," and so distinctly 
in tlie wills of both Thomas and Isabel. In the Hampton petition of 1643 
it was probably also " Levet " ; a copy of this i^etition is iu the Massa- 
chusetts Ai-chives, and in it the scrivener has spelled the name " Livet." 

In 1647, when Wheelwright was called to the Hampton church, Thomas 
Level was already there. He lived in Hampton until his death in 1696, 
a quiet, useful citizen, seldom prominent in town matters. He was perhaps 
a tanner, though the only deed from him in the old records describes him 
as a "planter." He appears in 1654 with Robert Smith as an appraiser 
of the estate of George Haborne or Rabone, who was one of the Wheel- 
wright group and probably a Lincolnshire man. In 1657 Thomas Levet 
and Godfrey Dearborn witnessed the will of Susan, widow of George 
Haborne and then the wife of Thomas Leader of Boston. Dearborn, who 
followed Levet from Exeter to Hampton, was a Liucolnslm-e man. 
(REi;rsTi-R, vol. 60, p. 308.) Level's stepdaughter Isabel married Philip 
Towle,* who came to Hampton when Wheelwright was there. 

• Towle Av;i3 probably a Lincolnshire man, perliaps from Habrougb. Many Towie 
wills are filed at Lincoln, but they throw no light on his ancestry. Several Xowlea 
are still living in Lincolnshire. 


i 1913] Thomas Levet of JExeter and Ilavipton 79 

Thonicas Levet served as selectman of Hampton in 16o7 and 16G7, and 
■was constabla in IGG-i. He served on several juries, and took the oath of 
allegiance to Massachusetts in 167S. He was "freed from Training" in 
1681, probably on account of age or disability. In 1G83, with eighteen 

i others, he signed a petition that their poll-tax be abated, because of old 

age, "many about seventy, some above eighty, otiier? near ninety, being 
past labour and work." In 1685 he signed W'eare's petition against Cran- 
field. The Dukes County records show a power of attorney dated 16 Apr. 
1691 from Thomas and Isabel Levet to their son John, authorizing hiin to 
deal with Isal^el's share of the Bland estates in Martha's Vineyard. Ap- 
parently some dispute between John Levet and another coheir, Elias, son 
of Philip V»'atson, was settled by a division in 1699. John Levet's name 

i in su!)sequent conveyances of the Vineyard land is spelled " Levit," '• Lovet," 

and "Leavit." Thomas Levet died 2S Nov. 1696, "aged about* eighty," 
the town record says, and his will and inventory are on file at Concord, 
N. H. (Probate Records, vol. 2, p. 26, and vol. 3, p. 125.) An abstract 
of his will, dated 9 July 1692, is as follows : 

To lovLnq: wife the thirds of all lands and meddows, etc., with housing con- 
venient during lier life. To wife two cows, two swine, three slieep, my brass 
and putcr, the tliirds of all my corn. To sou Hezron Levet 100 acres at the new 
i plantation, £20 formerly given him, and 5s. after my decease. To Hezron's son 

^ I . Thomas Levet £10. to be paid him at the age of one and twenty. Residue of 

J lands and honr-ing to sons Aretas and John Levet equally, John to divide and 

I' Aretas to choose. To son Aretas all in his house and half the wedges, half the 

cross cut saw, and half the tools about husbandry, with his house that he now 
lives in. To sou [John] Levet the other half the tools mentioned with all car- 
penter tools and his house and ground. To sou James Levet £10. To three 
daughters, Isabella Towle, Jemima Knowles, and Kezia Tucker, 5s. apiece. Ex- 
■ ecutors : wife and son John Levet. Witnesses : Abraham Drake, Seur., Abraham 

- Drake, Junr., Robert Drake. 

Inventoi-y, £210.1.0, includes aU buildings, housing, barn, and house-lot con- 
taining 10 acres. 15 acres upland. 25 acres mead and marsh. 5 acres upland 
and swamp, -i shares commonage. (50 acres in the North Division. 100 acres 
;. in New Plantation. Appraised by Abr. Drake, Senr., and John Smith. 

Isabel Levet, widow, died 9 Feb. 1698/0, aged about 87, and Iier will 

(and invtmtory are liled at Concord. (Probate Records, voi. 3, p. iG5.) 
An abstract of her will is as follows : 
To dauirhtcr I^ball Toule one cow, one box of linen, and my wearin? clothes. 
To dauglite-r Jciiiiiua Kuowis one cow and one .->heep. To grandchill Sarah 
Kuowls one slicep. To daughter Keziah Tucker 12s. All my puter and i 'rass 
to be equally divided among my three daughters. Residue to sou John Levet, 
sole executor. Witnesses: Jolm Smith, Senr.. and Jolm Smith, Junr. 

Inventory taken by Thomas Roby and Jolm Tucke, £70.11.0, including '-an es- 
tate at Mathes Vmeyard." 

The " three daughters," Isabel Towle, Jemima Knowles, and Kezia 
I Tucker, ware the three children of Isabel Bland by her first husband, 

\ Francis Asten. 


The chill iren and grandchildren of Thomas Levet may be arrangi-d in 
a pedigree as follows : 

1. TuoM.vs^ Levet had 

2. i. HEznox,^b. 1614. 

3. ii. Arf.tas. b. abt. lfi-16. 

4. iii. JoTix, b. abt. IGiS. 

5. iv. J.vjiES, b. 10 Nov. 1652. 

* The old record is torn here, so that it cannot be definitely stated whether it says 
"above" or " ;i!jin;l." 

80 Thomas Level of Exeter and Hampton [Jan. 

2. Hezrox" Levet {Thomas^), born in IG-tl, according to a deposition, 

resided at Hampton, and died there oO Nov. 1712. lie was a tan- 
ner and shoemakei*. lie married, ±b Sept. 1667, Martha Taylok, 
dauiihter of Anthony of Hampton. 

On 15 Feb. 1702/3 Ilezron Levet and his son Thomas, uho like 
his latlier was a tanner, made an agreement liy which the son was 
to talie over ail his laclier's liou-e, tanyunls, and lauds, and to main- 
tain his father and mother in comfort ■• beside what my father shall 
"■et l)y his practis and my mother by stilling." Tlie son also agreed 
to make certain payments to his four sisters. Both father and son 
signed their names '• Levvit " to this instrument. (N. H. Deeds, 
vol. 1.-5, p. 237.) 

Children : 

i. Lydia,' b. 5 Aug. 16G8; m. Mephiboshetii SAjmOEX. 

ii. John, b. 2G Nov. 1G70; m. Sarah Hobus, daughter of John. 

iii. James, b. and d. 1673. 

iv. Moses, b. 30 Jan. 1673/4 ; m. IIary Carr. 

V. Thomas, b. 8 May 1677 ; m. Elizabeth Atkixsox of Newbury, daugh- 
ter of Johu and granddaughter of Theodore Atkinson. 

vi. ilAitY, b. 20 Oct. 1679 ; m. Capt. Benjamin Thomas, son of James 
of Dover. 

vii. Abigail. 

viii. Sahah. 

3. Aretas'^ Levet ( TJiomas^), born about 1646, resided at Hampton, and 

died there l-l Jan. 1739. He married. 1 Aug. 1G78, Rcth .Sleeper, 
daughter of Thomas, an early settler of Hampton. He was a far- 
mer, and served in King "William's war. Xo will or inventory of 
Aretas Levet has Ijeen found. On 25 Dec. 1710 he conveyed to 
his sons James and Thomas certain lands at Hampton. The estate 
of Thomas Levet, the father, was linally ilividod in 1725 by Sergt. 
Johu Levet and James, the son of Aretas. (N. H. Deeds, vol. 7-1, 
p. 154.) 
Children : 

i. Luther' (a daughter), b. 1679; d. 1684. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 16b0; d. 1684. 

iii. }Iehitabel, b. 8 June 1682 ; m. Robert Rq-we of Hampton. 

iv. James, b. 1683; m. (1) 20 Eeb. 1717 Ann Brackett, daughter of 

Capt. Anthony; m. (2) Han-xah . 

V. Thomas, 1). 15 Jan. 1685/6 ; m. 24 Nov. 1714 Elizabeth Locke, 

daughter of Nathaniel of Hampton, 
vi. Elizabeth, b. 2 Xm'^. 1690; m. James Samborn, son of Nathaniel. 
vii. Ruth, b. 19 3Iay 1693; m. Stephen Samborn, sou of Stephen. 

4. SERCrr.ANT JoHN" Levet {Tliomas^), bom about 1648, died 1726/7. 

He married Deliverance Robie, granddaughter of Henry Robie 
of Hampton, of the family of Robie of Castle Donington, Leices- 
tershire. He served in several campaigns against the Indians. His 
will, dated 23 Dec. 1726, is filed at Concord, X. H. (N. H. WUls, 
vol. 7, p. 638), and leaves to wife Deliverance the improvement of 
his estate ; to daughter Deliverance, at age of 18 or at marriage, 
one-half the estate ; if she has a male heir her share is to go to him ; 
if not, it is to go to John Levet, son of " cousin "' Thomas and 
gr.andson of Aretas. The estate, inventoried at £1029, included a 
iuilberd and some books. 

Child : 
i. Deliverance,' b. 6 May 1719 ; m. Jeremiah Clough of Salisbury. 

1913] Descendants of Robert Huchins 81 

5. Jajies' Levet {Thomas^), born 10 Xov. 1652, died at Portsmouth, 
N. H., 4 Apr. 1718, and is buried in the Point of Graves Cemetery- 
there. He married ai)out 1692 Sarah Partridge, widow of 
Nehemiali of Salisbury and Portsmouth, a brother of Governor 
"William Partridge. Her maiden name does not appear, but she was 
a kinswoman of Anthony Ellius, an early settler of Portsmouth, 
who iu 1668 conveyed land at Portsmoutii to Xehemiah Partridge 
and his wife Sarah, " my kinswoman." 

Little has been known of James Levet, perhaps because he left 
no children, but he was the richest of his family. In 1668, at the 
age of sixteen, he removed to Poi'tsmouth, then the most aristo- 
cratic settlement in the new province. There he was the clerk of 
Henry Dering, a Portsmouth merchant, and before that a tavern- 
keeper at Hampton. Dering soon removed to Boston, but James 
Levet remained at Portsmouth. His name was generally spelled 
" Lovet," that being the usual pronunciation of the name. He 
was selectman of Portsmouth in 1696/7 and again in 1708, deputy 
sheriti in 1694, coroner in 1697, and constable in 1706. In 1705 
he was overseer of the will of Roger Rose. His will, dated 1 Apr. 
1718 (N. H. WUls, vol. 10, p. 5), leaves all his property to his 
wife Sarah, and is witnessed by Thomas Beck, Jr., Elizabeth Fur- 
ber, and Ann Barn. The widow Sarah Levet made her will 10 
I^OY. 1733 (N. H. Wills, vol. 14, p. 421), leaving bequests to 
grandsons Nehemiah Partridge and William Partridge, to grand- 
daughters Sarah Mc Bride and Abigail Chapman, to great-grand- 
daughters Sarah Partridge and Abigail Partridge, to Sarah Braugh- 
ton, daughter of Abigail Chapman, to great-granddaughter Sarah 
Beck, to granddaughter Mary Beck, to Mary, wife of Nehemiah 
Partridge, and to Mary, wife of William Pai-tridge. The residue 
she left to Samuel Beck, who had married Mary Partridge. Her 
inventory is a long one and includes a silver tankard. 


By Hexkt W'ixthhop Hardok,, LL.B , of ^Tew Toi-k City 

1. Robert^ Hcckixs was born probably in Devonshire or Cornwall 
about 1620.* He is first mentioned in any American record which has 
come to light as one of the forty-two signers of the Dover Combination, 
dated 22 Oct. 1640 (Register, vol. 33, p. 93). In 1641 he was in that 
part of Dover then called Oyster River and now called Durham, and he 
signed the letter of the inhabitants of Northam, as Dover was then called, 
of 1 641 to the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony protesting against 
annexation to that Colony (N. H. State Papers, vol. 1, p. 128). In 1642 
he had a grant of a twenty-acre lot. No. 16, on the Back River (Register, 
vol. 7, p. 156, and vol. 33, p. 96). His name appears in none of the Dover 
tax lists, and this affords room for the inference that his estate was em- 
ployed in catching, curing, or transporting fish, and was thus exempt from 
taxation (Hutchinson, vol. 1, p. 90, ed. 3^. 

• No relationship lias been discovered between the family of Robert Huckins and 
that of Thomas Huckins, an early settlor on Cape Cod. The compiler asks all readers 
who may have further information about any of the persons mentioned in this compi- 
lation to send it to him at 60 Wall Street, 2few York City. 

32 Descendants of Robert Hticldns [Jan. 

" Okl Mr. Huckins " ■^vas killed by the Indians at Oyster Eiver 18 July 
1694, according to Pike's Journal (Register, vol. 33, p. 9G ; Quiut's 
Dover, pp. 31, 274, 277; Belknap's History, p. 138). The name or his 
wife has not been found. 

Children, born probably at Oyster River : 

2. i. ,TA^rES,'2 b. abt. 1C44. 

ii. Sahah, b. 1654 (Register, vol. 7, p. 156). 

Probably others of whom no record has been found. 

2. Lieut. James^ Hlxkixs (Robei-O-), husbandman and miller, was born 
probably at Oyster River, Dover, doubtless as early as 1644, for in 
1GG4 he was taxed (Register, vol. 4, p. 24'J). 

He married, probably about 1671 (ib., vol. 7, p. 121), S.vrah' 
BcRNHAM, daughter of Robert^ and Frances (N. H. Deeds, vol. 
107, pp. 357, 309 ; N. H. Gen. Record, vol. 5, p. 190). She was 
born at Oyster River about 1654, for she deposed 31 Dec. 1673, 
"about 19 years of age" (N. H. Court Papers, 1672-3, p. 395). 
She married secondly, 17 Oct. 1700, Capt. John^ "Woodman (Lieut. 
Edward^) of Oyster River, who had been received as an inhabitant 
in 1657 (Quint's Dover, p. 33; Hoyt's Old Families of Salisljury 
and Ames'oury, p. 366), and became successively commissioner, 
1658, representative, 1684, delegate, 1690, and judge of Common 
Pleas, 1702-5 (Register, vol. 9, p. 145). She is not mentioned 
in his will of 20 Dec. 1705 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, p. 545), 
and was probably then dead. 

In 1676 Lieut. James Huckins was constable (Quint's Dover, 
p. 14), and in 1687 he was one of the two selectmen for Oyster 
River Parish {ib., p. 3). 

He had a garrison-house, which stood in the outskms of the 
Oyster River settlement, a few rods south of the house owned in 
1908 by Andrew E. Meserve. east of the railroad and on the north 
side of the second road crossed by the railroad as it runs from Dur- 
ham station to Dover. In Aug. 1689 the Indians ambushed and 
slew him and seventeen men belonging to the garrison while they 
were at work in the field which belonged in l9o8 to the widow of 
Joacph Tv'. Coe, and lay south-east of the garrison beyond Huckins's 
Brook. There they were all buried under a mound, which in 1908 
btill existed in the south-east corner of the field. The Indians tlien at- 
tacked the garrison-house, which was defended by two boys only 
and some women and children. They managed to set fire to the 
roof of the garrison, but the boys — " brave boys truly," says 
I>iather — held out till the Indians promised to spare the lives of all. 
Yet they killed three or four of the children and carried away the 
rest of the inmates, except one of the boys, doubtless Roliert' 
Huckins, who escaped the next day. (Mather's Magnalia, App. 
Art. Y\.; Registeu, vol. 7, p. 156; N. H. Gen. Record, vol. 3, 
p. 80.) The garrison-house was destroyed (Thompson's Landmarks, 
p. 173. note 2). Lieut. Huckins's widow was recovered after a 
year of captivity at Fort Androscoggin. 

Children, born at Oyster River i( Register, vol. 7, p. 121) : 

3. i. RoiiEitr,' born proliably li' Dec. 1G72, although the record, if cor- 

rectlv transcribed, savs •• Sarah." 
il. SAUAii,"b. 12 Dec. 1074;" d. s.p.[?] 14 Oct. 1705 (N . H. Geu. Record, 
vol. 3, p. 145) ; ra. .Iames^ Che-i.f.y, sou of Philip^ (Philip') and 
Sarah of Ovster River, b. at Ovster River 1G"2[?], d. 15 Sept. 
■ 17u7. 

1913] Descendants of Robert Hackins 83 

iii. jAr^iES, b. 10 July 1675 ; d. s. p. bcf . 1G99 ; m. Maky' Woodman, dau. 

of Capt. John''' of Oyster River, who iii. (2) Thompson of 

Oyster lliver (lUentoir of Judge Ebeuezer Tlionipson. p. 7, note). 
Probably others, uoue of whom survived the massacre of 1689. 

3. Egbert" Huckixs {James,''' Robert'-), reoman. miller, born in Oyster 

River Parish, Dover, about 1G72. married about 1G'J2 Weltiikax^ 
Thomas, daughter of Jauies^ and ilartha- (Goddard) (N. H. Deeds, 
Yol. 17, pp. 53, 55; N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, pp. 101, 138; 
X. H. Court Papers, 1G92-3, jip. 1-19, 191, 243, 247-8, 3.53 ; N. H. 
Gen. Recoi'd, vol. 5, p. 190). She was born at Dover and married 
secondly, before 1 Anr. 1727, John Gray (Register, vol. 33, p. 

Robert Huckins doubtless rebuilt the garrison-liouse on or near 
the old site. In 1701 he had a mill on Huckins's Brook, east of the 
house (Thompson's Landmarks, p. 109). In 1G98, as "'eldest son 
and heir of .James Huckins, the only son and successor of Robert 
Huckins, deceased," he conveyed 6 acres on Cocheco Marsh which 
had been granted to Robert^ Huckins m 1648 (N. H. Deeds, vol. 6, 
p. 206). In 1705 he had administration upon the estate of " Robert 
Huckins, his grandfather" (X. H. State Papers, vol. 31, p. 545). 
He was successively selectman, assessor, and constable at Dover. 

He was baptized 17 Jan. 1719/20, in his last sickness (Register, 
vol. 30, p. 59). His will, dated 9 Jan. and proved 2 Mar. of that 
year, mentions his wife Welthean and all his children, and his 
brother-in-law James Bunker, who had married Anne^ Thomas, 
sister of Robert's wife (N. H. Probate Records, vol. 6, p. 162). 
The inventory includes his homestead of 70 acres, 30 acres of wood- 
land, one-eighth of a saw-mill at Webster's Falls, and 4 gTins, the 
whole amountinji to £606. 14. 0. 

Children,* born at Oyster River: 

i. Mauy.* m. bef . 9 Jan. 1719/20 Wii.uam[\] Drew of Durham (N. H. 
Deeds, vol. 107, p. 557). 

ii. Hannah, m. (![?]) John* Chesley. son of Thomas^ and Ann of Oys- 
ter River (llKiiisTKU, vol. 5. p. 45-t). fanner, b. at Ovster River 
1091: m. (2[?]) Jon^ Runnells, sou of WilliamS of Oyster River 
Parish, farmer, b. at Keuuebuuk, ile., 1G85. 

iii. ELi7.-UJETn, m. l)ef. 9 Jan. 1719/20 Clakic. 

4. iv. James, h. abt. Kul: bapt. 1 .Jan. 1720/1 (i7>., vol. 30, p. CO) ; eldest 

son. not of a:re when his father died. 

5. V. John, b. abt. 1704- : bapt. 1 Jan. 1720/1 (i6.). 
vi. Sauah. liapt. 31 Dec. 1721 yih.. p. lU). 

vii. Rachel, youngest dausihter. bapt. 19 June 172G (i6., -vol. 32, p. 135) ; 
m. 14 Dec. 1727 Roisekt .Toijdon of Kittery {ib., vol. 23, p. 180). 

6. viii. Robert, b. 14 Oct. 1708 (family Bible) ; bapt. 31 Dec. 1721 (Regi-s- 

TER. vol. 30, p. Gl). 

7. izi. Thomas, b. abt. 1710. 

8. X. Joseph, b. abt. 1714; bapt. 5 June 1726, "ab' 12 years old" (J.h., 

vol. 32, p. 135). 

4. James* Huckins (Robert,^ James^ RoherO-), born in Oyster River 

Parish about 1701, mari-ied, after 7 June 1719 (Register, vol. 24, 
p. 29) and before 30 June 1723 {ib.. vol. 23. p. 298), HAN^.m^ ^ 
"Williams, daughter of John- (William^) and Ruth (>^ II. Probate . 
Record.s, vol. 15, p. 419; N. H. Deeds, vol. 29, p. 507), who was 

•The order of birth-; given below may be int'evred from the order in which the chil- 
dren are meutioned in the will, together with the baptisms. 

84 Proceedings of the Jf. E. Hist. Gtn. Society Jau, 

bom at Oyster River. He is probably the " James Iluckins of 
Dover" who marriedj^G 31ay IToG, Abiuail SPKNCERof Durham 
(Rev. John Adams's record;. He was killed ia the French and 
Indiuu War, 17.55-08 ((Quint's Dover, p. 2(j.l! ; Halls oi: 2sew Eng- 
laud, p. 103). 

By his father's will he received " all my land on the south side 
of the [Dover] highway with the huuses and buildings there'ou," 
oO acres, opposite the site of the garrison-house. 

In 174:0 he was a member of the Second Foot Company at Dover 
(N. H. State Papers, vol. 9, p. l/'o). In 17.3.5 he was in Tasker's 
company for the Crown Point expedition (Adjutant-General's Re- 
port, lyOG, vol. 2, p. 137), which took part in the Battle of Lake 
George, 8 Sept. 17J.5. 

Children, born at Oyster River : 

i. KUTH,» bapt. 22 Alar. 1723/-4 (Rkgl-tek, vol. 32. p. 13-i) ; m. abt. 

17-i5 Joux FovE of Madbury and Barriu;jtou. CliUdreu :• 1. 

Julin^^ m. Janet Clark. 2. iiit'plteii. of Barriu^tou, b. 2y Apr. 

17-lrf; m. (1) Hamiah Davis; m. (2) 17 Apr. 1777 (town records) 

DeborahSwaiu, dau. of Kicliard. i. 8amud. i. Mary. 5. Sarah. 

6. Hannah. 
ii. Haxnah, bapt. 1 May 1726 (Rkgisteu, vol. 32, p. 135). 
iii. Eliz-UJETU, bapt. 21 Apr. 1728 (iVj., vol. 33, p. 347). 
iv. S^uiAU, b. 6 -May 1733; d. 7 Apr. 1821: m. 175G Bexjajiet* H.\ix. 

sou of Benjamm^ and Frances (Willey), of Barriuztou. farmer. 

soldier in the llevolutiou, b. at Dover 12 Dec. 1730, d. 30 Oct. 

1810. (Quint's Dover, p. 2(j2; AVeutworth Genealogj', vol. 1, p. 

480; Halls of Xew England, p. 1G3.) Children, born at Barring- 

tou {ib.) : 1. Ebenezer.'^ b. 8 Apr. 17.JG. 2. Abiijail. b. Sept. 17.38: 

d. 14 July 1701 ; m. Oct. 1771) (town recordsj George Berry of 

Stratford, fanner. 3. Hannah, b. 7 Jau. 17(U; d. 23 Mar. 1783; 

m. 8 Apr. 1782 Nathan* Foss, son of Natliau,^ of Barriugton. farmer. 

4. Frances, b. 28 Aug. 17G3; d. num. 28 Jau. 1848. 5. Jonathan, 

b. 2'J Apr. 17GG. G. S'«m/i„b. 22 July 1768; m. 31 Jan. 17'J2 (town 

records) Jonathan Clark of Barrington. 7. Jdary, b. 9 Mar. 1772. 

8. Benjamin, b. 3 May 1775; d. 1776. 9. John (twin), b. 27 Sept. 

1777; d. Jau. 1778. io. Lois (twin), b. 27 Sept. 1777. 
9. V. Ja-Mes, b. 14 Oct. 1746 (family Bible). 

Perhaps others, as there are no Oyster River baptismal records after 

29 Mar. 1730 until 1749. (Registek, vol. 33, p. 349.) 

[To be continued] 

By John Albuee, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 1 May, 1912. A stated meeting of the Society was 
held at Pilntrim Hall, 14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.ji., a quorum being present. 
In the absence of President Baxter, Mr. John Carroll Chase, Vice-President for 
New Hampshire, presided. 

The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved, and the reports 
of the Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council were ac- 

Tliirty-nine resident members were elected by ballot. 

The Couucd submitted a report recommending the passage of the following, 
which was read, aud it was uuaumiously 

• According to atatemeut of Mrs. Florence A. Crane of Des Moines, Iowa. 

1913] Proceedings of the 2f. E. Hint. Gen. Society/ 85 

Voted, Tliat the President and Treasurer by and with the conseut of the 
Council be, and they are hereby, autliorized to DCLi'otiate a sale of premises 
18 Somerset Street, on such terms (whether wholly or partially for credit) and 
with such collateral ajireemcnts (whether reserving options for repurciiase or 
otherwise) as said Council may approve ; and said i'resident and siiid Treasui'er 
are hereby autliorized to execute, acknowledge, and deliver am' deed of said 
property approved l)y said Council and any otiicr instrument relating to the 
sale thereof, including collateral agreements concerning said premises of every 
name and nature and all releases, partial releases, discharges, extensions, modi- 
fications, and the lilve of any mortgage back of said pi-emises which may come 
to said Society ; and the execution of any such deed or otlier instrument by 
said President and Treasurer sliall be sullicieut evidence to any other party to 
any sucli iuatrument of the approval of the CouncU and of the due execution of 
every other formality necessary on the part of this Society to make such instru- 
ment valid and effectual. 

The Council submitted a report recommending the passage of the following, 
which was read, and it was unanimously 

Voted, That the President and Treasurer be, and they hereby are, authorized 
to sign, seal, acknowledge, and deliver in the name and behalf of the Society 
an indenture with Charles P. Bowditch, i'rancis C. Welch, and Charles F. 
Atkinson, trustees under the will of Caroline K. Cordner, owners of the prop- 
erty known as and numbered ix on AUston Street, whereby the said Trustees 
release to this Society certain restrictions or conditions affecting property of 
this Society on Allston Place, and this Society in consideration thereof conveys 
to said Trustees a four-inch strip from the north side of its adjoining property 
known as and numbered 3 on Allston Place, together with the new wall on said 
strip, and whereby this Society fiirther agrees to rebuUd a certain portion of 
the old wall on the land of the said Trustees, and whereby a party-wall agree- 
ment is entered into between the said Trustees and thLs Society ; all in a form 
satisfactory to the said President and Treasurer and to counsel of this Society ; 
and execution of any indenture of this general nature by said President and 
Treasurer shall be sufficient evidence to all parties relying on said instrument 
that the same is satisfactory in form and duly authorized. 

Notice having been given in the caU for the meeting^ of a purpose to amend 
the By-Laws, it was on motion of John Albree unanimously 

Voted, To amend Chapter iii, Article 1, of the By-Laws, by substituting for 
"last \Vednesday in January "the words "first Wednesday in February/' so 
that the article as amended will read : "■ The Annual Meeting of the Corporation 
shall be held on the tlrst Wednesday in February of each year in Boston, notice 
of which shall be sent to Resident and Life Members by the Recording Secre- 
tary, one week in advance." 

The paper of the afternoon was by Kev. William Elliot Griffis, D.D., L.H.D., 
of Itliaca, N. Y. Dr. GrLtlis, making use of stercopticon slides, spoke first of 
conditiouij in Holland, social, economic, and religious, and then showed how 
the results of these conditions were and still are found in the States of New 
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He commented on the manner 
in which the early history of the Dutch in New Yorlc has been perverted by 
confidence being placed in Irving's delineation, which was written as a burlesque 
and not as history. 

At the close of the meeting refreshments were served to the large number 

2 October. A stated meeting of the Society was held at PUgrim Hall, 14 Bea- 
con Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the May meeting were approved, and the reports of the Li- 
brarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 

The rcsignatiou of Mrs. Adeline F. Fitz as a member of the Council was 

Forty-two resident members were elected by ballot. 

The Committee in memoriam Capt. George Augustus Gordon, through its 
Chairman, Samuel Merrill, submitted the following report, which was ordered 
recorded, and it was also voted that a copy be sent to the family of Capt. 
Gordon : 

The New England Historic Genealogical Society places upon its records this testi- 
monial to the great personal worth of one who was for years active ia the Society's 

86 Proceedings of the y. E. Hint. Gen. Society [Jan. 

ulkiirs, and to t!iL- tiilelit\' and rave intelligence with which for seventeen vears he 
performed the duties of Kecordiug Secretary. 

As a meinbiM- Caiit. Gordon possessed in a hinli degree interest in the suijjects for 
the study of which the Society was formed. His own work in this field hegan in his 
bovliood, and ended only witii liis life. He inspired in others pcreater zeal in j^enea^ 
loacal researcli, and assisted many by helpful sujr^estions. As an officer he was 
paTnstakint; and systematic, and the records of tlie Society as he loft them are a model 
of order and conipletuuess. Many v.-jll recall his participation a.^ recording officer in 
the Society's mectiuj,'3, and the prompt dispatch of htisiuess which his orderly mtythods 
rendered possilde. I he Society's books of record will show to future members the 
important part he took in tlie conduct of its aliairs, and for this service the society 
will ever remain his debtor. 

C' Gordon was born in Dover, N. H., July 17. 1827, and died in Somerville May 3, 
1912. Afier graduation from Dartmouth College he adopted the profession of civil 
engineer, and was active as such in the construction of cotton mills in Lawrence, 
Miuicheatcr. and Lowiston. Later, in charge of mines in Georgia, North Carolina, 
and \'irginia, he continued his service in the same profession. Always entertaining 
positive views on every public question, Capt. Gordon found in journalism, however, 
wider opportunities to make liis influence felt, and as an editor he engaged zealously 
in tlie political contliet which culminated in the Civil War. He was a tirm Ijeliever in 
ihe doctrine of States' Rights, and as an editor of newspapers in the Xorth and in the 
South lie promulgated his beliefs with characteristic vigor. His ancestor, Alexander 
Gordon, a Scotch Highlander, fought for the Royalist cause in the English Civil War, 
and was sent to New England as a prisoner of war by Cromwell. George Augustus 
Gordon in his turn, wlien the American Civil War began, fought with musket as he 
had fouiiht with pen for a cause whicli he believed to be right. He was commissioned 
captain in the Confederate Army, and for more than two years wore the uniform of 

Capt. Gordon was a member of the Xew England Historic Genealogical Society for 
thirty-rive years; he was recording secretary from 1893 to 1910, and a member of the 
Council at the time of his death. In all the relations of his life, whether in the society 
or iu the broailer rields in which his earlier years were spent, his keen sense of right 
made him faithful to every obligation, and this fidelity was never shaken by motives 
of expediency or solrishness. This tribute is juatly due from a Society with whose 
interests he was for many years closely associated. 

Mr. Charles S. Jackson, Priacipal of the Eugli.sli Hiarh School. Lynn, read a 
paper on 'iht OI'l-Tiin», (Tattwiuj <>f tke Xorch. This is the region between the 
Hudson River and Lake Champiaiu. which was a route of travel even before the 
advent of Europeans. The speaker localized many of the stirrinir historical in- 
cidents, and illustrated his paper with stereopticou slides whicli he had made 
of the beautiful scenery. 

On motion of Rev. Dr. Arthur W. H. Eaton, it was 

Vot'-il, That the Society expresses to Mr. Jackson its thanks for the enjoy- 
able paper, in winch so many historic facts have been presented with poetic 
"■race and vvitii the added charm of personal enthusiasm. 
" After adiourumeut at i p.m. refreshments were ser^-ed. 

6 ynvniher. X stated meeting of the Society was held at Pilgrim Hall, 
1+ Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.ji., John Carroll Chase, Vice-President from New 
Hampsliii-e. prcsidins. 

The uiiuutes of the October meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Librarian. Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

On recommendation of the Coiincil, the foUowins vote in amplihcation and 
ameudment of a similar vote passed 3 April, regarding a mortgage on tke So- 
ciety's l)uilding, was adopted, a quorum being present and voting : 
" Voted. To authorize the President and the Treasurer to borrow on behalf of 
the Society a sum or sums not exceeding in the aggregate eighty-rive thousand 
(so.UUO) dollars, and to give the note or notes of the Society therefor payable 
in not more than tea (10) Tears from the dates thereof . with interest thereon 
at a rate or rates not exceeding live (5) per centmu per annum : and to execute, 
ackuowlediic. and deliver in the name and behalf of the Society a power-of-sale 
moi-tuaue or mortirau'es (whether the same be first or second mortgages), with 
siichl^pucial provi-lous, if any, as they may deem expedient, of the real estate 
of the Societv Iviuii on or in the rear of Ashburton Place. All^ton Place, Allston 
Street, and Soiiier^et Street, in said Boston: and execution of any mortgage by 
the said (jrlicei's shall l)e sulticient evidence for any lender hi good faith that 
the niortiranc so executed is authorized hereunder: this vote Ijeinsr passed in 
ampliticaCion and amendment of a similar vote passed on April 3, lUi2. 

1913] . JSTotes 87 

The paper of the afternoon was read by Mr. Charles Edward JIann, Clerk of 
the Massachusetts Board of Kailroad Commissioners, and was entitled From 
the Stage-Coach to the Farlor-Car. , The address was replete with incidents, in- 
formation, and extracts from the records concerning transportation facilities 
in the old days. Rev. Mr. Titus, in moving a vote of thanks, spoke of the fact 
that many members of the Massachusetts Legislature, after attendinij,- the obse- 
quies of Tresident John Adams of Quincy, visited tlie Quhicy railroad in order 
to satisfy themselves tiiat a railroad ^vas possible. 

The tellers reported the election of the following as members of the ^'omi- 
natiug Committee: Francis Noyes Balch, Lawrence Brainerd, Edmund Ingersoll 
Leeds, Charles Edward ^lann, ilary Ella Stickuey. 

At 3.50 the meeting adjourned. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those that it issues over its own name 
at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no official representative in England 
the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her time as 
a searcher of records there along special lines for the benefit of the 


Pauentage of Mrs. Rebecca (Parker) Huse. — Rebecca Parker Huse died 
at Harvard, Mass., 14 Sept. 1869. In the town record of her death it is alleged 
that she was a daughter of Ebenezer and Dinah Parker and tliat her age was 
104 years. 2 months, and 12 days. On her gravestone her age is given as 103 
years. This note records the results of a search for the parents of Mrs. Huse, 
a discussion of her probable age at death being purposely omitted. 

Several writers have presented evidence to show that the father of Mrs. Huse 
was a soldier in the Revolution. (See Boston Evening Traveller, October 27, 
1865; Fitchlnirg SentineU 5n\Y 27, 1867; Green's Groton Historical Series, vol. 
3, pp. 108, 481; also Green's F'tcts relating to the History of (iroton. recently 
published, p. 166.) Dr. Green suggests that Mrs. Huse was a daughter of Oliver 
and Eunice Parker, born at Groton 22 Nov. 1700. One Oliver Parker of Groton 
was a soldier in the Revolution, hut no one of his daughters was named Rebecca. 
Oliver Parker, father of the Rebecca who was born at Groton 22 Nov. 17G0, re- 
moved about 1770 to Stoddard. N. li. He was not a soldier in the Revolution. 
On the contrary, he was a Tory, and fled from the country during tlie war. We 
must seek elsewhere for the father of Mrs. Huse. 

Eleazer Parker married at HoUis, N. H.. 8 Feb. 17G3, Dinah Famsworth. It 
is a tirm tradition among their descendants that after marriage they lived a few 
years at Groton. and it is on record that in 1774 and early in 1775 they were re- 
siding at Plymouth, N. H. He was one of flfty-thi'ce residents of Plymouth 
who petitioned in 1774 for the privilege of sending a representative to tlie pro- 
vincial legislature, and in Mar. 1775 his name appears in a division of the town 
into school districts. On the removal of his wife and children from Plymouth 
he did uot accompany them. It is probable that he had joined the army. His 
family nest appear at Douglas, Mass., and according to a custom of tlie time 
they were duly warned. The warrant was issued 28 Aug. 1775, reciting that 
" Dinah Parker, wife of Eleazer Parker, with children Sarah, Rebecca, Dinah, 
Eleazer. and Phiueas, came from Plymouth, N. H., to Douglas in Mav or June 

In 1777 Eleazer Parker and his family were living at Harvard, and there he 
enlisted in the Continental Anny for the term of three j^ears, serving in Capt. 

88 JS^'otes [Jan. 

Joshna Brown's company of Col. Timothy Biirelow's resriraent from 14 Apr. 
1777 to 14; Apr. 17.S0. About lt>00 he removed from Harvard to Bloomtield. Me., 
■where he was livinij as late as is.34. In his application for a pension, in ]fil8, 
he says that he is 77 years of aee, that he served three years Ln Capt. .Joshua 
Brown's con^pany of Col. Timothy Bigelow's regiment, and that he was then a 
resident of Harvard. In a supplementary statement, in 1S20, he names his wife 
Diiiali, and states tliat slic is 78 years of ase. While in the service, his name 
on one company roll is T\rittcn " Ebenezer Farf'^er." His application for a pen- 
sion is siguwl "Eleazer." The pension was granted to --Ebenezer." i)ut paid 
daring his life to •• Eleazer." No reason for the use of the name Ebenezer is 

liebecca Parker, a daughter of Eleazer and Dinah (Famsworth) Parker, the 
date of whose l)irtli is unknown, was married in Dec. 17C/.5 to John Dcni^on Huse. 
He died in Harvard C Aug. 1640. They hail rive cliildrcn. The writer has had 
In liis temporary possession a file of letters, dated from 18.30 to 1n34. written at 
Bloomfield, Me., signed Eleazer and Dinah Parker, and addressed to '• our chil- 
dren John D. and Kebecca Huse of Harvard." 

Fitchbiirfj, Mftsx. Ezra Scollay Steaexs. 

Ayers Biblt! Eecokds.— The following entries are found in an old famfly 
Bible now in my possession. Comparison with some town records proves that 
it belonired to John Ayers of Portsmouth, N. H., whose wife was Mary Hunk- 
ing. (Registkr, vol. 24. p. 16.) The names of the children suggest tfie prob- 
ability that John Ayers was a son of Edward and Alice Ayers ; her gravestone 
exists in the Portsmouth ''Point of Graves," and is recorded in Locke's Ports- 
moiUh and Neiocaslle Cemetery Inscriptions, p. 8. and in iVew Hampshire Genea- 
logical liecord. vol. 1, p. 16. The late Mr. Whitmore's paper on Capt. John 
Ayres of Brooktield shows reason to suppose the line to have spi-ung from him. 

Marey Ayers was bom Jnly y« 10 1723 

Edward Ayers was born [illeffible, hv.t apparenthj Nov y= 3] 1724 Deseased 
this life [illegible^ but apparently Nov y« 28] 1724 

John Ayers Ayers was born August y« 20 1725 

Eliz"» Ayei-s was bom Au^st y« 29 1727 & Deseased this life August y* 7 

"William Avers was bom Febry ye 4 1729/30 & Deseased this life April ve 

Nathanell Ayers was bom Jane y" 1 : 1731 

Sai-ah Ayers w^as bom October 18 : 1733 & Deseased this life aprill y« 12 : 

Alles Ayers was born Sep^ 28 1735 

the Second Edward Ayers was bom Febry 17 1736/7 

hannah Avers was bom June 2^ 1740 

Philip Ayers was bora March 26 1742 & Deseased this life July y« SO 1742 

-he Second Sarah Ayers was bom August y* 9: 1743 

Jane Avers was bor'n March 5 1745 

July y^" 17. 17."/4. My Dear wife raary Ayers the mother of the above Cliildren 
Departed this life July y« 17 1754. In her fifteth year of her age 

The above marey Ayers my Dafter Departed this Life November y« 21, 1754 

[In another handwriting.'] 

Mr. Edward Ayers Depaited this life May lO"" 1792 

Jenny Ayers departed this life Sep*"" y« 16 : 1792. age 47 years. 

In another part of the same Bible is the following memorandum : 

The Rev<i Jabesh FUch Died Saturday 22 of November 1746 

The Revand Joseph Whipel Preachd' from Daniel y« 12 &. 13 [vers ?] iu the 

In tlic after part of the Day he Preached from Timothy 2 [boot?] 4 & 7 
T!ie Reverand Mr Odlin Preached from Salms 88 & 18 in the fore [torn] 
In the after part of the Day he Preached from Philipians y« 1 & 23. 

Boston, 3Iass. Bakrett 'WE::fDELL. 

HARKis-HA-i->:ES. — On page 124 of the Hammatt Papers is a little paragraph 
purporting to give the record of an eaiiy Thomas Harris of Ipswich, whose wid- 


JS^otes 89 

ov: Jlartlia married (2) about 1083 Samuel Biu'nliam, and whose ciiildrcn were 
Tlioinas, John, Elinor. Aquilla. and JIary. Xo evidence of tlic existence of snch 
a family is found in tlie records. . If '• Hayncs " is snbstit'.ited for " Harris " and 
"■Bucliman" for " Bnrnliam." it will Ije found to l>e an accurate record of the 
family of Thomas Hayues of Amesbury. (See Iloyt's Old Families of Salisbury 
and Amesbury, vol. 1. p. I'JT.) 

Concord, j'lass. Georgk S. Stewart. 

ADAJrs-RiSLKY. — The following document is preserved in tlie Connecticut 
State Library at Hartford, in the collection of papers called Towns and Lauds, 
vol. 5, p. 204: 

Tlic testimony of Ricliarrt Eisley S^ 

Hartford May ye 20tli 1720 These may certifie wliome It may Concern yt I 
Eichard Risly of Hartford Do of my Certain Knowled::;e Know yt my fatlier 
John Addams foi-merly of Hartford Deceased, liad seven Cliildren viz : i sons & 
three Daughters : one sou Died without Issue : I married one of ye Daughters 
& Edward Higbee married anotlicr: Jolm Brush married ye other: ye sisters 
are all Deceased l)Ut they have Left Children as I herd by Jeremiah Adorns viz, 
two higbee & 2 : Bruslies which ware well ye Last I herd from them : ye above 
written I am Ready to testifie to If Cald, witness my liaud 

Richard Rislk 

Given under oath, the Adams party being notified to be present, before me 
Ozias Pitlcin jus', a peace Opened in Gen" Court May 21*' 172(5. 

Test Hcz : Wyllys Secretry. 

The Joim Adams referred to was son of Jeremy Adams, one of the original 
proprietors of Hartford; for him and liis descendants see Rkgister, vol. ">9, 
pp. 315-320. The Ricliard Risley who deposes tliat he married one of tlie daugh- 
ters of John Adams was a sou of Richard Risley, another of the original 
proprietors of Hartford. From other documents we learn that Richard Risley 
married the daughter Rebecca, Edward Higbee of Huntington, L. I., the daugh- 
ter Abigail, and John Brush of Huntington. L. I., the daughter Sarah. Up to 
this time even the name of the wife of Richard Risley has been unknown, as 
witness the Risley Genealogy, p. 42. 

Both Jeremy Adams and his son John had grants of land at what became Col- 
chester, from the General Court of Connecticut, and the document given above 
was otfered in evidence by the Adams heirs in a dispute over title with the town 
of Colchester. 
Hartford, Conn. Arthur Adams. 

JexiccsS. — In the Register, vol. fifi, p. 272, I confused four people named 
Mary, each of whom was tiie wife of a Joel Jenl^ins. JoeF Jonlcins married 
three times instead of once, as stated. He married secondly (intention recorded 
28 Jan. 1720/1) Mary Harnet or Har-\ell of ^lalden. By some unaccountable slip 
I credited this marriage to his son Joel,-* who was too young for marriage at 
that time. That the latter married a Mary, however, is shown by his will, and 
in ^Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. i!<5. p. 2(;0. and vol. 47, p. 481, is proof that the 
Mary who married Samuel Graves was Mary, widow of Joel, Jr., and not of Joel, 
Sr. Joel,' the father, married thirdly, .5 Apr. 1 733, Mary, widow of Dea. Thomas 
Taylor (Middlesex Co. Probate Files, No. 22.241) and daughter of Samuel and 
Mary Damon (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 25, p. (176). Her son or grandson, 
Thomas Taylor, was appointed administrator of her estate 10 Feb. 17G7. (Mid- 
dlesex Co. Probate Records, vol. 44, p. 77.) 

Sarah-* Jenkins (Joel') married first (intention recorded at Boston 23 July 
1732) James Harvell. who died before 8 Mar. 1754. She married secondly Sam- 
uel Killara of 'Wilmington. Children bv first husband : 1. James, b. 7 Sept. 
1733; d. 1 Mar. 1735. 2. James, .b. 23 Dec. 1736. 3. Mary, b. 3 Oct. 1740. 4. 
Joel Jenkins, b. 8 Aug. 1745. 

22 Gramercy Park, yew York, N. Y. C. Harold Floyd. 

INSCRIPTION'S FROM PORTSMOUTH. R. I. — Not far from the railway station at 
Portsmouth, R. I., are two small family burial-lots, those of Brownell and "Wil- 

90 mtes [Jan. 

cox. The follo'nin'r are all the inscriptions to be found there, but there are 
several gmves marked by plahi stones : 
In Memory of George Browilell Esq"- he died Sepf S'' 1791 iu the OO"" year of 

his Age. 
Iu Memory of Joshua Brooking Son of Sam' Brookinz Mas' of his Maj« Ship 

Juno, who Departed this life Sepf 19"». 1777, Aired 14 years. 
In Memory of Stephen Brownell Esq'' who died Ucf ye 19"' \'j'> iu ye CO'-'^ 

Year of his Age. 
In Memory of George Browuell died April y« 20"^ 1718 iu y« 70'*» Year of Ms 

Iu Memory of Susannah y Wife of George Brownell died Febry y« 24r"> 1743-4 

in y>^ 91*' Year of her Age. [_0n the same stone with the inscription immedi- 
ately precedin/j.] 
In Memoiy of Mr George Brownell who died May 9, 17C2 iu ye 26 year of his 

In Memory of Mrs. Wait Brownell, wife of Mr. George Brownell, who died 

Dec. — , 1794, iu ye 54"^ year of her age. 
In ilemory of Joseph Brownell Esq^ who died May 9"^ 179.5, Ased 73 Years. 
Iu Memory of [hrvken] Daughter of [hrukenl Mrs. Manha Col)b [broken~\ died 

Eel)>' 24, 1795, Aged « months .ill days. 
Dauiel Wilcox, died May <i, 1851. iE. 50 y'rs. 6 mo's i, 25 d's. 
Mary wife of Daniel Wilcox died Feb. 25, 1834, Aged 45 y'rs. 4 mo's & [Tliis 

stone lies flat on the ground and is partly covered.'] 
In Memory of Mr. John Wilcocks who died May 21*« 1787 in the 62* year of 

his Age. 
In ilemorv of Mrs. Marv Wilcocks wife of M"" John Wilcocks She died 

March 19"> 1807 iu her 77"^ Year. 
In Memory of Capt. Cook Wilcocks who died August 21, 1830 in the 79"» year 

of his age. 
In Memory of Mrs Sarah Willcocks wife of Mr. Cook Willcocks who died 

Jan 7, 1 in her HO"^ year. 

In Memory of Sarah Daugliter of M'' Daniel Sc M" Elizabeth Wilcocks who 

died Aug 15, 1769 iu ye 4^^ year of her Age 

39 Oxford Street, Sumerville, JIass. Ella F. Elliot. 

The Axcestry of Rogkr Willums. — In Book Xotes, a publication edited by 
Mr. Sidney S. Rider of Providence, R. I., under date of May 25, 1912, there is 
an article entitled The Amiestnj of Moge.r Williams, now for the first time ac- 
curatclg and conclusivelij shoivn. Iu this article, which covers some seven 
closely-printed pages, Mr. Rider attempts to overthrow both Mrs. Bates's state- 
ments and my own statements on the matter in hand, and ends by arriving at 

exactly the same conclusion as that reached by me iu an article in the Xews- 
Sheet for April 1, 1912 1 Basing his argument upon a Chancery case, of whose 
existence the eminent genealogist, Heni-y F. Waters, Esq.. was aware in 1889, 
and which he recommended at that time for examination, Mr. Rider decides that 
Rosier Williams of Pi'ovidence was a sou of James and Alice (Pemberron) 
Williams and a brother of Sidrach Williams of Loudon. This is exactly the 
conclusion which I accepted in the article in the Xeics-Sheet and which Mr. 
Waters made known some twenty-three years ago. although much to his regret 
his work for the New England Historic Genealogical Society did not allow him 
at that time to undertake a special iuvestigation in the matter. (Registeu, vol. 
43, pp. 290-303, July, 1889.) This Chancery case of 15 Aug. 1644, upon which 
alone Mr. Rider bases his argument, does not by itself prove anything in regard 
to the ancestry of Roger Williams, but it adds another strong link to the chain 
of evidence so ably forged by Mr. Waters. 

Mr. Rider has failed to give an exact copy of the most important part of the 
Chancery proceedings, although he quotes the rest of the case at lenirth. In his 
article ( Book A'(;its,"vol. 29. p.' 87) he writes : •' In April 16-35 [probably meant 
by ilr. Rider for April KJ, 1635] he [Williams] refused to swear to au oath be- 
fore a magistrate in Court. It was the same thing done by the Roser Williams be- 
fore the m!i:xistrate of the Chancery Court in London in August 1644."' This re- 
fusal on the part of Roger Williams to take oath is by far the most important 
point iu the case, next to the fact that Roger and Sidrach are shown to be sons 
of Alice Williams. The desirability of having au exact quotation of the words 


Notes 91 

of the Chancery proceedins: relating to this refusal is apparent when one reads 
the following passage in tlie Registeh, vol. 43, p. 301 : " In liis ' George Fox' 
(page 413), spealiing of judicial oatl\3, Williams refers to ' eases that liave be- 
fallen myself m the Chancery in England &c. and of the loss of great sums 
which I chose to bear througli the Lord's help (rather) than yield to the for- 
mality (then and still in use) in God's worship ; though I oft'ered to swear as 
F. H. mentions they have done, and tlie judges told me they would rest in my 
testhnony and way of swearing, but they could not dispense witli me without 
an act of parliament.' " 

Mr. Rider is entitled to credit for having followed up the Chancery suit, as 
was suggested by Mr. Waters, and for having thus added another link in this 
chain of evidence; burin view of the facts disclosed by Mr. Waters in 1889, 
some tweuty-tliree years ago, he cannot justly claim that he has " now for the 
first time accurately and conclusively shown " the ancestry of Koger Williams. 
All. however, must concede that Roger Williams of Providence was son of 
James and Alice Williams and brother of Sidrach Williams. 

In regard to Roger Williams of Virginia, there were two persons of the name 
who emigrated to that colony, but neitlier of them could have been the Roger 
who was brother of Sidrach Williams of Loudon. One of these was Roger 
Williams, a servant, who came in the Southampton in 1G22, aged 20 (Hotten's 
Original Lists, p. 233). As Roger, brother of Sidrach Williams, was made over- 
seer of the will of Ralph Wightman of London, dated 27 Dec. 1628 and proved 9 
Feb. 1628/9 (Register, vol. 43, p. 293), he could not have been in Virginia at 
that time. The other Roger WUliams embarked for Virginia in the Constance, 
24 Oct. 1635, aged 19 (Hotten. p. 137), and he is clearly not the Roger who was 
son of James and Alice Williams, for on 1 Aug. 1634 the latter was " beyond 
the seas " with a wife and daughter (Will of Alice Williams, Register, vol. 43, 
p. 292). 

In the Herts Genealogist and Antiquary^ vol. 3, p. 242, in an article entitled 
Femberton of St. Albans, is found an indenture, dated 10 Jan. 7 James I (1610/ 
11) between Roger Pemberton of St. Albans, Gent., his son Jolm, and James 
Williams, citizen and merchant of London, on the one part, and William Ansrell, 
citizen and baker of London, and Robert AngeU, citizen and merchant of Lon- 
don, on the other part, for certain lands for the use of John Pemberton and 
Katherine AngeU for their lives. For the marriage of John Pemberton and 
Katherine Angell see N'ews-Sheet, April 1, 1912. 

JS'ewport, B. I. G. Ajstdrews Mokiakty, Jr. 

Historical Intelligence 

The New Bctlding of Tin-: New Engl.^nt) Historic Gexe.vlogical Society. — 
The new building of the Society at 9 Ashbniton Place, Boston, the corner-stone 
of whicii was laid by President Baxter with appropriate ceremonies on 18 Mar. 
1912. was occupied by tlie Society on Forefathers' Day, 21 Dec, and the valuable 
collection of printed genealogical works and the priceless manuscripts of the 
Library are now safely housed in a tire-proof structure, conveniently situated 
with reference to state, county, and city records, and so designed as to otfer 
to every department of the Society the best facilities for the prosecution of its 
special work. 

The first number of vol. 67 of the Register is issued from the Robert Henry 
Eddy Memoklvl Rooms in the new building, which are henceforth to be the 
home of the editorial department of the Society. These rooms have received 
their name, by vote of the Council, in grateful recognition of the generosity of 
the late Robert Henry Eddy, a portion of whose munificent bequest to the 
Society has been set apart as the Eddy Town-Record Fund and makes possible 
the participation of the Society in the work of printing the Vital Records of 
Towns in Massachusetts. 

To those officers and members, past and present, of the Society who have given 
so unsparinsjly of their time, counsel, and resources in order to provide for the 
Society and its treasures a safe abode, and to tliose generous friends of the 
Society and of genealosry whose tinancial aid has contributed so largely to the 
success of this uudertaking, all those interested in tlie preservation of family 
records are under lasting obligations. 

92 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

Marixaxd HrsTOiiiCAL SociKTY. — Tlie Jlaryland Historical Society, of Balti- 
more, is maldnir etlbrtrs to (^Ijtaiii. 1)}' .subscriptions from members and b.v -tate 
aid, funds for tlie constructitiU of a new and coinmodioiis Hre-proof building 
and also an endowment to provide for the maintenance of tlie library and the 
pu))lications of the Society in perpetuity. Those wlio are familiar witli tlie ex- 
cellent work wliich tlie Society is doin-; in the fields of liistory and treneulo'.i7 
and with the hi;rh raulc held by its cuiarterly publication, tiie Mnrylmul. I{i.-<h,rii-al 
Jilojj'izinc, anionii; periodicals devoted to these suliiccts. will hope tliat iiM/:ins 
may be found to erect a suitable home for the Society and to ensure tlie con- 
tinuance of its publications. 

FEuny-FEnRE-FERlcT. — The Ferry-Forrc-Ferdt Family Historical As.'sociation 
of America, made up of descendants of Cliarlcs Ferre, who settled at Spriniriield, 
Mass., in IfifiO, was oriranized at Boston 4 .Tune 1912. The ortlce of the Asso- 
ciation is at 912 Penu Mutual Building, 2-i Mill< Street. Boston, Mass., and the 
secretary-treasurer is RhodaEmma Ferry, from wliom and also from .\arou Ferre 
Randall, actiujj-president. circulars describing the purpose of tlie ori^nization 
and giving information about the immigrant ancestor may be obtained. 

GK^'EALoGIT:s IN Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birtii, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full ii 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Cooper. — Dea. John of Cambridge. Mass., who was baptized at Dedham. co. 
Essex. England. 14 Mar. 1G18, and died at Cambridge, Mass., 22 Aug. IG'Jl. by 
Miss Hattie B. Cooper, 1 Kensington Park, Roxbury, Mass. 

Devcrevx.~:io\m of Salem and Marblehead, Mass., 1630-1636, by Mrs. F. M. 
Angellotti, San Rafael, Cal. 

Xnccomh. — Andrew of England (probably Devonshire) or "Wales, who was 
born about 1618 and died at Boston, Mass., in Nov. 1686, by B. M. Newcomb, 
200 Davis Street, San Francisco, Cal. 


[The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Registeb 
to state, for the information ot readers, the price of each book, with the amount to be 
added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 
January \i^ae, books should l)e received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for July, by 
May 1; and for October, by July 1.] 


Ayars genealogy. Benjamin A[bbott] Ayars, his ancestry and descendants. 
By Bessie Ayars Andrews. Vineland, N. J., 1912. 17 p. por. 8° 

Barrett genealogy. Barrett ancestry [descendants of William of Cambridge, 
Mass., Thomas of Braintree, Mass., Humphrey of Concord. Mass.] From 
works pertaining to the family, by Charles Edward Potter, Joseph Hartwell 
Barrett, A.M., William Barrett, Dr. James Savage and others. Bv George 
Castor Martin. New York City, N. Y., Martin & Allardyce, 1912. 23 "p. pi. 12<» 

Beach genealogy. The descendants of Thomas Beach of Milford, Conn. [By 
Mary Ella Beacli.] Hartford, Conn., privatelv printed, The Case, Lockwood & 
Brainard Co., 1912. 51 p. 8° 

Elatchford genealogy. Blatchford Memorial 2, a genealogical record of the 
family of Rev. Samuel Blatchford, D.D., with some mention of allied families, 


Hecent Boohs 93 

also autobiosraphical sketch of Rov. Dr. Blatchford from "The Blatchford 
Memorial." By Eliplialet Wickes Blatchford. Privately printed, 1912. 123 p. 
I fcsm. pi. por. 4° 

\ Burke genealo^. "William de Buriih, progenitor of the Burkes in Ireland. 

3 By Martin J. Blake. Gahvay, O'Gorman, Printinghonse, 1911. 20 p. pi. 8° Re- 

printed (with revisions) from the Gahvay Arclia;ological Journal, vol. vii, no. ii. 
pp. 83-101. 

CloTDper genealogry- Cornelius Jansen Clopper and his descendants. Bv .Toha 
j R. W'itcraft. Merchantville, N. J., 1912. 40 p. 8» Price §2.00. Address the 

/ author, Merchantville, N. J. 

A Rcnealojiicnl record will be found of the following families: Jans, Ten Eyck, Roosevelt, 
Grevenraet, Leiferts, aud Schuyler. 

i Crapo, Williain Wallace, ancestry. Certain Comeoverers, vols. 1 and 2. By 

Henry Howlaud Crapo. Xew Bedford, Mass., E. Anthony &, Sons, inc., printers, 
1912. 12+519 ; 7+523-1044 p. pi. 8° 

The author gives the ancestors of Jesse Crapo. Phebe Howland, Anne Almy Chase, Williams 
Slocum, Sarah Morse Smith, Abner Toppan, Aaron Davis, and Klizabeth Stanford. 

Dumont, McPike, and Denton genealogies. Romance of jrenealoar, pt. 2. By 
Eugene Ffairiield] McPike. n. p. 1912. p. 23-41 8° Reprint from The Maga- 

i zine of History, 1912. 

, The author also gives a short account of the following families : Traverrier, Kezeau, Guest, 

Mountain, Lyon, Welis, fairlield, and Thurber. 

• j Eyer genealogy. Ancestry of TVilliam Dyer, " the Abington Pioneer." Pro- 

'/ ceedings of the Dyer Association, organized Sept. 10, 1011. Edited by Dr. E. 

i Aldeu Dyer, "Whitman, Mass. n.p. n. d. 71 p. map 8° Pp. 7-9, a reprint from 

i Register for April, 1911. Price $1.50. Address Elmer PuUerton, Brockton, 

i Mass. 

{ Fergnson genealogy. Genealogy of the descendants of John Ferguson, a native 

of Scotland, who emigrated to America before the Revolutionary war. By 
Arthur B[ixby] Ferguson, Ph.B., M.D. Salem, Mass., Newcomb & Gauss, 1911. 

1- 112 p. pi. per. 8» 

Floyd genealogy. Biographical genealogies of the Virginia-Kentucky Floyd 
families with notes of some collateral branches. By N. J. Floyd. Baltimore 
/ [Md.], Williams & "Wilkins Co., 1912. 113 p. fcsm. il. por. 8» Price .51.50. 

Address "Williams & "Wilkins Co., 2427-29 York Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Grant genealogy. The 304th anniversary of the birth of Matthew Grant. Re- 
port of the fourth reunion of the Grant Family Association at "Windsor and 
, Hartford, Conn., Oct. 27, 1905. Frank Grant, editor. "Westfleld, Mass., 1906, 

; printed in 1912. 48 p. pi. por. 4° 

Hamilton genealogy. The Hamiltons of Waterborough (York County, ilaine), 
their ancestors and descendants. 912-1912. By Samuel Kin? Hamilton, M.S. 
Privately printed. [Boston, Mass. Press of Murray and Emerj' Co.] 1912. 
xiii.+407 p. fcsm. il. map pi. por. 8" 

Harwood genealogy. A genealogical history of the Harwood families, de- 
' scended from Andrew Harwood, whose English home was in Dartmouth, Eng., 

and who emigrated to America, and was living in Boston, Mass., in 1(U3. 3d 
edition. In the first edition the record extended back only to James Harwood, 
3 grandson of Andrew. By "Watson -H. Harwood, M.D. Chasm Falls, N. Y., 
1911. 154 p. pi. por. 80 

Hearae genealogy. Addenda, Heme history, 1912. p. 755-806 por. 8° 

Horton genealogy. The ancestors and descendants of Isaac Horton of Liberty, 
N. Y. By Byron Barnes Horton, M.A. New York, Frederick H. Hitchcock, 
genealogical publisher, c'1912. 52 p. 8° Price §1.50. Address the author, 
Sheffield, Pa. 

Howland Homestead. Bulletin, vol. 1, nos. 3 and 4. Boston, ]Mass., published 
by the Society of the Descendants of Pilgrim John Howland, of the Ship " May- 
flower." 12 p. il. pi; 12 p. il. 8° 

94 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

Jones genealogy. Captain Roarer Jones, of London and Virarinia. Some of his 
antecedents and descendants. Witli appreciative notice of otiier families, viz. : 
Batliurst, Beltield, Browning, Carter. Catesby, Cocke, Graliam, Fauntleroy, 
Hiclinian, Hoslcins. Latane, Lewis, Meriwether, Skelton. Walker. Warina, 
Woodford and others. [2nd edition.] Notes by Judire L[ewis] H[anipton] 
Jones, of Winchester, Ky. Albany, N. Y., Joel Muusell's Sons, publishers, 1»91 
[Privately printed 1912]. 442 p. fcsm., pi. por. 8" Price to libraries, $5.00 net. 
Address jud^e Lewis H. Jones. 524 1st St., Louisville. Ky. 

In tliis new edition, the supplement, p. 28H-44i, contains a full .iceount of Col. Frederick 
Jones, wlio died in North Ciirolina in 1722, iind liia descendants; also an extended account of 
the Carter and Jekyll families. 

Lake genealogy. A genealogy of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbor in old 

Gloucester County in New Jersey. By Arthur Adams and Sarah Afnn] Eisley. 
Privately printed, 1912. 26 p. S" Price 25 cts. Address Miss Sarah A. Hislev, 
232 South Mam St., Pleasantville, N. J. 

MoCansland genealogy. The McCauslands of Donaghanie and allied families. 
By Merze Marvin. [Shenandoah, Iowa, 1911.] 60+36 p. il. map por. 8° Price 
$2.00. Address M. Marvin, Sentinel-Post Co., Shenandoah, Iowa. 

Payne genealogy. The Paynes of Hamilton [N. Y.]. a genealogical and bio- 
graphical record. By Augusta Francelia Payne White. New York, Tobias 
A[lexander] Wright, publisher, 1912. 245 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° 

Peirce genealogy. Solomon Peirce family genealogy containing a record of 
his descendants also an appendix containing the ancestry of Solomon Peirce 
and his wife Amitv Fessenden. Bv [Mrs.] Marietta Peirce BaUey. Arlinirton, 
Mass. [Press of Geo. H. Ellis Co., "Boston], 1912. viii-l-lSl p. por. pi. 8<> ' 

Phippg genealogy. Notes on Phipps and Phip families of England. Ireland, 
the West Indies, and of New Enirland. Pt. 2. (Descendants of Phipps of 
Nottingham and Reading.) (1) Phipps of St. Christopher's, West Indies. 1670- 
ISOO. (2) Descendants of Sir Constantine Phipps, (Barons and Earls of Mul- 
grave, Viscounts and Marquises of Normanby) 1685-1863. By Maj. H. R. 
Phipps, R.F.A. 2+18-53 p. chart 8" 

Selleck and Peck genealogies. By William Edwin Selleck. Chicago [HI.], pri- 
vately printed, 1912. 74 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° 

Seymour genealogy. Record of the Seymour family in the Revolution. [By 
Morris Woodruff Seymour.] n. p. n. d. 40 p. por. F" 

Shepardson genealogy. The Shepardson family, branches of the family in the 
United States when the first census was taken in 1790. By Francis Wayland 
Shepardson. n. p. 1912. 14 p. 8° 

Stetson Kindred of America (inc.). Booklet no. 3. Stetson Kindred of America, 
inc. Comprising the papers read at the reunions of 1910 and 1911. list of ves- 
sels built by the Stetsons, records of the reimion of 1911, obituary and cut of 
the oldest member of the Corpoi-ation. and questions taken from Barry's records 
of the Stetson family. [By G. W. Stetson.] 45 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° Price 
50 cts. Address Stetson Kindred of America, Medford, Mass. 

■Weybum-Wybom genealogy. Being a history and pedigree of Thomas Wybom 
of Boston and Scituate, Mass., and Samuel Weybum of Penn., with notes on 
the origin of the family in England, and several branches in Kent County in 
paiticular. By S[amuel] Fletcher Weyburn. New York, Frank Allaben Gene- 
alogical Co. [c'1911] 218 p. map pi. por. 8° 

Whittier and Bolfe genealogies. Notes on the English ancestry of the Whittier 
and Rolfe families of New England, n. p. 1912. 14 p. 8" Reprint from 
Register for July, 1912. 

Williston genealogy. Williston genealogy, Joseph Williston and Joseph Wil- 
liston, .Jr., A.D. 1667-A.D. 1747, and the 'descendants of Rev. Noah Williston, 
•with certain atliliated and allied brandies. A.D. 1734-A.D. 1912. By A[rthur] 
Lyman Williston, M.A. [Pref. Northampton, Mass., Aug. 1912.] 28 p. 8" 

1913] Btcent Boohs 95 

Yeater genealogy. Genealogies of Jolui J. Yeater and Sarah Jeanctte (Ellis) 
Yeater, liis wife. By Sarali"j[eauetteJ Yeater. Saiadia, Mo.. Stladia Printing 
Co., 1912. 36 p. 80 

A short .iccount will be found of Roger Conant, John Woodbury, Alexander Pnrkratin Davis, 
Edmund Freeman, and of tlie furailies of Ellis (descendants of Joliu), liall, and Jameson. 

Jersey Dutcli genealogy. Some .Jersey Dutch scenealogy. Address at the an- 
nual meeting of tUe Genealogical Society of Penusyh'ania. at Philadelphia, 
Mar. 5, lOOG. By William Nelson. Paterson, N. J., Patersou History Club, 
1912. 19 p. S" 


Avery, Catherine Hitchcock, memoir. Mrs. Elroy M. Avery (Catherine Hitch- 
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Vol. 66, p. 53, line 2, /or Mary .Jane Matthews read Sarah Jane Mathes. 
Vol. G3, p. xcvi, first column, line 41, for William read Willard. 


? ■-..iL".* " '■- ■ ■■■" "" .-^^'./y*^ 

yum > \ 1 





[m .'■.'. 



i- ' 

•^p -^^^ifc^ ■ 

,_ ; '"' • ■^'•'-?^J 

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'»*« .-^-^.^.^ /..« 

Soa^/oA^ /d. i^&k&L. 




APRIL, 1913 


By Franklin Benjamix Sanborn, A.B., of Concord, Slass. 

Joseph Burbeen Walker might be described under many ap- 
pellations, all honorable to himself", but in regard to the subjects of 
our Society's research, history and genealogy, he was both an his- 
torian of much learning, industry, and facility of communication, 
and in himself an historical antiquity of Xew Hampshire. This 
characterization of him is warranted by the peculiar circumstances 
of his birth, genealogy, residence, and life-long connection with the 
history, the jurisprudence, and the charitable and civilizing insti- 
tutions of that State, at whose capital he was born, lived, and died. 

His great-grandfather. Rev. Timothy Walker, born at Woburn, 
Mass., 27 July 1705, son of Samuel and Judith (Howard) Walker 
of Woburn, grandson of Dea. Samuel and Sarah (Reed) Walker 
of AYoburn, and arreat-fjrandson of Samuel ^Valker of Reading^ and 
later of Woburn,* was graduated at Harvard College in 1725, and 
was the first settled minister of Concord, N. H., while it was known 
by its earlier names of Penacook and Rumfoi'd. That was his only 
parish, and there he labored from 1730 to his death, 1 September 
1782. He married, 12 November 1730, Sarah, daughter of James 
and ^lary Burbeen of Woburn and granddaughter of John ourbeen, 
a native of Scotland, wlio came to Woburn as early as 16G0. She 
was born 17 June 1701 and died 19 February 177rS.-|- 

Rev. Timothy Walker's only son Timothy was born at Concord 
26 June 1737 and died there 5 Mav 1822. He was graduated at 
Harvard in 1756, studied theology, and preached for some ten years, 
but was never settled as a minister over any parish. At the time 
of the Revolution he held a commission as colonel in the New Hamp- 
shire Militia and was a prominent patriot, and from 1777 to 1809 
he was a justice of the Court of Common Pleas. He married his 


t An Account of John Burbeen . . . and . . . his Descendants, by Joseph 
B. Walker, Concord, N". H., 1892. Rev. Timothy Walker's Diaries, edited and anno- 
tated by Joseph B. Walker, were published at Concord, N. H., in 188'J. 

100 Joseph Burheen Walher [April 

cousin Susannah, daughter of his uncle, Rev. Joseph Burbccn of 
IVoburn, and his wife Estlier (Pool). She was born 11 April 1740 
and died 28 September 1828. » 

Among the fourteen children of Hon. Timothy and Susannah 
! P^iirbeen) Walker the youngest son "was .Tnsei)h, who was I^orn at 
Concord 12 January 1782 and died B 2»Iardi i8;io. He was a c:ip- 
tain in the New Hampshire Militia, and married, 22 !March 1820, 
Ann Sawyer, born 21 June 1786, daughter of Dea. Moses and Ann 
(FItz) Sawyer of Sali.-ljury, Ma3s., and a de-^ccndant of William 
Sawyer of Salem, ^Venham, and Xewbury, ZNlass.'" 

Upon the home-lot of his woi'thy ancestor, Rev. Timothy "Walker, 
and in the house of his father, Capt. Joseph AValker, Joseph Bur- 
been Walker, named for his other clerical great-grandfather, Joseph 
Burbeen, was bom, 12 June 1822. On that estate, which he in- 
herited, he lived all his life 5 and there, in tlae earlier house of Par- 
son Vv'alker, he died, 8 January 1913, at past the patriarchal age 
of ninety. 

His mother, Ann (Sawyer) Walker, died 25 December 1824. 
before he had attained the age of three years, and his father died 
when the boy was only ten ; but his inherited estate was carefully 
managed by his guardian, Richard Bradley, and after attending the 
Concord schools as a boy, he was sent in 1838 as a lad of sixteen 
to Phillips Exeter Academy, where he graduated in 1841, and im- 
mediatelv entered Yale College, gradiuiting there in 1844. In the 
meantime, in 1839, on the advice of the celebrated surgeon. Dr. 
"William PeiTy of Exeter, he intermitted stvidy there, and at the age 
of seventeen went South for tlie winter of 1839—40, traversing the 
southern Atlantic States to Charleston, S. C, and after some time 
there, o-oing on to Savannah and Cuba. His health and his knowl- 
edge of mankind were improved by this early experience of n-avel, 
and when, fifty years later, he went to visit liis married daugliter, 
jIi's. Charles il. Gilbert, at Savannah, he was a guest at the same 
Charleston hotel at which he had resided in 1839-40. 

In 1844—45 he studied law for a time at the Harvard Law School. 
Ijut completed his law studies in the office of Hon. Charles Henry 
Peaslee of Concord, a congressman from 2\ew Hampshire, and one 
of the most active advocates in the Democratic party of the establish- 
ment of the excellent Asylum for the Insane at Concord. Of this 
institution Mr. Walker became a trustee ia 1847, at the age of 
twenty-five, and continued as one of the trustees for sixty years. 

]Mr. Walker was admitted to the Xew Hampshire bar in !March 
1S47, but in 1853 he gave up the practice of law, having inherited 
tlie Parsonage farm, a verv larcce one, which he carried on scienti- 
ficidly and profitably for many years, being also bank director, rail- 
road director, and an active participant in the political atfairs of his 

•Ctenealofry of Some of the Descendants of William Sawyer, of ZSTewbury, Mass., 
by Nathauiel Sawyier and Joseph Burbeen Walker, Mauchester, ;N. H., 1SS9. 

1913] Josejoh Burheen Walher 101 

native city and state. He served on the Concord School Board 
and on the Board of xVldermeft. In 1866, as a member of the Xew 
Hampshire House of Eepresentatives, he reported the bill establish- 
ing the Xew Hampshire College of Agriculture and the ^Mechanic 
Arts, and secured its passage, and he was a trustee of this institu- 
tion for manv vears. In 1883 he be<ran a lonn; period of active 
service on the Board of Forestry Commissioners, and he was a 
member and at one time the president of the Board of Agriculture. 
In 1889 he was a member of the Xew Hampslure Constitutional 
Convention, and in the fall of 1892 he was elected to the State 

While still a very young man he manifested a lively interest in 
historical matters. Ever after 1845 he was an active member of 
the Xew Hampshire Historical Society, serving as its librarian for 
five years (1845-50), its recording secretary for four years (1849- 
53), its vice-president, and finally its president for two years 
(1866-68). He lived to see it establislied in the year 1912, 
througli the munificence of one of its members, Edward Tuck of 
Exeter and Paris, in a noble hall, in which, perhaps, some of his 
valuable records and family portraits may find shelter. 

These portraits, along with views and landscapes in Germany, 
were left to Mr. Walker, her cousin and one of her business agents, 
by the last Countess Rumford, Sarah Thompson, at her death at 
Concord late in 1852. They include three portraits of Count Kum- 
ford (an oil-painting, taken in London about 1783, representing 
him in the uniform of a British colonel ; another, by the German 
artist Kellerhofer, painted in Munich about 1797 ; a third, the most 
cherished by his daughter, taken in colored chalk by Lane in 
1809) ; a portrait in oil of the Countess Sarah, and another of 
Capt. Lefevre, supposed to be her half-brother ; portraits in oil of 
the Countess Baumgarten, mother of Count llumford's alleged 
daughter, Sophy, and of her only sister, the Countess Xogarola ; 
and a colored-chalk portrait of tlie Baroness de Kall)e. There are, 
besides, German water-color landscapes, presented to Count Eumfoi'd 
for his services in keeping Munich clear of the allied armies ; views 
in the English Garden at Munich, a creation of Rumford's ; a pen- 
cil-sketch of his friend, Pictet, the naturalist ; and an engraving of 
Baron Hompesch. I have omitted the most stately of ail, Keller- 
hofer's oil-portrait of the Elector of Bavaria, Karl Theodor, in a 
fine frame. These remain in the ancient house of the Walker fam- 
ily at Concord. 

The Kolfe house, built for the Count's first wife, Mrs. Eolfe, at 
the time of her marriage to Col. Eolfe, was occupied by her and 
Maj. Thompson, after her second marriage in 1772, till Thompson 
left Concord in tiie late autumn of 1774, in consequence of the pop- 
ular odium into which lie had fallen l^ecause of liis intimacy with 
Gov. Wentworth and the other Lovalists of Xew England. It is 

102 Joseph Barbeen Walker [April 

still standing, a mile or two from the Walker estate, and lias long 
been occupied as a home i'ox orphan girls, according to arrangements 
originally made by the Count in 1797, but materially modified by 
his daughter in her will, and carried out by her executor, James F. 
Baldwin of Boston, and Mr. Walker. The latter had much to do 
with the care of tiiis estate and charity during the past sixty years, 
and one of the many public services he rendered was to help admin- 
ister and make known this endowed orphanage, the liolfe and Eum- 
ford Asylum, for the poor and needy, particularly young females 
without mothers.* 

Mr. Walker's relation to the family of a Bavarian count of the 
Holy Roman Empire was a part of his own family inheritance. 
After the return of Parson Walker and Col. Benjamin Kolfe from 
England, where they had obtained from the King in Council a re- 
versal of the unjust decision of the Xew Hampshire courts against 
the land-titles of the early settlers of Rumford under a Massachu- 
setts land-grant, as hereafter related. Col. Eolfe, a wealthy citizen, 
pleaded for the hand of the Parson's daughter, Sarah, as his second 
wife, and they were married, with great disparity of years, in 17G2. 
Col. Rolfe died a few years later, leaving his young widow with a 
young child, a fine estate, and a brave new house, the largest in 
Rumford. Benjamin Thompson of Wobum, coming up the Z\Ier- 
rimac Valley to teach school in the thriving town, captivated the 
heart of the rich widow, and they were married a little before the 
American Revolution. He was handsome, accomplished, with a 
turn for military life, and was made a major in the local militia by 
Gov. John Wentworth, the last of the royal governors of the flour- 
ishing Province. When the Parliamentary oppression of Xew Eng- 
land began, Wentworth (the real founder of Dartmouth College) 
sided with the Parliament, and Thompson inclined the same way, 
enough, at least, to raise animosity against him in Xew Hampshire, 
and particularly in Rumford, where he was threatened with indig- 
nities by the mob. Escaping from home by night, he took refuge 
with his friends in Massachusetts ; and though they brought evidence 
that he was not an enemy of his native country, he thought it ex- 
pedient after the fight at Bunker Hill to abandon the patriots and 
take shelter in besieged Boston. Thence he crossed the ocean to 
Loudon, where he found favor with King George, who knighted 
him, and sent him to the Elector of Bavaria, who wanted a man of 
science to reorganize his artillery. For this and other good servdce 
the Elector made him Count Rumford, Thompson taldng his title 
from his father-in-law Walker's parish. ]Mrs. Thompson, the first 
Countess Rumford, was Joseph Burbeen Walker's great aunt, being 
sister of his grandfather. Judge Wallvcr ; and he was therefore first 

* See An Historical Account of the Rolfe and Kumford Asylum. Concord, X.H., 1909, 
a pamiihlet of 36 pages, of which Mr. Walker was the author, although hia name does 
not nppoiir as such. 

1913] Joseph Burheen Walker 103 

cousin once removed of Sarah Thompson, second and last Countess 
Rumtbrd, who received that title as Sir Benjamin Thompson's daugh- 
ter after her mother's death. Slie survived in Concord till her cousin 
Walker was thirty years old, and she entrusted much of the care of 
her bequests in that town to him. The town had long before changed 
its name and had t^ecoine the capital of the State. 

As an historian !Mr. Walker specially devoted himself to matters 
concerning his native state and its seat of government, the city of 
Concord, both before and after it became the state capital. His 
great-grandfather, a pastor there for more than a half-century, was 
involved, together with his son-in-law. Col. Rolfe, in a famous con- 
troversy with the Wentworths of Portsmouth, provincial governors, 
and their kindred and friends, who had given town charters and 
made settlements, after the true boundary between JSTew Hampshire 
and Massachusetts had been established by the King in Council 
about 1740, in districts previously granted by the Massachusetts 
authorities. In the territory of Eumford and the region round- 
about all the residents held their lands by titles drawn either from 
original Indian purchases or from charters given by Massachusetts. 
In 1727, however, only two years after the Massachusetts govern- 
ment had granted Rumford to Col. Rolfe and his associates, who 
later called and settled young Timothy Walker as their minister, 
most of this territory was granted by the authorities of New Hamp- 
shire, under the name of the town of Bow, to members of the Went- 
worth family and others, and they endeavored to collect fines and 
taxes from the older settlers. The " Bow Controversy," of which 
Joseph Burbeen Walker wrote the faithful history,* soon began, but 
did not come to an issue until twenty years later, when, the Xew 
Hampshire juries having given verdicts practically dispossessing 
Rolfe, Walker, and their townsmen, the original " Proprietors of 
Rumford " met, voted 100 pounds to pay the cost of an appeal to 
George II, and sent Parson Walker to London to engage counsel 
and press the appeal. This was in 1753. He went abroad in 1754, 
was fortunate enough to engage Murray, afterward Lord Mansfield, 
as counsel, and obtained in 1755 an order of the King maintainincr 
the rights of the original settlers. This was disregarded by the 
Wentworths, who now brought suit against Col. Rolfe personally, 
and again the local juries decided for the wealthy plaintiffs. This 
time both Col. Rolfe and his minister (soon to be his father-in-law) 
went to London, in 1762 ; and following the advice of Mansfield, 
now on the bench and unable to appear as counsel, they won the 
suit, and obtained a decree from the young King, George III, re- 
affirming justice in the case. 

Many papers by Mr. Walker were read bfefore the Xew Hamp- 
shire Historical Society within the past sixty years ; many reports 
of the Xew Hampshire Hospital for the Insane (its present title) 

• Published at Concord, N. H., in 1901, a reprint iromTransactiotis of the New Hamp- 
shire Historical Society, vol. 3. 

104 Joseph Burbeen Walker [April 

were Avritten or edited by him, and it has enjoyed for the space of 
two generations the advantages of his zeal, discretion, and wide 

Mr. Walker's connection with the Xew England Historic Genea- 
logical Society began in 1874:, when he was admitted to resident 
membership. For sixteen years, 1878-1893, he held office in the 
Society as Vice-President from Xew Hampshire, and in 1907 his 
name was placed on the roll of corresponding members, 

Dartmouth College in 1883 and Yale University in 1891 conferred 
upon !Mr. Walker the honorary degree of !}.Iastcr of Aits. 

Mr. Walker married first, b ]May 1847, Sarah Adams, daughter 
of Rev. Dr. Daniel and Caroline (Sawyer) Fitz of Ipswich, Mass. 
She was Mr. Walker's first cousin once removed, was born 30 June 
1827, and died 21 Xovember 18-48. He married secondly, at Con- 
cord, X.H., 1 ^lay 1850,ElizabeihLord, daughter of Hon. Xathaniel 
Gookin and Betsey Watts (Lord) Upham of Concord. She waa 
born at Concord 18 August 1830, and survives her husband. They 
were the parents of six children : Charles Eumford, A.B. (Yale 
College) 1874, M.D. (Harvard University) 1878, a well-known 
physician of Concord ; Susan Burbeen, wife of Charles !M. Gilbert, 
formerly of Concord and now of Savannah, Ga. ; Xathaniel I'pham, 
A.B. (Yale College) 1877, a laivyer of Boston, residing in IBrook- 
line, !Mas3. ; Mary Bell, deceased ; Eliza Lord, of Concord ; and 
Joseph Timothy, formerly of Savannah, Ga., and now business 
manager of St. Paul's School, Concord. 

Mr. Walker's death ended an illness not verv Ions', followinsr a 
period of robust old age, in which almost daily he walked some 
three-quarters of a mile doAvn to the State House and the State 
Library and home again, regardless of the weather, and often took 
much longer walks. Because of deafness he avoided public gather- 
ings during the last few years, and withdrew from general society ; 
but he waa able to hear and enjoy conversation in his o^vn house and 
among his rare and cherished books, and he was still interested in 
historical studies, a high authority on all that relates to Xew Eng- 
land history or the religion of our ancestors. Among his o-«ti an- 
cestoi's he counted more than the usual number of parish ministers, 
judges, schoolmasters, and civilizers of every sort ; and to their 
memory he paid that wise regard and filial respect which consist iu 
settinj? forth the worth of their character and the results of their lives. 

* Amoni; Mr. Walker's numerous writings, in addition to those already citei"", may ba 
mentioned : Birth of the Federal Constitution [a history of the New Hampshire Con- 
vention for the ratification of the Federal Constitution], Boston, 1SS8; 2sew Hamp- 
shire's Five Provincial Congresses, Concord, X. H., 19U5; The Valley of the Merri- 
mack, Concord, 1863; A History of tlie Four Meeting Houses of the First Congregational 
Societv in Pennvcook, subseqiientlv Rumford, now Concord, !X. H., Concord, 1388; 
The liou^e and Farm of the First "Minister of Concord, N. H., Concord. 1906 ; The 
Toryismof Count Rumford, Concord, 1898; Life and Exploits of Robert Rogers, the 
Kiuigcr [a paper read before the New England Historic Genealoffical Society, 5 Xov. 
Ib81], Boston, 188j; Historical Address at the Dedication of the^'ew Hampshire Col- 
lege of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts [delivered at Durham, 30 Aug. 1893], Con- 
cord, 189-i; and many papers read before the Ifew Hampshire Board of Agriculture 
and other organizations. 

1913] The Family of Capt. JoJin Gbvrish 105 


Xu:mber T\ro 


By Rev. AuTi£L-R WE-vrwoKT!£ II.viiiLTox Eatg.v, D.C.L., 1.1' Xew York City 

A COXSPICUOUS Boston fiimily of the eighteenth century was the 
family of Capt. John^ Gerrish, merchant and ship-owner, a mem- 
ber of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and one of 
the oi'iginal proprietors of Long AVharf. John Gerrish was a 
grandson of Capt. "William' Gerrish, of Newbury in 1639 and of 
Boston from 1678, and his first wife Joanna, daughter of PercivaL 
Lowle and widow of John Oliver. Of the Gerrish family in 2;en- 
eral no complete genealogy has ever been printed, a brief record by 
John J. Gerrish, published at Portland, Me., in 1880, and some 
valuable materials given in the Essex Institute Historical Collec- 
tions, vol. 5, pp. 25-30, being the chief contributions towards a 
genealogy of this family that have as yet appeared.* 

Of the ten children of Capt. "William' and Joanna (Lowle) Ger- 
rish, John,° the eldest, bom 12 Feb. 1615/6 (Bible record in 
Register, vol. 51, p. 67), married 19 Aug. 1667 (ib.) Elizabetli 
Waldron, daughter of Maj. Richard of Dover, X. H., and settled 
at Dover, where in 1672 he was appointed captain in the militia, 
in 1683 was chosen high constable, in 1684 was elected a member 
of the special assembly convened by Gov. Cranfield, in 1689 and 
1690 was representative from Dover to the convention that met 
after the overthrow of Andros, in 1692 was a royal councillor of 
Xew Hampshire, and in 1699 became assistant justice of the 
Superior Court. William,^ the second son, born 6 June 1648, 
was a physician in Charlestown, ^Nlass. Joseph,^ the third son, 
born 23 ^Nlar. 1649/50, was graduated at Harvard in 1669, married 
about 1670 Anna Waldron, sister of his brother John's wife, and 
in 1674 entered on a pastorate of forty-six years over the church at 
Wenham, Mass. He had six chddren, the eldest of whom was Eli- 
zabeth,' born 18 Dec. 1673, and married 16 ^lar. 1698/9 to Rev. 
Joseph Green, who was born 24 Nov. 1675, was graduated at Har- 
vard in 1695, and for eighteen years was minister of the church 
at Salem Village, now Danvers.f Another of his children wa3 

• See also Eegisteh, vol. 6, pp. 258, 259; Lowell Genealogy, 1S99, pp. 8-11; a,ad the 
histories of various New England towns- 

t Of the eight children of Kev. Joseph and Elizabeth' (Gerrish) Green, Joseph, the 
third, who was born 12 Dec. 1703, was a well-known merchant of Boston and owned 
a valuable estate on Hanover Street, which he purcliased in 1731 for £3()00 from Gov. 
Jonathan Belcher. His portrait was painted by Copley. His brother Benjamin, sev- 
enth in the family, who was born 1 July 1713. married '2-t Nov. 1737 Mart^aret Pierce of 
Portsmouth, N. H., daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth (Hall) and sister of his brother 
Joseph's wife. Hon. Benjamin Green was at tirst a merchant in Boston, but in 17-15 
he acted as secretary, with military rank, to Sir William Pepperrell at Louisbnrg, re- 
maining after the capture of that fortress in Cape Breton as Government secretary 
until the island was restored to France. In 1749 he removed with his family to Hali- 

106 Old Boston Families [April 

Samuel,' the well-known bookseller and town clerk of Boston, and 
register of deeds for SufEblk County. Benjamin,' tlie fourth son of 
Capt.AYiLliam, bom 13 Jan. 1651/2, became collector of customs 
at Salem, and founded an important family there. Moses, ^ the fifth 
son, ])orn 9 ^Nlay 1656, married Jane Sewall, sister of Chief Justice 
Sewall, and lived at Xewbury. Many references to him wdl be 
found in Sewall's Diary. 

The parents of Capt. John' Gerrish of Boston were Judge John* 
(AYilliam') of Dover, X. H., and his wife Elizabeth ("Waldron). 
Judge John" Gerrish left a family Bible, in which he had recorded 
in his own handwriting the births of his eleven children.* Of the 
sons of this family, John^, as we have seen, settled in Boston; 
Richard lived at Portsmouth, X^. H. ; "Willlara lived in that part 
of Dover, N. H., which was later incorporated as the town of 
Somersv/orth ; Xathaniel lived first at Berwick, Me., and then at 
Portsmouth, X. H. ; Timothy settled at Kittery, Me. ; Benjamin 
lived first in Boston, where in 1704 he joined the Old South Church, 
was a captain in the militia, was admitted to the Ancient and Hon- 
orable Artillery Company in 1714, was made a sergeant therein in 
1715, for a time served as clerk of the market, and then, about 
1740, removed to Charlestown, Mass., where he died 23 June 1750, 
in his 64th year ;f and Paul lived and died at Dover, X. H. 

1. Capt. John* Gerkish {John,- WilUnm}), the elflest of the eleven 
children of Judge John and Elizabeth (Waldron) Gerrish of Dover, X.K., 
was born at Dover 21 Aug. 1668, "a bought 4 of y" Clocks in y® after 
noone," and in early life entered on a mercantile career in Boston. He 
married first, in Boston, 10 Apr. 1692, Gov. Simon Bradstreet officiating, 
Lydia Watts, 2-)robably a daughter of John and Lydia. John and Lydia 
Watts had a son John, born 22 Jan. 1668/9, and a daughter Rebecca, 
born 22 Feb. 1670/1. The exact date of Lydia (Watts) Gerrish's birth 
is unknown, but she died 8 Jan. 1697/8, and was buried in Copp's Hdi 
Burying-Ground. Her epitaph reads : " Here lyeth buried y® Body of 
Lvdia Garish y® wife of John Garish, aged about 27 vears : dec'^ January 
yi gtu 1697-8." (Copp's Hill Epitaphs, p. 30.) 'Another epitaph ii 
Copp's Hill Buryiag-Groiind is the following, which is probably that of 
Lydia (AVatts) Gerrish's mother: "Here lyeth buried y" Body of Lydia 
Watts, aged 55 years, dec*^ September y® 29, 1700." Capt. John Gerrish 
married secontUy, on or before 28 Apr. 1699, Sakah Hobbes, third child 

fax, there being admitted to the Council. In 1757 he was appointed military secretary 
to the commander-in-chief of H. M. forces and colonel of the Nova Scotia Militia. 
Later he became treasurer of the Province, and at one time as senior councillor he 
administered the government. He died at Halifax in 1772, his eldest son, Benjamin, 
Jr., succeeding him in the treasurership. His widow died in 1779. (Register, vol. 
15, pp. 105-109 ; Percival and Ellen Green, by Samuel Abbott Green, M.D. ; Xova 
Scotia Archives, vol. 1.) 

* Keoister, vol. 51, pp. 67, G8, where this record, communicated by Mrs. Lucy Hall 
Greenlaw, is printed. The Bible containing the record was given at some time by a 
member of the family in New Hampshire or Maine to the late Mr. William Gerrish 
of Chelsea, Mass., fi-om whom it passed to one of his sons. Unhappily it was burned 
in the Chelsea fire of 1908. 

t Benjamin Gei-rish of Boston and Charlestown m. (l) 28 June 1716 Martha Foxcroft, 
daughter of Francis of Cambridge, who died 14 Apr. 1736; m. (2) 22 June 1738 Abigail 
Bunker, who tiled 10 Mar. 1749, aged 70. 

1913] The Family of Capt. John Gerrish 107 

of Richard and Elizabeth (Page or Paige), who was baptized in St. Bar- 
tholomew's Parish, Crewkerr^e, co. Somerset, England, but came to live 
in Boston with her uncle Nicholas Page or Paige and his wife Anna, who 
were residents of llumney Marsh, then belonging to Boston, but later a 
part of Chelsea. Richard Hobbes and Elizabeth " Pagge " were married 
at Crcwkerne 13 .June 1G71, and the baptisms of the following children 
born to them are recorded there : John, 16 July 1673 ; Margaret, 20 Oct. 
1G74; Sarah, 14 Nov. 1676; Elizabeth, 4 Oct. 1678. Mrs. Nathaniel 
Oliver of Boston, whose Christian name was Martha, was a niece of Nicholas 
Paige and probably a sister of Sarah (Hobbes) Gerrish. (Somerset Parish 
Registers, vol. 5, p. 40, and information obtained from Crewkerne by Prof. 
Barrett Wendell; Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, vol. 1, pp. 659-660, 
vol. 2, p. 75.) 

Concerning the family of the first wife of Capt. John Gerrish informa- 
tion has been difficult to obtain. John Watts, her father, was probably a 
sea-captain living at the north end of Boston, and it is likely that it is be 
whom Pasco Palmer mentions in a deposition, 8 Aug. 1677, as owning the 
barque Prosperous, in which Palmer had shipped as master, Watts accom- 
panying him, on a fishing voyage to Cape Sable. (Suffolk Court Files, 
MS.) Lydia Watts, probably mother of Lydia (Watts) Gerrish, was a 
witness to the will of Samuel Shrimpton, 5 June 1697, there being prob- 
ably some connection between the Wattses and the Shrimptons. (Regis- 
ter, vol. 43, pp. 161, 162.) John Watts was not of the Chelsea Watts 
family, for that was founded by Edward Watts and his wife Rebecca, who 
came in 1710 from the parish of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, to Win- 
nisimmet. (Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, vol. 1, pp. 352, 353.) It 
is yet to be discovered whether or not John Watts, merchant, of Boston 
and Arrowsic Island, Me., who married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter 
Butler, built a large brick house at Arrowsic, and removed thither from 
Boston in 1714, was John Watts, Jr., brother of Lydia (Watts) Gerrish. 
It is, however, significant that John and Elizabeth (Butler) Watts, who 
had three children, had a daughter Lydia baptized 15 Dec. 1717, shortly 
after her father's death. John Watts of Arrowsic was a partner in busi- 
ness with John Penhallow of Portsmouth, and was attorney in New Eng- 
land for Sir Bibye Lake, Bart., who was probably a relative of his wife. 
After John Watts's death, which occurred 26 Nov. 1717, John Penhallow 
married Watts's widow Elizabeth, who bore him three children. When 
Elizabeth died, Penhallow married secondly Ann, daughter of Jacob and 
vSarah (Oliver) Wendell, by whom he had no children. From the will of 
this John Watts we learn that he owned property not only at Arrowsic 
but also at Charlestown, Mass., and also in the parish of " Westharrock," 
CO. Essex, England. (Register, vol. 21, pp. 47-51 ; Suffolk Co. Probate 
Records ; Penhallow Genealogy.) 

Col. Nicholas Paige, merchant, uncle of Sarah Hobbes, second wife of 
Capt. John Gerrish, was in Boston as early as 1660, and again in 1665, 
coming from Plymouth, co. Devon, England. In Boston he became colonel 
of the Suffolk Regiment and a commander in the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery. He had a valuable property, and his social position is indicated 
by references to him in Sewall's Diary. In the building of King's Chapel 
he was one of the largest contributors. He married Mrs. Anna (Keayne) 
Lane, daughter of Benjamin Keayne and granddaughter of Capt. Robert 
Keayne, whose valuable estate at Revere became Anna's property. On 
her mother's side Mrs. Anna Paige was a granddaughter of Gov. Thomas 

108 Old Boston Families [April 

Dudley, and niece of Gov. Josepli Dudley. She died 30 June 1704-. and 
Col. Page died 22 Xoy. 1717. (Se wall's" Diary, vol. 2, p. lO'J ; Cliaml,er- 
lain's liifttoi-y of Chelsea, passim.) 

The .Jtii .Tune 1700 Nicholas and Anna Paige, "in con.sidei'ation of a 
marriage lately liad and solemnized het\veen John Gerrish of Boston, 
aforesaid, 'j^xux sniitli. and Sarah his present wife, our l)eloved kinswoman, 
formerly Sarah Hobhs, and for the advancing of a marriage portion with 
hei"," conveyed to John Gt-rrish " all that our messuage or tenement with 
the appurt'-'^^ and all the laud whereon the same doth stand and is thereunto 
belonging and adjoining, scituate lying and being over against the Exchan:.'e 
in Boston aforesaid now or late in the tenure and occupation of Alexander 
Bulman and Samuel Bill." At a town-meeting held 10 Dec. 1700 pro- 
posals were offered by Dr. Oliver Xoyes, Daniel Oliver, James Barnes, 
John George, John Gerrish, and Antliony Stoddard, concerning the build- 
ing of a v/harf " from the Lower end of King Street, down to Low AVater 
marke," and the selectmen were appointed a committee to consider these 
proposals and make report. The report was presented at a town-meeting 
held 13 Mar. 1700/10, and was accepted, the gentlemen named above engag- 
ing at their own cost to build the wharf. This was the origin of Boston's 
well-known "Long Wharf." (Boston Town Records, 1700-1728. pp. 06, 
67.) In June 1734 a petition to be allowed to extend the wharf from ten 
to fourteen feet was signed by James Allen. Samuel Sewall, Thomas Fitch, 
Jacob "Wendell, Andrew Faneuil, William Blin, John Gerrish, James Bow- 
doin, Jr., Thomas Hill. Andrew and Peter Oliver, Habijah Savage, and 
S. Boutineau. In 173G we find John Gerrish's name in the long list of 
subscribers to Prince's Chronological History of New England. 

Capt. John Gerrish died intestate 21 Feb. 1737/8 (Register, vol. ol, 
p. 68), and 3 Mar. 1737/8 administration on his estate was granted to his 
son-in-law Daniel Henchman and his elder living son Joseph Gerrish. 
His estate included a large amount of property belonging to him personally 
and a large amount belonging to the firm of John and Joseph Gerrish, of 
which he was the senior partner. The inventory of his personal estate 
included his mansion-house on King Street, valued at £2500, his "ware- 
house and interest on the Long Wharfe," £1250, land at Nottingham, 
N. H., valued at £300. a third of a farm called Davenport's Farm. £140, 
half the ship Ccesar, £2750. thre ?-sixteenths of the ship Greyliound. £4G3. 
15.0., a fifth of the sloop Raven, then at Nantucket, £100, a stock of gun- 
maker's tools and firearms, and a large stock of household furniture. His 
partnership inventory comprised chiefiy a stock of dry-goods. The total 
value of his personal estate was £8061.4.0.; of his partnership estate 

John Gerrish with his family lived, as we have seen, on King Street, 
and worshipped at the South Church. The property on Eang Street on 
which his mansion-house stood was probably acquired by Capt. Gerrish 
for £440 by deed from William Holberton, mariner, and his wife Mary, 
dated 1 Feb. 1711. The property transferred by this deed is described as 
" all that their moyety or easterly half part of a certain brick messuage or 
tenement and of the land appertaining thereto, belonging, lying, soituate 
in Boston aforesaid, being parcel of the mansion house of the late Honoble. 
John Leverett, Esq., tleceased, which they lately purchased of Ann Hub- 
bard, widow, one of the daughters and coheirs of the said John Leverett 
... 120 feet in depth to be measured from the front of the house abutting 
north upon King Street, and so backwards southerly, the whole house 

1913] TTfe Family of C apt. John Gerrish 109 

measuring in length at the front fifty-one feet, eight inches, little more or 
less from the outside of l)oth th*e end walls, and in the rear fifty-four feet, 
thi'ee inches little more or less, and in breadth about thirty-five feet, butted 
and bounded easterly by the land of Simeon Stoddard. soutliL-rly by a lane 
or passage way of ten feet wide, laid out within a foot of the said Stoddard's 
land into Leverett's Lane, so named." 

At what date John Gerrish and his son Joseph entered into partnership 
we do not know, but soou after the death of the father the bujiuess must 
have been closed. 

The title " Captain," which John Gerrish commonly bore, designated 
his rank in the militia ; in the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 
to which he was admitted in 1700, he was made third sergeant in 1702/3, 
ensign in 1712/13, and lieutenant in 1714/15.* 

Children by first wife : 

1. Eliz-ujeth,-" b. 10 Oct. IfiOS; m. 14 .Jan. 1713 Daniel Hexchman, 
b. in BoNton 21 Jan. IGSD, d. 25 Fel). 17G1, merchaut i']>oukscller) 
of Boston, lieut.-col. of the militia, capt. of the Artillery Com- 
pany, and deacon for many years of the South Church. Daniel 
rieuclmian, " the most eminent and enterprising bookseller that 
had appeared in Boston, or indeed in all British America, before 
t!ie year 17".">," was son of Hezekiali and lirantlsou of Capt. Daniel 
Henchman. In 1728 he establislied at ililtou the lirst paper-mill 
in !Massacliusetts. and in 1740 lie caused the tirst edition in 
America of the Englisli Bible to be printed, but -'with a false 
title page, to evade the right of the King's printer." Cliild : 1. 
Lydia^^'b. 4 Oct. 1714; m. 5 Nov. 1731 Thomas Hancock, b. 13 
July 1703, son of Rev. Jolm and Elizabetli (Clarli), who became 
one of the wealtliiest merchants in Boston ; no issue. (Register, 
vol. 6, p. 374; History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company, vol. 1. pp. 3S1. 382.) 

ii. John, b. 22 Jan. IG95; admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Ar- 
tillery Company in 1718; bur. 20 Dec. 1719 in King's Chapel 
Burymg-Ground. where his epitaph reads : "■' Here lyes y« body of 
John Geiikish son to John & Lydia Gerrish aged 24 vears dec<^ 
Dec- y^ 20"! 1719." 

iii. WiLLiAir, b. 28 Dec. 1697; d. 20 Jan. 1698. 

Children by second wife : 

iv. Anna, b. 14 Aug. 1700; m. (1) 19 Mar. 1718/19 Samuel Appi.eton, 
4th, of Ipswicli. ]Mass. ; m. (2) 17 Apr. 1734. as his second 
wife, Rev. Joshua Gee. wlio from Dec. 1723 until liis death in 
1748 was pastor of tlie Second Church (on Hanovur St.), Boston, 
in direct succession to Rev. Cotton ilather, D.D. Her portrait 
by Smibert is in the possession of the Massaclmsetts Historical 
Societv. Children by first husband : 1. Saviud.^h. i Xy>v. \'2Q; 
d. 5 Apr. 1720. 2. Mary, b. 9 Dec. 1722; d. 29 Dec. 1722. 3. 
Samuel, b. 15 Aug. 1726 ; m. 25 Oct. 1758 Mary AVentworth, daugh- 
ter of John and Sarah (Hall) of Portsmouth, N. H. Their eldest 
child Ann, b. at Portsmouth in 17G0, m. at Portsmouth in 1777 
Capt. Thomi),s Storrow, previously of the British Army, from whom 
descend the Storrows of Massachusetts. (Appleton and Went- 
worth Genealogies.) 

v. .RicHAiiD, b. 21 Nov. 1702; d. 23 June 1718; bur. in King's Cliapel 
Buryiug-Ground, wliere liis epitapli reads: '• Riciiaiiu Geukish 
son to John & Sarah Gerrish aged 15 years & 7 mo Dec^ June y« 
23'i 1718." 

vi. Sauah, b. 27 Aug. 1704 ; d. young. 

*In Mr. Oliver Ayer Roberts's valuable Hi.story of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company of Massachusetts many notices of the Gerrish members of the 
Company appear. 

110 Old Boston Families [April 

vii. Margaret, b. 30 Aug. 1705 ; ra. 13 Jan. 1731 Giles TroMAn.SH. who 
^vas junior wartlen of Christ Churcti. Bo^tou. iu 1752. and senior 
•(varden in 1753. Gyles Dulake Tidmarsli of Boston, uncle of 
Giles above, probably an Enirlishman. made his will 23 Xov. 1737. 
In displeasui-e at his nephew he leaves hiin •• one shilliuir and no 
more," this, however, in liis mind beiiiir too much. Mdw early 
Giles and Jlartraret fGerrish) Tidniai--;h settled at Halifax. N. S., 
wc do not know, but iu 177G we And Giles one of the mai^is- 
trates there. Children, bora in Boston : 1. WiUinm.' b. 30 ilay 
1733 ; A.B. (Harvard Colleze) 1749 ; reported to have been lost 
at sea. 2. ^ilargaret, b. 1 Mar. 1734. 3. J<jhn. b. 2a Jan. 1736.* 

viii. AV1LLIA.AI, b. 9 Julv 1707: d. young. 

2. is. Joseph, b. 29 Sept. 1709. 

X. Sarah, b. 23 July 1713; d. 9 Feb. 1798 ; ra. 3 .June 1731 John Bar- 
rett, son of Samuel and grandson of William, b. 12 June 170rf, d. 
9 Sept. 1786, merchant in Boston, and "one of the committee of 
six. appointed by the merchants of Boston, in 17GS. to resist the 
imposition by Parliament upon the Colonies of the onerous duties 
on sundry articles of commerce." He was for many years a deacon 
of the New Noith Church. His portrait by Copley represents him 
as dressed in a suit of olive-colored cloth and seated beside a table, 
his right hand holding a pen and his left hand resting on his knee. 
Mrs. Barrett's portrait also was painted by Copley, and she is 
represented by the artist " as wearing a robe of olive brown bro- 
caded damask, with a dark green cloak ornamented with scarlet. 
The dress is cut square in the neck, over which is thrown a muslin 
kerchief; embroidered muslin sleeves, a muslin cap and a pearl 
necklace complete the costume." John and Sarah (Gerrishi Bar- 
rett had eleven children, whose names are given in Register, 
vol. 42, p. 263. Among these children were : :iamuel.'' b. 17 Jan. 
1738: graduated at Harvard in 1757; m. (1) Mary Clarke, dau. 
of Richard Clarke, the noted Boston tea merchant and atrent of 
the East India Company, her sister Susannah Farnum becoming 
the wife of John Singleton Copley; m.. (2) Elizabeth Salisbury. 
A miniature of Samuel Barrett was made by Copley. Sarah, only 
surviving child of Samuel and Mary fClarke) Barrett, m. Hon. 
Samuel Cabot of Boston. Ann.h. 8 Mar. 1740; m. Henry HUl; 
a crayon portrait of her was made by Copley. John. Jr.. youngest 
son, b. 9 Oct. 1750; d. 15 Nov. 1810; m. Elizabeth Brown, "and 
had a son, Nathaniel Augustus, who m. Sally Dorr, and whose 
daughter. Mary Bertodi, became the wife of Jacob "Wendell. Esq., 
of New York, and mother of Prof. Barrett Wendell. Elizabeth, 
fifth daughter, b. 27 Sept. 1745; d. 20 Mar. 1821; m. Will jam 
Cunningham, merchant of Boston; their daughter. Sarah Barrett, 
m. Ebenezer Odiorne, and had a daughter. Elizabeth Cunningham, 
who m. George Livermore. and became the mother of Col. William 
Eoscoe Livermore, an officer of U. S. Engineers and writer on 
mOitary subjects. A miniature of Mrs. Elizabeth (Barrett) Cun- 
ningham vas made by Copley. (For the early generations of this 
BaiTett family see Register," vol. 42. pp. 262-264. See also Liver- 
more Genealogy, and, for Cunningham, Register, vol. 55, pp. 423, 

si. Nathaniel (twin), b. 11 Oct. 1714; d. yoimg. 

sii. William (twin), b. 11 Oct. 1714; d. 18 June 1724, his epitaph in 
King's Chapel Burving-Ground reading: '-Will™ Gerrish son to 
M>- John and M" Sarah Gerrish Dec<i June The 18'" 1724 in y^ 10''' 
Year of His Age." 

3. xiii. Bexjajhn, b. 19"0ct. 1717. 

2. Hon. Joseph^ Gerrish {John,^ John,'' William^), born in Boston 29 
Sept. 1709, married first, at 2sewport, R. I., 10 Apr. 1740 (Trinity 

•A James Tidmarsh was a member of the dry-goods and groceries firm of Moody 
and Tidmarsh nt Halifax in 1798, and a Robert Tidmarsh was buried in St. Paul's 
Churchyard there ia 1837. 

1913] The Family of Capt. John Gerrish 111 

Church, Newport, records), Mary Brenton, eldest daughter and 
fourth chilli of Hon. Jahleel and his lirst wife Frances (Cranston), 
■who was born 10 July 1721, and died, it is supposed, at Halifax, 
]S.S., after 17.34-;* and secondly, at Halifax, o Sepi. 1768, Mart 
Cradock, eldest daughter of Hon. George and Mary (Lyde) of 
Boston, who was born ib May 172^. The Boston Gozttte for Mon- 
day, lU Oct. 17G8, has the following notice : " Haliiax, September 
8. Saturday last was married Hon. Joseph Gerri^h, Esq. to Miss 
Mary Cradock, of Boston ; a lady possessed of every agreeable ac- 
complishment necessary to make the married state happy." (lie- 
printed in il;;GiSTEK, vol. 8, p. 28. )t 

^Vl'ter Joseph Gerrish's death Mrs. Mary (Cradock) Gerrish was 
married, 6 Sept. 1779, as his second wife, to Rev. John Breynton, 
D.D., who was chaplain on an English warship at the lirst sieire of 
Louisljurg, andfi'om 175o until 178'J was rector of St. Paul's Church, 
Halifax, the mother Anglican church of Canada. In Sept. 1785 
Dr. Breynton and liis second wife, previously Mrs. Joseph Gerrish, 
sailed for England, and although Dr. Breynton retained the rector- 
ship of St.Paul's for almost live years longer, he never came back 
to Halifax, and both he and his wife died in England. + 

Mary (Cradock) Gerrish bore no children to either husband. 

At the time of his father's death Joseph^ Gerrish was his partner 
-. in business. He was commissioned ensign, 1-4 Feb. 1744, in the 

Third Massachusetts Regiment, of which Hon. Jeremiah Moulton 
was colonel, and with this reiiiment he went to the sie^'e of Louis- 
burg in 17 15. In this same regiment was also Joseph Fairbanks, 
who like 3Ir. Gerrish, after the siege, instead of returning to New 
England, settled in Nova Scotia. In the winter of 174G-7 Joseph 
Gerrish was at Minas, King's Co., 2n. S., and in an engagement 
there v/ith the French received a severe wound. For a short time 
after this he was perhaps in Boston, but in 17 GO his name appears 
on the plan of an intemleil town at Horton, King's Co.. he Iiaving 
drawn land tiiere. Before I7.j9 he was appointed naval storekeeper 

•Hon. Jaliicel I.rciitc)U (if ZS't-'-vpoi-r, 11. I., had twentv-two ciiil.'ln.'ii. at'teon by his 
first wil';;, L-"rauccs Ciaii-tijii, and ^ovju uy hi.s M-cond uii'o, the wido-.v Mary ( Xear- 
grass) icott. 'iliij sccciid v,-it'e ol' Hon. .Taldccl Brenton \va=the Mary Xcarijrass who 
with lier lister Sii.^aiiiia ua» haptized ill Trinity Parish, Xewjiort, 'Jo Xov. 1721, Marv 
mavryiu;; (ill Trinity; 10 Au;,'. i7')- Odr^'e :-;L-i)tt, and .Susanna aiariyiiig o -luXy 17o3 
Daniel Ayrauit, Jr. Tliey ■.vere jiroiiauly danjriuers nt Kdward and ivuiiecea Near- 
grass or Xuwgraos, who, it is heiicved, were lliiijuenots and oriyiiialiy named Xieu- 
grass, Xieugros, or even jsieucroix. Kv;tjecca, tlie motlier, was liorii aboiit ItiST, :aid 
married (1) Edward Xeargiass, and rl) 17 April 1737 Daniel Ayraiilt, Sr., rather of 
Daniel, Jr. (Itliode I.-land \'ical Keccrds, vol. 10, pji. .517, 402.) jahleel iJrenton, Jr., 
son of lion. Jaiileel and brother of Mrs. Mary (Brenti. n) (jerrij^h, became a rear- 
admiral in the Hoyal Xavy, and had a son, Jahleel, 3d, born at Newport 22 .Vn:;. 1770, 
who was knighted, ,'iirs. Gerrish's half-sister, Susannah, born 22 Apr. 1717, was mar- 
ried -1 Jan. 1767 to Dr. Juiiu Halliburton, wlio settled as a Tarv refuiree at Halifax, 
and had a son, Hon. Sir iireuton [l.illi'..nrtoii, Kt.. tlie eij<hlh Ciiief Ja^tico of Nova 
Scotia. Sir Brentan married at Ilalifa.\ 10 Sept. 17'J'J Margaret liijrlis. eUler daii.:,'hter 
Of the ill, llov. Charles hisHs, the tirst Jiishop of Nova Scotia, and ins wire Margaret 
(Crooke). t^See Eaton's Iii=tory of King's County, N. S., and his mouo^'raph ou the 
luglis family.) 

flmportaiic notes on the Cradock family may be found in Rkgister, vols. S, 9, 10, 
17, 19. 

i When ^liss Sarah Cradock of Boston, Mrs. Breyntou's sister, made her will, 10 
July 1798, Dr. Breynton and his wife were living in Jiilireware Koad, Marylelionc, Lon 
don. In her will jliss Cradock leaves to " Kev, Ur. John Breyiit(ni, of (xieat Britain," 
a mourning-ring of the value of two guineas, and to her sister Mary, Dr. Breyntou's 
wife, a mourning-ring and half of all her wearing apparel. In Dec. 1799 Dr. Breyiitoa 
was dead. 

112 Old Boston Families [April 

at Hiiliiax. with a salary of a lumdred pounds a rear an'l a clerk 
at fiitv pounds. On '10 Aug. IT-VJ he wan made a memher of Hb 
Majc-ty's Council, and 5 Apr. 1700 was also appointed a judge of 
the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for Halifax.-* 

He dii'd at Halifax '.'j June 1774, and was hurii-d three days later 
in St. Paul's Churciiyard. The in.scriptiou ua liis tomb-jtouii n.-uds : 
" Beneath this stone lies interred the body of Joseph GerrLsh. Esq., 
late Naval Storekeeper of his ilajesty's Navy Yard at Halifax, 
K. S.. and for many years meml)f r of his Majesty's Council for the 
saifl province, and juilge of the Court of Cununou Pleas. He de- 
parted this life .June o, 177-4, in the o'j"^ year of his age. ffis 
widow and children have erected this monument as a testimony of 
their aii'ection and gratitude, and his \_Tlie rest of the inscription is 
broken of.]" 

An admirable portrait by Copley, which was in the possession of 
the late Maj. S. C. Barrett of Chicago, is probably a portrait of 
Hon. Joseph' Gerrish. 

The will of Hon. Joseph Gen-ish was proved at Halifax 3 .June 
1774. All his real estate in Nova Scotia or elsewhere he leaves 
to his well-esteemed friends. Hon. Henry Newton and Messrs. 
John Burbidge and Philip Knaut, in trust for his heirs. His wife 
Mary is to have one-third of his estate in lieu of dower, during her 
life ; and the remainder is to go. one-third to his grandciiildren, the 
children of his daughter Mary Gray and his son-in-law Joseph Gray, 
namely. Elizabeth Brenton, .Joseph Gerrish, Mary, Amelia Ann, 
Benjamin Gerrish. Lydia Hancuck, and such other cluldren as they 
may have, for their use, support, maintenance, and education, and 
the remaining third to his daughter Susannah, wife of Ephraim 
Stannus, for her and her children's use and support. Aftt-r his 
wife's ilecease her share of the estate is to iro. one-half to the chil- 
dren of his daughter Mary, share and share alike, when the youngest 
has attained the age of twenty-one years, or after the decease of 
their parents, and the other half to his daughter Susannah and her 
heirs. To his wife he leaves his negro man, Joe, and his gold 
watch. To William Neslntt he leaves £50 for the latter's kind 
otiices. The executors, who are the aforementioned trustees, also 
receive sums of money. 

Children by lirst wife : 

i. M-vaY,^ b. 27 Jane 1741; bapt. in Trhiity Parish, Boston, 10 July 
17il ; m. at Halifax, N. S., 175!), Jos;:rii Gkay, son of Jo:-epli and 

• " About 1734, ]M'' .Joseph Gerrish, of His Majesty's Dockyard, laid out an extensive 
garden in the uovth suburbs [of Halifax] and imported fruit trees at great expense. 
This was a private enclosure, extending from Lockman Srreet to the beach, south of 
the Dockvard; his dwelling house stood in tlie centre and faced the harbour. Part of 
the old wall a year or two since was to be seen in Lockman Street." (Akins's History 
of Halifax City, in Collections of the Xova :Scotia Historical Society, vol. 8, ISJj, pp. 
218,219.) Gerrish Street, in Halifax, begins at Water street, at or about the site of the 
above-mentioned Gerrish property, whence the name of the street. A buildiiiir on this 
street known ;!s Gerrish Hall was built early in the nineteenth century by Kev. 3Ir. 
Jackson, an evangelist, who held meetings there for several years. Subsequently the 
hall was |>urcha;ed by tlie Free Church, Fresl)ytcrian. and was useil as an academy and 
college for tlmt bndy. After the union ot the various Presbyterian bodies in Canada 
the hall was lH>n:.'iit by St. John's Presbyterian Cluirch and used as a Sunday-school 
house. Later it became the headquarters of the Presln-torian Divinity School, and so 
remained until " Pine Hill " was purchased by the Presbyterian Synod. 

1913] The Famihj of Capt. John Gerrish 113 

Eebecca ("^Vest)*. b. in Boston 10 July 1720. bapt. the next day, 
d. either at Halifasior at Windsor, N. S., IcuJ. '-aijed 7i."' lie is 
said hy Salnue to have Ijeen a Loyalist, Init this is incorrect; he 
■\veut to Halifax some time before the ]\evoliition. and seems to 
have iK'en successively of the iirms of rroctor and Gray, and Gerrish 
and Gray. Cliildrcn "(list pro!)a!)Iy comi^lete) : 1. J/'«/-.'/,^ 1). 14 Jan. 
171)0; d. young. 2. Jii-hfcrn. h. Jan. 17i;i; d. youi:g. u. EUz<i.- 
heth liroiton. b. 24 Dec. 17iil : m. John Eraser. 4. Joseph Gerrish, 
h. 01 Jan. 17i)3 ; drowned 20 July 17^o. 5. JIar>j (rerrish, h. 4 May 
170.j; m. Loitus Jones. G. xhnej.ia Ann. 7. jr;77/(nH ^};ci', l)apt. 
Vi Dec. 17i)7. 8. Benjamin Gerrish. D.D.. a well-'vnown An;iiican 
clergyman at Halifax, N. S., and St. John, N. B., b. 22 Nov. 
17f;ti; m. Mary Thomas, dau. of Nathaniel Kay Thomas, a man- 
damus councillor of Massachusetts and a rcfuicee in Nova Scotia. 
9. Lydia Hancock. lU. Ann Susanna, bapt. 4 July 1773; bur. 4 
Oct. 1775. 11. WilUum, b. 1777. 12. Snrnh. bapt. 12 Jan. 1770; 
bur. .3 Apr. 1781. 13. Alexander, bapt. 18 Sept. 1780. 

ii. Thomas, b. 22 Aua:. 1742 ; doubtless d. younsr. 

iii. Susannah, m. Ei'HitAi.M Stanxus; accordintr to her father's will 
she liad children, l)ut their names are unknown. Her husband 
Avas no doubt the Ephraim Stannus who received his captaincy in 
the G4th British Eeginieut (serving in America) 12 Nov. 1703. 
(Registeu, vol. 49, p. l(JG).)t 

3. Hoy. Bkxja^iin'' Gerrish {JoJoi,^ John,- Williani^), born in Boston 
I'J Get. 1717 and baptized the next day (records of the Old South 
Church), married in Boston (intention 19 Apr. 1744) Rebecca 
Dudley, who was born 28 May 172('), daughter of Hon. William 
and Rebecca (Davenport), granddaughter of Gov. Joseph, and 
oreat-nranddau^hter of Gov. Thomas Dudlev. He was settled at 
Halifax, N. S., before July 17J2, for the census of that date gives 
him as a resident of the town. He became at Halifax a -^vos- 
perous merchant, the head of the lirm of Gerrish and Gray. He 
was appointed, cJl May 17 GO, captain of a company of Halifax 
Militia, was admitted to the Council, 21 June 17G8, and a member 
of the Council he remained for the rest of his life. He was also a 
judge of the Inferior Court of Common Fleas, and from 17 GO 
commissioner for Indian Ali'airs. 

He owned property in dillerent parts of Nova Scotia, acquiring 
it either l)y grant or by purchase. One ni the most iniport;int 
of his acipu.^iiions was a farm at Windsor, Hants L'o., where i;e 
erected a house, known as Gerrish Hall. The street running dir(;ctly 
from the front door of this hou.5e to the entrance to Juilge ilalibur- 
ton's grounds was known as Gray Street. As has been said, one of 
the four parallel streets of Windsor is named Crerrish Street. Mr. 
Gerrish's property was later owned by Hon. Ju.lge Wilkins, and 
later still Dr. D. B. Fraser erected a large house on the site of the 
old one, calling it also Gerrish Hall. This house was burned in tiie 
Windsor fire of Oct. 17-18, 1897. 

Of the birth or death of any child of Benjamin and Rebecca 

* Joseph Gray and Rebecca TTcst were married i;i Boston lir Kev. .Toiiii Wcl)b 22 
Au;;. 1728. Uebeccii West, b. at Hradford, Mass., 20 June 1706, was fii'tli ilau^litev and 
fifth child of John and Mary (Webster) West. Slie was admitted to the cliurch at 
Bradford 1 Aug. 1724, to tlie North Oluircli in ]5o.ston, by dismission from tlie church 
at Bradford, 2.'i May 1729, and to the Uld Soutli Churcli, Boston, 22 Sept. 1734. She 
died before 17G2. 

tSt;.nnus l)ought property in Windsor, N. S., settled tliere, and gave Ins name to a 
.street in the town. Windsor's four parallel streets are named, respectively, King, 
Gerrish, Stannus, and Albert. 

114 Old Boston Families [April 

(Dudley) Gerrisli no record has been found, Imt in Boston Town 
Records, ^liscelluneoii^ Papers, it is stated tliat Benjamin Gt:rrisli, 
his wife and daughter, and a servant, arrived 2i Oct. 1760 from Hali- 
fax. If Benjamin Gerrisli had a daughter, she must have died young ; 
hut we venture the supposition that the "daughter" referrccl to in 
this r(.>cord was a niece or some ollit:^r relative of 3Irs. Grrri-li. and 
not her daughter. 

From the Boston records we also learn that ilrs. Benjamin 
Gerrisli arrived 3 May 1763 in the schooner Dove from Halifax, 
anil that Mr. Benjamin Gerrisli, gentleman, arrive<I 4 .Iidy 176G 
from London in the brigantine Lydia. During all his Halifax 
career Mr. Gerrisli evidently kept in close touch with Boston, and 
when the Congregational churches of Nova Scotia were helped liy 
the Boston churches, he and Mr. Malachy Salter, another Boston 
merchant settled in Halifax, were asked to distribute the money. 
Both these gentlemen were no doubt prominent members of the 
Congregational church called Mather's Church, founded in Halifax 
very soon after the city began. (Eaton's History of King's County, 
N. S., p. 275 ; Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, vol. 
16, p. 1G6.) 

Flon. Benjamin Gerrish died at Southampton, England. 6 May 
1772, and was probably buried in England. His widow, with 
Giles Tidmarsh as her attorney, in 1773 settled her husband's 
estate. Mrs. Rebecca (Dudley) Gerrish was married secondly, 
at Halifax, 14 Oct. 177.5, to John Burbidge, Esq., M.P.P., a 
native oc Cowes, Isle of Wight, who with his first wife came 
to Halifax in 1749, and after living there a few years removed 
to Cornwallis, King's Co.. N. S., wiiere he was for many years 
a person of the highest importance. (Eaton's History of Kin:i'3 
County, N. S., pp. 473-476.) He was one of the most liberal 
patrons of St. John's Church, Cornwallis, and in the old churchyard 
of that church he and presumably both his wives were buried. 3Irs. 
Rebecca Burbidge died at Concord, N. H., while on a visit there, 
30 Jan. 1609. Mr. Burbidge died at Cornwallis 11 Mar. 1812.* 

A portrait of Mrs. Rebecca Gerrish was owned in 1892 by ]Mrs. 
II. H. Bradlee. Flon. Benjamin Gerrisli's portrait was painted by 
Copley, and from his sister, Mrs. .John I'arrett, who owneil it after 
her lirother's death, it passed to her youngest son John. The por- 
trait is of life-size and of three-quarters h-ngth (30 inches long by 
25 inches wide). It represents the sitter in a brown coat, with 
laced cravat and ruffles, and wearing a powdered wig. The date of 
the painting of this portrait is not known. 

jSlr. Gerrish's will was made in Boston, 1772, and proved in 
Boston 7 Aug. 1773. The witnesses were Samuel Quiucy, Samuel 
Clap, and Increase Sumner, Jr. The chief part of his. estate he 
devises to his wife Rebecca, his nepliew Benjamin Gerrish Gray, 
liowever, to receive his farm in Falmouth, Hants Co.. known as 
Du<lley Park Farm, consisting of a thousand acres, a grant to him 
from the Nova Scotia Government, and sundry pieces of land lying 
near it, including sixty acres of marsh which he had dyked at his 

* One of iilrs. Rebecca Burbidge's sistei's, Ann Diullev, was married to John Lovell, 
the Boston Tory schoolinaster, and although Ann herself died in. Boston in 1775, her 
husband and ehildren removed as Loyalists to Halifax. 


1913] Willinrjton Church Records 115 

own expense. Legacies of more or less value he leaves to his sister 
Margaret Tiilmarsh and her husband Giles, liis brotiier Joseph, his 
sister Sarah Barrett, and his grand-nei^hew Benjamin Gerrish Bar- 
rett, son of his nephew Nathaniel of Boston. He re(juests his wife 
at her death to remember his Door relations. 


Copied bj' Miss Mary Kingsbuut Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

The foUowinsf records of the Concrreijational Church at AViUinjj- 
ton, Conn., were kept by Rev. Gideon Xoble and later by Rev. 
Abisluii Alden. They begin in 1759 and continue, with some inter- 
ruptions, until 1803. 

A Kecord of Baptisms 

July 2')''^, 1759 The Rev'i M' Welch baptized in TVillington Anne, 

Daughter to John Scripture Sarah, Daughter to Timothv Perl 

Nathaniel, Son to Benj" Crocker Sarah & Mary, Daughters to 

Abiel Holt jun'^ Joshua & Eunice, Son & Daughter to Benj"^ 

Whitney Alice, Daughter to John Cummins Lucy, Daughter 

to Elias Lee Oliver, Son to Sam^ Abbe Elijah & Caleb, Sons 

to Caleb Holt Isaac, Son to Isaac Johnson Joel, Son to John 


March, 1759 Tlie Ilev*^ M"^ Welch baptized in Willington Lcis, Daugh- 
ter to Richard Ingersol Grace, Daughter to Peter Walker 

vSarah. Daughter to Samuel Abbe 

fi , July 29"^, 1759 Anne, Daughter to Jonathan Abbe Jerom, Son to 

Clement Topliif. 

Oct., 1759 Dorcas, Sarah & Ruth, Dau^lhters to W"" .Tchnson jun"^ 

]Mo]le. Daughter to W™ Glazier jun"" Berry, Son to Francis Feu- 
ton, jun"^ Benjamin. Son to Jonathan Sanger Tabitha, Daugh- 
ter to W"' Richardson Benjamin, Son to John Pool juu"^ — 

A Record of those baptized by M"" Xoble, Pastor of y^ Chh in Willing- 
ton, kept by himself. 

George, Son to John & Deborah ilerrick, was baptized .Tan. 20*'^, 1760 
Lydia. Daughter to Josiah & Lydia Whitney, baptized Feb. ?j'"^ 1760 
Hannah, Daughter to Joseph & Anne Crocker, bap. Feb. 17, 1760 
Abiiial, Daughter to Dan" & Lois Fuller baptized Feb. 2-4"^ 1760 
Elizabeth, Daughter to Benj" & Phebe Nye bap" Feb. 24t>', 17G0 
Thomas, Son to Richard & Ziporah Ingersol, baptized April 20, 1760. 
Francis, Son to Benj° & Elizabeth Crocker, baptized April 20, 1760 
Lydia, Daughter to W™ & Freelove Glazier, bap'^ A])ril 20, 1760 
Abner, Son to Elisha & Esther Fuller, baptized April 20, 1760. 
Alexander, Son to James Cumins baptized Juue 1, 1760. 

Abigal, Daughter to W" Johnson 4"^ &, Eunice his wife bap'' June 1, 1760 
Eleanor, Daughter to Jacob & Fuller, baptized July 6, 1760 

Joseph, Son of Sam" Fenton & his wife baptized July 20, 1760 

Timothy, Son to Timothy Pearl & Dinah his wife, baptized July 20, 1760 

116 Willington Church Records [April 

Joseph, Son of Jolm & Elizabeth Cumins, bap'' Aug. 10, 1700 

Amos, Son of Isauck & * Jolmson Ijap. Oct. 19, 17C0 

3Iary, Daughter of Abiel & Mary Holt, bap. Dec. 13. 1700 

Ablgal, Wife of Aaron Fargo, baptized April — 1701 

Sarali, Daughter to Aaron Oc Sarah Fergo. bap. April. 1761 

Stej)lien, Son to Eleazer Oc llaunaii Crocker, oap. April. 1701 

Tabitha, Daughter to William & Tabitha Ricbanlson, baptiz'^ 3Iay 30, 1761. 

Miriam, Daugliter to Bunj" Whitney -sras baptized, June 7, 1701 

"VA'illiam, Son of Joseph Mason bap. June 14, 1761 

Peter, Son of Peter Walker, baptized June 21, 1781 

William, Son of Sam^ Monro baptized .July — 1701 

Eachel, Daughter of Dan^^ Rider bap. July 20, 1701 

Miriam, Daughter to Benjamin Whitney was liaptized June 1701 

Mahitabel, Daughter of Josbh Whitney, jun'', bap. July, 1701 

David, Son of David &, .Sarah Stoel jun"", l)aptized Aug. 9, 1761 

John, Son of David &. Sarah Stoel jun"" bap. Aug. 9, 1761 

Ebenezer, Son of Isaac & Phebe Stoel bap. Aug. 2, 1761 

Asa, Son of Sam'^ & Anne Stoel baptized Aug. 2, 1761 

James, son of Will™ Johnson bap. Aug. 1761 

John, Son of John Hinckley, bap. Sep. 13, 1761 

Sarah, Daughter to John Hinckley, bap. Sep. 13, 1761 

Sarah, Daughter of Gideon & Christian Xoble Sep. 1761 

Reuben, Son of Josiah Frost Oct. 13, 1761 

Thomas, Son of Eleazor 6c Abigail Cushman Oct. 1701 

]S\ithan, son of Nathan & Abigail Holt Nov'' 22, 17G1 

Sarah, Daughter of Benj^ & Elizabeth Crocker, Dec"' O"*, 1761 

Lois, Daughter of Daniel Fuller baptized Jan. 1702 

Solomon, Son of Solomon Fuller, baptized May, 1702 

Llahetabel, Daughter of Richard &. Ziporah Ingersol baptiz^ May, 1762 

EBenezer, Son of Benj^ & Phebe Nye, baptized July 4, 1702 

Abiel, Son of Abiel &, Mary Holt jun'' baptized Julv lb, 1762 

Rufus, Son of W" Tyler jr'. baptized .July 18, 1762 

Ruth, Daughter of .Jacob Fuller baptized July 18, 1762 

Samuel, Son of Samuel Stoel ' baptized Aug. 7, 1702 

Zurviah, Daughter of Justus Hatch, bap. Oct. 3, 1762 

Pamela. Daughter of Samuel Fenton ju'' Aug. 1762 

Mary, Wife of Levi Glazier, Baptized Dec^ 1702 

Luke, Son of Sherebiah Ballard jun^ baptized Dec"^ 1762 

Susanna, Daughter of Solomon Orcut 

Hannah, Daughter of Darius Preston 

Abiel, Son of Abiel Holt jun'' 

of Jonathan Abbe 
Thomas, Son of Joseph Merick & Mary his wife 
Sarah, Daughter of David & Sarah Stoel 
Phebe, Daughter of Isaac & Phebe Stoel 
Irania, Daughter of Simeon Orcut 
Sarah, Daughter of Peter Walker 
Joshua, Son of Caleb Holt & Mary his wife 

of Daniel Rider 

Gideon, Son Rev' Gideon Noble & his wife Christian, Aug. 21, 1763. 

Josiah, Son of Benjamin Whitny then living at Pelliam was 

baptized at Williugton "' Ocf 16, 1763 

Eunice, Daugh'' of Benjamin & Eliza : Crocker Feb. 26, 1764 








Jan. 11, 


April 24, 

April 24, 

July 24, 

July 31, 





1913] Willington Church Records 117 

Tho^ Son of Solomon Fuller March 176-4 
Anne, Daughter of Dan'^ Fuller & Lois his wife bap. April 1, 1764 

Lois, Daughter of Joseph Crocker & Anne his wife — Ap'l 8, 1764 

Sarah, Daughter of Darius Presson & hannah — April 8, 1764 

Eleazer, Son of Xathan Root & Hannah his wife — Ap 8, 1764 

Esther, Daughter of W" Tyler &, Phebe his wife — May 27, 1764 

Daughter to Sam^' Munro & Abigail his wife ) -r i-CA. 

another child of Sam'^ Munro bap j ' 

Mahetabel, Daughter to AV" Johnson & Eunice his wife, July 1, 1764 

Luciua, Daughter of Sam'^ Felton j"^ -^"g- -6, 1764 
Experience, Daughter of Nathan Jenings & Esther his wife Sep"^ 2, 1764 

Joseph, Son of Richard & Ziporah Ingersol baptized Ocf 1, 1764 

Daughter of Jacob Fuller Ocf 1764 
Tho^ Son of John Farewell, of Mansfield, Deceased & Dorothy 

his wife ' Ocf 14, 1764 

Asa, Son of John Farewell, decesd & Dorothy Oct"^ 14, 1764 


James, Son of Caleb Holt & Mary his wife bap'^ Feb. 24, 1765 

Tymothy, Son of Benj"^ Nye & Phebe his wife Bap"^ April 7, 1765 

Joseph, Son of Joseph Merrick & Anne his wife bap. Apr. 14, 1765 
Ira, Son of Isaac Stoel & Phebe his wife 

Solomon, Son of Rev'' Gideon JN^oble & Christian bap. July 1765 

Hooker, Son of Dea. Sherebiah Ballard & Keziah bap. July, 1765 

Daughter of David Stoel July 1765 

William, Son of Nathan .Jenings & Esther his wife Oct. 6, 1765 

Molly, Daughter of Peter Whitney & Mercy his wife Oct. 6, 1765 

of Daniel Rider 1765 

Anna, Daughter of Levi Glazier & Mary his wife Nov. 3, 1765 

Mary, Daughter of Solomon Fuller & Mary his wife, Nov. 10, 1765 

Phebe, Daugh. of Timothy Perl & Dineh his wife — Dec. 1, 1765 

Esther, Daugh. of John Scripture & Esther his wife Dec. 1, 1765 

Dolle, Daugh'^ of Sam'' Abbe & Lucy his wife Dec. 1, 1765 

Moses, Son of John Merick & Deborah his wife Feb. 1, 1766 


Jonathan, Son of Peter Whitney & Mercy his wife bap. March 1766 

Olive, Daugh"' of Benj° Crocker & Eliz. his wife. Bap. April 6, 1766 

Mary, Daugh"^ of Dan'^ Fuller & Lois his wife, Bap. April 6, 1766 
Sarah, Daughter of Josiah Nuton [?] & Lydia his wife bab. Apr. 21, 1766 
Huldah, Daughter of Peter walker <i; Hannah his wife, bap. May, 1766. 
WUliam, Son of Isaac Johnson & Elizabeth his wife, baptized May 25, 1766 

Cloe, Dauirhter of Eleazer Cushman & Abigail, his wife, .June 29, 1766 

Hannah, Wife of Tho^ Chafy, baptized July 20, 1766 

Benjamin, Son of Tho^ Chafy & Hannah his wife, July 20, 1766 

Deliverence, Daugh'' of Tho^" Chafy & Han. his Wife, July 20, 1766 

Joshua, Son of Tho^ Chafy & Han. his Wife July 20, 1766 

James, Son of Stephen Chandler & Aug 17, 1766 

Joel, Son of Stephen Chandler & Aug. 17, 1766 

Jean, Wife of Benjamin Farley, bap. Aug. 24, 1766 

Jedediah, son of Azariah & Elisabeth Sanger, bap. Aug. 1766 

Cynthia, Daugh'' of Azariah Sanger & Elisabeth his wife, Aug. 1766 

Elisabeth, Daugh'' of Azariah Sanger & Elisabeth his wife, Aug. 1766 

118 Willinr/ton CJacrch Records [April 

Daniel, Son of Azariah Sangor & Eli.-;a])eth liis wLte, Au;:. 17C6 

Hanna, Daugh'' of Richard lu-uersol & Zipora, Lis wife, Sep. 21, 17 GO 

Eunice, Daugh'' of W" Chaffy & Anne his wife, Sep. 21, 17G6 

Jonathan. Sou of W" Chaiy & Anne his wife, Sep. 21, 17C6 

Sarah. Daugh'' of W" Presson of Asliford. Oct. 20, 17GG 

Abiuail, Daughter of Stephen Merrick iJc Anne, liis wife, Xov. .j. 17GG 

Allice. Daugii'' of Tim. Pool & Deborah his wife, ' jS'ov. 10, 17G6 

Tlio% Son of Francis Fenton &. Anna, his wife, Nov. 17G6 

Darius, Son of Darius Preston & Hamiali his wife, Feb. 1767 

Theode, Daughter of Solomon Orcut & liis wife March 21, 17G7 

Calvin, Sou of Daniel Preston & his V/Lte April .5, 17G7 

Ilette, Daughter of Jacob Fuller & Lydda his wife June 1), 17 G7 

Anne, Daughter of Sam" Stoell & his wife, April 12, 1767 
Experience, Daughter of Abel Parker & Keziah, his Wife, 

baptised ^jf^}'? 1767 

Jane, Daughter of Benj° Farley & Jane his wife May 24, 1767 

Dorithy, Daughter of Lemuel Urcut &; Freelove his wife, May 2i,.17G7 

Frederick, Sou of Josiah Chaffy of Ashford bap. June '2ii, 1767 

Anne, Daughter of Tim. Pool & Del)orah his ^nfe, bap. June 28, 1767 

Sarah, Daugh"^ of Benj"^ Nye & Phebe his Wife, bap. July -5, 1767 

Caleb, Son of Joseph Merrick & Anne, his wife, bap. July 5, 1767 

Tryphena. Daugli'' of W" Chafy & Anne his wife, bap. July 12, 1767 

Mary, Daughter of Stephens Chandler & July 12, 1767 

Isaack, Sou of Isaack Holt & Sarah his wife bap. July 10, 1767 

Moses, Son of Isaack Holt & Sarah July ID, 1767 

Abigail, Daugh'^ of Nathan Holt & Bathsheba his wife, Sep. G, 1767 

Tho'* Son of Josiah Root & iliriam his wife Sep. C, 1767 
Christian, Daugh'' of Rev'* Gideon Noijle & Christian his 

wife bap. Oct. 1767 

Asel, Son of Moses Holms & Keziah his wife Dec. 1767 

Daughter of Nathan Genings & Ester his wife Jan. 1768 

Josiah, Son of Josiah Root & ^Miriam his wife March, 1768 

Allice, Daug"^ of Dan" Fuller & Lois his wife April 10, 1768 

Zerviah, Daug'' of Joseph Barker & Susanna, his wife, Nov. 1767 

Tho* Son of Tho^ Chafy & Hannah his wife May 7, 1768 

Andrew, Son of Abiel Holt oc Eunice May 7, 1763 

Hannah, Daugh'" of Benj. Crock'' & Elizabeth May 15, 1768 

Timothy, Son of Levi Glazier & Mary May 15. 1768 

Rozel, Son of Elezer Scripture & Elhs May 15. 1768 

Darius, Son of Solomon Fuller & June 12, 1768 
Easther, Daughter of Ebenezer Heath j"" & baptized July 6, 1768 

Abner, Son of Sam" Comins & Mary his wife bap. July. 1"68 

Keziah, Daughter of Sam" Cumins & Sarah his wife July 1768 

Priscilla, Daughter of Sam" Cumins & Sarah J^ily, 1768 

Mary, Daugh'' of Sam" Cumins & Sarah July? 1768 

Dorcas, Daughter of Joseph Rider & Mary, his wife, Sep'' 1768 

Hiram, Son of Joseph Rider & Mary his wife Sep" 1768 

Rebecca, Daughter of Sam" Stoel & Anne Sep'' 1768 


George, Son of David Hatch & Ann his wife bap. Jan. 1, 1769 

Solomon, Son of David Hatch & Ann his wife Jan. 1, 1769 

Lucy, Daugh'' of David Hatch &. Anne his wife April 1, 1769 

1913] Willington Chtirch Records 119 

Cloe, Daughter of Stephen Merrick & liis wife Eunice, April 1, 1769 

Joshua, Son of Darius Preston & Hannah his wife, ^I'^y, 1"69 

Sarah, Daug"^ of Isaac Holt & Sarah his wife, bap. May, 1769 

Arithua, Daug. of Abel Parker & Keziah his wife ]May, 17(19 

Deborah, Daugh"^ of Tim^ Pool & Deborah his wife June 1, 17G9 

Jehiel. Son of Nathan Root & Hannali, his wife June 1. 1769 

Lyclia, Daughter of Sam^^ Fenton & Lyiiia his wife bap. July 6, 1769 

Joanna, Daughter of Rev'^ Gideon Noble & Christian his wife, Nov. 1769 

Esel, Son of John Scripture & Esther his wife Nov'' 1769 

Son of Ebenezer Heath j'' Nov"^ 1769 

Hannah, Daughter of Josiah iNIerrick & Anne his wife Sep. 1769 

Katharine, Daugh of Lemuel Orcut & freelove his wife, Oct. 1769 
Esther, Daugh. of Sam^ Abbe & Lucy, his wife Jan 1769 [sz'c] 

Hanna, Daugh. of Azariah Sanger & Eliza, his wife, Jan. 1769 [s/c] 

Olive, Daugh'' of Josiah Root & Miriam his wife March, 1770 

Matilda, Daugh"" of Joseph Rider & Mary his wife, March, 1770 

John, Son of Levi Glazier & Mary his wife May 20, 1770 

Esther, Daughtr of Nathan Jinnens A; piaster May 27, 1770 

Sarah, Daugh"^ of Dan^^ Fuller & Lois his wife May 27, 1770 

David. Son of David Hedges & Hannah his wife July 8, 1770 

Daniel, Son of David Hedges & Hannah his wife July 8, 1770 

Hannah, Daugh. of David Hedges & Hannah ins wife, July 8, 1770 

Mary, Daugh. of Tim" Pool & Deborah his wife, -^ug- 1770 

Justus, Son of Squire Oct. 1770 

Samuel, Son of Bourden & Temperance his wife, Nov"^ 18, 1770 
Elisabeth, Daughter of Bourden & Temperance his wife, 

Nov' 18 1770 
Phebe, Daught"^ of Daniel Pool & Temperance his wife, 18 Nov'' 1770 
Oliver, Son of Daniel Pool &, Temperance Lis wife 18 Nov"^ 1770 
Abel, Son of Dea. Holt & Eunice his wife Jan. 1771 
Samuel, Son of James Matthews Jan. 20, 1771 
John, Son of Benj'^ Farley &, Jean his wife Jan. 20, 1771 
Lemuel, Son of Lemuel Orcut «& Freelove his wife April 7, 1771 
Jonathan, Son of Tho^ Chafy & Hannah April 14, 1771 
Marah, Daugh'' of Benj" Nye & Mary his wife May, 1771 
Zurviah. wife of Obadiah Abbe j"^ baptis'^ May, 1771 
John, Hannah, Zibiah, Onner, Roger, Mima, Zurviah, Chil- 
dren of Obadiah Abbe & Zurviah his wife baptis^ May 13, 1771 
Jesse, Son of Jesse Eldridge & Mary, his wife, June 2, 1771 
Dinah, Daughter of Eliezer Scripture & Allice his wife, May 20, 1771 
Solomon, Son of Solomon Orcut June 23, 1771 
Tho'' Son of Amos Richardson & Sarah liis wife, June 30, 1771 
Hannah, Daugh"" of Isaac Holt & Sarah his wife, June 30, 1771 
William, Son of Stephens Chandler July, 1771 
Abiel, Son of Sam^ Abbe & Lucy his wife Aug. 1771 
Joseph, Son of Joseph Rider & Mary his wife Oct. 1771 
Charlotte, Daugh. of Rev*^ Gideon Noble & Christian, Sep. 1771 
Jerusha, Daugh"^ of David Hatch & Anne his wife Nov"" 1771 
James, Cynthia, Dorcas, Nabbe, Molle, Children of James 

Richardson & Dorcas his wife baptised March, 1772 

Zoath, Son of Zoath Eldredg & Eliz. his wife Apr. 1772 

Amasa, Son of Sam" Dunton & Lois his wife Apr. 1772 

Constant, Son of Joseph Merrick & -t\jine his wife Ap^ 1772 

120 Willington Church Records [April 

Esther, Daughter of David fledges & Hannah his wife, Ap"' ] 772 

Thursa, Daugii"^ of Sam" Fenton & Lyddy his wife, May 1772 

Roscina, Daugh' of Levy Glazier & June, 1772 

Hyram, Son of Elezer Scrip. & Allice his wife, July, 1 772 

Daniel, Son of Daniel Pool & Tempe his wife, July, 1772 

Calvin, Sou of Jolm Scripture & Esther liis wife, • Aug. 1772 

Susanna, Daughter of Joseph Barker & Suse his wife, Aug. 1772 

John, Son of Richard Ingersol & Ziporah his \\-ife, -A-ug. 1772 

David, Son of Silas Glazier & Suse his wife, Aug. 1772 

Rowland, Son of Josiah Root & Miriam his wife, Aug. 1772 

Rebecca, Daughter of Peter Whitney & Mercy his wife, Aug. 1772 
Elijah, John, Lois, Roger, Ashbel, Sons & Daughters of 

Elijah Fenton & Lois his wife Sep. 1772 

Lois, Daughter of Tim° Pool & Deborah his wife, Sep. 1772 

Phebe, Daugh' of Benj° Nye & Mary his wife, Sep. 1772 

Experience Williams, Daugh"" of Nathan Jinings & Eunice Oct'' 1772 

Daughter of Tho« Chafy " JiLiy, 1773 

Sarah, Daughter of James Matthews May, 1773 

Eunice, Daughter of Abiel Holt May, 1773 

Rhoda, Daughter of Joseph Rider l^y, 1773 

Mary, Daughter of Isaac Holt June, 1773 

Benjamin. Son of Benjamin Farley June. 1773 

Hannah Tyler Baptized Aug' 1773 

Timothy, Son of Zoath Eldridge OcV 1773 

Daughter of Lemuel Orcut Oct'^ 

Matthew, Son of ReV^ Gideon Noble Dec' 1773 

Jonathan, Son of Jonathan Tuttle Dec"" 1773 

Mary, Daug"^ of Nathan Tuttle Dec'' 1773 

Tho^ Son of Tho^ Rice, Feb. 1774 

Alva, Son of Nathan Tuttle & Mary, his wife Feb. 1774 

Leonard, Son of Sam'' Dunton, April, 1774 

Eunice, Daugh' of Solomon Orcut April, 1774 

Anne, Daugh'' of David Hatch April, 1774 

Joseph, Son of Benjamin Nye June, 1774 

Timothy, Son of Timothy Pool July, 1774 

John, Son of Nathan Holt, baptised July, 1774 

Elisabeth, Daughter of Stephens Chandler July, 1774 

Desire, Daughter of Nathan Root, July, 1774 

Keziah, Daughter of Abel Parker Aug. 1774 

Elizabeth, Daughter of Lieut. Joseph Merrick, Aug^ 1774 

Calvin, Son of Daniel Pool Oct. 1774 
Eleanor, Mahetabel, Roxe, Cloe, & Bethiah, Daughters of 

Caleb Orcut Oct. 1774 

Elijah, Son of Isaac Sawin Nov"^ 1774 

Hanna, Daugh' of Capt. Ebenezer Heath Nov'' 1774 

Anne, Daughter of Peter Whitney Nov. 1774 

Mahetabel, Daugh. of Jonathan Tuttle Jan. 1775 

Lavina, Daughter of Eleazer Scripture Feb. 1775 

Zerah, son of Joseph Rider, April, 1775 

Adonijah, Son of Levi Glazier May, 1775 

Miriam. Daughter of Josiah Root, June. 1775 

David, Son of Nathan Tuttle June, 1775 

Enoch, Son of John Eldredge, ^ June, 1775 

1913] WilUngton Church Records 121 

Erastus. Son of Zoath El<lredge June, 177.5 

Joseph, James, Solomon &^ Esther children of James Holt July, 1775 

Daughter of Benjamin Farly July, 1775 

Oliver, Son of Isaac Holt July, 1775 

Phebe, Dauah'' of Eljeuezer Goodale Sep"^ 1 775 

Mark, Son oi Rev'^ M"^ Noble Sep-" 1775 

Anna, Daugh"^ of Timothy Pool Sep'^ 1775 

A Record of those Recommended by other Clih. as may appear by Letters 
on File. 

Eleazar Crocker &. Judith his Wife Recomended Sep. 18'^ 1759. 

Benjamin Crocker & Elizabeth his Wife Recomended Sep. 18, 1753 

Ezekiel Holt & Wife Recomended Jiily 29 1759 

Sam^ Stiles & Huldah his Wife Recomended Aug. 30, 1759 

Edy Hatch's Letter of Recomendation from ye Chh of 

Tolland was read & accepted July 6, 17 GO 

Jonathan Case's Letter of Recomendation from ye Chh of 

Tolland read & accepted; July 6, 1760 

Abigail, Wife of Sam'^ Monroe was recomended by Letter 

from ye Chh of C in Canterbury, read & accepted July 6'^, 17C0 

Moses Holms & Keziah his Wife were recommended, by 

Letter from the Chh of Ashford, read & accepted, Sep'^ 1760 

Justus Hatch & Wife recommended by Letter from ye 

Chh of C in Tolland — Dated . May 28, 1761 

Sherebiah Ballard & Kezia his Wife recommended by the 

Church of Lancaster March 26, 176i 

Eunice Wife of Abial Holt j"', recomended by the 2'^ Chh 

of C in Bolton July, 1767 

^Nathan Root & Hannah his Wife recommended by the 

Ch at Walpole Dec"^ 1763 

M''' Dorcas Taylor recommended by Chh of C* in Yar- 
mouth — accepted April, 1770 
M" Lvdia Holt, wife of Nathan Holt, recommended by y^ 

2'i Chh of C* in Coventry ' Aug 1770 

Mahitabel, Wife of Jonathan Case recomended by S'^ Clii 

in Pomfret, David Ripley, Pastor, read & accepted Ap. 1771 

Ebenezer Goodell & Phelje his Wife March 16, 177-4 

Charity, Wife of Micajah Dorman IMarch, 1774 

Nath'^ Patten recommended by Ch. of Tyringham, July, 1774 

Eunice, Wife of Doct. [?] Grant from V^ Ch. Mansfield, May, 1784 

Varny fellows from y^ Chh of ilansfield 
Sarah Fellows from y^ Ch. of Tolland 

At a Church meeting held in Willington, June 2^"^, 1791, the Chh. made 
choice of M"^ Asa Church to serve as Deacon and he Refused to seiwe. 
the Church then made Choice of M'' Thomas Taylor to serve as Deacon. 
Accepted At the same meeting Voted to Choose a Standing Committee 
of Inspection and Chose mess" Benjamin Nye, Joseph Rider, Darias 
Preston, Oliver Pearl & Nathan Root Committee for s*^ Purpose — 

Test. Sam" Dunton, Moderator. 

1792. Mary [illegiNe] admitted 

Oct. 21, 1792, Deborah Davis was admitted into the Ch. 

Oct. 29, 1792. Jcfliah Amidown and his wife were admitted into the chh. 


Willinrjton Church Records 


Timo. Pearl \ras admittefl into the chli. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Utiey Tvas admitted and baptized. 

Feb. 3, 1793. 
Feb. 4, 1793. 

Record of Baptisms 
John, Son of Samuel Ru^gles, baptised 
Enoch. Son of Asher Flint 
Bfujaiuiu, Sou of .Jaaies 2iIatthcw.-5 
Susanna, Daughter of John Scripture, 
Nathan, Mercj', Roswell, Ilyram and Ketura Sons & 

Daughters of W" Tyler 
James, Son of Gideon Comins 
Miriam, Daughter of Gideon Comins, 
John, Son of James Holt, 
Oliver, Son of Oliver Pearl 
Daniel, Son of Silas Glazier, 
James Matthews 
Elijah, Son of Eenj° Nye 
Sarah, Reliance, Levina, .John, Mary, Ileman, Mercy & 

Phillip, Sons & Daughters of Heman How 
Clorendon [Clorinda?], Daughter of Isaac Root 
Sarah, Daitghter of Israel Ballard 
Israel, Son of Israel Ballard. 
Timothy, Son of Zoath Eldridge 
Jerusha, Daughter of Barnard Case 
Persis, Daughter of Elias Bowker 
Sarah, Daughter of Tim° Pool 
Matthew, Son of Abel Huntington, 
Elizabeth, Daughter of Abel tluiitincrton, 
Nathan, Son of Nathan Jennings, bap"" 
Sarah, Daughter of David Hatch b'^ 
Jonathan, Son of Abel Parker, 

Hannah, Daughter of Tho^ Chafv ^ 

Lucy, Ellice & Sam^^ Children of Isaac Stiles 
Joseph, Son of .Joseph Crocker, deceas*^ 
Elisabeth, Daughter of Isaac Holt 
Samuel, Son of Elezer Leeson, 
Sarah, Daughter of Elezer Leeson 
Alpheus, Son of Elezer Scripture 
Elisha, Son of Jonathan Tuttle 

Luther, Cal-vin, Elijah & Lydda Children of Isaac Johnson 
Josiah, Son of Sam^' Dunton 
Nathan, Son of Nathan Tuttle 
Daniel, Son of Tho^ Rice 
Molle, Daughter of Levi Glazier, deceased 
Edward, Son of Sam" Ruggles 
Rachel, Daughter of Joseph Rider 
Eunice, Daughter of Darius Presson 
Lucy, Daugh"^ of James Holt 
Mary, Daugh"^ of Elezer Gleson 
Stephen Rice, 

Ephraim, Elias & Roswell, Sons of Ruben Jinings 
Mary, Daugh"' of Stephen Rice 

[Probably a number of pages missing.] 

Feb. i: 


Oct. V, 

( ■) 

March, i; 


April, i; 


March, 1/ 


June. 1/ 


June, 1' 


June, r 


June, r 


Au2. 1' 


Oct. V 


Nov^ 1- 


Nov^ 1- 


Oct r 


Nov' r 


Nov' 1' 


March. 1' 


AprQ, r 

:\Lav. r 


3Ia"v, r 


Mav. r 


MaV, 1' 


Mav, 1 


May, 1' 


June, 1' 


July, 1 


Aug. 1 


Sep. 1' 
Sep. 1' 
Sep. 1' 
Sep. 1 
Oct. 1 



Oct. 1 


Nov' 1 


.Jan. 1 


April. 1 
April, 1 
April, 1' 
May, r 


June, r 


Aug' 1' 


Auj. 1' 


Au> 1' 


Sep' r 
Oct. 1' 


Oct. 1' 



The Hotchkiss Family 


Ira, Son of Nath'^ Fenton 
Lyros, Son of Eleazer Scripture 
son of Benj" Craft 
Daucli'' of Isaac Stiles 
Mercy, Dau'rh'^ of Oliver Pearl 
Silas, Son of Benj" Nye 
Esther, Daughter of Elezer Leeson 
Anna, Daughter of Ezra Sibley 
Alfred, David, Mary & Orrigin, Sons & Daughters of ]\P 

Rial, Sou of Josepli Newcomb 
Isaac Son of Lieu"^ James Niles [Stiles ?] 
Clarissa, Child of Zurviali Jacobs 
Mary, Daughter of Abel Huntington 
Asa, Son of Thomas Taylor 
Oren [Orem ?] Son of Sam"'^ Stoel 
Orania, Daugh"' of Eleazer Crocker 
Ichabud, Son of Jonathan Tuttle, Deces*^ 
Anna, Dauirhter of Thomas Rice 
Elisha, Son of Doct. Jlinor Grant 
Lois & Phebe, Daugh" of Ezra Sibley 
Arenia & Bathsheba or Bashua. Daughters of Ezra Homes 
Seldon, Son of Ens° Joseph Rider 
Ruel, Son of Asa Church 
Jabez, Son of Joseph Newcomb 
[tiTornJlane, Daugh'^ of Joseph Newcomb 
Levina, Daugh"^ of Ezra Holmes 
Julia, Daughter of Gideon Noble 
Samuel, Son of Dea. Sam'^ Dunton 
Eunice, Daugh'' of Samuel Stoel 
Beth, Son of Isaac Stiles 
Lois, Daugh'' of Eleazar Scriptor 
Oliver, Son of Oliver Pearl, 
Lucretia, Daughter of Tho^ Taylor 
Denison, Son of Doct. Minor Grant 
Jared born by Elenor Orcut 
Elijah, Son of Sam'^ Stoel 
Ezra, Son of Ezra Sibley 
Elisha, Son of Natli'^ Fenton 
Porter, Abigail, Mercy & Guy, Sons and Daughters of Jolin 

EUice, Daugf of Elezer Scripture 

[To be concluded] 


















April — 












By Donald Lines Jacobl-s, M.A., of ^Tew Haven, Conn. 
[Continued from page 56] 

Jason^ Hotchkiss {John,^ Jolin.^ John^^ Samuel'^), born 12 May 
1719, lived at Cheshire, and died 19 May 1776. He married first, 
27 Dec. 174-1, Abigail Atwater, daughter of Moses and Sarah 

124 The Hotchhiss Family [April 

(Merriman), who was horn 13 Sept. 1725 and died 23 Feb. 1773; 
and secondlv, 17 Feb. 1774, Mks. Thankful Tcttle. 
Children .by first wife : 

i. Abigail,' b. 12 July 174G : d. yonn?. 

ii. Sauah. b. 1 May 1750: m. 10 julv 1771 TVilliam Law. 

iii. David, b. 28 Mar. 17.52: m. 20 Dec. 1771 Auigail Merrlol 

iv. JuNATUAX, b. 7 May 1754. 

V. xVrigail, b. I'J Sept. 1756 ; m. BE^-^■XTT. 

vi. Jason, b. 13 May 1759. 

vil. Meuuimax, b. abt. 1702; d. 16 June 1S12; m. (1) .30 Dec. 1785 
EsTiiicR Hull, d. 19 Feb. 1789 ; m. f2) Ki:Tui:An Hough, daughter 
of John. d. 2 Mar. 1795 : m. (Z) 27 May 1790 Betsey Dura>T), 
b. abt. 1773, d. 9 Apr. 1848. 

viii. Lydlv. b. 22 July 1764. 

Ix. Eltus, b. 29 Mar. 1709 ; m. 27 Dec. 1792 Lowly' Doolittle. 

X. A>'NA, b. 23 Feb. 1773. 

52. John* Hotchkiss {John* John,^ John," SamiteP), born 16 Sept. 

1735, lived at Cheshire, and married, 1-i Feb. 175G, Phebe 


Children : 

i. ,' b. 4 Jan. 1753. 

ii. , b. 31 Mar. 1760. 

iii. , b. 9 Apr. 170-. 

iv. MiRLVM Wood, b. 1 Mar. 1767. 

V. CORNELICS, b. 29 Oct. 1769. 

vi. Socrates, b. 11 May 1774. 

53. Elijah* Hotchkiss (John,* John} John} SamueP), bom 6 liar. 

1738, lived at Chesliire, and died 11 .June 1797. He married, 
8 June 1758, Elizabeth Kellogg, who was bom 31 May 1738. 
Children : 

i. Dorothy,' b. 22 May 1759 ; m. Lyma^c Atwatek. 

ii. Ada, m. Mtinson Duraxd. 

iii. Samuel, b. 22 May 1765 ; m. and had issue. 

54. Amos* Hotchkiss (Amos,* John} John." Satnuel^), bora 27 ilar. 

1738, lived at Cheshire, and died 24 July 1784. He married, 
6 Apr. 1758, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beadles or Beadel) Meeriaai, 
daughter of Capt. Nathaniel. 
Children : 

i. Robert,' b. 11 June 1760. 

ii. Samuel Sharp Beadles, b. 24 Mar. 1762. 

iii. Miriam, b. 10 Jan. 1764 ; m. 12 Feb. 1784 SAaiUEL Hotchkiss (see 

Addenda) . 
iv. Louisa, b. 10 Jan. 1766; m. 16 June 1784 Cornelius B. Cook. 
V. Amos, b. 13 Apr. 1768. 
vi. Mablow, b. 22 Feb. 1770. 
vii. George, b. 4 June 1772. 

55. Benjamin* Hotchkiss (James,* John} John} Samuel'^), boi-n 3 Mar. 

1730, lived at Cheshire and Mt. Carmel. and married, 12 Dec. 
1751, Martha Brooks. 
Children : 

i. Martha,' b. 27 Dec. 1752. 

ii. Simeon, b. 26 Nov. 1754. 

iii. Jerusha, b. 10 Mar. 1756. 

iv. Desire, b. 10 June 1758. 

v. Statiba, b. 16 Nov. 1765. 

1913] The Hotchhiss Family 125 

vi. Bexjamin, b. 17 Dec. 17(17. 
vii. David Brooks, b. 7 Aug. 17G9. 
Perhaps otlier childrea. 

56. AsA° HoTCiiKiss {James,^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^), born 24 Nov. 

1731, lived at Chesliire, and died 1 July 1763. He married, 2 May 
1752, Marv Andrews. 
Children : 

i. Sakah," b. 6 Mar. 1753. 

ii. EoBERT, b. 14 June 1755, " of Collumbier." 

iii. Giles. 

iv. Lowly. 

V. Jared, b. 12 Sept. 17C1. 

vi. Chloe, b. 2 Mar. 1763. 

57. Joseph^ HoTCHKiss (^ewr^,^ ^/m,^ JoAn,- ^awMeZ^), born 18 Dec. 

1738, lived at Clieshii-e, and died 28 JMar. 1783. He married first, 
9 Mar. 1761, Mary Hall, who died 14 Feb. 1776; and secondly, 
1 Jan. 1778, Mrs. Ruth Doolittle, who survived him and died 
before 1807. 

Children by first wife : 

i. ZuR.vH,« d. 19 Oct. 1777. 

ii. Sarah, b. 27 Aus. 1764. 

iii. Miles, b. 27 Dec. 1760; d. 12 Oct. 1777. 

iv. Mary, b. 12 Mar. 176'J ; d. 4 Dec. 1777. 

V. Chloe. b. 30 July 1771 ; d. 31 Aug. 1837 ; m. Leat Bristol, as Ms 

second wife, 
vi. Martha, b. 1 July 1773; d. 24 Jan. 1805; ra. 21 'Sov. 1791 Levi 

Bristol, b. 16 Sept. 1767, d. 19 Dec. 1841. Tliey removed to 

vii. Joseph, b. 13 Feb. 1776; m. 10 May 1797 Nabby Bunxell. 

58. JONAH^ HoTCHKiss {Henry* John,^ John,'^ Samuel'^), born 28 Oct. 

1745, lived at Cheshire, and died 19 Sept. 1812. He mai-ried, 14 
Aug. 1764, Eunice Tyler, who died 12 Feb. 1835. 
Children : 

i. AzrBAH," b. 2 June 1765; d. 17 Nov. 1S03 ; m. 30 June 1785 Job 

Si'ERRY, bapt. 14 Oct. 1702. d. 7 Feb. 1S25. 
ii. Adoxijah, b. 19 Jan. 1767; m. 2S, May 1788 Sylvia Seymolti. 
iiL EuxiCE, b. 21 Oct. 1768; d. 17 June l'771. 
iv. Joxah, b. 13 Apr. 1771; d. 7 Jan. 1850; m. 6 Oct. 1794 Chloe 

Bradley, d. 20 Oct. 1862. Children: 1. HannahJ b. 28 Oct. 

1795. 2. ;^arah. b. 15 Mar. 1798. 3. Hirnm. b. 18 Feb. 1801. 4. 

Caroline, b. 10 Feb. 1806. 5. Azubah, b. 15 May 1811. 6. Hiram 

Alvestus, b. 14 Sept. 1815. 
V. Abxer, b. 30 Apr. 1774 ; d. 10 May 1774. 
vi. Henry, b. 13 Sept. 1775 ; d. 1794. 
87. vii. Miles, b. 28 Aug. 1778. 

59. Kezekiah® Hotchkiss {Caleb,* Joshua,^ John,''' Samuel'^), born 27 

Sept. 1729, lived at Hamden, and died 8 May 1761. He married 
first, 12 Dec. 1751, Sarah Bradley, who died 3 Sept. 1753 ; and 
secondly, 19 June 1754, Mary Wooding, daughter of John and 
Desire (Cooper), who was born 20 Nov. 1731, and married seo- 
ondly Enos Johnson. 
Child by first wife : 

i. Hezekiah,^ b. 25 Dec. 1752; d. 1 Apr. 1827: m. 6 May 1781 Grace 
Wilcox of Cluitou, d. 9 June 1829, aged 71. 

126 The Hotchkiss Family [April 

Children by second mfe : 

li. DAXirx. b. 1 Apr. 1755 ; d. at North Haven 9 Xor. 1800 ; m. 20 Aug. 

17.S2 AcHSAii AxDRUS, bapt. 1757. 
Hi. J.uu:d, b. 15 Mar. 1757; d. 20 Feb. 1758. 
iv. Jakkd, b. Mar. 1701. 

60. Jonx'' HoTcniciss {Cahh,^ JoshunS' John,- Samuel'^), horn. 12 Xo7. 

17.j1, died .July 1770. He married, 28 Xw^. 1755, Susannah 
JoxKS, dauf.diter of Timothy and Jaue (Harris), who was lx»m 
1732 and died 1813. 
Children : 

i. LouTSA,^ b. 3 Mar. 17.5<1 ; d. 1822: m. Daniel Bishop. 

ii. GAiumcL, b. 15 Sept. 1757. 

iii. SusANNAn Augusta, b. 6 An?. 1750. 

iv. Sophia Charlotte, b. 3 Mar. 1701. 

V. Frederick Willlvm, bapt. 31 Oct. 1763. 

Ti. Susannah Caroline, bapt. 15 Apr. 17Gi. 

vii. Lewis George, bapt. 1 Dec. 1705. 

viii. George Lewis, bapt. 12 Apr. 1767 ; m. 6 Feb. 1783 Eunice Cook of 

is. Susannah Jane. bapt. 28 May 17G9. 
s. TnioTHY John, bapt. 2 June 1771. 
xi. Maria Jane, bapt. 13 June 1773. 

61. Joshua^ Hotchkiss ( Calebs Joshua.^ John,'^ SamueP), horn 12 Feb. 

1734, died 3 June 1795. He married Mary Pcnderson. 'laugh- 
ter of Thomas and Jlary (Miles), who was bom 28 Jan. 1738 and 
died 4 Mar. 1821. They lived at Westville. 
Children : 

i. SiL.\s,« bapt. 7 May 1758; d. 22 May 1848; m. 17 Dec. 1777 Esther 
Gilbert. James G. Hotchkiss was administrator of his estate. 

88. ii. Eleazer, bapt. 7 May 1758. 

iii. LucDTDA, bapt. Jan. 1700 ; m. 10 Apr. 1730 James Tho'mpson. 

89. iv. Elliah (twin), bapt. i Apr. 1762. 

V. Elisha (twin), bapt. 4 Apr. 1762; d. yoimg. 

90. vi. Joseph Punderson, bapt. 27 Mav 1704. 

vii. Elisha, bapt. 20 Sept. 1707; d. 9"july 1839; lived at Bethany. 

viii. Caleb, bapt. 4 Mar. 1770 ; m. HLvn-nah , bur. 3 Oct. 1309, aged 

39 (Episcopal Church records). 

91. ix. Mn.ES, bapt. 28 June 1772. 

62. Lemuel^ Hotchkiss {Ciileb,* Joshua,^ John^ SamueP), married first, 

2 Jan. 1757, Mary Mallory of Stratford, who died 19 Apr. 
1762 ; and secondly, 6 Mar. 1765, Parthexa Murray of New 
JVIilford. He lived at New Haven. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Thaddeus,^ b. 24 Sept. 1757 ; d. 1737 ; m. . Children : 1. Par- 

thena.'' 2. Thaddeus. 
ii. Hephzibah, b. 14 Mar. 1700 : m. (1) 1 Jan. 1777 David Moultheop ; 

m. (2) 14 Nov. 1730 Phls'ehas Andrus. 
iii. M.IRY (twin), b. 3 Apr. 1702. 
iv. AuRELius (twin), b. 3 Apr. 1762; bapt. as Parmelia. 

Children by second wife : 

V. Lyman, b. Jan. 1706. 

vi. H-VNN.ui, bapt. 2 Apr. 1773. 

vii. Lemuel, bapt. 21 Mar. 1779. 

63. EzEKiEL* Hotchkiss {Joseph,* Joseph,^ John," Samuel''-), born at 

Guilford 14 Mar. 172(5, removed to New Haven, and died 1779. 
He married, 25 Jan. 1750, Hannah Alling. 

: 1913] The Hotchhiss Famlhj 127 

Children : 
92. i. Exos,Mj. 6 .Time 1731. 

ii. Mauy, b. li ^May 1753; 'm. Israel Bradley. 

iii. Haxnah, b. 'J Jan. 1755; m. 1778 Glover Ball. 

iv. Kaciiel, b. 1 Jau. 1757 ; m. Jajies Bhaxnex. 

V. RnoDA, b. 10 Feb. 1759; ra. (1) S.oiur.L CnATTERTox. b. 13 Mar. 

1755, d. 10 Oct. 17,s:); lu. (2) 20 Oct. 1702 Benjamin I'.uowx. 
vi. Lois. b. 17 July 17(51 ; d. 2(i Nov. 1S26 ; m. S.oiuel liUiiSAia'. 
vii. Eber, b. 26 Nov. 17G4. 

viil. ruKBE, b. tj Nov. 17UIJ ; m. Wllllvji HixcncocK. 
Ls. EzEKiEL, b. 6 Nov. 1708 ; d. unm. after 1770. 

64. Daxiel^ HoTcnKiss (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John,- SamueU), born at Guil- 
ford 2 July 172S, removed to Ciiesliire, and died I'd Sept. 1807. 

He married El'nick , who died o July 1811, aged 77. 

Cliildren : 

i. Thankful,^ b. 15 Feb. 1753. 

ii. EuxicE, b. 8 Jan. 1755 ; m. . 

iil. Is-\.\.c, b. 4 !Mar. 1757. 

iv. Lucy, b. 7 ilar. 1750; m. May 1785 Lac.vx Hall. 

V. TnoJLvs, b. 25 Nov. 1703. 

vi. Lydlv, b. 30 Mar. 1766. 

vLi. Haxxah. 
viii. Daxlel. 

J Lx. Daji.lris. 

'' \ X. Moses, b. 27 Feb. 177G. 

j 65. Joseph^ Hotchkiss {Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John," Samuel'^), born at Guil- 

I ford 22 Oct. 1736, removed to Cheshire. He married, 30 July 

17G1, Ha:»nah Atwater. 
Children : 

i. Ebexezer,** b. 3 Sept. 17G6. 

\ ii. Salixa, b. 7 Nov. 1708. 

fl iii. Haxxah, b. 17 Jau. 1771. 

'I iv. Joseph, b. 12 Mar. 1773. 

I Probably other cliildreu. 

66. JosiAH^ HoTCnKiss (Josiah,^ Josiah.' John,- Samuel^), bora 2'o Dec. 
. 1742, lived uC Cheshire, and married S.V'.:An Peiikixs. .uii-.-liter of 

Eli^lia and Euuice (Terliiusj, wlio was born 2S Aug. 174:i. 
Children : 

i. Abig.ul,"' b. 12 Dec. 1705: d. 10 Dec. 18i7 : m. 4 Dec. 17S8 Joel 

Moss, b. 7 July 170i;, a. i; Mar. Is47. 

ii. L-^i:.u;l, b. 30 May 1707: u. 21 Eel). 1^10; ra. 20 Sept. 1702 Martha 

KoYCE, b. 7 ^iar. 1705, d. 15 Mar. 1840. Ciiildren : 1. Xnthuniel 

liuyce,^ b. 6 Sept. 1703. 2. JoMah, b. 24 Jau. 1705: a. 30 Aug. 

. 1832. 3. Elizur, b. 8 Oct. 17'J7 : d. 8 Oct. 1S34. 4. ^Jc.ria, b. 26 

\:V Jau. 1800; m. AiKlrews. 5. Israel, b. 28 Apr. 1802. 6. 

,,'jy Caroline, b. 1 Mar. 1804; m. Aarou Brooks. 7. S[ibH. b. 21 June 

■> 1800; d. 7 Mar. 1808. 8. SHh, b. 18 Sept. 1808; d. ]88S. 0. 

Charles Lester, b. 10 Mar. 1813. 
iii. Jo.SErnus, b. 2 Aug. 1708 ; d. 23 Mar. 1821 ; ra. 11 Nov. 1700 Sarah 
Bexha.m. Children : 1. Benoni.'' b. 8 May 1704 ; removed to 
\ CarapbellsvUle, Kv. 2. Lois, b. 27 Oct. 17'.)5. 3. .sv^/v,/,. b. 13 

■i Dec. 1707. 4. Di-'los, b. 25 Oct. Is02. 5. Mart/, b. July 1807. 

i C. Eunice, b. 16 Nov. 1809. 

' iv. EuxiCE, b. 28 Aug. 1770. 

V. Saliia, b. 17 May 1772 ; m. 27 Nov. 1704 Keeecca Hall. 
vi. Sau-UI, b. 13 Dec. 1777. 

67. Bexoxi'' HoTCnKlSS (Jnsioh,^ Jisin'i.^ John.- S'lmiiel^). born 4 Aug. 

17o2. lived at Cheslare, and died 27 Feb. IS'Jo. lie married first, 

128 The Hotchhiss Family [April 

5 Sept. 1771, Hannah Xouton, who was born about 17-lS and 

died 10 May 1788; and secondly LcCT , who was bom 

about 1764 and died 23 Nov. 1821. The record of this family is 

Children by first wife : 

i. Hl-lda AxN,°b. 1772. 

ii. AViLLLOi, b. abt. 17S0; d. 4 Sept. 1785. 

iii. Aluickt, b. abt. 1783; d. 12 Nov. 1786. 

iv. Mary. b. G Dec. 17SG. 

Chihlren by second wife : 

V. Eliza, b. abt. 1793; d. 20 Aug. 170.5. 

vi. Albekt, d. 15 Sept. 1795. 

vii. Fkederick H., b. 12 Aug. 1803. 

68. Capt. Stephen' Hotchkiss {Caleb,'^ Caleb,^ John,"^ Samuel'^), born 

4 Feb, 1738, lived at New Haven, and died 19 Dec. 1800. He 
married first, 10 Dec. 1767, Abigail Scott, who was baptized 
16 Nov. 1746 and died 4 May 1789 ; and secondly Mrs. Elizabeth 
(OsBOKx) Miles, widow of James, who was bom 29 Apr. 1750. 

Children by first wife : 
i. Lucv.s b. 4 Sept. 1709. 

ii. WiLLUM ScuTT, b. 29 Jan. 1772; d. 28 July 183.5; m. 12 Dec. 1795 
Mary Tuojipson, b. 8 May 1773. The family of his son, William 
Scott. Jr., appears iu the Tomlinson (J-enealogy, p. 77. and the 
family of his sou, Isaac Thompson, in the same volume, p. 79. 
iii. Phebe. b. 11 July 1773. 
iv. Stephen, b. 22 Sept. 1777. 

93. V. George, b. G Mar. 1780. r 

vi. AVyllys, b. 20 Dec. 17S2; d. 1852, leaving his estate to his wife 


69. JoNAP/ HoTCHKiss {Caleb,* Caleb,^ John," Samuel'^), horn 12 .June 

174.). lived at New Haven, and died 15 Nov. 1811. He married, 
18 ilar. 1772, Elizabeth Atwater, who was bom 30 Jan. 1748 
and died 16 Apr. 1827. 

Children : 

1. Elizabeth,^ b. 10 June 1773; d. 15 Apr. 1796; m. Justus* Hotch- 

Kis-S (86), b. abt. 1772, d. 6 May 1812. 
ii. Scs.vNNAH, b. 24 Juue 1775 ; d. 1 Mar. 1825 ; m. 27 Apr. 1800 Justus* 

HoTCuinss (8G), widower of her sister. 

94. iii. Ezra. 

95. iv. Russell. 

96. V. Elias. 

70. Eltiiu"' IIotchkiss {Joel,* Caleb,^ John^- Samuel^), bom at New 

Haven 16 Aug. 1742, removed to Litchfield, and died 12 May ls35. 

He married, 1769, Ltdia Robinson, who died 2 June 1836, aged 93. 

(Gravestone inscriptions, Morris, Conn.) 

C'liildren : 
i. S.vLLY,* m. Benj.oiin Webster. 
ii. Lydu., b. abt. 1774 ; d. i Jan. 1860. 
iii. Mary, b. 26 Dec. 1776 ; d. 9 Sept. 1S5I. 
iv. Kachel, b. 28 Feb. 1779. 

V., b. 26 May 1781 ; d. 15 Mar. 1861 ; m. Clarissa , d. 

7 Mar. 1855, aged 70. 
vi. Ei.iHU. 
vii. Betsey. 

71. John' IIotchkiss {Joshua,* Stephen," Joshua,'- Samuel'^), bom 27 Feb. 

1733, lived at Cheshire, and tlied 9 Nov. 1794. He married first, 

1913] The Hotchhiss Family 129 

25 Oct. 1756, Abigail Sjiith, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah 
(Smith) of West Haven, who was born 31 Aug. 1725 and died 19 
Apr. 1760; and secondly, 26 Jan. 1761, Sarah Gillaji. 

Child by first wife : 
i. Mary," b. 23 .June 1758 ; m. Joseph .Jonxsoy of TVoodbridge. 

Children by second wife : 

ii. Noah, m. 17 Apr. 1782 Abigail Hitchcock. 
iii. Joshua Gillam, b. G Oct. 17G-i; d. youug. 

iv. B11NM.V3IIN. 

V. EisiiNKZKiJ, b. 18 Jan. 17G8. 

vi. Abigail Siirru, b. 8 July 17G9. 

Til. Sar.vh, m. John Cook^ HorcnKiss (47, xiv) . 

viii. Susannah, b. 18 July 1773. 

72. Abraham^ Hotcuiciss (Isaac,* Isaac,^ Joshua,^ SamueP), born at 

Bethany, lived there, and died at Waterbury 21 Nov. 1802. He 
married Rosetta Speruy, daughter of Ezra and Ruth (Si)erry). 
Children (order unknown) : 

i. Ira,' removed to Sheffield, Mass. 

ii. Mark, b. abt. 1770 ; d. at New Haven 2G Teb. 1S2G. 

iii. AnRAH.vji. 

iv. C.VLVIN. 

V. Bela, ra. . Child : 1. BachelJ 

vi. Ann, m. Haly. 

vii. Rachel, m. Upson. 

73. Isaac" Hotchkiss {Isaac* Isaac,^ Joshua,- Samuel^), born about 

1758, lived at Bethany, and died 11 May 1828. He married 
ELiZABETn Clark, who was born about 1762 and died 6 Jan. 

Children (order unknown) : 

i. Philo." b. abt. 1778 ; d. 18 July 1853 ; m. Patty Lines, b. abt. 1783, 

cl. 12 Mar. ISGl: ; left issue. 
ii. Isaac. 

iii. Cl.usk, m. Lines. His only son, IsaacJ removed to Michigan. 

, iv. Patty, m. John White. 
V. Fanny, m. Aijel Prince. 
vi. Rebecca, m. Hiram' Hotchkiss (109). 
vii. ELiz.uiETH, m. Miles French. 

74. Stephen^ Hotchkiss {Jabez,* Jacoh,^ Joshua,- Samuel^), born .31 Oct. 

1761, lived at Bethany, and died 5 Nov. 1817. He married Han- 
nah Brown, who was buried 28 Feb. 1817. 
Children : 

i. Harriet.* 

97. ii. Harley, b. 12 Sept. 1791. 

iii. Rebecca, m. Menott Collins. 
iv. We^vlthy, d. youug. 

98. V. Eber, b. abt. 17yG. 

vi. Stephen, m. 10 Sept. 1837 Abig.ul Hotchkiss, who was bur. 29 

May 1842, aged 42. 
vii. H.^-Nah, m. John Russell. 

99. viii. Jared, b. abt. 1804. 

ix. Jesse, m. Caroline Sperry. 
100. X. George. 

75. Leverett^ Hotchkiss {Elijah,* Jacoh,^ Joshua,'^ SamiieP), born 

6 Oct. 1762, lived at Derby, and died 3 Oct. 1826. He married, 
14 Aug. 1785, Sarah Burritt, who was born about 1763 and 
died 8 Jan. 1842. 

130 The Hotchhiss Farnibj [April 

Cliild : 
i. WYLLys,^ b. 25 Apr. 1758 ; d. 24: Nov. 1872. 

76. JosKPii^ IIoTCiiKiss {JosfpJi* Samuel,'' Thomns," Samuel'^), Lorn 21 

ilay i73'J, lived iit Betlumy, and died 2G Apr. 1800. He married, 
10 .iuuo 1702, Haxxah Thomas, duugliter of .Joseph and Dorcas 
(Ricliardsoa), who died about 1821. 
Children : 

i. TicjirEU.\^CE,' m. Strong Sa>tord. 
101. ii. Silas, b. 17G0. 

iii. David Eusha. 

iv. ILyxxau, m. Elihu Hitchcock. 

V. Joii;ru or Josephus, d. 1842; m. Elizabeth Beers. 

vi. Lym.v^h, perhaps tbe one -who m. iloiXY Bradley, b. 28 Apr. 17C7. 

77. Sajiuel^ Hotchkiss {Joseph,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,- Samuel^), born 19 

June 1741, lived at Bethany, and died 1804. He married, 23 Dec. 
1702, Lydia Peck, who died about 1804. 
Children : 

i. Lydia,° b. abt. 17C5 ; d. 13 July 1815 ; m. John Thomas. 

ii. Moses. 

iil. James, of Homer, N. Y. 

iv. Abner. 

V. Aaron. 

vi. BiLDAD. 

vii. Mary. 
viii. HicrnziBAH. 
ix. Sasiuel, 

X. ZlBA. 

78. WiLLiA.M^ Hotchkiss (Joseph,* Samuel,^ Tliomas? SmniieJ}-), bom 9 

Oct. 1744, lived at Westville, and died before 1793. He married 
Elu'hal Hine. 
Children : 

1. Jaxe.*^ b. 1765 ; d. 1849 ; m. David Hes'e of 'Woodbridie, b. 1762. d. 
22 Dec. 1851. 

David, b. abt. 17C9. 

Eliph.\x, m. 3 Apr. 1782 Francis JIoore of New Haven. 
Anna, m. 2 Oct. 1788 Is.vac Fenn of Milford. 
Gkouge, d. 31 Jan. 1775. 

79. Bk:.ja::in" Hotchkiss {Joseph,* Samuel^ Thomas,- Samuel^), bom 

2 .'une 1748, lived at Bethany, and died 20 3Iar. 1809. He mar- 
ried Sarah Dovv^ns, who was born 29 Nov. 1747, and married 
secondly Ephraim Buckingham. 
Children : 

i. Anos,6 b. 6 Feb. 1777. 
ii. Sally, b. 16 Aug. 1778. 

80. Rr.ur.F.N^ Hotchkiss (David.* Abraham^ Thomas,'^ SamneV-), bom 

6 Jlar. 1756, lived at Woodbury, and died 27 June 1834. He 
luarrifd in 1783 Thankful Minor, who died 4 May 1842. 

(_ liililren : 

i. .iKin'siiA," b. 25 Apr. 1784; d. 1 Jnue 17S4. 

ii. .li-.uusiLv, b. 20 June 1785; m. 1.^13 Judson JIorris. 

iii. .losiAii, b. 4 Nov. 1787; m. 19 Oct. Is09 Betsey Brothwell, and 

iiad issue, 
iv. Ueuvey, b. 13 Feb. 1790; d. 15 Sept. 1793. 









1913] The Hotchkiss Family 131 

V. Betsey, b. 16 July 1792 ; d. 8 Nov. 1822. 

vi. Reuben H.uivey, b. 11 June 1794; m. (1) 13 Dec. 1820 Sally Root, 

d. 19 July 1835 ; m. (2) 26 Oct. 1836 Elizabeth M. Comstock ; 

had issue. 
vii. DA\aD, b. 5 Nov. 1796; m. (1) 12 Feb. 1824 Rachel Norton, d. 

17 Jau. 1851; m. (2) 25 Mar. 1852 Julia M. Howakd; had issue. 
viii. Gervase, b. 2 July 1801 ; m. 25 Apr. 1848 Sarah Cogswell, and 

had issue, 
ix. Rutu, b. 16 Dec. 1803; d. 24 Oct. 1820. 

81. Solomon" Hotchkiss {Solomon* Daniel,^ Daniel,''' SamueP), born 

20 Mar. 1752, lived at Woodbridge, and died 6 Apr. 1793. He 

married . 

Children : 

i. Levina,' d. unm. 1795. 

ii. John. 

ill. Anna. 

iv. Lucius. 

82. Dea. David^ Hotchkiss (Solomon* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Samuel^), born 

26 Oct. 1754, lived at Woodbridge, and died 5 June 1823. He 
married first, 15 May 1777, Lydia Beecher, who was born about 

1756 and died 28 June 1785 ; and secondly Abigail , who 

was born about 1754 and died 17 Oct. 1845. 
Children by first wife : 

104. i. David.« b. abt. 1779. 

105. ii. Harvey, b. abt. 1781. 
iii. Lydia. 

iv. Eleanor, m. 1805 Abner Baldwin. 

Children by second wife : 

v. Elizabeth, bapt. 8 May 1788. 
vi. Henry. 
vii. Keturah. 
viii. A daughter. 

tx. Harriet, bapt. 27 May 1798; m. 1 May 1316 Gaebett Johnson of 

83. Levi'' Hotchkiss {Eliphalet* Daniel,'^ Daniel,"^ Samuel^), born 2 

May 1754, lived at Derby, and died about 1832. He married first 

Phebe , who died 3 Apr. 1789 ; secondly Betsey , 

who died 8 Apr. 1791; thirdly Sarah , who died 1 Dec. 

1801 : and fourthly Susannah , who died in 1839. 

Children by first wife : 

106. i. Eliphalet," b. abt. 1777. 
ii. Levi. 

iii. Betsey, b. abt. 1782; d. 21 Aug. 1319. 

iv. Phebe, b. abt. 1784 : d. 19 Aug. 1873. 

V. Abigail, m. Isaac Thompson. 

vi. David. 

vii. A daughter, m. Chauncey Baldwin. 

84. Eli^ Hotchkiss ( Obadiah* Daniel,' Daniel,* Samuel^), bom 18 Sept. 

1758, lived at New Haven, and died 13 May 1813. He married 
Eunice Atwater, who was born 2 June 1762 and died 13 Feb. 

Children : 

i. Lydia.« b. abt. 1794; d. 12 Sept. 1826; m. James Bradley. 

ii. Clarissa, m. (1) Miner Hotchkiss of Middletown; m. (2) Reuben 

Skinner of New York, 
iii. Harriet, m. Justus Harbison. 

132 Town Records of Gosport, iV. H. [April 

85. Obadiah^ Hotchkiss {Obadiah,* Daniel.^ Daniel," Samuel}), bom 

4 Sept. 1762, lived* at New Haven, and died 2S Jan. 1832. He 
married, 12 Feb. 1782, Hanxah Lewis, who was bom about 1757 
and died 22 Nov. 1831. 
Children : 

i. Su,AS,«b. 11 Oct. 1784; d. 2 Oct. 1705. 

ii. Dea. Lewis, b. 25 Dec. 1786; d. li Oct. 1859; m. Haxnah Teow- 

BUIDGE. b. 24 Mar. 1792, d. 24 Aug. 1873. 
iii. Haxxah F., b. 7 Apr. 1796 ; d. 4 May 1815. 

86. Justus^ Hotchkiss ( Obadiah* Daniel.'^ Daniel,''' Samuel^), bom about 

1772, lived at New Haven, and died 6 May 1812. He married 
first Elizabeth" Hotchkiss, daughter of Jonah (69), who was 
born 10 June 1773 and died 15 Apr. 1796 ; and secondly, 27 Apr. 
1800, Scsannah' Hotchkiss, sister of his first wife, who was lx)ra 
24 June 1775 and died 1 Mar. 1825. 
Children by second wife : 

107. i. Henry,« b. 29 Apr. 1801. 

108. ii. Lucius, b. 1 Mar. 1803. 

[To be concluded] 


Communicated by Joseph Weatherhead Warrex, M.D., of Bry-Q Mawr, Pa. 
[Continued from page 63] 

Voted that M'' Thomas Lambert be as our agent to y® Superiour Court 
to which we have Appeal d and to the Said M' Thomas Lambert we give 
full power to manage the Case by himself or by an attorney or attorneys 
as he shall see fitt — Nemine Contradicente 

Voted that M'' Joseph Mace be Clark to Enter this Days proceedings, 
the Town Clark being absent Nemine Contradicente 

Joseph Mace Clark pro Tempore 
p W™ Sanderson Town Clark 
TV" Sanderson Town Clark 
Recoverd the Case By an Appeal 

1732 The Inhabitants of the Town of Gosport in y^ 

Recovery of pittraans Case Dr 

p'^ To John Michamere . in the Inferiour 

Court £1 . 7 .. 6 

Ditto in Superiour Court — — 3 .. .. 4 .. 7 .. 6 

To William Michemere . in the Infer' 

Court 1 .. 16 .. 6 

Ditto in Superiour . . . . .. 3 — 1 .. 19 .. 6 

paid To Ambrose Downes in the Inferiour 

Court 1 .. - .. - 

paid To Thomas Lambert . in the Inferiour 

Court ____ 2.. 0.. 

paid To John Barton p note under Select M'^ 

hands 10 .. - .. - 

I'J .. 07 .. - 
p^ To Jolm Michemere 1 .. 5 .. - 

Turn Over 20 .. 12 


Toion Records of Gosjjort, iV^. H. 


Acco* of Disbursements in Court & while attending 

Dec' 1732 Viz' 

To Cash Gave the Lawyers 

£3 . 

. — .. — 

D° p*^ Greely Copy of Summons and ) 
Copy of Warrant j 

8.. — 

D° p*^ Sheriff — * pannelling the Jury 


1 .. 


p*^ Jury for Trying the Case 

*J •• ^^" 

D" p'^ for Appeal from Judgment 


5 .. — 

D" Expences in Inf Court 

1 .. 

17 .. — 

£6 .. 15 

in Superiour Court viz* 
Feby To Cash p** Copy of Case 

D° p*^ for Reasons of Appeal 

p'' for Entring the Case 




p"^ the Lawyers 

p'^ Sheriff Impannelling y® 
& Trying the Case 

p*^ Reccording the Case 

p*^ for Taki^ of 3 Jurymen 

gave the Jury to Drink 

for Treating the Men at Times 

p'^ Harveyt Lodging Dieting &c '^ 
the whole Time of attendance >• 
B' Rec« ) 

£1 . 



6 , 

1 .. .. - 

- .. 3 .. 6 

- .. 3 .. - 

- .. 10 .. - 

- .- 5 .. - 

5 .. 17 .. 6 

Bro' Down from Lif Court 


12 .. - 

15 .. 



p"^ IP Livermore to Defend our case against ) 

7 .. - 

3 .. - 

Pitman in Case he reviews. 20/ & [ — ?] V ] 
Your Execution 3/ ) 

Errors Excepted 20 .. 10 .. - 

g Tho^ Lambert 


At a Legal Town Meeting of the Freeholders & other Inhabitants of 
Star Island alias Gosport duely Qualify'd to Vote this Twenty Third day 
of March 1732/3 according to iS^otytication given under the Select Mens 
hands the 3*^ Instant 

M'' Joseph Mace being Chosen Moderator 

M'^ Samuel Yeatton ) 

M"^ Charles Randle > Select Men 

M' John Down ) 

M"" Thomas Lambert — Town Treasurer 

M"^ Charles Miller — Constable 

M' Joseph Mace [ t^ <.i^- •\t 
M'' Henry Carter j ^ ^ 

•Perhaps "for" was written here. 

t A well-kno^vn innkeeper. 

134 Town Records of Gosport, jV. H. [April 

M"^ Andrew Mace "Wood C order 
M' Daniel Grundle ) ri n c -c- t. 
W WiU™ Caswell ^ C"^^" "^^ ^''^ 
M' WiUiam Sanderson Town Clark 

[Certain accounts of the Town Treasurer for 1733.] 
Dr. y* Town of Gosport 

1733 £ 3 

June 6"" To Cash rec*^ of M' Charles Miller Constable ] on _ 
in part of Last Winter Rates - - . j '^ " 

8 To ditto rec" of ditto 16 .. 10 

19 To ditto rec*! of ditto 23 .. 10 . 

To ditto rec'i of ditto 23 .. 16 . 

Aug*' 1 To Cash rec'^ of M' Charles Miller in full w' 

Rates 7 .. 05 

Oct 12 To Ditto rec-i of M"" Charles Miller in p' for 
Summer Rates 

ll9 .. _.._ 

Nov' 14 To Ditto Rec^ of M' Chas Miller in p' of Summer \ 23 
Rates \ 

1733 Cr 

£ s 
June 6*^ By Cash pay'd the Rev'' M' John Tooke in p' ) ^q _ 
for his Last winter SaUary j 

8 By Ditto pay'd ditto 16 .. 10 

By ditto pay'd John Henderson for make* 2 ) „ 

Tvthing mens Staves ^ 

19 By ditto pay'd M'' Jn° Tooke in p' p Rec' 23 .. 10 

Aug** 1 By ditto pay'd Ditto in full for Last wint'' ] „ „ 
Rates p Rec' ) 

By ditto pay'd for Pewter for y* head of y' 

Staves — .. 2 

By ditto pay'd Thom* Lambert Esq'' his money 

lent 2 .. — 

By ditto pay'd Sam^ Teatton Exp* mak^ Rates — 4 , 
By allowance made by y® Select Men & Treas- ") 

urer out of y* Rates to y® Const'* as p s'^ V 6 .. 11 , 
MiUers Acco' ) 

By Cash p<i Black Charles for Rings y« Bell [ 2 — 

& Tak^ care of the Meeting house j 

By Ditto M' John Michamore his mon'y Lent ) - ■, 9 

in pittmans Case due 6/6 to him ) 

By Ditto p'^ John Barton p Rec' his mon'y lent > , q ^ 


in pittmans case & Int' j 

By Ditto p** "WUliam Michamore his mon'y ) , 


lent in pittmans Case 
Aug" 30 By Ditto p*^ Expences makeing Sum' Rates — .. 2 
Ocf 12 By Ditto p** M' Tooke in p' of his Last Sum- j ^ „ 

mer Rates j 

Nov' 14 By Ditto p<i M' Tooke in full of his Last f . „ . (, _ r,-, 

Summer Rates p Rec' | 1/ .• i» .. / L-J 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, iV". H. 135 

D' The Town of Gosport 

To the Reverend M' John Tuckefor his S all ery — 110-0-0 
Novemb'' y* 28"^ 1734 Paid to M'^ Henry Sherburn treasurer of Porta- 

mouth in Ne w-hampshire 1 6-1 6-0 

by Joseph Mace Constable [ This record is marked as though erased."] 

The Money Rates & to "Whom Paid in 1734 

To the Minister & Contry* 
To the Minister £110- 0-0 

To Contrv* 16-16-0 

To the School 10 

Paid Chariest P'' Receipt 

2- 0-0 
Paid M"^ hutsont 2- 0-0 

March y« 29^'' \sic] 1735 
then made np the town 
accounts and Due to the 
town from the Constable 
Joseph Mace 9-0-0 


Paid Joshua babb 5—0-0 

as P'' Receipt for glaszer work — — 2- 0-0 


At a Legall Town Meeting of the freeholders and inhabitants of Gosport 
Duly Qualified to vote this 22<^ of March 1735 According to Notification 
given under the Select Mens hands the 16*^ of this instant — Mr Charles 
Randall. Moderator — 

M? Samuel Sanders > M"^ Andrew Mace ") 

M' Henry Carter ^ M"^ Danill Randall J Tything Men 

M' Abraham Crokitt ) Select Men M"' Charles Randall | 

M^ John Mutchimore town treasurer M' Joseph Mace J Cullers of ffish 

M' Ambross Downs Constable 

"William Sanderson Town Clerk 

August y** 4*'' Recevd of M' Ambross Downs on y® Account of the Minis- 

isters Salery Viz - - - - - 73 — 6:8 

D° y® Schoolmasters Account - - - - 8-0-0 

D" on Account of y» Rates - - - - 17-11-8 

for y® Scoolmaster - - - - - - 5-5-0 

for Part of y® Ministers Sum' Salary - - 15-0-0 

for Rates - - 23- 0-0 

At, legall town Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of Gospor t 
duly Qualified to Vote this 22^ of March 1736§ According to Notify- 
cation given under the Select Mens hands y® 2*^ Instant — Mr. John IVIitch- 
more — Moderator 

IVP Robert Down ") Charles Randall ) p ii t a v, 

M' Will-" Mitchamore I Select Men Joseph Mace j ^"^^®" °^ ^^^ 
W Sam^ Yeaton ) 

M' Charls Randall \ Constable W Eme^^ J ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

* County ? 

t i.e., " Black Charles," as above. Nothing more is known of him. 

X Probably Mr. Eleazer Hudson. 

§ 6 is written over 7. 

136 Town Records of Gosport, IT. H. [April 

John Mobbs ) ^ >,• ^r 

Peter Barter j ^^^'^^ ^^^"^ * WiU" Sanderson Clerk. 

Due from Charles Randall 5-0-0 

Due from Charls Randall 5 Canceled 


At a Legall Town Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of Gos- 
port Duly Qualified to Vote this 19"* \]faded'\ of March 1737* According 
to Notification given under the Select Mens hands the 2*^ of this Instant. 

M"^ Charls Randall Moderator 

M"' Joseph Mace ) 

M'' Richd^'i Talpy V 

M' Charls Miller ) Select Men 

M' Abraham Crockitt j Constable 

M"^ John Mutchimore Treasurer 

M^ Sam" Emery ) rr, ^, • ,r 


M' Charls. Randall ) 

M"^ Joseph Mace j Cullers of fish 
"William Sanderson Towrn Clark 

March y« 7"" : 173^ Recevd at Times in full for y« Minister 110-0-0 

I Promise to Pay to the Towns Men for the Above Mentioned Year 

Ten Pounds Sixteen Shillings on Demand it being for the Overlay Recevd 

att times on y* Rates by me . , Mark 

•' ^ Abram X Crockit 


Paid Richard Talpy 


At a Legall town Meeting of the free holders and Inhabitants of Gos- 
port Qualified to Vote March \illegible\ 1739 According to Notification 
under the Select Mens hands y® 9"* of this instant. 
M"^ John Mutchimore Moderator 

Robert Down ) Charls Randall ) p ii f fi h 

Charls Randall V Select Men Joseph Mace ) 

Rich<i Talpy ) Sam^ Emery ) ^0^^ Corders 

Samii Abbott j Constable Sam" Whitton J ^^ ^""^ ^oraera 

Will"" Sanderson Clerk 

I [J?]. D. Ryan Lawrence \_This line is written in pencil.J 


At a Legall town Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of Gosport 
Duly Qualified to vote March y* 29"" [stc] 1738 According to Notification 
given the 6"' of this instant by Order of y^ Select Men — 

M^ Joseph Mace j Moderator 

"Will" Sanderson | town CI'' 

M' John Mutchimore ) fifteen Pounds More Allowed 

M'' Joseph Mace >- Select Men to the Minister by a generall 

M"" Henry Carter ) Vote. 

M' Dan" Randall j Constable 

• 7 13 written over 6. 

1913] lown Records of Gosport, II. H. 137 

M"" Peter Obee ) ,,.,i,- „ ,r^„ 
M' Robert Mace r^^^"^S.Men 

> Cullers of fisli 

M"^ Charles Randall 

M'' Joseph Mace 

M"" Sam'' Emerv ] -.^ i n j 
T\rr o II n-i • ' r >vood Corders 
M"^ Sam" A\ hitton J 

Will"" Sandersoa Clerk 


At a Lesall toven Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of Gosport 

duly Qualified to Vote this 1740 by order of the Selectmen the 

S''^ of March — M"" Henry Carter Moderator 

M"^ Sam^i Sanders ^ 

M' Will™ Mutchimore >- Select men 

M"" Sam'^ Yeaton ) 

M"^ Roliert Mace Constable 

M'' Jolm Volpy 1 1 h" <>■ M 

M"^ Joseph Damerill J • * 

M'' Charls Randall ) /-, n r ^ , 
Trr T 1 AT r Cullers of nsn 

M'^ Joseph Mace j 

M"^ Sam'' Emerv ) n , j: -nr j 

M' Samii Whitton I C^^^^-^^ °^ ^"^'^ 

M"" Nickolas Powers Chosen Schoolmaster for Six Months Next Ensuing 

for forty Pounds 

Will"" Sanderson Clerk 

R. S. M. Aug 4"" 1847 \_written in pencil on the margin.'] 

Jedidiah* Morse the Son of John & Mary Haley Born Jan"^ 23"* A.D. 1801 
John Haley Died March 12"" 1803 

Samuel the Son of the Widdow Mary Haley Born April 7"" ISOSf 
Abigail Bragor Born October 17*'' 1783 

Henry the Son of Henry and Abigail Down Born March 24'" 1804 
Nancey the daughter of James and Mercy Shapley Born October 11"" 1801. 
Richard Randall the Son Richard and Abigail Randall Born December the 

31 1801. 
Ruth Randall the Daughter William and Sarah Randall Born January 14^^ 

Bets'v Shaplev the Daugher of James and Mercy Shapley Born April the 

4 1803 
Sally Newton the Wife of John Newton Died June the — 1804 
Widdow Margeret Down Died June the 23 1804 
Josiah Stevans Misonary on the Shoales Died July the 2 1804 
Mary Roberson the Daughter of John and Molly Roberson Died August 

the 17-1805 
Sally Shapley Daughter of Edward and Hipgy Shapley Died October the 

10 1805 
William Down Died October the 17-1805 

William Peever Died 1808 

Thomas Mace Died 1809 

• Down to and including Judith Shapley, on p. 29, this record seems to be mostly in 
one hand. There is no indication as to the writer. The character of the entry about 
the wreck suggests that the whole record may have been made about that time. 

t The posthumous son of the John Haley whose death is noted above. 

138 Toxon Records of Gosport, iV, H. [April 

• [29] 

Susanna Stephens Died 1809* 

Samuel Haley Died ISlO.f 

Elizabeth Casuel [i.e.. Caswell] Died 1810 

John ^'ewton Died 1810.1: 

John Xewton Jun"" Died 1810 § 

Reuben Shapley was found Dead 1811 

Molly Haley Died the Widow of Samuel Haley 3Iay the 3^ 1812 

Ship Sagunto Strand*'' on Smutinose Isle Jan^ 14 1813 Jan^ 15 one man 

foun IS'^-G men found 21-7 men found the Number of men yet 

found Belongin to said Ship Twelve || 
Henry Shapley the Son of James & Mercy Shapley Bom February 24 

Judith Shapley the Daughter of James and Mercy Shapley Born October 
■ 19 1796 
Asa Caswell Bom Jan'^ 8 1805 United in Marriage With Mary Marston 

Bom Dec"' 3. 180[(:om] in Rye N H April 17"^ 1826 
Mary Caswell Departed this life on Nov. 12'" 1834 Aged 26 yrs IT 


[The records of Mr. Chase begin here, but entries later than May 1819 
must be by another.] 
A record of John and Mary Caswell's family 

• 1809 seems to be written over 1810. She was Susanna Halej by birth, a daughter of 
the first Samuel Haley, and the widow of Josiah Stevens, the much-loved missionary 
on Star Island. On the gravestone there the date of her death is given as 7 Dec. 1810. 

fOn the margin is written " Jan.," and on his gravestone on Smutty Xose Island 
the date is 7 Feb. 1811. 

X On the margin is written " Jan." 

I There is some uncertainty here. The Columbian Centinel (Boston) of 6 Feb. 1811 
notes among recent deaths : "In Portsmouth Mr. John Newton of the Isle of Shoals, 
^X,. 17." Locke in his Inscriptions has an inscription from the North Cemetery 
(Portsmouth) for John Xewton, a native of Gosport, died 26 Jan. 1811, aged 48. These 
records fit the John (son of John Newton and Sarah Currier) who was baptized in 
Mar. 1763 and was the husband of the Sally Newton who died in 1801, as recorded 
above. The other man appears to be his son John, who was born probably about 1784 
and is presumably the John Newton noted in the History of Rye as marrying Mary 
Haley of the Shoals 23 July 1804, the marriage doubtless taking place at Rye, there 
being just then no preacher at the Shoals, for Mr. Stevens had died early in July. 
This Mary Haley I take to be the daughter of John Haley (a son of the first Samuel, 
baptized in 1767), who married Mary Bellamy of Kittery in 1789 and died on the Shoals 
in 1803, as recorded above. John Newton, Jr., is to be counted as an elder brother of 
the Newton children baptized by Morse in 1800 (p. 90). There is no record of the 
children of this couple, nor does Mary Newton, as a daughter of John Haley, appear 
in the settlement of the estare of his father Samuel in 1814 and later. 

II In a petition of 12 Jan. 1818 to the General Court of Massachusetts Samuel Haley, 
the son of the first Samuel, whose death is recorded above, gives a different story of this 
wreck. The vessel was a Spanish ship, which he calls the " Conception from Cadiz." 
The captain was "don Juan Coxara"( ?). One man was found 15 Jan. ; 6 men on 17 Jan. ; 
21 Jan. 5 more were found, one of them "grappled up in Hog Is. passage"; 27 Jan. Iman 
" grappled up in Hog Is. passage " ; 8 Aug. " picked up 1 man." The wreck occurred 
at night in a violent snow storm. Nothing was known of it until the next day, and all 
were lost. According to the Boston Gazette, 18 Jan. 1813, it was a vessel of from 300 
to 400 tons. A later account says that she was old and rotten, but built of mahogany 
and cedar, and supposed to be laden with salt. She went entirely to pieces in a very 
short time. The first fragments came ashore Thursday morning, 14 Jan. There really 
was a Spanish ship Saminto which arrived at Newport from Cadiz a couple of days 
before the wreck on Smutty Nose. No explanation of this confusion of names has 
been given. Both accounts agree that the number of men found was fourteen. These 
bodies were buried on Smutty Nose. The graves are still barely discernible and are 
marked by small stones. 

IF These Caswell entries are in different hands. 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, JST. H. 139 

John Caswell Jr bom May 8 1791 Died Aug 31. 1822* 

Mary Caswell born October 10.. 1792 

William Caswell Jr born June 25. 1794 Died 2 Nov. 1836t 

Lemuel Caswell born November 1. 1796 

Joseph ]M. Caswell born July 21. 1800- 

Asa Caswell b Jan. 8. 1805 

John Caswell and Mary Mace united in marriage July 14. 1790 

John Caswell jun. united in marriage with Eliza Locke of Rye November 
2 1816 
Laiza[?] Caswell,| their child, born October 30. 1817 
Mary Elizabeth Caswell, their child born Nov. 6. 1819 

Mark Newton and Mary Caswell were united in marriage March 31 § 1817 
Birth of children as follows 

John C. Newton born January 12 1818 

Joseph M. Newton born April 4 1819 

Marv Newton born May 30 1820 

Mary C Newton born Sep 9"^ 1822 

Clarisa D Newton born April 6 1823 

Mark WQliam Cutter Nov 8 1824 

Mr Mark Newton died December 26 1825 

William Caswell Jun united in matrimony with Catharine Marston of 
Rye October 26 1817. She was born August 12, 1799. 
William Caswell their child born June 20 1819 
Oliver Peabody ... - June 15. 1821 

Asa Everett Aug. 9. 1823 

Lorenzo Dow - - - Jenuary 14 1826 Died D'° 28 
Julia A Caswll - - - May 14. 1827 
Martha H. Caswell - - - Feb 1 1836 
Wm. Caswell s'' Departed this life Nov'r 1| 

Samuel & Betsey Caswell's family. 

Beatsy Wife of Samuel Caswell Died Jan 4 1825. Aged 66.11 

Tammy — born November 15 1788 

Samuel — born May 8 1790. He was lost in the Privateer Portsmouth 

Michael — bom August 17. 1792 
Abisail — bom June 14 1795 
Edward — born September 14 1797 
William— born July 17 1800 

Michael Caswell was joined in marriage with Dorcas Green of Rye 
October 24 1816 
Joseph Caswell their child was bom at Rye March 24 1817 

•In another hand. 

fin another hand. 6 is written over 7. 

j This appears to be the child whose gravestone on Star Island reads: Louisa B. 
Caswell born October 30 1817 died July 19 1831 

^ March 31 is written above November 11, which is crossed out. Other entries about 
this family are on p. 40 of the original- records. 

II His orravestone on Star Island is marked Nov. 2, 1836. Two other sons (Judson P., 
born 1830, and John W. S., born 1833) buried near him are not recorded here. Com- 
pare the record on p. 36 of the original records. 
HThis entry is given in a foot-note. 

••This sentence is given in a foot-note. 

140 Town Records of Gosport, iV. H. [April 

Mrs Anna Caswell* Died Feb"" 18 1840 Aged 60 years 

"William and Anna Caswell's family 

Kebecca Caswell born October 12, 1806 

Mary Caswell born March 11, 1813 and Died Dec"' 27"" 1839 Wife of 
Samuel F Berry Rye N. H. 

John and Mary Saunders Robinson's family 
John Robinson jr born January 2 . 1792 
Samuel Robinson born August 28 . 1801 
Sarah Robinson born September 1, 1806 
William Robinson March 20, 1812 

Benjamin and Abigail Down's family 
Benjamin Down Jr born May 15 1804 
William Down bom July 12, 1806 Drowned near Luncheon Island 

22 May 1821t 
Betsey Down bom August — 1808$ 
Anna Down born April — 1810§ 
Abigail Down born August 1, 1814 
Sally Down born July 31, 1817 
Abisail died Oct 6 1825 11 


Henry and Abigail Down's family 
Henry Down bom March 24, 1804 
Mary Down bom October 20, 1806 
Nancy Down bom October 27, 1809 
John Down bom October 1, 1813 
Mark Down bom June 27, 1816 
Ephraim Down bom August 12, 1819 
William Down born April 22—1822 
Eliza Ann Down bom March 8 1824 

Robert and Elizabeth Caswell's family 

Rachel . . . bom ..... 

William . . . born . . . 1775 

Sarah . . . born 

Rebecca - born March 30, 1786 

Samuel Haley's family — Smutty Nose Island. 

Samuel Haley bora April 4, 1760 Died Oct . \5^ 1839 

Mary Ham born April 12, 1766 They were married April *\ 

Children as follows 

Daniel bom November 5, 1788 

Elizabeth born April 15, 1790 Died Jan . 9 . 1816 

• Probably the wife of the William mentioned below. 

tThis record of drowning is in a foot-note and in another hand. The island is 
known to the Shoalers as Lunging Island, sometimes and more particularly nowadays 
as Londoner's. Both names are of obscure origin. 

tin the margin are the words'! "August probably." 

{ Concerning Betsey and Anna a foot-note states that " No one knows the exact 
ages of these two children." 

II In another hand. 

IT The intention was published 11 Feb. 1786. 

1913] Toion Records of Gosport, y. H. 141 

Samuel born May 3 . 1792 
Rhoda born December 19,.1793 
Benjamin born December 10, 1795 
Mary-ann born January 23 ; 1798 
Joanna born May 25, 1800 

Elsy born 1802. Died 1804 

Ephraim Ham born December 6 . 1804 
Josiah Stevens born November 3 . 1806 
Elsy born xYpril 22, 1809 


Caleb Chase A.M. was employed by a few benevolent persons in New- 
buryport to keep school on the Isles of Shoals in 1819. He came to these 
Isles February 23*^ and continued twelve weeks. While here he kept 
school tho' it was too late in the season for the business in this place ; for 
.1 several of the scholars were soon obliged to leave the school to attend to 

) fishing. If the school had begun six weeks sooner, the benefit to the 

scholars would have been much greater. 

He endeavoured to ascertain the ages of the people generally, but many 
of them had lost their ages for the want of a record. The ages of the 
young could mostly be ascertained. He, therefore, made the record on the 
three preceeding pages for the benefit of those families. It might be well 
for everyone, who may be employed as an instructor here to do something 
for the people in this way. 

When he came to these Isles there were on Star Island eleven families 
and two solitaries — fifty two souls. On Smutty Nose five families and one 
solitary — twenty six souls, and on Hog Island one family — eight souls ; 
in all eighty six souls. 

Lemuel Caswell* & Sarah J [P?] Lock married [torn, prolably Rye] 

May 4«' 1823, 

Children as Fallowes 

John Born January 10'^ 1824 

Lemuel Lafayett — — Oct 3, 1825 

Mary adaline Caswell born november 15 1828 

Louiza Caswellf Born obtober 5 1831 

Han nah Maria tib torn Caswellf born obtober 5 1825 


Joseph M Caswell born Julv 21. 1800. United in marriage with 
Sally Berrv Eve born March 30. 1802 in Rve N. H., 22. Oct. 1820. 
i) Joseph M."Caswell died September 29"" 1862. | 

• This family appears to have been entered again in a more correct form elsewhere 
in the old book, and a copy of that record was made by R. L. Randall on page 169. 
The name of the mother is there given as Sarah P., which according to the only sur- 
vivor of the family is the correct form. 

t These two names are crossed out. As it stands here the record of Hannah is in- 
consistent with that of her brother Lemuel, but both girls have different dates in the 
revised version (p. 169). The entry for Hannah is meant for Hannah Maria Titcomb, 
and the date of her birth is correctly recorded on p. 169. A playmate of Hannah re- 
calls (1912) that, to plague her, the other children called her Hannah Maria Titcomb, 
bat she does not know why they used these names. It is quite possible that she really 
had this long name and disliked it. Below the record is written in another hand : " I 
dent think much of those who scratched their names of this book if they do live some 
were else Yours {— f]." The signature is an illegible monogram. 

I In another hand. His gravestone has Sept. 21, 1862. 

142 Town Records of Gosport, JSF. H. [April 

Lemuel B Caswell their son born May 8. 1821. 

Mary Mace Caswell born. Feb 7"^ 1823. 

Lydia Lucetta — born November 12, 1824 

Joseph Adams Caswell born November 24 — 1826 

Andrew Jackson Caswell born November 18 1828 

Sally Ann Caswell born November 25 — 1830 &. died -July 9"* 1834 

Eliza Esther Caswell born January 16 — 1833. Died 26" June 1836 

Charles William Caswell bom September 4"* — 1834 Died December 

8. 1834. Lydia Lucetta Died may 4"" 1850 
Sally Ann Caswell Born 18 Sept 1835 
Eliza Ester Born 27 Octr 1837 
Origen Smith Caswell Born 17"" March 1840 
Abbiannah Caswell Born 27"'—* 1842 

John Rendelll born 

Genny Lock his wife born July 19. 1796 

Lucy Jane their daughter bom June 5. 1820 

Catharine January 29"» 1822 

Richard t their Son December 6"" 1823 

John§ thare Son December 21. 1825 

John E. Kendall Departed this life July 8 1853 Aged 27 years 6 mounths 
15 days 

Edward Caswell bom Sept 14. 1797 
Sarah Lock his wife bom June 1. 1796 


By a Legal Town Meating of the freeholders and Inhabitants of the 
Town of Gosport Duly Qualify*' to Vote Gosport march 27* [_or 29?] 

Benj* Coker moderator 

M"^ Jos : mace Jun'' Constable M' John Down Sen"" ") Cullers of 

W Joseph Mace Sen"^ ) M' Charles Rendell ) fish 

M' Sami^ Ablot [Abbott] V Select men M'Eichard Tolpy Town Clark 

M'' Abreham Croket ) 

M?^ John Crossbey ) rp ., • 

[On the margin this memorandum : " N. B. The 19 page [of an old 
paging by folios] of this book has been taken out and its contents trans- 
fer'd to the 22. and 24. page," i.e., to pp. 39—43 of the present paging.] 

Rev. Samuel Sewall with his family arrived at this town (on a Jlission) 
Sept. 25. 1824 in the imploy of the Society for promoting Religious Li- 
straction at the Isle of Shools [a Newburyport Society] when he came to 
this place thare ware 14 Families on Star Island — and one Solatory Con- 
taining Sixty five Souls, add those at the Pirsonage will make the number 
Sixty nine 

Rev. Samuel Sewall departed this life in Rye March 16. 1826, where he 

•A dubious scrawl, which looks like " Jly." 

+ John F. Kanrtall, son of Kichard, baptized 1800 (p. 91), but born several years 
tThe Richard L. Randall of later records. 
§ The John E. Rendall of the next entry. 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, iV. H. 143 

went on business, after seven days sickness with a Lung Fever his family- 
left this Place April 2. 1826 — There has been since his arrivall five Births 
and Seven deaths, add to sixty nine, five births make seventy four, and 
deduct, the seven deaths ; leaves sixty seven, depreciation the — [There is 
no continuation of this entry elsewhere in the book.] 


August 16th 1843 J. F. Hall came to Gosport for his health from '^olf- 
borough New Hampshire — Stoped one night. 

William Caswell* Died Nov. 2. 1836 

Lorenzo D Son of the above " Jan 28. 1826 . 
Judson W P. " " " Aug 24 1839 

John W. S. was drowned June 10. 1840 


By a Legall Town meating of the free holders and Inhabitants of Gosport 
Duly Qalify'i To Vote march 18'*' 1747— 
M' John Muchmore moderator 
M"" Sam" Grindle Cunstable 
LP W"' Muchmore ) 
M"^ Henry Carter >- Selectmen 
M"^ Ambros Down ) 
M' Sam*^ Muchmore ) rp ^, . 
M^ Daniel Rendell \ ^^^^'''- °^^^ 
T\F Charles Rendel ) r^ n r ^ i_ 
M^ John Down } Cullers of fish 

M'' Joseph Damerell Sen"" )/-,-, , , 
TiTr 7 u D 1 • \ Corders of wood 

M"^ John Robmson \ 

M' Sam" Abbot Town Clark 

Added to the ministers Salery Thirty Pounds Old Tenour 

William S. Randall Born Nov 15 180.5 

Eliza G Lock his Wife " June 10. 1707 

Birth of childi-en John W Ren.lall " Feb 14. 1828 

Ira G. Randall Julv 18. 1830 

Louisa J Rendall " July 20. 1833. 

Benjamin F. C. Randall " Sept. 6. 1835 
Eliza G. Randall departed this life Sept. 11. 1836 
also Catharine Randall — May 13 1850 

June 24"^ 1842. Mary A. Davis, came to this Island from Newburyport 
by the request of Mrs. Jane Greenleaf of that Town Treasurer of the So- 
ciety for promoting religious instruction among the People residing on the 
Isles of Shoals. Kept a school on Star Island one year — The number of 
SchoUars varied from 20 to 30 during the year In the winter of 1S42 and 
1843 ]Mr. Edwin Ritson a native of England laboured among this People 
as a Lecturer, approbated by the Christain [sic] Denomination. He re- 
mained on the Islands about 4 months. His labours were remarkably 

• Compare the record of this family, supra, p. 31 of the original records. 

144 Town Records of Gosport, jSf. H. [April 

blessed in a revival of religion among this people. In March of 1843 
Elder Hall* — then of Rye N. H. (but now Pastor of this People) came to 
this Island, baptized 8 individuals and formed a Church. 

Gosport Sep. 27. 1843 M. A. Davis 


March y® 7th day 1748 By a Legall Town meeting of the free holders 
and Inhabitence of gosport dewly Quallefide to vote 
Mr John muchamore moderator 
Mr Jolni muchamore \ 
Mr Richard Talpey > Select men 
Mr .Joseph mace ) 

mr John Randall Constable j 

mr Beniamin damrell ) rr-j- 

Mr Samuel Variell \ ^^^"^^ °^^^ 

Samuel Abbot Town Clark f 

Joseph mace ) ,^ n r ^i i ) 

1 {-,, 1 -n 1 n r CoUers of fish \ 

and Lharls Randall J j 

M'' Joh Roberdson ) ) , 

and Richerd Currier | Corders wood J 

Additon to y® ministers SaUery R'^ mr John Tucke one hundred pound 

old tenor £100-00-0 

Samuel Abbot Town Clark 

Hannah Bragg — Born Aug 9"^ 1801 


Isaac Iv Xewton born June 2'' 1798t w^as united in marriage with jilary 
Newton the widow of Mark Newton in March 6 1827 
Birth of Children as follows 

Nancv Ann Newton born Oct. 16"^ 1827 
Sarah Elizabeth Newton bom Oct. 28"" 1829t' 
Harriet Augusta Newton born July 6"" 1833 
Isaac Elvin Newton born Sept. Ib"^ 1836 
Mary Newton§ departed this Life Oct 6'^ 1822 aged 2 years & 4 

Clarrissa D. Newton§ departed this Life in Portsmouth N. H. Dec. 
14" 1842 15 minutes of 1 of the Clock P.M. aged 19 years || also her 
sister Mary C. Newton§ Dec. 19" 1842 at 12 of the Clock A.M. 
aged 21 years — f 

* According to the reports of the Society for Propagatinsr the Gospel among the 
Indians and others in 2^orth America, which for many years sent missionaries to Star 
Island or otherwise aided in the support of religious ministrations there, the Rev. 
Abner Hall was on the Shoals from the spring of 1843 until June 18ii, when ill health 
led to his resignation. He had been called in because Mr. Kitson was not ordained 
and needed aid in the ritual part of his work. 

1 1798 written over 1801. 

+ 29 written over 30. 

5 As appears from the record of p. 30, these are the children of Mark ^Xewton. That 
Mary C. was born before Mary died is not an inconsistency, for the interval is only a 
month, and tlie child may have been named later or a name already given may have 
been chansrcd. 

II " and 8 months " erased. 

II "and 3 months" erased. 

1913] Town Becords of Gosport, iV. H. 145 

Aprill -f 8tli 1749 By a Legall town meeting of the free holders and 
Inhabitence of gosport Dewly Qimllefied to Vote 
mr John muchamore moderator 
mr Samuel grandell Constable 
mr William muchamore ^ 
mr Henry Carter > Select men 

mr Charls Randell ) 

Gibens mace ^ 

John walpy >- Tiding men 

Moses Coker ) 

^"•/.rf r'liilcollersoffish 
mr Chans Kandeil j 

Samuel crrandell ) n -i r j 

T). , 1=--, • ^ Corders of wood 
Kicherd Currier j 

Adtion to the minister the Rev*^ mr John Tucks Sallery one hundred 

pounds old tennor £100-00-0 

mr William Sanderson Sallery £10-0-0 — old tennor 

Samuel Abbot Town Clark 

John Randall was united in marriage with Hannah Bragg July 16*'' 1817. 
Birth of children as follows 

Louiza Randall - - - - Nov. 17«' 1822 
.John Randall - - . - Dec. 29*'^ 1823 

George Randall • - - - March 24* 1827 
Huldah M. Randall - - - Nov. 22'" 1831 
Edward Randall Dec. O''' 1832 

Albert Randall July 28* 1835 

Sally D. Randall Oct. 27"^ 1817 

This last name should have been inserted first but it was omitted through 


March y* 25th 1750 By a Legal Town meeting of y* free Holders and 

other in habetence of gosport dewly Quellefied to vote 

mr John muchamore I c i 

Mr Richerd Talpey[ — ]* ) 

Jacob down \ Constable 

mr Joseph mace ) , . ,. 

o 1 -ir u r tiding men 

mr Samuel Varell j ° 

mr Joseph mace ) n n c n \. 
r,i S T> 1 11 r Collers of fish 
mr Charles Kandeil ) 

Sam'' Abbot wood Seeler 

A generell free vote past a mongst The in habetence of gosport for y* 
Eevr"^ mr John Tucks Sallery to be paid in winter or Spring march'^ [mer- 
chantable] Cod fish 

John Caswell the head man of this Isleand departed this Life in .January 
24"' 1825 after a painful and lingering illness aged 60 years — 

* A scrawl here may mean " Esq." It can hardly be " Sen.," for the younger Talpey 
was only seven years old at this time. 

146 Toion Records of Gosport, JV. H, [April 

Mary Caswell the wife of John Caswell departed this Life August Ib^ 
1837 after a long aud lingering Sickness aged 70 years. 

William R. Randall Departed this life Dec the 4 1853 Died at Smutty- 
nose Aged About 60 years 

march y^ 18 1751 By a Legall Town meeting of The free holders and 
Inhabitents of gosport duly Quallefied to vote 
mr Beniman Coker moderator \ 

mr henry Carter ( c i ,. * 

.,,.■' , /belect men* 

mr wiUiam muchamore I 

mr Joseph mace / 

mr henry Shapley Constable \ 
Robert kerswell ) ^ j- 
JohnCrosbev } tJ^mg men 

mrCharls Randall )(.^jj^^^^fg^j^ 
mr Joseph mace J 
mr "William Sanderson wood Seeler 
Samuel Abbot Town Clark 

The minesters sallerey to be paid In winter or Spring fish 

At a Legal town Meating held In the Meating House of Starr Island 
alias Gosport The Twenty Eight Day of March 1752 

1. Voted That M'' Henry Carter Be Moderator for the Present meating — 

JNobody Contradicting 

2. Voted that Eleazar Hudson be Clark for the Present meating — 

3. Voted that M"' Samuel Michamere Be Constable for y* Presen year 

4 Voted that M"' Richard Talpey 
be Select Men M'^ Henry Shapley 

M^ Charles Miller 

5 Voted that M'' Gibbins Mace 

M"" George Vaulpe be trything men 

6 Voted that M'' Samuel Abbit be tOTvn Clark for y* Present year — 

7 Voted that M"" Joseph Mace ] -r, ^-i n i i-- i. 

M^ Charles Randal | ^^ ^^^^^^^ «* ^''^- 

8 Voted that M'' Joseph Mace be Wood Sealer. 

If it be your minds that Everj' one who is owner of a Hogg In this 
Town and shall suffer it to Run freely About the town Shall pay 
ten Shillings for Every days Default y^'in for use of y^ Poor 

9 Voted. In the affermative 


10 Put to Vote Whether Every Person who is owner of A Cow on this 

Place (Except M'' Tuck) and Shall neglect to Carry it off from the 
Island after the 20 Day of May Next till the last of September 
Next Shall Pay for every Days fault herein the Same of Ten Shil- 
lings for the use of the Poor of Said Place. 

11 Voted that Deacon William Miclimore ^ 

M"' Henry Carter V 

W Richard Talpey ) 

• The bracketing of Mr. Coker with the selectmen is probably an error. 

1913] John Peirce of London 147 

By [be] a Committee to Ao-ree ■n-itli Some one or more as They 
Shall tind meet to ReMt & Repau- Said met in* Meatiug hous>e 
and to briui; in tiie Cost 'as a town Cliarife. 

At a legal Town INIeating [_illegwle] held in The Meatiug House 26*"^ 
Day of iLu-fli ll'>oj 

Henry Carter Chose !JIoderator for the Present 2,Ieatiug Xobody Contra- 
Samuell Abbot Tovrn Clark 

Dielcen Muchemore Henry Carter Rieherd Talpey Seelact Men 
Benjamau Dammerall Constable 
Moses Coker & Daniel Grandle Tithing Men 
Cj3t Robert Down & Cliarls Randle Cullers of fish 
Charls JMiller Wood Seeler 


This is To 2\^otify all Person that on the Ninth Instant Was taken up 
Between the Isle of Shoales & Rey A Large Gundelow (or Hay Boat) 
By John Ellenwood of the Isle of Shoales it is Soposed it came out of 
Newbury River If any one Can make a Clear Title to Said Boat : With 
Satisfying for Carving And takeing up may have it again 

Gosport Aprill the 12 17oo John Ellenwood 

[To be continued] 



Communicated by J. Gardxer BARTLnxx, Esq., of Boston, Muss. 

The first patent granted by the President and Council of New 
England to the company of INIerchant Adventurers with whom tlie 
Plymouth colonists were ;i.'5sociated Avas dated 1 June 1021.1 and 
was taken in the nan;ic of ^Nlr. John Peirce, " Citizen and Ciotii- 
worker of London," and his associates, ''by reason," says Gov. 
Bradford, "of aquaintance, and some aliance that some of their 
freinds had with him. But his name was only used in trust. But 
when he saw they were hear hopfully thus seated, and by y" success 
God gave them had obtained y*" favour of y" Counsell of New-Eng- 
land, he goes and sues to them for another patent of much larger 
extente (in their names), which was easily obtained. But he mente 
to keep it to him selfe and alow them what he pleased, to hold of 
him as tenants, and sue to his courts as cheefe Lord." (History 
of Plymouth Plantation, p. 167 of the edition published by the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.) This second patent was obtained 

*" Met in " is probablv a trial shot at Meeting House. 

+ The eutii-e record ofthis xueetini^ is much aided, but it stands Ijetwecn \lo2 and 

tPuldislied. with :in introduction br tlie late Ch.nrlcs Deono, in 4 il/a?.s. Hist. Soc. 
Colls., vol '2, pp. iriO-li;:!, ami repriuteil in various otlior puijlicatious. Tiie on'tjinal 
patent is preserved in Tilj^rim iiall, I'lj'mouth, Mass. 


148 John Peir'ce of London [April 

by Peirce 20 Apr. 1622, and is no longer extant. In that same 
year Peirce set out, in the ship Parac/on, on a voyage to Xew 
England, to bring relief to the colonists at Plymouth, but the ship 
was twice disabled by storms and compelled to abandon the voyage, 
and Peirce incurred great financial loss {ib., pp. 160-169), 
Controversies arose between Peirce and the Adventurers, as appears 
from the Records of the Council of Xew England,* and the Adven- 
turers induced him " to assigne over y*' grand patente to y" companie, 
which he had taken in his owne name, and made quite voyd our 
former grante. . . . But his unwillingnes to part with his royali 
Lordship, and y*^ high-rate he set it at, which was 500". which cost 
him but 50"., maks many speake and judg hardly of him," (lb., 
p. 168, letter from England to the Governor, dated 9 Apr. 1623.) 
It does not appear that the Adventurers paid the high price which 
Avas asked by Peirce for the surrender of this patent of 20 Apr, 
1622, and Peirce himself states that he received no consideration 
for its surrender (vide infra, p. 152), but it is clear that the patent 
was cancelled, (Palfrey's Xew England, vol, 1, p, 210, note; 
Records of the Council of Xew England.) Peirce, however, in the 
words of Bradford, " was never quiet, but sued them in most of y^ 
cheefe courts in England, and Avhen he was still cast, brought it to 
y* Parlemente. But he is now dead, and I wdl leave him to y® 
Lord." (History of Plymouth Plantation, pp. 168-169. f) 

The following Chancery Bill, preserved in the Public Record 
Office in London (Chancery Proceedings, Bilb and Answers, Bundle 
P. 44, Xo. 43), presents Peirce's side of the dispute, with many 
interesting details not given elsewhere : 

\illegihle'\ May 1627 

To the right honorable S' Thomas Couentry kn' Lord Keeper of the 
great Scale of England. 

[Mumbly] Complaining sheweth imto your good Lordpp Tour Orator 
John Peirce Citizen & Cloath worker of London That whereas our late 
Sou'aig [King James by] his highnes Ires Patterns vnder the great seale 
of England bearing date the third dav of Xouember in the eighteenth reare 
of his Maties Raigne did iucorparate [Ludovic] Duke of Lenox Jb diuers 
other noble & honorable p'sons »& others to the number of forty p'sons a body 
politiq & Corparate to haue succession foreu' by the name of [President 
and] Counsell establislied att Plimouth in the Countie of Deuon for 
the planting rueling li Gou'ning of Newe England in America And thereby 
Constituted the said Duke [of Lenox] P^'sident thereof it did therby 
inable them to sue & be sued & purchase lands to them & to their suc- 
cosso" for euer — & to haue some Co^poracon seale & to make & enackt 
lawes [and] orders both for the p^'seruacon of succession as for the better 
gouerment of the said Corparacon & such as should be afterwards admitte<i 
into that Company body or society & by the same Ires Patterns did giue 

•Published in the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, Apr. 24, 1867, 
pp. 91-93. See also Palfrey's New England, vol. 1, p. 'JIO. note. 

t See also The Mayjiotcer Descendant, vol. 5, pp. 79, SI, for mention of Peirce bv 
Bradford and by Thomas Fletcher, 

1913] John Peirce of London 149 

vnto the said Corporacon & their successo" the said place Called new- 
England to hold of his Ma"^ as of his hono"^ of East Greenwich whereof 
your Suppliante hauing notice he and some others his then associats before 
the first day of June in the nineteenth yeare of his said late Ma*^'^^ Raigne 
att his & their great Costs & Chargs had transported and did \'ndertake to 
transporte att his tt their further Chargs diuerse i^'sons to recide & be as in- 
habitants or planto'' in new England aforesaid whereof a great many 
were then & there setled and abideing accordingly & thervpon the said 
p'sident &, Councell by their writeing indented under seale bearing date 
aboute June in the Nyneteenth yeare of the Raigne of our said late Sou'aigne 
by & w"' their Common assent & Consent & in Consideracon of thespeciall 
trauaile Costs & paines w*^'' your Orato"' & his associats had taken & beene 
att about therecting of a plantacon in the said new England did grante 
vnto your said orato'' & his associates & their hres Certaine p'cells of laudes 
in the said place Called new England & diuerse p'^uiledges as in the said in- 
denture is expressed vt^^ if the same were p'duced more p'ticulerly & att 
large would & might appeare w'^'' plantacon being in great distresse & like to 
p'ish vnlesse a p''sent supplie were speedyly made your Orato"^ w^*^ his fellowe 
aduenturers although att that tyme but fewe in number as also much dis- 
hartned through many Crosse occurrents especially in respect of a great 
losse sustained by a shipp then lately taken & pillaged by the ffrench etc 
Yet being moued with Commisseracon of y* distressed Condicon of the said 
planters &, inhabitants in that place fforraigne and vast desert each one re- 
solued to aduenture somthing for their reliefe p'uided they might send it in 
a shipp of force able to defend herselfe w*^** some of monyes att first 
p'pounded to be aduentured Came so farre shorte to p'uide such a shipp as 
p'duced an impossibilitie of p'ceeding att that rate to relieue the said planto" 
in that it was not able besides necessary p'uision to p'uide fraight for aboue 
twenty tonnes of goods & thirtie passengers the fraight of all w'-'^ came but 
one hundred & fif tie pownds w*^*^ would scarcely pay the sailo" wags of such 
a shipp for so long a voiage whervpon one Robert Cushman w"^ the knowe- 
ledge consent & direccon of James Sherly being principall agents for the 
negotiation of the affaires of the said plantacon & w"^ the knowledge Consent 
& direccon also of one John Thornell John Pococke & others then aduen- 
turers & assistants of & for the said plantation Came to your said Orator 
vpon experience of a former act of his tending to a Supplie to moue him 
your Orato'' to undertake the said voiage & p'uide such a shipp of force as 
aiorsaid & in the names of the said James Sherly John Thornell John 
Pocok & other the sd aduenturers & assistants & by good & sutScient 
warrant from them agreed & p'mised to & w''^ your Orator that the said 
aduenturers & assistants and their successo" shoulde & would giue your 
Orato'' for the p''sent an ordinary p'porcon of three pownds fore the victualls 
& three pownds for the passage of eu'y passenger to goe ou' in the said 
shipp & three pownds for eu'y tonne of goods to be transported in such 
shipp for the then p"'sent & needfuU supplie of the said plantacon as also 
whatsoeu' losse should acrewe by the said voiage That they the said 
aduenturers & associates & their snccesso"^' in generall should & would beare 
& discharge the same and therof free & recompence your Orat"^ And 
that your Oraf should not be Charged therew"^ w'-'^ p'mise and agreement 
the said aduenturers & associates after wards openly Confessed in their 
publiq meeting vpon w*^^ your said Orato"" Condescended to vndertake the 
said voiage w'^'^ when the aduenturers vnderstood they manyfested great 
thankefullness & seemed to be as men ou'ioyed that your Orator would vn- 

150 John Peirce of London fApril 

dertrJcc ?o great a worke & p'forme so ^''ood an office for them And tor 
the ha.stuing of your Orator iu the said designes in respect of his izuorance 
in shipping the said aduentifrers sent your orato'' to one Robert Boorne a 
ship[) Carpenter to assist him in hyering a fitt shipp for the voiage but there 
being none att that tyme to be Iiired but one shipp to be sould your Oraf told 
the said aduenturers that for the buying of a shipp lie ha'i netlier skill nor 
ready mony wliervpou the said aduenturers fearing your On;t'' would desist 
and goe no further in that voiage incouraged him not to giue ouer but to 
trust to the honestie & iudgement of the shipp Carpenter And as for the 
monyes they had appointed for tlie fraight of their goods &; passenL'crs they 
would Collect it w"' great expedition thereby the better to furni-h your 
Orato"' w"' ready mony to pay for the said shipp & accordingly did Collect 
it & furnish him therew"' being fower hundred pownds wanting fortie shil- 
lings or neere therabouts namely for the ^•ictuall5 &. passage of forty eijht 
p'soas & for the Cariadge of tliirty fiue tonnes of goods cV; for the furnish- 
ing of a Surgian for the said shipp & some other small Charges &. your 
Oraf also willed the shipp Carpenter to searcli the said shipp thi-oughly 
& make her vndouljtebly Compleat & fitt for the said voiage All v,-'-'' being 
doune th'ati'aires of the 2:)lautacon seemed to receaue a newe lilfe through 
the daily augmentacon of the number & resolutiones of the aduenturers 
insomuch that their former forlorne aduentures were not only aduanced a 
marke in y° pownde Init also their supplie auiimented &. themselues so in- 
couraged that they builded A shipp att one & the very same tyme Vpon 
w''' tlie said aduenturers acknowledged that they might all thanke your 
Orato"" for that Comfortaljle p'gresse as also that had not he lieene all 
had bcene Confounded & to tliat effect wrote to the said plant"^ willing 
them so to csteeme of your Orator & retourne tliankes ^mto him And 
all things beeing fiuished & the sliipj) ready for the said voiage your 
Orato'' sett saile about October one thousand sis hundred twenty Oc two 
for & towardes new England aforesaid & being come to tlie downes oc riding 
there to Anchor the shipp in a great storme sprung a leake li your Ora- 
tor retourned w"^ her to London to mend her where your Orato"' out of his 
great Care & for the p''uencon of all further danger of that kinde did not 
for the sparing of his purse stopp that leake only but brought her into a 
dock & expeniled vpon her and by that occasion aboue two hundred niarkes 
as appeareth by his accompts of the same And the first of January one 
thousand six hundred twentie & two your Orator sett saile the second 
tyme in the voyage aforesaid & being gonne allmost halfe the way ite that 
very successfully it pleased God to raise such a tempest as that for the 
safty of tl'.e shipp goods ■He lines of the poore passengers so lamentably 
Crying in tliat heauy distresse many of them being women & Chihlren your 
Orator was forced by the aduice & Common assent of the master &, mar- 
iners of & in the said shipp to Cut the maine mast by the bord & rt-toume 
w"' an exceeding great losse And your Orato"" Commiug into tiie Porte of 
Portsmoutli to refresh their passengers &. to fitt his shipp & furnish liim-'e v,-''" all tilings fitting for the p'sequution of his voiage w'^'^ all sent a 
me>;-t')iger vp to Loudon to signitie to the said aduenturers what gr'_at dis- 
aster 1;y the vnrcsistable power of God had befallen liim att the hearing 
wherof tliey were so farre from Commisseracon & p'forming tiieir p'mise 
iu bifai'iag all losses accrewing by the said voiage as aforsaid as that they 
ende;inor -d to tlieir vtniost; his vtter rniue & ou'throwe ifor p''suming your 
Orato"' had disbursed more then his whole estate about that Crosse voiage 
as also vnderstandiug his great deieccon in respect of the hand of God 

1913] John Peirce of London 151 

vpoa his good encleauoiirs the said aduenturers tooke their oportnnitic & 
seut fower of them to Portsmou'th w"' Certaine uewe p'positions w*-'' no way- 
Concerned your Orato" first grownds & t'nies vpou w''' he v/ent ?aue only- 
one w*^** was that he should p'sequute his voiage w"' all speed ilv: to that 
end inioyned your Orato" to litt himselfe & his ^hippe w'^iu fouerteene dayes 
att the furtliest notw"'standiug they sawe his late Matie had p^'ssed att that 
tyme & in that place all the Carpenters in the Contry to iitt out Certaine 
shipps to send to liis matie that now is who was tlieu in Si)aiue ts: v.''"all 
the said James S'u-rley Oc John Pocock & one Christopher (1'oul.^on Vrillm 
CoUyar John Thoruell i-V; Robert Keine being some or the said aduenturers 
& assistants sent downe a writt out of the Court of admiraltie to arrest 
your Orato'^ his shipp and goods w^'out any iust or reasonable Cause vpon 
an action of six hundred pownds if your Oi-ato"^ should refuse to submitt 
to those theire new p'positions the said adtienturers well knoweing your 
Orator in that place to be a meere stanger o; therfor not able to put in 
baile & consequently of force must submitt to what soeu'' they p'pouxidod vnto 
w*^'^ p'positions for peace sake your Orato'' Condescended as farr as possible 
he Could but not punctually yealding unto them They arrested your 
Orato'' his shipj) & goods as aforsaid w"'out any iust Cause of suite in that 
behalfe but the said fower messengers well p'eeauing tlie discreetest sorte 
of passengers tooke knowledge of their bitter & harshdealing w"^ your 
Orato' w"' much importunitie att last they were Contented that if your 
Orators brother Kicliard Peirce would ingage himselfe in six hundred 
pownds that your Orato"^ should goe safe prisoner to London &. there sub- 
mitt himselfe to prison att demand they would excejst his securitie in 
steed of baile & accordingly your said Orators brother did ingage him- 
selfe for him your said Orator your Orato agreeing vndertakeing & 
p'mising in Consideracon therof to free & sane harmeles his said brother 
touching the same & shortly after when your Orato'^' was Come to Loudon 
the said James Sherley John Pocock Willm Colliar John Thornell & the 
rest of the said aduenturers to Couer & Collour their former vniust p''ceed- 
ings that the world should take no notice or knowledge therof p'tended other 
vniust Causes of their said arest oc made a great Clamo'' against your Ora- 
tor for some supposed vniust dealing touching the said plautacon & vn- 
truely p''tended That your Orato'' had not fulliilled his ijargaiue but broken 
some covenants and donne great wrouge vnto them and that hee owed them 
great sumes of money and how that all that eu' he had was not inoughe to 
satisfie them, All w*^" p"'tences neu'theless of the said adventurers were alto- 
gether false and to the intente that w*^'' the more colour they might wrest 
yo'^ orators voyage from him thereby thinkeinge to free tliem seines from 
theire fore named agreem' c<: p'mises of bearinge all losse they clamorouslye 
cried out against yo'-' orato"^ shippe that she was soe ould and rotten as that 
she was good for nothinge but to be pulled in peeces by all w*-'' yo'^ orator 
well p'ceauinge they aymed all the while at theire owne ends though to his 
ruyne yor [sic'\ to p'vente them yo"^ orato"^ offered them day by day vpon 
good security to compromitte all differences and w"' all expedicou to make 
ready his shipp & all things fitt for the p'sequution of his voiage beyond all 
excepcon & that in the iudgement of workmen And not so alone but to 
buy his peace and to giue them Content your Orator oifered to imploy his 
owne shipp otherwaies & hyere another shipp for their vse p'uided the 
aduenturers would lend him but three hundred pownds for three six 
moneths vpon securitye of three hundred pownds w'^^'' your Orator had 
then iu ioLnt stock of li; w''^ the said aduenturers touching the plantacon 

152 John Peirce of London [April 

aforsairl w* offers the also refused, as not being th'ends they aymed att 
And therfor seeing by their rigorous Courses they Could effect nothing & 
w"^ all p''ceiuing your Orato'° brother Richard Peirce was a great Comfort to 
your said Orator in his troubles The said James Sherley w**^ the rest of 
the said aduenturers endeauoured to insinuate themselues into the sfood 
opinion of him the said Richard Peirce p'^tendiug vnto him great louo vnto 
your Orator And that if the said Richard would p'cure your Orato"^ to de- 
liuer vpp vnto them the said aduenturers a pattent or grante w^*" your Ora- 
tor had takenn from the fornamed p'^sident & Councell dated the twenty- 
eth day of Aprill in the twentyeth yeare of the raigne of the said late King 
James as also his three hundred pownds aduenture & gine ou' his voiage 
& stand to their Courtosie how well they would deale w'-'' your Orato"' the 
said Richard should then see their good intendments to wards your Orato' 
and how bountifully they would deale w"" him & therevpon they drewe a 
note or writing to that effect willing the said Richard first to subscribe the 
said note thereby the better to induce your said Orato'' to doe the like w'^" 
being donne thgy sent the said note vnto your Orator to vnderwrite it also 
w'^" note when your Orator sawe he note only refused to subscribe it but w'" 
great discontent Cancelled it & sent it them back againe yet afterwards 
in respect of their large p'testacons p'"Qailed w"" yo'' Orat™ brother to enter 
into bond of 500" that your Orator should deliuer vpp the fornamed p'^mis- 
es absolutely into their handes & stand to their Courtosie as aforesaid not- 
w^'standing they well knewe it was against the mil & knowledge of your 
said Orato'' by Collour of w"^"^ bond & other the p^'mises your Oraf w*^ his 
shipp & goods being vnder an arrest was drawen & Compelled to assign 
ouer his said grante or pattent to the said James Sherley w**" an acknow- 
ledgement of the receipt of a valewable Consideracon when there was not 
any Consideracon att all giuen or paid for the same by Collour also of w^ 
bond & other the p''mises they detained & doe detaine from your Orato' 
his said aduenture of three hundred pownds w*^"^ he would have sold to sup- 
plie his wants And also the said aduenturers went downe to Portsmouth 
& tooke their goods out of your Orators shipp & storehouse there & ou'- 
threwe his voiage about w'^'' he was so greatly ingaged & damnified by 
w'^'^ voiage your Orato' might vnder God haue recou'ed all his former 
losses that nether your Orator nor aduenturers needed not to haue receaued 
any losse thereby & when they had brought their ends to passe & taken all 
the forenamed p'mises from your Orat"' w"^ out any recompence or Consid- 
eracon nether yor Orato' nor his brother Could p'uaile w"^ them to p'f orme 
their fornamed agreements & p'mises yet not denying but del'^ying him 
from tyme to tyme vntil att last your Orator being wearied w''' words & 
tedious delaies for allmost the space of a yeare & well p'ceauing as he all- 
wayes feared their great p'mises to your Orat™ brother to be but meere 
delutions for their owne ends & his Circumuencon your Orato' vnder- 
standing of the said aduenturers meeting togeather Came vnto them desier- 
ing them to delay him no longer but finish the difference betweene them & 
for that purpose put the matter to arbitrement vnto w** they all Conde- 
scended saue only the said James Sherley who willed your orato' to dep'te 
the Rome &, they would Consider of an answeare but Caling him in againe 
they vtterly refused to submitte thervnto Neu'theless after wards through 
much importunitie they M'ere Contented & did yeald to referre thendina: the 
differencs betweene them & your Orato' vnto m' John White m' Willm 
Warren m' John ffarrar & m' Robert Alden but bonds being made & ex- 
pired they refused to be further bound whervpon your Orator peticoned 

1913 J John Peirce of London 153 

his Matie who most graciously referred the mediacon thereof to a worthy 
Commission who were the same p'sons amongst others p''elected on both 
sides to be arbitrate''^ w"^ your* Orato"' nominated thereby to auoide all 
shewe of p'tialitie vf""^ Commiss''^ notw^'standing all that the aduenturers 
Could say det'myned that they ought in Conscience to glue vnto your Orator 
a Competent recompence in respect of the great losses your Orato"^ had re- 
ceaued by tlie hand of God as aforsaid but the said adueuturers refused to 
submitt to the Censure of the Conimiss™ though your Orato"^ offered to giue 
them good securitie to stand to their award whervpon your Orator requested 
the said James Sherley John Pocock & John Thornell in the p''sence of the 
said Commiss''^ that they would be pleased to ioyne w* yo'' Orato"' Sc Come 
to a speedy & iudiciall hearing in some legall Course w'^out p'traccon of 
tyme & vnnecessarie expence of monyes your Orator being poore & no 
way able to wage lawe w"" a number so many & potent vnto w*^** they 
answeai'ed your Orator they Could not tell whither they would or no where- 
upon the Commiss""^ surceassed to trauaile any further in the said difference 
& many other Courses your orator hath taken for the p'curing of a peaceable 
end & for the recou'y of the losses & damags he hath sustained by the in- 
direct & vniust dealing of the said aduenturers by w^" your Orato'" hath 
beene damnified about two Thousand pownds to his vtter vndoeing by sides 
the dammags your Orato"" hath sustained in his Creditt & reputacon of his 
honestie who formerly lined in good repute & sett aboue one hundred people 
one worke & albeit yo"^ Orato"" haue often in most gentill & frindly manner re- 
quested & required the said aduenturers to discharge yo"^ Orato" said brother 
of his said ingagem* for your Orato"" & to satisfie yo"" Orator for his said 
damags sustained by them sundry wayes in the said voiage & also to make 
good & restore vnto yo"" Orat"" the benifitt of the said grant & pattent so 
vnduely & w""out valewable Consideracon obtained & taken from your 
Orator as aforesaid according as it was then worth when it was taken from 
your Orato"" & to satisfie & pay to your Orato"^ the said aduenture of three 
hundred powndes after the rate the same was then worth when it was so 
taken from your Orator together w*'' reasonable damags for the long for- 
bearance & detaining therof the said three hundred pounds being taken 
& withholden from yo"" Orato"" w"'out any iust reasonable or valewable 
Cause or Consideracon whatsoeu' yet the same requests or any of them to 
doe or p'forme they the said James Sherley John Pocock Christopher 
Coulson "Willm Collyar John Thornell & Robert Keine being the aduen- 
turers aforsaid haue refused & still doe refuse to doe Contrarie to all 
equitie & good Conscience for w'^" neu'thelesse your Orator is remedylesse 
saue in this Course of peticon in equity to your Lordpp & therfore the 
p^'mises Considered ilay it please your Lordpp to grante vnto your Orator 
his Maties most gracious writt of Spea* to be directed to the said James 
Sherley John Pocock Christopher Coulson "Willm Colliar John Thornell 
& Robert Keine & to eu'y of them thereby Commanding them & eu'y of 
them att a Certaine day and under a Certaine paine therin to be lymited 
by your Lordpp p'sonally to be and appeare before your Lordpp in his 
Maties high Court of Chancery then & there to answeare the p'"mises & to 
stand & abide such order & direccon therin as your Lordpp shall think 
meete & your Orato"" shall eu' pray for your Lordpp's p'speritie 

Jo : Glanuill : f 

• Abbreviation for " subpccna." 
t Tlie name of a clerk of the Court. 

15-4 The English Shermans [April 



By Tnojr.vs Towxsexd Sherman, A. 3., LL.C. of Eye, X. Y. 

For many years it liaa Ijeen supposed that Henry Sherman of 
Dedhain, co. Essex, whose wiU is dated 21 Au^. IGIO (Eegister, 
vol. 50, p. 2S5), married Susan Hills, aa in his will he mentions 
''Gilbert Hills my brother In law." Susan Sherman, Ilt-niy's 
widow, in her will dated 31 Aug. 1610 {ib., p. 2S(3), refers to "my 
brother GUber Hilles." But INIr. Clarence A. Torrey of Chicago 
has discovered in the parish register of Moze, co. Essex, p. 27 of 
^ Crisp's edition, a record as follows : 

'• Plenry sherma & susan Lawrance were Maryeil y*^ 14 of Junij 15GS." 

Moze is about ten miles southeast of Dedham. This must be the 
marriage of the Henry Sherman in question, for he also mentions in 
his will "my brother Lawrence of Esthorpe" fco. Essex). Gilbert 
Hills probably married a sister of Susan, Henry Sherman's wife. 
The Moze register does not show the baptism of Susan La^vrance, 
but gives the baptism of Ann, daughter of John Lawrance, 21 May 
154y, and of Thomas, son of John Lawrance, 21 May 1551. Per- 
haps Susan was a daughter of John. It also records the burial of 
Joane Hills, daughter of Gilbert Hills, 17 Dec. 15G0, and the bap- 
tism of Gylbart Hill, son of Gylbart Hdl, 21 Oct. 1554. There 
are other Hill entries. Several entries relate to members of the 
Gallaway family, and " my cousin Edmund Gallaway " is mentioned 
in the will of Henry and in that of Susan Sherman. Henry Sher- 
man's first child Phebe, who married Simon Fenn of Dedliam, was 
baptized at Dedham 1 May 1570 (Register, vol. 50, p. -415). 

The will of Thomas Wace of E)^e, co. Suifolk, yeoman, dated 
22 June 1533 and proved 5 Mar. 1538 (P. C. C, Crumwell, 12), 
mentions his wife Elene, brother Simon Wace, and John, Simon's 
son, appoints Eobert Kene of Thrandeston and Thomas Sherman 
of Yaxlev executors, and ijives to his sroddauirhter Dorothv Kene 
and his godson Henry Sherman a legacy of 63. 8d, each. This 
is Thomas. Sherman of Yaxley, co. Suifolk, whose will is dated 20 
Jan. 1550/1 (Register, vol. 54, p. 153) ; and Henry Sherman is 
his son, afterwards of Dedham and Colchester, whose will is dated 
20 Jan. 1589/90 {ih., vol. 50, p. 281). 

An article by the late Charles A. White (Register, vol. 51, 
p. 357) describes the tombstone in the* churchyard at Dedham, 
England, of Edmund Sherman, who died in 1742, and the Sherman 
arms thereon, which are similar to those of the Yaxley Shenuans, 
and states that the vicar shows an amusing letter from Gen. AYIlUam 
T. Sherman about this stone. The subject of the tombstone was not 
an ancestor of the General, who was descended from Edmund's 

1913] The English Shermans 155 

brother Samuel. In answer to an Inquiry about the General's letter, 
his son, Hon. Philemon Tecymseh Sherman, writes as follows : 

" I Lave no record of the story about the Dedham tombstone, but merely 
my recollection of my father's story, which was as follows : Once when 
especially pestered with demands upon his purse, my fatlier received a 
letter from the Rector or Curate of Dedham, stating that tlie toml) of my 
father's supposed ancestor, Edmund Sherman, iu tlie churcliyar(h was out 
of repair, and asking liim for a small contribution to restore it. JMy father 
answered impatiently that he could not be held responsil)!e for the tombs 
of Ids ancestors back to Adam, that he believed that by that time Edmuud 
Sherman didn't care whether he had a tombstone or not, Init that he would 
be satisfied if his grave was undisturbed, and moreover that when he (my 
fatlier) was in England, he had looked for Dedham and couldn't find it. 
Tliat letter was written on a full sheet of paper, with the heading ' Head- 
quarters, Army of the United States,' neatly filled the center of the sheet, 
and was subscribed ' W. T. Sherman, General,' and consequently was in 
the most deshable form for an autograph. In due time my father received 
a letter from the minister at Dedham thanking him for the letter, and 
saying that it had been sold for £2 for an autograph, which money had 
been applied towards restoring the tombstone. Doubtless I have the story 
more or less incorrectly ; but you may use it if you wish, as it is substan- 
tially true."' 

A water-color emblazonment of a coat of arms, which has de- 
scended to the writer from his great-grandfather, Hon. Roger 
Sherman, who died in 1793, has-beneath it this description: "He 
beareth Or, a Lion rampant Sable between three leaves proper. 
Crest, on a wreath, a Sea Lion Or, by the name of Sherman." 
These arms are practically the same as those of the Dedham and 
Yaxley Shermans. 

Messrs. Lea and Hutchinson have recently sent the following 
additional Sherman entries from the parish register of Dedham, co. 
Essex :* 

Dedham Parisu Register 

1650 Samuel son of Samuel and Mary Sherman 8 September. 

1 650 Auna daughter of Edward and ^Martha Sherman 9 February [1 650/1]. 

1651 Ezekiel son of Ezekiel and Martha Sherman 1 February [1651/2]. 

1652 Judeth daughter of Samuel and Mary Sherman 5 December. 

1653 John son of Daniel and Elizabeth Sherman 27 November. 
1655 Esther daughter of Samuel and Mary Sherman 15 April. 

1657 Samuel son of Samuel and Mary Sherman 19 July. 

1658 John son of John and Susan Sherman 26 September. 

1659 Sarah daughter of Samuel and Mary Sherman 28 August. 

1661 3Iark son of Samuel and Mary Sherman 15 November. 

1662 Edmond son of Edmond Sherman the elder 6 July. 

1663 John son of Samuel and Mary Sherman 25 February [1663/4]. 

1664 John son of Edmund and Grace Sherman 21 August. 
1666 Edmund son of Edmund Sherman junior and Mary G .July. 
1666 Martha daughter of Edmund and Grace Sherman 28 September. 

* See Kegister, vol. 66, pp. 324-326. 

156 The English Shermans [April 

1669 Edmund son of Edmund and Grace Sherman 25 November. 

1672 Beazalel son of Nathaniel and Susanna Sherman 11 Fel>ruary 

1672 Mary daughter of Mr. Edmund Sherman and Sarah 12 ilarch 


1674 Susanna daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Sherman 18 October. 

1675 Esther daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Sherman 6 February 


1676 Cristian daughter of Daniel and Cristian Sherman 11 March 


1678 Elizabeth daughter of Daniel and Christian Sherman 23 July. 

1679 Anne daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Sherman 7 December. 

1680 Henry son of Edmund and Martha Sherman 11 April. 
1680 Mary daughter of Daniel and Christian Sherman 13 May. 


1656 Henry Davy, single, and Martha Sherman, single, at Colchester 19 

1656 John Wall of Stratford in Suffolk, single, and Debora Sherman of 

this parish, single, at Colchester 24 June. 
1656 Edmond Sherman, widower, of this parish and Grace Stevens of 

Stratford, single, at Bilston 8 December. 
1658 Martin Garwood, widower, and Priscilla Sherman, single, both of 

this parish, 25 March. 

1683 "Wmiam Sherman, widower, and Priscilla Garwood, widow, 11 Sep- 


1684 Joseph Nichols of St. Peter's, Colchester, and Christian Sherman of 

this parish, both single, 17 July. 
1690 Edmund Sherman of ys parish and Sarah "Woodgate of East Berg- 
holt, single persons, 3 July. 

1690 George Larret and Martha Sherman of this parish, single persons, 2 


1691 Libbeus Sherman, widower, and Susan Thorpe, single, both of this 

parish, 27 October. 
1693 Edmund Sherman, single, and Sarah Blumfield, widow, of this par- 
ish, 18 May. 

1693 Nathaniel Sherman and Susan Sharpe 18 January [1693/4]. 

1694 "William Sherman and Sarah Sharpe 5 Jime. 

1697 Mr. MUton and Christian Sherman 12 October. 

1698 Parker Death and Martha Sherman 6 November. 

1712 Edmund Sherman and Sarah Burage of this parish, single persons, 

29 June. 
1715 Edmund Sherman, widower, and Mary Freeman 24 January 



1586 Henry son of Edmund Sherman 1 January [1586/7]. 

1650 Judeth daughter of Edward Sherman 26 November. 

1650 Anna daughter of Edward Sherman 26 February [1650/1]. 

1652 Samuel son of Samuel Sherman 9 March [1652/3]. 

1653 Ezekiel Sherman 21 January [1653/4]. 

1656 John Sherman was buried about ys time [i. e., 5 October] [sic]. 
1656 Widow of John Sherman 22 June [_sic'\. 

1913] Tlie English Shermans 157 

1656 Wife of Edmond Slierman "about the 8th day" of September. 

1656 Ezekiel Sherman 9 January [1656/7]. 

1657 Daniel Sherman 31 March. 

1660 Edmond Sherman 5 February [1660/1]. 

1661 Susan daughter of Widow Sherman 28 June. 
1661 Widow of Henry Sherman 14 July. 

1661 Hannah Sherman 3 January [1661/2]. 

1663 John son of Mr. Samuel Sherman 18 March [1663/4:]. 

1664 Edmond son of Edmond Sherman 25 October. 

1665 Anne Sherman 26 June. 

1674 Mr. Edm : Sherman clericus 15 December. 

1675 Nathaniel Sharman 9 April. 

1676 Nathaniel Sherman singleman 8 May. 
1680 Henry Sherman 20 October.. 

1680 Henry Sherman of Boxted 30 October. 

1681 Martha daughter of Libbeus Sherman 1 June. 
1681 Mr. Samuel Sherman 17 February [1681/2]. 

1714 Sarah wife of Edmund Sherman 26 January [1714/15]. 

1734 Mrs. Mary Sherman 31 January [1734/5]. 

1741 Mr. Edmund Sherman Governor* 11 January [1741/2]. 

Prof. Frank Dempster Sherman of Columbia University, who for 
eeveral years lias been accumulating a vast amount of information 
about the Sherman family, has furnished the following abstract of the 
will of Samuel Sherman, son of the above-mentioned Henry Sher- 
man of Dedham and Susan Lavn-ance his wife. He was the father 
of Philip Sherman, who was baptized at Dedham 15 Feb. 1610/11 
(Eegistee, vol. 24, p. 64, vol. 50, p. 416), married Sarah Odding, 
came to New England in 1634, afterwards went to Rhode Island, 
and was one of the purchasers of Aquidneck. 

The Will of Samuel Sherman of Dedham and Ardley,t co. Essex, 
20 January 1615/16. To Philipp my well beloved wife lands ... in the 
parish of Dedham. To Henry my sonne, after decease of my wife, my 
customary messuage, called Hardinges in Dedham, where Thomas Cole 
now dwelleth, together with 2 acres nearby, and two fields, one of them 
lying next the Heathe called Dedham Heath (about 4 acres) and the other 
lying between last-recited field and a close or field called Poppes field 
(about 4 acres). To Phillipp my sonne and to Samuel my sonne. after 
decease of my wife, all that messuage or dwelling house wh'^'^ was some 
tyme John Wrenches, where I late dwelt in Dedham. Further to son 
Samuel, after the decease of my wife, all that orchard lying at the east 
emd of the barn therewith, one close called Poppes field (about 4 acres), 
and one close called Bushie field, parcel of the tenement Hardings adjoining 
to the nether end of the said Popes field, and seven roods of meadow in a 
place in Dedham called Coxpittes. To Phillipp my sonne, after decease 
of my wife, five closes of land ... in the tenure and possession of Lionel 
Cheute (about 8 acres), parcel of lands late John Wrenches. To Mary 
and Martha my daughters, to either of them £40 at age of twenty years. 
To wife Philipp all household goods. PhUipp, my wife, and John Upp- 

• Probably governor of the local gTatnmar-school. 
t Ardleigh is about 2^ miles southwest of Dedham. 

158 Prince- Wood and Branton Bible Becords [April 

cheire of Dedham, my brother-in-law, to be executors. To tlie poor of 
Ardlev los. To Mr. .John Rogers of Dedham 20>. Witnesses : Rob't 
Warde, Henry Sharman, .John Ward, Ezeckiell .Sherm% Geor^re Hudson. 
Nathaniel Hecksor of Ardley, yeoman, overseer. Proved 2 March 161.5/16, 
" iuramento .Johniis Upcher, executoris &c. et .Jacobi Thwaites. peuris 
Phillippa Sherman etc. Executrice &c." (Arclideaconrj' of Colchester, 
1585-1G14, Cooke, 31.)* 

The following is an abstract of the "vvill of Faith Sherman, widow 
of "William of Ipswich who died 1 June 1.583 and whoae Avill ig 
dated 28 May 1583 (IIegistee, vol. 54, p. ISb). 

The Will of Faith Sherjian of Ipswich, widow. 12 September 1605. 
Son .John, son-in-law Christopher Ballard, grandchild Robert Duck when 
twenty-one, daughter Margaret Duck, daughter Faith Ballard, and son 
John's wife. To grandchildren William, .John, Cave, and Thomas Sher- 
man, four sons of John, £5 each when twenty-one. To grandchildren Amy 
and Faith Browne £10 each when twenty-one. To .John, Tobias, and 
Elizabeth, children of daughter Ballard. Son Richard, and daughter-in- 
law, wife of Richard Sherman. Executors : nephew Mr. .John Lany, son 
John, and Christopher Ballard. Supervisors : .John Lany, Esq., and 
Thomas Clenche, Esq. Witnesses : Bass Lany, Anthony Morse, and 
others. Proved 6 May 1607. (Bishop's Court, Norwich.) 


Coramunicated by TaisT "Wood, Esq., of !New Orleans, La. 

The Bible from which the following record has been copied was 
published in 1716, and was at one time owned bv Isaac Prince of 
Newport, R, I., who died in 1719. f The Bible afterwards- passed 
by marriage into the possession of Caleb Godfrey of Newport, and 
when his daughter Elizabeth Godfrey was married to Capt. Peleg 
"Wood of Newport, it came into the latter's hands. Capt. Peleg 
"Wood married first the above-mentioned Elizabeth Godfrey, secondly 
Mary "Wickham, and thirdly Mrs. Margaret Cooke. In the Wood 
family the Bible descended to the late Commander John Taylor 
Wood, C. S. Navy, a grandson of President Zachary Taylor. Com- 
mander Wood, who had married and lived in the South, served in 
the Civil War on the staff of his uncle by marriage, Jefferson Da- 
vis, and commanded the Tallahassee. After the war he found an 
asylum at Halifax, N. S., where he died in 1904. The Bible is now 
in the possession of Commander Wood's daughters. 

The Woods of Newport, unlike their Brenton, Wickham, and 

♦This will is sealed with a seal which seems to be the sea-lion of the Sherman 

t Isaac Prince of Hull, jSIass., son of Elder John, married Marv Turner, and had a 
son Isaac, born 9 Oct. 1682 (Hull Vital Records, p. 31). Whether this last-mentioned 
Isaac was the Isaac of Jfewport who owned the Bible has not yet been determined. 

1913] Prince-Wood and Brenton Bible Records 159 

Halliburton kindred {cide infra, p. IGl), took service on the side 
of the Colonies in the lievolutlon. 

The record in this Bible is in a somewhat mutilated condition. 
Words that are missing in the text have been restored, so far as 
possil^le, either from information afforded by the context or from 
other authentic records, ail such words being enclosed within brack- 
ets. Brackets are also used to enclose the numbei's of the pages of 
the original record. 


[I* was] maryecl to Abigaill Chapman je 9 day of [Aii^nst 1708] 

We lived to getlier five years aud 2 montlis and six days .Shee died ye 16 

day of October 1713 a fryday Night abought Tenn oi ye Clock. Shee 

was abouii'lit "i'i rears of her Ao-e. 
The tirst childe I had by lier was a son Heavy [_sic'\ Born ye 17 or 18 Day 

of Aprill 1711 and Died ye Same Day. 
My Daughter Abigaill Prince Was Born ye 16 Day of 3Iay In ye year of 

cure Lord 1712 
I was ^laryed to Elesabeth Painef ye 30 Day of January 1717/8. I 

lived a Widower -i years 3 Mounths. 
Caleb Godfrey aud Aljigail Prince was maryed October ye S''^ 1730 
My *on Caleb Godfrey was born May ye 15"* 1732 Muuday at f after 

12 of [ye] Clock at noon 

[Abigail P]rince was born May ye 16 1712 

[Caleb Goth'rey] & Abigail Prince was Maryed [October ye 8"' 1]730 
[2>Iy son Cale]b| Godfrey was born May ye lo*^"* [^mutiUdecni ^ after 

12 d§ noon 
[My daughter Ab]igaU Godfrey was born Jan ye 10"* \_mut dated'] nine 

Muuday morning 
[My son Isaac Prin]ce Godfrey was born May ye 25'^ \_miitHatcd'] Fryday 

[My -ou John Godir]ey was born September ye 2"* 1740 [mutilaled'] 

esday noon 
[My daughter E]Iisai)Crth Godfrey vras born \jnutilatad~\ Satei'day Between 

6 iJc 7 in ye moruiug \ inutHaluil'] 1742 
[My daughter ila]ry Gudirey was i)oru April [^muf.ilafedj d§ .^ r.i'r^r Twelve 

or one oclock 
[My daughter Euth] Godfrey v/as born April [_}nutihit.ed'\ Wc'iiie^day at 12 

at notm 
[My daughter Lydia] Godfrey was born July \_tnulil(xted ] half after nine 

in ye morning 

* Isaac Prince. 

t After the death of Isaac Prince in 1719 she married (2) 12 Jan. 172i.'j S;Mnucl 

X In the registers of Triuirv Churcli, ZS'ewport, the followiiijr b-.ini.-ni ' are recorded, 
the names of Liic parents of those Ijaptizeci not appearin;;: L'alei) (^ndfrev, 29 May 
1732; Alii-uil Uodfrey, li Fub. 1737; John (Godfrey. 12 l)i;t. 17f!>; Ki;;:;;ljerh Godfrey, 
19 Sept. 1742; Mary liodfrcy, li Apr. 174.'); iiuth (Godfrey, 3 ?ilay 171"; i.vdia (tocI- 
frey, 6 Aiii;. 17."jO; William I'-ioiifrey, 26 ./uiy 17.i2. Tlie reccnl of"c!ie lia-.iti.-m of Isaac 
Prince CioiuVey caniioV, he I'liuud in die Trinity Ch-arch rei;i-ters; \r.\t ''■■.^:^ this I'ap- 
tismal record it is ','0;jil)lo ro supph- the missing names of th.e otlier ehuilren ivhose 
births are recorded in llie IJihie. 

iJ Perhaps intended fur " at." 

160 Prince-Wood and Brenton Bible Records [April 

[My son William] Godfrey was bom July ye S*"^ 1752 [rmUilated] after 
[mutilated [Godfjrey Dec[ease(l] mutilated'] 

[ T/te left side and the foot of this page have been torn offJ] 

Peleg Wood was Married to Elizabeth Godfrey [IS"*] Day of January 

My son William Wood was born April 6 half a hour after six oclock 

Fryday evening 1764 
My son Feleg Wood was bom April 21 Three quarters after Nine oclock 

Monday Evening 1766 
My son John Wood was bom April 25*'^ half after Ten oclock Tuesday 

morning 1770 
My son Joseph Wood was bom Sept 6"^ half after seven oclock Thusday 

morning 1772 
My son Godfrey Wood was bom Ma {mutilai.ed^^ after Eleven at night on 

Alonday 1775 
My daughter Betsy Wood was born [ November 28'" 1779*] Between 

six & seven oclock Sunday 
My Wife Elizabeth Wood Departed [this life] Febuary S"* 1785 between 

Ten & [Eleven oclock?] Thursday morning A[ged 42 years and] 5 

Caleb Godfrey Departed this \rnutilated'\ on Saturday haK after Twelve 
My daughter was bom Ma \mutilated'\ at night 17 \mutilated'\ still Bor[n] 


Isaac Prince Godfrey & Penelope [Pelham] Cowley was marryed March 

the six 1765 
Ruth Sweet Departed this life January 27"^ 1782 on Sunday morning half 

after Ten oclock aged Thirty Four years and Nine months. 
[My] mother Mary Woodf Departed this life [mutilated^ 1784 
[Peleg] Wood was married to Mary [Wickham] August 17 1786 
[My daugh]ter Mary Wood wash born [July 18 1787*] Thursday evening 
[My son li.] W. WoodJ wash born September [mutilated [179U] mu- 
tilated'] Eight in the evening 
[My wife Mary] Wood departed this life [September 9 1790 Sa]turday 
morning half [mutilated] Aged Thirty four years 

[About the middle of the Bible, on the margin at the bottom of a page, 
are these two lines.] 
P. Wood§ Born March 'd^'^ 1741 
P. Wood Married to Margret Cooke April 2°" 1797 

• Date of birth snpplied from baptismal record, Trinity Cburch, Newport, which 
reads: "Aug. 15 1787 Elizabeth daughter of Peleg and Elizabeth Wood (bora Xov. 
28, 1779) and iiary daughter of said Feleg and Mary his wife, bom July 18"» 1787. 
Sponsors, Thomas Wickham, Hanna Wickham, Sarah Wickham and Lydia Sterenson." 
Arnold, therefore, in Vital Kecords of Khode Island, vol. 10, p. 535, gives the Trinity 
Church record incorrectly when be represents both these daue;hters (Elizabeth and 
Mary) of Peleg Wood as his daughters by his wife Elizabeth, whereas, although the 
two were baptized on the same day, one was by his deceased wife Elizabeth Godfrey 
and the other by his then living wife Mary Wickham. 

t Motiier of Peleg Wood, one of the owners of the Bible. 

I The registers of Trinity Church, Newport, show the baptism, 28 Sept. 1790, of 
Benjamin Wickham Wood, son of Peleg and Mary Wood, and the burial, 19 Jan. 1813, 
of Wickhnni Wood, aged 22. 

^ Peleg Wood, one of the owners of the Bible. 


Gencalrxjicrd Uoararcli in E)>gJand 



Tlic Bronton IVihlc, from v,-liich tlic followincT liricf rcronl has 
been copied, was owned hy W'diiam I'rcnfon of Xcu-port, \i. I., a 
firotl'cr of Rcar-Adinirnl Ijfcnton of tlio P.ritisli Navy .'ind an nnole 
of Sir .Taldcel Brcnton, I)otli nativ(!M of Xc\vpf)rt. lie iiclongod to 
I Loyalist or Tory family, and tlic Wic'cliaini^. liis wife's fimily, were 
ijro Loyalists. The dates of tiit; hirtlis of "William I'ronton's chil- 
dren *ho\v that towanh; ilio close of the Rovoliitioo he left Xcw- 
port, and after a sojourn in- New Vork proceeded to Halifax, N. S. 
The I<il)le iiftcrAvards passed into the possession of the ^Vood family, 
ind descended to the late Commander John Taylor Wood, the owner 
of the Prince- Wood Bible. 

J.ick-<on of William et Frances P>renton horn 28"^ August 1782 Wclnrs- 

(Iriy at N. York. 
Wiiliiun Brcnton married to Frances Wickliam daughter cf Capt. Benj. 

Wi.kliam* Newport Rlid. Lhnid. 21'*' Feb. 1779 by the Rev. .Mr. James 


H'"' Feb 1780 a son— still born at Newport R<1. Is. 

28"' Auirust 1782 .Tack Breiitoii I)orn N. York Wed 4 Oclk 

1G"> April 1781: William " " at Halifax Fryday 1 Qelk 

2'''.Itilv I78G Benj. Wickliam Breiiton born at Halifax Sundav Ere 7 

Oclk— Died .3"' Aug 17Sf, Thursday 
Willi.iiii Brcnton departed this life April the 17'" 130 4 in tlic .'5.'} year of 

his age 
Benj. A\'ickhamt departed this life .January the IG - ISOl in .57 year of 

liis age 
Sarah \Voo<I1: Departt^I Widow of the late Capt. William Wood departed 

this life Feb 6"' la;J8 in the 78 year of her aire 


Contriliiilcil by Miss Elizaiitith riiKxcii, ntul cnmmnnicntcil by tlio Committee ou 

J%ii;;li>'h I.V-<ienvch 

[Coiitimiod from paj^c 48] 


Tlie Will of WiLLiA:Nr Roiunson of Tenterdcn in the County of Kent, 
bti«h;Miiltnan, 20 Jnnc 1 G2.'). To my son Willi;im Robinson all my hus- 
l«nilry tools, .a bed furnished, one acre of wheat next to the wood in a 
fifld ((intaining four acnvs, and 20s. If he be not satisfied bnt claim £10 
wliicii 1 partly promi'^ed hini, thi-n he shall hayc l)ut lOs. of the aboye be- 
quest, the rest to be giyiiu to my wife Constance. To my daughter Eales 

• Aftcrwnrds colonel, .in<l npcakcr of the T{lin<Io I^Iaml ITon'o of Deputies. Frances 
Wicklmin niis a ilati<;htcr by iiis second wife, Mary (ianlncr. 

tCol. lieiijamiii W'ic.kbnm, an olliccr in the Knfjlish army, !>onof Col. ncnjamin and 
^fsrr (' .^irdncr) Wickliam. 

J i'oniicr'*! chilli of Col. Men.iamin anil Mnrr (Oardncr) Wickliam. Ilcr Ini'band, 
rAPl. William Wood, was a hom of I'clet; Wnnd (one of the owners of the i'riucc-Wood 
Bible) ami his wife Elizabeth (Jodfrcy. (Vide supra, p. IGO.) 

162 Genealogical Research in England [April 

"Wilvenleu Co. 8(1., u;id to her two children John and Elizabeth 'Wllvcnlta 
4o. each. To my daughter Lidiu Robiuaon i!5 at her age o£ twcuty-oM 
or day of marriage, uud if she die before said age, reversiou to my ka 
William and my wife Coustauce, equally divided. The residue of mj 
goods and chattels to my wife Constance, whom I make my eiccutni. 
AVitnesses : Nathaniel Tildeu,* "William Glover, John IlucL>u.-i)p, ^d 
Robert Hallinden. Proved '6 June 102C by the relict und executru 
named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. G5, fo. 1G3.) 

Austen Entkies in tue Parish Registers of Tenterden, co. KijfTf 


1628 Marie dau;rhter of Jonas Austen 24 Aujrust. 

1G2'J Jonas sou of Jonas Austen 28 February [1G29/30J. 
lCiJ2 Mary daughter of Jonas Austen 5 August. 

162G Jonas Austen and Constance Robinson 22 January [162G/7]. 


1629 Mary daughter of Jonas Austen 18 December. 

Austen Entries in the Parisu Registers and Transcuii'tsI 
OF Stai'leiiurst, CO. Kent, 1538-1630 

1538 Yden daughter of Ja[mes] Austen christened 18 November. 

1539 Annes wife of Jamys Awsten buried 11 Sei)tember, 

1541 Poenall sou of Jamis Auatiu christened 2 February [1541/2]. 
1543 John sou of James Austen christened 19 August. 
1543 John sou of James Austen buried 19 August. 

1543 William A;jLen and Jone Longle married 28 January [1543/-1]. 

1544 Thomas Asten and Jone Pyckkyuden virgin married 27 July. 
1544 Pcrcyvall sou of Wyllyam Asten christened 1 November. 
1544 Thomas sou of Jamis Asten christened 12 November. 

1544 atejjhen Asten and Margaret Wrigley "yongfolkes" married 18 

1544 WilJyam son of Stephen Asten christened 19 November. 
1544 percyvall son of William Asten buried 21 November. 
1544 Wyllyam sou of Stephen Asten buried 1 January [1544/5]. 

1544 Wyllyam Asten and ^largery Symon "yong folkes " married 2a 

January [1544/5]. 

1545 John son of Thomas Asten christened 15 July. 
1545 Simon son of William Asten christened 13 October. 

1545 Robert Asteu servant buried 21 February [1545/6]. 

1546 Katherin daughter of Stephen Asteu christened 16 May. 

1546 Svuiou bou or Willivam Asteu " about ij yeres oil age" buried i\ 

'February [15JG/7]. 

1547 Richard sou of Stephen Asten christened 28 February [1547/8]. 

1548 Roberth sou of Thomas A^ten christeued 28 May. 

•Emigraut to New En);lmiJ, Mur. 103-1/5. 

fiJctwucu l&U uuil IGIU thcio uro over 'wo huuJrcJ -Vubtcu entries in the Tcoicr- 
(lou reniatcra; but uouu except those jjiveu hero uppour to upplj to the emi({rt6l 
Jonus Auateu or his lAiiiily. 

XFrom registers to 15iX>; from transcripts to li>Zl. 






1513] Genealogical Research in England 1G3 

1548 Robcrth son of Thomns Astcn buried 31 May. 

1549 Tliomas son of Thomas Asten taylor christcncrl 23 June. 
1549 Ricliarfle son of .lamps Asten christened 1 .January [1.549/.')0]. 
1549 Edward son of Stephen Astcn laborer dirlstened 21 February 


1549 Go<llif wife to .Tames Asten buried 21 February ri540/.'30]. 

1550 Marparet wife of Stfphcn Asten buried 2 May. 

1550 Kdward son of Sfeplien Asten laborer born 21 February last past 
buried t August. 

1551 " Was Maried Stevyn Asten "Widoer unto Elsabetht bassockc syngle- 
wom.'x'" 16 November. 

1552 Kateryn daughter of Thomas Awsten christened 3 June. 
l.V^2 Joanne daugliter of Stevon Awsten christened 1 .January [1.552/33. 
155;} Christoffer son of Thomas Awstin christened 20 March [15.53/4]. 
1554 " The xvi day of July was Chrystened Gerves Austin the Sonne of 

Stepef.ano Austen." 
1554 .fames son of .lames Austin [christ^ued ?] 16 .July. 
155r. ,Iohn Reiler cliild of .lames Asten christened 2S .July. 
1557 Margery daughter of stevyn Asten christened 26 March; godfather 

Robert Bassock, godmothers Elizabeth Carter and Tomsyn Bcnig. 
1557 Agnes daughter of Alexander Berye christened 24 .Tune ; godfather 

.John Austen, godmothers Agnes Vyny and Katherine Gararde. 
1557 " Humatnm corpus Stcphani Asten" 17 November. 

1559 James Asten widower and Agnes Mcrian born at Boughton quarrie 
married 12 Fel)ruary [looD/GO]. 

1560 Laurence son of Laurence Asten christened 19 July. 
IjEO Laurence son of Laurence Astcn christened 30 August. 
15C0 Augustyne supposed son of James Asten and Deonice Hughes single- 
woman christened 1 December. 

IJBl Willra E'len and Elizabeth Asten widow married 14 January 

1512 Rycharde Awsten a child buried 5 January [1562/3]. 
13fi4 Walter son of Thomas Austen christened 10 September. 
1515 Henry son of .Tames Austen christened 12 August. 
1565 Myghell Draner and Agnes Austin widow of the parish of Louse 

[Looze] married 25 November. 
1565 Margery Asten "a yong mayden " buried 13 .January [1565/6]. 
156R .lames Austen an householder buried 29 January [1566/7]. 
1J70 Walter son of Thomas Austen buried 30 August. 
1572 Persyvall Austyn and Bennytt Selyo " yong folke " married 8 .Tune. 
1372 Mary daughter of Percyvall Astcn christened 22 February [1572/3]. 
1572 ra.ary daughter of Persyvall Astcn buried 4 March [1572/3]. 
IJ73 clsebcth daughter of Persyrall Austin* christened 20 December. 
1574 .James son of Persyvall Austen christened 4 September. 
1577 Margery daughter of George Auston christened 1 September. 
1577 Margaret daughter of Thomas Austen christened 15 September. 

1579 TIenry Harris and .Johan Austin " yonge ffolke " married 25 October. 

1580 Thomas son of Thomas Austin christened 17 April. 
I3ft2 Thomas son of Thomas Austen " the yonger " buried 7 .July. 
1582 Judith daughter of Thomas Austin the younger christened 25 De- 

•TTie orieinal old-paper rci^istcr (tivcs this snrtmme rs Gnrbjtt, but the sumarne 
Antin is foiinii in a parchment copy of the original register. 

lG-4 Genealof/ical liesearch in Enyland [April 

1584 Joau daughter of George Auaien cLristeued 29 March. 

lob-i " (Jctobrib 20 weai- rnuryed Jcruao Aualeu lii Mary Baasocke voug 

158i "William the bou of Thouiaa Auiteu the elder buried '6 February 


1584 Elizabeili the baae-born child of Joue Austeu buried 3 February 


1585 Mary daughter of Jerui-s Austeii chrinteued 20 

1585 liyehard Auateii and Mary llawke.i married 2U December. 
158G Jeames sou of George Auatine chriateued it> May. 

1580 William aoii of Richard Austin chri.'iteued '6 July. 
1580 Elibha sou of Thomas j^uateiu chrioteuetl 25 September. 

1586 Eliaha aou of Thumaa Auateu buried \'6 October. 

1586 iStejiheu bou of Jei'uaa Auateu christened 20 February [1580/7]. 

1587 A womau child of liyehard Auatine buried uuchristened I'J Marck 


1588 Alysauder Snode and Mary Awatyu " youge folkes " nuirrieu 10 


1589 Cateryu daugiiter of Jervys Awateu chriateued G April. 
1589 Cateryu daughter of Jervyii Awsteii bui-ied 9 April. 
1589 Olde Thomaa Awateu houaeholder buried 12 April. 
1589 Marye daughter of liyehard Awateu chrLateued 27 April. 

1589 Joue wife of George Awsteu buried 22 March [1589/90]. 

1590 Marye daughter of Jervys Awaten ehriateued 5 April. 

1590 Benett wife of Thom;ui Awsteu of Leedea buried 2 January 


1591 George ye sou of an harlot and ye motiier aaith yo son of Jervy* 

Aweteu ehriateued 28 Uctober. 

1591 Thomas son of liichard Awaten ciirialeUed 31 October. 

1591 Maz"ye wife of liyehard Awsteu buried 27 Jauuary [1591/2]. 

1591 Tearaye and Deuys daughters of Jervys Awateu ehriateued 13 Feb- 
ruary [1591/2]. 

1591 Tearaye daughter of Jervis Awsteu burieil IG Februaiy [1591/2]. 

1592 Joue Awatcn au ancient widow buried 10 May. 

1593 Thonnia sou of liyehard Awaten bui'yed 19 .September. 
1593 Isl>ell daughter of Jer\ys Awstiu eliriaicued 17 November. 
1590 John son of Jurvia Auatyue ehriateued 15 August. 

1598 " Jonaa the aouue of GervLs Auateu " ehriaieued 3 December. 

1599 Susanna daughter of James Austiu chrL-.teued 23 .March [1599 /loOuj 
lOUU iJuried a aliii-born child of Jarvis Auatin 21 March [lOOO/l]. 
10t)2 Jonne daughter of Jamea Auatine christened 9 Jau'-UU'v [1602/3]. 
1005 Sews.iu daughter of Jervia Auatiu ehriateued 4 July. 
1007 Mildred daughter of Jervia Austin ehriateued 2 August. 
1010 -Marie wife of Jarvis Auatine buried 12 May. 
1010 Jarvis Austine buried 5 .June. 

1025 Gillea Cocket and I'aiience AiLiiin wiilow married 15 July. 
1020 Samuel sou of G'--orgc Austine ehriateued 2 November. 
lOi'G liichard Austine and widow ^Viherat married 28 November. 
1027 Saumel son of George Austine buried 10 December. 
1027 Stephen Austine houackceper buried 14 January [1027/8]. 

[On the foregoing will and entries and on the records of Taunton, Mas*, 
the following Austen pedigree is based: 


1913] Genialogical lia^cnrch {n Evnlnnd 165 


1. STrriiF.y Aitstes', or Astkn, of Stuplehurst, co. Kent, laborer, 
bom prolinlilv alvitit l')20, \vx<\ bnricfl at St.'ipIo]nirst 17 Nov. 1-5;j7. He 
ro-irrird first, IS Nov. lu'll. IVfARPAnKT Witrf;r,F,v. tlio t^\-o beinjj described 
in ill'" pnrisli ro^istrr ns "ynni,' tolkr?!." S}if n-,as l)uri(;(l ;it S:,ip]ohurst 
5f .Af.'iy l.').")0, and lie married secondly, IH Nov. l'».'(I. Klizahf-TH Bassock, 
who married seeoii<l]y, at Sta])l<-lmrst, 14 .'an. l')(!l/2. William Eden, by 
wliom she Iiad one eliild, ]\Iary. h:ip)i7.e(l th(>re 28 Dec. loGi. 
Fd'-n wMs liiiried at St.ipli-bnrst 1 Apr. l.")r>t, bciii^j dosiTibffl as " a poore- 
hoo'fliol'liT." No will or ailn)inist,ration \i:vi been iound purtiiiiiinir to i\m 
Mlntcs of St(-]>Iifn Anstcn, William P3dcn, or IClizabeth Kdi-n. Altboii^b 
more than one Immlrcd Atisfen wills and administrations Iiave been 
^Tamiiieil. the surname I)eii);; one of the most common in Kent, the 
[■.nri'nfni^e of Stephen AnstcMi lias not been discovered, nor has a .simple 
will Iw.-irini,' on this particular Austen family been found. Stephen ^ras 
prottnhly nearly related to .lames, William, and Thomas Austen of Staplc- 

Children by first wifo. baptized at Staplehiirst : 

i. Wir,r,iA>f, bapt. 19 Nov. ir>44; bur at Staplehurst I Jan. 15+4/5. 

il. Kathkimnk. bapt. If! May \:>\C,. 

iii. HiCHAUi), bapt. 2S Fcl,. ir.47/S. 

Iv. Edward, bapt. 21 Feb. 1510/^0; bur. at Staplehurst 4 Aug. l.'JoO. 

Children by socoml wifo, baptized at Stnpleluirst: 

V. Joank, liapt. 1 .Tan. ir)r.2/.'5; probably m. at Staplehurst 23 Oct. 1579 
Hknuy HAititis, by wlioin she liad several children ; bur. at Staple- 
hurst 28 Oct. l.'iKC as "a pore woman the wyf of Henry Harris." 

2. vl. .Takvis, bapt. IG .Tiily \'>'A. 
vii. Makc.kuy, bapt. 2G Mar. 15.57; bur. at Staplehurst l.T .Tan. 15G5/G. 

2. Jarvis ArSTEK of Stiijilehurst, baptized there IG .July 1.554, was 
buried there ') .Tune IGIO. He married at Staplehurst, 26 Oct. 
ir)84, Mary liASSOCK. daujlitcr of William and Agnes (Abarow), 
who was probablv liLs cousin. She w.t-s Ijuried at Staplehurst 12 
IMay K.IO. 

Children, baptized at .Staplehurst: 

I. Mauv. bapt. 29 .Anir. 15S'i; probably d. vounjj. 

II. Srr.iTfF.N-, bapt. 2fi Feb. l.^MG/7. 

ill. C.vTin-i!iNi'„ bnpt. r, .Apr. ir),SO ; bur. at Staplehurst 9 .Apr. l.'>89. 

iv. Maiiy, bapt. .") .Apr. \T>W. 

v. Tr.AitsYK (twin danijiiLer), bapt. 1.1 Feb. l."9I/2; bur. at Staplehurst 

ifi Feb. ir,;)l/2. 
vl. r)F,XYS (twin dnu^hter), Mpt. 1.'3 Feb. l.">9]/2. 
vli. IsAnKT,, bnpt. 17 Nov. I.")9:}. 
viii. John, bapt. 15 Aws. 159'). 

3. Ix. Jo.NA.s, Impt. .! Dec. 139,<l. 
X. A cnii.n, still-born, bur. 21 Mar. IGOO/1. 
\\. SrsAN, bapt. 4 .Inly in05. 
xil. Mii.DitKD, bapt. 2 .An?. 1G07. 

GKoitoi; (illesitimatc), bapt. 28 Oct. 1501. 

3. .Jonas Acstkn* of Staplehurst, eo. Kent, and of Cambridge, ITin<, 
and T.aunton. Mass., w.a.s baptized at Staplehurst .3 Dec. 1508, and 
dicil at Taunton, jATass.. .'>0 .Inly 108.'!. He married first, at Ten- 
tcnlen, 22 .Ian. 1 '>20/7, Constance Roiunson, widow of William, 
tlie ti'stntor of 1025. She wa.s probably Robinson's second wife, 
and mother onlv of Lvdia amonsr the Robinson children. She died 

•Called Jon.ili /V^lcii (alias A«tin) Senior in the rccorrla of T.aiinfon, >ra<».s. 

166 Genealogical Reaearch in EiKjlaiid [April J 

at Tauntou 22 'Apr. 1G67. He married secondly, 14 Dec. 1667, j 

FuANCEa IIiLL of "onckitc." Jonas uud ConBlanco Aubten witli 3 

their children sailed for New England in the IltrcuUt iu Mar. ! 

Children by lirst wife, baptized at Tentcrden : ; 

i. Mahy, bapt. 24 AutJ. ltiL'8; bur. at Teuterdeu 18 Dec. 1G29. 

ii. Jonas,* bapt. 28 Feb. lG2'J/30; came to New Kn^land with hid 
parents; d. at Tauutoii, Ma.->b., 10 May 107U. Cliiidreu, born ftt 
Taunton, Ma.->s.: 1. ExUitr, b. 3 Jan. IfiU:;. 2. Manj, b. 12 May 
1GG3. 3. Surah, b. 4 Nov. 16C5. 4. Jonuli, b. 17 Au;;. iCCT. 5. 
John, b. 1 July 1G71. 

111. Maiiy, bapt. Aujj. 1U32 ; came to New England with her parents. 

— E. F.] 


The Will of WiLLiA.M Bassocke Senior of Staplehurst in the County { 

of Kent, yeoman, 22 October lo'Jii. To the parish church of ijtaplchurst 
Ss. 4d. To my wife Mary all such moveable goods and household gooda ', 

as were hers before we were married, £1U to be paid iu two years, and 15d. '; 

a year to be paid for said two years, she entering into a bond of £'60 not 
to make any claim on my lands for dowry. To my daughter Isabell 3s. 
4d. To my daughter Mary cis. -id. and certain household goods. To my 
daughter Anne iii) at her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage. 
To my daughter Dorothy £'J at her age of twenty years or day of mar- 
riage. If either die before said time, they are to have power to leave it 
to such brothers and sisters as they think tit. To my daughter Mary an 
annuity of 2Us., to be paid by my three suns, .John, William, and Robert 
Bassoeke, each paying tW. 8d. If my said daugliter Mary or her husband j 

Jarvis Austeu sell the annuity or make any claim on any of my lands, the ,' 

annuity is to cease. To my sou John Baasocke and his heirs £13. 6s. 8d. ( 

To my sons John, William, and liobert Bassoeke all my lands In Staplo j 

hurst iu fee simple. I forgive to Jarvis Austen and Mary his wife all such j 

debts as they owe me and from me unjustly detain, on condition that they i 
keep themselves quiet and live peaceably with mine executors and the rest f 
of my children. And if they be contentious, then I give all such sums as 
they owe me to my executors. All the residue of my goods, moveables, and 
chattels to my sons AV'illiam Bassoeke and liobert Bassoeke, whom I maka ! 
my executors. Oversec-rs : John Buekhurst and Thomas Symons of Staplo- l 
hurst. [Signed] William Bassoeke senior siguu'. Witnesses: James I 
Bixer, Not. Pub:, Kobert Marraut, John Mount, the marke of William ^ 
Bassoeke, the marke of Edwaiil Basoocke. Broved 31 .January 1596/7 | 
by the executors mimed in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, voL ' 
51, fo. 76.) I 

Bassock Entries in tuk PAitisn llEGidTtua and TRANaCBipra 
OF Stai'lehuust, CO. Kent, 153b-1630t 

1542 Ryeh;u-d Andrew ami Jone bassokke married 8 October. 

1543 thomas son of Rati Bassoeke buried 17 November. 

1545 Ralle Bassoeke howseholder buried 20 May. 

1546 Robert Shed water from Salcisc [Salehurst, co. Sussex] and Joliaa 

Bassoeke widow of lialTe bassoeke married 8 November. 

* Called Jouali Astcn the second (ali<u Juuior) in the records of Tauuton, Mam. 
tFruiu rej^isUirs to L&%; I'rom trautcripls to 163U. 


* 1913] Geneilogical liesearvh in England 167 

\ 1546 John son of Annes Bassbcko single woman christened 19 January 
f [1546/7]. 

I 1549 Elisabeth tlie second child of Agnes Bassok single woman christened 
? 16 March [If) 4^/50]. 

I 1551 "was marie<l William l)a.s30ck sjnglema' unto Agnes aharow srngle- 
woman " 1ft October. 
1551 " Was Jlariofl Stevyn Asten Widoer unto Elsabctht bassockc sjngle- 

woma' " 16 Nnvemlvr. 
1555 Ranlf son of William Hassnnke christened 8 April. 

1555 Wyllyam Bassokes wife churched 12 May. 

1556 Joanna daughter of William Bassocke chn.-tpned 11 Febniary 
[1556/7] ; godfather Andrew Hurnden, go«]mother Editha Bas- 
socke and Dorothey Nul)ery. 

1558 Joanna Bassock widow buried 11 January [1558/9]. 

1561 Robert son of William Bassocke christened 6 .July. 

1561 Robert son of William Bassockc burid 2^ July. 
i 1562 Edward Bossake and Myldrcd Graylyng "yongfolke" married 11 
» October. 

I 1562 " ther was baptysed marye ye daughter of willyam bassoke " 8 No- 
i vember. 

I 1563 William son of Edward Basoke christened 29 August. 
. 1563 Elscbeth daughter of Agnes liassoke buried 17 IMarch [1563/41. 
J 1564 John son of Edward Bassake chrLstened by the midwife at home 
buried 5 October. 

1565 James son of Wyllm Bassoke christened 10 June. 

1565 Wyllm the sonne of Willyam Basoke an infant buried 14 December. 

1565 Thomas son of Edward Bassoke christened 10 February [1565/6]. 

1556 Agnes wife of Wyllm Btssoke buried 12 April. 

1567 Wyllyam Bassoke and Dorethie Graylyng married 13 July. 

1567 Elyzabeth daughter of Edwarde Bassoke christened 14 December. 

1568 Isbell daughter of Willyam [Bassjoke christened IG May. 
1568 John Pyckenden (the base son of Agnes Basoke) and Elsebeth 

Kytchynam "yongfolke" married G Decern l>er. 

1568 Elsebeth daughter of Edward Bassoke infant buried 20 January 

1569 Miry daughter of Edward Bassoke christened 15 .January [1569/70]. 

1570 Thomas son of .John Pyckenden alies Hxssoke christened 23 April. 
1570 John son of Willm Ba.s*ioke christene<l 29 Octol)er. 

I 1572 Robert son of Edward Ba.ssoke christr-nefl 16 Novemlwr. 

i 1575 Willyam son of Willyam Bassoke cliristened 10 April. 

! 1576 Creture daughter of Edward Bassocke Imricd 22 January [1576/7]. 

11577 Anne daughter of Willyam Bassoke christened 24 April. 

1579 Dorothe daughter of Edward Bassoke christened 9 August. 

1581 "w" Bassocke beinge very syck is lycenccd this tymc of lent by the 
I space of xiiij days to eate flesh for the restorynge of his health " 

I 3 March [1.381/2]. 

I 1583 Dorothy daughter of Wlllia' B.assockc cbristcnod 1 April. 

1583 Dorothy wife of Willia' Bassock buryed 16 September. 

1584 Ralf Bassocke and .Jane Pearson "yong folkc " married 19 .July. 
1584 " Octobris 26 wear marved .Jeruas Austen & Mary Bassocke yont^ 

' folke." 

1584 a young the wife of Half Bassock buryed 21 January [1534/5]. 

1589 Sara daughter of Wyllyiira basocke christened 21 December. 

1G8 Genealoyical Research in Encjland [April 

1590 Wyllyum Basooke aud Muryc Baker widow inuiiiiMl IG October. 

1591 Thomas Syuiou aud Elyzabcatlic Baasock married 3 ^lay. 

1592 Edward mm of Wyllyam Basockc the youiigt.-r elirioteiied 21 Janu- 

ary [lo'J-.'/.-J]. 

1594 Joue daui^htcr ol' Johu BasOcke hoiweliolder [?J ehribteued 19 Jan- 

uary [1594/5]. 

1595 Joaue daughter of 'Wax Baasocke tlie elder buried 21 July. 

1595 Agues daughter of Uoltte Bassuelce eliristeuud <J1 August. 
159G Auu wife 01 Bahsoke [aic] buried i) May. 
159G AVilliaui son of \Vilhaui B;u->.-ioke tlie youiiirer christcued 19 August. 

1596 Anues daughter of Robert Ba.iooke buryed 6 October. 

1597 William sou of AVUliaui B;iasoeke the elder a child buried 24 July. 
1597 Walter sou of Williaui Ikussucke Juu. chrLsieued 11 March [1597/8]. 
ICUO Elizabeth daugliter of AVillia' Bassock the younger chri:iteued H 

January [lGUU/1]. 
ICOl Deuis wife of \Villiam Bassock the elder buried 10 July. 
ICOl Thomas bou of William Bassock the elder buried 16 July. 
1 GOl William Bassock the elder and Joaue Edwardes married 9 Xovember. 
1602 Susau daughter of Johu lJ;issock ciiristened 5 September. 

1602 Isabel! daughter of William Basbocke the vouager christened 13 

March [1602/3]. 

1603 William son of William B;issock the elder christened 15 January 


1C04 Margot daughter of Johu Bassacke (tliristeiied 9 September. 

1607 John son of John Biusack christeued 13 December. i 

1607 Elizabeth daughter of ^Villiam Bassock the youuger buried 31 Jan- 
uary [l6077fi]. 

1007 Mich:iell daugliter of William Bassock the youuger buried 25 Feb- 
ruary [1607/«]. 

1607 Thomas son of William Baooock the elder christened 18 March 

1613 Riciiard Baoaock and Elizabeth Smith married 21 June. 

1613 William son of Wiliiaui Bassock Juu. christened 22 January 


1614 Thomas son of William Bassock buried '2ti ^lay. 

1615 Johu son of William Bassock .Sen. [christened?] 5 December. 
1626 A still-born child of William Bassock buried 22 April. 

1626 William Bassocke buried 21 November. 

1627 John Bassocke buried 7 December. 
1630 John Shanklield aud SewsiUiua Bassock married 22 June. 

[From the foregoing will and entries the foUowiug Bassock pedigree 
has been compiled : 

1. Eakf or U.vLKf. Bassock of .Staplehurst, co. Keut, l)oru probably 
about 1500, buried at Stapiehurst 20 Alay 1545. lie married Joiiax, 
who survived him and married secoudly, at Staplehurst, 8 Nov. 1546, 
Robert Shedwater of Salehurst, co. Sussex. ILilfe Bassock was probably 
the father of the foliowiu;; children : 

i. Thomas, bur. at Stu{>leliurst 17 Nov. 1543. 
2. li. William. 

ill. Elizaultii, m. at Staplehurst IC Nov. 1551 Stevkn AsTtN. {Vidt 

Hupra, p. Iu5.) 
iv. EuwAitu, m. at Staplehurst 11 Oct. 15G2 Muaiiuo) Guayumj, eoul 
hud issue. 


1913] Genealogical Research in England 169 

2. William Bassock of ^Staplehurst, yeoman, the testator of 1595, 
born probably about 1525, died, probably at Staplehurst, between 
22 Oct. 1595 and 31 Jan. 1596/7. He married first, at Staplehurst, 
18 Oct. 1551, Agnes Abarow, who was buried at Staplehurst 12 
April 1566; secondly, at Staplehurst, 13 July 1567, Dorotht 
Grayling, who was buried at Staplehurst 16 Sept. 1583; and 
thirdly, at Staplehurst, 16 Oct. 1590, widow Mart Bakek. 
Children by first wife, baptized at Staplehurst : 

i. Kalf, bapt. 8 Apr. 1555 ; m. at Staplehurst 10 July 1584 Jane Peae- 

SON, bur. there 21 Jan. 1584/5- 
ii. Jo.^nna, bapt. 1 1 Feb. 1556/7 ; bur. at Staplehurst 21 July 1595. 
iii. Robert, bapt. 6 July 1561; bur. at Staplehurst 28 July 1561. 
iv. Mary, bapt. 3 Nov. 1562 ; m. at Staplehurst 26 Oct. 1584 Jabvis 

Austen; bur. there 12 May 1610. ( Vide supra, p. 165.) 
V. James, bapt. 10 June 1565. 
vi. William, " infant," bur. 14 Dec. 1565. [Is this the vicar's error for 


Children by second wife, baptized at Staplehurst : 

vii. Isabel, bapt. 16 May 1568. 

viii. John, bapt. 29 Oct. 1570; m. and had issue. 

ix. William, bapt. 10 .\pril 1575 ; m. and had issue. 

X. EoBEUT, date of birth unknown; mentioned in 1595 in his father's 

will, of which he was one of the executors, and therefore then of 

age ; m. and had children as early as 1595. 
xi. Annk, bapt. 24 Apr. 1577. 
xii. Dorothy, bapt. 1 Apr. 1583. 

— E. F.] 


The "Will of Garard Johnson of the parish of our lady of Bredman of 
the City of Canterbury, " Byerbruar," 16 August 1506. To be buried 
in the churchyard of Holy cross next to my children. To the high altar 
of the said church of Bredman 6s. 8d. To the making of a new cross of 
silver in the church of Bredman 40d. To the friars observants in Canter- 
bury three barrels of double beer and three barrels of single beer. To 
the reparation of the body of the church of Holy Cross 10s. For masses 
and dirges at the two churches 40s. and 7 marks. To wife Wylmyn £20. 
To every of my sons, namely, Richard, William, and Robert, 10 marks 
each at twenty-one years. To the lord of St. Kat'yn in Coleyn 5 marks 
I owe him. To mv daughter Johan 23s. 4d. The residue of mv goods 
to wife Wylmyn, whom with John Man I make executors, and to the lat- 
ter 20s. Overseer: William Megge, and to him 1 Os. Witnesses: Alexan- 
der Eliott, parish priest of Bredman, Richard Pekerell, John Smyth, 
hakeneman, William Maye, Richard Waren, and Robert Downe. Proved 
28 October 1506 by the executors. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 
10, fo. 4.) 

Administration on the goods of John Johnson of the City of Canterbury 
was granted 7 June 1598 to Dorothy Johnson, widow and relict. Bonds- 
men : Nicholas Champlyn of Canterbury and Nicholas Coles of Tenham 
in £40. [On the margin] Vacated because the deceased in his lifetime 
had no goods. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 28, fo. 79.) 

The nuncupative Will of Catherine Johnson, virgin, daughter of Wil- 
liam Johnson of the parish of St. George in the City of Canterbury, 27 
October 1610. Being asked by her uncle Edward Pordage to whom she 


170 Genealogical Itesearch in England [April 

would give that legacy due her by her nncle Henry Pordage's will, she said 
that she gave it to her father toward the charges he bid been put to. 
Witnesses: Edward Pordage and Margaret Henman, widow. Adminio- 
tration granted 19 December 1610 to William Johnson, principal legatee. 
Inventor}', exhibited 25 March 1613, £23. (Archdeaconry of Canterburv, 
Tol. 56, to. 400.) 

Administration on the goods of William Johnsox late of St. George's, 
Canterbury, was granted 13 April 1640 to John Buck, principal creditor. 
Bondsmen : James Cobb of St. Paul's ami John Berry of St. Marg:iret'», 
husbandman, in £18. [On the margin} " Vacat," (Archdeaconry of 
Canterbury, Act Book 33, fo. 257.) 

Canterbury Makriage Licence 
William Johnson of St. George's, Canterbury, joiner, and Ann Coljb of 
the same parish, widow, to be married at St. George's. Sampson Ken- 
nard of St. Paul's, Canterbury, joiner, bondsman. 25 August 1617. 
(See Cowper, Canterbtuy Marriage Licences, series 1, column 239.) 

Feom the Re6istkrs of St. George^s Parish, Canterbury* 

1617 William Johnson and Ann Cobb 24 [siV] Aagtist. 

Freemen of Canterbury 

1528 AVilliam Johnson, painter, freeman by marriage with Alice, daagh- 

ter of John Foreflode, hatter, freeman. [The admission of the 

latter as freeman does not appear.] 
1552 John Johnson, painter, son of William Johnson, freeman by birth. 
1583 William Johnson, sod of J<An Johnson, ptunter, freeman by birth. 
1583 John Johnson, son of John Johnson, painter, freeman by tarth. 
1623 Edward Johnson, joiner, son of William Johnson, joiner, freeman 

by birth. 
1655 George Johnsco, merchant, sen of Edward Johnson, joiner, freeman 

by birth. 

(See Cowper, Freemen of Canterbury, cdamns 131, 49.) 

[From the foregoing and other records> especially from numerous en- 
tries in the registers of the parish of St. George, Canterbury, the follow- 
ing pedigree has been prepared, extending and correcting in some details 
what has hitherto been published about the paternal ancestry of Capt. 
Edward Johnson of Woburn, Mass. For the maternal ancestry of Capt. 
Edward Johnson see the Pojredge records given below, pp. 173 et seq. 

1. William Johnson of Canterbory, painter, possibly identical with 
William, son of Garard Johnson, the testator of 1506, was born probably 
about 1500, and was buried at St. George's, Canterbury, 9 Jtine 1576. 
He married first, about 1523, Alice Foreflode, daughter of John, a 
hatter, and a freeman of Canterbury, and by this marriage William 
Johnson became a freeman. He married secondly Elizabeth, who was 
buried at St. George's 17 May 1575. Her burial is recorded twice : in 

• Many Johnson entries in the registers of St. George's, Canterbury, are giTen in 
Captain Edward Johnson . . . and Some of his Descendants, pp. 3, 4, foot-note, a rB- 
print (with important additions) of an article by Hoa. Edward Francis Jolmsoii ia 
KcaiSTSii, vol. 53, pp. 79 «t seq. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 171 

one entry the record reads, " Elizabeth wife of William Johnson," but in 
the second entry the words " Grandfather to William Johnson parrish 
clarke " have been added. Either William Johnson added these words 
during his term of office as parish clerk (he was probably too young to 
have held so responsible position in 1575), or else when the I'egister was 
copied, probably about 1598, he had the words added. 
Children by first wife : 

2. i. JotTN, b. abt. 1531. 

ii. A DAUGHTER, m. abt. 1362 Cctthbekt Wr-vt, painter, who became 
freeman by marriage. 

2. JoHX Johnson {William) of Canterbury, painter, born about 1531, 

was probably buried at St. George's, Canterbury, 10 May 1598. 
He became a freeman by birth in 1552. He was churchwarden of 
St. George's in 1582 and 1583. He married first, at St. George's, 
23 May 1551, Joane Hcjifrey, who was buried there 15 Slay 
1584. The further history of this man is uncertain. Alice, wife 
of John Johnson, who was buried at St. George's 12 Dec. 1592, 
may have been his second wife or the wife of his son. The 
marriage of John Johnson, painter, and Dorothy Terry, virgin, for 
which a licence was issued 21 Oct. 1594, may be that of either of 
the Johns, if the younger man was also a painter. Of this marriage 
a son John was born, who was baptized at St. George's 1-i Dec. 
1595 and was buried there 20 Feb. 1596/7. Administration on 
the goods of John Johnson was granted 7 June 1598 to his mdow 

Children by first wife, baptized at St. George's, Canterbury : 

i. JOAKE, bapt. 11 Apr. 1552 ; m. at St. George's 1 May 1578 Thomas 

ii. John, bapt. 25 May 1556, Thomas Bull and John Miller being god- 
fathers and Mistress Rand godmother; freeman by birth in 1583; 
further history uncertain. (See record of his father.) 

iii. Bartholomew, bapt. -t Dec. 1558. 

3. iv. William, bapt. 1559 [month and day not given]. 
V. Alice, bapt. 2 Apr. 1562. 

vi. Agnes, bapt. 25 May 1564. 

vii. Mary (twin), bapt. 13 May 1565. 

viii. Thomazine (twin), bapt. 13 May 1563; bur. at St. George's 16 June 

Lx. Daniel, bur. at St. George's 4 Oct. 1574. 
X. SisLE, bapt. 12 Sept. 1570; m. at St. George's 12 Apr. 1591 R.\lfe 

xi. Joyce (son), bapt. 8 Oct. 1574. 

3. William Johnson {John, William) of Canterbury, joiner, baptized 

at St. George's Church in 1559, was freeman by birth in 1583, and 
was at one time parish clerk of St. George's, where he was buried 
27 Dec. 1637, administration on his goods being granted 13 Apr. 
] 640 to .John Buck, his principal creditor. It is probable that his 
son Edward conveyed to him for life the house in the parish of St. 
Alphege, " over against the Bishop's Palace," which, as George 
Johnson, son of Edward, states, " was left me by my father, Edward 
Johnson, after the decease of my grandfather. William .Jolinson." 
He married first, probably about 1587, Susan Porredge, daughter 
of John of Westgate Court, Canterbury. She was baptized at St. 
Dunstan's, Canterbury, 20 Jan. 1565/6, and was buried there 10 

172 Genealogical Research in England [April 

Apr. 1604. He married secondly, 24 [«c] Aug. 1617, by licence 
dated 25 Aug. 161.7, Ann Cobb, widow, who was bimed at St. 
George's 27 Sept. 1637. 

Children by tirst wife, all except the first three baptized at St. 
George's : 

i. CATHEniNB, b. abt. 1588 ; bur. at St. George's 6 Nov. 1610 ; the testa- 
trix of 1610. 

ii. John, b. abt. 1590; meutioned in the will of his uncle Henry Por- 
dage ; d. betw. 1593 and 1616, as he is not mentioned in the will 
of Edward Pordage. 

iii. WiLLiAji, b. abt. 1592: d. after 1616, without issue, as property to 
which his brother Edward had a reversionary right, failing issue 
of WOliam, came to Edward. 

iv. Mathew, bapt. 17 Feb. 1593/4; d. young; not mentioned in his 
uncle Edward's will. 

V. George, bapt. 2 [month missing, probably .January] 1594 ; d. young. 

vi. George, bapt. 18 Jan. 1595/6 ; mentioned in the wills of his uncles 
Henry and Edward Pordage; d. after 1616, without issue, as 
property in which his brother Edward had a reversionary interest 
failing issue of George, came to Edward. 
4. vii. Edward, bapt. 16 [17 in transcript] Sept. 1598. 

viii. Elizabeth, bapt. 6 Sept. 1601 ; bur. at St. George's 14 Sept. 1601. 

ix. Thomas, bapt. 8 Aug. 1602 ; d. young. 

X. Daniel (twin), bapt. 18 Mar. 1603/4; d. young. 

xi. Baktholomew (twin), bapt. 18 Mar. 1603/4; d. yonng. 

4. Capt. Edward Johnson ( William, John, William), joiner, of Can- 
terbury, England, and Wobum, Mass., was baptized at St. George's 
Church, Canterbury, 16 Sept. 1598, was admitted freeman by birth 
in 1623, emigrated to New England with his wife and seven chil- 
dren about 1637, and settled at "Wobum, Mass., where he was a 
very prominent citizen, holding many important public offices and 
commanding the local military company. He is famous as the 
author of the " Wonderworking Providence of Sion's Savior in New 
England." He died at Wobum 23 Apr. 1672. 

He married about 1620 Susan Munnter, but the record of the 
marriage has not been found, although the registers of every parish 
in Canterbury have been searched. She was bom about 1598, and 
died at Wobum 7 Mar. 1689/90. 

Children, all except the first two baptized at St. George's : 

i. Edward, bapt. in the parish of St. Mary Magdalene, Canterbury, 
18 Feb. 1620/1; d. at Wobum 15 Sept. 1692; m. at Woburn 10 
Jan. 1649/50 Kathertne Baker, sister of John of Boston, b. abt. 
1625, d. 7 Jan. 1700/1. Four children. 

ii. William, b. probably in 1622 ; bur. in the parish of St. Mary Mag- 
dalene 26 Jan. 1622/3. 

ill. George, bapt. 3 Apr. 1625 ; came to New England with his parents 
in 1637, but returned to England, where he was a merchant, and 
was admitted a freeman of Canterbury by birth in 1655 ; later he 
removed to Somerset Co., Md., where he d. in 1681, leaving issue ; 
m. Katherine . 

iv. Susan, bapt. 1 Apr. 1627 ; m. James Prentice of Cambridge, Mass., 
and left issue. 

V. Willum, bapt. 22 Mar. 1628/9; d. 22 May 1704; m. 16 May 1655 
Hester Wiswall, dau. of Elder Thomas of Dorchester, d. 27 Dec. 
1707. Nine children. He was a prominent man of Woburn, and 
was major, deputy, and assistant. 

vi. Martha, bapt. 1 May 1631 ; m. 18 Mar. 1649/50 John Amee of Bos- 
ton, and had issue. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 173 

vii. Matthew, bapt. 30 Mar. 1633; d. at Woburn 19 July 1696; m. (1) 
12 Nov. 1656 Hannah Palfrey, dau. of Peter, d. s. p. 1 Aug. 
1662 ; m. (2) 23 Oct. 1662 Rebecca Wiswall, dau. of Elder JoM 
of Boston, d. 25 Dec. 1709, having had eight children. 

viii. John, bapt. 10 May 1635 ; d. at Canterbury, Conn., after 1712 ; m. 26 
Apr. 1657 Bethia Reed, dau. of William and Mabel of "Wobum, 
d. at Canterbury, Conn., abt. 1718. Seven children. He lived at 
Woburn, Mass., and later at Canterbury, Conn. 

An Esdras Johnson of Westgate Parish, Canterbury, had children: 
Thomas, Margaret, Esdras, William, Edward, Bartholomew, John, Nicholas, 
Frances, and Mary. His son Edward, baptized in 1585, married in 1612 
Mary Silke, widow. He was a husbandman, and lived in Dover Lane, St. 
George's Parish. The registers of St. George's give the baptisms of the 
children of " Edward Johnson husbandman " as follows : Thomas, 20 June 
1613; Mary, 7 Apr. 1616; Elizabeth, 29 Mar. 1618; Edward, 7 Nov. 
1619. A child William, buried 23 May 1625, was .probably also his child. 
Another Edward Johnson, of St. Martin's Parish, had John, baptized 25 
Feb. 1616/17, and Edward, baptized 31 Oct. 162-i. 

— E. F.] 


The Will of Thomas Porrage of Brendley in the parish of Boughton 
under Bleane, in the County of Kent, yeoman, 2 January 1548/9. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Boughton under Blean. Whereas my 
cousin John Porrage of Rodmersham has £60 due me at a certain time 
or else I and my heirs are to have forever an annuity of £4, I give the 
said £60 to be equally divided among three of my sons, Richard Porrage, 
WUliam Porrage, and Stephen Porrage, to Richard as soon as it be paid 
and to William and Stephen at twenty years ; in the meantime said sum 
to remain in my wife's hands. If either of said sons die before said age, hia 
portion to Robart Porrage, Richard Porrage, John Porrage, and to the 
survivor of the said William or Stephen, equally divided. Whereas I have 
an annuity out of Robert Maxsted's lands for [a loan of] £32, T will the 
said sum and the annuity until it be paid to son John, and I give him a 
bed furnished. Whereas I have an annuity out of John Helers lands of 
Hamehyll [Heme Hill] for [a loan of] £10, I will said sum and the an- 
nuity until it be paid to son Robert. To my daughter Alice Potter 40s. 
To Thomas Rayne of Leneham 40s. which he borrowed of me. To wife 
Johan all the rest of my goods in my house. Tlie residue of my goods of 
all kinds unbequeathed to wife Johan and son John, equally divided, and 
I make them my executors, and I desire her to be a good mother to him. 

With regard to my lands, tenements, and hereditaments in the parishes 
of Boughton under Bleane, Faversham, and Heme HUl, I give to my son 
Robert my messuage and dwelling house with lands at Fayrbroke, where- 
in he now dwells, and three acres of meadow at Fourdsborne in mine own 
occupation, he paying to my wife 13s. 4d. a year. To my son Richard 
Porrage my messuage and lands bought of John Cosyn, also in the occupa- 
tion of his brother Robert, except one bush garden called Som'leese, which 
I give to the said Robert. To the said Richard two and a half acres 
bought of John Colwell and James Unekar, lying together in Chestofeld. 
To my son John Porrage my messuage and lands in Harnhyll which Sam 
Boviar now occupieth, he paying to my wife Johan 6s. 8d. yearly, and 
also two acres of meadow lying at the north side of the land at Fourdys- 
born now in his brother Robert's occupation. To my son William Por- 

174 Genealogical Research in England [April 

rage at the age of twenty years a messuage and lands at Hamhill at broke 
strete, now in the occuparion of Stephen Parkar, my wife Johan to lease 
it and take the profits until William come to said age " to fvnde hvm tow- 
ard hys lernynge." To wife Johan for life my two messuajres lyinar at 
Southstreet in Boughton aforesaid and Faversham, with reversion at her 
death to son Stephen Porrage and his heirs. Wiereas I liave of late 
bought certain meadows lying in Graveney, Harnhyll, and Boucrhton of 
Mr. Stephen Ellys, I Give two meadows thereof called latton gate meeds 
to son Robert Porrage. Witnesses: Cyryacke Petty tt and .Jhon Tene- 
acre. Proved 2 March 3 Edward VI [1548/9] by the executors. (Con- 
sistory of Canterbury, vol. 22, fo. 3.) 

The Will of Robert Porredge of Boughton under Bleane, 6 March 
1556/7. To be buried in the churchyard of Boughton Under Bleane. 
To my daughters Alice and Margaret at marriage £6. 13s. 4d. each. To 
wife Rose all my houses, lands, and moveable goods until my son Thomas 
be twenty-one, she bringing up my children until that time. If she die or 
marry, my brother Thomas Potter to have my lands and tenements until 
son Thomas be twenty-one and to bring up my children. Executrix: 
wife Rose. Witnesses : John Austen, Ralphe Barkar, and Thomas 

My will regarding my lands. My son Thomas at twenty-one years to 
have my lands and tenements at Farebroke in Boughton under Bleane as 
I occupy them, he paying to my mother Joane Porege 26s. 8d. a year for 
life and to my son Richard two kine and 26s. 8d. a year for life. To my 
son Sampson at twenty years a bed furnished and my tenement and lands 
in Heme Hill at Waterham and in Cosmus Bleane called den. If son 
Thomas die under age, reversion to son Richard, and if both die, reversion 
to son Sampson at twenty-one. Proved 13 July 1557 by the executrix 
named in the wiU. (Consistory of Canterbury, vol. 26, fo. 159.) 

The Will of Williaji Poredge of Faversham in the County of Kent, 
yeoman, 3 December 1564. My household goods to my wife Barbara, 
and to my son Lawrence at eighteen years. Executrix : wife Barbara. 
Overseers : JMr. Avery Gyles of Davyington and Mr. John Best of Faver- 
sham, and to each 10s. 

My lands in Heme Hill, Boughton under Bleane, and Faversham to 
my son Lawrence at eighteen years ; and if he die before said age, rever- 
sion to my wife, with reversion to her son Anthony Marshall and his issue, 
and for lack of issue to Barbara Best, and for lack of issue to her mother 
Mary Best. [Signed] William Porredge. Witnesses : Bartholomew Amy- 
as and Thomas Cole. Proved 13 April 1569 by the executrix. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 40, fo. 225.) 

The Will of Steven Porredge of Ashe in the County of Kent [No 
date.] To my four sons, Joseph Porredge, Robert Porredge, Richard 
Porredge, and Caleb Porredge at twenty-one years £20. To my daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Margaret at twenty-one or marriage £10 each. My 
wife Elizabeth to be residuary legatee and guardian of my children, and I 
make her executor with my brother Richard Porredge, to whom I give 
£20. Overseer : brother John Porredge. If my wife marry before my 
children be of age, her husband is to give bond for the payment of my 
children's legacies, or else my brother is to take them out of my wife's 
hands. Proved 3 December 1574 by the executors named. Inventory 

• 1913] Genealogical Hesearch in England 175 

£295. 6s. 6d. In 1576 Richard Porredore and .John Porredge srave bonds 
in £200 to pay the legacies of Steven Porredge's children. (Consistory of 
\ Canterbury, vol. 32, to. 95.) 

The Will of Joiix Porredge of Westgate Court in the County of Kent 
near Avithout the walls of the City of Canterbury, 27 July 1582. [The 
entire lirst page of this will is a religious exhortation and confession, con- 
cluding : " I make one faggott and bundall of all my offences present past 
and for to come and geve them to Christ."] To be buried in the church- 
yard of St. Duustans near Canterbury. To wife Margarett £-30, furni- 
ture, brass, and household goods. To daughter Elizabeth £50 in three 
months. To daughter Suzan £50, a caldron wliich I had of Thomas 
Heathe, and a feather bed and bolster, at the age of twenty -one years or 
day of marriage. To son Henry Porredge £20 in one year. All linen 
and linen yarn, except cloth not cut out, to be divided into three parts, one 
part each to wife and son Edward and the third to son Henry and daugh- 
ters Elizabeth, Thomazine, and Susan. All linen and woolen yarn and 
linen and woolen cloth not cut out to wife and son Edward, equally divid- 
ed. To my daughters a dozen of pewter platters, pewter porringers, and 
pewter dishes, and half a dozen pieces of brass. The residue of all my goods 
to my son Edward, whom I make my sole executor. To my son-in-law 
Thomas Ruck one half my lease of lands called Denly in Heme Hill held 
of Mr. Parker. My wife to have one of the new chambers in the tene- 
ment where I now dwell and sufficient meat and drink, fire and washing 
allowed by my son Edward during her widowhood, if my lease continue 
so long. Daughter Elizabeth to be likewise maintained by son Edward 
until she be married, and also daughter Suzan " if she will tarry with him 
so long." To my wife's son Arthur Rucke 40s. at twenty- one years, and 
son Edward to support him until the end of his apprenticeship with Fante 
of Christ Church. To wife's son Richard Ruck £5 in one year. To ser- 
vants William Sharpe, Thomas May, Jane Showell, Mary Lopham, and 
John Drincker 5s. each. To servants Michael Pickle, William Tavlor, 
Ealf Slyter, and Margaret Carter 10s. each. To my boy Richard Tillett 
20s. at twenty years. To my servant Elizabeth Wyck 40s. at twenty years 
or marriage. 5loney to be distributed to each poor household of the parish 
of St. Dunstans. 

My last will concerning all my lands and tenements. To son Edward 
Porredge and his heirs forever my lands and tenements in Heme Hill and 
Boughton under Bleane, in fee simple. JMy wife's son Thomas Ruck to 
occupy for ten years my tenement and lands in Heme Hill and Boughton 
under Bleane which I purchased of one Frognall, paying to my son Ed- 
l ward £10 a year. To wife Margaret an annuity of £8 for life. To son 

\ ,• Henry Porredge and his heirs forever all my lands in Wickhambreux which 

• ( I purchased of Griffith .Jones, now in the occupation of one Ravner of 

; Stodmershe, in fee simple, and half of a tenement and lands in Ashford 

bought of one Morley and Dorothy his wife and in the occupation of Tho- 
mas V'sborne. To wife Margaret for life my tenement and ground in St. 
Dunstans in the occupation of Bartholomes Rowell, w-itli reversion to her 
son Richard Ruck, said tenant to pay but 20s. a year rent. [Signed] John 
Porredge. Witnesses : John Edward, Notarye, Bartliolomew Rowt-ll, and 
Thomas Fawsett. Proved 7 October 1582 by Edward Porredge, executor 
named in the will. Inventory £1100. 32s. 8d. (Archdeaconry of Canter- 
bury, vol. 34, fo. 234.) 

176 Genealogical Research in England [April 

The Will of Margaret Porredge, widow, of the parish of St. Dun- 
stans, 6 May 25 Elizabeth [1583]. To be buried in the church of St. 
Dunstans near my husbancf John Porredge. To son Thomas Rucke £7. 
To son Mathew Kucke £10. To sons Adam Rucke and Syracke Rucke 
£7 each. To sons Richard Rucke and Arthur Rucke £5 each. To each 
son articles of household goods, linen, pewter, and silver. To Elizabeth 
Porredge the drinking cloth I had at the division. To daughter Thomasyn 
Rucke household goods. To Susan Porredge the gold ring on my finger. 
To sister Mary Sankyn, good wife Rowell, and daughter Alice Rucke a 
gown each. To Edward and Daniel, sons of my son Adam Rucke, 10s. 
each. To Thomazine Carter and Joane Carter, daughters of my brother 
George Carter, half a crown each. To George, Anne, and Susan Rucke, 
children of son William Rucke, 5s. each. To son Arthur and to the wives 
of sons William and Adam a gold ring each. Executor: son Thomas 
Rucke. Overseers : brother George Carter and Bartholomew Rowell. 
A house and garden in Westgate Street near Canterbury called the George, 
late purchased of Richard Ryrken, with a garden now in the occupation of 
Nicholas Mentpace, to sons Richard and Arthur Rucke. Proved 12 June 
1583 by the executor. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 45, fo. 56.) 

The Will of Henrt Porredge of Beakesboume in the County of Kent, 
one of the limbs of the town and port of Hastings in the County of Sussex, 
7 November 1593. To Anne Smithe of Northbourne, daughter of Richard 
Smithe and Joane Porredge his wife deceased, £20 at twenty-one years or 
marriage. To Catherin Johnson, daughter of William Johnson in the City 
of Canterbury, joiner, and Susan his wife, £20 at twenty-one years or mar- 
riage. To John Johnson and William Johnson, sons of the said William 
and Susan Johnson, £20 each at twenty-two years or marriage. To my 
uncle Richard Porredge of Sandwich 40s., and to one of his sons, Gabriell 
Porredtje of Rich borough, £10. To Robert Porredsre of Sandwich, one of 
the sons of Stephen Porredge of Ashe deceased, 40s. To my brother-in-law 
Arthur Ruck of Sandwich 20s. To Thomas Wilson, pastor of St. Georges, 
Canterbury, £5. To Bartholomew Rowell of St. Dunstans near Canter- 
bury 20s. All my books to be sold and the money given to the poor. The 
residue of all my goods to my brother Edward Porredge, whom I make 
sole executor. [Here follows a strongly-worded protest against the custom 
of the Church of England regarding burial, the testator lamentinor that 
his body might not be accompanied to the grave by but four or five neigh- 
bors and interred without any prayers '-mumbled over the grave."] If 
permission may be obtained, my body to be buried in Christ Church [the 
Cathedral], Canterbury, and as a sermon is required, the same to be 
preached from the text : " Christ Jesus came in to the worlde to saue sinners 
of wliiche I am the cheife." My executor shall provide two small stones 
to be placed over the grave, and the following verses " of mine owne " to 
be fixed in brass on it : 

Epitaphium Henrie Porredge a se exaratum cum adhac asset in 

Haec ego dum vixi, lectores, carmina panxi, 
Nunc mea defuncti funebria busta coronant 
Si quid in est mendae, ferula perstringite molli 
viuus eram (fateor) rudis incultusq[ue] poeta 
Impleat agrestis mea musa hortatibus aures 
Vestras vt vitam vt finem aeternamq[ue] salutem 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 111 

A€temumq[ue] vale connixe respiciatis 
Vt nunquam e memori decedat pectore Christus. 

Anno incarnationis Christi muodi salvatoris millesimo quingentesimo no- 

My last will concerning all my lands and tenements. To my brother 
Edward Porredge all my lands in the parish of Wickham' [Wickhambreux] 
in the occupation of John Reyner of Stedmershe [Stodmarsh], and if he 
die without male issue, reversion to Susan my sister, wife of William John- 
son of Canterbury, joiner, for life, and after her decease to John Johnson 
and William Johnson, sons of the said William and Susan, equally divided. 
If my said sister sell the lease, except from year to year, or mortgage the 
lands, then they are to revert to my right heirs and the said Susan is to 
be dispossessed. To the said Susan a tenement in the pari_-h of St. Alphege 
now in the occupation of one Mrs. Musterd for life [with reversion and 
provisions as above]. [Signed] Henry Porredge. " W'hosoeuer goeth 
aboute to frustrate this will I Do pronounce him accursed and so I hope he 
shall be found before the Lord Jesus." No witnesses. Proved 13 Feb- 
ruary 1593 by Edward Porredge, executor named in the will. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 49, fo. 11.) 

The W^ill of Edward Pordage alias Porredge of Beakesborne in 
the County of Kent, 5 June 1616. To be buried in the grave of my 
brother Henry in Beakesbourne church. To the poor of Beakesbourne, 
Heme Hill, Sittingborne, Bridge, St. Dunstans, Westgate, St. Mildreds, 
St. Georges, St. Pauls, and Northgate [the last six parishes in Canterbury]. 
To my servants. To my wife's brothers, William Coppin and John Coppin, 
£3. 6s. 8d. each. To my friend Rev. Thomas Wilson, minister of St. 
Georges, Canterbury, £10. To Benjamin Sollie, once our minister, £5. 
To the poor of the Wallons, strangers in the City of Canterbury. To 
William Johnson, one of the sons of my Sister .Johnson, deceased, at twenty- 
four years of age, £100 due me from Thomas Pordage of Canterbury by 
an execution I have on his goods. To George .Johnson, another son of my 
said Sister Johnson, at twenty-three years of age, £10U due me on a bond 
from Arthur Rucke of Sandwich, jurate. " Item I will and bequeth to 
Edward Johnson another sonne of my said Sister Johnson deceased the 
some of one C^ W'' is due to me by an estate I have out of the lands of my 
cossine Henry Denne in Adisham Well and Nonington And by a bond I 
have fi'om him and Richard Denne his brother w"^^** estate and lx>nd I will 
shall be delivered vnto liim at his age of xxiij j^eres by my executrix." 
The said legacies to my Sister Johnson's cliildren in full satisfaction of 
their title which they might claim in the lands and tenements late of my 
brother Henry Pordage deceased, which 1 have sold and in respect of which 
I have augmented their legacies by this my will. If any of them die be- 
fore receiving their portions, reversion to the survivors. The residue of 
all goods to my wife, whom I make executrix. My cousin Josua Pordage 
of Sandwich, jurat, overseer. Whereas I have a reversion by my brother 
Henry Pordage's will of a house in Canterbury, over against the Bishop of 
Canterbury's palace,* which house AVilliam Johnson, one of my Sister 
Johnson's sons, hath an estate in for life, which after his decease returns 
to me as next heir of my brother Henry, 1 leave said reversion to George 
Johnson, son of my Sister Johnson, and to his lawful issue, and for want 

• This house is mentioned in the will of George Johnson, son of Capt. Edward John- 
son of Woburu, Mass. See Ueoisteh, vol. 59, pp. 81, 82. 

178 Genealogical Research in England [April 

of such to Edward Johnson, another son of my Sister Johnson. To godson 
Marke Cullinge and to godson John Coppin, one of the sons of hrother-in- 
law John Coppin, £10 each at tveenty-two. To goddaughter Mary Coppin, 
eklest daughter of said John Coppin, Sen., £10 at twenty-two or marriage. 
To godson Joshua Rucke, son of Arthur Rucke of Sandwich, jurat, 40s. at 
twenty-two. To godson Thomas Pordage, one of tlie sons of Thomas Por- 
dage of Canterbury, £5 at twenty-four. 

My lands and tenements in the parishes of St. Mary and Hope All Saints 
in Rumney March, purchased of Robert Wollet deceased, and a messuage 
Crayne Key and storehouses in Faversham to my wife for life, with re- 
version to Joseph Pordage of Heme Hill for life, with reversion to his 
eldest son Thomas, he paying to his brothers and sisters £'20 at twenty-one 
years or marriage. My messuage where I dwell in Beakesbourne, with all 
other lands and tenements there and in Wickham [Wickhambreux], and 
my lease of a messuage and two acres of land formerly belonging to the 
Priory of St. Gregories without the walls of Canterbury, to wife for life, 
with reversion to Edward Pordage, son of Joshua Pordage of Sandwich, 
jurat, he paying to his brothers [evidently some words omitted herej 
and Richard £100. My lands in Heme Hill and Boughton under the 
Blean, now in the occupation of Joseph Pordage, and a cottage and land 

near the brook, sometime in the occupation of Hurton, to m\- wife 

Katherine for life, with reversion at her death to George Johnson, son of 
my Sister Johnson. My two messuages with lands in Heme Hill, in the 
occu])ations of Richard Bavier and Widow Harris, and one cottage with an 
orchard and two acres of woorlland in Heme Hill and Boughton under 
Bleane. in the occupation of Bartholomew Cannon, to wife Katherine for 
life, with reversion at her death to Edward .Johnson, son of my sister .John- 
son deceased, ily lands and tenements in Chartham, now in the occu- 
pation of Hamon, Isacke Terry, and Danyell Pern,', to wife Kathe- 
rine for life, with reversion at her death to William Johnson, sou of my 
Sister .lohnson. My tenement, marsliland and helmes or rushes bought of 
Edward, son of Richard Meriweather, to wife Islatherine for life, with re- 
version at her death to my godson .Joshua, son of William Coppin of Deale, 
my brother-in-law, and his lawful issue, and for want of such to ■ George 
Johnson and Edward Johnson, sons of my Sister Johnson. If my wife die 
before my legacies be paid, my cousin Josua Pordage of Sandwich, jurat, 
and my brother-in-law William Coppin of Deale to take the profits of my 
lands and tenements to pay my legacies, and the overplus of profits and 
stock, on accoimting to be made to Henry Deane, son of my uncle Thomas 
Deane late of Adisham deceased, to come to my Sister .Johnson's children 
for the further education of them in learning or otherwise. If mv wife be 
with child, all my lands and tenements to said child or children, and be- 
quests to be void. If said children die without issue, bequests to be as 
given. Witnesses : John Coppin. the marke of Henry Greene, and William 
Hallet his marke. Proved 22 July 1616 by Catherine Pordage. relict and 
executrix. The will was contested by Joane Stokes of Ewell. daughter of 

Anne Smythe alias Stokes deceased, daugliter of Pordage alias 

Smyth deceased, sister of the said Edward Pordage, and William Johnson, 

George .Johnson, and Edward .Johnson, children of Pordage alias 

Johnson deceased, sister of said Edward Pordage. The witnesses testified 
that the testator read the will and signed it in their presence and was of 
sound mind. Sentence to uphold the will was given 16 December 1616. 
(Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol o&, fo. 1.) 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 179 

[On the forejroing wills the following Porredge pedigree is based. The 
maternal ancestry of Capt. Edw;ird Johnson of Woburn, Mass., is herewith 
made public for the first time. From his Porredge ancestors he derived 
his wealth and prominent position and also, apparently, his fervid religious 

1. Thomas Porrage of Brendley in the parish of Boughton-under- 
Blean, co. Kent, born probably about loOO, died between 2 Jan. and 2 
Mar. 1.548/9. He probably married twice, his second wife being Johan, 
living in 1550/7, when she was mentioned in the will of her sou Robert 
Porredge. The ancestry of Thomas Porredge has not as yet been proved. 
He was connected with the Porredge family of Rodmersham. as he men- 
tions in his will a cousin .Tohn Porredge of Rodmersham. His own sons 
are also called " kinsmen " by later Porredges of Rodmersham in their wills. 
Child, probably by first wife : 
2. i. John, b. probably abt. 1522. 

■■ Children, probably by second wife : 

ii. Alice, m. Thomas Potter. 

iii. RoiJKKT, the testator of 1556/7, m. Rose , and had sons 

Thuvias. Bichard, and Sampson, all minors at the time of his death, 

and daughters Alice and Margaret. He lived at Boushton-under- 

iv. Richard, livins; at Sand\vich in 1593, when he was mentioned in his 

nephew Henry"s will, as was also his son Gahriell of Richborough; 

he had other sous, 
v. WiLLLUi. the testator of 15R4, d. betw. 3 Dec. of that year and 13 
I , Apr. 1569; m. Widow Barbara Marshall, and had a son Law- 

{ rence. He lived at Faversham. 

vi. Steven, the testator whose will was proved in 1574, m. Elizabeth 

. Children: Joseph, Sobert, Eichard, Caleb, Elizabeth, a.nd 

3Iargaret, all minors at the time of his death. He lived at Ashe. 

2. John Porredge {Thomas) of Westgate Court, Canterbury, the tes- 
tator of 1582, born probably about 1522, the son of his father's (ir:-t 
i marriage, was buried at yt. Dunstan"s 16 Sept. 1582. He married 

I ; first a sister of Thomas Denne or Deane of Adisham. Slie was, 

' perhaps, the Katherine buried at St. Duustan's 2 Au:;. 15 Go. He 

married secomlly, at St. Dunstan's, 5 May 1572, Widow Margaret 
; Rl'CK, the testator of 1582, who was sister of George Carter. She 

! had a large family by her first marriage, and two of her sons mai'- 

ried two of her stepdaugliters. She was buried at St. Dunstan's 
I 11 ]May 15.-io. A large liouse called ^Yestgate Court is now stand- 

4 ing just without the Westgate, Canterbuiy. It is not ancient 

I enough to be the house mentioned in .John Porredge's will, but it 

stands probably on tiie same site. John Porredge was a man of 
strong religious convictions, as is proved by his will. 
Children by first wife : 

i. JoANE, m. Richard Smtth; d. probably before 1582. as she is not 
mentioned in her fatlier's will ; her granddaughter .loane Stokes 
contested the will of her sreat-uncle Edward Porredge in IGIC. 
^ ii. Edward, the testator of 1616, ni. Katherine Coppin; d. .•>•. p. betw. 

5 June and 22 .July 1616. He was a large landholder in various 
parishes of Kent, and lived at Beakesbourne, where he was buried. 

iii. Henry, the testator of 1593. d. unm. lietw. 7 Nov. 1593 aud 13 Feb. 
1593/4, and was bur. at Beakesbourne. where he had lived. He 
was a man of education, as his Latin verse shows, and like his 
father of deep religious convictions, with a strong tendency to- 


180 Descendants of Robert Huckiiis [April 

ward Puritanism. His wish to be buried in Canterbury Cathedral 

was not f ultilled! 
iv. Elizabeth, b. before 15G1 ; m. at St. Dun.stan's 17 Jan. 1585/6 Ak- 

THUK Rlxk, her stepbrother ; d. probably before 1593, as she is 

not mentioned in her brother Henry's will. 
T. TiioMAZiNK, m. at St. Dunstan"s 14 Xov. 1.";mo Thomas Ruckk. her 

stepbrotlier; d. probably before 1JU3, as she i.5 not mentioned Lu 

her brother Henry's will, 
vi. Susan, bapt. at St. Dunstan's 20 Jan. loC.j/O: m. "William Johx.sok 

of St. George's, Canterbury ; bur. there 10 Apr. 160i. ( Vidt supra, 

pp. 171, 172.) 

— E. F.] 
[To be continued] 


By Henry Winthrop Hardon, A.M., LL.B., of Xe^y Tork City 
[Continued from page 84] 

5. Capt. John"' Huckins (Robert,^ James." Rohert^). yeoman, bom a^ 
Oyster Kiver Parish about 1704, was of Cocheco Parish in 17-il, 
Madbury District in 17-io, and Barrington (Strali'ord) in 1773. 

He married in 1724 (?) Abigail'* PLdghulv, daughter of Thomas- 
and Jane (Wbidden) (Registek, vol. 34. p. 2&2), who was l)orn 
at Oyster River Parish in ll)L).5. John Huckins and wife Abigail 
were admitted to the church at Oyster River -5 .Sept. 1725 {lb., vol. 
23, p. 2'J8). He tlied 30 July I7"i:i0, aged 85 years (tombsroue). 

He liad 30 acres in Oyster River woods under his father's will. 
In 1745 lie was living "at the cross-roads" at Madbury (N. H. 
Deeds, vol. 30, p. 241). He removed with his son .John to I'ai'- 
rington and settled on lands overlooking Bow Lake, about 1773. 
The part of the JIallego River in Barrington is called Huckins"s 
Brook (Thompson's Landmarks, p. 137). 

In 1740 he was a soldier in Captain 3Iillet's company at Dover 
(N. H. State Papers, vol. 9, p. 173). In 1745 he was captain of 
scouts {ih., vol. 5, pp. 365, 384, 7GG. 768, vol. 16, p. 906). In 
1758 he was selectman at Madbury (town records). 

Children, the first three born at Oyster River and the others 
probably at Dover : 
10. i. Egbert,* bapt. '29 Aug. 1725 (Register, vol. 32. p. 135). 
ii. Abigail, bapt. 2 Julyl727 (i'/j., vol. 33. p. sO) ; d. in infancy, 
iii. Sau.vh, bapt. 2G Oct. 1720 (rt.. vol. 33. p. 34S). 

iv. Welthean, bapt. 31 Oct. 1731 (;■&., vol. 29. p. 2G5") ; m. 14 Oct. 1752 
(Rev. John Adaras's record) Abedxego Si-enxer of Durham, 
blacksmith. Child, born at Durham: 1. Robert.'^ bapt. 27 Jan. 
v. Abig.\il, b. 20 Feb. 1733; bapt. 22 June 1735 (Register, vol. 29. p. 
2GG); d. at Ogden. N. Y., 30 Dec. 1829; m. 17 Jan. 1754 (Rev. 
John Adams's record) Samuel Hill, son of Samuel and Sai-ah 
(Thompson) of Durham, farmer, b. at Duriiara (5 Oct. 1720. d. at 
Danville. Vt. (Willard's A Great Mother, pp. 29G-7.) Children, 
born at Durham {ib.) : 1. JamfsJ of Ogden, N. Y.. farmer. 2. 
John, of Danville, Vt., and Ogden, N. Y.,T). Oct. 1772; m. 4 Feb. 

1913] Descendants of Robert Huchins 181 

1796 his second cousin, Mary Thompson, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth (Stevens), b. at Holderuess G Feb. 1772, d. 17 Dec. 

11. vi. Joiix, bapt. 23 Sept. 1737 (Register, vol. 29, p. 267). 
vii. Rebecca, bapt. 17 June 17-11 (i&., p. 26^).* 

6. Robert'' Huckixs {Robert,^ Junies,- Robert^), husbandman, miller, 

born at Oyster Kiver Parish 14 Oct. 1708, died before 1777. He 
married first, 8 Aug. 1728 (Registeii, vol. 23, p. 180), Meribau* 
Jackson, daughter of WiJliani- (Walter') and Mary, who was born 
at Oyster River; and secondly Sarah Snell, daughter of Samuel, 
v.ho was born at Barrington and was living in 1777 (Strafford 
Deeds, vol. 3, p. 52). 

In 17o4: he was of Durham, and was constable there in 1740. 
In 1757 he was of Nottingham, and was living there as late as 1765. 
By his father's will he received the homestead of 40 acres on the 
site of the old garrison-house at Oyster River. In 1734 apparently 
but 3 acres ofthis remained, and he sold the northerly half to his 
brother Thomas,* reserving the house and the mill. lie acquired 
enough more land adjoining to make up 50 acres, and sold it all in 
1757 to Dr. Joseph Atkinson, and bought at once 50 acres in Not- 
tingham. (X. H. Deeds, vol. '2Q, p. 330, vol. b2, p. 434, vol. 60, 
p. 259, vol. 79, pp. 34, 46.) 

Cliildren, born at Oyster River : 

i. Maky,* bapt. 14 Dec. 1729 (Keglsteu, vol. 3.3, p. 348) ; ra. 24 Nov. 
1754 (Rev. John Adams's record) Samuel^ Stiles of Durham and 
Barrington, blacksmith, son of William' and Deborah, b. at Dover 
10 Aug. 1710 (Guild's Stiles Genealogy, p. 5J8). Children, bom 
at Durham {ib.) : 1. Samuel,'' of Stratford, farmer, soldier in the 
Revolution, b. 1758 ; d. 21 Jan. 1835 ; m. 26 Nov. 1778 Anna-* Foss, 
- dau. of Ichabod' and Hannah, b. at Barrington 17 June 1758, d. at 
Gilmanton 20 Dec. 1857. (Rix's Foss Family, MS.) 2. JIosps, of 

Bai'nstead and Gilmanton, merchant, m. Daniels. Probably 


ii. Rachel (probably), b. 15 Mar. 1732; d. 10 Nov. 1818 (tombstone) ; 
m. 11 Jau. 1753 (Rev. John Adams's I'ecord) A^ijah Pinehaji of 
Durham, farmer, b. 9 Feb. 1734, d. 3 'Slur. 1779 (tombstone). 
Children, b. at Durham (all mentioned in their father's will of 16 
Feb. 1770) : 1. Thomas,'' b. 8 June 1755 ; d. 26 May Isjll ; m. Sarah 
Ballard, dau. of Timothy, b. 3 Oct. 1757, d. 16 Mar. 1814. 2. 
Samuel. 3. Ahijak, b. 22 July 1763; d. 8 July 1815; m. 11 Dec. 
1783 Sarah Six;ucer, b. 23 Oct. 1763, d. 16 Mar. 1814. 4. Paid. 
5. Sarah, m. 13 Jan. 1777 Robert 'Williams of Barrington. 6. Ab- 
igail. 7. Anne. m. 15 Feb. 1798 (?) Johu Jeukius. 

ill. Abigail (probably), b. 1733(?) ; m. 16 Jan. 1755 (Rev. John Adams's 
record) John Randall of Durham. 

iv. Hannah, bapt. 1 Jan. 1741/2 (Register, vol. 29, p. 2G9). 

12. V. Is.\AC, b. 22 Feb. 1747 (family Bible). 

Probably others. 

7. Thomas'* Huckins {Robert,* James, ^ Robert^), joiner, born at Oyster 

River Parish about 1710, was of Durham, 1732, and Lee, 17G7, 
and married, 25 Dec. 1733 (Register, vol. 65, p. 354), Mary 
French- He was living in 1767 (Stratford Deeds, vol. 10, p. 392), 
but became indigent towards the end of his life and died between 
• 1799 and 1803, his widow also dying in the latter year (town records). 
In 1734 he had from his brother lloi)erC^ a small lot adjoiniug the 

•The last four baptisms are also in the printed Dover Records, pp. 140-146. 

182 Descendants of Robert Huclcins [April 

ancestral garrison-house on the north. In a petition of 1753/4 he 
states that he was one of those who " endured the brunt and hard- 
ships of the late war."* (N. H. State Papers, vol. 9, p. 172.) He 
is perhaps the man who was in Emerson's company at Seavey's 
Island in the fall of 1775 {ib., vol. 14, p. 233). 
Children, born at Durham : 

13. i. Thomas,' b. 28 Mar. 1736. 

ii. Hannah, b. 20 June 1772 ; d. 7 Oct. 1821 : m. at Landaff 23 July 
1789 (town records) Jonathan Clahk, s. of Jonathan and Esther 
(Weeks), jf Landaff. farmer, soldier in the Revolution, b. at New 
Market 20 Dec. 17G1, d. 3 Oct. 1837. Chddren, bom at Landaff: 
1. Mary {Polly),^h. 17 Feb. 17'J0 (town records) ; d. I'J Oct. 1839; 
m. 1809 Ebenezer" Rix, s. of Nathaniel and Esther (Clark) (RLx 
Genealogy, p. 40), of Dalton, farmer, b. at Landaff 1 Feb. 1784, d. 
27 Mar. 1842. 2. Jonathan, b. 4 Feb. 1792 (town records) ; d. 
Nov. 1793. 3. 21<,ses, b. 20 Nov. 1794 {ib.) : d. 20 July 1795. 4. 
Lydia, b. 1 July 1707 (i6.) ; d. 14 July 1797. 5. Hannah, b. 13 July 
1798 ((6.) ; m. 12 Dec. 1820 Sylvanus Temple, s. of Enos aud Ann 
(Buit), of Landaff, farmer, b. at Lisbon 1798, d. 8 Mar. 1872. 6. 
Caleb, of Ann Harbor, Mich., and Washington, D. C, lawyer, b. 
26 Mar. 1801 (i6.) ; d. s.p. at Rumney 20 May 1878; m. Louisa 
Thomas, b. at Attica. N. Y., d. at Washinston, D. C. 7. Simeon, 
of Landaff, farmer, b. 26 Oct. 1803 (ib.) ; d^ 31 Dec. 1379 : m. (1) at 
Landaff, 1 1 Nov. 1827 ( ib.), Mehitable Clement, dau. of Capt. Richard 
and Hannah (Morrill), b. at Landaff 20 Dec. 1805 (ib.), d. 2 Jan. 
1840; m. (2) Mary Ann Brown. 8. Elmirn. b. 8 Oct. 1807 (ib.) ; 
m. her cousin Moses** Clark, s. of Ebenezer^ and Hannah (Merrill) 
of Landaff, farmer, b. at Landaff 14 Dec. 1805. d. 18 Feb. 1896. 9. 
William Demeritt, of Manchester, Mich., and of California, mer- 
chant, b. 15 July 1809 (ib.) ; d. at Manchester 15 Mar. 1886 ; m. 
Marietta Cotton. 

iii. Samuel (perhaps), of Nottingham. 1767, and Barrington, 1790, had 
in 1790 in his family two males under 16 years and two females 
(U. S. Census). 

iv. Jonathan (perhaps), of Nottingham, 1774. and Topsham, Vt., 1795, 
1 farmer, m. Jane-" Jones, dau. of Richard,* Jr. (Strafford Deeds, 

VOL 122.) 
Perhaps others. 

8. Joseph'' Hcckins {Robert,^ James,- RoberO-), joiner, bom at Oyster 
River Parish about 1714, and baptized 5 June 1726, "about 12 
years old " (Register, vol. 32, p. 135), mai-ried first, in 1735, 
Maky'' Fernald, daughter of Thomas^ and Mary (Thompson) 
(Fernald papers in Library of N. E. Hist. Gen. Society), who was 
born at Kittery, Me., 22 Apr. 1708 (Stackpole's Kittery, p. 379), 
and died Mar. 1788 ; and secondly, at Northwood, 25 July 1788 
(town records), Scsann.a. Piper, widow of Thomas. Jr., or .Strat- 
ham (Lancaster's Gilmanton, p. 58). He died 26 June 1801 (fam- 
ily record), aud administration was granted to his widow Susanna 
(Strali'ord Probate Records, vol. 8, p. 362, vol. 9, pp. 160, 294). 
She married secondly, 17 Nov. 1803, John Johnson of Canterbury. 

He was of Durham, 1732, of Lee, 1766, and settled in Gilmanton 
in 1773 (Lancaster's Gilmanton, p. 83), where he had a house on 
the brook which bears his name near the site later occupied by Gil- 
manton Academy (J,b., p. 136). He was constable at Durham in 

He served in the Crown Point expedition in 1757 in Mooney's 

•King George's War, 1744-1748. 

1913] Proceedings of the JV. E. Hist. Gen. Society 183 

company (Adjutant-General's Report, 1866, vol. 2. p. 180), which 
was at the surrender of Fort William Henry and the subsequent 
massacre, losing 80 men. 

Children by first wife, born at Durham (family record *) : 

14. i. JosEPn,^ b. 30 June I73G (family Bible). 

ii. Benjamin, 5'eoman, b. 174;0(?) ; d.auedaG. (/&.) He was of Gilnian- 
ton in 177-4. In 1793 Joseph* Huckins and Sarah his wife sold 30 
acres at Gilmanton, " where my brother Benjamin " formerly lived, 
beinir an undivided half (Straflbrd Deeds, vol. 21, p. 11). He re- 
moved perhaps to Maine. 

ill. Mauy, d. aged G4; m. Joseph Follett, s. of Johu and Jane (N. H. 
Deeds, vol. 79, p. 503), of Durham (Lee), blacksmith. Children, 
bom at Lee: 1. Samuel,^ blacksmith, of Gilmanton, 1788, and of 
Lee, 1792, b. at Lee 1768; m.(?) 19 Aug. 1804 (town records) 
Peggy Bickford, b. at Durham. Perhaps others. 

iv. Hannah, bapt. 20 Aug. 1749 ; m. at Gilmanton 29 Nov. 1781 (town 
records), as his second wife, William Plaisted, son of Williamf 
and Judith^ (Ricker) (Tate's MS. Diary, pp. 15, 43, 84; Maine 
Genealogist, vol. 2, p. 107), farmer, soldier in the Revolution 
(N. H. State Papers, vol. 14, p. 432, vol. 15, p. 324), of New Hamp- 
ton, 1779, b. at Dover (Somersworth) 1750(?). In 1779 he bought 50 
acres, owned (1910) by Arthur Locke, on the easterly slope of 
Pettee Hill at New Hampton, adjoining lands of his father WLlliam 
Plaisted and brother Samuel (Strattbrd Deeds, vol. 9, p. 179). 
Children, born at New Hampton: 1. Benning Jloulton,'^ of New 
Hampton, farmer, b. 21 Mav 1785; d. 15 Apr. 1860; m. 27 Dec. 
1808 Phebe^ Eaton, dau. of Ebeuezer' and Phebe (Shepard) 
(Eaton Family Ass'n, 1890, p. 33), b. at Candia 10 May 1780 (town 
records), d. 22 Mar. 1869. 2. Hiram, of New Hampton, farmer, 
b. 1787 ; d. 21 Oct. 1848 (tombstone) ; m. 23 Nov. 1809 (town 
records) Hannah R.^ Huckins, dau. of John* and Hannah (Mud- 
gett). 3. William, of Centre Harbor, farmer, b. 27 Feb. 1789; d. 
18 Dec. 1869; m. 6 Jan. 1813 (town records) Nancy Smith, dau. 
of Samuel, b. at New Hampton 30 Nov. 1786, d. 16 Apr. 1869. 4. 
Nancy, b. 3 July, 1790; m. at New Hampton 26 Apr. 1814 (town 
records) Rev. Walter* Sleeper, s. of John* and Elizabeth (Tilton) 
(Musgrove's Bristol, vol. 2, p. 403), of Bristol, clergyman, town 
officer, member of the Legislature, b. at Bristol 20 Jan. 1790, d. 
1 May 1875 ; she d. 3 Jan. 1862. 

V- Lydia, b. 1700 ; d. $. p. at Ruraney aht. 1812, aged 32 years ; m. at Gil- 
manton, 24 Mar. 1788 (town records), as his third wife, Silas' Buz- 
ZELL, s. of John^ and Sarah (Wiburd) (statement of Rev. H. L. 
Buzzell of Barre, Mass., 1911, on report of his grandfather, who 
was grandson of Silas' Buzzell), of Gilmanton Gore, farmer, bapt. 
at Madbury 9 Sept. 1750, d. at Holderness 28 Apr. 1834. 

[To be continued] 


By John Albree, Reeovding Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 4 December, 1912. A stated meeting of the Society 
was held in Pilgrim Hall, 14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter pre- 

The minutes of the November meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

•Compiled in 1847 by William F.' Seward, on report of his grandmother Sarah* 
(Huckins) Seward, and in possession (1910) of William F.' Seward of Guernsey, Wyo. 
f Vide infra, p. 188. 

184 mtes [April 

One corresponding member and thirteen resident members ivere elected by 

The report of the Nominating Committee was accepted. 

The President appointed as auditors Charles In-ing Thaver and Moraan Hewitt 

The paper of the afternoon, Who xnon in the War of 1822?. was bv John 
Charles States Andrew, A.M., S.T.B.. of the Eui^lish Hiirh .School. Lynn." After 
summarizina: the causes assiijned for the War. none of which were removed at 
its close by the Treaty of Glient, the .speaicer discussed the ireoorraplHcal dis- 
tribution of the supporters of the War in Conaress and the proraiueuce siveu in 
debate to the acquisition of Canada. The victory of Perry on Lake Erie was 
needed in order to cut the lines of communication between Canada and the 
portion of the Nortli West Territory that was then in British occupation. 
After remarks by J. H. Stark, Esq., quoting from Josiah Quincy of Boston on 
the War, it was on motion of Mr. Alljree 

Voted, That the Society expresses to Mr. Andrew its enjoyment of his in- 
teresting presentation of the results of his research. 

At 3.50 the meeting adjourned. 

1 January, 1913. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 
9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.m.. President Baxter presiding. This was the first 
meeting of the Society in its new building. 

The minutes of the December meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, Council, and a supplementary report of the 
Nominating Committee were accepted. 

Three corresponding members and nine resident members were elected by 

The address, by Austin Baxter Keep, Ph.D., of the Department of History of 
the College of the City of New York, was on Colonial Libraries, their Patrons 
and Founders. The speaker told of his extensive study of the origin of the early 
libraries, of the personality and varied experiences of the founders, and of their 
earnest and serious endeavors, the results of which are enjoyed in the libraries 
of the present day. The numerous lantern-slides showed portraits, buildings, 
title-pages, and manuscripts illustrating the theme. 

At the close of the meeting refreshments were sen-ed in the smaller hall. 

It is here entered as a matter of record that the general comment of the 
audience which filled WUder Hall was that of approval and satisfaction with 
the accommodations afforded in the new building. 

5 February. The annual meeting of the Society was held this day, agreeable 
to article 1, chapter III, of the By-Laws ; for a report of which see the Supple- 
ment to the present number of the Register. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those that it issues over its ow^n name 
at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no official representative in England 
the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her time as 
a searcher of records there along special lines for the benefit of the 

RATOBTrjf Bible Records. — The following entries are found in a family Bible, 
printed at the Clarendon Press, Oxford, in 1725, which came into the possession 
of my father's family, the Motts of Block Island, through an intermarriage with 
the Rathbuns. The Bible belonged to Samuel Rathbun, son of the immigrant 


2fotes 185 

John Rathbun, who came, without doubt, from Lancashire. England, and pro- 
bably settled at Dorchester, Mass., whence he removed to Block Island with the 
first settlers in 16(J1. Samuel Kathbuu. the owner of the Bible, resided both at 
Newport and at Block Island. He M-as a man of prominence, and married 
Patience, daughter of Deputy-Governor John Coggeshall of Newport. 
I was .born August 3 1G72— 2 day of the week 
Patience my wife was born 13-1(570 
We wei-e nmrrit-d Nov. 3 1692 5 day of week 
My son Thomas was born May 3-1695 
My daughter Patience was born Aug. 21-1097 
My daughter Mary was born Sept. 11-1700 
INIy dauirliter \yait was born Dec. 30-1702 
My sou Samuel was born Apr. -i-l'OS 
My son James was born Apr. 10-1707 
My son Abraham was born Nov. 23-1709 
My daughter Rebekah was bom Jan. 9-1713 

I Samuel Rathbun at my death Doe Leaue this Bible to my son Samuel Rath- 
bun & at his death to his son Walter Rathbun. I have writ this with my 

own hand Sept. 4 1743 Samuel Rathbun 

John Dodge of Westerly departed this life May 18-1772 in the 88 year of his 

Bettey the wife of said John Dodge departed this life in Jan. 1767 being SO 

years and 12 days old. 
Patience Rathbun departed this life the 3'''^ day of .\ug. 1747 in the 78 year of 

her age and Samuel Rathbun her husband depaited this life Jan. 24-1757 in 

the 65^^ year of his age. 
Samuel Rathbun was married to Elizabeth Dodge Mar. 15 1732. 
My grandson Abraham Rathbun was born Feb. 22, 1757 and departed this life 

Mar. 29-1761 being 4 years-1 mo. & 7 days old & the above Samuel Rathbun 

departed this life Jan. 27-1780 in the 75 year of his age. 
Samuel Rathbun son of Samuel & Patience was born Apr. 16-1705. 
My wife Elizabeth was born Dec. 18-1714 
My son Walter b. June 16-1734 on the 5* day of the week about 9 in the 

My son Samuel b. July 10-1736 on the last day of the week about 5 in the 

My son Elijah was b. May 28-1740 on the fourth day of the week between 4 & 

5 in the morning. 
My daughter Bettey was born Dec. 2-1742 on the 5"* day of the week about 2 

in the afternoon. 
The above said Samuel Rathbun departed this life Jan. 24 1780 in the 75 year 

of his age. 
The above said Elizabeth Rathbun departed this life Aug 8-1793 in the 

79th year of her age. 
Hannah Rathbun wife of Walter Rathbun departed this life March 16-1807 in 

the 79'h year of her age 
Walter Rathbun was born June 16-A.D. 1734 

My wife Hannah was born May 7-1728 and we were married March 4-1756 
My son Abraham was born Feb. 22-1757 who departed this life Mar 29-1761 

aged four years one month and seven days. 
My daughter Lydia was born Nov. 29-1758 who departed this life April 25, 

1780 asjed 22 vears-seven months lacking 4 days. 
My daughter Tamar was born Feb. 14-1761 [? 17(50] 
My daughter Hannah was born Dec. 22 1764 
My sonEzra was born April 29-1767 who departed this life about seven weeks 

of age. 
My son James and daughter Catherine was born May 13, 1768 
The above said Hannah Rathbun wife of Walter Rathbun who departed this 

life Mar 10-1807 in the 79'^ year of her age. The above said Walter Rath- 
bun departed this life Jan. 14-1818 in the 84 year of his age. 
The above Tamar Rathbun departed this life Oct. 25-1809 in the 49* year of 

her age. 
Hannah Rathbun above died July 2-1813 in the 49 year of her age. 
The above Catherine departed this life Aug. 22, 1824 in the 56 year of her age 

186 mtes 


Daniel Mott husband of the above said Catherine departed this life March 4- 

1805 in the Ul year of his age. 
"Waty R. Mott was b. Sept. 8-1790 and on the fifth day of the week 
"Walter R. Mott was born Oct. 2-1800 on the fifth dav of the weeli. 
Abraham R. Mott was bom April 27-1800 on the first dav of the week. 
Lodowicli Mott Junior & Waty R. Mott was m. Feb. ly-lSl.l. 
Our Daughter Catherine R. Mott was born Dec. 3-1811) on the sixth day of the 

"Walter R. Mott b. Oct. 2-1800 ra Jan. 12-1826 Phebe D. Mott. PhebeD Mott 

born March 15-1807. 
Dauirhter Caty R. Mott bom Oct. 8-lS26-who departed this life .June 27-1831 

aared four years & eiglit months & nineteen days. 
Dauirhter Waty R. ilott bom Sept. 27-1S29 
Daughter Hannah R was bom Oct. 8-1832 
Daugliter Sarah was bom May 20-1834 
Daughter Mary Catherine was bom Jan-24-1844 
Abraiiara Ratlibone Mott sou of Daniel Mott & Catherine Rathbone was bom 

Apr. 27-1806- his wife Lucretia Dodge Ball dausrhter of Edmund Ball & 

Charity Dodge was born May 20-1811. were married Nov. 10-1830 
Children : 

Ezra K. who died in infancy. 
Catherine born May 21-1832 died June 12-1.846 
Nathaniel born Dec. 18-1838 died Feb. 14-1864 
Charity bom July 20-1843 died Sept. 6-18-59 
Nathan born Mav lG-1846- m. Phebe C. Dickens 
Phebe C. Dickens b. Feb. 27- 1646 
Only child of Nathan ;Mott and Phebe— a daughter— Lucretia Dodse Mott — 

bom Nov. 19-18()6- married Sept. 8-1886— Cassius Clav BaU son of Hon. 

Nicholas Ball and Eliza Millikin. Cassius Clay Ball b. Nov. 15-18.54. 
A daughter born to Cassius Clay Ball & Lacretia Mott Ball — Dec. 22-1887 — 

named Lucretia Beatrice Ball. 
Abraham Rathbone Mott died Aug. 19-1867 
His wife Lucretia died Feb. 10-1864. 

New Shoreham, R. I. Lucketia Mott Ball. 

De Blois : Additions.— Since the publication of the article entitled " The 
De Blois Family," in the present volume of the Register, pp. 6-21 (January, 
1913), the following additional information about that family has been found. 
In each case the pedigree number of the person conceming'whora statements 
are made and the page of the Register on which that person's record is given 
have been inserted. 

The house of Gilbert De Blois (4, p. 9), on the northeast corner of Tremont 
and Bromtield Streets, was destroyed by lire as early as 1838. perhaps earlier. 
On the same site was built the Boston Museum, which later became a publishing 
house, still later the Montgomery Hotel, and finally Horticultural Hall. This 
in time was supplanted by a new Horticultural Hall. 

The following information about this Gilbert De Blois (4. pp. 8 et seq.) is 
printed in an address by Rt. Rev. Thomas M. Clark, Bishop of Rhode Island, 
entitled "•' An Historical Discourse delivered in St. John's Church. Providence, 
R. I., in commemoration of the 150''' anniversary of the Parish," Hartford, 1872, 
p. 35, Appendix : 

"• The close of the war left this Church indebted to Mr. Gilbert Deblois for 
the organ, who was at this time residing in London. It would seem that he had 
served a process upon the parish for payment, and a committee was appointed 
to write him and ask that ' he would give orders for withdrawing the process 
which liad been commenced,' and, in consideration of their diminished means, 
consent to some abatement in his claim. ' We mean not. Sir, to obtrude a 
lengthy Epistle : possessing as you do the same holy Religion we persuade our- 
selves tliat your intention is not to distress the Church ; having so Ions experi- 
enced the utility of an organ in Divine Worship, we should deeply deplore its 

"Mr. Deblois replies, under date of London, Broadstairs, July 27. 1791. -I 
wisli you had settled that business with me while at Boston and in my power 
to favor the Church more than can now do, but after all my solicitations nothing 


mtes 187 

was done that I could accept the offer, which obliged me to leave the matter 
unsettled with my sister, for altho' the notes were taken in my name, it was 
wholly my Father's Property and a part of his Estate, wh'^'^ to prevent falling 
into tiie Virtuous hands of the Committee of Conliscation at his Death, he made 
a will, and left his two Tory Sons five shillings each, giving the rest of his es- 
tate to their children, who since the Peace gave it back to self and Brother 
Lewis, who has agreed with me that you should pay M'' Amery Two hundred 
Pounds Sterls and his fees, and to give up to the Church the remainder of the 
Interest of the s*^ notes wh'='i is a large sum, and when you consider that not 
a shilling has been paid, either principal or interest, you must acknowledge the 
sums now flxed are generous. I heartily wish your Church to increase, and ad- 
vise not to suffer any Unexperienced Person to clean your Organ, wh*^'' is equal 
to any of the size now in this Kingdom,.' 

" A subscription was made, amounting [to] £277. 13s. 4d., and the matter was 
satisfactorily settled." 

Gilbert De Blois (8, p. 15) married Elizabeth , the Boston Independent 

Chronicle and Universal Advertiser of 9 Jan. 1794 announcing the death of " Mrs. 
Elizabeth Deblois. wife of Mr. Gilbert Deblois, aet. 34." 

Augusta Smith De Blois (9, v. p. 15) was married not to James but to Charles 
Ma^ee. She had one child, Marijaret Magee, who was married to Jolm A. 
Walker, son of Judge William Walker of Lenox, Mass., to whom she bore four 
children: 1. William, who died young. 2. Mary Magee. 3. Elliot, who mar- 
ried in 1890 Alice Macy, daughter of the late Gen. Nelson Macy, and left three 
chOdren, Nelson, Charles Elliot, and Margaret Walker. 4. Louisa Huntington. 

Thomas Melville De Blois (9. vi. p. \.'jj, according to information supplied by 
his niece. Miss Sarah Louisa Hunthigton, after his apprenticeship with Bowie 
& De Blois entered the civil service of the Britisli government and was in the 
customs department of the post oftice, living at the various places named. When 
in the early fifties he left the customs service to go to California, he was in the 
direct line for promotion to the coUectorship of the port of Quebec. On his re- 
turn from Calif oi-nia in 18(52 or 1863 he spent some time at Salem, Mass., and 
then settled at St. John, N. B.; where he established a merchants' reading-room. 
This was burned in the great fire at St. John, and although he re-established it, it 
never flourished so well again. In his birthday-book may be found the names 
of many of the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick De Bloises. 

Caroline Louisa De Blois (9, vii, p. 16) bore to her first husband, Charles C. C. 
Tucker, the following children : 1. Elizabeth, died young. 2. Richard Dalton, 
born 29 Jan. 1833, spent much of his life at Manila, in China, and in London, 
and died at Salem, Mass., in Apr. 1899. 3. Louisa, died young. 

Lewis De Blois (10. p. 16) and his brother Francis (4, viii, p. 11), with others, 
arrived at Boston from London in the ship Union, 25 Sept. 1784. (Boston 
Records, Miscellaneous Papers.) This Lewis De Blois had a son, not re- 
corded on page 16. as the following obituary notice from the Boston Independent 
Chronicle mul Universal Advertiser of 18 July 1793 proves: " At Philadelphia, 
Master Dalton Deblois. only son of Mr. Lewis Deblois. merchant, of that city." 

The wife of Natlianiel James De Blois (11. vii, p. 17) was Angelique Louise 
Virsfinie, daughter of Jean Claude and Anne (Onfre) Rousse, wlio was born in 
Virginia 22 July 1820. The Rousse family subsequently removed to Augusta, 
Ga., and later to Columbus, Ga. She married (1) in 1837 Homer Hurd, probably 
from Milwaukee, Wis., who died about 1839. The only child of this marriage 
was Emily Elizabeth Hurd, who was born in 1838 or 1839 and died unmarried 
2 June 1909. Mrs. Hurd lived with her sister, Emily Jane Rousse, who was 
married 2 Jan. 1S43 to John Amory De Blois (19, p. 20). About 1845 Mrs. Hurd 
married (2) Nathaniel James De Blois, younger brother of John Amory De Blois, 
her sister's husband. Nathaniel James De Blois died s.p. at the United States 
Hotel, Boston, 13 Aug. 1858, aged 52 years. 7 months, 28 days ; and his widow 
married (3) at Newport. R. I^, 6 Sept. 1864. as his second wife. Dr. Edward 
Linzee Cunningham of Boston, whose first wife was Adeline Elizabeth Amory. 
Dr. Cunningham was born in Boston 2 Jan. 1810, and died at Newport. R. I., in 
1905, the surviving member of the class of 1829 of Harvard College. His 
wife, Mrs. Angelique L. V. Cunningham, died at Newport 7 June 189S. The 
two brothei's, Jolm Amory and Nathaniel James De Blois, were at one time in 
the cotton business in the South, the former during the winter montlis pur- 
chasing cotton at Columbus, Ga., and sending it down the river, and the latter 

188 JSFotes [April 

shipping: it by sea from Appalachicola. Fla. (Information of Dr. Thomas Amory 
De Blois of iioston ; Register, vol. 55, p. 422 ; Heraldic Journal, vol. 4. p. 41.) 

Catharine Laughton. the first wife of George De Blois (12, p. 17), was 
dauifliter of Henry Laushton. 

Aceordin? to Arnold's Vital Record of Rhode Island, vol. 15, p. .30, the wife 
of Lewis De Blois, Jr. (13, p. 17) was Betsey Lawton. the Providence (rnzette 
of 25 Dec. 17S4, as qnoted by Arnold, recordin:: the niarriaire of Lewis Deblois 
" of this town, merchant, and Betsey Lawton. daughter of Isaac, late of New- 
port, at Nova Scotia." This Isaac Lawton was one of the live or six Lawtons 
who settled in New Brunswick during or at the close of the Revolution. 
(Sabine's American Loyalists, vol. 2 ; JV. Y. Genealogical and Biof/mphical 
Jiecnrd, vol. 37, p. 211.) Lewis De Blois apparently had a daughter Sarah 
(perhaps the name Mary on p. 17 of the present volume of the Register should 
be Sarah), for in the first Trinity Church at St. .John, N. B., there was a tablet 
with the following inscription: " Sacred To the Memory of S.veah DeBlois, 
Late Superintendent in Trinity Church Sunday School, Who died 1^ June. 1869, 

in the 78"' Year of her Age " It is said also that Lewis De Blois had a 

son Gilbert. 

It is said that Rev. Henry Despard De Blois (16, vi, p. 19) was bom 7 Dec. 
1830, and that 13 Oct. 1831 is the date of his baptism. 

The Columbian Centinel of 26 Jan. 1805 announces the marriage of Francis 
Gilbert De Blois (17, p. 19) as follows: "In Philadelphia, on the 6"i inst. ilr. 
Francis Deblois, to Miss Millicent Conner, both of this town." 

Boston, Mass. Arthtjr Wentworth ILuklton Eaton. 

Plaisted. — William Plaisted, whose son William married at Gilmanton. N. H., 
29 Nov. 1781, Hannah^ Huckins {vide supra, p. 183), was probably a grandson of 
William* (Roger') Plaisted, who is mentioned in King's Lieut. Roger Plaisted, 
p. 11. He would be, therefore, WiUiam* Plaisted, mariner, husbandman, of 
Somersworth. N. H., 1743, of Moultonborough, N. H., 1774. and of New Hamp- 
ton, N. H., 1779. He was bom probably at Dover, N. H., about 1720, was living 
in 1788 (Strafi"ord Deeds, vol. 10, p. 475;, but is not found in the Cen.sns of 1790. 
He married about 1743 Judith* Ricker. daughter of John^and Hannah (Garland), 
who was bom at Dover(?) 15 Nov. 1720 (Maine Genealogist, vol. 2, p. 107). 

In June 1743 William Plaisted of Somersworth, mariner, bought 13 acres there 
of Thomas Tibbetts and Olive his wife (N. H. Deeds, vol. 27. p. 478). In June 
1768 he conveyed 16 acres there (ib., vol. 96, p. 32), and in Jan. 1774 his wife 
Judith released her right of dower in the same 16 acres, where she and her hus- 
band "now" live (Strafi"ord Deeds, vol. 1, p. 131). Tate records in his manu- 
script diary (p. 84) that " Wed. Feb. 21, 1774, Mr William Plaisted & son Wm & 
families mov'd from Somersworth for a place called Moulton's Gore." In Dec. 
1779 he bought 50 acres in the northeasterly comer of New Hampton, on the 
easterly slope of Pettee HiU, adjoining on the south lands of his son William 
and on the west lands of his son Samuel (Stratford Deeds, vol. 4, p. 159). 

He is probably the William Plaisted who in 1776 was second lieutenant in the 
Moultonborough company (N. H. State Papers, vol. 12, p. 8, vol. 14, p. 296). 

Children of William'' and Judith (Ricker) Plaisted, bom at Somersworth, 
N. H. (Tate's MS. Diary, p. 15) : Hannah, 14 May 1745(?) ; William, 1750(?;, 
for whom see below ; Olive; Samuel, 1757. 

William' Plaisted, son of William and Judith (Ricker), bom about 1750. mar- 
ried (1) 1 Aug. 1769 Anne Ford, daughter of John, who was bom probably at 
Berwick, Me. (Tate's MS. Diary, pp. 43, 49) ; he married (2) 29 Nov. 1781 
Hannah' Huckins, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Fernald). By his first wife he 
had: Daniel, bom at Somersworth in 1770; Naomi, born at Somersworth 26 
Sept. 1771 ; a child, born at Somersworth 14 Oct. 1773, died on the same day ; 

Ford, bom perhaps at Moultonborough in 1775(?), said to have married 

Ames and to have removed to Canada or to Philadelphia (i6., p. 43). For chil- 
dren of William' Plaisted by his second wife, vide supra, p. 183. 

60 Wall Street, New York, iV. Y. Hentiy Wixthrop Hasdon. 

1913] Recent Boohs 189 

Historical Intelligence 

Dedication of the New Building of the Xew England Historic Genea- 
j logical Society. — The new building of tlie Society at D Ashburton Place, Bos- 

( ton, in whicli the work of the Society has been carried on and its meetings have 

) been held since 21 Dec. 1912 {vide supra, p. 91), was formally dedicated at 3 p.m. 

; on Tuesday, 18 Mar. 1913, the sixty-eiglith anniversary of the incorporation of 

the Society. The exercises were held in Wildek Hall, the spacious auditorium 
which perpetuates the name of the late Marshall Piuckney Wilder. LL.D.. Pres- 
ident of the Society during the years 1SG.8-18S(). After prayer had been oflfered 
by Rev. James De Normandie, D.D., of Rosbury, JIass.. President Baxter brief- 
j • ly recalled to tlie minds of his hearers the names of those who in former years 

' labored for the buildina: up of the Society and of those to whose aid in more re- 

cent years tlie Society is especially indebted for the new lire-proof structure. 
He tlieu presented Hon. John Davis Long, LL.D., of Hiuirham, Jlass., who de- 
livered a scholarly address pre-eminently appropriate to the occasion. At the 
conclusion of the exercises refreshments were served in the smaller hall to the 
many members and friends present. A full account of the dedicatory exercises, 
with the addresses of President Baxter and Governor Long, will be published 
; by the Society. 

L-vPHAM. — The Lapham Genealogy, by Emory D. Lapham, East Rochester, 
N. Y. (I'zWe Registeu, vol. 64, p. 377), is nearing completion, and will be pub- 
lished, it is hoped, in 1914. It comprises many lines of descendants of John 
Lapham of Devonshire, England, Providence, R". I., and Dartmouth, Mass., and 
will make a volume of about 500 pages. 

Paelin. — .A. Parlin Genealogy, giving the descendants of Nicholas Parlin of 
Cambridge, Mass., on which Frank Edson Parlin, 3 Forest Park, Cambridge, 
Mass., has been at work for several years, will be published before the end of 
April. 1913. It contains from 250 to 300 pages, and includes female as weU as 
male lines of descent. 

Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
aU facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full if 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Simmons.— Isloses (Moyses Symonson), born probably at Leyden, Holland, 
but of English descent, by Henry A. Simmons, Box 754, Northampton. Mass. 

Warden. — Peter, who was bom probably at Clayton, Lancashire. England, 
about lo()9, and died about 1039, by Edward Chauncey Worden and Anna (Breits- 
man) AVorden, MUburn, Essex Co., N. J. 


I [The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Registee 

I to state, for the information of readers, the price of eacli book, with the amount to be 

' added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 

^ January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for July, by 

!' May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 

Baskerville genealogy. Genealogy of the Baskerville family and some allied 
families, including the Ensrlish descent from 1266. By Patrick Hamilton Basker- 
vill. Richmond, Va., "William Ellis Jones' Sons, Inc., 1912. 14-|-214 p. fcsm. 
il. pi. 8° 

An account will be found of the following families : Barber-Dennet, Norvell, .Mingc, Har- 
rison, Eaton, Embry, Coleman, Gordon, Murray, Boiling, Kennon, Worsham, Rolfe, etc. 

190 Recent Boohs [April 

Bates genealogy. Bates bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1, 2d series, Sept. 1912. 12 p. il. 8» 

Carter genealogy. 1G.52-K)12. The descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of 
Barford, Lancaster co., Va., with zenealosical notes of many of the allied 
families. By Joseph Lyon Miller, M.D. n. p. [1912.] [U+]27+388 p. fcsm. 
pi. por. 8" Address Dr. J. L. Miller, Thomas, W. Va. 

Chandler genealogy. Cliandler of Oare. County of Wilts. Report of .searches 
in relation to the ancestry of .John and George Chandler who sailed from Eng- 
land to the Province of Pennsylvania, in the year UiSfi. Edited at the request 
of Percy M. Chandler of Philadelphia. By Thomas Allen Glenn. Printed for 
private "distribution. England, W. K. Morton &, Sons, printers. 1913. 21 p. 8" 

Claghorn genealogy. The Barony of Cleghorne, 1203. Lanarkshire. Scotland, 
to the family of Claghorn, 1912, U". S. A. By WUliam Crumby Claghorn. Phila- 
delphia, 1912. 132 p. fcsm. pi. por. 4" 

Currier and Dnston genealogies. Address or historical sketch delivered at a Cur- 
rier Family Reunion, Toledo, Ohio, October 31, 1910. By Edwin M. Currier. 
Lowell. Mass., Courier-Citizen Co., 1913. 19 p. chart S" Price .$1.00. Address 
the author, 1638 Bridge St., Dracut, Mass. 

De Blois genealogy. Old Boston families, number one. The De Blois family. 
By Arthur "Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, M.A., D.C.L. 1913. 15 p. 40 Reprint 
from Register for January, 1913. 

Doane genealogy. Doane Reunion at Barrington Head. Nova Scotia. Can. Me- 
morial service at Old Meeting House, July 18, 1912. Unveiling historic tablet 
to Edmund Doane and Elizabeth Osbom Myrick Paine, his wife. Reunion ban- 
quet, July 19, 1912. Truro, N. S., News Publishing Co., Ltd., 1912. 61 p. pL 8» 

Folsom genealogy. Records. Fourth annual reunion of the descendants of 
the immigrant, John Folsom, Boston, Mass., Sept. 4, 1912. 23 p. 8° 

Foote genealogy. Report of the third and fourth meetings, Foote Family 
Association of America, at Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 9 and 10, 1909, andBranford, 
Conn., Sept. 11 and 12, 1912. n.p. n. d. 14 p. por. 4° 

French genealogy. A genealogical history of the French and allied families. 
By Marv Queal Bever. Privately printed. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, The Torch 
Press. '1912. 373 p. fcsm. pi. por. 4<> 

A genealogical record will be found of the following families : Ingalla, Seaward, Queal, 
Beyer, Cooper, Engelbeck, Armitage, and Beard. 

Gesner genealogy. The Gesner family of New York and Nova Scotia together 
with some notes concerning the families of Bogardus, Brower, Ferdon, and 
Pineo, 1710-1912. By Anthon Temple Gesner. Middletown, Conn., Peiton & 
King, printers and book-binders, 1912. 30 p. il. S" 

GooMn genealogy. Daniel Gookin, 1612-1687, Assistant and Major General of 
the Massachusetts Bay Colony, his life and letters and some account of his an- 
cestry. By Frederick William Gookin. Chicago, privately printed, 1912. 207 p. 
fcsm. pi. \° 

Harwood genealogy. Genealogical history of the Salem Harwoods. descendants 
of Henry and Elizabeth Harwood, who came from England with Gov. Wiuthrop 
in 1630. and settled in Charlestown, Mass. Vol. 2. By Watson H. Harwood, 
M.D. Chasm Falls, N. Y., 1912. 75 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8<> 

James genealogy. Ancestors and descendants of Capt. John James and Esther 
Denison of Preston, Conn. By Clara Paine Ohler. Lima. Ohio, 1912. 216 p. 
pi. por. 8° 

An account is given of the Denison, Lay, Avery, Chesebrongh, and Tyler families. 

Kingman genealogy. Descendants of Henry Kmgman, some early generations 
of the Kingman family. By Bradford Kingman. Boston, Press of David Clapp 
& Son, 1912. 96 p. 8" 

Lord genealogy. The ancestors and descendants of Lieut. Tobias Lord. By 
Charles Edward Lord. Privately printed, 1913. 263 p. fcsm, pi. por. 8" Price 
§5.00 net. Address the author, 2"4 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

The first book received by the Librarian in the new buildins?, 9 A.<!hburton Place, Boston. It 
was delivered by Mr. Lord in person to the Librarian, 2a December 1912. 


Itecent Boohs 191 

Mac Gre^or genealogy. Yearbook of American Clan Gregor Society, containing 
I the proceedings at tlie gatlierings of I'JOU and I'JIO. 70 p. por. S" 

Mitchell genealogy. The Mitchells from Kittery. Cambridge, Mass., privately 
printed at tlie Kivorside Fress, 1911. p. 1295-Ucij, S^' Reprint from Descend- 
ants of Edward Small and allied families, by L. A. W. Uuderhill. 

Olmsted genealogy. Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America, embracing 
the descendants of James and Kichard Olmsted and covering a period of nearly 
three centuries. li;:'.2-l'J12. By Henry King Olmsted, M.D. aud llev. George K. 
Ward, A.M. 2>'e\v York, A. T. De la Mare Printing and Publisliing Co., Ltd., 
1012. 2o+518[+l] p. fcsm. pi. por. i° 

Paine genealogy, Paiue ancestry, the family of Robert Treat Paine, signer of 
the Declaration of Independence, including maternal lines. By Sarali Cushing 
Paine, ed. by Charles Henry Pope. Boston, Mass., 1912. 334: p. chart 4:° 

In pait one will be found tlie I'aine ancestry, direct line; part two, maternal lines; part 
three, the dtscenUautd of Cliarles Cusliing I'aine. 

Pomeroy genealogy. History and genealogy of the Pomeroy family. Collateral 

lines in family groups. Normandy, Great Britain, and America, comprising the 

ancestors and descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy from BeaminsLer, co. Dorset, 

Eng., 1630. By Albert Alonzo Pomeroy. [Toledo, Ohio, The Franklin Printmg 

; and Engraving Co., 1912.] 16+962 p. fcsm. U. map pi. por. i" 

I Bitter genealogy. Versuch den Ursprung und die genealogie der Rheinpfal- 

i zischen familie Hitter zu verzeicimeu. Norton T[ownsendj Horr, B. S. Cleve- 

\ land, Ohio, privatdruck, 1912. [54] p. map pi. por. 8° 

Savary genealogy. ^lemorial volume, selections from the prose and poetical 
writings of the late Jolin Savary. Edited by John Albee. To whicli is added a 
genealogical i-ecord of tlie Savary-Hall families. By Marion H. Shumway. 
Chicago [111.], privately printed, 1912. 5+270 p. fcsm. por. 8° 

I Shepardson genealogy. The Shepardson family, some miscellaneous records of 

several generations. By Francis Wayland Shepardson. n. p. 1912. 8 p. 8" 

Shnrtleff genealogy. Descendants of William ShurtletT of Plymouth and 
Marshlield, Mass., 2 vols. By Benjamin Shurtletf. Revere, Mass., 1912. Vol.1, 
13+758 p.; vol. 2, 738 p. fcsm. map pi. por. 8" Price ■§15.00. Address the 
author, Revere. Mass. 

I Stevens, Gallatin, and Nicholson genealogies. Genealogical-biographical liistories 

of the families of Stevens, Gallatin, and Nicholson. By Byam Kerby Stevens. 
New York, National Americana Society, 1911. 3G p. fcsm. por. F° 

Stoddard genealogy. The Stoddard family, being an account of some of the 
descendants of John Stodder of ilingliam, Massaciuisetts Colony. By Francis 
Russell Stoddartl, Jr. New York, The Trow Press, 11)12. 148 p. o" Price 
§3.50, by mail y3.61. Address the author, 43 Exchange Place. New York, N. Y. 

Stowell genealogy. Condensed genealogy, Stowell family with allied families. 
By Charles Henry Stowell, .M.D. u. p. 1912. u. p. chart, pi. por. 8'^ 

Mention is made of tile following families: Page, Farrow, Cheney, Wiswall, Jackson, 
Duuster, Lawrence, Waahingtun, and lioyuton. 

Tower genealogy. Report of the fourth annual reunion of the descendants of 
John Tower, at Detroit, Mich., June 7, 8, and 9, 1912, and of the fourth aiiuual 
meeting of the Tower Genealogical Society, at Hiugliam, Mass.. July 20, 1912. 
Boston, 2vlass., E. L. Grimes Co., printers [1912]. 40 p. fcsm. 11. pi. por. 8° 

Tyler genealogy. William Tyler genealoiry. The descendants of William 
Tyler, of Salem. N. J., 1625(?)-1701. By WiUard Irving Tyler Bri^'ham. Pub- 
lished for Da\id Allen Thompson. Albany, N. Y., The Braudow Printing Co., 
1912. 55 p. 8° 

Webster genealogy. Some of the descendants of Jolin Webster of Ipswich, 
Mass., 1634. By John C[alviu] Webster, M.D. Chicago, 111., 1912. 92 p. 8° 

White genealogy. White family (males). [Descendants of William of Bos- 
ton, Mass.] n. p. n. d. Chart. 

192 Recent Boohs [April 

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Vol. fiO, p. 323, lines 42 and 45, /or John Sherman read John Shearman. 

Vol. 6(>, p. o'25, line 1, /br S;irah read Susan. 

Vol. 07, p. 83, line 31, '/'or Willi.\m [ r] Drew read Willi.^m^ Drew. After Durham 

in-icrt comma and add son of Thomas^ and Mary' (Bunker), b. Apr. 1692. 
Vol. 67, p. 84, line 19, for Ric-hard read ^Micajah. 
Vol. 67, p. 94, line 55, /or A[vthur] read A[s'ahei]. 




JULY, 1913 


By Chanxixo Howaud, Esq., of Winthrop, Mass. 

David Floyd, a resident member of the Xew England Historic 
Genealogical Society from 1898, and since February 1912 the 
chairman of its Committee on Collection of Records, died at his 
home at Winthrop, Mass., 17 !March 1913. He was born at 
Winthrop 26 October 1854, the son of Edward and Lucretia 
(Tewksbury) Floyd, and a descendant of Capt. John Floyd, who 
was living at Lynn, Mass., in 16G2, and later lived at Maiden, near 
the old Chelsea line, and served in 1676 as a lieutenant in Kins: 
Philip's War. * Among David Floyd's ancestors were early settlers 
of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Mayflower Pilgrims of Ply- 
mouth, as well as soldiers of the Revolution. 

Edward Floyd, the father of David, had four other children. He 
was a man of parts in his time. He held several town offices, being a 
member of the legislature in 1851, treasurer of Xorth Chelsea before 
Winthrop was set off in 1852, and for many years the first treasurer of 
the new town. He was known as "the Squire," and such he was, 
being a justice of the peace, writing deeds, and measuring land, in 
addition to tilling his small farm, after the manner of a ti'ue village 
squire of fifty years ago ; for then Winthrop was a small country 
town, and agriculture was the principal occupation of the inliai^itants. 

David Floyd had the schooling of the time in the Wintiirop pul^- 
lic schools, which was not liberal, but in spite of this he became a 
scholar through much reading, contact with the world, and travel. 
He went to a business college in Boston, and later he took the full 
Chautauqua course. He married, 9 June 1886, Belle A. Seavey, 
who survives her husband. They had no children. His lioine was 
always in Winthrop. He was a member of the ^Methodist Episcopal 
Church, which as an organization was much benefited by his varied 

On the death of his father in 1879 he took charge of his business, 
pursuing in a moderate way and gradually increasing his real estate 

* See "Tlie Flov.l Family of Kumney Marsli," bv C. Harold Floyd, in Kegistee, 
vol. 63, pp. 245-257. 


196 David Floyd [July 

and conTeyancing business until 1889, when he established himself 
in the general lousiness of real estate, insurance, and conveyancing 
at AVinthrop and at 34 School Street, Boston, occupying the same 
offices and carrying on his work with ever increasing energy until 
the day of his death. By his unusual ability, and with his strict 
luibits of industry, j\lr. Floyd became a successful business man. 
He was a director in the Massachusetts Real Estate Exchange, vice- 
president and director of the County Savings Bank, and a director 
of tlie Winthrop Cooperative Bank. He was a trustee of much 
property and of many interests, and in general was adviser and 
helper not only for various persons and estates in a strictly business 
way, but also for the widowed and fatherless in Winthrop and out- 
side. Probably none of his fellow-citizens knew how far hLs help- 
fulness reached in all directions. 

Mr. Floyd early became a conspicuous to'vvn officer, serving liis 
toAvn in vai'ious capacities and with superior ability, as assessor for 
seven years, treasurer for eleven years, treasurer of the sinking-fund 
for twenty-five years, moderator at various town-meetings, and a 
meml)er of numerous committees for investigation and report on many 
matters vital to the town's interests and policy. Among the most 
important of his services for his native town were those connected 
with the establishing and building of a sewerage system, those ren- 
dered as a member of the appropriations committee which made up 
the annual budget for the town's expenditures and practically planned 
its financial policy for many years, and also his services as chairman 
of the committee to investigate the establishment of playgrounds 
for the town, an investigation which he conducted in a most ex- 
haustive and thorough manner, with very happy results. The 
methods reported and adopted in relation to this matter attracted 
state-wide attention, and the Boston Tr-anscript said of the report 
that it "is one of the best civic documents of the year." 

In 1883 Mr. Floyd, with five others, was appointed to establish 
a reading-i'oom and library in the town. This was the beginning of 
the Winthrop Public Library, of wliich ]Mr. Floyd was a trustee 
continuously from that time until his death, serving as secretary or 
chairman the entire period. He excelled all his associates on the 
libraiy hoard, not only in length of service, but also in the extent 
and quality of his work, no cause, perhaps, being closer to his heart. 
An excellent library building, well set in sjpacious grounds, was 
built in 1898, Mr. Floyd's good judgment never failing, whether 
the matter in hand was one of construction or of selecting employees 
or pictures. The historical room commenced at that time, with its 
splendid collection, stands as the fruition of his dreams and a monu- 
ment to his efi?brt and ability. 

He uas chairman of the trustees of the Winthrop Improvement 
and Historical Association, was a foremost and much-appreciated 
worker in behalf of its varied activities in the interests of the town, 

1913] David Floyd 197 

and acted as chairman of the committee which obtained the funds 
for the purchase of the old* Deane Winthrop House. In 1902 he 
took a conspicuous part, both as library trustee and as a member of 
the general committee, in the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary 
of the incorporation of the town. In 1912 he headed a com- 
mittee which conducted a celebration in connection with the old 
Gibbons Elm, it being the two hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary 
of the original allotments of land at " Pullen Point." Among the 
many minor duties which he assumed was the presidency of the 
Winthrop Law and Order League, at a time when he thought that 
the good name of the town was at stake. 

Mr. Floyd was representative to the General Court in 1887 and 
1888, was a member, and chairman for a considerable term, of the 
"Winthrop Republican Town Committee, and sometimes served on 
important State commissions. 

In 1897 he joined the Massachusetts Society, Sons of the Ameri- 
can Kevolution, became one of the original members of its Old 
Suflblk Chapter, and held important official positions both in the 
local chapter and in the state society. He was also prominent in 
Masonic circles. 

On historical, civic, and local topics Mr. Floyd was a writer of 
no mean ability, and contributed numerous articles for publication 
along these lines. From time to time each year he furnished to the 
Winthi'op and to the Boston papers a digest of the growth and 
activities of Winthrop, particularly in relation to its real estate in- 
terests. He also aided Judge ]Mellen Chamberlain and the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society in preparing the Documentary History 
of Chelsea, the home of his ancestors, which embraced the Win- 
throp region. 

Sometimes he " broke out in verse," but this was usually for the 
benefit of his more intimate friends or for special occasions. He 
was broad in his readinir, knew books better than the averag-e busi- 
ness man, perused the best English literature, and had a true sense 
of humor. He often spent one to two hours a day in browsing in 
the book-stores, to find the best books for the use of the Winthrop 
Public Library or a book of which some person was in particular 
need. He knew the historical and legendary scenes of Xew Eng- 
land as few others know them. 

He never indulged in any conspicuous or extreme pleasures, al- 
though he knew how to enjoy the good things of every-day life 
every day. His physique, like his mind and spu'it, was most ex- 
cellent ; he had a good body, well proportioned, a strong build, an 
erect carriage, a quick step, and a cheerful and restful countenance. 
His sincerity, candor, and constancy beamed out from his magnetic 
personality at every angle of his many-sided life, 
fli He was the leading citizen of Winthrop. He was la\'ish of his 

services toward all civic, patriotic, philanthropic, and intellectual 


198 Old Boston Families [July 

movements, many of which appealed to his busy life. He had a 
fairness of temperament, a clearness of understanding, and a firm- 
ness of character that made him a good judge of the problems of 
every-day life, our times, and our people. He was a man of vision, 
who could by the eye of experience and faith look far into the future. 
He was at all times an optimist. His manifold activities and his 
qualities of heart and life bound him with close ties to many people 
in the varied work and various walks of life. 



By Lawrence Paek, Esq., of Groton, Mass. 

1, Thomas^ Savage was born, probably in England, in lfi07 or 1608. 
He embarked from London in the ship Planter. Nic° Trarice, master, 
in Apr. 1635, having been certified by the minister of St. Alljans, Hertford- 
shire. In the list of the slxip's passengers he is called a tailor, and his age 
is given as 27, which corresponds with his age as given by him in a depo- 
sition dated i& (9) 1664, in which he states that he is about 57 years old 
(lilssex County Files, vol. 10, p. 59). According to his descendant, Hon. 
James Savage, the noted antiquarian of Boston, he was a son of William 
Savage, a blacksmith of Taunton in Somersetshire, and was apprenticed 
by his father 9 .Jan. 1 620/1 to the Merchant Taylors Guild of Loudon. 
Aside from this statement, I have found nothing to show that Thomas 
Savage had any connection with William, the blacksmith of Taunton. In 
his will, dated 28 June 1675 but probably written some years earlier, 
Thomas Savage leaves money to '• my coz Leonard Savage in Barbadoes " 
and " to my sister." The sister's name is written in the will> but it is 
ditiicult to decipher. It is, however, apparently •• Perking." These two 
bequests, together with another to his son Arthur, who was probably dead 
when the will w"as dated, are interlined in the original, and do not appear 
in the copy of the will on file in the Sutiolk Registry of Probate in Boston. 
In the registers of the chm'ch of St. John sub-Castro at Levres, co. Sussex, 
is recorded the burial, 9 Nov. 1617, of Leonard Savage, mercer and house- 
holder. In the will of Henry Crabbe of St. Gregory, London, merchant tailor, 
dated 25 Xov. 1620, mention is made of William. Margaret, and Ami<- (all 
under 21 years), children of Leonard Savage, deceased, "my late master," 
who is doubtless the same man who was buried at Lewes in 1617. In 1784 
a great-grandson of Thomas Savage, Samuel Phillips Savage, compiled a 
chart of the family from information given him before her death in 1755 
by his grandmother Hannah (Gillam) PhiUips, a granddaughter of Thomas 
Savage, and by Mrs. Joshua Wells (Sarah Savage), another granddaughter. 
Mrs. Phillips was born in Boston in 1662, twenty years before her grand- 
father Savage died, and doubtless derived the information directly from 
him. In this chart, which is now iu the possession of a descendant of the 
compiler, it is stated that Thomas Savage was a linen draper (mercer) and 
had two brothers in England, one of whom was Arthur, '""Dean of Car- 

1913] The Savage Family 199 

lisle," while the other, name unkno^y^, lived about fifty miles from Lon- 
don, which is the distance between London and Lewes. Ai-thur Savage, 
I find upon investigation, was not dean of Carlisle, but a prebendary or 
vice-decanus of the Cathedral of Carlisle, and in his will made in 1G98 he 
bequeathed money to Arthur, James, and Elizabeth, the children of his 
nephew James Savage, a sadler of Lewes. Arthur Savage matriculated 
at Oxford 16 Mar. 1637/8 at the age of 16, and in the catalogue of Oxford 
University graduates he is called a son of John Savage, Esq., " of Wootton 
Hall in the County of Salop." It seems impossible to identify this estate, 
and researches thus far have not disclosed any will of a John Savage in 
Shropshire. If Thomas Savage's father was named "William, it is a little 
strange that he gave his father's name to none of his twelve sons. He did, 
however, call one son Arthur, a name which has since been frequently used 
in the family, and named another Richard, which was also the name of a 
Savage v.- ho married at Lewes in 1673. 

In the .January after his arrival Thomas Savage was admitted to the 
church in Boston. In the following month he was given seven acres of 
marsh ground at Muddy River, now Brookline, Mass., " for the keeping 
of his cattle (being in number, five) " (Boston Records), and on 25 May 
1636 he was made a freeman of the town of Boston, upon whose records 
his name appears with frequency during the remainder of his life. In the 
religious controversy in which his mother-in-law, the famous Mistress Anne 
Hutchinson, became involved. Savage was one of her adherents, and pre- 
vious to her trial was disarmed and obliged to leave Boston, as he did ap- 
parently late in 1637. With "William Coddington, "WUliam Hutchinson, 
and others. Savage purchased Aquidneck of the natives, and began the 
settlement of Rhode Island. Soon after his arrival at Aquidneck Savage 
recanted, and was allowed to return to Boston, where he was again settled, 
probably as early as June 1638. In 1637 he became a member of the 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, where his name 
stands fourth on the roll of membership, and in 1651 he succeeded Capt. 
Robert Keayne as captain of the Company, holding this position again in 
1659, 1668, 1675, and 1680. In 1651 and 1652 he was the recorder or 
town clerk of Boston, and a selectman in 1652. On 12 Mar. 1653/4 Savage, 
with one other, was chosen to represent Boston in the General Court, 
holding that position untU 1657. He was again a representative from 1659 
to 1662, and in 1677 and 1678, and held the office of assistant from 1680 
to his death. In 1 669 he was one of the founders and members of the 
Third (Old South) Church, and was a liberal contributor toward establish- 
ing a free school in Boston. In 1673 he, with others, erected a barricade 
in Boston Harbor for protection against an expected attack upon Boston 
by the Dutch. This barricade eventually grew into Long "Wharf, portions 
of which have ever since been owned by some of his descendants. In 1675, 
at the beginning of King Philip's War, Savage was appointed to the chief 
command of the Massachusetts forces, Denison, the major-general, being 
prevented by illness from participating, and on 28 June he set out upon 
the campaign at the head of a force numbering about three hundred men. 
Upon their arrival at the Wampanoag country in the northeastern portion 
of Rhode Island they found that Philip and his forces had fied, and peace 
being soon declared, Savage and his men returned to Boston, where the 
army was disbanded. Philip, however, was soon again upon the war-path, 
and in the spring of 1676 Savage was once more placed at the head of the 
Massachusetts troops and acquitted himself with distinction during the re- 
mainder of the war. 

200 Old Boston Families [July 

According to the Book of Possessions, Savage's house and garden were 
on the north side of the present Bennet Street, near Scarlet's Wharf, where 
afterwards stood the King's Head Tavern. At the same time he was the 
owner of a farm in Braintree, containing about 65 acres, 26 acres of which 
he sold early to James Everill of Boston. He afterwards increased his 
holdings in Brtdntree to nearly 2.500 acres. In 1G.56 Savage built a new 
honse " between the drawbridge and the conduit," on the southerly side 
of the present North Street, near Dock Square, on land which he had pur- 
chased two years earlier for £130. In the deed of this purchase he is 
called a " merchant," and his shop stood on what is now the easterly 
corner of Washington Street and Adams Square. 

He married first, probably in Boston in 16.37, Faith HrTcni>fSON', who 
was baptized at Alford, co. Lincoln, England, 14 Aug. 1G17, and died in 
Boston 20 Feb. 1651/2, daughter of William and Anne (Marbury), who 
came to Boston in 1634. He married secondly, in Boston, 15 Sept. 1652, 
Increase Nowell otficiating. Mart Syjimes, who was born at Dunstable, 
CO. Bedford, England, 9 Apr. 1628, daughter of Rev. Zechariah of Charles- 
town, Mass., who came to Boston in 1634 in the same ship with the 

Maj. Savage died suddenly in Boston 15 Feb. 1681/2, and was buried 
in the burial-ground now adjoining King's Chapel, where liis tomb, upon 
which are engraved the arms of the Savages of Rock-Savage, may still be 
seen. On 28 June 1675 he dated his will, by which he appointed John 
Hull and Isaac Addington overseers, and his sons Thomas, Ephraim, and 
Perez his executors, and disposed of property amounting, as shown by the 
appraisal of his estate, to nearly £3500. Among the items of the inventory 
are anns and armor valued at £5 ; plate, gold, and rings, £29. 10s. lid. ; 
servants, £83; pewter, £11. 9s. 6d. ; books, £2. 10s.; and debts of £6-44. 
88. 6d. In the real estate are included his house and land in Boston, land 
at the South End of Boston and a "parte of the out wharfe," Hog (now 
Breed's) Island, a farm at " Romly Marsh," and lands in Braintree and 
Lynn. His portrait, showing him in military dress and painted in 1679 by 
an unknown artist, is in the possession of a descendant, and is reproduced 
in Winsor's Memorial History of Boston, vol. 1, p. 318. 

Maj. Savage's widow, who became a member of the Third Church in 
1674, was married, between 7 Dec. 1683 and 10 Apr. 1684, as his fourth 
wife, to Anthony Stoddard, who, when he died on 16 Mar. 1686/7, was 
called by Sewall " the ancientest shop-keeper in Town." Mrs. Stoddard 
died in Boston 18 July 1710, and was buried, the day following her death, 
in the Savage tomb. In her will, made 5 Feb. 1697/8 and proved 21 .July 
1710, she gives to her daughter Sarah Higginson her " Molatto Girl named 
Ann and also all the wrought plate ; " to her son-in-law John Higginson 
her " Great bible ; " to the two children of her grandson John Higginson, 
Jr., a silver spoon each, of the value of fifteen shillings ; and the remainder 
of her estate is to be equally divided between her six grandchildren, the 
five children of John Higginson and the daughter of her deceased son 
Ebenezer Savage. She appoints .John Higginson and his wife Sarah her 

Children by first wife, born in Boston : 

2. i. Habijah,^ b. 1 Aug. 1638. 

3. ii. Thomas, bapt. 17 May 1640. 

ill. Hannah, b. 28 June 1643 ; bapt. at the First Church 2 July 1643, 
" being about 5 dayes old : " d. in Boston betw. 11 Oct. 1721 and 21 
Peb. 1721/2; m. (1) in Boston, Maj.-Gen. Humphrey AthertoQ 

1913] The Savage Family 201 

ofBciatins, 26 Oct. 1660, Benj-vjiix Gillam. sou of Benjamin and 
Anne of Boston, b. in Eujrland abt. 1643. d. probuljlr iu Boston and 
bur., accordin^r to Sewall, 13 June 1685. He was a mercluint, 
mariner, and sliip-owner of Boston, having a " mansion house " 
on Batterymarch and wharves and a ship-yard near. He was 
second iu coiuniand of an expedition, durius Kinir Philip's War, 
led by liis father-in-law, into central ilassachusetts. and was a 
lieutenant iu Capt. Savage's second Boston company in the Sult'ijlk 
regiment under Maj. Thomas Clai'ke prior to l(i7.j. He also served 
in the Xarragansett campaign in King Philip's War. and succeeded 
Capt. Savage as captain of his company. 6 Feb. 1675/6. Plis will, 
made 28 Mar. 1681, was proved 17 'June 1686. Mrs. Hannah 
(Savage) Gillam m. (2) in Boston, early iu Sept. 1685. Gii.ks 
Sylvester, sou of Nathaniel and Grizzel (Brinley) of Slielter 
Island, N. Y., b. 1657, d. probably in New York City iu or soon 
after 1705. His father was the tii'st settler and later the owner 
of the entire island, where he had a manorial estate. Giles Syl- 
vester lived on this estate, but spent much time in New York, and 
in 1695 was living in Boston. At his father's death in 1680 he 
inherited a large portion of the island, of which he left, by will, 
one-third to his widow. Mrs. Sylvester, after her husband's death, 
returned to live with one of her daughters in Boston, where she 
was admitted to the Third (Old South) Church in 1707. Children 
by first husband: 1. Hannah, h. 27 Apr. 1662; d. 1755; m. Sam- 
uel Phillips :* eight children. 2. Ann, b. 6 June 1665 ; d. in Boston 
11 Nov. 1678. 3. Faith, b IS July 1668; d. after 1747: m. (1) 
Matthew Middleton ; m. (2) Capt. Wentworth Paston; one child 
by first husband, and three children by second husband. 4. Dyo- 
nisia, b. 8 Feb. 1671/2 ; d. young. 5. Benjamin, b. 5 June 1677 ; d. 
young. 6. Thomas, b. 10 Aug. 1670 ; d. young. 7. Mary. b. 9 
June 1682; d. probably 1747; m. (1) Eobert Seppens ; m. (2) 
Richard Hubbard ; two children by second husband. 
4. iv. Epheaim, b. 20 July 1645. 

V. Maky, bapt. 6 June 1647, " aged about 8 days ; " m. abt. 1670 Thomas 
Thacher. son of Rev. Thomas and Elizabeth (Partridge) (Kemp). 
He settled in Boston, where he became a prosperous merchant, 
and died there 2 Apr. 1686. Mrs. Thacher d. in Boston 22 July 
1730, leaving aU her property to her son Peter. Children: 1. 
Elizabeth, b. 26 Dec. 1671; d., probably in Boston. 3 Jan. 1678/9. 
2. 77iomas. b. 25 Sept. 1673; d. in Boston 16 Dec. 1722; m. (1) 
Margaret Haywood ; m. (2) Katherine (Tuck) Evertou; no chil- 
dren by either marriage. 3. John. b. 22 Jan. 1674/5: m. ilary 
Mould: no record of his death or of anv children. 4. Peter, bapt. 
26 Aug. 1677; d. 1 Mar. 1739; H. C. 1696; m. Hannah Curwen; 
no record of any children. 5. Mary, b. 28 Jan. 1679/80; d. be- 
tw. 24 Apr. 1729 and 5 Nov. 1736; m. (1) George Kilcup ; ra. 
(2) Joseph Bill: two children by first husbaud, uone by second 
vi. Dyo^tisia. bapt. 30 Dec. 1649, aged about one day; living in 1703, 
but d. bef. 1723; m. (1), probably in Boston, abt. 1680. Samcel 
Ra\-exscroft ; m. (2), in York Co., Va., iu 1695, Thojias Hadlev. 
Samuel Ravenscroft became a member of the Ancient and Honor- 
able Artillery Company in 1679, second sergeant in 1682, aud en- 
sign in 1686, and in Mar. 1686/7 was commissioned captaiu of a 
militia company in Boston. His three oldest children were bapt. 
at the Thii"d Church, but in 1686 he, with a few others, founded 
King's Chapel, the first Anglican church in Boston, where his 
younger children were bapt. On 29 June 1689 he was choseu one 
of its wardens. In Apr. 1689 he was imprisoned for sympathizing 
with the policies of Gov. Andros, but was soon after released, 
and united in a loyal address to King WUliam. About 1692 he 
removed with his family to Virginia, where he d. l)ef. 1695. Chil- 
dren by first husband : 1. Byonisia, b. 12 Apr. 1681 ; probably d. 

• Vide infra, p. 212, note. 

202 Old Boston Families [July 

young. 2. Samuel, b. 12 Apr. 1G82 ; probably d. young. 3. 
G-e'jr(je, b. 20 Mar. 1G82/3 ; proba))ly d. youns;. ' 4. Sarnh. b. 20 

Nov. 1G8G; m.* Berry; liviuif ;ia York Co., Va., in 1723. 

5. Thomas, b. 29 June 1G»8"; d. in Bristol Parish. Prince George 
Co., Va., in Dec. 1735 or Jan. 173.5/G ; living in James City Co., 
Va.. in 1723; m. and bad one son.* 
vii. Peuez, b. 17 Fel). lGyl/2. and bapl. at tlie First Cliurcli five days 
later. Ue enlisted as an ensii^u iu Capi. Motley's company in 
King Pliilip's War, was badly woouded in the thigh at Swan.sey, 
K. I., during the tirst week of the war, and was again wounded in 
the •• Great Swamp tight " iu the Xarraganseit campaign on I'J Dec. 
following, when he had become lieut. of the same company. A 
"• young martial spark " Hubbard quaintly calls him.f and a •• noble 
Leroic youth" says Capt. Beuj. Church. Later he carried on 
trade l)etweeu Boston, Loudon, and Cadiz. He was in London in 
Sept. 1G90, about to sail for Malaga, and in the following Nov. 
lie was in Deal, " waightiug A faire wind to go to sea: for Mal- 
lago and here Againe." He was again in London in Oct. 1G91. 
A contribution was taken up iu the Dorchester churches on 28 
Jan. 1GU3/4 for the purpose of ransoming Savage and his nephew 
Thomas Thacher, who had fallen into the hands of Barbary 
pirates. Just when this capture took place has not yet been dis- 
covered, but Savage and his nephew and other members of the 
ship's crew were imprisoned at Mequinez (now Meknez), Morocco, 
and there on 24 May 1C94, •' in my Sick Bed," Savage made a wdl, 
and probably d. soon after. He never married. When Savage 
was in London, 8 Sept. 1G90," being bound out on a Voyage to 
Sea, ' he made a will, by which he left £10 each to his brothers 
Thomas, Ephraim, and Benjamin, and to his sisters Hannah 
Silvester, !Mary Thatcher. Diouitia Ravenscroft, and Sarah Hig- 
giuson, and to each of them a ring of 20 shillinirs in value ; to 
his nephew Thomas Thacher £ oO, and to his brother Thomas Savage 
" my Silver hilted Rapier which was left me by my Father." All 
the remainder of his estate, after the debts and above-mentioned 
bequests had been paid, he left to his brother Thomas, and ap- 
pointed him his executor. This will, which was witnessed by 
Bob' GrauvLll, David KaUy, Tho : Thatcher, and Jn" Towne, was 
signed at " Suelgroves dock Wapping," and was proved at Boston 
18 Apr. 1695, nearly a year after Savage's death. In his later 
will, made in Morocco 24 May 1694, he leaves to " Robert Car- 
ver a French Lewes, to Henry in the Jewdree a ducat of Gold, 
To John Borch & Ellas Fortune a Ducat in Silver a piece, and Elias 
a Jackett & to Joanas, the Thirty three Bla" [blankets?] as he 
Owes me," and the remainder of his estate. " that lyes now in the 
hands of M' Ricli'^ Hill ^lerch' in Cadix or London, New England 
or any other part where I am concem'd," is to be given to his 
nephew Thomas Thacher. This will was proved in London 11 
j\Iay 1702. On 10 Nov. 1708 the tirst will of Perez Savage was 
revoked in favor of the ileqninez wUl by Judge Addington of the 
Suftblk Probate Court, Addington having been the register under 
Judge Stoughton who granted letters of administration on the 
first wUl thirteen years previously. Later, however, Elizabeth 
(Scottow) Savage, widow of Thomas, the executor mentioned 
in the first will, instituted proceedings in the Court of Arches in 
London before Sir Charles Hedges, which resulted in a reversal of 

♦John Stark Ravenscroft, b. 1772, d. 1830, a great-great-gTanUson of Samuel and 
Dyonisia (Savage) Ravenscroft, was the first Bishop of North Carolina. 

t" Ensign Savage, that young martial spark, scarce twenty years of age, had at that 
time one bullet lodged in his thigh, another shot through the brim of his hat, by ten 
or twelve of the enemy discharging upon him together, while he boldly held up his 
colours in the front of his company." (Hubbard, Narrative of the Indian Vi'ars in New- 

" M'' Perez Savage and Mr. Pickering, his [Captain Mosley's] Lieutenants, de- 
serving no little part of the honor of that days service, being sometimes called to lead 
the company in the front, while Capt. Mosely took a little breath." {lb.) 

» 1913] The Savage Family 203 

the decree of Addhigton in support of the secoud will and estab- 
lished the right of the appellant under the first or Boston -will, 
"perhaps," says Savage, "with the concurrence of Thacher." 
(Savage's Gen. Dictionary, vol. 4, pp. 25-6.) 

Children by second wife, born in Boston : 

viii. SArvAii, b. 25 June 1653 ; bapt. at the First Church on the following 
day ; bur. at Salem, Mass., 26 June 1713 ; m. at Salera, 9 Oct. 1672, 
CuL. John Higgixson, b. at Guildford, Conn.. 1646; d. at Salem 
23 Mar. 1719/20, son of Kev. John and Sarah (Whitfield) of Salera. 
" John Higgiuson was one of the great merchants of Salem, and 
held many public oflSces. In 1678 lie was cliosen to keep the 
town books and was frequently selectman. He was deputy from 
Salem, 1685, 1689 and 1691, and a member of the Council from 
1700 until his death. He was also county treasurer and justice 
of the Court of Common Pleas. He was commissioned ensign 
in 1675 and promoted until in 1701 he ranked as colonel." (De- 
scendants of Rev. Francis Higginson, by Thomas Wentworth 
Higginson, 1910.) Children, all b. in Salera : 1. Mary, b. 27 
Sept. 1673 ; m. (1) Thomas Gardner, Jr. ; m. (2) Dr. Edward 
"Weld; m. (3) James Lindall; one child by second husband, six 
children by third husband. 2. John^ b. 20 Aug. 1675; d. 26 
Apr. 1718; m. (1) Hannah Gardner; m. (2) Margaret Sewall; six 
children by first wife, two bv second wife. 3. Thomas, b. 16 or 
23 Dec. 1677 ; d. at Salem IS'Sept. 1678. 4. Xathanid, b. 1 Apr. 
1680; d. at Salem 1720; m. Hannah Gerrish; five children. 5. 
Sarah, b. 1 June 1682; d. at Salem 5 Aug. 1699; ra. Nathaniel 
Hathorne. 6. Elizabeth, b. 13 Oct. 1684; d. at Salem 1734; m. 
John Gerrish; six children. 7. Margaret, b. 10 Xov. 1686; d. at 
Salem 18 June 1688 (Descendants of Kev. Francis Higginson), but 
gravestone in Charter Street Burying-Ground, Salem, says 18 Jan. 
1688 and gives her age as 2 yrs. and 2 mos. instead of 1 yr, and 7 
ix. EiCHARD, bapt. 27 Aug. 1654 ; d. in Boston 23 Sept. 1655. 
X. Samuel, b. 16 Nov. 1656; d. young, 
xi. Samuel, b. 22 Aug. 1657 ; d. same day. 
xii. Zecharlui, bapt. 4 July 1658 ; d. young. 

xiii. Ebenezee, b. 22 May 1660 ; bapt. at the First Church 27 May 1660 ; 
d. 1684 ; m., probably in Boston, abt. 1682, Martha Allen of Bos- 
ton, bur. in Boston 14 Nov. 1715. He was probably a member of 
the Boston Latin School in 1669, and on 21 Apr. 1679 he took the 
oath of allegiance. He joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company in 1682. He was one of the executors of his father's 
will. By occupation he was an upholsterer, but seems to have 
taken no part in the public life of Boston. Child : 1. Mary,^ b. in 
Boston 15 Aug. 1683; mentioned in will of her grandmother in 
Feb. 1697/8. 
xiv. John. b. 15 Aug. 1661 ; d. in Boston 23 Aug. 1661. 
XV. Benjajhn, bapt. at the First Church 12 Oct. 1662, was probably a 
scholar at the Boston Latin School in 1671. He took the oath of 
allegiance in Boston on 21 Apr. 1679, and in 1682 became a mem- 
ber of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. He was a 
mariner, and never married. On 15 Oct. 1687, •• being bound A 
Voiage to Sea," he made a will, which was proved at Salem 20 
Nov. 1693, leaving his entire estate to his "Loving Brother" 
John Higginson of Salem, to be divided among Higginson's chil- 
dren, Mary, the child of his brother Ebenezer Savage, to have an 
equal portion on arriving at full age. Samuel Sewall in his Diary 
speaks of Savage as living in Jan. 1691/2, and he d. sometime be- 
tween that date and 3 Nov. 1693, when his estate was appraised 
and inventoried. 
xvi. Arthur, b. 26 and bapt. 28 Feb. 1663/4; d. young, 
xvii. Elizabeth, b. 8 Nov. 1667 ; d. young, 
xviii. Elizabeth, b. 24 and bapt. 28 Feb. 1668/9 ; d. young. 

204 Old Boston Families [July 

2. Habijah^ Savage (Thomas^), bom in Boston 1 Aug. 1G38 and bap- 
tize<l at the First Church 12 Aug. lG-38, Tvas probably a scholar at 
the Boston Latin School as early as lC-47. He entered Harvard j 

College 17 July 1655 and was graduated in 1659. On 14 Mar. i 

1658/9 he. with two other students, was openly " censured in the 
Colledge Hall " for the part he took in the previous -January in 
" a great disorder in Cambridge in the niirht and fighting Vjetweene 
the schollars and some of the toune." (Sibley's Harvard Graduates, 
vol. 2, pp. 11-12.) In 16G5 he became a member of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company, and on 3 ]May 1 6C5 he was ad- 
mitted freeman, and soon became captain of a militia company in 

He married in Boston, Gov. Endicott officiating, 8 May 1661, 
Hannah Tyng, born in Boston 7 ilar. 16.39/40. daughter of 
Capt. Edward and Mary of Boston. He died in 1669, while on 
a trip to Barbadoes in connection with his business as a trader, and 
administration on his estate was granted 24 May 1670 to his widow, 
his estate being appraised at £443. 17s. l^d. At some time between 
1681 and 1685 his widow became the second wife of Maj.-Gen. 
Daniel Gookin of Cambridge, Mass., bom in co. Kent, England, 
about 1612, died 19 Mar. 1687, by whom she had one daughter. 
By his first wife Gookin had a son Nathaniel, who married a daugh- 
ter of Habijah Savage. Mrs. Hannah (Tvng) Gookin died at Cam- 
bridge 28 Oct. 1688. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Joseph,^ b. 15 Aug. 1662 ; d. in Boston 30 June 1663. 
5. ii. Thomas, b. 19 Oct. 1664. 

iii. HA:<x.tH (twin), b. 27 Aus. 1667; d. at Cambridge, Mass., 14 May 
1702 : m., probably in 1683, and certainly after 13 Aug. of tliat 
year, when she is mentioned in her father-in-law's will under her 
maiden name, Nathaniel Gookin, youngest son of Maj.-Gen. 
Daniel and Mary (Dolling), b. 22 Oct. 1656 and bapt. in Cam- 
bridge, d. there 14 Aug. 1692. Gookin was graduated at Harvard 
College in 1675. He was preaching at Sherbom. Mass., in 167S 
and 1679, and In 1682 was ordained minister of the church at Cam- 
bridge, where he remained until his death. Children : 1. Xathan- 
iel. b. 13 Apr. 1687: d. at Hampton, N. H., 25 Aug. 1734; H. C. 
1703: m. Dorothy Cotton; thirteen children. 2. Habijah, b. 23 
Jan. 1689/90: d. at Cambridge 1 Aug. 1690. 3. Hannah, b. abt. 
1692: d. 20 Mar. 1738; m. (1) Vincent Carter: m. (2) Richard 
Kent ; four children by i3rst husband and Hve bv second husband. 

iv. Maky (twin), b. 27 Aug. 1667 ; d. 2 June 1731 : m". at Cambridge,-22 
May 1700, as his second wife, Eev. Thomas Weld, son of Thomas 
and Dorothy (Whiting), b. at Roxbury 12 June 1653. d., probably 
at Dunstable, Mass., 9 June 1702, a graduate of Harvard College 
in 1671, and as early as 1 May 1679, and perhaps earlier, employed 
as a preacher at Dunstable, having, after his graduation, been a 
schoolmaster at Roxbury. On 16 Dec. 1685 he was ordained as 
the lirst settled muiister at Dunstable, where he remained until his 
death. His widow, soon after his death, removed from Dunstable, 
and lived during the last years of her life with her son Habijah, at 
whose house in Attleborough, Mass., she died. Childi'en : 1. Far- 
well or Farewell, b. 4 Mar. 1700/1; d. at age of 13. 2. Samuel, 
probably a twin brother of Farewell, d. at Roxbury 18 Jan. 
1715/16 (Roxbury records and gravestone inscription), but 17 Jan. 
1716/17, according to Farmer." 3. Habijah. b. 2 Sept. 1702; d. 14 
May 1782; H. C. 1723; m. Mary Fox; fifteen children. 

1913] The Savage Famihj ■ 205 

3. Thojias vSavagk'' (Thomaf-), born in Boston and baptized at the 
First Church 17 May 1640, was probably a scholar at the Boston 
Latin School in IG-iO. He became a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company in 1665, its first sergeant in 1674, 
its ensign in 1681, and its lieutenant in 1686 ; he was also an otRcer 
in the Boston militia, rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel of a 
Boston regiment in 1702, and held this position until his death. 
He served during King Philip's war, was an officer in Sir Edmund 
Andros's army, and became a freeman on 12 3Iar. 1689/90. In 
1 678 he testified that he was master of the barque Dolphin, engaged 
in trade with the West Indies. In Aug. 1690 he, with two others, 
was sent to Albany by the Government to negotiate with the Ma- 
quas Indians in an endeavor to enlist them on the English side 
against the Eastern Indians, and in the same year he led one of 
three regiments in Sir William Pliips's unsuccessful expedition 
against Quebec, being the first ofllicer to land. On 7 Oct. 1690 
his ship ran aground in the St. Lawrence River, within gunshot 
of the shore, but was floated by Sir William. He returned to 
Boston with the expedition on 19 Nov., and wrote " An Account 
of the late action of the New-Englanders under the command of Sir 
William Phips, against the French at Canada," which was pub- 
lished in London in 1691.* He became a merchant in Boston, and 
in many deeds calls himself, or is called, " Shop-keeper." He be- 
came a member of the Third (Old South) Church in 1702, his wife 
having been admitted to this church two years earlier. He was one 
of the executors of his father's will, and was attorney for his brother 
Perez, who was often absent in England and Spain. He lived on 
Ann (now North) Street, and had a warehouse adjoining on Scot- 
tow's (now Scott) Alley, which in 1732 was sold by the other heirs 
to his son Habijah. 

He married about 1664 Elizabeth Scottow, baptized 1 Aug. 
1647, " aged about 2 days," died in Boston 29 Aug. 1714, daughter 
of Capt. Joshua and Lydia of Boston. 

He died in Boston 2 July 1705, and three days later was given 
a military funeral, with the " Street," says Sewall, " very much 
fill'd with People all along." He was buried in his father's tomb 
in King's Chapel Burial-Ground. His will, made 23 Feb. 1697/8 
and proved 21 July 1705, appoints his wife sole executrix and 
leaves his property both real and personal to her for her life, and after 
her death it is to be equally divided between his six children. If, 
however, his wife should remarry, then one half of the property is 
to be divided between his children and the other half is to go to 
his wife for her life and to be disposed of by her among his children 
and grandchildren. To his son Thomas he gives *' my Silver hilted 
Sword that was my Fathers and my fringed Scarfe," to his son 
. Habijah "my Seal Ring that was my Fathers," and to his son 
Arthur "' my little Birding piece." 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Thomas,' b. 20 July 1665 ; d. young. 

6. ii. Thojlvs, b. 2 Aug. 1668. 

iii. Scottow, b. 4 Feb. 1670/1 ; not living in 1698. 

7. iv. Habijah, b. 10 Sept. 1674. 

• Printed in 2 Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. 3, pp. 255 et seq. 

206 Old Boston Families [July 

V. Elizabeth, b. 4 Aug. 1677; livin? as late as Mar. 17."0/1 ; m. in Bos- 
ton 8 Oct. 1710 Hon. Joseph Wadsworth, son of Capt. Samuel 
and Abigail (Lindall) , b. at Milton, Mass., 11 Feb. 16G6/7. d. in Bos- 
ton 20 Nov. 1750. He was a selectman of Boston from 1709 to 
1714 and from 1716 to 1718; representative to the General Court 
in 1717, 1718, 1726, and 1727; and was town treasurer of Boston 
from 1719 to Mar. 1749. Cliild : 1. ElizaheAh, b. 19 Sept. 1720; 
d. 9 May 1756 ; m. Isaiali Barrett ; eiglit children. 
8. vi. Arthur, b. 29 Mar. 1680. 

vii. r.UTH, b. 11 Aug. 1682; d. young. 

viii. Faith, b. 3 Oct. 168.3 ; d. in Boston 3 Feb. 1760 ; m. in Boston 28 Aug. 
1711 Cornelius TValdo, son of Cornelius and Faith (Pecke) of 
Boston, b. probably at Dunstable, Mass., 17 Nov. Iii64, d. in Bos- 
ton 4 June 1753. Waldo was a prominent merchant in Boston, 
living on Leverett's Lane, where his shop also was situated. He 
held no important offices. He was a large landholder in Worces- 
ter, Rutland, and Holden, but apparently never lived outside of 
Boston. He and his wife were admitted to the First Church In 
Boston in 1726. Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Waldo, possibly painted 
by John Smibert, are in the possession of the Art Museum at 
Worcester. Children : 1. Elizabeth, b. 17 Nov. 1711 (the en- 
try of the birth of this child was made several years later, and 
undoubtedly should read " 1712.") ; d. in Boston 22 Aug. 1714. 
2. Fnith, b. 1 Jan. 1713/14; d. in Boston 8 or 9 Nov. 1784; m. 
Obadiah Cookson; three children. 3. Cornelius, b. 25 Apr. 1715; 
d. at Sudbury, Mass., 4 Feb. 1782; m. (\) Hannah Hayward; m. 
(2) Mrs. Hannah Pierce; no issue. 4. Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct. 1716; 
d. in Boston 4 May 1801; m. Benjamin Austin; eight children. 
5. Thomas, b. 8 Sept. 1718 ; d. unm. at Newton or Watertown, 
Mass., 3 July 1796. 6. John, b. 30 Oct. 1720; d. in Boston 10 
June 1796; m. Abigail Welles ; one child, who d. voung. 7. Jo- 
seph, b. 11 Jan. 1722; d. at Cheltenham, England, 27 Oct. 1811 or 
27 Oct. 1816; m. Martha Jones; two children. 8. Daniel, b. 29 
Oct. 1724; d. at Worcester, Mass., 8 Dec. 1808; m. Rebecca Salis- 
bury; ten children. 9. Lydia. b. 22 June 1727; d. at Beverly, 
Mass., 4 Aug. 1800; m. Timothy Austin: eleven children. 

ix. Lydlv, b. 6 Sept. 1686 ; m. in Boston 23 Sept. 1708 Tdiotht Prout, 
son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Wheeler j, b. at Concord. Mass., 
18 May 1679, d. at Scarborough, Me., 5 Apr. 1768. He was a 
merchant and cordwainer in Boston, was selectman, 1726-29, and 
represented Boston in the General Court, 1735-37 and 1740-44. 
In 1728 he purchased from the heirs of his wife's grandfather, 
Capt. Joshua Scottow, the Cammock Patent for land at Black 
Point In Scarborough, and after retiring from business in 1753 
he removed thither and lived there until his death. Black Point, 
now called Front's Neck, perpetuates his name. Children : 1. 
Elizabeth, b. 31 July 1709 ; d. 1 Dec. 1709. 2. Timothy, b. 12 Oct. 
1710; d. 19 Aug. 1716. 3. Elizabeth, b. 15 Aug. 1712; d. 1 Aug. 
1714. 4. Lydia, b. 13 Mar. 1714/15 ; d. 15 Aug. 1716. 5. Eliza- 
beth, b. 13 Nov. 1716 ; probably d. young. 6. Lydia. b. 12 May 
1718 ; d. in Boston before 23 May 1761 ; m. Zachariah Hicks ; one 
child. 7. Ebenezer. b. 8 Oct. 1719; d. in Boston after 25 Dec 
1795; m. Abigail Prince; three children. 8. Timothy, b. 22 Sept. 
1721 ; H. C. 1741 ; said to have d. in New York City 1 Apr. 1777, 
but an administrator of his estate was not appointed until 13 Jan. 
1789; m. (1) Mary Foster; m. (2) Abigail Davenport: one child 
by first wife and eight children by second wife. 9. Joseph, b. 1 
Sept. 1723; d. after 1790; m. Hannah Jordan; five children. 10. 
Jfai-y, b. 22 July 1725 ; m. Capt. Alexander Kirkwood ; two chil- 

4. EPHRAiii'^ Savage (Thomas^), bom in Boston 20 July 1645 and 
baptized at the First Church in Boston 27 July 1645, was proba- 
bly a scholar at the Boston Latin School in 1654. He entered 

1913] The Savage Family 207 

Harvard College in 1658, and was graduated in 1662, and at the 
time of his death was the oldest living graduate of that institu- 
tion and the sole survivor of his class. He was made a freeman 
15 3Iay 1672, took the oath of allegiance 11 ]S'ov. 1678, and became 
a trader in Boston. In 1674 he became a member of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company, and in 16»i! was elected its 
captain, after holding minor offices in the Company. On 5 May 
1676 he was ordered by the General Court to march to Brookfield, 
Mass., with provisions for the relief of the garrison there, and to 
take command of the garrison. At tlie session of 22 Oct. 1677 he 
was appointed ensign in his father's company of militia, and on 17 
Mar. 1681/2 succeeded his father as captain of the company. At 
the session of 10 Oct. 1683 he was "added vnto the comittee for 
the ouersight of the repajres of tlie Castle." About 1688 he re- 
moved to Heading, Mass., the home of his second wife, where he 
became the wealthiest and most influential citizen of the town. In 
July 1690 he was appointed captain of a company of men from 
Reading and elsewhere in Middlesex Co., under Maj. 2sathaniel 
Wade of Medford, in Sir William Phips's expedition against Quebec ; 
and in the assault upon the town on 10 Oct. his Au\>, with sixty 
men on Iioard, "ran a-ground upon the Xorth-Shoar, near two 
Miles from Quebec," but, although attacked violently by two or 
thi'ee hundred of the enemy, escaped capture. He was, however, 
so badly woimded in his left thigh that his life was despaired of, 
and in Mar. 16"J7 the Province voted him a yearly pension to date 
from the day on which he was wounded. He probably returned to 
Boston from Reading in the late spring of 1G'J2, and in that year 
was elected town clerk of Boston, an oihce which he held until 
1696, being also a selectman, sealer of weights and measures, and 
an assessor of the town. On 12 Mar. 170.>/4 he was one of a 
committee chosen by the inhabitants of the district of Muddy River 
(now Brookline), Mass., "to consider and draw up" a petition to 
be presented to the General Court praying " rliat they may be dis- 
mist from the Town of Bo^itou. ic become a Township of them- 
selves." In 1703-8 and again m 1710 he rejjreseuted Boston in 
the General Court, and in 17o9-iO was once mure elected a select- 
man. He was tor several years an olticer in the Boston militia. 
On 11 .July 1707, as captain, with rifty men under his command, 
he arrived at Casco Bay in the frigate Ruth, and joiued the cam- 
paign under Col. John March of Newijury, as general, in an abortive 
attempt to reduce Port Royal, su})posed to l)e headi^uarters for 
privateers in carrying on an illegal business witii the Indians. In 
a few weeks this expedition returned to Boston. In Nov. 1714 
Savage presented a petition to the justices of Suffolk Co., praying 
for an allowance for serving as tlie siieriff of the county, and for 
taking care of the " Goal " of tiie county " and tlie jirisoners 
therein." The great fire of 1711 started in one of his out-buildings, 
near his house in Savage's (now Williams) Court. Late in 1717 
or early in 1718 he removed from Boston to some [dace as yet 
unknown, but this absence was prol)al)ly of short duration. In a 
letter from Governor Shute to Father Rale, under date of 21 Feb. 
1717/1-S, Savage's conduct as magistrate in punlsliing Indians is ex- 
cused on the ground that " If the inilians or French come into our 

208 Old Boston Families [July 

towns, they must observe the laws of the land and that he did not 
otherwise with tj;ie Indians than he would have done by En"lish 
people in like circumstances." 

He marrieil first, about 1G70, Mary Qcixcr, bom 4 Mar. 1G49/.50, 
died in Boston 7 Oct. 1676, eldest daughter of Edmund and .Joanna 
(Hour) of Braiutree, the latter IjeiuLf a sibter of Leonard Hoar, 
President of Harvard College from 1G72 to 1674:/.5. He married 
secondly, in Boston, Maj. Thomas Clarke officiating, 26 Feb. 1677/8, 
Mrs. Sarah (Hough) Walker, daughter of liev. Samuel and 
Sarah (Symmes) of Reading, and widow of Obadiah, a Boston mer- 
chant. Her mother was a daughter of Rev. Zechariah Symmes of 
Charlestown, Mass., and a sister of P^phraim Savage's stepmother. 
She was born at Reading about 16-52, and died in Boston, according 
to Sewall, 12 Jan. 16^6/7, of smallpox, which "came out upon her 
about a week ago two or three dayes after her Travail." She was 
buried on the following day in the Savage tomb in Kong's Chapel 
Burial-Ground. He married thirdly, in Boston, 12 Apr. 1668, 
Mrs. Elizabeth (Norton) Symmes, daughter of Capt.. Francis 
and Mary of Charlestown, and widow of Timothy, who was a brother 
of Ephraim Savage's stepmother. She was born probably at 
Charlestown about 1643, and died in Boston 13 Apr. 1710, being 
buried about suuset on 16 Apr. with " Wintlirop, Sewall ; Adchngton, 
Sergeant; Wulley, Belchar " as bearers. This third marriage was 
solemnized by Rev. Charles Morton of Charlestown. and is one of 
the earliest of the New England marriages of which there is any 
record at which a clergyman otFiciated. He married fourthly, in 
Boston, S .Jan. 1712/13, Mrs. Elizabeth (Browne) Bl'tler, 
daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Usher) of Boston, and widow 
(with six children) of Peter, mariner and merchant of Boston. 
She was born in Boston 17 Nov. 1664, but the date of lier death is 
unknown. Soon after this marriage Savage was appointed guardian 
of his wife's minor children. 

He died in Boston, and was buried there 2 Mar. 1730/1. in his 
eighty-sixth year. He was one of the executors of his father's will, 
and probaldy the last sur\'ivor of his father's children. His own 
will, made 3 Dec. 1730 and proved 22 ilar. 1730/1, leaves the 
principal part of his property to his wife Elizabeth and a gold ring 
to each of her three cluldren by her former husband, besides re- 
membering his three daughters. 

Children by first wife, bom in Boston : 

i. Maky,' b. I'J Nov. 1G71; d. young. 

ii. Mary-, b. 8 Apr. 1C73; d. young. 

iii. John, b. 30 Nov. 1674; H.C. luy-t; no further record of him. He 

is not starred in 1698 in Mather's Magnalia, but is starred in 1727 

in the Harvard Catalogue, 
iv. Hannah, b. 7 Aug. 1G76; d. young. 

Children by second wife, born in Boston : 

V. Sarah, b. 27 Oct. 1678; living in 1755; m. in Boston, Samuel "Wil- 
lard otliciating, 25 Dec. IG'J'J, Joshua Wells, possibly son of 
Thomas aud Mary of Boston, b. in Boston 10 Dec. 1673 (?). d. in 
Boston 1 Dec. 1710. He was a tailor. Children : 1. Sarah (pos- 
siblj-), d. in Boston 9 June 1725. aged 24. 2. Joshua, b. IS July 
1705 ; no further record. 

vi. Mauv, b. 10 Nov. 1680; d. after Jan. 1739/40; m. (1) in Boston, 
13 Apr. 1702, Bernard Jenkinson, whose parentage, birth, and 

1913] The Savage Family 209 

death liave not been found; m. (2) in Boston, 19 Jan. 1708, Zach- 
ARiAH Trescott, probably sou of Joliu and Kebecca of Dorchester, 
b. 12 May 1682, d. after Jan. 1739/40. He was a housewright of 
Boston, and he and his wife were living in Boston in Feb. 1732/3. 
Children by first husband: 1. Mary, d. in Boston 7 Sept. 1705. 
Possibly, 2. John, and 3. Bebecca. Child by second husband: 
4. Savage, b. 22 Feb. 1710; m. Mary Merrett; no further record. 

vii. Eicn.uto, b. 15 Sept. 1682 ; d. young. 

viii. Elizaueth, b. 8 Jan. 10«4/5; d. in Boston 25 June 1699. 

ix. Ha>>;ah, b. 6 Jan. 1G86/7 ; d. young. 

Cliikl bj third wife : 
X. Hannah, b. at Reading 4 May 1G89. Marriage intentions between 
Thomas Sober of Barbadoes and Hannah Savage were tiled in 
Boston 25 Dec. 1711, but were forbidden by h'-r father. Shem. (1) 
in Boston, 30 Jan. 1711/12, Johx, sou of Beter and Eliza- 
beth (Browne) of Bostou, whose mother about a year later be- 
came the fourth wife of Ephraim Savage and Hannah (Savage) 
Butlers stepmother. He was b. in Boston 21 Jan. 1686/7, d. at 
Arrowsic, Me., 25 8ept. 1726, was a mariner, and was living at 
Arrowsic as early as July 1718. On 8 July 1727 his widow wa3 
living in Boston. She m. (2) in Boston, 3 Aug. 1730, Philip 
Parmenter, a mariner, of Boston, whose parentage, birth, and 
death have not been found. He made a wUl 8 Feb. 1744/5, " being 
bound to sea," which was proved 10 Feb. 1745/6 ; and as he makes 
therein no mention of his wife, she was probably not living, but 
no record of her death appears. Children by tirst husband: 1. 
Jijhn, b. in Boston 17 Jan. 1712/13; no further record. 2. Elisa- 
beth, b. in Boston 6 Aug. 1716 ; no further record. 

5. Thojias^ Savage {Habijah," Thomas^), born in Boston 19 Oct. 
1664, a goldsmith and silversmitii, was admitted a freeman on 
22 Mar. 1689/90. He became a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company in 1693, its first sergeant in 1700, 
ensign in 1701, lieutenant in 1703, and captain in 1705. On 12 
Mar. 1693/4 he was chosen a clerk of the market for the ensuing 
year, and on 8 Mar. 1696/7 a constable. At the end of 1705 or 
early in 1706 Savage removed with his family to Bermuda, for in 
Feb. 1705/6, and again as late as May 1713, he is called "of 
Bermuda." Probably in 1714 he left Bermuda permanently, and 
on 30 Oct. of that yearhe w;is back in Boston. In Mur. 1716/17 
he and his wife are " of Boston," and sell land on Pudding Lane 
to Mrs. Savage's brother, Samuel Phillips. On 14 .June 1725 
Savage was chosen by the town to serve as sealer of weiglits and 
measures, an office which he held untO, "being grown intirm," he 
was relieved of his duties 19 Mar. 1735/6. On 2 July 1738 he was 
dismissed from the First Church in Boston " to a chh in xsewbury 
M'' Lowell Pastor," but he had probably removed to Newbury at 
least a year or more before his dismissal from the Boston church. 
There, living near his married daughter, Mary, he passed the re- 
mainder of his life. 

*He married in Boston, 5 Feb. 1689/90, Mrs. Mehitabel 
(Phillips) Hakavood, born in Boston and baptized 21 July 1667, 
died at Newbury, Mass., 6 June 1737, daughter of Henry and Mary 
(Dwight) of Boston, and widow of Benjamin of Bostou, mariner, 
to whom she was married prior to 1687 and by whom she had two 

Thomas Savage died at Newbury 23 Aug. 1749, and was buried 
beside his wife in the Old Hill Burying-Ground, where their grave- 









210 Old Boston Families [July 

stones may still be seen. No recorrl of any will or of any settlement 
of the estate either gf Thomas Savage or of his wife appears. At 
least one example of his craftsmanship exists in a silver caudle-cup 
owned by the First Congregational Church of Quincy. upon which 
is found his mark, T S, with a star below, the whole enclosed in a 

Children, born^in Boston : 

Tho>lvs,« b. 20 .Jan. 1692/3. 

Habijah, b. 22 Oct. 1(595. 

Hannah, b. 20 Sept. 1697; probably d. young. 

Bkxja.mi>-, b. 8 Oct. 1699. 

Mauy, b. 16 Mar. 1701/2 ; bapt. at the First Church, Boston. 22 Mar. 
1701/2; m. (intention tiled 12 Apr. 1727) Capt. Juhn Cuocker, 
whose parentage has not been found, b. abt. 1692. d. at Isewbury, 
Mass., 19 Mar. 1763. He was a pew-holder in Christ Church. Bos- 
ton, in 1729. He was a sea-captain engaged in the trade between 
London and Boston from 172-t to 1737. when he removed to New- 
bury. Here he became a prominent member of St. Paul's Church, 
and held various church offices. In 17-tS he was granted permission 
by the town to budd a rope-walk. He d. intestate, and adminis- 
tration was granted 18 Apr. 1763 to his son Benjamin. Mrs. 
Crocker d. probably at Newbury abt. 1750, for on 27 Sept. of that 
year her husband was appointed guardian of his sous. Children, 
the tirst five b. in Boston aud the others at Newburv : 1. Sarah, 
b. 2S Aug. 1728 ; d. in Boston; bur. 30 Sept. 1728. 2. John. b. 15 
Jan. 1729/30; d. at Newbury; administration on his estate was 
granted 9 May 1757. 3. Benjamin, b. 18 Sept. 1732; living at 
HaverhUl. N. H., in 1790. 4. Mary, b. June 1733; probably d. 
young. 5. iVicimas, b. 8 July 1736; probably d. young. 6. Eliza- 
beth, b. 8 Aug. 1737 ; probably d. youug. 7. Me'liituJii^l. b. 14 Dec. 
1710; d. at Haverhill, N. H., 7 Feb. 1821; m. Cul. A.-a Porter, 
H. C. 1762; six chUdren. 8. Andrew Savage, b. 28 May 1743; 
living at Haverhill. N. H., in 1790; m. Shuah Thurston; one son. 

Thojias^ Savage {Thomas,- Tliomas'^), born in Boston 2 Aug. 16G8, 
was probably a scholar at the Boston Latin School in 1677. In a 
"List of Inhabitants in Boston in 1695," Savage is called '"mari- 
ner," but later being prominent in the military affairs of Boston and 
colonel of the Boston regiment, he was commonly known by his 
military title. lie became a freeman 22 Mar. 1689/90. and was then 
called a captain, and, as " Coll. Thomas Savage," he was chosen a 
selectman of Boston 8 Mar. 1702/3, 13 Mar. 1703/-!:. and 10 Mar. 
1711/12. On 9 3Iar. 1701/2 he was chosen a constable, to serve 
for the ensuing j'ear, and in 1714 he was granted permission to sell 
liquor at retail " without doors." 

lie married, probably at Charlestown, Mass., about 1693, Mar- 
garet Lyxde, born at Charlestown 24 or 31 Jan. 166S/9, died in 
Boston between 21 Mar. 1720/1 and 5 July 1721, daughter of Hon. 
Joseph and Sarah (Davison) of Charlestown. He died in Boston 
3 Mar. 1720/1, and Sewall notices his ftmeral at length in his Diary, 
saying that lie " was buried in his Grandfather Savage's Tomb in 
the old Burying place " (King's Chapel) ; but the editors of the 
Diary have fallen into the common error of confusing him with his 
cousin of the same name {vide supra, 5). The inventory of his es- 
tate, in which lie is called a merclumt, amounted to £3899. and in- 
cluded an Indian man valued at £60, 232 oz. of silver valued at 
£139. 4s., and 8 tons of Spanish iron. The real estate included a 
brick house aud stable in Dock Sipai'e, a lot of land on Boston Xeck, 

1913] The Savage Family 211 

a brick house and land on Union Street, together with a wooden 
house on that street and a shop and land on Marlborough Street. 
Administration on his 'estate was granted 21 Mar. 1720/1 to his 
widow and his sons-in-law. 
Children, born in Boston : 

i. Elizabeth,* b. 1 Aug. 1694; d. in Boston 19 Dec. 1094. 

ii. Thom.\s, b. 20 Apr. 1G97 ; d. in Boston 13 July 1G97. 

iii. Margaket, b. 10 Sept. 1698; d. in Boston 12 June 1785; m. in Bos- 
ton, 12 Nov. 1713, Hon. John Alford. b. in Boston 5 July 1G85, d. 
at Cliariestown 30 Sept. 1761, son of Benjamin and Mary (Rich- 
ards) of Charlestown. He was elected constable of Boston in 
1717, but refused to serve and was excused by the justices. He 
was an overseer of the poor in 1720 and 1721, and was one of His 
Majesty's councillors from 1730 to 1733. He was appointed a 
justice of the peace for Suffolk County in 1723/4, and reappointed 
in 1731, and for Middlesex County in 1725. In 1714 he became a 
member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and 
was in the same year elected its tirst sergeant. He was a man of 
large wealth and influence, gave liberally to the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel among tlie Indians, and founded the 
Alford Professorship of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and 
Civil Polity at Harvard University. Mrs. Alford's portrait, painted 
by John Smibeit, is owned by Erving Winslow, Esq., of Boston. 
No children. 

iT. Thomas, b. 17 Sept. 1700 ; d. in Boston 8 Apr. 1703. 

v. Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1703; d. m Boston 16 Mar. 1712/13 (family 
record), but 20 Mar. 1712/13 according to Boston records. A por- 
trait of this child is in the possession of Erving "Winslow, Esq. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. 28 or 29 Sept. 1704; d. in Boston 7 Aug. 1778; m. in 
Boston, 8 Feb. 1720/1, Joshua Winslow, b. in Boston 12 Feb. 
1694/5, d. there 9 Oct. 1769, son of Edward and Hannah (Moody) 
of Boston. He was a merchant of Boston and had a " distil 
house " on Cold Lane, now Portland Street. Portraits of Mr. and 
Mrs. Winslow, painted about 1730, probably by Blacliburn, are 
ownedby Arthur Winslow, Esq., of Boston. Children: \. Edward, 

b. 8 Nov. 1722 ; d. 1771 ; m. ; fourteen children. 2. Margaret, 

b. 28 Apr. 1724; m. Benjamin PoUard ; sis children. 3. Hannah, 
b. 8 Mar. 1725 ; d. Dec. 1783 ; m. David Jeffries ; had issue. 4. 
Elisabeth, b. 29 Apr. 1729 ; d. in Boston 30 Aug. 1770 ; m. John 
Winniett; two children. 5. Susannah, b. 8 Mar. 1731; d. unm. 
3 Apr. 1786. 6. Jlarij. b. 29 June 1732; m. Nathaniel Barber ; had 
issue. 7. Katherine, b. 8 Sept. 1733; m. (1) Simon Pease ; m. (2) 
Francis Malbone. 3. Martha (twin), b. 31 Jan. 1734/5; d. unm. 
9. Anne (twin), b. 31 Jan. 1734/5; d. 31 Dec. 1735. 10. Joshua, 
b. 1 Jan. 1736 ; d. 20 Mar. 1775 ; m. Hannah Loring ; six children. 
11. Anne. b. 13 Oct. 1738; d. 12 .Jan. 1751. 12. Thomas Alford, 
b. 5 June 1740 ; d. unm. 23 May 1765. 13. John, b. 25 June 1742 ; 
d. 26 Sept. 1781 ; m. Mary Simpson. 14. Isaac, b. 24 Sept. 1743; 
d. 20 Jan. 1793; m. (1) Margaret Sparhawk; m. (2) :Mary Davis; 
one child by first wife and eleven children by second wife. 15. 
William, b. 3 May 1747; d. 20 June 1751. 16. Henry, b. 28 Sept. 
1748; d. 16 Sept. 1751. 
vii. Joseph, b. 27 Aug. 1707; d. in Boston 23 Sept. 1707. 

7. Habijah^ Savage {Thomas,''' Thomas^), born in Boston 10 Sept. 
1674, was probably a scholar at the Boston Latin School in 1684, 
and was graduated from Harvard College in 1695. He became a 
member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1699, 
and besides holding minor offices, was its captain in 1711, 1721, 
and 1727. In 1711 he was styled "apothecary." He became a 
member of the Old South Church in .Jan. 1708/9, his wife having 
been admitted to this church in Feb. 1704/.5. In 1717 he was 


212 Old Boston Families [Julj" 

chosen major in the Boston regiment, and in 1727 lieutenant-colonel. 
From 1715 to 1718 he was a selectman of Boston; represented the 
town in the General Court in 1717, 1718, and 17;j2 ; was auditor 
of the town's accounts in 1731 ; moderator of the town-meeting in 
the same year; was appointed a justice of the peace in 1728 ; was 
reapi)ointcd in 1732 ; on 15 Dec. 1732 was appointed a special jus- 
tice of the Court of Common Pleas for .Suffolk County ; and in 1737 
was county treasurer, lie was largely interested in lands in Maine, 
and was one of the Pemaquid proprietors. 

He lived in a brick house on Ann Street, near the corner of 
Scottow's Alley, his property running to Scottows Alley; and his 
warehouse stood on land at the rear of his house, upon the Town 

He married in Boston, Rev. Ebenezer Pemberton officiating, 8 
July 17U3, his first cousin once removed, ilrs. Hannah (Phillips) 
Anderson, born in Boston 8 Mar. l(;80/l,died there 21 May 1751, 
daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Gillam),* and widow of David, 
Jr., a Charlestown sea-captain, to whom she had been married in 

He died in Boston 16 Sept. 1746, having by his will, dated 24 
Oct. 1743, appointed his wife and his sons Thomas and Arthur 
executors. Mrs. Savage made a will 28 Mav 1748, dividing her 
property equally between her three children, after £50 had been 
paid to each of the children of her son Arthur and her daughter 
Hannah. Portraits of Habijah Savage and of his %vife, painted 
about 1715, are now at Belfast, Me., in the possession of the widow 
of a descendant. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Habijah,* b. 17 i'eb. 1703/4 ; d. unm. in Boston 14 June 1743, •• after 
a long and painful Indisposition." He was probably a scholar at 
the Boston Latin School in 1711 or 1712 ; was graduated at Harvard 
College in 1723; in 1733 became a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company ; and in 1738 was elected its fourth 
sergeant. In 1733 he was elected a constable of Boston, but was 
excused from serving. 

ii. Hannah, b. 29 Feb. 17U7/3 ; d. at Charlestown, Mass., 30' Mar. 1755 ; 
m. (1) in Boston, 1 Dec. 1726, Edward Winslow, mai-iner, b. in 
Boston 8 Feb. 1702/3, drowned oil' Land's End, Eng.. 23 Dec. 1733, 
son of Edward and Hannah (Moody; of Boston and brother of the 
Joshua Winslow who m. Elizabeth Savage {vide supra, 6, vij ; m. 
(2), probably in Boston (intention 7 iCov. 1754). John Austin, 
a leather-dresser, a widower (with several children;, b. at Chaiies- 

* Hannah Gillam, wife of Samuel Phillips, was daughter of Benjamin and ILmnah 
(Savage) Gillam {vide supra, 1, iii). Samuel Fhillips, bapt. in Boscon 2 >.'ov. luG2, d. 
there 24 Oct. 1720, son ot Henry and Mary (Dwight), was the well-kuown bookseller 
of Boston, "at the Brick-Shop at the West-End of the Town-House." He was a 
large dealer in books, many of which, says Thomas in his History of Printing, were 
consigned to him by John JDuutou, who was his factor in London; and he published 
several books which were printed in London. Dunton in his Life and Errors men- 
tions him as liis "old correspondent," .and says that "on visiting him in Boston he 
treated me with a noble Dinner, and, (if I may trust my Eyes) is blest with a Pretty, 
obliging VVife .... he's very just and (as an EHect of that) very Thriving. I shall 
only add to his Character that he's Young and Witty and the most Beautitul Man in 
the Town of Boston." His son Henry was graduated at Harvard College in 1724, and 
in July 1728 fought on the Common, "near the water-side," the tirst duel in Boston. 
His opponent, I>enjamin Woodbridge, sou of Hon. Dudley Woodbridge of Barbadoes, 
was killed; an(i Phillips, aided by Peter Faneuil, whose sister Mary married Gillam 
Phillips, a brother of Henry, escaped on board the man-of-war ISheerness, then l3'ing 
in the liarbor, and sailed immediately for La Kochelle, France, where he died in the 
following year. 

1913] The Savruje Famlhj 213 

town l."> ;May ITOf), cl. there 19 ^lay 1700, son of El)cnczer and Re- 
bekali (Sprau'ue) of Cliarlestowu and l)rother of IIuu. Beujaniin 
Austin w'Ikj la. Eliz»l)etli Waldo {vUh supra, o. viii, 4). Child by 
tirst ini-iband : 1. Edward, mentioned in IT-i;! in Ids jrrandfatlier 
Sa\aire's u'ill and in IT-t^s Ijy inference in will of his grandniotlier 
Savaue: pr(jl)ably d. soou after 17-iS. 

12. iii. Thomas, b. '. Jan. i70'.i/10. 

13. iv. AuTiiui:. b. VJ July 171.">. 

V. Samcicl, b. IG July 1717; d. in Boston IG Aug. 1717. 

8. Artiiuu^ .Savagt. {Thomas," Thomas^), born in Boston 20 ]Mar. ICSO. 
was at tlie time of liis marriajje (171U) a merchant dealinir in West 
India goods, with a shop oil Long' ^VlKU•t', but very soon lie l)erame 
a sea-captain and sliip-owner, in the trade between Boston and Lon- 
don. He arrived at Boston in Nov. 1712 from a twenty-nine (hiys' 
passage from Falmouth, England. In ]May 1714 he was in command 
of the ship Province Galley and a part-owner, sailing from Boston to 
French, Portuguese, Dutcli, and Mediterranean 2)orts.* On G Apr. 
1716 he arrived at Boston from Lomlon, where on 24 Feb. lie had, 
says Sewall in his Diary, stood upon the scaffold on Tower Hil! 
and witnessed the beheading of Lords Derwtmtwater and Kenmure 
for complicity in the late Jacobite uprising.f lu 171(3/17 :Savage 
was appointed a constable of Boston. In Apr. (proljal)ly the IDtli) 
1720 he was appointed naval officer of the port of Annapolis Royal 
in Nova .Scotia and also secretary of the province, thus becoming 
the first provincial secretary of Nova .Scotia. To him as well as 
to the collector of customs all masters of vessels arriving at or 
departing from Annapolis Royal were required to report. On 6 
May 1720 a council was formed at Annapolis Royal, of which Savage 
was made a member. On this council, among others, were also 
Savage's hrother-in-law. Gillam Phillips, Paul Mascarene, and 
Cyprian Southack of Boston. Savage's immediate successor as 
navai officer has not been discovered nor is it clear just how long he 
remained a member of the council ; but the following extract from 

* On 9 Nov. 1713 the General Court of the Province voted to !=eli tlie vested known 
as tlie Province Ua/iei/, " witlj or witliout iicr fTV^n^." and in 1711 .I'oliu Ouiton and 
SavuL'e's ' - • • -^ 

cover damaj^es ot i'iOUD sterling, lie according lu incir .-uiceniuno navr.ig •■ inisap- 
plyed and Embezel'-eil tlie Plant^ [PlaintilFs'] money In tliat Also lie put into Fyall, 
Majorca, Minorca, Saloe, Tarragonia, ilattcro [Mataro] Also by Loading Salt 1»' iVom 
Juasa to Villa Franco ."ji-cond Load of ."ialt from Azzne in Uarbary to Holland, ami iu 
Sailing to and from and toiichiug at ilarseillcs Toulon and Several otlier I'orts Oc places 
in the Strcights without any manner of freight or freights," and '• it manifestly aj)- 
pears That the Plant* are truly damnifyed liy the Drfts. Breach of Uivlei's the Sum of one 
thousand lifty-two pounds nine Shillings Sterling The -Xoniiaym' u-hcrcof is To ye 
Damage of ye s'' .John Oulton and Cornelius Waldo as the}' say ye Sum of Two Thou- 
sand pounds .Sterling." (Suitblk Court Files.) Savage Avas ordered by the Court to 
pay £184. 12s. 'Sd. If. lie appealed to the yuperior Court of Judicature, which con- 
firmed the deci.sion of the lower court. (Lewis Coll., MSS., in the Library of the 
N. E. Historic Genealogical Society.) 

fTlie following advertisement appeared in the Boston Xcws Letter of ,'J1 Mar.-7 
Apr. 171S : " All Persons having the Curiosity of seeing the noljle and Koyal Ijeast 
the Lyon, never one before in America, may sec him at the House of Cajit. Arthur 
Savage near 2*1'' C<dinan".s [Brattle Square] Church, Boston, before he is transported 
for London. But to prevent all disputes with the negro at the (iate wlio constantly 
attends each Person (uhcthcr seen him before or not) is ilcsired to pay to the said 
Negro si.\ pence a piece." 

214 Old Boalon Families fjulj 

Niles's History of tlie Imlian and French "U'ars (i Mass. Hist. 
Sue. Coll., vol. 5, p. C)41) proves that he was in AnnapolLs Koyal ia 

Captain Savage, Captain Blin, and Mr. Newton, were at this 
time coming from Annapolis; and .... went into Passama- 
(luoddy for water. Tliey were no sooner a-sliore. imt tbev found 
themselves hemmed in by a i^reat body of the savajre.--; the French 
basely standing by, and suffering them in their insuiis. Captain 
Savage got off, and returned to Boston. Those he left behind, after 
some difficulty and expense, were released. 

Savage was living in Boston in 172.J. in which vear he houiiht 
pew numbered North 2o in Christ Church. In \l2>i he was up- 
pointed a coroner in Boston, and in May 1720 we find that he took 
oath as a marshal of the Court of Vice-Admiralty for Rhode Island. 
In "The New-England Weekly Journal" for 8 Apr. 1728 he ad- 
vertises "Choice New Coffee To be Sold at his House ia 

Brattle-Street, Boston for Eight Shilling's per Pound." In 1702 
he became a member of the Third (Old South) Church, but as be- 
fore stated he bouglit a pew in 1725 in Christ Churcli. This pew 
remained in his possession until his death, and in 1732 he presented 
a .-ilver christening basin to this church, which still owns it. 

In 1710, ,si.x days before his marriage, he bouglit of Elizabeth, 
widow of Thaddeus Jlackarty of Boston, land on the westerly side 
of Brattle Square, with the house standing thereon, known then 
and for many years afterwards its the " White House,"* which was 
his home for the remainder of his life, with the exception of his 
al)5ence in Nova Scotia, when he rented a house in Annapolis 

He married in Boston, Rev. Ebenezer Pcmberton otficiatinar, 27 
June 1710, Faith Phii-lii'S, his first cousin once removed, born, 
probably in Boston, in 1690, died there 6 .June 177.5, daughter of 
Samuel and Hannah (Gillam)t and sister of his brother Habijah 
Savage's wife. 

He died in his house in Brattle Square. Boston, after a long ill- 
ness, 20 Apr. 1735, and was buried three days later. In his will, 
dated 10 Dec. 1733, Savage appoints his wife executrix; and in a 
codicil, dated 6 .Jan. 1734/5, he desires that a tenth part of the annual 
income from his estate be given to the poor in quarterly payments. 
The will was proved 3 June 1735. The inventory shows property, 
real and personal, amounting to £5263. 7s. od. The real estate con- 
sisted of his " Mansion House " in Brattle Square, together with a 
house and land adjoining, half of a brick house and land in Corn- 
hill, " fronting ye Town House," and 20 acres of land in Dedham. 
Among the items of personal property are the following: 10 " mas- 
satinto Pictures " of the Royal Family ; a model of a ship ; a leather 
chaise, and a white horse ; •' a China [Chinese] Bedstead " ; a silver- 
hiked sword and belt; a blunderbuss; a pau- of pistols; 260 oz. 
4 dwt. of wroujrht i)late ; a neirro man named Sharoer and a nesro 
woman named Nancy, each valued at £7o ; a silver watch, valued 
at £20 ; and a pair of silver spurs. 

• Afterwiiifls necupied by Hon. TVilliam Bollim, who married a daiiq;liter of Gov. 
Shirley, nud still later by "John Adams, when he first moved to Boston from Brain 
tree. (Lile and Works of John Adams, vol. 1, p. 85.) 

t Vide stipra, p. 212, note. 


WilHngtoJi Church Records 


Ills widow was married in Boston. 13 ]May 1736, to Hon. Daniel 
Russell, born at Charlestown in 168.5. died there 6 Dec. 1763, son 
of Hon. James and Abigail (Curwen) ( Hathorne) of Charlestown, 
by whom she had no issue. Her second husband had previously 
married Rebecca Chambers, only dau;,diter of Hon. Cliarles of 
Charlestown, and had several children. During her second hus- 
band's life she lived at Charlestown, but after his death she lived 
either with her son Samuel at Weston or with her niece Mrs. Moses 
Bass in Rainsford's Lane, Boston. In 1773 she went to live with 
her younger son Arthur in Auchmuty's Lane (now the southern 
part of Essex Street), where she died suddenly during the siege of 
Boston, and was buried in King's Chapel Burial-Ground, U June 

Children, born in Boston : 

U. 1. Samuel Phillips.* b. 27 Apr. 1718. 
15. ii. Arthue, b. 9 Oct. 1731. 

[To be continued] 


Copied by Miss Mart Kingsbuet Taxcott of Hartford, Conn. 
[Concluded from page 123] 

Record of Baptisms 

Abner, Son of Nathan Tuttle baptized 

Molly, Daughter of Lieut. James Niles 

Basset, Daugh"" of Serg' Caleb Orcut 

Timothy, Son of Nath^ Fenton 

Eliezer, Son of Eliezer Scripture 

Keziah, Daughter of Silas Glazier 

Calvin, Son of Tho^ Chaffy 

Samuel, Son of Isaac Stiles 

Sarah, Daugh'' of Tho^ Rice 

Abner, Son of Thomas Taylor 

Rufus, Son of Joseph Rider 

Sarah, Daniel, Uriah, Ama, William, Mary, Sons & 

Daughters of Ephraim Britt 
Billings, Son of Doct. Minor Grant 
Benj° Robinson, Son of Benj° Robinson 
Gordon, Son of Abel Huntington 
Bela, Samuel, Eli & Mary, Sons & Daughter of Asa 

Athela, Daughter of Eleazer Crocker 
Hanna, Cordial & Abner, Children of Joseph Newcomb 
Lois, Daughter of Dea. Sam^ Dunton 
Anna, Daughter of Isaac Holt 
Clarissa, Daughter of Zurviah Jacobs 
Leonard, Son of Joseph Newcomb, Baptized bv the Rev'* 

18, 1791. 
Lilly, Dau. of John Ilinkley, Baptized bv the Rev'^ Mr. 









May, 1784 
May, 1784 
May, 1784 
May, 1784 

July, 1784 
Sep' 1786 
Sep"- 1784 
Oct. 1784 
Sep. 1785 

Pond Sep' 

Pond, Sep' 18, 


Willington Church Records 


Ilirain, Son of Jo?epli Eiikr, Baptized In- the R.v' Mr "Williirii. June 

11"^, 17D1- 
Joshua Holt, Son of James ^Xiles, Baptized by the Rev"' nir. Willard, June 

11, 1791. 

of Isaac Stiles, Baptized by the Rev^ mr Wil'.ard, Juno 11, 1791. 
Walter, Sou of Oliver IVirl, baptized, Xov. 20, 1791 
July 22, 1792. The family of George Sawen &, Rutli his Wife were baf>- 

Dec.l6. 1792. Ralph, the Son of Dea. Sam- Dunton was baptized 
Jan. 1793. The family uf Cap' Jedediah Amidoun were liapti--e<l. 

A List of the Names of those who were in full Communion when M' 

xsoble was ordained Pastor of y*^ Chh of '^^'illington, (being Nov. 2b, 1759.) 

Viz : John Meriek ) y. n ^i • xit- 

r, c • r Deacons &. tlieir Wives. 

(jreorge bawm \ 

Jonathan Abbe 
Jonathan Abl>e jun' 
Sam'' Abbe 
Abigail Abbe 
Elizabeth Abbe 

Sherabiah Ballard 
Lydia Ballard 
Abener Barker Deacon 
Zerviah Barker 


Eleazar Chnshman 
Abigail Chushman 
Sarah Chandler 
Sarah Cumins 
John Cumins 
Elizabeth Cumins 
Joseph Crocker 
Anna Crocker 
Hannah Crocker 
Eleazer Crocker 
Judah Crocker 
Jonathan Case 
Benjamin Crocker 
Elizabeth Crocker 

Francis Fenton 
Anna Fenton 
Francis Fenton jun" 
Sam" Fenton 
Lydia Fenton 
Marv Foote 
Sol. Fuller 
Mary Fuller 
Elisabeth Fuller 
Esther Fuller 
Lois Fuller 


William Glazier 
Martha CTlazier 

Abiel Hole 
Sarah Holt 
M" Holt 
Mary Holt 
Jolin Hincklev 
Ezekiel Holt cV wii'e 
Edy Hatch 
Moses Holmes 
Iveziah Holmes 
Nath° Holt 
Abigal Holt 


Caleb Johnson 
John Johnson 
Mary Johnson 
Ruth Johnson 
William Johnson jnn" 
Ziporah Ingersol 


Elias Lee 
Sarah Lee 

Eunice Merrick 
Anne Merrick 
Abigail ilunro 
Abigail ilunro 


Beuj" Nye 
Phebe Nye 


M" Orcut 


Dinah Pearl 


Willinrjton Church Eecord'i 


Joseph Porsons 
Doratli}- Persoas 
Neh. Parker 
Abifral Parker 
Eli/cahetli Parker 
Experiei)C(^ Parker 
Robert Parker 
John Pool 
Zurviah Pool 
Timotliy Pearl 



Mercy Root 
Amos Richardson 
Abiiral Richardson 
James Russel 
Lucy Russel 

David Stoel 
Mary Stoel 

Benj" Sibley ^ 
Priscilla Siblev 

Hannah S<Tipture 
John Scripture 
Lyilia Sansrer 
Estlier Scripture 
Samuel Stiles 
Iliildah Stiles 

David Tattle 
Sarah Tattle 
Ruth Topliii 

Hannah Walker 
Josiah "Whitney 
Josiah Whitney, jun"" 
Benj° Whitney 

Ezekiel Holt 

Deborah ^lerrick 

]\Iary Pool 

A Record of those admitted to full Communion in y"^ Church of Willing- 
ton, begun May 4, 1760. 

Mary, the Wife of Abi.-l Holt, j"", was admitted to full Com'> May 4, 1760. 

John Scripture was admitted to full Communion March 1, 1761. 

James Russel admitted to full Communion, May 1761. 

Christian, the Wife of the Rev Mr Noble, admitted Aug 1761. 

Nathan Holt & Mary his Wife admitted Nov"^ 22 1761. 

Wid Esther Lee admitted Jan 1, 1762. 

Solomon Fuller & Wife admitted 5Iay 1, 1762. 

Jesse Eldridije admitted iMay 17r)-l 

Abiel Holt j''' admitted July "l-176o 

Wife of Jonathan Case, admitted .Vpr 14. 1765 

Dorithy wife of Esq"^ Abner Darker admitted — — — 1764. 

James Cummins admitted to full C'onmiunion — — 1763 

Hannah wife of Nathan Root admitted etc June 30, 1763 

Peter Whitney admitted Sep — 1765. 

Mercy wife of Peter Whitney admitted Sep. — 1765. 

Darius Preston admitted to fidl Comnumion ^lay — 1766. 

Lucv Fuller admitted to full comni Mav 1766 

Tho"^ Chaffy & Hannah his Wife admitted to full Com. July 20, 1766. 

Benjamin Farley & Jean his Wife admitted to full Com. Aug 24, 1766. 

William Chafy of Ashford admitted &c Sep — 1766 

Anne wife of W" Chafy admitted &c. Sep — 1766. 

Isaac Holt admitted to full communion July 12. 1767. 

Sarah Wife of Isaac Holt admitted to full Com July 12. 1767. 

Josiah Root admittfd to full Commimion Seji •>. 1767. 

Miriam wife uf Josiali Root admitted Sep 6, 1767. 

Marv Root admitted Nov — 1767. 

Mille Wife of Micah AVhitney admitted Ajd 3. 17GS 

Susannah wife of .Joseph Barker admitted Nov — 1767. 


WilUngton Church Records 


Sarah wife of Sam' Comins adinitte<l May 15, 17G3. 

Joseph Killer admitteil to lull fommunion July — — 17G8. 

Anne wife of David Hatch of Tolland admitted to Com. Dec 4, 1708. 

Temperance Wife of Daniel Pool a<lmitted Nov i;j, 1770 

Isaac .Sawin & ^lary his wife admitted ^Vpril 1771. 

Abigail Wile of Lieut C'u-hman admitted May 1771. 

Jesse Eldridge i*c Mary his wife admitted May 1771. 

Dorcas Wife of .lames Richardson admitted ilarch — 1772. 

Abiel Parker & Keziali his wife admitted Dec"' — 177.3. 

Sam' Dunton and Lois his wife admitted Dec"' — 1773. 

Zurviah wife of AV" Tyler Oct — 1774. 

Oliver Pearl & Mercy his wife June — 1775, 

Lucy wife of Asher Flint, July 1775 

Lucy wife of James Holt Aug — 1776. 

Esther Whitney admitted Sep'' 1, 1776 

James Matthews admitted Oct — 1776. 

Heman How & Mary his wife — Nov'' 1776 

Cap' Joseph Parsons & Mary his wife Feb 1777. 

Mary Sawin, admitted Feb — 1777. 

Sarah Farley Feb — 1777 

Mitte Farley Feb — 1777 

Barnard Case, & Phebe his wife March — 1777. 

Esther, Wife of Elezer Leson admtd 

Isaac Stiles & Abigail his Wife 

Tho' Taylor & Experience his Wife 

Justus Hatch, j'' & wife admited 

Stephen Rice admitted 

Prudence Taylor admitted 

Sarah Glazier admitted 

Eleazer Crocker admitted 

John Scot admitted 

wife of Capt. Heath 

Abijah Sawin admitd 

Hannah, wife of Oliver Perl 

Rhoda, Wife of Joseph Newcomb 

Eunice, Wife of Sam" Stoel 

Ezra Homes & Reliance his wife 

Anna, Wife of John Hinkley 

Widow Susannah Hinkley 

Amasa Dunton admited 

Ruth Sawen, Andrew Holt. Marcy Taylor & Rebecca 
Orcutt were admitted June 10 

Silas Glazier and Susannah his wife admited July 15 

Arsah[?] Fenton and Phebe Leonard Kennedy were bap- 
tized and admited July 22 

Mary Bicknel admited .Sept 

Deborah Davics admitted Oct 21 

Capt. Jedidiah Amidown and his wife were admited to the 
the ciih and he baptized Oct. 28, 1792 

Timotliy Pearl was admited Feb. o, 1793 

A Record of tliose who have owned the Covenant 
Jacob Fuller own'd the Cov"^ June 30 
Aaron Fergo & AVife own'd the Cov' April 


































communion of 


1913] Willtngton Church Records 219 

David ^ 

Isaac & - Stoell with their Wives own'd y'^ Gov' Julv 26, 1761 
Sam^i ) 

Levi Ghizier & Mary his Wife ownM y« Gov' Dec'' 1762 

Solomon Orcut & Mary his Wife own'd y" Gov' Dec"' 17 02 

Haniuili. Wife of Darius Preston own'd Gov' Oct"^ 1762 

Nathan Root and Hannah his Wife own'd Gov' Ap. 1, 1764 

Nathan Jenings ownd Gov' Aug. 1764 

Azariah Sanger & Elizabeth his Wife ownd Gov' May, 1764 
William Tyler & his wife 

AJlice, Wife of Elezer Scripture ownd Gov' May 15, 1768 

Zurviali, Wife of Obadiah Abbe, J'', own'd Gov' May 13. 1771 

Sam'' Dunton & Lois his wife ownd July 1771 

Zoeth Eldridge & Eliza his wife Nov. 1771 

Silas Glazier & Suse his wife owned Gov' -^.ug. 1772 

Nathen Tattle & wife owned Gov' Dec'' 1773 

Jonathan Tuttle j' & wife owned Gov' Dec"" 1773 

Hannah Tyler owned Gov' May, 1774 

Caleb Orcut owned Gov' Oct. 1774 

Sarah, wife of Abel Huntinton Sep'' 1776 

Reuben .Jenings & Triphena his wife owned Gov' Oct. 1778 

Ruth, wife of Benjamin Robinson Nov'' 1779 

Zurviah Jacobs Sep"^ 1785 

Ezra Sibley & anna his wife Nov"^ 1785 

Elizabeth Utley admited and baptized, Feb 4, 1793 

Seth Vinton was admited to the chh- June 23, 1793 
Isaac Johnson was admited July 7, 1793 

Asa Stowel and his wife were admited April 12, 1793 

Rhoda Rider admited 1792 

Tabatha Root Admited 1792 

Esenath Waters Admited July 23, 1797 

Phebe Cross & Anna Sawen admited April 5, 1801 

A Record of Marriages 
Azariah Sanger was married to Elizabeth Abbe April 22"'* 1760 
Jonathan Parker married to Betty Johnson July 24"^ 1760 
Joseph Parsons, Jun'', was Married to Mary Holt, Nov'' 27, 1760 
Josiah Lee was married to Esther Richardson 3Iarch 2, 1761. 
December 1, 17'J1. Andrew Holt & Silvia Fenton were lawfully married. 
March 1792. Roswell Price and Mary Nie were lawfully married. 
April 19. 1792 Nathaniel Crocker and Abigail Sawin were lawfully 

Nov. 22, 1792 Erastus Edwards and Jerusha Farley were lawfully mar- 
March 7, 1793. Josiah Root and Phebe Vinton were lawfully married. 
March 21, 1793. Ensign Joseph Rider and Irenia [?] Hinkley were law- 
fully married. 
April 9, 1793, Amaza Dunton and Marcy Taylor were lawfully married. 

\_0n fly-leaf of Church Record.'\ 
Decemb'^ 4-1760, The Rev'* Gideon Noble & Christian Cadwell were mar- 
ried together, & had Issue 

Sarah, Born Sep. 5. 1761 
Gideon, born Aug. 3. 1763 

220 Willing ton Church Records ''Julv 

Solomon, born Julv 1, 17Co 
Christian. Born Oct" 24, 17C7 
Joanna, horn oct. 8, 17G'J 
Charlotte, boru Aug. 19. 1771 
Matthew, born Nov. 21. 1773 
Mark, horn Sep'' 2, 1775 
Horatio, horn Nov. 20, 1777 
Electa, born Dec'' 28, 1780 
she (lied fehru 22, 1786 
Electa, boru May 15, 17.s7 

Joanna Noble my ilother died Nov. 1, 1763, aged 63 years. 

Matthew Noble my Father died Aug. 8, 1771, aged 70. Left T.-.-ue. viz: 

Bethiah, born april 20. 1721- died 1787 

Joanna, born Dec'^ 3, 1722 

Constantine. born Oct. 8, 1725 

Gideon, horn ilarch 6, 1728 

Rhoda, horn Aug' 28, 1730, died Sep-^ 1731 

Rhoda, l)orn Aug' 28, 1732, died march, 1777 

Matthew, born July 27, 1736 

Paul, born I suppose 1738 

Walter, son of Oliver Pearl baptized Nov. 20, 1791 
The family of George Sawen and Ruth his Wife baptized July 22. 1792 
May 24. 1793 The family of George and Deborah Davies were baptized, 
June 7, 1793. A son of Dr. ]Miner Grant and Eunice his wife was bap- 
tized by the name of Clark 
July the 14, 1793. Two children of Mr. Asa Stowel were baptized by 

the name of Phebe and David. 
August 11, 1793. A child of the Rev. Abishai Alden and Elizabeth his 

wife was baptized by the name of Almira. 
Almira, the daughter of Isaac .Stiles and his wife was baptized Sept. 8 

John, a son of John Hinkley and his wife baptized Sept. 29, 1793 
Joseph a child of George and Deborah Davies baptized Feb. 16. 1794 
Hannah, Daughter of Olover Pearl &, Hannah his Wife, baptized June 29, 

July 27, 1794. The family of Timothy Pearl was baptized by the names 

of Elijah Crocker, Louis, Cloe & Anna. 
Aug. 31, 1794. A child of Ensign Joseph Rider was baptized by the 

name of Anna, another child of Joseph Newcomb by the name of Grace 
Sept. 28, 1794. A child of Amaza Duuton and Marcy Ms wife by the 

name of Lois was baptized 
Oct. 5, 1794 A child of Deac. Samuel Dunton was baptized by the name 

of Lodisa. 
Oct. 19, 1794. A child of Joseph Curtis and Rhoda his wife was baptized 

by the name of Ransom 
April 5, 1795. A child of the Rev. Abishai Alden and Elisabeth his 

wife, was baptized by the name of Dolly Coffin. 
May 24, 1795 A child of George Davies and Deborah his wife was bap- 
tized by the name of Strickling 
June 28, 1795. A daughter of D'' iliuer Grant and Eunice his wife was 

baptized by the Rev. M"" Weld by the name of Lucinda. 

1913] Willbifjton Church Records 221 

July 5. 179.3. A dauuiiter of Isaac Stiles was baptized 'jy the name of 

Aug. 2, 17'Jo. A child of Seth Vinton was bapti/ d by the name of 

^Nov. 15, ITOo. A son of Joseph Newcomb was l)aptize<l bv the name of 

June 5, 179G. A cliild of Joseph Curtis and Rhoda his wife was baptized 

by the name of Joseph. 
Aug. 12, 170G. A child of John Hinkley was baptized by the Rev. Mr. 

Willard by the nam(' ol Susannah. 
Sept. 2fi, 1796. A child of Amasa Dunton and Mercy his wife by the 

name of Mirilla was baptized. 
Feb. 6, 1797. A son of the Rev. Al)ishai Aldeu and Elizal)ei:h his wife, 

was baptized by the name of Augustus. 
June 12, 1797. A son of Seth Vinton was baptized by the name of Zenas 
June 2o, 1797. A daughter of George and Deborah Davies was baptized 

by the name of Polly. 
July 2, 1797. A child of Mr. Joseph Rider was baptized bv the name of 

Aug. 30, 1797. The family of ]Mr. Zenas AVaters and his wife Esenath 

were baptized by the names of Dudley, Polly & Lora. 
Horrace, Son of Joseph Curtis and Khoda his wife baptized Feb. 4. 1798 
Cvrus the Son of Olover Pearl bantized bv the Rev. M"^ Storrs, May 20, 

Hope the Son of Joseph Newcomb and his wife baptized June 3, 1798. 
Sept. 22, 1798. A Son of Timothy Pearl was baptized by the name of 

March 17, 1799. A daughter of Ens. Joseph Rider and Iranna [?] his 

wife was baptized by the name of Riene [?] 
June 17, 1799. Anna, the daughter of John Hinkley & his wife was 

June oO, 1799. A daughter of Seth Vinton and Dorcas his wife was bap- 
tized by the name of Ruth 
July 6, 1799. Kezire, a daughter of George and Deborah Davies was 

baptized. A daughter of .Joshua Preston it Sarah his wife was baptized 

by the name of Florinda. 
Sophrona, Daughter of the Rev. Abishai Alden and his wife, Elizabeth 

was baptized Oct. G, 1799. 
June 29. 1800. A daughter of Isaac Stiles & his wife was baptized by 

the name of Almira 
Shubel the son of Phebe Cross baptized April 26, 1801. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah Sawen and Ama baptized June 7, 1801. 
Mary, the daughter of John Hinckley baptized Oct. 11, 1801. 
May 9, 1802. A daughter of the Rev. Abishai Alden & his wife, was 

baptized l)y the name of Betsy P [^illegible] 
June 20, 1802. A daughter of Seth Vinton was baptized liy the name of 

May 20, 180-4. A Daughter of ^P Seth Vinton and Polly his wife, was 

Baptized by the Rev'' William Storrs, by the name of Lydia. 
July 8, 1S04. A son of M"' Joshua Preston and Sally his wife was Bap- 
tized liv the Rev. Enoch Pond bv the name of Austin. 

222 Willlngton Church Records [July 

Nov. 15, 1702. Elisabeth, the wu'e of the Rev. Ahishai Alden was re- 
commended from the chh of Christ in Merrimac to the church of Christ 
in this ])hice. 
Dec. 10, 179!}. Sarah, the wife of Joshua Preston was recommended from 
the chh of Christ in Hampton to tlie chh of C. iu tliis place. Test. 
Abisliai Alden Pastor 
June 20, 1802. The Widow Lois Steel was recommended from the chh 
of Christ iu Tolland to the chh of Christ in this place. 

Test. Ahishai Alden, Pastor 
June 20, 1802. Azariah Sanger and his wife were recommended from 
the chh of Christ in Ellington to the chh of Christ in this place. 

Test. Abishai Alden, Pastor, 


Mrs. Fuller, the wife of Mr. Daniel Fuller dismissed and recommended to 

the chh in Eastberry[?] 
M'' Thomas Rice and ThankfuU his wife Dismissed and recommended to 

the chh of Christ in Cambridge, State of Newyork. 
Prudence Taylor dismissed and recommended to the chh in Sos[?] 
The "Widow Love Orcutt dismissed and recommended to the chh of Christ 

in Randolph. 
Mrs Sary Flint dismissed and recommended to the chh of Christ in West- 
M' Church and his wife dismissed and recommended to the chh of Christ 

M"^ Heman Howes & wife dismissed and recommended to the chh of Christ 

in Cambridge State of Newyork 
Eleazer Crocker dismissed and recommended from this church to the 

church of Christ in Cambridge, State of Newyork. 
Asenath Waters dismissed and recommended to the 2*^ church of Christ 

in Windham. 
Rhoda the wife of Joseph Curtis dismissed and recommended from this 

church to the church of Christ in Cambridge, state of Newyork. 
Amaza Dunton and his wife dismissed and recommended from this church 

to the thu'd chh in Cambridge State of Newyork. 
Ruth Sawen dismissed and recommended to the chh in Cambridge state 

of New york 
Deborah Davis dismissed and recommended to the church in Granvile, 

State of New york. 
Roberd Scott dismissed & recommended from this church to the church of 

Christ in Tolland. 
Asa Stowel & his wife Judith dismissed & recommended from this chh in 

Norwich in Vermont. 
Isaac Johnson dismissed and recommended from this church to the church 

in Hadley. 
August 151", 1303. the Rev-^ Abishai Alden & Elizabeth his Wife Dis- 
missed from this Chh & recommended to the Church in Moutville 

[All these dismissions are in the handwriting of the Rev. Abishai Alden, 
and the record closes here.j 

1913] The Ilotchhiss Famihj 223 


By DoxALD Lines Jacobus, M.A., of 27ew Haven, Conn. 
[Concluded from page 132] 

87. Mll.ES" IIoTCiiKiSd {Jonah,'' Henrij,^ Jolni.,^ John^'^ SamueB), born 28 

Aug. 1778, lived at Cheshire, and died 23 Xov. ISo'J. He married 
first, 4 Dec. 1«00, Pollt Ives, who died 22 Nov. 1815; and 

secondly Joaxxa , who died -i Nov. 1830. 

Children by first wife : 

i. RicHAKD,^ b. 9 Dec. 1801. 

ii. Lkxt, b. 2G Nov. 1803. 

iii. Wllliam, b. 18 Apr. 1806. 

iv. AniGAiL, b. 2(3 May 1808. 

V. Maky, b. 2G Dec. 1810. 

vi. Sally Kot^iLLA, b. 23 Jan. 1813. 

vii. Milks, b. 15 Nov. 1815. 

Child by second wife : 
viii. A ^ox, b. 13 Oct. 1819. 

88. Elf.azei!,' rioTcriKiss {Josliua,^ Calebs Joshua,^ John^^ Samuel}), 

baptized 7 ilay 17.58, lived at "Westville, and died between 12 Oct. 
and 11 Nov. I.'i22. He married, 14 Dec. 177i), Naomi Gilbert, 
daughter of iMichael and Betha, who died 29 Mar. 1836, a^ed 75. 
Children : 

i. Betsey,'' bapt. 20 Aug. 17S0; m. Tyi.ek. 

ii. Michael Gilbert, bapt. 12 Oct. 1783; d. 9 Dec. 1848; m. Asenatii 

, d. 20 Dec. 1861, aged 78. 

iii. Pakjielia, b. 19 Apr. 1785 ; d. 1 Jan. 1866 ; m. 12 Oct. 1806 Levekett 

DicKEisiiAX. b. 11 Dec. 1779, cl. 31 Jan. 1861. 
iv. Eleazeu, bapt. 6 Aug. 1792 ; d. 13 Apr. 1841 ; m. Fansy L. . 

89. Elijah^ Hotchkiss {Joslina,^ Caleb* Joshun,^ Jolm^' SamueP), bap- 

tized 4 Apr. I7ti2, lived at Westville, and died in .Sept. 184'.). He 
married, 3 31ur. 1782, Rebecca OsBOr.n'e, daughter of Jehiel and 
EelK-cca (Sperry), wlio was baptized 23 Sept. 17 64 and died in Dec. 
1842. Tile record of this family is iuc(Mnplete. 

i. RuEUsJ b. aljt. 1790; d. 6 Mar. 1863; m. Puis^cilla , b. abt. 

1600; d. 15 June 1847. 

90. Joseph Pcxdekso-n® Hotchkiss {JoslmaJ' C'deh.* Jos/ma.^ Jukn,- 

Samufl^), baptized 27 May 17(J4, lived at Cedar Hill, New Haven, 
and died 14 31ar. 1838. He married first Rhoda Woodix«, 
daugliterof .lohnand Hannah (Holbrook), who was born about 1765 
and died 1 Feb. 1823; and secondly, 11 3Iay 1823, Mus. Sarah 
TuTTLE, who died in 1841. 
Chiidreu by first wife : 

i. Claulssa,'' b. 18 Dec. 1786 ; d. 17 Sept. 18-16 : ra. 10 Jan. 1808 Li-jian 
Atwateu of Cedar Hill, b. 3 Mar. 1783, d. Mar. 1862. 

ii. Henry, b. al)t. 1791; d. 9 Apr. 1826; in. Polly . 

iii. Anna, b. 5 Xov. 1795; d. 26 Fob. 1836; m. 12 Dec. 1813 Medad 
Atwateu of Cedar Hill. b. 18 Oct. 1788. 

91. MiLES^' Hotcuki:^* {Jotihun,^ Caleb,'' Ji)sluut^^ John.,- Samuel'^), bap- 

tized 28 June 1772, lived at Westville, and died between 8 Feb. 

224 Tht Hotchhi^.i Famihj [July 

and 18 Mar. 1837. IK- iiian-icMl :it :\IiIfonl, 18 Nov. ll'.)2. Axee 
IIki'MKN. who dicil 12 Jiar. J.^^-'Jij, aued (jj. 

Cliilfli'fii : 
i. Sai.i.v." 1) iibt. \1'J'>\ d. 17 Oct. l.S7-t; m. Gkimuje Mt>u.>5ii. I), abt. 

irr.s. d. 11 Oct. isjO. 

ii. CAiior.iNK, ID. 1 Nov. l.-s2!:» Clakk Smith D^nnixg. 
ili. Kr.Mi j:. I), ii'it. IT'j:*; d. 2:; .May l-^^i; iii. Jmix B. Li;wi.s, 1). abt. 
loui. d. '6 Au!^. lS-17. 

iv. K.MMA M. 

V. Mii.ics. 1). abt. 180.5 ; d. 27 May l.s48 : m. :U Dec. 182C Eliza D. C.u>- 
WKi.L. who in. (2) 15od;re aud d. ;;i Mar. 180^, aged Gl. 

92. EnOs)'' IIotcukiss {Ezekiel,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ John,- Samuel^) born 6 

June 17-31, lived at New Haveu, aud died in 17'J2. He married. 

Bradley, daughter of i.^aac aud Lois ol East Haveu. 

Children : 

i. E.STiiEi:.' 

ii. Sarau. 

iii. liKiiiicCA. ui. Whiting Ivk.s. 

iv. EzEKiKL, b. abt. 176J ; d. 12 June 1S49 ; m. Sar.ih Larrabee, d. 1852. 

93. George^ HorcnKLSS {StephenJ' Cak-b,* Caleb,^ John." Samuel^), born 

6 3Iar. 1780, lived at New liaven, and died in 1821. lie married, 
26 Sept. 1802, Peggy Collis. 
Cliildreu : 

i. Daniel Ci^llis.' b. al)t. l>Oi; m. I'J Sept. 1827 Elizaretii' Hotcu- 
Kiss. dau^iiter of Kiis»ell O'^j- They removed to New Vork City. 
ii. Geoi:(;e W'vllys. b. abt. l*uij. 
iii. Hio.vuv .Scott, b. abt. 1^08. 
iv. Elizahetii Davis, b. abt. IslO. 
V. William Dcmjikr, b. abt. 1>12. 

94. Ezra* Hc^tciiiciss (Jonah,^ Caleb,* Ca/eb,^ Jj/r,),'- SmnueP), of New 

Haven, died in 1SG':5. lie married hrst N.axcv Augur, wlio was 
born 14 Nov. ITS-') aud dieil '20 Ajir. l6oG, aged -JO ; and secondly 

Cathakixe . 

Children by lirst wife : 

i. F.,^ removed to Rochester, ;N". T.. and Vineland. N. J.: m. 

oO Oct. 1.827 Olivia Eunice Trowukidge. b. 31 May IsuO. 
ii. Leonard S., m. 27 Juue ls:.i! Louisa Uuurard. 

95. Russell" Hotciikiss {Jonah.^ Caleb* Caleb,^ John"- Samuel^'), bom 

about 178U, lived at New Haven, aud died 1 Jan. ISio. lie mar- 
ried first , who was boru about 178G aud tiled 22 May la.j4 ; 

and secondly, 9 Juue ]8o.5, Elizabeth Ann Hubuard. 

Cliildreu by lir.'-t wife : 

i. Russell,^ m. 25 Dec. 183:; Catiiarix-e E. Wadswortu. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. 1^ Sept. 1827 Daxu:l Collis' Hotcuki.'^s (U3, i.). 

iii. JLvRY. m. 2o Dec. 182a David Hoadl?;y, Jr., of New Yorli. 

iv. Hexry 0. 

v. Edward. 

96. Elias" Hotciikiss {Jonah,^ Caleb.^ Culeb,^ John,- Samuel^), of New 

Haven, died in 18(35. He married Julia . 

Cliildreu : 

i. Thomas W.' 

ii. Ei.iA-. 

iii. GKdKGE AV., m. Julia Gilrert. 

iv. James E. 

1913] The HotcMciss Familij 225 

V. C.vnoLiXK. m. 1 Ani?. 1838 GuST.vvrs Bradley. 
vi. FuAN'CivS Ei.iZAiiKTii, m. Allen B. Hitchcock. 
vii. Xancy, m. Hexhy AYiieeler. 

97. Haulei^ IIoTCiiKiss (Sleplien,^ JaJjczJ Jacoh,^ Jushnar Snmiiel^), horn 

12 Sept. 171)1, lived at Bethany, and died 2G Miir. ISGO. He mar- 
ried IIakimkt Collixs. 
Cliildrcu : 

i. Wealthy Anx." m. Thomas Gilyard. 
ii. AxDHEW T., d. iu 1S77; m. Belinda Bcckingiiam. 
iii. IIaiuhs, d. youuir. 

i\. CiiAKLES T., b. 'J July 1631; removed to Cheblure; m. EiniA V. 

98. Eker" IIoTCHKidS {Stephen,^ JubezJ Jacob,^ Jos/nia,^ Samuel^), horn 

about 1796, lived at Bethany, and died 28 Nov. 1«51. He married 
TiiiuzA Driver. 
Children : 

i. DiLAZON.' 

ii. Gracia. 

iii. Sam.lntha. 

iv. Jane. 

V. Samuel. 

vi. Hooker. ^ 

99. .Jareu*^ Hotcukiss (Stephen.^ Jabez,^ Jacob^ Joshua,^ Sa.mui^l^), horn 

about 1804, lived at Betluiny, and died 24 Aug. 1854. He mar- 
ried, 13 Sept. 1840, AiiY French of Prospect. 
Children : 

i. Henry Hooker,' bapt. 24 Mar. 1842 ; d. young, 
ii. Caroline Ll'CINa, bapt. Dec. ISIA. 

100. George'^ Hotciikiss {Stephen,^ Jabez.'^ Jacob? Joshua,- SamueP), 

lived at Bethany, and married, 4 Apr. 1841, Lacra Sperky. 

Chikli-en : 
i. Evantder,^ bapt. 13 Aug. 1843 ; m. Elizabeth Crartree. 


iii. A iJAL'(;iiTER. 

101. .Si I, As' Hotciikiss (Jose]>fi,-' J)SfipJir S"ini'c/.^ nomas,- S"»i'a'P), 

horn about 17Gt). lived at Bethany, and died Ijeiore 28 Feb. 1>^48. 
He married Susannah riccK. 
Cliildren : 

109. i. Hiram.' 

110. ii. WOO.STER. b. abt. 1793. 

iii. T;;mperance, m. William Andrew. 
iv. Ueboi:aii. 
V. 3Iartha. 

102. John* Hotciikiss ( William,^ Joseph.^ Samuel,^ Thomas,- Sanvel^), 

lived at Vv'estville, and married, 2 May 176.5, IIuldaii Sperry. 
Children : 

i. iRA.'b. abt. 1790. 

ii. Obedience, b. abt. 1791. 

iii. Sally Almira. 

iv. John Mile.s. 

103. David'"' Hotciikiss {William,^ Joseph,* Samu/>/,' Thomas,- SamueP), 

born about ITG'J, died 12 Jan. 1S4G. He married Mercy Bradley, 
who was born about 1766 and died '3U Jan. 1854. 

226 The Hotchhiss Family Mulj 

C'luliU'en : 

i. Lucy," b. aht. 1702 ; m. Isaac Bi.ake. 

ii. Lkwis. b. abt. 1797: d. 17 Auj?. 1803. 

iii. Haxxah, b. abt. 17'J9. 

iv. Willis, b. 2'.) Mar. 1803; d. 18 Sept. 1S8+; m. M.U'.y A. Kimberly, 

b. :i Jul}' 1812, d. 9 Feb. I'JOO. He lived at Derby and had i»ue. 
V. Lkwis. b. U Oct. l.'^Ofi; d. i:jFeb. 1887: m. Eliza'Hull. He lived 

at Derby aud had i.•^sue. 
vi. Eunice, m. Shkldox Moulthrop. 
vii. Sai;aii M., b. 17 Feb. 1814; d. 14 Apr. 1895; m. William Baldwin 

of Derby, b. 18 Sept. 1811; d. 2 June 1887. 

104. David'"' IIotchkis.-s {David,^ Sulomon* Daniel,^ Daniel,- SamueP), 

born about 1779, lived at "Wood bridge, ivnd died 24 June 1S42. 

He married Huldah , who was born about 1782 aud died 

21 July 18o6. 

Children : 
i. Hubbard,' b. abt. 1798; d. 20 Oct. 1849; m. 9 Aug. 1820 Han-s-ah Child: 1. .ffH7i««A i,'.,* bapt. 3 Aug. 1828 ; m. William A. 
ii. Maria, bapt. Oct. 1803. 
iii. Caroline, bapt. 31 Auar. 1806. 
iv. Hknrietta, bapt. 26 June 1808. 

V. He.nry Luciu.s, b. 10 May 181U : lived at New Haven ; d. 26 May 1861 ; 
m. Lucy Cowkll, b. -'8 Apr. 1815, d. 21 Nov. 1896. wiio m. (2) 

Webster. Children: 1. Scrah,^ d. young. 2. G^orr/e 

Hcnnj, b. 6 Mar. 1840; d. 28 June 1904; m. Caroline Austin; left 

105. IlARViiY" HoTCHKiss {Duvicl.^ SoIomoH.* Daniel,^ Daniel.- S'unuel^), 

born ;ibout 1781, lived at Bethany, and died 9 Dec. 18.0.3. He 
miirried. in 18U5, Sarah Alling, wlio died 21 Sept. 1862. 
Children : 

i. Sheldon Alling,' b. 22 Apr. 1808. 

ii. Eliza S.^Ji.txTHA, b. 18 Sept. 1810: d. 14 Feb. 1876. 

iii. SoLo.MON, b. 18 June 1813: d. 7 Jan. 1886; m. Charlotte Heming- 
way, b. abt. 1821, d. 28 May 1893. 

iv. Beecher Delos, b. 11 Feb. 1815 : d. 30 Oct. 1866; m. Betsey Per- 
kins, b. abt. 1821, d. 3 Oct. 1863. 

V. Julius Leonard, b. 17 June 1817; d. 17 Feb. 1870; m. Sophronli. 

vi. Theodore Nelson, b. 20 Dec. 1819: d. 27 Feb. 1888; m. Luclv 


vii. Sarah Finette, b. 29 Oct. 1822 ; d. 15 Jan. 1878 ; m. 5 Mar. 1S48 

DeWitt Clinton Castle of Seymour, 
viil. Oui-ANDO Thomas, b. 8 Aug. 1825; d. 11 Dec. 1828. 
Ls. Harvey Harpin, b. 16 Feb. 1828; lived at Prospect; m. 15 Feb. 

1852 Charlotte Eliza Alling. 
X. MAU(iAUEr Dianthe. b. 16 June 1830; d. 14 Feb. 1872; m. Matthew 

TREWHELLAof Cheshire. 

lOG. Elifualet^ Hotchkiss {Levi,^ Eliphalet,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Sainuel^), 
born about 1777, lived at Derby, and died 21 Sept. 1858. He mar- 
who died 15 Nov. 1865. 


;il i.\AiM^I ; 

Children : 






}iIary Ann. 








. John. 

1913] The Hotchkiss Family 

viii. PnEBE. 
ix. Jane. 
X. Hannah. 
xi. Amelia. 
xii. Hauvky. 

107. Hexry^ HoTcniciss {Justus,^ Ohadiah^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Samuel}), 

born 2U Apr. 1801, lived :it New Haven, and died 15 Dec. 1871. 
He was president of the New Haven Bank. He married, 22 May 
1823, Elizabeth Daggett. 
Children : 

i. Elizabeth Susan. ^ 

li. Mauy Ann Fokbks. 

iii. Maktha Prescott, m. Dr. John 0. Bronson. 

iv. Susan Viktue. 

V. Mary Ann, m. Capt. Charles Hervey Townshend. 

vi. Henry Lucius, b. 12 Dec. 1842; m. 25 Feb. 1875 Jane Louisa 
Fitch Trowbridge. Children: 1. Henry Steicart,'' b. 1 Oct. 
187G. 2. Helen Sonthgate, b. 2i Nov. 1880. 3. Elizabeth Trow- 
bridge, b. 26 Mar. 1885. 

108. Lucius^ Hotchkiss (Justus.^ Obadiah,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Samuel^), 

born 1 3Iar. 1803, lived at New Haven, and died 29 May 1880. 
He married first, 18 Oct. 1827, Maria Melcheu Street, who was 
born 1 Jan. 1807 and died 2 Sept. 1833 ; and secondly, Oct. 1834, 
Catherine Ladd Street, who died 29 May 1880. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Maru. Louise Forbes/ b. 2 Aug. 1828 ; d. 15 June 1889 ; m. 15 Sept. 

1847 Charles Mulock of New York, 
ii. Justus Street, b. 4 Feb. 1831 ; m. 9 May 18G6 Fanny Winchester, 

b. in Boston 9 Oct. 1838, d. 24 Jan. 1912. He is a director of the • 

Second National Bank, New Haven. Child: \. Fanny Winchester,^ 

b. 26 July 1879 ; d. 31 July 1879. 
iii. Anna Maria, b. 10 Aug. 1833 ; d. 31 Aug. 1833. 

109. Hiram'' Hotchkiss (Silas,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Samuel,* Thomas,^ 

Samuel}), died in 1849. He married Rebecca^ Hotchkiss, daugh- 
ter of Isaac (73). 
Children : 

i. W.vLES,' b. 1825; m. Frances Augusta Collins. Children: 1. 

(7/iaWes,3 b. Mar. 1853; m. Lily Bell. 2. Dr. Lucius Wales, b. 31 

Dec. 1859: m. 3 .Tune 1891 Alice H. Greene. 
ii. Andrew, d. unm. 

iii. Eliza A., m. Sanford. 

iv. Hart, b. 2 July 1833 : d. 16 Feb. 1867 ; m. Eebecca Temple. Child : 

1. Edith,'* m. Dr. Clarence E. Skinner. 

110. Wooster' Hotchkiss {Silas^ Joseph.^ Joseph,* Satnuel,^ Thomas,^ 

Samuel^), born about 1793, lived at New Haven, and died 8 Oct. 

1849. He married first , who died 22 Dec. 1831, aged 36 ; 

secondly, 25 Nov. 1832, Jennette Tyler, who died 15 Jan. 1847, 
aged 45 ; and thirdly Mary At water. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Mary,' m. Giddings. 

ii. George. 

iii. Emily. 

iv. Susan. 


Children by second wife : 

vi. A daughter, b. abt. 1833; d. 1 Mar. 1847. 
vii. A daughter, b. abt. 1835 ; d. 24 July ls45. 
VOL. Lxvir. 15 

.228 The Hotchhiss Family [Juir 


Of the many unpIacetJ rTotchkisses whose records come to han<l only 
the following need l)e considered Lere : 

(1) Tx-MOTiiY IIorciiKiss of C!ie.-;Iiiro fperh.aps identical with 27. iii. 
who was born at 2SfW Ilaveu Id Mar. 17 1:21 married, t ilar. ]7';2. Luci' 
AxDRUS, who died 27 Apr. 1772. 

Children : 

i. Samukl, b. It Dec. irr.2: m. 12 Feb. 17S-4 Mieiam" Hotciikiss, 

dauiiiiter of Aiiims ('li), \;. lo Jan. 1704. 
ii. Aiiisnu.'jiv, b. 14 Jan. 1705; m. 2.5 Dec. 17'Jl Llxrktia Baldwin. 
iii. Aneu, b. 24 Dec. 1700. 
iv. BiiiANT, b. ai May 170!;. 
T. Lucy, b. 23 Apr. 1772 ; d. May 1772. 

(2) The descendants of John Ilotciikin of Guilford, sometimes supposed 
(despite the spelling of the name) to be brother of SamneP Hotchkiss, are 
given in Registku, vol. o8, p. 281. One branch, which settled in New 
Haven, is not carried out there, and is given here in order to prevent any 
confusion between this family and the New Haven Hotchkisses. 

Joseph^ Hotciikin {Abraham,^ Abraham,^ Joseph,'^ John^), born ac 
Guilford 17 Nov. 17-38, married Abigail Hortox, daughter of 
Samuel and Sarah of AVolcolt, who was baptized at ^Voodbridge 
30 Sept. 17oD. He removed to Richmond, Mass.. and later, to- 
gether with his brother Oliver, to New Haven., Conn., where he 
died 2'J Apr. Is27. His widow died 4 Dec. 182'J. 
Children : 

i. Elias," b. abt. 17S.3; d. at Xew Haven 17 Aug. 1^24, leaving chil- 
dren: 1. Charles.' h. edit. IS 10. 2. Mary Aim, b. abt. iSlS. 3. 
AMKuda Charlotte. 

ii. Tabitua, m. Gastox. 

iii. Lo^^xlA, m. Ivixgsley. 

iv. Abigail, m. Dudley. 

(3) A Hotchkiss family settled in Norfolk. Conn., about 17G3, but it 
was not connected v,-ith the line of .Samuel^ in time to be inserted in its 
proper place. It is now nearly certain that James, Enos, and Samuel, the 
heads of the Norfolk branch, were two sons and a grandson of SamueP (12) 
of East Haven. 

12. viii. Jajies' Hotchkiss (Samuel,^ Snmueh- SuimieP'-). boi-n at Eas^ 
Haven 13 Jan. 172S, married Dokothy AsrixwALL of Norfolk. 
Childi'en ; 
i. LE\a,' ^ 

ii. MAiiY, j-bapt. 2 Oct. 1763. 
iii. Sarah, J 

iv. Eebecca, bapt. 6 May 1704. 
V. Dav^d. bapt. 20 Jiuie 1760. 
vi. AsEXATH. bapt. iO e.'ct. 1708. 
vii. Cvncs. bapt. 2'J July 1770. 
viii. Jam."!;s. bapt. 10 Awj:. 1772. 
ix. PiiEBE, I-iapt. ID Juu'j 1774. 
X. ItJA, bapt. 14 June 177^!. 
xi. Chai:lottk. bapt. 10 Apr. 1750. 

!_'. IX. Exos^ Hotchkiss (Samuel,' Scomiel.- Sionuel^), ix>rn at Er.ri 
Haven 13 May 1731. married, 5 Feb. 1756, Elizauetit 

1913] The Ilotchhiss Family 221) 

Shepard. The birth of their child Elihu is recorded at East 
Haven, Imt imfortunately the uame was given as Enos in Dodd's 
East Haven Register, and this error was followed in the account 
given above (Register, vol. <5<3^ p. 3oU). Elihu, Elizabeth, and 
Ruth, cliihlren of Enos and Elizabeth, were ba2)tized at Norfolk 
'1 Oi.'t. 17t>3, togetlier with three chihlren of James and Dorotliy, 
a fact wliich serves to identify Enos and James as tlie East 
Haven brotliers. 
Children : 

i. Eluic' b. at East Haven 1757; bapt. at Norfolk 2 Oct. 17CS. 

ill. KUTH, [bapt.2 0ct. 1<G3. 

iv. A CHILD, d. 17 Jan. 1713. 

V. Joiix, bapt. at Norfoik 17 June 1701. 

vi. Enos. 

vii. SxErnE:;. 

viii. H.\xxAii, m. Jonathan Finch. 

ix. S.VML'EL, b. at East Haven 1778. 

34, iii. Samuel^ Hotchkiss {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^), re- 
moved from Northford to Norfolk, and died Jan. 179'J. He 

married Eliz.a.beth . 

Chiklreu : 

i. Chloe,« bapt. 12 Apr. 1778. 

ii. Betsey, bapt. 26 Nov. 17S0. 

iii. Damaeis, bapt. 27 Apr. 1783. 

iv. Samuel, bapt. 5 June 17.^5. 

r. LujiEN Phelps, bapt. 8 June 1788 ; m. Hannah . 

vi. J.iAiES, bapt. 22 Jan. 1791. 

vii. AbiG-UL. bapt. 12 July 1798 ; perhaps the child who d. July 1708. 

viii. Eliza Aurelia, bapt. 13 June 1802. 

JosiAH Hotchkiss, perhaps the oldest child of James (12, viii), married 

Asenath . 

Children : 

i. Oliver, \ 
ii. JusiAH. ) 

iv! 1>;^"!th, I '^^P^- 15 Oct. 1790. 

V. Daniel, V 

vi. Cyrus. / 

vii. A CHILD, d. Apr. 1790. 

viii. CiiARLoriE. bapt. 27 Aug. 1801. 

(4) Tho."was^ Hotchkiss (18, i) was probably the man reported dead 
or captured in tlie French War, 7 Sept. 175 6. If so, his family mav not 
have removed from Hamden as supposed. It will be noted that he liad a 
son Samuel, born 7 July 1732. In 18 IG the estate of Samuel Ilotclikiss, 
Jr., of Hamden was distributed to his children Samuel, Amasa, and Sarah, 
and the childi^en of his daughter Mary, deceased. 

(5) Tliauks to the courtesy of Mrs. F. A. Sanford of "Westiield, Mass.. 
it is possible to make additions and corrections in the line of Dea. Gideon* 
Hotchkiss (3G). Descendants are certain tliat the twelfth cliild attri- 
buted to him, Asaliel,^ was in reality the child of Gideon's ehlest son, 
Jesse. ^ Gideon's daugliter Olive (36, xviii) married William .Jones. 

36, i. Jesse" Hotchkiss (Gideon,"^ StepJuut,^ Jushun,'^ Samuel^), born 
9 Oct. 1738, died 20 Sept. 1776. He married, 2 Oct. 17o9, 
Charity Malloey of Stratford. 

230 The Hotchlciss Family [July 

Children : 

A. i. ASAHEL,^ b. 15 F.eb. 1760. 

ii. Charity, b. 24 Mar. 1761 ; m. Kiverus Russell of Homer, N. Y., 

and of York, Livingston Co., N. Y. 
iii. Beulau, b. 13 Mar. 1762; d. 24 Oct. 1776. 
iv. Gabkiel, b. 1.3 Aug. 176.3; d. 22 Jan. 1765. 
V. Ekkkcca, 1). 7 Jan. 1765. 
vi. TKMPEiiA>."CE, b. 3 Dec. 1767. 

vii. Apalina, b. 3 Jan. 1769 ; m. Amraphel Hotchkiss, her first coasin. 
Tiii. Chloe, b. 5 Jan. 1771. 
is.. Anna, b. 19 May 1772; m. Abijah Guernsey. Their daughter 

Althea m. 3 Oct. 1821 Asahel Augustus Hotchkiss, her first cousin. 
X. Huldah, b. 9 Mar. 1774. 
xi. Jesse, b. 3 Aug. 1776. 

36, ii. David* Hotchkiss ( Gideon,* Stephen,^ Joshua,^ Samuel}), bom at 
Waterbury 5 Apr. 1740, died at Windsor, N. Y., 8 May 1826. 
He married lirst, 21 Nov. 1763, Abigail Douglas, daughter of 
Alexander and Sarah (Ballard), who died 5 Apr. 1775 ; and 
secondly, 5 July 1775, Peninah (Peck) Todd, daughter of 
Timothy and Lydia (Lines), and widow of Charles. He removed, 
with all his family except Lavinia and Frederick, to Windsor, 
Broome Co., N. Y. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Asenath,' b. 11 July 1764 ; m. Elmore Russell. 
ii. Sarah, b. 20 Mar. 1766 ; m. Jcstis Beecher of Homer and "Windsor, 
N. Y. 

B. iii. Frederick, b. 6 Mar. 1768. 

iv. Lavinia, b. 9 Jan. 1770; m. Steven "WiLLLiiis of Cheshire, Conn. 

C. V. Amraphel, b. 25 June 1772. 

vi. Cyrus, b. 15 Apr. 1774; in. Sallte Andrus. Children: 1. Cai-verJ 
2. Clarissa, m. Jeffrey Sage. 3. Griles. 4. Parthenia. m. Julius ' 
Edwards. 5. Sophronia, m. Orton of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children by second wife : 

vii. Charles Todd, b. 24 June 1776 ; m. Rhoda Barrett. 
viii. Abigail, b. 25 Apr. 1778 ; m. William Coburn. 
ix. Gilead, b. 12 Oct. 1780 ; m. Sarah Hoadley. 
X. Peninah, b. 21 Feb. 1782 ; m. Sylvester Hulse. 

A. Asahel' Hotchkiss (Jesse,^ Gideon,* Stephen,^ Joshua,^ SamueP), 

born at Waterbury 15 Feb. 17 GO. died at Sharon, Conn. He served 
in the Revolution, and received a pension at the age of 80. He 
married first, 22 Mar. 1781, Sarah Williams, who died 28 Mar. 
1794; secondly, 7 June 1794, Phebe Mekriam; thirdly Mrs. 
CowLES ; and fourthly Mrs. Wakeman. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Sally,' b. 27 Oct. 1781. 

ii. CuRTiss, b. 4 May 1783 ; had children born at Waterbury. 

iii. Dyer, b. 24 June 1785. 

iv. Esther, b. 21 May 1788. 

Children by second mfe : 

V. Tempy, b. 27 Feb. 1797; m. Andrews. 

D. vi. Asahel Augustus, b. 30 June 1799. 
vii. Marcus, b. 1 Sept. 1801. 

viii. Phebe Maria, b. 5 Aug. 1805. 

B. Frederick^ Hotchkiss (David,^ Gideon,* Stephen,^ Joshua," Samuel}), 

born at Waterbury 6 Mar. 1768, died 25 Mar, 1846. He married, 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, N. H. 231 

9 Mar. 1790, Rhoda Hopkins, daughter of John, who died 12 
Mar. 1814. After the death of his father in 1826 he removed to 
"Windsor, N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Marilla,' b. 11 Mar. 1791 ; d. 7 Apr. 1873; m. Lebbeus Sanford. 

ii. Chlok, b. 10 Apr. 1794; d. 22 Apr. 1812. 

iii. Julia, I). 7 Feb. 179(5; d. 10 Nov. 188.3: m. Joxau Woodrufi--. 

iv. David Miles, b. 27 Nov. 1797; d. 15 Apr. 1878; m. (1) Zurviah 
Stevkns; m. (2) Hannah (Dodlittle) Bristol. Ten children. 

V. Laura, b. 4 Sept. 1800; d. 1813. 

vi. Clarissa, b. (> Jan. 1806 ; d. 16 Jan. 1873; in. Elisha Hall. 

vii. Frederick Hopkins, b. 5 Nov. ls08; d. 1808. 

C. AiiRAPHEL® HoTCHKiss (David.^ Gideon,* Stephen,^ Joshua,- Samuel^), 

born 25 June 1772, lived at Windsor, N. T. He married his first 
cousin, Apalina^ Hotchkiss, daughter of Jesse. 
Children : 

i. Stiles,' m. Lydia Beecher, daughter of Justis and Sarah (Hotch- 
ii. Frederick, m. Jemima Comstock. 
iii. Gideon, m. Ann Evarts. 
iv. Olive, m. Jedediau S.mith. 
v. Harry, m. Amanda Hempstead. 
vi. Amraphel. 
vii. Jesse, in. Betsey Hempstead ; lived at Cornwall, N. Y. 

D. AsAHEL Augustus^ Hotchkiss {Asahel,^ Jesse,^ Gideon,* Stephen,^ 

Joshua,'^ Samuel}), born 30 June 1799, lived at Sharon, Conn., and 
died 21 Apr. 1885. He married, 3 Oct. 1821, his cousin, Althea 
Children : 

i. Andrew,' inventor of the first projectile for rifled cannon. 

ii. Abuah, d. young. 

iii. Benjamin Berkley, inventor of revolving cannon and rapid-flre 

guns. His widow endowed the HotchJiiss School at Lakeville, 

iv. Franklin Augustus. 
v. Frederick Abi.tah. 

vi. DoTHEA Anna, m. McKelvey. 

vii. Sarah Mintseva. 
viii. CHARLi':iJ. 


X. William. 


Communicated by Joseph Weatheehead Warren, M.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
[Continued from page 147] 

At Leagel Town meetinsr of the freehohlers and other Inhabitant of 
starisland alias gosport duly Qualefyed to Vote this first day of apirel 1754 
according to notyfication given under the selct mens hands — 

232 Toiun Records of Gosport, Jf. H. [J^J}' 

m'' will am Sanderson Chosen moderater 

m"^ Churls Kuodel 1 

m'' Henry Shajtley >- Select men 

m'' Samuell muchmore ) 

m'' Samuell varrell Constable 

m'' John Br.iir ) »-^ 

, ,, ., ■" > titeu men 

m"^ Gibens mace J 

^; ^;f I^ebert down ) ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

vaF Chans Kanael ) 

m'' John Tuck sallary is to be one Qun"^ of wenter fish a man for this year 

Henry Shapley ton Clark 

Beniamin Coker syler of wood 


By a Lesol Town meating of the freeholders and inhaben tents of the 

ton of Gosport Duly Quullified to vote Gosport Apirel y* 19 1756 

Willam Sandresson modraiter 

m"" Samuell muchmore ^ 

m'' D" willam muchmore >- Tonsmen 

m'' petter obe ) 

m'' John vairell Constubel | 

m"^ James word ) ^- 1 

r T^ . , t, T 1 > tidenmen 
m"^ Darnel Kandel j 

m"^ Henry Shapley ton Clairk 

m"' Chairls Raindel ) /-, n c a t^ 

. T , T-v - Collors 01 nsh 

m"^ John Down \ 

\aF John Vairel woofl Seailer 

A generell free Vote paist amongst the inhabentents of gosport for y*' 

Reiv'^ m"^ John tuck sallery to be paid in weanter fish Each man one Qun" — 


By a Legol Town meating of the freeholders and Inhabetents of the Ton 

of Gosport Duly Quallified to Vote gosport march y® 13 : 1755 — 

Willam Sandresson modrater 

m'' Henry Cartter ~\ 

m'' Richard Talphy \ Tons men 

m'' D"ucken muchmore j 

m'' Charls miller Constabel | 

m"^ Jezerimv Lord ) rr..,. 

r ^ " , , \ Tidingmen 

m'^ Gorg wolphy ) ° 

m"^ Chirls Randel 1 n „ i a x^ 
y n • T^ \ Collers of nsh 

m"^ Captm Down j 

m'' Dainel Randel J wood Sealr 
Henry Shapley j Ton Clork 

this is agred at ton meating that If any preson shall Spelt any fish above 
hie warter marck and Leave their heads and son bons [sound bones] and 
Coutds [guts ?] their shall pay teen pounds new tener to the town and any 
that is aboue new [now ?] they that houe [have] them their shall haue 
them belou hie warter in fortenets time or pay the same 

this is agreed at ton meating that Eevery person that is are [52c] kow* 
shall Carry them of at 15 day of may keep them their tel the 15 day of 

♦Possibly intended for " that has a cow." 

1913] Toioi Records of Gosi^oH, H. 11. 233 

octol)er or pay 20 sliilling Lawfull money If any person that hare ;iny 
hogs If they doe any ilamg from[?] they do the darng to shall keep the hog 
for sattesfaxen 

By A Legol Ton meating of the freeholders and inhabentcuts of the ton 

of gosport D»',]\- Qiiallified to vot Gosjwred y'^ Apirel y^ 13 1758 

SP Wilhini Suudre.snou uiodrater 

M"" Henry Shapley ton Clark 

M"" Henry Sliapley ^ 

M'' Gizreniy Lord >■ Selact mean 

JP John vairel ) 

M'' Gil)bens mace Constabel 

]\P John Crosbe ,. ■,. 

-jTr o n -1 tiding men 

^V bamuell vairel ° 

M"^ Charles Rindel r< ^^ ^ ^ u 

^rr r'l 1 -vr-il C ollei'S 01 fash 

M^ Charles Juller 

M"^ Dainell Randel n a t i 
,,^ T 1 -1 Cordrs of wood 

av John vairel 

A generell free vote paist amongest the inhabents of gosport for y® Reir'^ 

m'' John Tuck sallery to be paid in weanter Hah Each man one Quantel 


By A Legol Town meating of the freeholders and inhabentents of the 

ton of gosport Duly Quallified To vot gosport march y® 24 1757 — 

AVillam Sandresson modrater 

Henry Shapley ton Clark 

M"^ Fetter obe Constabel 

M-^ Henry Cartter S"^ ^ 

M"" Richard Talphv >■ Selact men 

M' Charls miller ' ) 

]Vr Dainel Randel ) j^^ 

M'' Beingeman Damrell ) 

M"" Charles Randel ) n n ecu 

,,r T 1 T>> r toilers of fish 

M^ John Down ) 

jNP John varel wood Sealer 

this is a Leagel vot by the ton mating that if any presson or pressons 
shall Leave their Cowks [cows] out after the fivftenth day of may and 
they do any Dameg they shall be taken up and the oner of the kow shall 
pay teen sliillings old tener to the kow Constabel and one half he shall 
have and the thother shall give to the pour of the place 

M'' Dainel Randel kow Constabel 

A generell free vote paist amongests the inhabents of gosport fer y^ 
Reiv'^ m'' John Tuck sallery to pay'^ in weanter fish Each man one Quin'' 

By A Legol Town Meating of the freeholders and Inhabetents of the 
ton of Gosport Duly Quallified to Vot gosport march y^ 2G day 1759 — 
Cap' Henry Cartter modrater 
Cap* Henry Cartter ^ 
M'' Richard Talphv /- select men 
M'' Charls miller " ) 
M"" Ellslie Horn 
M"' gorg wolpahy 

V tiding men 

234 Town Records of Gosport, IT. H. [July 

Cap' Robard Down ] r< n ^ a \. 

Trr T-> • 10 1 n f Collors of fish 
M"^ Darnel Randell ) 

M"" Daiuel llandell ) 
Sealer of wood j 

By A Legol Vot at the ton meating that Cap' Henry Cartter and m' 
Ricliiird Tulpliy are to ouer hoal the Counstabels for the money that is 
behind hand [for the] miustires saillary 

By A Leagol Vot that Cap' Meury Cartter and m'' Charls miller air to 
peittishon to the gennerl Cort of portshsmith to try to get the Countray 

[County ?] taxtiys of the ton of gosport * 

Henry Shapley ton Clark 

A genrel free vote paist amongest the inhabents of gosport for the reiv*^ 
m"^ John tuck sailery to be paid in weanter fish Eaish man one Qua^ 

By A Legol Ton meating of The freeholders and inhabenttents of the 
Ton of gosport Duly Quallified to Vot march y*" 18 1760 
Willam Sandresson morderrater^ — 
John Crosbe Counstabel \ — 
Henry Cartter ^ 

Samuell muchmore > secelt mean — 
John Vairel ) 

Dainel Randel ) ^-t 

Willam Holbrook r^'^^^S mean- 

Chairls miller ]/-,,, a n -l. 

T\ ■ 1 r> J 1 r Collers 01 fish 
Damel Kandei J 

John Vairel^ seailer of wood 

Henry Shaplev Ton Clark 

July 15'" 1844 Gosport Isle of Shoals 

J E Smith Came to this island for the plusure of improving his health — 
boarded at Mr Lemuel Caswell and found in him a gentleman who Spared 
no pains to make the visits of his boarders agreeable in every respect 
July 1844 Gosport Isle of Shoals 

John Sole came to this place for the purpose of fishing but being a man 
of bad habits was Carried to Portsmouth and from thence to Newburyport 

James D. Ryan At Gosport Aug 4 1847 \_This line is written in 


By A Legol Ton meating of the freeholders and inhabenttens of the ton 
of gosport Duly Quallified to Vot March y* 16 1761 

Abraham Croker mordarter — 

Henry Shapley Ton Clark ^ 

Richard Talphy ^ 

D[eacon] wUlam muchmore >- selectman 

Josepth muchmore ) 

John Vairel^ Counstabe \ 

Dainel Randell ) ,. t ) 

John Randel j ^^^^°S men J 

• Meaning probably to recover for the benefit of the town its share of the county tax, 
since most of the expenditures of the county seemed of little profit to the town far 
away on an island. 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, iV. H. 235 

Dainel Randell 
D willam muchi 
John Vairel ) 

T^ -i, , J- CoUers of fish 

U willam mucumore ) 

-n, • 1 -o J 1 r wood soalers 
Daniel Kandel J 

A genrel free vot paist amongest the inhabents of gosport for the Reiv'' 
m^ John Tuck sairley to be paid in weanter mar" fish Eaish man one Quental 


Gosport July y® 18 17G3 — Then their was ameaten Called to Cus* ton 
offorsurs for this year — \_on the margin] by M'' Henry Cartter Justes Peacs 
M'' richard Talphy Justes peacs 

Willam Sandresson modrater| 

Henry Shapley Ton Clark ^ 

John Vairel Counstabel| 

m"^ Henry Carter a Ecf 1 ^ 

m^ Richard Talphy Eq"" >• Selectmen > 

m"" Joseph muchmore ) ) 

m"^ willam Holbrook ) i.-j- „ ) 

m"' John Crosbe ) ° ) 

xa' John Vairell \ sealer of wood \ 

rcJ Die willam muchmore ) r^ n r /? i ) 

r ■^^ TT 11 I > CoUors of fish > 

m'^ wiUam Holbrook J j 

This was agread that That Reiv'* m"" John Tucke salraey to be paid in 

winter marchenble fish Each man one Quentel for the year insuing 

Gosport May the third 1838 \_TTiis entry is written in pencil.] 
W"* Caswell Born 1812 June the 20 


By a leageall town Meeting of the freeholds and in inhabents of the town 

of Gosport Duleay Qu'^ffifyed to Voot March 11*" 1762 

Abrham Crocket Moderater 

hanray Shapley town Clark ^ By Voot 

John Varrall^ Counstable B\ Voot 

hanray Carter ^ 

Richard Talpey >• Seiloct Meen 

Joseph 3Iuchemore ) 

John Crosbav ] ,. , ,t 

AVniiam holbrulk r^'^^^ ^^^^ 

Abrham Crocket ) Tin, i c i 
-r, • 1 -D J 1 ?■ Whood Sealers 
Daniel Kandal j 

William Muchemore ) /-, , <• ^ . 

■p. • 1 r> J 1 r Comers or hsh 

Damal Kandal ) 

A Jenarel free vote Paist amongst the inhabents of gosport for the Revn' 

m"^ John Tucke Salraey to Be peaid in winter marchenble fish Each Man 

one Quantel for the year insuing. 


[The entries on this page seem to be a continuation of the records of the 
town-meeting of 1764 on p. 61 of the original records.] 

A Jenerel free Voot past amongst the inhabents that Eavery presson or 
pressons that have got a pue in the meating house shall pay three pounds 

• That is, choose. 

236 Town Records of Gosport, N, H. [July 

ould toner to the Counstahel to keep the meeting hous in repair im: tlie 
year insuing 

A Jenarel free Voot past atnoungst the inliabents that Euery fall of the 
year when m'' Run'' John Tuck ha.s his wood to Carray liom Euary men 
[who] will not Com that is abel to Com shall pay forty shillings ouhl tener 

A Jeuarol free Voot past amongst the inhabents the m'' Sandro^sons 
salarly for histing the fiig twenty pounds ould Tener for the year insuing 


By a leageall Town meating of the freeholders and inhabents of the town 
of gosport Duleay Quallified to Voot - March y^ 12 176i 
M'' Willam Sandresson^ modrator^ 
M"" Henry Shapley| ton Clark 
M'' Willam Holbrook| Counstahel 
M"" Henry Carter Eq'' ^ 
M"^ Richard Talphy Eq'' >- seeloct men 
M"' Josepth muchmore ) 
M"' gorg wolphy 7 ^r- j- 
M'- bainel Randel P^'^"'S °^'^ 
M"^ D" willam muchmore ] ri i £ c i, 

QF willam Holbrook | Colors of fish - 

M"" John Vairel ) . , 


A Jenarel free Voot Past amongst the inhabents of gosport for the Run* 
m'^ John Tuck salary to be paid in winter marchenble Co(l fish Each men 
one Quentel for the year insuing to be paid the Laist of Jun. 

A Jenarel free Voot past amongst the inhabents to Cus tow men to ao to 
the Ruv"^ m'' John Tuck to seae wether he was willing to tak one Quentel 
of fish Each men or to take the price of Quentel in ould tenr which he 
answered this that he thought it was Easer to pay the fish than the money 
which he consented to talk the fish for the year insuing 


[At the top of this page are the last nineteen words of the record of the 
meeting of 1766, which are printed in the first foot-note on p. 237.] 

By A leagell Town meating of the freeholders and Inhabents of town of 
gosport Duly Qualfied to Voot to Cus town ofEorsers for this year March 
y6 9 1767 

Dieken willam muchmore | modrater^ 

Henry Shapley| Town Clark ^ 

Cap' Josepth muchmore^ Counstahel | 

M"" Henrv Carter E<f ) , , 

M-^ Richar Talphy Eq^ [- ^en 

M"' James Hicky ) « 

M"^ John wolphy | Tiding 

M' Dainel Randel j men 

M'' John Vairel sealer of wood 

Diekn willam muchmore ) ri n r /? t. 

M^ willam Holbrook | ^°^^°"^ "^ ^'^ 

A Jeneral free Voot past amoungst the inhabents of gosport for Reuent 
m'' John Tuck sailery to be paid in winter marchenbel fish Each man one 
Quentel for this year insuing 

1913] Toxcn Records of Goaport, N. H. 237 


By A leagell Town meatinix of the freeholders and inhabents of the 

town of 2; duleay Quallfied'to Voot march 13*'^ 17GG 

M"' WiRam Sandresson modrater 

Henry Shapley Town ^ Clark — 

JF Jolm Vairel^ Couustabel 

M-^ Henry Carter E(f | 

JF Richard Talphy Eq"^ >- Seceloct mean 

M'' James Hickev J 

M^ Dainel Randel ) . ,. „^^„ 
■nrr T T 1 r tidm^ men 

M"^ Jii-remy Lord j = 

M'' .Tolni Yairel \ Sealer of wood 

Dicken willam muchmore ) ^ n c c \ 

.,, TT 11. 1 r Collors of fish 

willam Hoolbrok j 

A Jeuarel free vote Past amongst the inhabents of gosport for the Rnn' 
m'' John Tucke salraey to be paid in winter marchenble fish Each man 
one Quentel for the year insuing 

A jenarel free Vot of the freeholders and inhabents of the town of 
gosport that JP Henry Carter E(i'' IVP Richard Talphy Eq"^ M"^ James 
Hickey was chossen to get a pettihson Drawn to put into the Cort in order 
to have a Lotery to bill a pear in the town of gosport* 


At a lesell Towti meating of the freeholders and Inhabents of the town 
of gosport duly Qualfied to Vot to Cus town offorcers for this year marcn 
y« 22 17691 

INP James Hickev \ modraiter 

W Henry Shapley^ Tow[n] Clark 

M'' Josepth muchmore ^ 

M'' Richard Talphy jun'' >• Seceleck men 

M'' Geffrey muchmore ) 

M"' Samuell Vairell ) ^. ,. 

Tvrr . • 1 1 • r tiding men 

av patrick kinney ) ® 

M"^ Dicken muchmore ) ,-, n i- ^ u 

T\rr rr ci i { LoUers of fish 

M"^ Hcury Shapley j 

M^ Jolm Vairell '\^r . ^^^i^^^ 
^ John Lrosbey j 

A Jenerel free Voot paist amoun^est the inhabents of gosport for the 
Reuent m'' John Tuck sailary to be paid in winter marchantabel fish Each 
man one Quentel for this year insuing. 

*The woi-ds, " In order to jcet a lottre granted them for to have a pear belt [i. e., 
pier built] in the town of gosport," which are found at the top of p. C2 of the orifrinal 
records, seem to be a continuation of this record, being a restatement of a part of the 
last sentence. Such a petition to be allowed to establish a lottery for the jmrpose of 
building " a pier or bason at Gospoi-t " was actually prepared. It was dated 23 June 
1766. and had 77 signatures, which are copied with a few errors by Jenness in his 
History of the Isles of Shoals. Of these names about 45 are those of Shoalers, the 
other signatures being those of friends on shore, and among them are names of great 
weight in the province. The petition was presented 1 July 1766; but not until Aug. 

1767 was permission given to bring in a bill, which was presently passe<l. In Oct. 

1768 the managers of the Shoals lottery, having' sold few tickets, asked the Assembly 
for further directions. It was agreed that owing to the scarcity of money there was 
no prospect of carrying out the project. Karly in 1770 Daniel Rogers and other 
managers of tlio lottery petitioned for an allowance for expenses and charges before 
such money as liad come in should l)e returned to tlie buyers of tickets. 

fThis seems the proper interpretation of the date, which is indistinct and at first 
glance looks much like 1767; but the date on p. 62 is very clearly 1767, and that on 
p. 65 is 1768. It was the custom to write first on the right-hand page. 

238 Town Records of Oosport, N. H. [July 


By A lea^cell Town mealing of the freeliolders and Inhabents of the 
Town of ^iosport duly Quaffied to Vote to Cus town offocers fer this year 
march y« \H 1768 

fiF James Hickey^ raodraiter 

^V Henry Shapley^ Town Clark 

IVF Henry Sliapley| Cunstabel 

M"^ Deecken wi^' muchmore ) 

IkF John Vairel > Seceleck men 

M'' Jezerimey Lord ) 

M"^ John Crosbe ) ,. , 

]VF willam Holbrook \ *^^^^ °^^^ 

M"^ Deecken wi^ muchmore ) ,^ n !■ n t. 
■MTT u CI 1 f Collors of fish 

av Henry bhapley J 

M' John Vairel ) , , 

M-^ willam Holbrook r"^'^ ^^'^^^^^ 

A Jenerel free Voot past amoungest the inhabents of gosport for the 
Reuent m"^ John Tuck sailary to be paid in wenter marchentabel fish Each 
man one Quentel for this year insuing. 


A laegell Town Meating of the freeholedrs and Inhabents of the town 
of orosport dulev Qualtiead to Voot to Chuse town oiferecess for this year 
March lo"^ 1770 

Deeken William Muchemore^ Moderater 

Hanary Shapley Sen'' Town Clarke^ 

M"" John Varrial ) o i i 
T 1 -\r 1 f becleeck 

Joseph Jiuchemore V ^, 

Richard Talpey ) 

M"^ James hickea^ Cunstable 

John Crosbey ) r^-j ^r 
,, r-i. ^ r liden Meen 

thomas Chapel j 

Deeken "William Muchemore ) Culers of 

William Holbruck j fish 

M'' Danial Randal ") Whood 

IVF John Varrell j Sealers 

A Jenral free Voot paist amoimgest the inhabents of Gosport for the 
Revent M"" John Tucke Sailarey to Be payd in Winter Marchentble fish 
Each man one Quantel for this year insuing 

Gosport march y® 25 1771 

then their was a meating Calld and it was gumed until the 23 day of 
apirel , 

m"^ Deeken willam muchmore | modrater 

m"" Henry Shapley Town Clark ^ 

Gosport Juley 31 [1771 ?] A leagell twon Meeting of the freeholeds and 
Tnhabeuts of the twon of Gosport duley Qualfieead 
Deekn Muchemore | Moderater 
Joseph Muchemore twon Clarke 
Arter Raudl Sen'' ^ o i i 
Ed„.„,V„„* S^** 
george Randl J 

1913] Toicn Records of Gofiport, IT. H. ' 239 

[• Cullers of fish 

John Bragg I Cunstabale 

JS'oumb^ 7 1771 Williaqi Eugs Cunstable in Stead of John Bragge 

Danal Randl ) rp- 1 t.t 

^ 1 rv 1 1* ^ iiuen Meen 
LoneJas Uesckeal* ) 

Deeken Muchemor 

Joseph ^luchemore 

John Varrel ) Whoo*i 

Eichard Talphy f Sealers 


A Jenraiel free Voot past amungst the inliabants of Gosport for the 
Revn' John Tucke Sailary to be Pay'' in Merchentble fish Each man one 
Quantel for this insoing year Juley d\ 1771 

Mr. Tucke died August 12, 1773, aged 72.t 

Gosport June 19'^ 1843 Mr. George Lambert with a party of seven 
Came over to Hog Island for the purpose of establishing a fishing station 
for taking blue backs & Pohagen to make oil The party were Geo. Lam- 
bert, Charles Lambert, Silas Lunt, P^dward Eogers, Nath' A. R. Winder, 
Tho^ Phillips, Alaan Dodge, W™ Plummer — All of Newburyport 

Gosport June 20th 1843 

Jewett B. Eastman came to this Island for the purpose of improveing his 
health, from Epsom N. H. 


At A leagel Town jMeeting of the freeholders and Inhabents of the town 
of Gosport duley Qualifiyed to Vote to Chuse town offercers for the in Suening 
year 1773 this Eaighteen day of March it is Voted that 

William Muchemore ) Modrator 

Joseph Muchemor j Town Clarke 

Edward Vowdey ^ 

George Randal >- Seelekt Men 

Jeffrey Muchemore ) 

William Eugs^ Counstanble 

John Crosbey ) o^- 1 tt 

-D ■ Tr 1, r liden Meen 

Benjaman ^luchemore) 

William Muchemore ) r^ , j. /? i_ 

tr ci 1 r Culears of fish 

Hanary bhapley ) 

•Presumably Cornelius Driscoll. 

t At first glance this seems to be a contemporaneous record of the death of Mr. 
Tucke. It does not, however, resemble the other records of the time in the character 
of the writing or in the ink used. It is not the writing of the younger Tiicke, if the 
entry on p. 73 of the orgiual records be in his hand. Xor is it like tl)e writing of Rev. 
Jedidiah Morse on later pages. It does resemble the hand of ./osiah Stevens, as it ap- 
pears on p. 99. It has been pointed out elsewhere (Ri-.oisteh, vol. 66, p. 299) that on 
15 Aug. 1773 Mr. Tucke recorded the baptism of twins and that the notice of his death 
first appears in the issue of the New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth) of 3 Sept. 1773. 
An entry in the records of the church at Epsom, N. H., in some measure confirms the 
conclusion reached regarding the time of the death of Mr. Tucke. Mr. J. M. Moses 
of Barnstead, N. H., writes that it was the custom of the younger Tucke during his 
pastorate at Epsom (1761-177-i) to administer the communion tour times a year, the 
first Sunday in September being one of those appointed times. In 1773 this service 
was held on 3 Oct. instead of Sept., the regular time for it. The preparatory lecture 
was given on the preceding Friday by a neighboring minister and a meeting of the 
church followed. A vote passed at this meeting is entered in the records in tlie hand- 
writing of the pastor, and he adds : " X. B. Jly father's death was the cause of our Sacr' 
being delayed ircmi the I [i.e., first Sunday] of Sept. till now. Attest J. Tiieke Pastor.'' 
Had the father died on 12 Aug., it would probably have been unnecessary to make 
such a postponement. The death of Mrs. I'uckc, the mother, is noted in the News- 
Letter of 10 June 1773. 

240 Town Records of Gosport, N. H. [July 

Jolmyarn.-l | Sealers of Wliood 

Daueal Kundai ) 

John Varrcl 

Jaoies Ilickey i.s Voted to Repear y® Meeten House 

it i.s Votuil that \Villiam 2Iucheinore Hanary Carter Joseph Jlucheinore 
is Chuseu as a Coniuitey to Talke with Revrent John Tucke Couserning 
his feiaiaruy 


At* a General Meeting of the Freeholders and other y* Inhahitants of 
Gosport duely (.^uallify'd to Vote this Twentieth day of October 1773 ac- 
cording to 2\otilication by the Select Men of said Tovrn 

Henery Carter Esq'' being chosen Moderator 

It was then and there Unanimously Voted that Cap' Joseph Muchamore, 
M"^ James Hickey, M"^ William Rugg, M'' Eilward Vowdey, M'' Jalfrey 
Muchamore, M'' Richard Randall and M'' George Randall be a Committee 
to Examine all the former Lists which have been Committed to the several 
Constables since the Reverend M'' John Tucke Deceas'd has been Ordained 
a Minister of the Gosi^ell in Gosjiort afoi'esaid to Collect his Rates and to 
Settle with all said Constables and receive of them or the Persons in their 
said Lists all the Rates which remain unpaid also to Collect the Rates for 
the last year which remain unpaid and if these Collections from said Con- 
stables and other Persons slioud not be suificicut to satisfy tlie Debt which 
is due to tlie Estate of said Tucke Deceased The afores'^ Committee are 
hereby fully Authoriz'd and Impower'd to Collect from the inhabitants of 
said Town \vliat further Sum may be necessary to discharge said Debt with 
the ReV' M"^ John Tucke Administrator to said Estate and make a final 
Settlement with him on the best Terms that s' Committee and s'^ Adminis- 
trator can agree upon and Pay said Debt and Obtain s'^ Administrators 
Discharge for the Same. 

Attest Joseph Muchemore Town Clear ke 


Gosport October 21 1773 Receved of Cape'' Joseph Muchemore James 
Hickey William Rugg Edward Vowdey Jali'rey Muchemore & Richard 
Randal their Two Noats of haud of this Date for Seventy Five Qtals of 
good Jmaco [i.e., Jamaica] tish each which togather with the Amount of 
the Last years Salary which I am to Receive of M"^ William Rugg and 
what has been already received of Sunilry Owners by me and my Father 
John Tucke Deceased is in full of my said Fathers Salary from the Town 
of Gosport afore said 

Witness John Tucke Administrator 

Benj : Parker 


This is to Notifie the freeholders and other the inhabitants of Star Island 
alias Gosport duely Qualifyd to Vote that they meet togather at the meet- 
ing House on said Star Islund on Monday next the twentey fourth day of 
Jenvarey to gave M'' Shor [Shawf] a Call to Settel amng us in the worke 
of the jMiustrey 

*Tlie markedly careful form of this record suggests it was prepared under the 
supervi:-ion of the younger Tucke or of Mr. Parker, whom he may have brought 
over to aid iu ^ielllius: the estate of his father. 

tMr. Jeroiniali sliaw, who, as appears below, preached at Gosport intermittently for 
nearly two years. According to Carter's Native .Miniicry of Xew Hampshire he was 
born at Ilainptou in 174:7. He was graduated at Harvard in 17G7. In 1779 he was or- 
dained pastor at iloultonborough and died iu ollice there in lS3i. 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, JV. II. 2il 

Dated at Star Island Edward Vowdey ^ q , 

the 24'^^ Jenvarey 1774 ^ Jeffrey Muchemore >• ,, 

Joseph Muchemore Town Clarice george Eaadal } 

At a general Meeting of the Freeholders and other the inhabitants of 
Star Island alies Gosport duely Qualifyd to Vote this twentey first day of 
febuarey 1774 According to Notification given under the haud.^ of the Select 
Men febury the Eaighteen 1774 

M"" William Holbruck being Chosen Moderator the Question being askd 
at the said meeting by the moderator wether it wose their minds to make 
choice of M'' Jeremiah Shaw to preach among us in Case he should accept 
And it pass*^ in the affermative 

It was also Voted to gave M'' Jeremiah Shaw Seven pounds lawfull 
money per month the full Tarme of Eaight month and two thirds of said 
money to be pay*^ in six month from the date heof 


It was also Voted that M"^ John Varrell Joseph Muchemore "William 
Holbrucke Edward Vowdey and Jeffrey Muchemore be a Committee to 
Settel with M"^ Jeremiah Shaw. 

"William Holbrucke Moderator 
Joseph Muchemore Town Clarke 

Gosport February 21^' 1774 Received of mess" Jolm Varrell Joseph 
Muchemore William Holbroocke Edward Vowdey and Jaffry Muchemore 
of s*^ Gosport Fisheren there Not of Hand of this date for Fifty Six pound 
lawfull money wich when paid will be in full for my Salary for preaching 
at Said Gosport from the Twelfth Instant to the Twelfth day of October 

According to my Agrement this Day 

Benj-'^ Parker g Jeremiah Shaw 

Edward Varrell 


At a general Meeting of the Freeholders and other y*^ Inhabitants of the 
Town of Gosport alias Stare Jsland duly Qualified to Vote This foure- 
theenth Dav of March-1774 According to a Notification ijiven Under 
the Select Mens hands. 

Mr. Th' Chappell being Chosen Moderator 

M"" Jo" Varrel 

J- ihemore >- ■,, 

M"^ Benj Rendel ) ^^^^ 

M"" Jo" Varrel ) g^^^^^ 

M"^ Joseph Muchemore >- i. ,- 

M'' Richard Rendall^ Constable 

M'' Edwar Correar and ] Titheing 

M"" Roborth Caswell j Men 

M"^ henery Shapley S"" & "> CoUers of 

M"" William Holebrooke ]" fish 

M"" Jo° Crosby and ] Sealers 

M"" Sam^ Weber J of wood 

William Rugg Town Clarke 

It is also Voted that Every man that Got a pew shall pay three Shillino-s 
and sixpence for y^ y'' Insuing for histing y^ flag Ifaded] Meeting Hous« 

242 Town Records of Gosport, IT. H. [July 


1775 March 5th that M'' Shaw did begin to prech for us at Gosport the 
Second time when he got "Well of his Sickness 

May 17 M"^ Jerramiah Shaw and famaly mooved from Us again 

Septemb'' y*^ 10th he Did preach y* third time 

September 5-1785 Thomas Shaw begun to Keep Scool @ £2 : 8 par 
month and found Loging and board 

March 11 1775 

At a general meeting of the Freehoulders andother The Inhabbitants 
of the Town of Gasport Allias Stare Island Duly Qualliiied to Vote this 
11 Day of March 1775 Acc'ding to the Notification Given Und'' the 
SelectMens hands -f- to Chuse town officers 
M'' Th« Chappie Moderator 
M"^ Joseph Muchomore 
M' Jo° Varrel and M' Mark Walton 

Select Men Chosen 
M^ George Rendle Chosen Constable 
M"" Henery Andros and ) Thithing Men 
M"" Benjemen Muchomore f Chosen 
William Rugg Chosen Town Clerke 
M' Henery Shaply and M' W™ Muchomore 

Chosen Collors of fish 
M"^ Edward Voudy and M'' W™ Wholebrook 

Chosen Seelers of Wood 
for histing the fiag to Henery Andres 20/ 

It is also agreed that Jeremiah Shaw should have Eighty foure pounds 
lawfull mony 

[The first part of the page is much besmoked and hard to read. It 
seems to record the marriage of John Mutchimore* and Abigail. A very 
dim 1690 (?) may indicate the year of her birth.] 

Thear Children Mary Mutchimore Bom [illegible'] 1716 
John Mutchimore Born 1717 

Sarah Mutchimore Born May -f 22 [?] 1720 [?] 
Henery Mutchimore Born Decem'' y* [^illegible'] 1722 [?] 
Abigail Mutchimore Born Octob' y® 8*^ 1727 
Jacob Mutchimore Bom Decemb' IS"" 1730 

The Children of Ricb'^* & Amee Mutchimore 
viz Nathan" Mutchimore Bom July 17"" 1718 
Elizabeth Mutchimore D" February 2 1720 
Will™ Mutchimore Bom June y« 21'' 1725 

Will""* & Sarah Mutchimores Child"^ 

his birth January 27 1703 her Birth March — 1704 
DD [i. e., died?] May y« 9"" 1737t 

•John, Richard, and 'William were sons of John and Anne Muchmore. John, Sr., 
died in Feb. 1717/18. 

t The death of Sarah Muchmore about three weeks after the birth of a son William, 
not recorded here. For baptism of this William see Registeb, vol. 66, p. 153. The 

husband (Deacon Muchmore), perhaps nine months later, married Joanna of 

Salisbury, and seven children of this second marriage appear in the church record of 
baptisms (ib., pp. 164, 209, 211, 213, 2U, 216, 217). 

1913] Town Records of Go-^port, JV". H. 243 

born viz 

Sarah Mutcliiiaore Born June 26^^ I72G 
Eichard Mutcliimore D° May the 2^^ 1728 
Joseph Mutchimore D° Octob'' y« 26'" 1730 
Barnard Mutchimore D^ februarv iV^ 1733 
Rachell Mutchimore D° March 16 1735 

Ambrose & Sarah* Downs 

her age born at Gosport January 10"^ 1710 

their Chihh-en born Viz. 

Jacob Down Born July y« 23'^ 1729 

TV'". Down August y^V'" 1731 Deceased December lo''^ 1735 

Ambrose Down August y* 8'" 1733 Deceased December 22'' 1735 

Sarah Down June v« 8"^ 1735 

Priciihx Down .Ian": y« 18'" 1738 

Mary Down January y* 9'" 1740 

Ambrose Downf \_illi'gible'\ 

William Down August y'^l2'" 1744 


[A faded record oi a Sanderson family, evidently the children of William 
and Mary Sanderson, acconling to the baptismal records of the Church of 


[^illegible'] Aug 3 1713 

[Mary?] b. July 28 1715$ 

\_Hlegible'\ June y® 13 1717 

Elizabeth Sanderson February y® 17 1719 

John Sanderson January y^ 3 1721 

Peter Sanderson Marcli y'^ 28 1723 

Sam" Sanderson April y* 18 1725 

Keziah [?] Sanderson July the 10'" 1727 

Sarah Sanderson June y® 3** 1729 

Moses Sanderson May the 28'" 1731 

Susanna Sanderson June v* 8*" 1733 dd July y« 1 1'" 1733 

Thomas Sanderson July the 31" 1734 died August f o'" 1736 

Thomas Sanderson Decem y*^ 2' 1736 

The Children of Jeifery &, IMarcy Currier 
John Currier Horn March y® 3' 1718 
Jeffery Currier Born July y® 19'" 1719 
Sarah Currier Born Septem y® 10'" 1721 

The Children of Samuell & Sary Currier 
Samuell Currier Born March y'^ 29 1737§ 

•From the proximity of the records it seems probable that this is the Sarah Much- 
more who is noted in the will of John as the sister of the ahove-menrioned John. 
Richard, and William. If this be true, she married later, 1754. Geoffrey Currier (Reg- 
ister, vol. 66, p. 146). 

t Presumably the Ambrose who was baptized 11 Apr. 1742. 

JThe Mary of this family was baptized 4 Sept. 1715. As this baptism was at New 
Castle, or performed by a minister from there (Rfoistkr, vol. (ifi. p. 300), the name 
would seem to tit this case. The birth of 1713 may be that of the Martha Sanderson 
who married .John Clary 4 Oct. 1731. Some of these children do not appear in the 
lists of baptisms, probably because of early death. 

^ The church book records tlie baptism, 17 Apr. 1737, of "Samuel Son of Samuel 
Currier & of Abigail his Wife." (Register, vol. 66, p. LiS.) Samuel Currier lived 
on Hog Island, so that unfavorable weather might have delayed the baptism. 

244 Town Records of Gosjyort, iV. If. [July 


The Children of Robert ailfl Mary Kersvvell 

Sarah Kerswell Born .luly y" 29"> 1711 

Rol)ert Kerswell D° Novenil/ lo'" 1713 

Will'" Kerswell D" .July l-'J"' 1716 

ThoMierswell D" July IG"' 17 19 

Rich^ Kerswell D° Decern'"^ 28"' 1721 

Mary Kerswell D° ^'oveml/ 4'*' 1724 
by her 2'' husband [i. e., Dennis Condry] 

Tymothy Coudre Decern'"' 25"' 1731 

The Children of Mathew & Sarah Vowdy 
Mary Vowdy born March 8"' 1730 
Elius Vowdy born March 4"* 1731* 

An Account of the Bathes [Births] of their children and their Selfs 
Henry Shapley S'' Born Feb"" v"' 5 : 1726 
Elesbeth Shapley S"" Horn Nov'^ y« 27 : 1726 
Henry Carter Shapley Born Ap"'' y* I'J : 1748 
Ruben Shapley Born Apirel y'^ 12 : 1750 
Elizebeth Shapley Born October y* 19: 1751 
Edword Shapley Born .luu- y® 5 : 1753 
James Shapley Born Feb"^ y® 19- 1755 
Sary Shapley Born Feb'' y" 12 1757 
John Shapley Born Fel)^' y" 8 1759 
Mary Sandres Shapleyj born Apirel y* [^illegible^ 
James Shapley Born March y® 29 1763 
Robard Shapley Born Jenevary y* 20 1765 


Gosport May y** 23*^ 1767 then was born Benjamin Carter Shapleyj 
Gospert febu'^ ye 25 1769 then was born mary Sandres Shapley+ 


Joseph Muchemore and marey His wife mared Septm'^'' 7"" 1756§ 
the Baths of Joseph Muchemore & Mary Muchemore Children 
Hanary Carter Muchemore Born March y^ 22 1764 
Debrah Muchemore Born May 30 1766 
Moley Muchemore Born May 30 1766 tha [they ?] Diead Julev Eaight 

Moley Muchemore Born October y® 2 1767 

Joseph Muchemore Born Augs' 17 1770 & Diead Septmb 7 1770 
Joseph Muchemore the Second Born May 10"" 1772 

Aug' lO"* 1800 

Thamas Mace|| was married to Hannah Rendall both of Gosport alias Star 
Island, by Jed" morse V.D.M. 

* 1731/2. lie was baptized 12 Apr. 1732 (Register, vol. 66, p. 303). Early in Mar. 
1737/8 Vowdy married the widow Lydia Currier. The Church Records name eia;ht chil- 
dren of this union. 

tThe Church Records give her baptism on 26 Apr. 17G1. 

X In tlie baptismal record these also are entered as children of Henry and Elizabeth 

6 i'lie Church Records (Register, vol. 66, p. 146) give the marriage as 5 Sept. 1756. 

11 Probably the Thomas Mace who was baptized 22 Sept. 1765 (Register, vol. 66, 
p. 225). 


1913] Toion Records of Gosi^ort, N. H. 245 

Richard Eendell* was married to Nabby Robison, both of Gosport, by Jed^ 

Morse V.D.M. 

The two couple above mentioned had been published eight or ten years 
(but not married) &, cohabited together since, & had each a number of 
children. Mr. Mace had been formerly married to another woman who 
had left liim. & coliabited with lier uncle, l)y whom she has a number of 
children. Xo regular Divorce had been obtained. Considering the peculiar 
deranged state of the people on these islands, & the ignorance of the parties, 
it was thought expedient, in order as far as possible to prevent future sin, 
to marrv them 


[A mixed entry consisting in part of a record of a town-meeting and in 
part of an account of the Rugg family, and some of this is scratched off. 
The two entries separated read as below.] 

At the Day of the Date hereof You Are to Notife the Inhabitans that 
may appear to Town Meeting on Munday Next to Chose town officers and 
Regulate town affairs and all other it is voted that Jo" Varrel and Jo' 
Crosby to repaire the meeting house it is voted that thy shall have fifty 
pounds for Thy'r troble and found Every thing for then* at the Cost Shall 
Be paid By W" [Rugg?] the Constable By ordere of the Select Men; 
pay Michal Williams ord'' hfty pound pay Jo" Sanders six pound being 
his bill, pay Unto Tho* Dilworth Twenty Nine pounds par Note Joyners 
bill thirty foure pounds Manlys bUl Sixteen Shillings \_No date is apparent.'J 

William Rusjr and ]Marv his Wife Theire Childrens Ages 

1767 Octb"^^ Betty And EUinor Twin Dafthors to W" Rugg and 

Mary Ware Baptized @ Three Davs oldt 
1769[?] Decemb^ 7th[?] William Rugg J-" W[as] Baptizd [at] Old Yorke 
1772 May 31. St Molly Rugg Was Baptizd Gosport — Daftor of William 

and Mary 
February 10. 1782 John Mace Rugg Was Born 
July 7 1782 John Mace Rugg Baptized By the Reverend Samuel 

Huchens of Lee 
Novemb"' 18. 1780 Robborth Braggt Was Born 
July 7 1782 Baptiz'd By the Reverend Samuel Huchens of Lee 

William Rugg Clerk 

Gosport N H George Randall Departed this life July the 7 1855 Aged 
About 75 vears-§ 


[An entry in the hand of the Rev. J. Morse.] 

1799 Sept The Reverend Jacob Emerson of Reading (Mass) visited 
the Isles of Shoals, by desire & at the expence of " The Society for propa- 
gating the Gospel among the Indians & others in North America," estab- 
lished at Boston, and spent three Months on the Isles, preached thirteen 
sabbaths <Si taught a small school. 

• Probably the Richard Randal who was baptized 17 Mar. 1771 (Register, vol. 66, 
p. 297). Nabby is the Abigail who was baptized 15 Aug. 1773. 

fin the Church Records (Uboister, vol. 66, p. 295) the date of these baptisms is 1 
Nov., possibly a belated entry. 

+ From tlie general carefulness of Rugg's entries it seems that this child was a Bragg, 
not a Rugg. 

§ The entry on p. 446 differs somewhat from this. He was probably the father-in- 
law of William Robinson (p. 164). 

246 Town Records of Gosport, 2f. If. [July 

The Society were induced to send Mr Emerson to these Islands by a 
letter communicated to them from DutUey A. Tyng Esq. of Newburyport, 
describing in a most affecting manner the destitute & wretched situation 
of the inhabitants as to religious & moral instruction. 

1800 Aug 6'^'' The Rev'' Jedidiah Morse of Charlestown, near Boston, 
arrived at the Isles of Shoals. He was sent by the Society for propa- 
gating the Gospel to enquire into the state of the people of these isles as 
to the expediency of sending a Missionary or Schoolmaster to that place. 
He was furnished by the Society & other benevolent persons with the fol- 
lowing books to be distributed among the inhaljitants \-iz. 

Furnished by the Society for propagating the Gospel 

6 Bibles, 12 Testaments, 24 Spelling books, 12 Primers, 12 Little Truths, 
8 Wall Catechisms, 

6 Doddridge's Sermons to young people, 

4 " Rise and Progress. 

By Dudley A. Tyng Esq. 3 Psalm books. 

By J. Morse. 12 Deven's Sermons on y® Witness of j" Spirit, 3 Cum- 
mins Sermons, 2 Friendly Visits in the house of mourning, 1 Morse's 
Elements of Geog^ 3 Morse's Sermon on y* death of Mr. Russel, 4 Address 
of Convention 


Mr. Morse spent five days on the Islands, preached four times to the in- 
habitants, catechised their children, & distributed the books committed to 
his care. He found on Smutty Nose Island three families, viz. Mr. Samuel 
Haley S'' & his two sons Sam' Haley Jun"^ and John Haley. In these three 
families were 20 souls. 

Od Star Island alias Gosport he found 15 families containing in all 92 
souls, the most of them in a state of great poverty and wretchedness such 
as to force the tear of commiseration, & draw from the human heart every 
effort to afford relief.* 

He baptized the following children, viz. 

Aug. 10, 1800 
Susannah, & Harriet Caroline, children of John Haley & . Mary his 

Benjamin Pierce Son of Benj" Rendell & Wife Polly 
Stephen, son of William Pierce & Elizabeth his Wife 

James ) Children of John Newton & Sarah his Wife 
Judah Mace,$ daughter of James Shapley & Mercy his Wife 

, ^ [• Children of James Shapley & wife 

Betsey Daughter of W" RendeU & Sally his Wife 

* Hog Island, now called Appledore, was entirely deserted at this time. Early in 
the Revolutionary War Massachusetts, to which Hoe Island belonged, was able to 
cause all the inhabitants of this island to remove to the main. New Hampshire en- 
deavored to clear Star Island in the same way, but without success. 

t A hint as to the ages of these children may be found in the C S. Oracle of the Day 
(Portsmouth), 20 Dec. 1800, where appears as a recent death at the Shoals " ifiss Phebe 
Newton aged 11." 

X If this be the child noted on p. 29, the name should be .Judith. 

1913] Town Records of Gosport, J^. H. 24.1 

Daniel \ 

Eliphalet ( Children of the above Wm. Rendell & Sally- 

Richard ( * his Wife. 

Christopher Beverage / 
William \ 
Samuel / 

Edward) Children of Samuel Caswell & Betsey his Wife* 


TT r Children of Tliomas Mace & Hannah his Wife 

Henry j 

Sally Doane [Down ?]- for herself [i.e., adult baptism] daughter of 

Edward Doane & Hetty his Wifef 

Edward fer himself 

~r\ > Children of Edw^ Doane & Hetty his wife 

Henry ) 

William t V Children of Richard Randall & Nabby his Wife 

Johnt ) 

State of New Hampshire- Rockingham ss- Isles of Shoals alias Gosport 
Sept 27 1837 

Mr William S. Randall was married to Mrs Catherine Caswell both 
of Gosport Star Island by Origen Smith§ \ Minister 
August 16"^ 1838 Mr Job Randall was married to Miss Louiza Randall 
both of Gosport, by me according as the law directs 

Origen Smith \ Minister 
Birth of Children as follows 

Charles W. M. RandaU Dec 7"> 1839 
Jacob P. Randall -May 7"> 1841 

Novemb"" lo 1786 I have Warted And bind ok [? or oks] || 

By Me as in Behalf of Runivedb W™ Rugg Clarke 




Eabraim X Mathias 

•Apparently the children recorded on p. 31. If so, Micah should be Michael, as also 
appears from the marriage toDorcus Green in 1816 (p. 31). Tammy was possibly already 
dead or ashore. In 1826 a Tammy Caswell of Gosport married Robert Robinson (of 
Rye?). If our Tammy, she was 37 years old. 

t Probably the Edward and ilehetabel Downe who were married 24 Dec. 1772 
(Register, vol. 66, p. 148). 

IThe William R. and John F. of other records. 

\ The Rev. Origen Smith was at Gosport until the latter part of the year 1842, when 
poor health obliged him to withdraw. It is curious that this man and Reuben Smith, 
whose family was here for a time about 1735 but belonged in Hampton Falls (they also 
were not real Shoalers), are the only bearers of the name who appear in the records of 
the Shoals, as dwelling there, since the so-called discovery of the islands by C.ipt. John 
Smith in 1614. 

II This entry seems to refer to watering an ox and putting him in a stall or bin ; but 
whose ox, and why ? Ayers is otherwise unknown. Mathias is possibly the Abraham 
Matthews who was baptized 30 Dec. 1750. (Register, vol. 66, p. 217.) 

248 Genealogical Research in Enrjlund [Julv 

In the year 1775, after the American Revolutionary "War commenced, 
the prosperity of these Islands began to decline. Many of the most wealthy 
& respectable inhabitants through fear of the enemy, left the Island, & 
never returned. After the death of that worthy & good man the Rev'' ilr 
Tooke, the Rev'' .Jeremiah Shaw preached here a great part of the years 
177-i & 1775. Since that time the inhabitants have hail only occasional 
preaching. Towards the close of the war Mr Tooke's house was taken 
down, & carried to Old York by his Son in law. And about the year 1790 
some of the people of the baser sort, not having the fear of God before their 
eyes pulled down, & burnt the fleeting house, which was a neat & convenient 
building, & had been greatly useful not only as a place for religious wor- 
ship, but as a land mark for seamen approaching this part of the coast. 
The special judgments of Heaven seem to have followed this piece of 
wickedness, to those immediately concerned in it, who seem since to have 
been given up to work all manner of wickedness with greediness.* 

[To be continued] 


Contributed by Miss Elizabeth Fkench, and communicated by the Committee on 

EufjJisli Research 

[Continued from page 180] 


[The following records disclose four generations of the ancestry of Maj. 
William Hathorne of Salem, Mass., and his brother .John Hathorne, whose 
parentage was proved bv Henry F. Waters, Esq., in Register, vol. 38, 
pp. 201-204, April, 1884.] 

The Will of James Hothorne of Bray, co. Berks, 22 March [no year 
given either of making or of proving the will, but it is registered with the 
wills for 1559 and 15(30]. To be buried in the churchyard of Bray "by 
my auncetors." To my brother .John Hothorne a quarter of barley and 
half a quarter of wheat, and to his son Thomas 24s. To my brother 
Henry Hothorne £3, a steer, a pair of sheets, and half my pewter and 
barley unbequeathed. To my sister Elizabeth £3, a cow, a heifer, and half 
my pewter and barley unbequeathed. To my sister Alice Vano' a quarter 
of barley, half a quarter of wheat, and a cow, and to her three children, 
Joas [Joyce], Thomas, and Henry, 24s. each at eighteen or marriage. To 
the poor at my burial 40s. To my sister Finche's daughter Jane 20s. at 
eighteen or marriage, and if she die before that time, reversion to the rest 
of my sister Finche's children, Jone, Alis, and Christian. To my brother 
William an ox, a quarter of barley, one half a quarter of wheat, and a pair 
of sheets. To Robrd Martyne 5s. Executor : my brother William. In- 
ventory £25. 6s. 8d. Proved by the executor [no date], (i^jchdeaconry of 
Berks, vol. C, fo. 71.) 

The Will of Roberte Hothorn of Bray, co. Berks, 24 January 
1561/2. To be buried in the churchyard of Bray. To the poor at my 
burial 40s. To Roberte Martvn a buckskin dublet. To George Hatche 

•This entry is in the handwriting of Mr. Morse. 

1913] Genealogical Research in Englayid 249 

the joiner a coat. To Jeffery of Cluar a jacket. To "William Huiulen 
all such debts as he oweth me. To my brotlier John Mothorn my woilviag 
tools. To Robert Bishopp and tJames Bishop]! a bullock each. To Eliza- 
beth Bishopp and Jone Bishopp a cow and a lamb each. To my sister 
Finche's four daughters, Jane, Jone, Alice, and Christian, 3s. 4d. each. 
To my brother John Hothorn's two children, Thomas and William, 3s. 4i 
each. To my brother Thomas Hothorn's five children, William. Christo- 
pher, Thomas, John, and .lane, os. 4d. each. To my sister Alice Hothorn's 
three children, Joyce, Thomas, and Henry, 3s. 4d. each. To each of my 
godchildren 12d. To my brother William Hothorne a heifer. To my 
brotlier John Hothorn, to Henry Hothorn, and Elizabeth Hothorn a steer 
each. To Jone Finch [a steer] of three years old. To Alice Winch and 
Agnes Nortrugs a sheep each. My wife Elizabeth to be executrix. My 
satin doublet to be sold and the money given to the poor. Witnesses : 
Thomas Finche and Alice his wife, .John Welles and Jone his wife, and 
one Nortrrugs wife. Inventory £66. 15s. 5d. Proved 22 March 156J/4 
by the executrix. (Archdeaconry of Berks, vol. E, fo. 295.) 

Administration on the goods of Thomas Hothorne of East Ockeley 
in the parish of Bray was granted 16 .January 1565/6 to Joanne, his relict. 
Inventory "Ciiij^^' ij^" (Archdeaconry of Berks, Act Book 1, fo. 128.) 

The Will of Jone Haavthorne of Eastockley of the parish of Bray, 
CO. Berks, widow, 28 June 1577 [_sic'], 17 Elizabeth.* To be buried in 
the parish church of Bray. To the Cathedral Church of Sarum 2d. To 
the parish church of Bray 5s. For a sermon at my burial 6s. 8d. To 
Jone Hawthorne, daughter of my son William Hawthorne, a cow and one 
mather which I had of Thomas Hawthorn, my father-in-law. To my sons 
Christopher Hathom and Thomas Hathorne £30 each at marriage or 
within one year after my decease, and to each a bed furnished, household 
goods and pewter, a cow, ten sheep, and three quishings. To my son .John 
Hathorne £30 at marriage or twenty-six j^ears of age, a bed furnished, a 
dozen of pewter, household goods, a cove, ten sheep, and three quishings. 
To my daughter .Tane Winch a cow, a chest and its contents, and three 
quishings. If Christopher, Thomas, or John die before receiving his por- 
tion, reversion to the survivors. To each godchild 20d. £3 and twelve 
bushels of wheat to be distributed at my burial. My well-beloved AVilllam 
Hawthorne, my son, and William AVinch, my son-in-law, to be overseers, 
and to each 10s. To Henry Southy three sheep. Executor: my son 
Richard Powne}'. Proved 1 April 1577 by the executor. (Archdeaconry 
of Berks, vol. G, fo. 75.) 

The Will of Thomas Hawthorne of Bray, co. Berks, yeoman. 6 July 
1616. To be buried in the churchyard of Bray. To my son William one 
acre of maslyn lying at the lynche in Ockly field. To Marie Smythe, 
daughter of Joane Smythe, and to Elizabeth Holloway 20s. each. I make 
my wife Marie sole executrix, and give to her my house and land for life, 
except six acres of arrable and meadow g-iven by deed. [Signed] Tlie 
m'ke of the said Thomas Hawthorne. Witnesses : Ro : Fynche. John 
Page, and FTenrv Pownev. Proved 2 October 1616 by INIarie Hawthorne, 
widow, the relict .and executrix. Inventory £96. 3s. (Archdeaconry of 
Berks, vol. L, fo. 624.) 

• 28 June, 17 Elizabeth, was 28 June 1375. 

250 Genealogical Research in England [July 

The Will of "William HATnORxr, the ehler oi the parish of Rrav: co. 
Berks, yeoman, Vo September 1620. 'Sly body to be buried in the cliurch- 
yard of Bray near unto th*e phice where ray xatlier was buried. I trive 
unto Anne iny wife for the term of lier life, if she remain so long unmar- 
ried, the use and occupation of my messuage and house with appurtenances 
where I now dwell and of all my other land.i and tenements in Bray 
(except six acres of arrable land whicli 1 purcbused oi Uobert Bi.->hopp^ and 
all the rents and profits thereof and firewood and timber for keeping the 
houses in reparation. To Nathaniell Hathorne my son i Us., to be paid in 
one year after my decease. To each of the five chihh'en of Joane U'inch 
my daughter, that is Kichard, .Joane, .John, George, and .Judeth Winch, 
.'is. To Elizabeth Dellar my (hiughter £10, a cow, and two ewes and 
lambs, and to every one of her six children, namely Anne, Kichard, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, Joane, and .Jane Dellar, os. each. To my daughter 
Mary Bishopp 10s., and to her sons Robert and George Bishopp -Os. each. 
To my daughter Anne Winch IDs. To William Hathorne my son 10s., 
and to every one of his five children, William, Anne, Joane, Elizabeth, 
and Robert Hathorne, 5s. each. I will that there be left as standards in 
this house wherein I now dwell the glass upon all the windows, one cup- 
board, one table, one little form, one settle, and all the benches, painted 
clothes, and backs of wainscott in the parlor, all the benches and shelves 
in the little buttery, all the benches, the back of wainscott, and the little 
settle by the chimney in the hall, one " firre " chest bound with iron and 
one latten basin in the loft over the hall, one powdering trough with two 
bands of iron and one chopping block in the mUkhouse, all the scalfold in 
the applehouse, one moulding board, one bin to put meal in in the bake- 
house, the mill and all things thereto belonging in the millhoiLse, all the 
racks, mangers, planks, " plaunces," and chaff pen in the stable, aU the planks 
in the wheat barn, one joined bedstead which standeth in the loft over the 
parlor, and one settle of wainscott, one table with tressles, one form with 
the benchs, and back of wainscott in the hall at my house in Binfeyld. To 
every of my godchildren 12d. each. All the residue of my goods and 
chattels unbequeathed, debts, legacies, and funeral expences discharged, 
I give to Anne my wife, and make her sole executrix. Overseers : Wil- 
liam Mountagne of Boveney and George Byshopp my son-in-law, and to 
each 10s. [No witnesses.] By me [Signed] Williame Hathorne the 
elder. Sealed with a ring engraved H. W. [si'c] Proved 1 July 1626. 

A commission was issued 26 June 1626 to Edward Boughen. ^acar of 
Bray, to administer the oath to Anne Hawthorne the executrix. Tliis 
commission was endorsed 28 .June 1626 to the effect that Anne Hawthorne, 
thfe relict, widow, and executrix of William Hawthorne y® elder of Bray, 
yeoman, had taken the oath. Inventory taken 22 .June 1626 by George 
Byshopp, Jolm Lawrence, and William Powney of Bray, yeomen, shows 
goods amounting to £l'J4. Os. lOd., among other things enumerated being 
" a Bible with other Books," a carpet, painted clothes [to hang on the wall 
like tapestry], a halbert, a sword, a musket with furniture, one and a half 
dozen silver spoons, and £30 in money. Goods are enumerated in the 
bakeliouse, washhouse, milkhouse, applehouse, millhouse. workhouse, and 
carthouse. The bees, poultry, cows, sheep, pigs, and horses were valued 
at £.54. lis. Id. (Archdeaconry of Berks, original will, 1626.) 

The Will of Anxe ITathornmc of Bray, oo. Berks, widow, 25 July 
1626. To be buried near the place where my late husband was Ijuried. 
To the poor of Bray three score dozen of bread, to be distributed at my 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 251 

burial. To my eldest son "William Hathorne the court cupboard standing 
in m}^ parlor with two cupboard cloths, a lonj^ cart, two dung carts, and 
two pair of wheels. To my daughter Elizabeth Dellar my best gown and 
kerchiefs. To my daughter Mary Bishopp my best saddle cloth. To my 
granddaughter Ann Hathorne my longest tablecloth, one dozen napkins, 
and three pair of sheets. To every one of my children's children, namely, 
my grandchildren that shall be living at my death, a silver spuou of near 
10s. in value, except my godchildren which hath had spoon of me all- 
ready. To every other of my godchildren 12d. each. To my two servants 
OS. each. All the residue of my goods and chattels unbequeathed, my 
debts paid, funeral expenses discharged, and this my will performed, to 
my son Nathaniel Hathorne and ray sons-in-law George Bishopp, Richard 
Winche, and Richard Dellar, \yhom I make my executors. [Signed] Anne 
hathorne. [Sealed with the ring with which her husband sealed his will.] 
Witnesses : Henry Fowney, Robert Bishopp, and [the mark of] Nicholas 
Pilcher. Proved 14 March 1626/7 by the executors. 

A commission was issued 21 February 1626/7 to Edward Boughen, 
vicar of Bray, to swear the executors, which was endorsed 12 March 
1626/7 to the effect that they had taken the oath. Inventory taken 12 
February 1 626/7 by William Powney and Richard Martyne of Bray, yeo- 
men. (Archdeaconry of Berks, original will, 1626.) 

[Abstracts of the live following wills have been printed previously, but to 
make the pedigree clear brief abstracts of them are given here.] 

The Will of William Hathorne of Binfield, co. Berks, yeoman, 18 
May 1650. Son Robert. Brother-in-law John Lawrence. Eldest son 
William Hathorne. Son .Jolm Hathorne (if he be living), his wife, and 
children. Son Nathaniel Hathorne. Youngest son Echnond Hathorne. 
Daughter Elizabeth, wife of M'^ Richard Davenporte. Daughter Anne, 
wife of Hugh Smith, and her daughter Elizabeth. Robert, Sara, Anne, 
and Katherine, children of son-in-law Philip Lee. Lands at Oakely 
Green, Bray. Executrix : wife Sara Hathorne. Witnesses : John Sow- 
they als Hayle, Thomas Dyer, and Robert Southey als Hayle. Proved 2 
May 1G5I by the executrix. (P. C. C, Grey, 87.) [For longer abstract 
see Registeu, vol. 38, p. 201.] 

The Will of Edmund Hathorne of London, yeoman, 15 June 1652. 
Mother Sara Hathorn. Sister Anne, wife of Hugli Smith. Brothers 
Robert and Nathaniel Hathorn. Lands and a house at Oakley Green, 
parish of Bray. John Hanscombe, a servant belonging to Gresham Col- 
lege, London. Ann Hawkins, my master's servant. Witnesses : Ann 
Webster [mark], John Warner, scr., clerk of the parish of St. Helens 
within Bishopsgate, Loudon. Proved 26 June 1652. (P. C C, Bowyer, 
134.) [Much briefer abstract in Essex InsL Hist. Coll., vol. 17, p. 54.] 

The Will of Nathanikl Hathor.vk of Cookham, co. Berks, gentleman, 
27 September 1652. Lauds in Somerset, Devon, and lierks. My four 
brothers-in-law, Thomas Loggins. John Whistler. Ralplie Whistler, and 
Thomas Whistler, gentlemen. My three own sisters, Elizal)eth, 3Iary, 
and Anne, and .John Laurence, the husban<l of Anne. Son-iu-hiw \Mlliam 
Mattingly and .June his wife. Kinsman William Eldridge and .fuditli his 
wife. Anne Winche. wife of nephew .lolui Winch. Nepliew Wii iam 
Winche. Mentions a deed making provision for the education and main- 
tenance of all mv children. Kinsmen Dr. Daniel Whistler of Gresham 

252 Genealogical Research in England [July 

Colles^e and John Winche of London, haberdasher, overseers. Wife 
Martha, executrix. Witnesses : Jolin Hathorne and ^largaret Louduin. 
Proved 29 July 1654 by tiie executrix. (P. C. C, Alchin, 251.j [For 
longer al)stract see Ricgisteu, vol. il8, p. 203, and of. ib., vol. oC, p. 204.] 

The TVill of Sara TIatiiokn-k of Binfield, co. Berks, widow, 5 Septem- 
ber 1055. Sou Robert Ilatiiurne. Daughter Anne, wife of Hugh .Smith- 
Grandchildren Anne Lee and Katherine Lee, " and to all the residue of 
my grandchildren that is to say," Sara Ilathorne, Elizabeth Hathorne and 
Elizal)eth Hathorne, Susanna Hathorne, Nathaniel Hathorne, William 
Smith and Elizabeth Smith.* Aune Middleton, my late servant. Exec- 
utor : son Nathaniel Hathorne. Witnesses : John Yonges and Henrie 
Otwaie. Proved 14 March 1655/6 by the executor. (P. C. C, Berkley, 
34.) [For longer abstract see Register, vol. 38, p. 202.] 

The Will of Robert Hathorne the elder of Bray, co. Berks, yeoman, 
15 February 1689/90. Son Robert Hathorne the younger, yeoman, of 
Bray. Witnesses : .John Harwood, Thomas Harwood, and Adlard Welbve. 
Proved 16 February 1691/2. (P. C. C, Fane, 49.) [Cf. Register, 
vol. 38, p. 68.] 

Hathorne Entries in the Parish Registers of Binfield, 

CO. Berks 

Baptisms, 1551-1690 j 

1552 Richard Hothome 17 August. 

1554 John Horthorne 23 June. 

1556$ Hugge Horthorne 15 March. 

1566 Catherine Hothorne 25 April. 

1568 Margaret Hothorne 11 October. 

1571 Joanne Haughthorne 5 January [1571/2]. 

1585 Andrie [sjc] Hothorne 23 May. 

1587 Emanuell Hothorne 8 October. 

1589 Margaret Hothorne 9 November. 

1591 Breffet Hothorne 24 Februarv [1591/2]. 

1592 William Hotharn 24 February [1592/3]. 
1601 Ursuley daughter of John Hothorne 29 March. 

1603 John and Ann children of Hugh Hothorne II October. 

1605 Eme daughter of Hugh Hothorne 2 June. 

1608 An daughter of William Hothorne 25 September. 

1611 Johan daughter of William Hothorne 21 July. 

1613 P]lizabeth daughter of John Hothorne the younger 1 January 


1614 Elizabeth daughter of William Hothorne 6 May. 

1615 Daniell son of John Hothorne 17 December. 
1618 Robert son of William Hothorne 12 April. 
1621 John son of William Hothorne 20 April. 

1623 Nathaniell son of William Hothorne 14 September. 

1626 Gilbert son of William Hothorne 9 Ausust. 

1628 Edmund son of William Hathorne 1 March [1628/9]. 

1651 Elizabeth daughter of Nathaniell Hathorne 31 March. 

•Evidently the testatrix did not include her ^randcliildren in New England. 

tThe records for the years 1617-1622 are badly decayed. 

J Up to 1560 the Binfield registers begin the year with January. 

1913J Genealogical Research in England 253 

1652 Susanna daughter of Xathaniell Hathorne 15 August. 

1653 Nathaniel son of Nathauiell Hathorne born 5 September. 
1655 Anne daughter of Nathaniell Hathorne born 10 November. 

1657 Mary daughter of Nathaniell Hathorne born 9 .Jauuary [1657/8]. 
1662 Sarah daughter of Nathaniell and Elizabeth Hathorne 17 April. 
1666 AVilliani son of Steven and Marv Hatthorn 25 March. 
1668 Elizabeth daughter of Margret Hathorn 23 August. 
1668 Mary daughter of Steven Hathorn 9 November. 
1670 Steven son of Steven Hathorn 3 November. 

1673 Thomas son of Steven Hathorn 10 November. 

1686 Susana daughter of Nathaniel Hathorne 17 .July. 

1687 liichard son of Nathaniel Hathorne 5 January [1687/8]. 

Marriages, 1538-1690 

1564 Hughe Taylor and Elizabeth Hothorne 19 November. 

1570 William Hothorne and Agnes Perkins 25 June. 

1581 "William Bale and Annys Hothorne 2 December. 

1583 Hu Hothorne and Mare Bennet 2i February [1583/4]. 

1599 John Hothorne and Ursuley Marten 23 July. 

1599 John Hoiton and Johan Hothorne 25 October. 

1602 Hugh Hothorne and Christian Hillier 24 June. 

1602 Edward Stavelin and Katheren Hothorn 28 November. 
1611 John Hothorne and Margret Tayler 20 September. 

1625 Richard Dowle and Adi-ian Hothorne [no day and month, probably 

16 May]. 
1632 William Alonke and Amy Hawthorne 2 April. 
1665 Steven Hathorn and Mary Lightfoot 27 April. 
1678 Lazarous Page and Elizabeth Hathorn 5 August. 

Burials, 1538-1690 

1543* Jelian Hothorne 3 February. 
1559* John Hothorne 10 February. 
1580 Richard Hothorne 3 April. 
1592 Mare Hothorne 12 September. 

1596 Roburd Hothorne 29 .January [1596/7]. 

1597 Wedu [widow?] Hothornne 28 March. 

1598 Margery wife of John Hothorne 5 November. 

1603 John and Ann children of Hugh Hothorn's 16 October. 

1613 Margrett Hothorne wife of John Hothorne the younger did drown 

herself 20 January [1613/14]. 
1616 John Hothorn the vounger 28 September. 

1634 Christian wife of Hugh Hathorn 19 February [1634/5]. 

1635 John Hathorn 17 February [1635/6]. 
1638 Hugh Hathorne [day missing] November. 
1640 Gilbert Hathorn a youth 19 August. 
1650 William Hathorne 16 October. 

1655 Widow Hathorne 8 September. 

1662 Elizabeth wife of Nathanel Hathorn 28 January [1662/3]. 

1672 Nathanel Hathorn 7 July. 

1674 An Hathorn 2 December. 

*Up to 1360 the Binfield registers begin the year with January. 


Genealogical Research in England 


From Lay Subsidies* fob Brav, co. Berks 
15 Henry VIII [1523-4] 

Robert Horthorn for his goods 
Thomas Horthorn for his goods 

fLay Subsidies, 73/135.) 
Henry VIII [undated, but probably about 153U] 

Thomas Horthorne for his eoods 

37 Henry VIII [1545-G] 

Thomas Hathorne for his goods 

2-3 Edward VI [1548-50] 

Thomas Hothorne Sen. 
Thomas Hothorne Jim. 

3-4 Edward VI [1549-51] 

Thomas Hothorne Sen. 
Thomas Hothorne Jun. 

3 Edward VI [1549-50] 

Thomas Hothorne Sen. 
Thomas Hothorne Jun. 

28 Elizabeth [1585-6] 

William Hawthornesip lands 
Thomas Hawthorne in goods 


35 Elizabeth [1592-3] 

"William Hawthorne 
John Hawthorne in 
Thomas Hawthorne 

in lands 
in lands 





39 Elizabeth [1596-7] 

William Hawthorne in lands £3 

Thomas Hawthorne Jun. in lands 203. 

Thomas Hawthorne Sen. 20s. 

[Undated, jirobably about 39 Elizabeth, 1596-7] 
Thomas Hathorne Jun. in lands 20s. 
Thomas Hathorne Sen. in lands 20s. 
William Hathorne in lands £3 

William Hathorne one of the assessors. 

43 Elizabeth [1600-1] 

Thomas Hawthorne Jun. in lands 20s. 
Thomas Hawthorne Sen. in lands 20s. 
William Hathorne in lands £3 

William Hathorne one of the assessors. 

8 James I [1610-11] 

Thomas Hawthorne Jun. in lands 30s. 
W'illiam Hawthorne in lands £3 

William Hawthorne one of the assessors. 

• Preserved ia the Public Record Office, London. 

{lb., 74/193.) 




26s. Sd. 

(/J., 74/206.) 

{lb., 74/206.) 


{lb., 74/203.) 




{lb., 74/209.) 

[Tax] 4s. 
[Tax] 3s. 
{lb., 74/244.) 

[Tax] 12s. 
[Tax] 4s. 
[Tax] 4s. 
{lb., 14:/ 21 1.) 

;Tax] 12s. 
Tax 4s. 
'Tax] 4s. 
{lb., 74/282.) 

[Tax] 4s. 
[Tax] 4s. 
[Tax] 12s. 

{lb., 75/312.) 

[Tax] 16d. 
[Tax] 16d. 
[Tax] 4s. 

{lb., 75/303.) 

[Tax] 20d. 
[Tax] 3s. 

{lb., 75/326.) 


Id. If. 







od. If. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 25.5 

From the Rental Roll of tue Manor of Brat,* co. Berks 

Lady Day [25 March] 1586 

Este Ocleye. Willm Hatliorne for Wises 
Water Ocleie. Willm Hawthorne for Chambers 
Michaelmas [29 September] 1586 

Easteocle. Willim Hawthorne for Wises 

Thomas Hawthorne for gentles 
Water Ockley. Willm Hawthorne for bellows 

(Rentals and Surveys, Portfolio 5, No. 21.) 

[From the foregoing data and other records the following pedigree has 
been compiled : 

1. Thomas Hathorne of Bray, co. Berks, was bom probably about 
1490. The first mention found of him is in a subsidy or tax-list of 1523-4, 
when he paid 2s. on his goods at Bray. In 1533 he was appointed col- 
lector for the lands called Chaunters, held by -John Bysshop at a yearly 
rental of 20s. 9d. In 1535 John Bysshop held four closes at Crychefeid 
abutting on Crychefeid land and another field adjoining the land of Thomas 
Horthon. (History of the Hundred of Bray.) Crychefeid is in the ex- 
treme southern part of the parish of Bray, and adjoins the northern part 
of Warrield, at Hawthorn Hill, connected with which there is a legend 
about the finding of two pots of gold. In the above-mentioned subsidy for 
1523-4, besides Thomas Horthorn Robert Horthorn is mentioned, who may 
have been father or brother of Thomas. In this same subsidy there are 
mentioned eight Horthorns in Warfield, and abstracts have been made of 
many wills of the Warfield family. Thomas Hathorne appears in subsidies 
for 1545-6, 1548-50, 1549-51 and 1549-50, and also in one without date, 
but probably about 1530. No mention of Hathornes at Bray has been 
found earlier than 1520, when a John Horthorn died, leaving a son and 
heir Henry, although many documents of an earlier date have been ex- 
amined and James Hothorne, the testator of 1559 or 1560, states that his 
" auncetors " were buried at Bray. " Thomas Hawthorn my father-in-law " 
. s mentioned in the will of Jone Hawthorne, widow of Thomas Hothorne, 
Iq 1575. The administration on the estate of a Thomas Hathorn in 1557 
is indexed in the Act Book for the Archdeaconry of Berks, but like most 
of the other administrations of that period it is missing. It may refer to 
this man. 

Children : 

2. i. Thomas, b. probably abt. l.>20. 

ii. Jamks, the testator of 1.559 or 1560, d. s.p. 

iii. EoBEUT, the testator of 15G1/2, d. s.p. betw. 24 Jan. 1561/2 and 22 

Mar. 1563/4 ; m. Elizabeth , who survived him and proved 

his will, 
iv. JoxE, m. Finch, and had four daughters, Jane, .Tone, Alice, 

and Christian, all under eigliteen in 1559. 
V. Alice, m. Vanou. and had three children. Joyce, Thomas, and 

Henry, all under eighteen in 1559. 
vi. JoiLN, had sons Thomas, b. before 1559, and WilUavi, h. betw. 1559 

and 1561/2. 
vii. "William, living in 1561/2. 
viii. Henry, living in 1561/2. 
ix. Elizabeth, living in 1561/2, probably imm. 

•The Manor of Bray included East Ockley or Oakley, AVater Ockley, Bray town, 
Braywicke, Fifield, Maidenhead, Holyport, Touching or Tatchen, AUwood, and Strood. 

256 Genealogical Research in England [July 

2. Thomas IIathorne (Thomas) of East Ockley or Oakley in the parish 

of Bray, on whose estate administration was granted 16 Jan. loGo/6, 
was born probably about 1520. He is found in subsidies for 1548-50, 
1549-51, and 1549-50. He married .Ioxk Powxey, widow, the 
testator of 1575, who had by her first husband a son. Richard Pow- 
ney. The parish registers of Bray do not now exist for an earlier 
date than 1G52, and wills furnish the only information about this 

Children, mentioned in the wills of their uncle Robert and their 
mother : 

3. i. WiLLiAii, b. probably abt. 1545. 

ii. CHUiSTOPiiEn, uum. in 1575. 

iii. Thomas, unm. in 1575; probably the testator of 1G16. 

iv. John, b. betw. 1549 and 155y ; unm. in 1575. 

V. Jane, m. before 1575 William Wixch. 

3. William Hathorxe (Thomas, Thomas), yeoman, of Bray and Bin- 

field, the testator of 1620, was born jirobably about 1545 and died 
not later than 22 June 1626. He married, probably at Binfield, 
25 June 1570, Agxes or Axxe Perkins, and in this way he 
became connected with Binfield. Though there were Hathornes at 
Binlield earlier than this, no William appears there until this mar- 
riage IS recorded, nor lias any connection 1)een established between 
the branch with which this pedigree is concerned and the early 
Hathornes of Binfield. Although the first child, Joane, was baptized, 
and probably also born, in the mother's home, as was customary, 
the famil}- does not seem to have lived at Binfield until the next 
generation. Anne Plathorne. wife of "William, and the testatrix 
of 1626, survived her husband only a few months, dying not later 
than 12 Feb. 1626/7. William Hathome is found in subsidies for 
1585-6, 1592-3, 1596-7, 1600-1, and 1610-11, as well as in an 
undated subsidy of the last decade of the reign of Elizabeth, being 
also one of the assessors of the three last-mentioned subsidies. In 
1586 he held property called Wises at East Oakley in Bray and 
property called Chambers and Bellows at Water Oakley. This 
part of Bray is on the River Thames and is very beautiful. 
William IIathorne was a substantial citizen of the best class of the 
yeomanry. He was churchwarden in 1600-2, a trustee of a church 
charity, and one of the lessees of Queens Lease in Bray, an estate 
of si.xty-six acres. His children married into some of the best fam- 
ilies in the neighborhood, those of Winch, Bishop, Loggins, and 
Children : 

i. JoANK, bapt. at Binfield 5 Jan. 1571/2 ; m. Richard "Winch, perhaps 
a first cousin, and had before 1620 Richard, Joane. John. George, 
and Judith; d. probably before 27 Sept. 1652, as her brother Na- 
thaniel mentions in his will "my three own sisters." 
4. ii. William, b. probably abt. 1576. 

iii. Nathaniel, the testator of 1G52, probably m. (1) Anne Loggins, 
d. s. p. before 1623, daughter of Silvester;* m. (2) ^Iartha 
(Whistler) Mattingly(?), daughter of John of New Windsor, 

•Not (laughter of Gilbert, as the History of the Hundred of Bray and Register, vol. 
38, p. 203, state. See Visitation of Berkshire, 1623 (Harleian Society's Publications, 
vol. 56, pp. 107-8), where slie is said to have been married to a Hawthorne. In Na- 
thaniel Hathorne's will, 1C52, her brother Thomas is called brother-in-law. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 257 

Esq.,* and probably widow of a Mattingly, by whom she had a 

son William ; had chiidreu, names unknown, 
iv. Elizabeth, m. IIichaku Dellau, and in 1G20 liad children Anne, 

liichard, Margaret, Elizabeth, Juanf, a.ndJane-. mentioned in the 

will of her brotlier Nathaniel in l(;o2. 
V. Maky, m. George Bishopp of Bisliopp's Farm (wliicli had been in 

his family since 1288 :ind whicli still l)ears tlie naiiiej, East Oakley, 

Bray, d. HJ-ty ; mentioued in tlie will of licr brother Nathaniel ui 

1652. Chiidreu: liohert a.ud ireori/e, both born before 1G20. 
vi. Anne, m. (1) Wi.nxu; m. (2; John Lawkexcj:. She and her 

secoad husband are mentioned in her brother Nathaniel's will in 


4. TTiLLiAii Hathokne ( William, Thomas, Thomas), yeoman, of Bray 
and Bintield, the testator of IGoO, was born probably about 1576 
and was buried at Bintield 16 Oct. 1600. tie married, probably 

about 1605, Sarah , the testator of 1655, whose maiden 

name has not been learned. She was buried at Bintield 8 Sept. 
1655. William Hathorne probably lived at Bray until about 1608, 
when he removed to Bintield, where his father had a house, of 
which he doubtless allowed his son the use. This house probably 
came in 1626 to William Hathorne as his father's eldest son and heir. 
Children, all except the eldest baptized at Bintield : 

5. i. William, b. probably at Bray late in 1006 or early in 1607. 

ii. Anne. bapt. 25 Sept. 1608; m. Hugh Smith, and had children £'Zi2a- and William; mentioned in her motijer's will in 1655. 

ill. Joane, bapt. 21 July 1611; bur. at Bintield 27 Oct. 1649; in. abt. 
1635 Philip LeeI of Bintield, sou of iiobert and Joyce (Swewyu), 
bur. at Bintield 21 Aug. 1654. Children : 1. Joyce, b. 1636 ; d. 
1642. 2. iJyftert, b. 1638; d. 1655. 3. ^'rtJ-a/i, b. 1640/1 ; d. before 
1655. 4. Anne, b. 1643 ; living 1655. 5. Eatherine, b. 1644 ; living 

iv. Elizabeth, bapt. 6 May 1614; emigrated to New England, probably 
with her brother William; d. 24 June 1678; m. Capt. IIichakd 
Davenport of Salem and later of Boston, b. abt. 1606. He was 
captain, deputy, and commander of the fort on Castle Island, 
Boston Harbor, where he was killed by lightning 15 July 16G5. 
Children : X 1. Capt. Nathaniel, b. probably at Salem ; killed in 
King Philip's AVar, ly Dec. 1675 ; m. Elizabeth Thacher, dau. of 
Rev. Thomas, who survived him. 2. Tniecroxn, b. probably at 
Salem, 1634 or 1635; d. 3 Aug. 1692; m. 10 Nov. 1654 Stephen 
Minot of Dorchester, d. 16 Feb. 1671/2(?); had issue. 3. Expe- 
rience, bapt. at Salem 27 Aug. 1637. 4. John, bapt. at Saleiu 19 
Sept. 1641; in. 1 Nov. 1667 Bridy:et Watkins; had issue. 5. Capt. 
Eleazer.^ mariner, d. 8 Oct. 1678, wliile on a voyage; m. ai)t. 1669 
Rebecca Addington, bapt 11 Mar. 164S/9, -'about 4 days old," dau. 
of Isaac and Anne (Leverett), who survived him; had issue. 6. 
Samuel, bapt. in Boston 28 June 1646, '-being about 11 days old;" 
d. 6 Dec. 1678, while on the voyage ou which his brother Eleazer 
died. 7. iSarah, bapt. in Boston 30 Sept. 1649; d. probably at 
Dorchester 10 May 1679. 8. Elizabeth, bapt. 13 Sept. 1652; d. 10 
Mar. 1680/1 ; m. Asaph Eliot, b. 25 Oct. 1651, d. 3 Sept. 1685, son 
of Jacob and Margery ; had issue. 9. William, b. 11 May 1656; 
d. 1690 or 1691 ; served in the expedition against Canada in 1690. 

v. Robert, the testator of 1689/90, bapt. 12 Apr. 1618; d. betw. 15 
Feb. 1689/90 and 16 Feb. 1691/2. He was of Bray, and it was his 

•Cf. Register, vol. 56, p. 204. 

+ The pedigree of the Lee family was entered at the Visitation of Berkshire in 
1665-6 (Harleian .Society'.s Publications, vol. 56, p. 240). Philip Lee's niece, Judith 
Lee, became Countess of Sterling. 

+ Cf. Savage, Gen. Diet., vol. 2, pp. 13-14; Rr.oiSTER. vol. 4, pp. Ill, 117, 352-354. 

J Perhaps older than one or more of the children already mentioned. 

258 Genealofjicul Itescnrcli in Emjland [July 

letter, written to his brother, ilaj. AVilliam, in 1C.J3 and still pre- 
served,* whieh gave the first clue to the English home of the 
Hathorne family. He had one son. Bohert. b. probably after l';55; 
and Snrnh and EiiznhHh, who were mentioned in the will of their 
grandmother, Sara Hathorne, in 1055, were probably his dautrhters. 
6. vi. JoHX, bapt. 20 Apr. 1(;21. 

vii. Nathaniel, bapt. U Sept. 1623; bur. at Binlield 7 July 1672: m. 
abt. 1G50 Elizabeth , bur. at Binfield 28 Jan. HjfJ2/3. Chil- 
dren: 1. Elizabeth^ bapt. 31 Mar. 1C51. 2. Susanna, bapt. 15 
Aug. 1652. 3. Xcuhaniel. b. 5 Sept. 16.53; m. abt. 1685; had 
Susanna, Richard, and perhaps otlier children. 4. Anne. b. 10 
Nov. 1655. 5. Mary, b. ii Jan. 16.J7/8. 6. Sarah, bapt. 17 Apr. 

viii. Gilbert, bapt. Aug. 1626 ; bur. at Binfield 19 Aug. 1640. 

ix. Ed.mitn'd, the testator of 1652, bapt. 1 Mar. 1628/9 ; d. unm.. probably 
in London, betw. 15 June and 26 June 1652. 

5. Maj. Wili,i.\.'m HAxnoRNK ( William, William, Thomas, Thomas) 
of Binfield, co. Berks, England, and of Salem, Mass., was bom 
probably at Bray, co. Berks, late in 1606 or early in 1607, for he 
deposed at Salem 2 Dec. 16o8, aged about 51 years. He emigrated 
to New England, probably taking with him his sister Elizabeth and 
his brother John, appears at Dorchester as a proprietor in 1634, and 
was admitted a freeman on 14 May of that year. In 16'36 he was 
at Salem, where he became prominent in public life.f He married 

Ann ,t who survived him. He died in 1G81, his will, dated 

17 Feb. 1679/80, being proved 28 June 1681, the inventory of 
his estate havin<; been taken 10 June 1681.§ 
Children: II 

i. Sarah, b. 11 Mar. 1634/5; admitted to the church at Salem in 1661; 
d. 8 Feb. 1G87/8 : m. (1) Edward atone time •' Sargeant 
to a Foot Company in Ireland," from whom she obtained a divorce 
9 Sept. 1664. and assumed her maiden name; m. (2) 13 Apr. 1665 
Joseph COKEK of Newbury. •[ Child by lirst husband : 1. Gcrvice, 
mentioned in the will of his grandfather, Maj. "William Hathorne, 
17 Feb. 1679/80, as in " Urop " [i. e., Europe], Children bv second 
husband:** 2. i'arr^/i, b. 6 Jan. 1665/6; d 30'Nov. 1667. 3'. Joseph, 
b.9Apr.l668. 4. 5e?i;am!H. b. 11 Mar. 1670/1. 5. 5ara.b. 28 Nov. 
1676. 6. Hathorne. b. 25 Apr. 1679. 

ii. Eleazer, b. 1 Aug. 1637 ; freeman in 1665 ; d. before 17 Feb. 1679/80 ; 
m. 28 Aug. 1663 Abigail Curwex. dau. of Capt. George of Salem, 
who survived him and m. (2) Hon. James Russell of Charlestown, 
Mass. Children : ft 1- Abigail, b. 14 Nov. 1665; living 17 Feb. 

•Printed in Rf.oister. vol. 12. p. 295. 

+ See Registkr, vol. 42, pp. 363-4. for a brief account of his career. 

t The will of Richard Smith of St. Dnnstan's West, London. Cook, dated 13 Janu.ary 
1660/1 .uid proved 17 January 1661/2, mentions sister .\nn Hawthorne, her sons .John, 
Nathaniel, and William Hawthorne, and lands in Wokeinsrham, co. Berks. See longer 
abstract in Kkgister, vol. 40, p. 45. It is possible that this Ann Hawthorne is iden- 
tical with the wife of Maj. William. It is also to be noted that Lydia Bankes, daugh- 
ter of .John of Maidstone, co. Kent, in two letters written in 1646 calls Maj. Hathorne 
"brother," and in a letter of 18 Apr. 1648 refers to his wife as " my deare sister;" 
but tliese expres'^ions mav indicate merely brotherhood and sisterhood in the church 
(ib.. vol. 29, p. 112). 

{ Abstract nf this will in Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. .'5, pp. 66-7. 

II The births of all these children except Marv were entered br their father on a 
blank k-:if of a book printed in 1610. Of. Essex Inst. Hist. Coll.. vol. 1, p. 2. 

H C'f. ilKCisTnii, vol. 5'i, p. 409; Newbnrv Vital ReconU. Tlie name (Service is com- 
mon ill tlie Wciodford (co. Esse-x) and London In-anch of the Hehvis fomily. There 
were inarriairrs between members of this family and members of the Lee family of 
Bintield. mie member of which married Maj. William Ilathorne's sister Joane (vide 
supra. |i. 2.')7). 

** Newbury Viral Records. 

tt<-'f- Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, pp. 151, 153. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 259 

1079/80. 2. r;«o?-<7?, b. 17 Apr. lOGS; died same month. '?,. l-:iiz- 
abeth, b. 20 Feb. 1669/70. 4. lVilliam,h.d May 1672; living: 17 
Feb. 1679/80. 5. f^amuel, b. 23 Sept. 1674 ; living 17 Eeb. 1679/80. 
iii. Nathaniei,, b. 11 Aug. 1639 ; probably d. youn?. 

IV. John, b. 4 Aug. 1641; bapt. at Salem 3 July 1644; d. 10 May 1717; 

m. 22 Mar. 1674/5 Ruth G.*.rdxer, dau. of Lieut. George. He 
was freeman in 1677, representative, assi.staut. magistrate, a judge 
iu tlie Witclicraft eases, judi^e of tlie Superior Court, and colonel 
iu tlie Indian war in 1696. Children : * 1. John, b. 10 Jan. 1673/6. 
2. Nathanif.l, b. 25 Nov. 1078. 3. Ubenezer, bapt. Mar. 1685. 4. 
Joseph, bapt. June 1691, ancestor of the novelist Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne. t 5. EiUh, bapt. Sept. 1094. 6. Benjamin. 

V. Anxa, b. 12 Dec. 1643; m. 27 .Jan. 1664/5 Joseph Porter of Salem. 

Children : t 1- Joseph, b. 23 Oct. 1665 ; d. young. 2. Anna, b. 5 
Sept. 1667. 3. Samuel, b. 4 Auff. 1669. 4. yathaniel, b. 8 Mar. 
1670/1. 5. Jlary, b. 18 Dec. 1672. 6. William, b. 30 Aug. 1674. 
7. Eleazer (twin;, b. 23 May 1676. 8. Abigail (twin), b. 23 May 
1676. 9. Hepzihah, b. 11 Apr. 1678. 10. Joseph, b. Apr. 1681. 11. 
Bulk, bapt. Sept. 1682. 12. Mehitnble, bapt. Sept. 1682. 

vi. William, b. 1 Apr. 1645 ;§ bapt. at Salem 8 Apr. 1640; m. Sarah 

, living 17 Feb. 1679/80. He was a captain in King Philip's 

"War. Administration on his estate was granted 4 Feb. 1678/9 to 
his widow Sarah. || 

vii. Eliz.^beth, b. 22 July 1649 ; ra. 20 Nov. 1672 Israel Porter of Sa- 
lem. Children:! 1. Elizabeth, h. 2 Oct. 1673. 2. Sarah, b. 24 
Aug. 1675. 3. John, b. 24 Sept. 1677. 4. Ginger (dau.), b. 6 Oct. 
1679. 5. J/rt)-j/, b. 22 Sept. 1681; d. young. 6. Israel, b. 4 Apr. 
1683. 7. Benjamin, b. 4 Sept. 1085; d. young. 8. Ann, b. 17 
June 1087. 9. William^ b. 12 Feb. 1689/90. 10. Benjamin, b. 17 
May 1693. 
viii. Mary, bapt. at Salem 1 May 1653; not on Maj. William Hathorne's 
own list of his children and not mentioned in his will. 

6. John Hathorne ( William, William, Thomas, Thomas) of Binfield, 
CO. Berks, England, and of Salem, Maiden, and Lynn, Mass., was 
baptized at Binfield 20 Apr. 1621, and probably accompanied his 
elder brother William to New England, where be was admitted to 
the church at Salem in 1637. About 1648 he became a tavern- 
keeper at Maiden, whence he removed about 1650 to Lynn, where 

he died 12 Dec. 1676. He married Sar.ui , who survived 

him. His will, dated 19 Oct. 1676, was proved 27 June 1677, the 
inventory of his estate being taken 21 Feb.** 
Children : 

i. Sarah, bapt. at Salem 2 June 1644; d. abt. 22 Nov. 1676; m. at 
Lynn, 28 Dec. 1663, Johs Breed of Lvnn. Children: 1. John, 
b. 7 June 1664. 2. Sarah, b. 1667. 3." William, b. 18 May 1671. 
4. Ephrnim, b. 16 Dec. 1672. 5. Ebenezer. b. 15 Apr. 1676. 

ii. John, bapt. at Salem 18 Oct. 1646 ; probably d. young. 

iii. Priscilla, bapt. at Salem 22 July 1649 ; m. 15 Jan. 1668/9 Jonathan 
Shore of Lynn. Children: 1. Jonathan, b. 14 Dec. 1669. 2. 
Phebe, b. 20 Apr. 1074. 3. Priscilla. 4. Samuel, b. 1 Feb. 1683/4. 

iv. William, b. at Lynn Nov. 1651 ; d. 14 Sept. 1676. 

•Of. Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, p. 153, and vol. 17, p. 53 (chart). 
tFor the line of descent see Register, vol. 42, p. 364, and chart in Essex Inst. Hist. 
Coll., vol. 17, p. 53. 
+ Cf. Essex List. Hist. Coll., vol. 3, p. 12; Porter Genealogy, 1878, pp. 231-2. 

I Savage (Gen. Diet., vol. 2, p. 377) sives 1646. He deposed at Salem, 27 June 1673, 
aged about 27 vears {Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, p. 125). 

II Register, vol. 42, pp. .364-8; Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, p. 280. 
H Of. Porter Genealogy, 1878, pp. 234-5. 

••Abstract of this will in Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, p. 273. See for this Johu 
Hathorne and his family ib., vol. 17, p. 53 (chart), and Lynn Vital Records. 

2G0 Genealogical Research in England ['J^"'}' 

V. Mary, b. at Lynn July 1653 ; d. 31 Dec. 1676. 

vi. Ebkxezeu, b. at Lynn Mar. 1G5G ; m. 20 Dec. 1683 E.sxnER 'Witt, 
dau. of Jonathan; freeman ia 1C91. Children: 1. Sarah, b. 26 
Oct. 1684. 2.'2Iary, b. 4 Mar. 1686/7; bur. r, June 1687. 3. John, 
b. 1 May 1688. 4. Samuel, b. 17 Apr. 1691. 5. Mary, b. 1 May 
1094. 6. Hepzaheth, b. .5 May 1697. 7. EbeiK-zer. b. 7 July 170.5. 

vii. NATH.^^EL, called youngest sou in his father's will, b. probably 
abt. 1000; m. Mary Gi>tt. Childreu : 1. Elizabeth, b. 1 Oct. 
1691. 2. Mary, b. 5 Xov. 1693; d. 30 Jan. 1693/4. 3. NathanipA, 
b. Dec. 1698. 4. Eleazer,h.2Q) Jan. 1705/6; probably d. young. 
5. Eleazer, b. 19 Jan. 1706/7. 

viii. A CHILD, b. at Lynn 6 Mar. 1662/3 ; d. 17 Mar. 1662/3. 

ix. Phebe, b. at Lynn 22 Mar. 1664/5 ; living 19 Oct. 1676. 

— E. F.] 


From the Eegisters of Swyer, go. Dorset, 1.588-1644 


1595 Richard Davidge and Mary Holman 29 February [1595/6]. 

1596 Morgan Holman and Alice Odberre 24 October. 
1622 Robert Holman and Edith Bishop 29 November. 
1644 Robert Holman and Hellen Strood 4 November. 

[The entries given above show the marriages of the father and brother 
of John Holman. the emiijrant to Dorchester, Mass. Morgan Holman in 
his will (Register, vol. 6-3, p. 3.3) names his brothers-in-law .John and 
Robte Odber ; and Richard Davidge, probably husband of a sister of the 
testator, was one of the witnesses to this will. — E. F.] 

The "Will of Thomas Howse of the parish of St. Stephen in Coleman 
street, London, a Citizen and Brownbaker of London, 18 October 1643. 
All debts being paid, the residue of my estate is to be divided into three 
parts according to the laudable custom of the City of London, one share of 
which I give to my wife Elizabeth, one third to my son Samuell Howse and 
the child my wife now goeth withal, and the other third portion to pay the 
following legacies : To my brother John Howes £20, and to each child he 
shall have living at my death 50s. If any die during minority, reversion 
to the survivors. To my brother Samuell Howse £20, and to each child 
he shall have living at my death 50s. apiece, to be paid for their uses to 
my said brother Samuell Howse within one year next ensuing my death. 
And if any of them die in minority, the legacy of him or her so dying to remain 
to the survivor of them. To my sister Pininna Lynnell £10, and to every 
child she shall have living at my death 50s. If any child die in minority, 
reversion to the survivors. To my sister Drucilla Flyer £10, and to every 
child she shall have living atmv decease 50s. £10 to be distributed among 
the need}"^ poor at the discretion of my friends Praise Barbon* and William 
Grainger the elder. To Mr. .John Goodwine, minister of the word of Grod in 
the parish of St. Stephens, Coleman Street, 50s. And if I die in London and 
he make my funeral sermon, 20s. more. To my son Samuell Howse £100 
at the age of twenty-one, and also my adventure of £50 wliich I have dis- 
bursed for lands in Ireland. All the residue of my goods to be divided 
into two parts, one part to my wife Elizabeth and the other part to my son 

•Praisegod Biivebones or Barbon, the well-known preacher and politician ia the 
time of the Commonwealth. 

191.3] Genealogical Research in Englcmd 2G1 

Samuell and my unborn child. If either die during minority, reversion to 
the survivor. And if both die, one half of all their legacies to my wife 
and one half to my brothers' ^nd sisters' children, equally divided. And 
if my wife be deceased or married, all to my brothers' and sisters' children. 
Executrix : wife Elizabeth. Overseers : brother-in-law Symon Player and 
Prayse Barban, and to each 50s. [Signed] Thomas Howse. Witnesses: 
.John Brokell and Ra : Hartley. Codicil, 15 October 1644, mentions 
daughter Elizabeth, born since will was made. To son Samuell Howse 
my house in Ashford in Kent. WUliam Grainger being dead, I appoint 
Mr. Samuell Hyland with Praise Barbone to dispose of the £10 to the 
poor and to be another overseer, and to him 40s. to buy him a ring. 
Proved 23 December 1644 by Elizabeth Howes, relict of said deceased. 
(P. C. C, Rivers, 17.) 

[The testator whose will is given above is clearly Thomas flowse, son 
of the Rev. John Howse who was rector of Eastwell, co. Kent, and brother 
of Samuel Howse of Scituate, Mass. (See Register, vol. 66, pp. 356-8, 
where it was suggested that Thomas Howes, or House, of Yarmouth, 
Mass., might have been brother of Samuel, a conjecture which is now 
proved to be erroneous.) This testator is the one referred to in the Aspin- 
wall Notarial Records, pp. 10, 224—5, although he is there called " Watch- 
maker" instead of " Brownbaker," as in the will. The "sister Pininna 
Lynnell " was the wife of Robert Linnell of Scituate and Barnstable, 
Mass., immigrant ancestor of the Linnells of New England. Rev. John 
Lothrop in his Scituate Church Records calls Linnell " my brother," 
because the latter's wife and Lothrop's first wife were sisters. — E. F.] 


Feom the Transcripts* of the Parish Registers of Beamin- 

STER, CO. Dorset 

1585 "Julie. Eltwitt the sonne of Richarde Pomerye was christned the 

fowerth of Julie." 

1586 Jone daughter of .John Kache baptized 15 May. 

1591 Edward Pomerye baptized 4 March [1591/2]. 

1592 Edward Pomerye buried 19 July. 

1593 Henry Pomerye baptized 5 August. 

1617 " Eltwidus Pumerj- & .Johana Keech" married 4 May. 
1617 " Dinah tilia Eltwidi Pumery " baptized 6 August. 

1619 "Elizabetha filia Eltwidi Pomery " baptized 28 November. 

1620 "Johana vxor Eltwidi Pomery" buried 27 November. 

1621 " Elizabetha fQia Eltwidi Pomery " buried 13 July. 
1635 Henry Pomery buried 30 August. 

From the Parish Registers of Cre-wkerxe, co. Somerset 
1629 Eltweed Pomery of Bemister and Margery Rockett married 7 May.f 

From the Overseer's Book or Poor Book of Beaminster, 
CO. Dorset, for 1635 

May, Given unto Mary Pomery 4d. 

June, Given unto Widowe Pomery 8d. 

•These exist, with numerous gaps, for the period from 1585 to 163S. 

tin Kegister, vol. 59, p. 215, J. Gardner Bartlett, Esq., called attention to this 
marriage record, printed in Somerset Parish Registers, vol. 5, p. 26, which furnished 
the first evidence as to the English home of Eltweed Pomeroy of Dorchester, Mass. 

262 Genealogical Research in England 'July 

July, Henry Pomery q''teri<lge [quarteridge or quarterly allow- 
ance] ^ OS. 
August, Paid unto Henry Pomery oa. 
August, Widow Pomery and Widow Derby Is. 
August, Widow Pomery and ye Carryer's wife Is. 
SeptL-mber, Paid Widow Pomery and Widow Derby Is. 
October, Paid Widow Pomery 6d. 
November, Paid Widow Pomery 6d. 
December, Paid .John Hodder for Henry Pomeryes slirowde 23. lid. 

[Eltweed Pomeroy appears at Dorchester, Mass., and was freeman 4 
Mar. 1632/3. He was afterwards of Windsor, Conn., and of Northampton, 
Mass. It has been claimed by descendants that he was closely related to 
a famous armorial family of the name in Devon, but the fact that his 
mother (for there was but one family of the name in Beaminsterj and his 
brother Henry were both parish charges and that the latter was buried at 
the expense of the church seems to make this claim baseless. — E. F.] 

The Will of John Sea well of Halstead in the County of Essex, hus- 
bandman, 25 February 1589/90. To my wife Jone my tenement and 
lands called Halsted Crofts where I now dwell, a tenement and lands at 
Snowden fenne, and the lease of Hamster land during the term of six years, 
she bringing up my children in the fear of God as a natural mother ought 
to do ; and after six years the said .Tone to have for life the lands at Snow- 
den fenne, now in the occupation of Thomas Baker alias Decliuge, in full 
satisfaction of dower. Certain cattle to her for six years, then to be equally 
divided between her and my son Thomas. Certain household goods to my 
son Thomas and residue to wife. To my four daughters, Elizabeth, Mar- 
garet, Joane, and Alice, £4 each at the age of twenty-one years. The 
residue of my goods to my son Thomas, whom with John Morgan alias 
Carter I make executors. Supervisors : friends Robert Seawell of Pebm'she 
and William Rayner of Great Maplested, yeoman. Witnesses : Robert 
Seawell, William Rayner, John Buntinge, Thomas Lamberd, and Richard 
Baker. [Signed] John Seawell his marke. Proved 5 May 1590 by the 
executors. (Commissarv Court of London, Essex and Herts, 1590, original 

The Will of William Sewell of Halstead in the County of Essex, 
veoman, 1 December 1609. To mv wife Jane for life, in full satisfaction 
of dower, my messuage with lands where I now dwell known by the name 
of the White Harte, and my lands called Mones [sic] als. Ashlordes lying 
in Halstead, and my messuage and lands in Alphamstone, co. Essex, now 
in the occupation of Agnes Pollye, widow, she to bring up my grandchild 
William Sewell, son of my son Thomas Sewell late deceased, in good 
literature, if he shall be capable thereof, or otherwise in some honest trade 
or mystery for his better maintenance ; at the death of my said wife the 
lands to revert to William Sewell my grandchild and Iiis lawful issue, and for 
want of such to my son John Sewell and his heirs. If my wife die before 
William be twenty-one, my daughter Jane, wife of Thomas Bellfeild, shall 
receive the profits of the said messuage until he be of age, towards his 
education and bringing up. To my son John Sewell my messuage and 
lands where he now dwells and where George Foster lately dwelt, the 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 263 

messuage where my son Thomas deceased dwelt and wherein Edward 
Clibery now dwells, a messuage where one Alstone, brasier, now dwells, 
and the messuage wherein Robert Vickery, weaver, now dwells, all these 
being on the south side of the High Street in Halstead, and also a messuage 

in Chappell Street in the occupation of one Porter, widow, and my 

lands and tenements called Chappell Croft, g;illowe fcild, and little white- 
horse iield, containing ten acres, and all my other lands and tenements un- 
bequeathed, mcluding the copyhold messuage and two closes containing 
four acres in Walton in the Sowken, co. Essex. To xny son John the lands 
held on mortgage of £30 from John Tailer of Halstead, yeoman. To son 

John Sewell and daughter Jane, wife of Thomas Bellfeild, £ 

[amounts omitted]. All the residue of goods, chattels, household goods, 
plate, money, and debts to wife Jane and son .John, equally divided, and I 
make them executors. (Signed] Willm Sawell. Witnesses : Thomas Fel- 
ton and Edward Clibery. ^^o record of probate. John Seawell, executor, 
signed a receipt for the original will of his father. Witnesses : John Wat- 
son and John Turner. (Commissarv Court of London, Essex and Herts, 
1609, filed will.) 

The Will of George Seawell the elder of Haulsted in the County of 
Essex, yeoman, 25 April 1625. To the poor of Haulsted £5. To my 
wife Katherine my capital messuage and lands where I dwell called Farm- 
ingham in Haulsted and aU other my lands there for life in lieu of dower, 
with reversion at her death to Ursula Brettingham, daughter of Thomas 
Brettingham of Hamsteede, County Norfolk, kinswoman of my said wife, 
and also my messuage called Nether Priors in Haulsted and lands late the 
lands of Thomas French the elder Esq., late deceased, and now in the 
occupation of me and William Potter. To Elizabeth Bloome, daughter of 
Robert Bloome of Cawstone, County Norfolk, my wife's brother, after the 
decease of my wife, all my lands and tenements in Haulsted called Bushie 
Leighes, sometime the lands of William Baker and before of John Reeve* 
and now in the occupation of William Abbott. To wife Katharine lands 
and tenements in Great Maplesteede, now in the occupation of Robert 
Cheape. To the said Ursula Brettingham, after the decease of my wife, 
my two messuages in Haulsted in the occupation of Andrewe Hall and 
Edmund Bland, she paying to my cousin Richard Seawell, son of Thomas 
Seawell. £40. To Katharine Seawell, daughter of my kinsman John 
Seawell of Pedmashe, after the decease of my wife, my messuage in Haul- 
sted wherein John Harvye alias Habberley now dwells, which I lately 
purchased of Thomas Wingfeilde, deceased. To my kinsman John Seawell 
my tenements in Walton in the Soken, County Essex. Wife Katharine, 
executor. Supervisors : George Seawell and Nicholas Tharbie of Haulsted, 
and to each 20s. [Signed] George Sewell. Witnesses : Thomas Gotts, 
William Poter, John Cooper, and William Halls. Proved at Braintree 
3 December 1627 by the executrix named. (Commissary Court of Lon- 
don, Essex and Herts, Bundle for 1627-8, No. 112, original will.) 

The Will of John Sewall of Halstead in the County of Essex, gent., 
25 October 1 640. To the poor of Halstead 20s. To my daughter Katha- 
rine Sewall £50, a bed furnished, and a gold ring. To my daughter Alice 
Sewall £50, a bed furnished in the Wlaite Hart in Halstead, wliereon Ro- 
bert Everest the vintner lyeth, a gold ring, and the profits of my tenement 

•Reeve acquired tliem in 1590-1 from William Sewall, brother of the testator. 

264: Genealogical Research in England [y^y 

in Halstead wherein Humfrey Bannester dwelleth, until my son John 
Sewall accomplish the age of fourteen years. To my daughter Elizabeth 
Sewall a bed furnished, and £50 at the age of eighteen years or day of mar- 
riage, the interest of the said legacy and also the rents of my tenement in 
the occupation of "William Chapman in Halstead, until my son John accom- 
plish the age of 14 years, to be used toward her maintenance and bringing 
up until eighteen or marriage. To daughter Anne Steptoe a bedstead fur- 
nished. To son John Sewall a bed furnished, a silver tankard, and, when 
he reach man's estate, my corslett pike, best sword, silver belt, and my 
great gold ring with a ruby stone. To said John my inn called the White 
Hart in Halstead, my tenements in the occupation of "William Chpman 
[sic] and Humfrey Bannester, and the close of land called Chappell Crofte 
in Halstead, to him and his lawful issue, and for want of such issue then 
to my four daughters, Anne, Katherine, Alice, and Elizabeth, equally di- 
vided, my executors to take the proKts of said lands and tenements toward 
the maintenance of son John, and £12 a year thereof to be used toward 
his education in learning at the free school in Halstead or some other free 
school, until he be fit for the university or else be put forth as a clerk at 
the age of fourteen years, he to have the rents of my two messuages at 
fourteen. But if he shall not endeavor himself to be a scholar or a clerk, 
then my daughters Alice and Elizabeth to have the rents of my two tene- 
ments until John be twenty-one, when he shall have all the lands and ten- 
ements before mentioned. My executors shall pay the accrued profits of 
Chappell Croft and my inn to said John at twenty-one, if they shall not 
happen to place him as a clerk in some good office, either towards the 
Law, Civil or Common, or else purchase some advowson of some ecclesias- 
tical living for him, in case he prove a minister. My executors to take 
the profits of my lands and tenements in Kent, valued at £108, for the 
first year, and to pay £100 to Marie "Warren, daughter of Katherine Sew- 
ell my wife, deceased, at her age of eighteen years, whereof I stand bound 
in £200, and if she die before said age, the £100 to my surviving children, 
equally divided. The residue of my goods to my children, equally divided. 
Executors : my friend Patricke "Weemes, clerk, and Thomas Coppyn of 
Halstead Sen., a»d to each of them a horse. Supervisor : John Steptoe. 
[Signed] Jo. Sewall. "Witnesses : Edw. Ingram, Fran : Chapman, Robert 
Everest, John Surrey [X], and Ric : Douhtye, scr. Proved 10 February 
1640/1 by the executors named. (P. C. C, Evelyn, 10, 11.) 

The Will of Thomas Seawell of Halstead in the County of Essex, 
yeoman, 7 February 1640/1. To my now wife Alice my messuage where 
I now dwell with the lands and buildings thereto belonging, with reversion 
at her death to my son John, except one pightle or croft, being the lowest 
croft abutting on the land leading towards the parish church of Halstead 
eastward and on the land there called Amster land westward, containing 
one and one-half acres, which I give to my son Thomas. To son John my 
messuage with lands in Halstead now in his own occupation, he paying to 
my wife 30s. a year and to Margaret my daughter, wife of John Bray, £8 
in one year after the decease of my wife, or if my daughter be dead, to her 
children. To my daughter Amy £20, goods to that amount to be sold to 
pay her. The residue of my goods to my wife, whom, with my son John, 
I make executors. [Signed] The m'k of Thomas Seawell. [Seal] "Wit- 
ness : Thomas Mollenes. Proved 19 November 1645 by John Seawell. one 
of the executors, with power reserved for the other. (Commissary Court 
of London, Essex and Herts, Bundle for 1645-6, No. 18, original will.) 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 205 

The Will of George Sewell of South Halstead in the County or 
Essex, yeoman, 28 August 1643. To my wife Sarah my messuage where 
I now dwell with lands thereto belonging, and a messuage and lands called 
Russells which I bought of John Bonnett, for life, if she remain unmarried, 
she paying to my daughter Sarah £4 a year during her tenancy of the 
first-mentioned messuage. After the decease or remarriage of my wife 
the messuage and lands called Russels to John Sewell, my eldest son by 
my first wife, and to liis heirs forever, and the messuage and lands where 
I now dwell to John Sewell, my eldest son by my now wife, and to his 
lawful issue, and for want of such issue to Ambrosse and Nathan, my two 
youngest sons, and to cheir lawful issue, my daughter Sarah to have an 
annuity of £4 a year when said property be entered on by either John, 
Ambrose, or Nathan. To my sons Ambrose and Nathan and to their heirs 
my reversion or remainder, when it shall happen after the death of the 
late wife [_sic'\ of my brother Richard Sewell, of and in all such lands and 
tenements as were my said brothers, bequeathed to me in reversion after the 
death of his wife, to be equally devided between them. If either die before 
the age of twenty-four, without lawful issue, reversion to the survivor. To 
my six daughters by my now wife, Isabell, Rebecca, Fhilipp, 3Iary, Doro- 
thy, and Dorcas, all my lands and tenements in Twinstead in the County 
of Essex. My wife to have during her widowhood the profits of the lands 
and tenements bequeathed to my two younger sons and of the lands and 
tenements bequeathed to my daughters until they arrive at the age of 
twenty-four or be married. To every one of my said children 12d. each. 
The residue of all my goods and chattels unbequeathed to my wife Sarah, 
whom I make my sole executrix. [Signed] George Sewell. [Seal] 
Witnesses : Edward Covill, the mark of Ealse Hand, and Robert Bloome. 
Proved 30 May 1644 by the executrix named in the will. (Commissary 
Court of London, Essex and Herts, Bundle for 1643-4, No. 41, original 

Sewell Entries in the Parish Registers op Halstead, 
CO. Essex, 1564-1644 

Baptisms * 
1573 William son of WUliam Sewell 25 October. 
1575 Thomas son of John Sewell 12 February [1575/6]. 
1575 Anne daughter of William Sewell 21 February [1575/6]. 

1578 John son of John Sewell 28 December. 

1579 Mary and Elizabeth children of John Sewell 14 February [1579/80]. 

1580 Joane daughter of William Sewell 13 February [1580/1]. 
1582 Joane daughter of John Sewell 11 February [1582/3]. 
1595 Susan daughter of Segismond Sewell 7 December. 

1607 William son of Thomas Sewall 8 November. 

1609 Thomas son of Thomas Sewall the elder 18 June. 

1609 Eallyn daughter of Georg Seawyll 2 January [1609/10]. 

1611 Georg Sevvyll 22 October. 

1612 Mathew son of Mathew Seawell 20 June. 
1614 Edward son of Thomas Seawyll 21 August. 

1614 Mary Sewell 24 January [1614/15]. 

1615 Jane daughter of John Sewell 17 July. 

•There are no entries for the year 1589, and the baptisms for the years 1633-1639, 
inclusive, are missing. 

266 Genealogical Research in England [July 

1619 John son of George Soowell of patteriges ami Sarah his wife 16 April. 

1621 Alice daughter of John.Seavvell and Anne his wife 6 August. 

1623 Steven son of George Sewall and Sai-ah his wife 6 February [1623/4]. 

[Note in margin : " pattrigge farm "'] 
1625 Marie daughter of Thomas Sewall and Bridget his wife 29 July. 

[Note in margin : " from the Leett "] 
1625 Isbell daughter of George Seawell and Sarah his wife 2i November. 

[Note in margin : " Patteridge "J 
1627 Rebecka daughter of George Sewell and Sarah his wife 26 July. 

[Note in margin : " Puttrichs farm "] 

1627 Thomas son of Thomas Sewell and Bridget his wife 27 .January 


1628 " Phillip Seawell the daughtr of George Sewell and of Sarah his 

wife was baptized the same day" [the viij"' of march] [1628/9]. 
1630 Ambrose son of George Sewall and Sarah his mife 4 July. 
1640 Dorcas daughter of George Sewall and Sarah his wife 6 June. 

[Note in margin : " Pateridges "] 
1640 Thomas son of John Sewall and Marrian his wife 25 July. 

Marriage * 
1572 William Sewell and Jane Boyce 15 January [1572/3]. 

1578 John Sewell 16 .January [1578/9]. 

1581 Joane daughter of William Sewell 25 .June. 

1582 Anne daughter of William Sewell 4 March [1532/3]. 
1609 Thomas Seewjil 21 September. 

1627 George Sewall seiner 20 November. 

1627 Edward son of Thomas Sewell and Alice his wife 25. January [1627/8]. 
1638 Ezekill son of George Sewell and Sarah his wife 18 March [1638/9]. 
1640 Jane daughter of John Sewall gent. 22 June. 

Court Rolls, Honour of Clare 
[The following are entries for Halstead, co. Essex, in a book of reliefs 
and tines for alienation paid into the Honour of Clare within the Duchy of 
Lancaster, Edward II to Elizabeth inclusive. (Duchy of Lancaster Court 
Rolls, Bundle 123, No. 1859.)] 

19 and 20 Richard II [1395-7] Henry Sewall paid a fine for one messuage 

and land pertaining thereto. 
13 Henry IV [1411-12] John Sewall paid a fine for one messuage and 

land thereto pertaining acquired from Herewarde. 
19 Elizabeth [1576-7] William Sewall paid a fine of 12d. for a tenement 

called Le white harte and another, late his father's in Halstead, held of 

[the Manor of] Abells. 
19 Elizabeth [1576-7] John Sewell paid a fine for a tenement called Roke- 

hamstall. late Richard Smythe's. 
19 Elizabeth [1576-7] John Sewell Jun. and James Richardson, firmar, 

paid a tine of 21s. for entrance into a messuage and forty acres of land 

called le Cangle in Halstead. 

* Tlie marriages for the years 1585-1589, inclusive, and 1592-1596, inclusive, are miss- 

t There are no entries of burials for the years 1587 and 1588, only one such entry for 
1589, the burials for the years 1592-1595 are missing, and for several years after 16-tO 
very few burials are recorded. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 2G7 

19 Elizabeth [1576-7] George Nicolson paiiT a fiae for four acres of land 

in Halstead late acquired fi;om Thomas Sewall. 
22 Elizabeth [1579-80] John Sewall paid a fine of 18d. for one croft of 

land called Halstead Crofte, late parcel of the Manor of Stanley Hall, 

acquired from Edmund Church gent. 
22 Elizabeth [1570-80] John Sewall paid a fine of 18J. for a cottage and 

one acre of land acquired from William Hunwick. 

24 Elizabeth [1581-2] John Nevell paid a fine of 3s. 6d. for entrance into 
five acres of land and one acre of pasture, parcel of the messuage and 
lands called Le Cangle, of fief of the Honour of Clare in Halstead, late 
acquired of John Sewall, son of Thomas Sewall. 

25 Elizabeth [1582-3] William Head gent, paid a fine of 17s. 6d. for a 
messuage and thirty-three acres of land called Cangle, of fief of the 
Honour of Clare, late acquired of John Sewall. 

27 Elizabeth [1584-5] .John Sewall paid a fine of 12s. for his entrance into 
one messuage and about twenty-two acres of land called Partrige, of fief 
of the Honour of Clare in Halstead and Gossfield, late acquired from 
Nicholas Starlinge. 

30 Elizabeth [1587-8] William Sewall paid a fine for his entrance into 
twenty acres of land called Bownes als Asshefords, parcel of land of the 
Manor of Abells, late acquired from Robert Swallock. 

30 Elizabeth [1587-8] Simon Harvie paid a fine of 12d. for his entrance 
into a tenement with appurtenances in Halstead held of the Manor of 
Abells, acquired from John Sewall. 

31 Elizabeth [1588-9] George Sewall, son of John Sewall, paid 12d. for 
his entrance into one messuage and twenty-two acres of land and pasture 
called Partriches in Halsted and Gosfelde, late of the abovesaid John 
Sewall, his father. 

32 Elizabeth [1589-90] Thomas Sewall paid a fine of 2s. 6d. for a croft 
called Halsted croft, late parcel of Stanley Hall, on which croft a house 
is built, acquired by the gift of his father .John Sewall, and the said 
Thomas paid a fine of 18d. for one other tenement and ten acres of land, 
late the gift of his father, and before that Hun wick's. Also 12d. for 
one other tenement, late John Grey's. 

33 Elizabeth [1590-11 .John Reve paid a fine of 10s. for entrance into 20 
acres of land in Halstead called Busshey Lees, late acquired from Wil- 
liam Sewall, and before that of John Wanjforde. 

Visitations of Essex 
According to a Swallow pedigree in the Visitations of Essex in 1552 
and 1558 a William Sewall of Halstead married Jane Swallow, daughter 
of John and Margaret (Grey) Swallow, granddaughter of John and Julian 
(Turner) Swallow, and great-granddaughter of Ralph (or John) and Johan 
(May) Swallow of Booking. This Swallow family bore for arms the follow- 
ing : Or, on a fess between three swallows volant sable a crescent of the first. 
Crest, a hind's head erased proper, collared countercompouy argent and 
azure.* " .Johnes Swallowe generosus " was buried at Booking, co. Essex, 
11 May 1562.t 

[Members of the Sewell family of northern Essex were extensive land- 
holders from the time of Edward I ; but prolonged research would be re- 

*Harleian Society's Publications, vol. 13, pp. 14, 106. 

t Register of Saint Mary's Church, Booking, privately printed by James Junius 
Goodwin, p. 60. 

2G8 Genealogical Research in Enr/land ^July 

quired to trace back direct lines before the time of Henry VIII. From 
the foregoing data the two following groups of Sewells of Halstead have 
been arranged : 

First Group 
1. John Seavell of Halstead, co. Essex, horn about 1525 and possi- 
bly son of William and Jane (Swallow) Sewall, held estates at HaLtead, 
including the White Hart Inn, which in 1576-7 he conveyed to his son 
William, and which still continues as an inn. In 1584-5 he acquired of 
Nicholas Starlinge a farmhouse called Partriches, which still remains on 
the road to Gosfield. In 1587-8 he conveyed a tenement to .Simon Harvie. 
He died probably about 1589. No will or administration on his estate 
haa been found, and the name of his wife has not been learned. 
Children : 

2. i. WiLLLUi, b. abt. 1550. 

11. George, b. abt. 1555; d. s. p. 17 Nov. 3 Charles I [1C27], leaving 
John, son of his brother William, his nephew and nest heir, aged 
abt. 30 years* (Inq. post Mortem) ; bur. 20 Nov. 1(J27; m. Kath- 

ERiNE . In 1588-9 he succeeded to his father's farm called 

Partriches, which apparently he conveyed later to his nephew 
George Sewell, who resided there, according to the Halstead 
retfisters. His will was dated 25 Apr. 1625. and was proved 
3 Dec. 1627. 

3. iii. Thomas, b. abt. 1560. 

2. William Sewell {John) of Halstead, born about 1550, received by 

deed from his father the White Hart Inn in 1576-7, in 1587-8 
bought land called Ashfords of Robert Swallock, in 1590-1 sold 
land called Busshey Lees to John Reeve, and died soon after 
making his will, 1 Dec. 1609, He married, 15 Jan. 1572/3, Jake 
BoTCE, who survived him. 
Children : 

i. William, bapt. 25 Oct. 1573; d. young. 

ii. AiCNE, bapt. 21 Feb. 1575/6; bur."4 Mar. 1582/3. 

iii. JoANE, bapt. 13 Feb. 1580/1; bur. 25 June 1581. 

iv. Thomas, b. abt. 1583 ; bur. 21 Sept. 1609. ChUd: I. William, h&^t. 
8 Nov. 1607; chief legatee of his grandfather's wUl in 1609; 
d. young. 

V. Jaxe, b. abt. 1586 ; m. Thojias Bellfield. 

vi. John, b. probably abt. 1590; m. (1) Anne : m. (2) Kath- 

erine Warren, widow. He was heir-at-law of his uncle George 
Sewell in 1627, and was of Pebmarsh and Halstead. where he suc- 
ceeded to the "White Hart Inn, which he left to his son John by 
will dated 25 Oct. 1640, and proved 10 Feb. followina:. Children 
by first wife: 1. Jane, bapt. 17 July 1615; bur. 22' June 1640. 

2. Anne, m. Steptoe. 3. Katherine, named in the will of 

her great-uncle George Sewell in 1625. 4. Alice, bapt. 6 Aug. 
1621. He also had Elizabeth and John, perhaps by his second 

3. Thomas Sewell {John) was bom about 1560, but nothing more 

has been learned about him except that he left two children : 

4. i. George, b. abt. 1585. 

ii. Eichard, mentioned in the wills of his vmcle George in 1625 and of 
his brother George in 1643. He married, but probably left no 

4. George Sewell {Thomas, John) of Halstead, born about 1585, re- 

sided many years at Partriches, a farm which was probably con- 

* He was probably nearly ten years older. 

1913] Genealogical Research in England 2G9 

veyed to him by his uncle George Sewell, of whose will in 1625 he 
was supervisor. His own will, dated 28 Aug. 1643, was proved 
30 May 1G44. The name of his first wife, whom he married about 
1608, has not been learned. He married secondly, about 1618, 

Sauah , who survived him. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Ellen,* bapt. 2 Jan. 1609/10; d. young, 

ii. George,* bapt. 22 Oct. 1611 ; d. youug. 

ill. JoH.N', living in 1643. 

iv. Sau-OI, living in 1643. 

Children by second wife : 

v. John, bapt. 16 Apr. 1619 ; living La 1643. 

vi. Steven, bapt. 6 Feb. 1623/4; d. young. 

vii. Isabel, bapt. 24 Nov. 1625 ; living in 1643. 

viii. Rebecca, bapt. 26 July 1627 ; living in 1643. 

is. PuiLTPPA, bapt. 8 Mar. 1628/9 ; d. 6 Oct. 1669 ; emigrated to New 
England; m. abt. 1647t Ekancis "Wainwright of Ipswich. Mass., 
b. in England abt. 1620, d. at Salem 19 May 1692, who m. (2) Han- 
nah . He appears in New England in 1637 as a soldier in 

the Pequot War, receiving a grant of land for this service; later 
he became a successful merchant. His descendants for several 
generations were of great wealth, prominence, and high social 
po.sition, and intermarried Avith the Saltonstall, Norton. Dudley, 
Davenport, Wintlirop, and other leading families of New England. 
Children :t 1. Jb/i;i, b. abt. 1648. 2. Sarah. 3. Jacob. § i.JIary. 
5. Martha, b. 24 Jan. 16.58/9. 6. Simon, b. 20 Nov. 1660. 7. Mehi- 
table, b. 4 Dec. 1662. 8. Francis, b. 25 Aug. 1664. 9. Benjamin, 
b. 16 Sept. 1666. lO. Elizabeth, b. 19 July 1668. 

X. Ambrose, bapt. 4 July 1630 ; living in 1643. 

xi. Mary, living in 1643. 

xli. Nathan, living in 1643. 

xiii. DouoTHY, living in 1643. 

xiv. EzEKiEL, bur. 18 Mar. 1638/9. 

XV. Dorcas, bapt. 6 June 1640 ; living in 1643. 

Second Group 
1. Thomas Sewall of Halstead, co. Essex, bom about 1525, held 
lands in Halstead, four acres of which he conveyed in 1576-7 to George 
2. i. JoKN, b. abt. 1550. 

2. John Sewell (TTiomas) of Halstead, born about 1550, bought in 
1576-7 Rokehamstall and the Cangle, and in 1579-80 Halstead 
Croft and a cottage formerly of William Hunwick. In 1531-2 and 
1582-3 he conveyed the Cangle to John Nevell and William Head. 
He died in 1590, his will of 25 Feb. 1589/90 being proved 5 May 

following. He married, about 1574, Joane , who survived 


Children : 

i. Thomas, bapt. 12 Eeb. 1575/6 ; succeeded to lands in Halstead called 
Hampster (or Ampster), referred to in the will of his father and 

• Ellen and George are presumably children of George Sewell of Partriches, al- 
though the evidence is not conclusive. 

t On 23 Nov. 1647 " ffrancis Wainewright & Phillip his wife of Ipswich in N : Eng- 
land " made William Norton their attorney to receive a legacy left to her by her father 
Georg Sewell of Hasted, co. Essex, England (Aspinwall Notarial Records, p. 112). 

1 Ipswich Vital Records; Savage, Gen. Diet., vol. 4, p. 382. 

} Perhaps son of Francis and Philippa. 

270 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Julv 

in his own will, dated 7 Feb. lWO/1 and proved la Xov. 1645 ; 

m. Alice — , who survived liim. Children: 1. Ji,hu. h. 

1607. 2. Thomas, bapt. 18 June 1G09. .3. Jlar'jr/.ret. m. John 

Bray. 4. Edward, bapt. 21 Aug. 1614 ; bur. 2.5 Jan. 1G27/8. 5. 

ii. JoHX, bapt. 28 Dec. 1.578; bur. 16 Jan. 1578/0. 
iii. jNIauy (twin), bapt. 14 Feb. 1.57'J/SO; d. vomii?. 
iv. Elizabetu (twin), bapt. 14 Feb. 1579/80"; living in 1590. 
V. Margaret, b. abt. 1581; livin<? in 1590. 
vi. JoANE, bapt. 11 Feb. 1582/3; livmg in 1590. 
vii. Alice, living in 1590. 

— E. F.] 
[To be continued] 


By Henkt Wujthrop HAKDoy, A.SI., LL.B., of Xew York City 
[Continued from page 183] 

9. Dea. James' Huckins {James,* Robert.^ James,^ Robert^), cordwainer, 
born in Madbury District 14 Oct. 17-46, married first, about 1774, 
Dorcas Bickford, daughter of John, who was born at Newinffton 
2'J Oct. 175.5 and died 24''Oct. 1810 (family Bible) ; secondly Ruth 

, who was born in 1760 and died 30 Dec. 1820 (tombstone) ; 

and tliirdly, 28 Nov. 1821 (town records), Huldah (Batchelder) 
Garland, who was born at New Hampton 10 May 1757, probably 
daughter of Carter^ and Huldah (Moulton) and widow of Jonathan 
(Batchelder Genealogy, p. 137 ; Garland Family, p. 43). He died 
2 Mar. 1837 (tombstone). 

He was of Barrington and Barnstead, 1773, of Gilmanton, 1776, 
and of New Hampton, 1783. In 1773, while living at Barrington, 
he bought 50 acres at Gilmanton, parts of lots 5 and 6 in the Upper 
Gore, where he settled as early as 1776 (Lancaster's Gilmanton, pp. 
93, 98). In 1783 he sold the 50 acres there and bought 80 acres 
at New Hampton. He subsequently bought 244 acres and settled 
on the north side of Cooley Hill, at the head of Ames's Brook in 
New Hampton, on a farm afterwards owned by his son Robert, his 
grandson Stephen P., and (1910) by his great-grandson Stephen 
Almon Huckins. (Strafford Deeds, vol. 6, pp. 360, 414, vol. 7, p. 
100, vol. 18, pp. 185, 187, vol. 40, p. 76.) 

In 1782 he enlisted for three years' service in the Revolution 
(N. H. State Papers, vol. 16, p. 287). 

Children by first wife, the first five born at Gilmanton. the others 
at New Hampton (family record in possession, 1910, of Edwin M.' 
Huckins of New Hampton) : 

15. i. Egbert,^ b. 25 May 1775. 

ii. Lydia, b. 28 Nov. 1776; d. 3 Nov. 1865; m. 1705 Benjajiik 
MuDGETT, s. of Benjamin, of New Hampton, farmer, b. at 
Brentwood 13 Nov. 1763 (town records), d. 14 Jan. 1847. Chil- 
dren, b. at New Hampton (family record in possession, 1910, 
of Nancy S. (Mudgett) Davis of Meredith, dau. of Benjamin^ 
Mudgett) ; 1. Susan,'' b. 4 Dec. 1795 ; d. unm. 22 Dec. 1864. 2. 
Mary, b. 16 Jan. 1797; d. at Meredith 30 June 1869; m. 25 Dec. 

1913] De>>cendants of Itohert Ilachins 271 

1817 (town records) Johu^ Smith, s. of Jolin« and Martha-' (Drake) , 
of New Hampton and Centre Harbor, farmer, b. at New Hampton 
31 Dec 1792, d. at Meredith 15 Sept. 1866. (Dow's Hampton, 
p. 981; Runnells's Sanbornton, p. 739.) 3. Haiuiali, b. 27 Sept. 
1799; d. 26 Feb. 1835; m. 15 Peb. 1821 (town records) Benjamin 
Smith, s. of Paul and Susanna, of New Hampton, farmer, d. Aug. 
1847. i. Joseph, of Holderness, farmer, b. 4 Auir. 1800; d. 
9 Jan. 1880; m. 13 Feb. 1827 {ib.) Nancy Stevens, dan. of 
David and Sarah (Webber), b. at Sprinj^aeid 5 Apr. 1803, d. 3 
Nov. 1880. 5. Z2/dja, b. 27 Aug. 18U2 ; d. 27 Jan. 1803. 6. Abigail, 
b. 27 Oct. 1803; d. s. p. at Meredith 17 Feb. 1871; m. 25 May 

1834 (ib.) John C. Mudgett, s. of John and (Sleeper), 

of Poplin and Mereditli, farmer, b. at Poplin (Fremont; 1800, d. 

23 July 1882. 7. Benjamin, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 31 Oct. 

1805 ((■&.); d. 6 July 1847; m. 22 Aug. 1835 {ib.) Mary Ann 

Whitcher, dau. of Batchelder and Nancy (Smith), b. at Warren 22 

Oct. 1810, d. at Centre Harbor 28 Aug. 1886. 8. James H., of 

New Hampton and Meredith, fanner, b. 11 Aug. 1808; d. s.p. at 

Meredith 18 Dec. 1895 (i6.) ; m. Mar. 1851 {ib.) Nancy B. Smith, 

dau. of Daniel and Mary, b. at Meredith 6 Aug. 1809, d. at New 

Hampton 8 Feb. 1885. 9. Lydia, b. 18 Nov. 1810; d. s.p. G Dec. 

1881 ; m. (1) Benjamin Smith, s. of Paul and Susanna, of New 

* Hampton, farmer, d. Aug. 1847 ; m. (2) Daniel Davis, s. of Nathaa 

{ and Lois (Brown), of Nottingham and Centre Harbor, farmer, b. at 

( Nottingham 28 Feb. 1811, d. at Centre Harbor 14 July i«91. 10. 

i Julin Iluckins, of Holderness, farmer, b. 23 Nov. 1812 {ib.) ; d. 19 

Apr. 1857 (tombstone) ; m. Eleanor S. Innes, dau. of Archelaus and 

Elizabeth" (Cotton) (Register, vol. 59, p. 35), b. at Holderness 

? * Apr. 1817, d. 14 May 1883. 11. Xaiiaj H., b. 17 May 1815; d. at 

■' South Bytleld, Mass., 28 Oct. 1909; m. 6 Jan. 1838 Capt. Jonathan 

■ H. Johnson, s. of Moses and Hannah ( Huntington j, of Meredith 

and South Deerlield, 1843, shoemaker, officer in the Civil War, b. 
at Bristol 1 Aug. 1816, d. at South Deerfleld 13 Oct. 1863. 12. 
Sarah, b. 2 Apr. 1817; d. unm. 20 Dec. 1850. 
I ill. Abigail, b. 29 Nov. 1778; d. unm. 23 Oct. 1816. 

■ iv. Lois, b. 11 Dec. 1780; d. 25 Jan. 1864; m. at Moultonborou sh', 2(5 

July 1799 (town records), Samuel W^ixlace, s. of Nathaniel, of 
J Moultonborough and Holderness, N. H., and of Wheelock. Vt., 

f 1823, farmer, b. 1 Oct. 1772. d. 27 Apr. 1823. Children, b. 

at Holderness (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Louisa E. 
(.i.rliu) English, of Lake Mills, Wis., dau. of AbiuaiT (, Wal- 
lace) Arlinj : 1. Levi,' of Wheelock, Vt., L523, and of Lake Mills, 
Wis., 1856. farmer, b. 2 Dec. 1799; d. at ]v[inuesota Lake. .Minn., 
1880; m. 1823 Susan R. Hubbard, dau. of Closes and Judith (Ma- 
goon ),b. at Shapleigh, Me., 2 Aug. 1805, d. 2 June 1848. 2. S'tmnel, 
of Wheelock, Vt., Iy23, and of Lake Mills, Wis., 1854. and Waterloo, 
Wis., 1857. shoemaker, farmer, b. 13Feb. I8ul ; Portland, Wis., 
i 1891 ; m. at Wheelock, Vt., 1834, Martha Woodman, dan. of John, 

I d. at Oakesdale, Wash., July 1891. 3. Lydia, b. 2 Aug. 1803 ; d. 18 

1 Jan. 1874 ; m. 1839 Aaron Martin, s. of Aaron and Dinah ( Aldrich), 

of Wheelock, Vt., and Jefferson, Wis., ls44, farmer, 1). 1812, d. 12 

June 1861. 4. Bobert, of Wheelock, Vt.. and of Jefferson, Wis., 

1844, and Lake Mills, Wis., 1845, shoemaker, farmer, b. 26 Julv 1805 ; 

; d. 22 Oct. 1876 ; m. (1) Elizabeth Sleeper, d. s.p. 23 July 1853 ;" m. (2) 

at Hill Corners, 1854, Sarah Ames (Morrill) Bennett, dan. of Samuel 
and Mary (Chase) (Samuel Ames Family, p. 16) and widow of 
James H., b. at Canterbury 12 Oct. 1812 (town records), d. at 
Hebron, Nebr., 16 Aug. 1888. 5. Enoch, b. 13 July 1807; d. unm. 
at Lowell, Mass., or Dover, 4 July 1834. 6. CardrU'c. b. 24 Feb. 
') 1809 ; d. 27 Feb. 1887 ; ra. 4 July ls34 Josiah Drew, s. of .Joseph and 

I Elizabeth (Wallace), of Wheelock, Vt.. Jefferson. Wis.. 1843, 

Waterloo, Wis., 1847, Oshkosh, Wis., 1860, Spring Valley, Minn., 
lSG(i. and Jasper, Minn., 1878, farmer, carpenter, justice (ji tliepeace, 
b. at Holderness 10 July 1810, d. at Jasper, .Minn., 27 Fel). 1901. 

272 Descendants of Rohert Huckins ['^"b' 

7. Calvin, of Lake Mills, Wis., 1846. shoemaker, farmer, b. 6 Mar. 
1811 ; d. s.p. 25 Sept. 1886 ; m. 18.58 Eliza J. Martin, dau. of Aaron 
and Dinali (Aldricti), d. 8 Feb. 1001. 8. Lois, b. 21 June 18ia ; d. at 
Wheelock, Vt., 30 June 1841 ; m. 24 Mar. 1836 .Joseph Darling, s. 
of Moses and Judith (French), of Wheelock, Vt., fanner, b. at 
"VVheelock, Vt., 22 Oct. 1804, Clav Centre. Nebr., 22 May 1800. 
9. Johu. of Waterloo, Wis.. 1840, and of Madison. Wis., 1864, 
shoemaker, farmer, b. 27 Apr. 1815; d. at Chicago. 111., 10 Mar. 
l'J03 ; m. at Waterloo, Wis., 10 Nov. 1847, Martha'Burdick, dau. of 
Peleij and Kuth (Reynolds), b. at Grauby, N. Y., 2'J Mar. 1832. d. 
10 Oct. 1892. 10. Abigail, b. 11 Sept. I8'l7; d.3 Jan. 1908; m. (1) 
1839 Madison Arlin. s. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Blauchard), of 
Canterbury, N. H.. Wheelock, Vt., Kockston. P. Q., 1842. and Lake 
Mills, Wis., 1845, farmer, b. at Canterbury 12 Sept. 1815, d. 12 Feb. 
1884; m. (2) 7 May 1887 Benjamin Odiorne, s. of Jolm and Lydia 
(Wentworth), of Lake Mills, Wis., farmer, b. at Alton. N.H., 
17 Nov. 1817, d. 16 Mar. 1896. 11. Deborah, b. 29 Dec. 1819; d. 
s.p. 1854; m. 1840 Lewis Chase of AVheelock, Vt., farmer. 12. 
James, of Lake Mills, Wis., fanner, b. 11 Feb. 1S22 ; d. 1 Apr. 
1909; m. (1) at Lake Mills, Wis., 4 Jan. 1848, Sophronia Thayer, 
dau. of Manley andOrissa (Thayer), b. at Levden. Co.. N. Y., 
12 June 1829, d. 16 Feb. 1900; m. (2) 15 Sept. 1904 Eliza K. 
(Keyesj Joslin, dau. of Simon and Marcia (Kovs) and widow 
of Leonard H., b. at Northfleld, Vt., 30 Nov. 1841, living (1910) 
at Lake Mills, Wis. 

16. V. John, b. 17 Dec. 1782. 

vi. ESTHKR, b. 20 Mar. 1785; d. 8 Aug. 1874; m. at New Hampton. 23 
Jan. 1804 (town records), John Smith, s. of John, of New Hamp- 
ton, farmer, b. at New Hampton. Children, b. at New Hampton: 
1. yancy,^ b. Feb. 1807 ; d. 7 Sept. 1881 ; m. 19 Dec. 1^25 Peter 
Hanaford, s. of Benjamin and Mary (Wait), of New Hampton, 
farmer, b. at New Hampton 6 May 1803, d. 3 Mav 1882. 2. Mary, 
b. 5 Nov. 1808; d. 1 Apr. 1871; m. 28 Mar. 1837 William Chase* 
Sanborn, s. of Walter* and Jane (Chase) (Sanborn FamUy, p. 
208), of New Hampton and Laconia. carpenter, b. at New Hamp- 
ton 10 Nov. 1807, d. 1 Apr. 1871. 3. Dorcas H., b. 25 July 1810; 
d. 4 Aug. 1844: m. 6 June 1836 John Buzzell' Huckins (42), s. 
of John-^ and Judith (Perkins). 4. Abigail, b. 1812: d. 16 July 
1851 (town records) ; m. (1) 15 Nov. 1S31 (i&.) Stephen Dolloffof 
Meredith; m. (2) 1841 Jonathan Dolloff^ Huckins (49). s. of 
Daniel'* and Abigail (Dow). 5. John Mooney, of New Hampton, 
farmer, b. 1 Janri814; d. 1 Mar. 1876; m. 1840 (int. rec. 28 May 
1840) Rachel J.' Huckins, dau. of John" (16) and Judith (Perkins). 
6. Judith, m. James Horn of New Hampton, farmer. 7. Daniel T., 
of New Hampton, farmer, b. 18 July 1819: d. 29 Apr. 1?92; m. 15 
Mar. 1847 Sarah Elizabeth Drake, dau. of John and Abigail 
(Hanaford), b. at New Hampton 19 Mar. 1826, d. at Bristol 1 Apr. 
1905. 8. Phebe T., m. 28 Nov. 1840 (town records) William P. 
Dollott", s. of William and Mary (Emmons), of New Hampton, car- 
penter, farmer, b. at Bristol 21 May 1816, d. at New Hampton 2 
Mar. 1894. 9. Esther, b. 1825; d. 27 June 1854 (tombstone) ; m. 
7 Mar. 1842 (town records), as his second wife, John Sherbnrn 
Corliss, s. of Reuben and Mary (Bamford) (Corliss Family, p, 
101), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at Alexandria 12 Oct. 1812, d. 
3 Sept. 1870. 10. Thomas P.. of Xew Hampton, farmer, m. 15 
June 1853 (town records) Harriett L. George, adopted dau. of 
Stephen Magoon. 11. Clarissa A'., b. 7 Apr. 1830 ; d. 1 July 1903 ; 
m. George* Huckins, s. of Eliphalet' (34) and Fanny (Hanaford). 
12. Joseph, of Brockton, Mass., shoe-worker, b. 30 Nov. 1833; 
d. s.p. 23 Nov. 1890; m. 10 Nov. 1853 Joanna Drake, dau. of John 
and Abigail (Hanaford), b. at New Hampton 27 Apr. 1829, living 
(1910) at Brockton, Mass. 

17. vii. D.4.NIEL. b. 11 Jan. 1787. 

18. vLii. J.v.MEs, b. 7 Jan. 1789. 

1913] Descendants of Robert Hxiclcins 


ix. Mary (Polly), b. 21 Feb. 1791 (town records) ; d. 25 Apr. 1852; 
m. at New Hampton, 24 May 1811 (i6.), Stephex Smith, s. of 
Stephen and Mary, of New Hampton and Meredith Centre, 1841, 
farmer, b. at New Hampton 28 Jan. 1790 {ib.), d. at New Hampton 
Dec. 18G3 (i6.). Children, b. at New Hampton: 1. Sarah,'' b. 
29 Mar. 1812 {ib.). 2. Ranmth Huckim, b. 11 Nov. 1813 (t6.) ; d. 
31 Jan. 1842 (tombstone) ; m. 11 June 1830 John Sherburn Corliss, 
s. of Reuben and !Mary (Bamford), of New Hampton, farmer, b. 
at Alexandria 12 Oct. 1812, d. 3 Sept. 1870. 3. Uaiud T., b. 15 
Apr. 1816 ; d. 1 July 181G (tombstone). 4. Dow, of Quincy, Mass., 
quarryman. 5. Stephen Thurston, of New Hampton. 6. George 
Sullivan, of Wisconsin. 7. Benjamin. 8. Elizabeth. 9. John Y., 
b. 1835; d. 19 Mar. 1841 (tombstone). 
19. X. Chakles, b. 11 Jan. 1793. 

xi. Haxnah, b. 22 Jan. 1796 ; d. at Plymouth 17 Feb. 1882 ; m. 23 Jan. 
1820 Bkadbury Wilkinson, s. of Benning (who was a soldier 
from Salisbury, Mass., in the Revolution) and Deborah (Langley), 
of Gilford, 1820, and of Campton, 1828, farmer, soldier in the 
War of 1812, pensioner, b. at Allenstown 19 Apr. 1793, d. at 
Campton 22 Nov. 1851. Children, the lirst tliree born at Gilford, 
the others at Campton (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Brad- 
bury J.' Wilkinson, s. of Charles H.^ of Antrim) : 1. Mary P.,^ 
b. 20 Nov. 1820 ; d. July 1878 ; m. in Boston, 28 Nov. 1848, Ephraim 
Albert' Chandler, s. of Jolm^ and Marian F. (Darling) (Chandler 
Genealogy, p. 1084), of Wheelock, Vt., farmer, b. at Wheelock, Vt., 
18 Dec. 1818, d. 6 Feb. 1892. 2. Warren W., of Plymouth, farmer, 
real-estate dealer, town officer, b. 1 Jan. 1823; living (1910) ; m. 
8 Apr. 1847 Mary M. Moses, dau. of John and Nancy (Adams), 
b. at Campton 22 Aug. 1826, d. at Plymouth 31 Oct. 1904. 3. 
John H., of Plymouth, railroad employee, b. 18 Dec. 1824; d. 31 
Dec. 1870; m. (,1) 27 Oct. 1852 Nancy Robie, dau. of Samuel and 
Eunice (Roberts), b. at New Hampton 20 Dec. 1826, d. 13 July 
1862 ; m. (2) 15 Apr. 1863 Mary Charlotte Smith, dau. of Daniel M. 
and Hannah (Abbott), b. at Holderness 14 May 1834, d. at Laconia 
4. Apr. 1913. 4. Loviua, b. 6 Feb. 1828; d. s.p. at Campton 1849; 
m. at Merrimack, 6 Feb. 1849, Alfred Page, s. of Samuel and 
"Vasliti (Dustin), of Campton, tinsmith, b. at Campton 13 Aug. 
1823, d. at Wentworth 2 May 1893. 5. Charles H., of Plymouth, 
1857, dairy farmer, b. 5 Apr. 1830 ; d. 6 May 1897 (town records) ; 
m. (1) Sept. 1864 Horteuse Brown, dau. of Benjamin and Mary 
(Colby), b. at Rumuey 1 July 1833, d. 31 July 1865 ; m. (2) 2 Sept. 
1867 Martha E. L. Colby, dau. of Anthony and Esther (Smith), b. 
at Franklin 24 June 1841, d. 18 June 1872; m. (3) 24 Jan. 1876 
Hannah Powers, dau. of Gideon and Hannah (Crosby) , b. at Hebron 
3 May 1831, d. at Rumney 13 Aug. 1897. 6. George //., of Laconia, 
tinsmith, b. 26 :May l.s37; d. 3 May 1899 {ib.) ; m. (1) 29 Nov. 
1862 Mary D. Wilkinson, dau. of Jacob and Leah (Randlett), b. at 
Gilford 1838, d. May 1874; m. (2) 28 Oct. 1878 Elizabeth A. Tyler, 
dau. of James and Clara (Damon), b. at Canaan 23 Apr. 1846, d. 
at Laconia 14 Oct. 1912. 
xii. Nan'CY, b. 14 Mar. 1799; d. 5 Dec. 1871 (tombstone); m. 22 Jan. 
1818 (town records) Sajiuel Plaisted, s. of Samuel and Margery^ 
(Huckins) (14, i). Children, b. at New Hampton (family Bible 
in possession, 1910, of Edward M.' Huckins of New Hampton) : 
1. Oren C.,' of New Hampton, farmer, b. 19 Nov. 1818; d. 18 
Nov. 1885 (town records) ; m. (1) 8 Oct. 1844 his cousin, Judith 
P.' Huckins (16, ix), dau. of Jolm^ and Mary (Burnham) ; m. (2) 
20 June 1868 {ib.) Nancy (Rowe), dau. of John and Mary (Scrib- 
ner) and former wife of Alexander Frost, b. at Hill, d. 2 May 
1908. 2. Benaiah D., of Meredith, merchant, b. 25 Oct. 1820; d. 
8 Dec. 1902; m. (1) Amanda Carr, dau. of David, b. at Holder- 
ness. d. s.p. 27 Feb. 1861 {ib.); m. (2) Laura Bemis, dau. of 
Isaac and Laura (Hadley), b. at Bethlehem 3 June 1840, d. 27 Sept. 
1878 {ib.); m. (3) 20 Nov. 1881 Lovilla E. (Woodman) John- 

274 Descendant^ of liohert Huclcins ["^^y 

son, dau. of Andrew and Hannah (Bacon) and widow of .losepliG., 
b. at Boscawen 22 July 1820. d. 6 Jan. 190-1. 3. Mnni Ana, b. 
5 Jan. 1823: a. 28 July 1894; m. 26 Apr. 1842 her cousin, Calvin 
Smith' Huckins (45), s. of John' and Mary (Bumliam). 4. Mar- 
tha (J., h. 28 Aug. 182.5 ; d. 12 Feb. 1904 ; m. 11 Sept. 184« her cousin, 
Horace' Huclcius (59), s. of Charles^ and Susan (Willcinson;. 5. 
Jarai-s H.. of Meredith, farmer, b. 3 Xov. 1828; d. 10 Aug. 1908; 
ru. (1) 15 Nov. 1849 his cousin, Alinira S.' Huckins, (19. vi), 
dau. of Charles'^ and Susan (Wilkinson) ; m. (2) 26 Jan. 1850 (ib.) 
Sarah E. Harte, dau. of John and ilary (Webster), b. at Sandwich 
24 Feb. 1830, d. 18 Apr. 1901. 6. Susan J/., b. 11 Feb. 1831; d. 
7 Aug. 1903 (!&.) ; m. 30 Nov. 1849 her cousin, Timotliy P. Smith' 
Huclcins (60), s. of Charles'^ and Susan (Wilkinson). 7. Samuel, of 
Ashland, fanner, b. 29 July 1833 ; living (1910) ; m. 14 Feb. 1856 his 
third cousin, Phebe Plaisted, dau. of Horace Lyman and Sarah H. 
(Taylor), b. at New Hampton 10 Aug. 1836, living (1910). 8. 
Charles H., ot Meredith, b. 26 Jan. 1836; d. unm. 22 Apr. 1857 
(tombstone). 9. Amanda, b. 28 June 1838 ; living (1910) at Mere- 
dith ; m. 14 Jan. 1854 Hiram McCriUis, s. of Benjamin and Nancy 
A. (Huntress), of Centre Harbor, farmer, b. at Centre Harbor 
1833, d. 1 June 1901. 

10. Robert^ Huckins {John^^ Robert,^ James,'^ Robert^), yeoman, born at 
Oyster River Parish 28 June 1725 and baptized 29 Aug. 1725, 
married, 2b Sept. 1746, Hann'ah^ Boody, daughter of Zechariah^ 
(Strafford Deeds, vol. 1, p. 17), and died before 5 Nov. 1793, "when 
his will, dated 2-4 .Jan. 1785, was proved (Stratford Probate Records, 
vol. 4, p. 49). His will mentions his wife Hannah, his sons Robert, 
Israel, .Jonathan, and Andrew, and his daughters Rebecca and 

In 1773 he was living at Madbury on a farm of 70 acres which 
he had of his father (Stratford Deeds, vol. 1, p. CO). 
Children, born probably at Madbury : 

i. Rebecca,' b. 15 Nov. 1747 ; m. Lucas of Wolfeborough, farmer. 

20. ii. Robeut, b. 25 Apr. 1750. 

iii. Haxxah, b. 5 Oct. 1753 ; d. 4 Dec. 1755. 

iv. Abigail, b. 10 Oct. 1756. 

V. John. b. 17 July 1759 ; d. 30 Aug. 1759. 

21. vi. Israel, b. 15 Sept. 1760. 

vii. Jonathan, of Madbury, farmer, soldier in the Revolution (N. H. 
State Papers, vol. 14, p. 225), b. 31 Mar. 1763 ; d. s.p. ; m. 3 Nov. 
1784 (town records) Lydlv Hanson, dau. of James, b. at Barring- 
ton 7 June 1766. 

22. viii. Andrew, b. 15 Aug. 1768. 

ix. Hannah Boody, m. 1777 Hunking' Dame, s. of Moses' and Anna 
(Hunking) (Register, vol. 65, p. 217), of Lee, tanner, b. at Lee 
1744, d. T827. Children, b. at Lee (ib.; family Bible in posse.s- 
sion, 1910, of Charles Dame of Lee): 1. A}ina,^ b. 1780: d. 
24 Feb. 1848 ; m. (1) 2 Feb. 1803 (town records) her double cousin, 
Moses' Huckins (61), s. of Robert"* and Mary' (Dame); ra. (2), 
as his second wife, Moses Davis of Lee. 2. Sarah, b. 17S3 ; d. 
1843; m. at Lee 1806 (ib.) William' Bartlett, s. of Josiah D.« 
and Ruth (Whittier) (Greeley family, p. 159), of Lee, New Dur- 
ham, and Dover, farmer, b. at Lee 15 Aug. 1782, d. 9 July 1843. 
3. Hunking, of Nottingham, innkeeper, farmer, b. 16 May 1786; 
d. 16 Feb. 1852 ; m. at Lee, 1809 (town records), Lydia C. Durgin, 
dau. of Josiah, b. at Lee 6 Mar. 1790, d. 6 Mar. 1847. 4. Israel, of Lee, 
farmei\miller, b.26 Aug. 1788; d. 3 Apr. 1872; m. at Lee. 1S10(!6.), 
Haunah Durgin, dau. of Josiah, b. at Lee 3 May 1794. 5. Abigail, 
b. 1790; ra. 1813 (ib.) Charles Rundlett of Durham. 6. Susan, 
b. 15 Feb. 1793; d. 17 Aug. 1885; m. 25 Dec. 1817 Jonatliau Wat- 
son Emerson, s. of Stephen and Eunice (Watson) of Nortliwood, 












1913] Descendants of Robert Huchins 21 h 

carpenter, b. at Northwood 23 Jan. 1792. d. at Lyme 1861. 7. 
Stephen, of Durham, farmer, b. 179G; d. num. at Durham 1873. 
8. Jonathan, b. 17D8; d. 1807. 

11. John* Huckixs {John* Robert,'^ James," Robert^), yeoman, born in 

Oyster River Parish and l)apti7:ed 25 Sept. 17o7. married 3Iaiiy 

, who was born 1730 and died 20 Apr. 1S2U, aged 00 j'ears 

(tombstone). He died at Barrington 20 Dec. 1791: (tombstone at 
Strafford, which states incorrectly his age at death). 

He was of Madbury District in 174."i, but about 1773 removed 
with his father to Barrington and settled on bind overlooking Bow 
Lake, in what is now Stratford, where the widow of DanieP Huckins 
(.Joseph,'^ .John'^) was living in 1910. He was moderator and sur- 
veyor of highways at Barrington. 

Children, probably all born at Madbnry : 

John,' b. abt. 1759. 

Jajiks. b. abt. 1762. 

Samuel (probably), b. abt. 1764. 

Mary (MoLLiE),'b. 1766; d. unra. at Strafford 20 May 1851 (tomb- 

Phkbk, m. 31 Oct. 1782 Ebexkzer Hayes of Barrington, farmer 
(y. II. (tsu. Record, vol. -i, p. 151; McDutfies Rochester, p. 60S). 

Lydia, d. unm. at ^leredith. 

Ebexezer (probably), b. abt. 1773. 

Perhaps others of whom no record has been found. 

12. IsAAC^ HuCKiNS {Robert,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), yeoman, born at 

Madbury 22 Feb. 1747 (Stearns's Plymouth, vol. 2, p. 358), mar- 
ried, before 1774, Lydia Clay, who was born 7 Dec. 1749. He 
was of Durham, 1768, Barrington, 1773, Barnstead, 1777, Chichester, 
1777, and Pittsffeld, 1790. He was living 29 Sept. 1814 (Rock- 
ingham Deeds, vol. 205, p. 341), but was (lead 5 Dec. 1818 {ib., vol. 
238, p. 6). 

Children (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Isaac S.' Huckins 
of Bay City, Mich.) : 

i. Isaac* of Pittstield. b. 29 Nov. 1774; d. bef. 21 May 1300 (Rockinu'- 
ham Probate Records, vol. 33. p. 267). leaviuir a wh1<jw Mijutaule, 
at whose request administration was irranted to Dr. Benjamin 
Kelly of Loudon. It appears from tlie petition i packaire, 
669')) to sell his real estate that he left two cliildrea. of whom one 
■was probably hnnr. not yet of aire on 5 Dec. l.':<18 (Rockinuliam 
Deeds, vol. 238. p. 5) . His widow was living at that date at Pitts- 
tield {ib.). 

Joseph, b. 6 An?. 1777. 

Sa.muel. b. 22 Nov. 1781. 

Abigail, b. 16 .\ug. 1784; d. unm. 

James, of Bridgewater, b. 4 Au?. 1789; m. 4 .Tune 1S23 (town 
records) Nancy Bnowx of Northfleld ; no further record, 
vi. John, b. 4 Apr. 1792; no further record. 

13. Lieut. Thomas^ Huckins ( Thomas,* Robert,^ James,'^ Robert^), joiner, 

born at Durham 28 ilar. 1736, married Sarah . wlio was 

born 12 Apr. 1736 and died at Freedom 11 Mar. 1826. lie died 
6 Mar. 17fi6. His will, dated 25 Feb. 1786 and proved K) Aug. 
1786 (Strafford Probate Records, vol. 2. p. 230). mentions Lis wife 
Sarah and all his children e.xcept Abijali, Israel, and Paul, who 
were then dead. The inventory amounted to £847. lOs. Id. 








276 Descendants of Hohert Huchins [July 

He was of Lee, 1766, and in 1772 he had 120 acres there 
(Strafford Deeds, vol. 41, p. "J4). 

lie enlisted Jirst in Tasker's company for the Crou-n Point ex- 
pedition (Adjutant-General's Report, 18G6, vol. 2, pp. 1.U8, 130), 
then in iSloor's company, which took part in the battle of Lake 
Georije, 8 Sept. 175.5, and was styled lieutenant in the town records 
of Lee as early as 1772. He was successively constable and sur- 
veyor at Lee. 

Children, born at Durham (family record compiled by Albert 
Ward, sou of Lois' (Huckins), in possession, I'JIO, of George 
Frank" Huckins of Freedom) : 

i. Sakah,' b. 5 Oct. 1756 ; m. .JosErn' DuuGix, s. of John' aud .Su- 
sanna (Pitman) (Cogswell's Xottingham, p. (it^l). of Lee and 
North Effingham, farmer, 1). at Durham 1753. d. 1.534. Children 
{ib., p. GS2j : 1. Sarah,^ m. Noah Shaw, perhaps s. of .Joseph 
aud Deborah (Durgiuj. 2. Lijdia, m. Jeremiah .Stoiies of Noith- 
wood. 3. Noah, of Freedom, farmer, b. 17>0 (?). i. Dudley 
Leavitt, of Effintiham, m. 2'.) Nov. 1»21 (town records) Sophia 
Milliken, b. at Effingham (?). 5. Love, b. 22 Mar. 17.;:J : d. 17 May 
1845 ; m. (1) 30 Sept. 1808 John Taylor, s. of Eliphalet and Abigad 
(Runuells) (lluuuells Family, p. 139), of Effingham. N. H.. and 
of Porter, Me., b. at Northwood 17s7 ; m. (2) 12 June 1810. as his 
second wife, Elisha Stanley of Porter, Me., b. at Shapleigh. Me., 
13 Feb. 1787, d. 7 July 18(52. 6. Thomas, of Effin-zliam. farmer, 
b. 8 Aug. 1791 (town records) ; d. 17 June ls44 (tombstone) ; m. 
Abigail Tavlor, dau. of Eliphalet and Abigail (Ruunells; { Runneils 
Family, p. "l39), b. at Northwood 28 Sept. 1790. d. 21 Mar. 1858 
(tombstone). 7. Eunice, b. 1799; d. 1SG9 (town records); m. at 

Effimrham, 8 Jan. 1827 (ib.), Jolm Young, s. of Daniel aud 

(Xason), of Freedom, farmer, b. at Ossipee 1804, d. 23 Feb. 1886 
(ib.). 8. FoUt/, d. uum. 

ii. Maky, b. 4 July 1759 ; d. at Loudon, Ont., 1839 ; m. 1777 Thomas* 
Rand-vll, s. of Miles'* (Nathaniel,^ Richard.'^ ilicharu' i aud Abi- 
gail^ (Runuells) , of Lee, N. H.. Parsonsfield, Me., and Loudon. (Jnt., 
1808, merchant, farmer, drayman, b. at Lee 1758. d. at Quebec 
1818. Children: 1. Thomas,'' of Parsonsfield, :Me., aud Eaton, 
N. H., mariner, fanner, poet, b. 18 Jime 1778; d. 7 Apr. 1869; m. 
Aug. 1798 (town records) Lydia Mathes, dau. of Gideon (?) and 
Anu (Whitcher), b. at Lee 11 Dec. 1779, d. 31 Aug. 1j66 (Runuells 
Family, p. 123; History of Parsonstield, p. 399). 2. J^uv. of Lee, 
N. H., and Newburyport, Mass., carpenter, b. 13 Oct. 1785: d. 13 
Sept. 1837; m. 10 May 1808 Lydia Davis, dau. of :Mo5e= aud Re- 
becca (Plummer), b. at Newburyport, Mass.. 15 Apr. 1787. d. 2 
Oct. 1864. 3. Paul, of Melbourne, Out., fanner, preacher. 4. 
Jonathan, of Canada and of Bangor, Me., preacher. 5. Israel, 
of London, Ont., and of Danville. Vt., farmer. 6. Abigail, d. 19 
Feb. 1868 ; m. 29 Sept. 1S05 Tobias' Libby, s. of Isaac'' and Sarah 
(Coleman) (Libby Family, p. 226), of Porter. Me., farmer, town 
officer, b. at Rochester 2 Apr. 1783, d. 30 June I85t>. 7. Maiy, 
m. Thomas^ Huckins (88), s. of Josiah' and Mary (Randall). 8. 

^Sarnh, m. Hall (Runuells Family, p. 123). 9. IVan-en, of 

London, Out., and Port Huron, ilich., manufacturer, preacher. 
29. iii. Simon, b. 1 Jan. 17G2. 

iv. Lydia, b. 27 Feb. 1764; d. 15 July 1856; m. 1790 (?) Daxikl "Wat- 
son, s. of Daniel and Eunice, of Effingham, farmer, b. at San- 
down 25 Dec. 1765, d. at Farmiugton 11 June 1;53 (town records). 
Children, born at Efflingham : 1. Elisabeth W.,' b. Sept. 1791; 
m. 7 Nov. 1822 (ib.) Thomas Andrews, s. of Amos, of Effingham, 
farmer. 2. Hannah, b. Dec. 1792, d. unm. 1870. 3. Hale, of 
Freedom, farmer, b. 12 Aus. 1795 ; d. 7 July 1883; m. 12 Jan. 1823 
(ib.) Martha^ Thurston, dau. of Oliver^ and Austress (Cross) 
(Thurston Family, p. 124), b. at Meredith 1 Dec. 1803, d. 16 Feb. 

1913] Descendants of Robert Huclcins 211 

1893. 4. Paul C, of Effingham, Tamworth, 1842, and Chatham. 
1845, farmer, b. 19 May 1805; d. at Chatham 18 Jan. 1888; m. 17 
June 1823 (town refcords) his cousin, Hannah' Huckins, dau. of 
Uea. Simon"* (29) and Lois (Kaudall). 

V. THO.MAS, b. 18 Apr. ITGfi; d. 8 Aug. 1789. 
30. vi. Jo.siAii, b. 19 May 1768. 

vii. LovK, b. 2 Sept. 1770: d. uum. 18 Apr. 1790. 

viii. Aiiij.\H, b. 24 Aug. 1772 ; d. 25 Oct. 1780. 

ix. I.sK.uiL, b. 11 June 1775; d. 25 Oct. 1780. 

X. Hannah, b. 14 Sept. 1777; m. at Madbury, 20 Apr. 1800 (town rec- 
ords), OsGOOO Ward of Lee, farmer. 

xi. Paul, b. 29 Feb. 1780; d. 21 Oct. 1780. 

14. Joseph^ Huckins {Joseph* Robert,^ James,- Robert^), joiner, born at 
Durham 30 June 1736, married first, about 1758, Mary^ Kelly, 
daughter of Holdrich^ (Roger,'^ Roger ^) and Hannah (Whitaker), 
who was born at Stratham 17 Apr. 1733 and died at Gilmanton 
7 Mar. 1791; and secondly, 8 May 1791 (town records), Sarah 
(Glixe<) Merrill, widow, of Gilmanton. He died at Barnstead 
3 Apr. 1819, and was buried in the Merrill burying-ground at 
Barnstead, near Seward's Hill, on the Province Road (Jewett's 
Barustfud, p. 119). His will, dated 11 May 1815 and proved 26 
Apr. 1819, mentions his wife Sarah, all his children except Stephen, 
and ^lary, daughter of his son Samuel (Strafford Probate Records, 
vol. 'Id, p. 53). 

He was of Nottingham, 1762, and in 1770 bought 200 acres at 
Gilmanton, parts of lots 5 and 6 in the Upper Gore (Strafford 
Deeds, vol. 7, p. 66). He was of Gilmanton, 1773, and of Barns- 
tead, 1793. Until 1790 there were but three houses at Gilmanton 
Corner. That of Joseph Huckins stood by the brook since called 
Huckins's Brook, near the present site of Gilmanton Academy 
(Lancaster's Gilmanton, p. 136). 

He was a soldier in the Revolution {ib. p. 119). 

Children by first wife, the first two born at Lee, the last at Gil- 
manton, the others at Nottingham (family Bible in possession, 1910, 
of Nancy .Jennie* (Huckins) Carr of Ashland) : 

i. JL^kgery,^ b. 5 Mar. 1759 ; d. 6 Mar. 1838 (tombstone) ; m. at Gil- 
manton, 29 Nov. 1781 ftown records), S.^iui:l Flaisted. s. of 
William* and Judith^ (Ricicer) (T.ite's MS. Diary, p. 15; JInine 
Geneaingist, vol. 2. p. 107), of New Hampton. 1777. farmer, sol- 
dier in the Revolution (N. H. State Papers, vol. 15. p. 172), b. at 
Dover (Somerswortli) 1757, d. 15 Sept. 1833 (tombstone). In 
1779 lie purchased 50 acres in the uortheasterly corner of New 
Hampton, on the easterly slope of Pettee Hill, at tlie head of 
Plaisted Brook, where (1910) Roduey' Huckins lives. Children, 
born at New Hampton (see towu records) : 1. Judith.' b. 23 Aug. 
1782 ; m. 11 Sept. 1803 Bradbury Keniston of New Hampton, far- 
mer. 2. Stephen, of Ashland, farmer, b. 19 Sept. 1784: d. 15 Jan. 
1853 ; m. 6 Jan. 1809 Hannah Clark, dau. of Joseph and Hannah 
(Clough), b. at Rumney 25 Feb. 1783, d. 6 Mar. 1857. 3. Bicker, 
of New Hampton, farmer, b. 3 Jan. 1787; d. 1869; m. (1) 1 Oct. 
180(; Eunice Perkins; m. (2) Sarah Smith, widow, d. 1863; ra. (3) 
. 9 June 1867 Eliza Jane Hawkins, widow of Jacob, b. 1830. 4. 
Josiph. of Monmouth, Me., 1819, and of Phillips, Me., 1825, farmer, 
b. 3 Mar. 1789 ; d. at Lowell, Mass. : m. Lois Kelly, b. at Mere- 
dith, d. at Phillips. Me. 5. Sarah, b. 3 Aug. 1791; d. s.p.- m. 
5 June 1834 Simeon Johnson of Campton, farmer. 6. Hannah, b. 
22 Aug. 1793; d. unm. 11 Sept. 1843 (tombstone). 7. Saimtel, of 

* Vide supra, p. 188. 

278 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

New Hampton, fanner, b. 2i July 1795; d. 10 June 1888; m. (1) 
22 Jan. 1»18 Nancy*' Huckins, dau. of James* (9) and Dorcas f Bick- 
ford; m. (2) 4 'Apr. 1872 Mary (Carter; Smith, dau. of Par- 
sons and widow of Nathan, b. at Sandwich 17 Dec. 1800, d. at 
Meredith G Apr. 1885. 8. WilUam, of New Hampton. N. H., Range- 
ley, Me., 183U, and rhillips. Me.. 1840, farmer, b. 30 May 1797; d. 
17 ilar. l88(i; m. 18 Jan. 1823 Surah Tucker, b. at Meredith Apr. 
1799, d. at Chesterville, Me., 11 i'eb. 1:95. 9. Mary {Polbj), b. 
8 June 1799 ; d. 2 Sept. 1858 ; m. 9 Apr. 1820 Peter Ames of 
Holderuess, farmer, b. at Gilford Peb. 1792, d. at Meredith 25 Dec. 
ii. SxEPHKX. b. 4 Apr. 17G0; enlisted 4 July 1780 for the West Point 
expedition; d. at West Point 28 Aug. 17sO (N. H. State Papers, 
vol. 16, pp. 121, 1G4). 

31. lii. Joux, b. 24 Mar. 1762. 

iv. Mary. b. 1 Feb. 1766; d. 1834; m. 22 Oct. 1787 (town records) 
WiLLi.ui^ BOYUTON, s. of John^ and Anna (Smith) (Boynton 
Family, p. 43), of Gilmanton, 1786, New Hampton, 1789, and 
Meredith, 1798, farmer, b. at Nottingham 20 Sept. 1761, d. 20 
Sept. 1814 (N. H. Genealogy, p. 748). Children, the lirst born at 
GUmantou, the last three at Meredith, the others at New Hampton 
(Boynton Family, p. 43) : 1. WUliavvJ of Bangor, Me., teacher, 
civil engineer, surveyor, b. 13 Mar. 1786 ; m. 8 Dec. 1812 his cousin, 
Mary A.^ Huckins, dau. of Joseph'* (32) and ilary (Jeuness), b. 
at Parsonsrtield, Me., 27 July 1794, d. Aug. 1872. 2. Joseph, of 
■ Meredith, farmer, b. 25 Apr. 1790; d. 12 Sept. 1833: m. 8 Dec. 
1811 Nancy** St. Clair, dau. of Thomas' and Nancy (Pike) (Sinclair 
Family, p. 103), b. at Meredith 17 Dec. 1795, d."l5 Oct. 1854. 3. 
il/((cy,"b. 22 Mar. 1791 ; d. at Bridgewater 31 July 1;62 : m. at New 
Hampton, 8 Dec. 1811 (town records), Joseph Godfrey' Dow, s. of 
Levi^ and Abigail (Godfrey; (Dow's Hampton, p. 6*3), of New 
Hampton, farmer, b. at New Hampton 30 Aug. 17.^9. d. 3 Dec. 
1831. 4. Nancy, b. 10 Apr. 1793; d. ar Lowell. Mass., 22 June 
1849 ; m. 12 Sept. 1819 (town records) her cousin. Nicholas Oilman' 
Seward, s. of George* and Sarah** (Huckins) (14. viii). 5. Joaii 
atevens. b. 8 Jan. 1796: d. *l July 1877; m. 20 Nov. 1816 .Tames" 
Proctor, s. of Thomas^ and Frances (Kimball) (Proctor Family, 
p. 88), of Lowell, Mass., manufacturer, builder, b. at Loudon 8 
May 1795, d. 28 Sept. 1862. 6. Ebunezer. of New Hampton. Mere- 
dith, Plvmouth. 1841, Canterburv, 1853. and Lisbon, farmer, b. 26 
Dec. 1798: d. 16 Mar. 1»81: m. "(1) 18 May 1S23 Betsey. S. Hart, 
dau. of Theodore and Abigail (Smith), b. at Meredith 1 Nov. Is03, 
d. 13 June 1836 ; m. (2) 8 Oct. 1836 Susan R.' Huckins. dau. of 
Robert*' (15) and Deborah (Gordon); m. (3) 29 Oct. 1856 Mrs. 
Hannah B. Cheney; m. (4) 12 July 1865 (town records) Mrs. 
Betsey Kelsey. 7. Charles (.Hidden, b. 9 Aug. 1801; d. imm. 25 
Apr. i^23. 8. Sarah Jane, b. 25 Dec. 1503 ; d. unm. 

32. V. .Joseph, b. 27 Oct. 1767. 

vi. Eunice, b. 15 July 1769 ; d. 3 July 1S25 : m. (1) at Gilmanton, 30 
Dec. 1790 (town records), as his second wife. Nicholas' Oilman, 
s. of Joshua** and Esther-' (Sanborn; (Oilman Family, p. 240), of 
Gilmanton. farmer, b. at Kensington 5 Sept. 1760, d. 22 Nov. 1798 ; 
m. (2) Benjamix Giteunsey. 'Children by first husband, born 
probably at Gilmanton (Oilman family, p. 248; History of GU- 
mantou. p. 272) : 1. Joshua, of Effingham. 2. Joseph. 3. Eliza- 
beth. Child by second husband : 4. Samuel. 

33. vii. Sa-MUEl. b. 12 July 1771. 

viii. Sakaii, b. 9 Oct. 1773; d. at Miltou, 3Iass., 21 Nov. 1S47; m. at 
Gilinautou. 11 Feb. 1794 (town records), Geokge* Seward, s. of 
Joseph* aud Lucy (Lang) of Barrington, N. H., 1794, Walden, Vt.. 
1796, aud Barnstead, N. H.. 1800, farmer, b. at Portsmouth 5 Apr. 
1771. d. at ililtou. ilass., 3 June 1854. Children, the lirst two born 
at Walden, Vt., the others at Barnstead. N. H. (family Bible in 
possession, 1910, of George K.^ Seward, s. of George W.," of Bos- 

1913] Descendants of Robert Ilnchins 279 

ton) : 1. Eunice,'' b. 17 Feb. 1797; d. 28 Jan. 1891; ra. 11 Apr. 
1816 Oliver^ Dennett, s. of Moses^ and Elizabeth (Nutter), of 
Barnstead, fanner; b. at Barnstead 6 Nov. 1780, d. 11 July 1865. 
2. Nicholas Gihnan, of Meredith, farmer, b. 9 Feb. 1799; d. at 
Ripon, AVis., 18 Aug. 1862; m. 12 Sept. 1819 (town records) his 
cousin. Nancy Boynton, dau. of "William and Mary' CHucliins) 
(U, iv.). 3. Joseph, of Barnstead, farmer, b. 27 June 1801; d. 
s. p. ; m. Eunice Guernsey, b. at KUingliam. 4. Sarah, b. 11 Dec. 
1803 ; d. 5 Dec. 1877 ; m. John^ Adams, s. of William^ and Hannah 
(Jacobs) (Adams History, p. 43.5), of Barnstead, carpenter, b. at 
Barnstead 1800, d. 28 Nov. 1877. 5. Mphitahle, b. 8 June 1805; 
d. 23 Jane 1819. 6. Manj Kelh.u b. 16 Feb. 1807; d. 12 Jan. 1889; 
m. 27 Oct. 1825 (town records) lier cousin. Joshua'^ Seward, s. of 
Samuel* and Marv (Edgerly), of Walvefield, farmer, b. at Wake- 
field 13 Dec. 1802", d. 7 Feb. 1866. 7. Eliza Paxjson, b. 24 Apr. 
1809; d. at Melrose, Mass., 28 Aug. 1890; m. 28 Apr. 1836 James 
Barnes, s. of Stephen and Elizabeth (Park), of Lowell, Mass., 
clergyman, b. at Marlborough, Mass., 3 June 1799, d. at Man- 
ches'ter, N. H., 9 Jan. 1857. "8. litUh Jane, b. 24 June 1811; d. at 
Newton, Mass., 9 Aug. 1901; m. 28 Mar. 1832 NatliauieP Wilson, 
s. of James' and Lucinda (Page) (Nathaniel Wilson Chart), of 
Lowell, Mass., and Lawrence, Mass., druggist, postmaster, city 
treasurer, b. at Pelliara. N. H., 10 Oct. 1808, d. at Lawrence, Mass., 
15 Mar. 1854. 9. Georqe Washington, of Milton, Mass., bridge- 
builder, b. 26 Sept. 1813; d. at Cambridge, Mass., 21 Aug. 1880; 
m. 7 Apr. 1839 Lucv Amanda Derby, clau. of Rufus and Sarah 
(Bragdon), b. at Lyman, Me., 24 Apr. 1818, d. 19 Dec. 1903. 10. 
Lncy Ann, b. 24 Feb. 1817: d. in Boston 15 June 1870; m. in Bos- 
ton, 7 Sept. 1843 (city records), John Reed of Boston, mariner, 
soldier in the Civil War. b. in Scotland. 11. JVancij Melissa, b. 28 
Feb. 1820; d. 20 Feb. 1883 ; m. 3 Feb. 1845 Jabez Frederick, s. of 
William and Marv Swett (Derbv), of Boston, merchant, b. at Bel- 
fast, Me., 22 Feb. 1820, d. 30 Nov. 1869. 

15. Robert^ Hcckins (James,^ Jnmes,* Robert,^ James,'' RoberO-), of New 
Hampton, farmer, born at Gilmanton 25 May 1775, died 10 Jan. 
1843. He married first, 16 Mar. 1801 (town records), Deborah 
Gordon, daughter of Jonathan and Ann, who was born at Brent- 
wood 17 Dec. 1781 and died 28 Feb. 1819 ; secondly, 17 Oct. 1819 
(ib.), Rebecca Magoon, who was born 11 Apr. 177-4 and died 8 
July 1822; and thirdly, 21 Sept. 1823 {ib.), Abigail Mudgett, 
daughter of Joseph and Mehitable (Eastman), who was born at 
New Hampton 29 Mar. 1781 and died 18 June 1871. 

Children by first wife, born in New Hampton (family Bible in 
possession, 1910, of Almon S.^ Huckins of New Hampton) : 

34. i. Eliphalet,^ b. 17 Mar. 1802. 

ii. JoKATHANf, b. 19 Dec. 1804 ; d. 20 Feb. 1806. 

35. ill. Thom.\S, b. 16 Nov. 1805. 

36. iv. James, b. 29 Mar. 1807. 

v. Naxcy, b. 19 July 1809 ; d. s. p. 7 Oct. 1881 ; m. 12 Feb. 1856, as his 
third wife, Dakius Abbott, s. of Paul and Naomi (Carr), of 
Sandwich, farmer, b. at Hillsborough 14 May 1803, d. 19 May 1875. 

vi. SUS.1.N R., b. 23 Mar. 1811 ; d. 28 Feb. 1856; m. 8 Oct. 1836, as his 
second wife, EsEirezER' Boynton, s. of William* and Mary' 
(Huckins) (14, iv). Children, b. at Plymouth (family Bible in 
possession, 1910, of Susan L." (Boynton) James of Abilene, Kan.) : 
1. James Huckins,^ of Franklin. N. J., carpenter, b. 23 Mar. 1838; 
d. at Vineland, N. J., 5 Feb. 1875 ; m. at Franklin, N. J., 27 Mar. 
1861, SelinaL. Guilford, dau. of SamuelT. and Submit C. (Tenny), 
b. at Salisbury 1 Nov. 1840. d. 4 Nov. 1905. 2. Xancij Emily, b. 
8 Aug. 1839; d. unm. 8 Oct. 1856. 3. William Edwin, b. 26 Feb. 
1841 ; d. unm. at Meredith 17 May 1863. 4. Arthur Ward, of Rox- 

280 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

bury. Vt., travelling salesman, b. 5 Feb. 1843; d. at Roxbury, Vt., 

16 May 1871 ; m. Mary . 5. Susan Luette. h. 7 Dec. 1845 : 

living (1910) al Abilene. Kan.; m. in Boston, 20 Au^i. 1^75 (city 
records), Amos Davis James, s. of Samuel and Pliebe CHartley), 
of Des Moines, coal operator, b. at Millwood fQuaker Citv). Oliio, 
18 May 1845, d. at Appleirate, Oreg., 22 July 1002. «. Amia JIaria, 
b. 7 Dec. 1847: living (i'JlO) at Mereditli': m. (1) 11 Dec. 1868 
■William A.'' Laug, s. of Alfred' and Susaa E. (Burleyi. of Law- 
rence, Mass., bank casiiier. b. at Lawrence, Mass.. 10 Mar. 1847, 
living (I'JIG) ; m. (2) 24 Nov. 1881 Harry En'.'ard. s. of Joseph and 
Harriet ("Warren), of Philadelphia, bank clerk, b at Philadelphia 
4 June 1851, d. 26 Feb. 1886 ; m. (3) 7 Oct. 1901 Edward McKinley, 
s. of James and Elizabeth (Van der Hoven). of Philadelphia, bank 
clerk, b. at Philadelpliia 10 June 1844, d. 11 Dec. 1908. 
vii. Maiiy (Polly) S., b. 9 Mar. 1813; d. 25 Sept. 1830. 

37. viii. Jonathan Gordon, b. 4 Apr. 1815. 

38. ix. Henry, b. 11 Feb. 1817. 

Children by third wife : 

X. Deborah, b. 15 June 1824; d. s.p. 2 Oct. 1870; m. Syl^-ester B. 
Ames, adopted s. of Peter and Mary (Plaisted), of Holdemess and 
Warren, farmer, b. 1821, d. 29 July 1869 (tombstone). 

39. xi. Stephen Pitman, b. 5 June 1826. 

40. xii. Orlando G., b. 5 July 1828. 

16. Dea. John" Huckins (James,^ James.* Robert,^ James.- Roberi}), of 
New Hampton, farmer, born at GUmanton 17 Dec. 17.32, died 3 
Oct. 1877. He mai-ried first, 17 Feb. 180.3 (town reconL), .Judith 
Perkins, daughter of Nathaniel and Judith (Smith), who was born 
at Haverhill, Mass., 4 ^lar. 1785 and died 20 June 1820; and 
secondly, 4 Mar. 1821 {ib.), Mary Burnham, who was born 2 Oct. 
1796 and died 17 June 1867. 

He had a farm on the west slope of Shaw Hill, in New Hampton, 
where (1910) his grandson Charles B.' Huckins lives. 

Children by first wife, born at New Hampton (family Bible in 
possession, 1910, of Charles B. Huckins, son of Calvin S.,' of New 
Hampton) : 

i. Dorcas,^ b. 9 Dec. 1803 ; d. 2 Aug. 1888 ; m. 19 Mar. 1826 ftown re- 
cords) WiNTHEOP Young H.^naford, s. of Benjamin and Sarah 
(Wait), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at New Hampton 8 Aug. 1804, 
d. 15 Mar. 1896. Children, bom at New Hampton (family Bible 
in possession, 1910, of Maria D.' (Hanaford) Cady of Stoneham, 
Mass.) : 1. Xathnniel Perkins,^ of Chadwick, 111., 1S63. farmer, 
b. 22 Oct. 1827: d. 15 Nov. 1903; m. 22 Aug. 1852 Zulema' Pres- 
cott. dau. of Col. John' and Lucinda (Webster) (Prescott Memo- 
rial, p. 396), b. at Holderness 1 May 1832, d. 10 Apr. 1872. 2. 
Letcis B., of Williamsbursh. Iowa, 1880. farmer, b. 25 Aug. 1829; 
d. 20 Feb. 1891 : m. 21 Sept. 1854 (town records) Marion FJ Cady, 
dau. of Lyman* and Emily (Patrick) (Descendants of Nicholas 
Cady, p. 140), b. at Windsor, Vt., 8 Mav 1832, living (1910) at 
North English, Iowa. 3. Sarah B., b. 25 Aug. 1829 ; d. 22 Nov. 
1855; m. 31 Dec. 1851 Eben S. Thompson, s. of Rev. Samuel and 
Miriam (Morrison), of Holderness, shoemaker, b. at Holdemess 
16 Mar. 1828. d. at Stoneham, Mass.. 3 Feb. 1887. 4. JJaria D.. 
b. 3 July 1832; living s.p. (1910) at Stoneham. Mass.; m. 12 
June 1855 Collin' Cady, s. of Lyman* and Emily (Patrick), of 
Newton Centre, Mass., 1874, tinsmith, b. at Windsor, Vt., 10 
Mar. 1828, d. 21 Mar. 1887. 5. Mary J., b. 15 Oct. 1833; d. umn. 
9 Apr. 1861. 6. Arah Bockwood, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 1 
Mar. 1847; d. at Newport 27 Mar. 1906; m. 30 Nov. 1867 Caroline 
M. Ward, dau. of Samuel and Nancy B. (Pease), b. at New Hamp- 
ton 21 May 1845, living (1910). 










1913] Descendants of Robert Huchins 281 

Nath-ociel PKRiaxs, b. 23 June 1806. 

John Buzzell, b. 31 Mav 1810. 

Thomas P., b. 11 Jiily 1812. 

Enos a., b. 7 July 1815. 

Rachel J., b. 19 Ausr. 1818; cl. 9 Aua:. 1897; ra. 1840 (int. rec. 28 
Jlay 1840) her cousin, John Mooxey Smith, s. of John and E-sther" 
(Huckins) (9, vi). Children, born at New Hampton i ramily Bible 
in possession, I'JIO, of Cadv C Sniitli of Xew Hampton) : 1. 
Helen M.? b. 30 June 1841; d. 9 July 1906; m. 1.5 Peb. 1872 (town 
records). Abbott Morris' Cotton, s. of Morris" and Hannah Libby 
(Baitlett) (Register, vol. .59, p. 38), of Lacouia. 18s0, stone-mason, 
b. at Gilford 20 Mar. 1846. livin-r (1910). 2. Frank A., b. 14 Nov. 
1843; d. unm. 27 Oct. 1887. 3. John JI., of Wakerield. .Mass., 
iron-moulder, b. 24 May 1848 ; d. 14 wSept. 1910 ; m. (1) 4 Dec. 1SG5 
(town records) Sarah Buzzell, dau. of Miles and Irene J. (Hill), 
b. at Concord 2 June 1847, d. 27 Mar. 1877: m. (2) 14 June 1879 
Jessie Dexter, dau. of James M. and Catherine (McMillen), b. at 
Amherst 4 Oct. 1856, living (1910) at Amherst. 4. Adeline, b. 28 
Jan. 1851; d, 23 Sept. 1855. 5. Cady C, of New Hampton, farm- 
er, b. 24 May 1860; livins: (1910) ; ra. (1) 20 Mar. 1890 Elizabeth 
J. Haskins, dau. of William and Rachel J. (Fish), b. at Grafton 
2 May 1869, d. 2 Mar. 1907; m. (2) 9 Mar. 1910 Sarah B. Bunker, 
dau. of Eli and Martha S. (Clough), b. at Meredith 2 June 1877. 

Cliildren by second wife (family Bible, ut supra) : 

45. vii. Calvin Smith, b. 11 July 1822. 

46. viii. Daniel G., b. 23 .Tulv 1825. 

ix. Jl-dith p., b. 18 July 1827 ; d. 10 Aug- 1867; m. 8 Oct. 1844 her cou- 
sin. Oken C. Plaisted, s. of Samuel and Nancy* (Huckins) (9, xii). 
Children, bom at New Hampton (family Bible in possession, 1910, 
of Rev. Daniel C. York of Allenton, R. I., surviving husband of 
Dora J. ^ Plaisted) : 1. 2Ia-)-y Ellen.^h. 11 Feb. 1847; d. 15 An?. 
1848. 2. Frances Adeline, b. 11 July 1849; d. 13 July 1856. 3. 
Louis Sumner, b. 25 July 1851 ; d. 20 Oct. 1852. 4. Sarah B.. b. 
13 July 1853 ; d. 25 June 1856. 5. Frank Curtis, of New York 
City, stationary engineer, b. 25 Nov. 1854; d. 1 Jan. 1887; m. in 
New York City, 24 Sept. 1877 (city records), Caroline Virginia 
Cash, b. in New York City 1853. 6. Dora J., b. 2 Sept. l'»57: 
d. 25 June 1909 ; m. 27 Jan. 1877 Rev. Daniel C. York, s. of Oscar 
F. and Marv (Brown), of Allenton, R. I., b. at Campton 5 Mar. 
185R. living" (1910). 7. Mary iV.. b. 10 Sept. 1859; living (1910) 
at Centre Harbor; m. (1) 4 Mar. 1876 George R. Blake, s. of Jacob 
and Vianna (Clement), of Holderness, farmer, b. at HoUIerness 
Mar. 185S, d. U Mar. 1877 : m. (2) 9 Dec. 1878 Georse H. Hawkins, 
s. of George 6. and Susan ( Richardson), of Centre Harbor, farmer, 
b. at Centre Harbor 28 Oct. 1857, liviuir (1910). 

X. Sar-vh B., b. 1 Nov. 1830; d. unm. 11 Sept. 1854. 

17. Daniel® Huckins (James,^ James,* Robert,^ James.' Robert^), of New- 
Hampton, farmer, born at New Hampton 11 Jan. 1787, died 5 
May i860. He married, 13 Sept. 1807 (town records), Abigail" 
Dow, daughter of Jonathan,® Jr., and Sarah (Hanaford) (Dow's 
Hampton, p. 683), who was born at New Hampton 25 Feb. 1791 
and died 12 Sept. 1872. 

Children, born at New Hampton (all except iv and vii mentioned 
in his will) : 

47. i. Nathan,' b. 5 Apr. 1808. 

48. ii. David, b. 12 Feb. 1810. 

49. iii. Jon-vthan Dolloff, b. 24 Nov. 1812. 

iv. D.\.NiEL, b. 21 May 1814: d. 19 June 1818. 

50. V. Calvin, b. 5 Nov. 1816. 

vi. Sarah, b. 25 Apr. 1819 (town records) ; d. 2 Aug. 1894 (ib.) ; m. 10 
Jan. 1841 Ezekiel Pike, s. of Daniel and Sarah (French), of New 

282 Descendants of Robert Huchins [July 

Hampton, lumberman, b. at Hebron 27 Mar. 1808, d. 1 Apr. 1883. 
Children, born at New Hampton (family Bible in possession, 1010, 
of Martha' (Pike) Sanborn of New Hampton) : 1. Laura A.,* 
b. 7. Fob. 1842 (town records) ; d. I'J Jan. 1882: m. 28 Apr. 1863 
Daniel L. Tilton, s. of Daniel and Hannah (Simpson), of Sanbom- 
ton and New Hampton, farmer, b. at Sanboruton 28 Dec. 1821, d. 
at New Hampton 6 Jan. 1900. 2. Ahiqail IL, b. 28 .June 1843 (ih.) ; 
d. 28 Feb. I'JO-t: m. 20 Auz. 180.'^ Samuel A. Howard, s. of .John 
and Sarah (Andersen), adopted by Zephauiah Batciieldcr of Lou- 
don, of New Hampton, pavin;; contractor, town oificer, member 
of tlie legislature, 1893, soldier in the Civil War (2d Cal. Vol. 
Cavalry), b. at Bath, Me., 16 Aug. 1842, d. 1 May 1911. 3. Almira 
IF., b. 29 Sept. 1845 {ib.); living (1910); m. (1) 14 Ausr. 136.5 
Henry C. Wells, s. of John and Sarah (Drake), adopted by Ben- 
jamin and Leah (Randlett) Shaw, whose family name he took, of 
New Hampton and Laconia, mason, b. at Epsom 15 An;;. 1830, d. 

25 Sept. 1907; m. (2) 25 Mar. 1900 David Taylor, s. of Henry and 
Lucy A. (Sweet), of "VVeirs and New Hampton, farmer, soldier in 
the Civil War, b. at Amsterdam, N. Y.. 23 Oct. 1840, living (1910). 
4. Martha, b. 30 .July 1850 {ib.) ; living (1910) ; m. 20 Dec. 1871 
her second cousin, Frank D. Sanborn, s. of Chase and Mary 
(Smith), of New Hampton, lumber merchant, b. at New Hamptoa 

26 Dec. 1839, living (1910). 5. Luther 31., of Manchester, manu- 
facturer of concrete, b. 2 May 1852 {ib.) ; living (1910) ; m. (1) 
at Meredith, 25 Dec. 1872 (i6.). his second cousin. Ella E.'-'HuckLns, 
dau. of George** (34, ii) and Clarissa (Smith), b. at New Hampton 
10 Nov. 18.52, d. 12 July 1890; m. (2) 25 Mar. 1891 {ib.) Nellie A. 
Ward, dau. of Samuel and Nancy B. (Pease) , b. at New Hampton 9 
Apr. 1S55, living (1910). 6. Daniel, b. 1 Oct. 1854 {ib.) : d. 19 Apr. 
1856. 7. ^arah E.,h. 18 Dec. 1856 (ib.) ; livings, p. (1910) : m. (1) 
10 Oct. 1877 her second cousin. James^ Huckins. s. of George' 
(34, ii) and Clarissa (Smith), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at New 
Hampton 10 Oct. 1857, living (1910); m. (2) 1 Jan. ;89C Frank 
Merrill, s. of George and Emeline (French), of Rumuey. tinsmith, 
b. at Kumney, d. at Greeley, Col., 4 June 1902 ; m. (3) 22 Mar. 1903, 
as his second wife, Samuel A. Howard, surviving husband of her 
sister Abigail H., q. v. 8. Elizabeth Jl., b. 2 Oct. 1S58 {ib.) ; d. s.p. 
20 Nov. 1908 ; m. (1) at New Hampton, 25 May 1878, as his second 
wife, Oren Frank Dow, s. of Peter and Mary Aim^ (Prescott) (Pre&- 
cott Memorial, p. 347), of New Hampton, farmer, preacher, b. at 
New Hampton 25 May 1830, d. at Meredith 16 Oct. 1907; m. (2) 13 
May 1903 Edward W. Gilbert, s. of Hammond and Susan (Web- 
ster), of Los Angeles, Cal., real-estate broker, b. at Burton, Ohio, 
4 May 1841, living (1910). 

vii. Abig.\il, b. 25 Sept. 1824 (town records); d. s.p. 6 May 1849; m. 
15 June 1848 {ib.) Daniel C. Ivellet, s. of Daniel and" Sarah, of 
Manchester, tinsmith, b. at Moultonborough 25 Mar. 1823, d. 24 
May 1849 (tombstone). 

51. viii. Daniel B., b. 1826. 

52. ix. Joseph D., b. 4 Aug. 1828. 

53. X. D-vNA D., b. 22 May 1830. 

xi. HosKA Q., of Saugus, Mass., mason, b. 1832; d. s.p. at Saugus, 
Mass., 27 Dec. 1867 (town records; ; m. (int. rec. 4 Feb. 1863) 
Helen D.vvis Nickerson, dau. of Jesse and Mary (Smalley), b. at 
Provtncetown, Mass., 8 Nov. 1837, d. at Saugus, Mass., 2 Nov. 
1867 (town records) . 

18. James* Hockins (James,^ fames,* Robert,^ James,'^ Hoherl^), of New^ 
Hampton, farmer, born at New Hampton 7 .Jan. 1789, died there 
21 Jan. 1825. He married, 5 May 1811 (town records), Abigail^ 
Smith, daughter of Benjamin® (Revolutionary pensioner) and 
Judith P. (Pottle) (Dow's Hampton, p. 981 ; Runnells's Sanborn- 
ton, p. 739 ; Shaw Records, p. 42), who was born at New Hampton 
9 Sept. 1791 and died 5 Mar. 1854 (tombstone). 

1913] Descendants of Robert Huchins 283 

Children, born at New Hampton : 

i. EuTHB.Jb.4 Julyl812;cl. oFeb. 1907 ;m. 9 Dec. 1841 (town records) 
Perrin F. Dow, s* of Peter and Mary Ann" (Prescott) (Prescott 
Memorial, p. 347), of New Hampton, drayman, b. 17 Oct. 1820, d. 
in California abt. 1850. Children, born at New Hampton: 1. 
George L.,'^ of Gilmanton. farmer, b. Aujj. 1842; d. 25 Jan. 1893; 
m. 18 Aus. 1806 Emma F. Bryant, dau. of Charles D. and Meribah 
Taylor' (Cotton) (Kegisteu, vol. 59, p. 38), b. at Lacouia lii Nov. 
184G, m. (2) Reuben G. Hoyt, living (1910) at Belmont. 2. 
John Jf.. of New Hampton, farmer, soldier in the Civil War, b. 
Sept. 1844; d. unm. at Washington, D. C, 7 Julv 18(54. 3. Eliza- 
beth A., b. 2 Oct. 184(;; livinss.p. (1910) at Ashland; m. 2 Dec. 
1S77 Samuel Hodgson, s. of Ellis and Sarah (Lassey) (History of 
Merrimack and Belknap Counties, p. 860), of Meredith, 1875, manu- 
facturer, b. at Halifax, co. York, England, 19 Jan. 1842, d. 9 Feb. 
1906. 4. J?h/«s -P., of Lacouia, 1890, machinist, b. 1 Jan. 1849; 
living A-, p. (1910) ; m. 23 May 1871 Abigail 0. Sawyer, dau. of 
Smith and Susanna C. (Woodbury), b. at New Hampton 28 Nov. 
1852, living (1910). 5. Charles JS., of Ashland, farmer, b. 28 
Feb. 1851 ; 'living unm. (1910). 

54. ii. BENJAinx Smith, b. 20 Nov. 1813. 

ill. Abigail, b. 7 Dec. 1816; d 27 July 1906; m. 4 Aug. 1835 Fkye 
HuTCHiNS, s. of David and Elizabeth (Holt), of Hanover, Me., 
farmer, merchant, b. at Rumford, Me., 14 Aug. 1810, d. 10 July 
1879. Children, born at Hanover, Me. : 1. Ellis J.,« b. 21 Feb. 
1837; d. s.p. 27 Nov. 1860; m. Mar. 1855 Charles R.^ Abbott, s. of 
Ebenezer* and Catherine (Farnura) (Abbott Familv, vol. 2, p. 
958), of Hanover, Me., machinist, b. at Errol 11 Feb." 1830, d. 29 
Apr. 1877. 2. George W-, of Andover, Me., farmer, b. 10 Oct. 
1841; living (1910) ; m. 13 July 1865 Georgia McAllister, dau. of 
Richard B. and Jane B. (Bodwell), b. at Andover, Me., 21 June 
1843, living (1910). 3. Charles F., of Lowell, Mass., merchant, 
b. 21 May 1856; living (1910) ; m. at Bethel, Me., 5 Sept. 1877, 
Ida M. Howe, dau. of Jesse B. and Caroline M." (Abbott) {ib., 
vol. 2, p. 941), b. at Hanover, Me., 17 July 1854, living (1910). 

It. John P., b. 1818 ; went abt. 1840 to Australia, where he is said to 
have married. 

55. V. Martin Luther, b. 22 Dec. 1820. 

56. vi. Caleb A., b. 11 May 1823. 


19. Charles^ Huckins (James,^ James,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of 
Centre Harbor, farm'^r, born at New Hampton 11 Jan. 1703. died 
5 Feb. 1864 (tombstone). He married Susax "Wilkixsox, daugh- 
ter of Benning and Deborah (Langlev), who was born at Aliens- 
town in 1789 and died 3 .July 1864 (tombstone). 
Children, born at Centre Harbor : 

Lyman,' b. 11 June 1816. 

Warren, b. 21 Oct. 1818. 

Horace, b. 31 .May 1820. 

Mary F., b. 16 Sept. 1822 ; d. 1 May 1868 ; m. 1 Nov. 1846 Daniel 
Davis, s. of John and Dorothv (Cawley), of Lakeport, shoemaker, 
b. at Gilford 18 Aug. 1814, d". 16 Dec. 1902. Children, born at 
Lakeport (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Anne E. Babcock, 
daughter of Dorothy A.' (Davis) of Plymouth) : 1. Abigail E.,' 
b. 24 Nov. 1849 ; d. 26 Feb. 1864. 2. Dorothy A., b. 16 Sept. 1853 ; 
d. 28 July 1892 ; m. 17 Nov. 1878 Charles Babcock, s. of John M. 
and Miriam (Tewksbury), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at New 
Hampton 17 Mar. 1858. living (1910) at Manchester. 3. Thomas J., 
of Lakeport. machinist, b. 17 Oct. 1858; d. 3 Dec. 1884; m. 27 
Nov. 1882 Clara M. Casson, dau. of William S. and Anna E. 
(Howard), b. at Lansdowne, Ont., 16 Aug. 1864, d. 9 May 1900. 
4. Jessie JI., b. 29 Aug. 18G1 ; d. 15 Mar. 1868. 








284 Descendants of Robert Huchins [July 

60. V. TmOTHY P. Smith, b. 3 Mar. 1826. 

vi. Al.mira S., b. 28 Juue 1828; d. s. p. 21 Sept. 1855 (tombstone); m. 
15 Nov. 18+9 bar cousin, James H. Plaisted, .s. of Samuel aud 
Nancy' (Huckins) (9, xii). 

20. Robert* Hcckins {Robert,^ John,'' Robert,^ James? Robert}), of Lee, 

3'eoman, born at Madbury 25 Apr. 1750, married, about 1772, 
Mary® Dame, daughter of Moses' and Anna (Huuking) (Register, 
vol. 65, p. 216), who was born at Lee about 1756. 
Children, born at Madbury : 

61. i. Moses.'' b. 9 Nov. 1774. 

ii. Hannah, m. Levi Emerson, s. of Joseph (or Daniel) and Tem- 
perance' (Dame), of Lee. Only child (a son), b. at Lee; d. in 

21. Israel* Huckins {Robert,^ John,* Robert,^ James? Robert), of Bar- 

rington (Strafford), 1765, innkeeper, town officer, born at Madbury 
15 Sept. 1760, died 20 May 1823. He married Rcth" Dame, 
daughter of Moses^ and Anna (Hunking) (Register, vol. 65, p. 
216), who was born at Lee 3 Apr. 1761 and died 6 Apr. 1841. 

He cleared on the northerly side of Bow Lake a farm, ov^-ned in 
1910 by his great-grandson, Frank "W".' Huckins of Boston. 

He served in Long's artillerv regiment in New Castle fort during 
the winter of 1776-7 (N. H. State Papers, voL 14, pp. 373, 386, 
497, 506 ; Adjutant-General's Report, 1866, vol. 2, p. 291 ; Granite 
State Magazine, vol. 4, p. 95), and was a pensioner. 

Children, born at Barrington (Boody Annals, pp. 167-8, 217) : 

62. i. Robert,' b. 2 June 1783. 

ii. Sarah, b. 3 Sept. 1785 ; d. May 1865 ; m. 7 Mar. 1810 John Harper, 
s. of Lieut. John Scribner and Ann (Folsom). of New Hampton, 
farmer, b. at New Hampton 18 Mar. 1781, d. 26 June 1843. Chil- 
dren, born at New Hampton : 1. Israel Darned b. 21 Oct. 1810 : d. 
unm. 1832. 2. Ruth H.,h. 17 Mar. 1812; d. 7 :Mar. 1892 (town 
records) ; m. 14 Dec. 1830 (ih.) Samuel 'Woodman, s. of Thomas 
and Anna (Carr), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at New Hampton 
31 Mar. 1803, d. after 1850. 3. Sarah C, b. 31 May 1813 : d. 22 
Aug. 1874; m. 27 Dec. 1836 John Lyman Mead. s. of John and 
Hannah (Howe), of Hill, cabinet-maker, b. at New Hampton 25 
Julv 1810, d. 4 Nov. 1880. 4. John H., of New Hampton, farmer, 
b. 5 Sept. 1814; d. 4 Dec. 1906: m. 8 Dec. 1839 Mary D.' Pres- 
cott, dau. of Rufus' and Comfort (Dow) (Prescott Memorial, p. 
347), b. at New Hampton 20 Nov. 1818, d. 31 Mar. 1893. 5. Ar- 
villa K., b. 3 June 1822 : d. s.p. 12 Oct. 1843 : m. 10 Feb. 1842 Carr 
Huse, s. of Jolin and Elizabeth (Straw), of HiU, farmer, b, at Hill 
12 Apr. 1814, d. 26 July 1869. 

63. iii. LSRAEL, b. 29 Apr. 1791. 
iv. Jacob, d. in infancy. 

22. Andrew* Huckins {Robert,^ John,* Robert,^ James,"^ Robert^), of Mad- 

bury, yeoman, born at Madbury 15 Aug. 1768, was accidentally 
drowned in 1824. He married, Sept. 1791 (town records), Mary 
Daniels, daughter probably of Jacob and Mary, who was born at 

His farm was in Madbury near the Barrington line. 

Children, born at Madbury (family Bible in possession, 1910, of 
Sylvester B.' Huckins of Alton) : 

64. i. .ToHN D.,' b. 13 May 1783. 

65. ii. Robert, b. 19 Aug. 1801. 

1913] Early Marriages at South Kingstown, R. I. 285 

iii. Mary, m. 1 May 1828 (town records) Bexjamin F. Babb of Bar- 
ringtou, farmer, mill-superinteudent, who d. at Dover. Children : 
1. Sarah Jane,^ ip. B. Frank Furber, s. of Edmund and 

(Walker), b. at Alton. 2. Ann Hester, m. (1) wSamuel Hall of 
Dover; m. (2) 23 Apr. 1863 ((7;.) John Freeman Blckford, s. of 
Isaac and Sarah (Jenuess), of Farmingtou. farmer, b. at Rochester 
25 Sept. 1S2G, d. 7 Apr. 1S85 (t6.). 

[To be continued] 



Communicated by Hon. Howard Bowdoin Peret of Wakefield, R. I. 

The following marriages, found in the records of Rowse Helme, 
of George Hazard Peckham, and of Levi Totten, Justices of the 
Peace, are on file in the office of the town clerk at South Kingstown, 
R. L 

By Rowse Helme, Justice of the Peace. 
Samuel Anthony and Mary Conffdon April 14, 1723 
Jobe Babcock Jr. and Elizabeth Hull Oct. 10, 1717 
Benjamin Barber and Mary Tefft Jany 11, 1729 
Joseph Barber and Rebeckah Potter 4" day of February 1724/5 
Samuel Barber and Anne Cory Mch 1719 
Thomas Barber and Avis Tanner 18" day of April 1723 
James Braman son of James Braman and Elizabeth Carpenter 3" day of 

December 1721 
Joseph Braman and Abigaile Allen 27" day of June 1725 
George Bentley and Ruth Barber March 4" 1723/4 
John Bentley and Elisabeth Gardner May 30" 1727 
Job Card and Hannah Bull 27" day of August 1724 
John Cass and Elizabeth Johnson 12" day of April 1720 
William Clarke and Hannah Watson 4" day of October 1722 
William Clarke .Junr. and Rebeckah Wells Sept. 4. 1731 
Joseph Coggeshall and Amey Bull 24" day of January 1724/5 
Joseph Congdon and Mary Wickam June 27" 1723 
Joseph Cross and Mary Hoxse 17" day of February 1722/3 
Peter Crowe and Hittable Marshall Nov 12, 1718 " 
John Denison and Ales Percey 21" day of July 1725 
Thomas Draper and Jane Braman Oct. 5, 1718 
John Foster and Margery Card both of Westerly June 11, 1724 
Jonathan Foster and Elisabeth Mumford 4" day of February A.D. 1724/5 
Christopher Fowller Jr and Sarah Wickam Oct. 18, 1717 
Isaac Fowller and ]Mary Hopkins 15" day of January 1720/21 
Henry Gardner and Abigaile P>ldred June 30, 1726 
William Gardner and Margaret Eldred June 12, 1718 
Silas Greenman and Anne Babcock March 23, 1730 
Daniel Greennell and Jane Lewis May 21, 1727 
Daniel Grinnell Jun. and Susannah Hopkins 14" day of June 1724 
IVIr. Robert Hannah and Elisabeth Brown May 31, 1730 
Stephen Haszard Junr. and Mary Robinson January 9" 1723/4 

286 Early Marriages at South Kingstown, R. I. [July 

Charles Higinbotham and Mary Niles 7" day of February 1722/3 

Amos Hollan and Phebe Greenman 1716 

Nicholas Hoi way and Patience Mot- May 8 1726 

Thomas Hopkins and Hannah Mumford March 20, 1728 

Joseph Hoxsee and Deborah Babcock October 17, 1728 

Ebenezar Jakquis and Lidyali Bundy 1716 

Stephen Johnson and Susannah Long November 23. 1727 

William Keaise and Margrett Knowles April 1-4 1728 

"William King and Susanah Gardner 1717 

John Kinyon, son of James, and Abigale Ladd 25 day of September 1720 

Thomas Kinyon and Mary Ladd October 4, 1717 

ph Kinyon and Marcy Hazelton 27 day of December 1724 

Nicholas Lee and Elizabeth Shakelesworth Oct 29 1717 

Aaron ililliman and Anne Case May 23 1728 

Benjamin Mory and Mary Vaughan 11 day of March 1719/20 

Peleg Mumford and Mary Packer 1716 

Ebenezer Niles and Sarah Kinyon March 25 1730/31 

Nathan Niles and Mary Northup September 12, 1728 

Nicholas Northrup and Frelove Eldred 23 day of June 1720 

George Parker and Katharine Cole 18" day of October 172-t 

Thomas Parker and Martha Barber Oct. 5, 1727 

Abraham Perkins and Margrett Cass June 29 1718 

Benjamin Perry and Susanah Barber Jan. 11, 1727/8 

Benjamin Perry Junr. and Elisabeth Haszard 10th day of July 1729 

Joseph Phillips and Jerusha Shugers February 2 1729 

Thomas Pitts and Hannah Jackson 9" day of July 1722 

Benjamin Potter and Ruth Shearman February 1" 1727/8 

Ichabod Potter Junr and Sarah Robinson January 16, 1723/4 

Ichabod Potter and Deborah Rennolds 20 day of March 1725/6 

Nathaniel Potter and Elisabeth Bentley May 31" 1727 

Robert Potter Jun'r and Judeth Clarke September 5 1731 

Thomas Potter Jur. and Mary Babcock March 19 1717/18 

Elisha Rennolds and Susanah Potter June 30, 1728 

William Rice of Warwick and Phebe Tripp of So Kingston LO" day of 

December 1730 
William Robinson and Martha Allen March 30, 1718 
Richard Shaw and Ales Wilson August seventh 1729 
Jonathan Shearman Junr. and Dorcus Shelden February 1" 1726/7 
Josiah Shearman and Mary Potter both of South Kingstown June 4 1727 
Leiut Isaac Sheffield and Sarah Card April 20, 1727 
Nathan Sheffield and Dorcos Helme were joyned in marrage April 18 1731 
John Sheldon Junr. and Sarah Shearman February 2, 172G/7 
Peter Stephens and Marcy Cottrill September the first 1728 
William Sunderlin and Mary Phillips May 26, 1726 
John Swaine and Hannah Scotaway Novem 6, 1731 
Thomas Sweet and Tabitha Bentley April 11, 1728 
Stephen Tallman and Mary Potter this 11 day of November 1724 
Francis Tanner and March Tosh February 26. 1728 
William Tanner and Elisabeth Cottrell 1723[?]* 
John Tayler of Newport and Judeth Seger of Kingston Oct. 3, 1717 
Joseph Tefft and Deliverance Rennolds July 6 1718 

* Only the tops of the last two figures are visible. 

1913] JSFova Scotians of Xew England Birth 287 

Joseph Tefft and Easter Brownen Feb 22 1729 

Samuel Teift son of John and Marcy Barber October 1, 1727 

Ebenezer Terry and Mary Helms the 30th day of ]S'ovember 1721 

Samuel Warden and Abigaile Mott 27" day of January 1722/3 

John Webb and Joanna Tetft 28" day of April 1721 

Edward Wilcocks and Dinah Barber 1716 

James York and Elisabeth Case January 11 1727/8 

By George Hazard Peckham, Justice of the Peace. 
Frederick Chappel and Katharine Holley (daughter of John Holley) both 

of South Kingston 18" day of November A. D. 1790 
"William Cottrell and Mary Teift in South Kingston the seventh day of 

December A.D. 1786 
James Duglass and Elisabeth Havens both of South Kingston 11" day of 

November A.D. 1789 
John Pain Dyre and Anne Tourje both of South Kingston were lawfully 

joyned together in marriage* 
Eandal James and Elizabeth Kinyon both of South Kingston 5" day of 

June 1785 
Samuel Perry Junr (son of .James Perry late of South Kingston in the 

County of Washington yeoman deed) and Sarah Peckham daughter of 

Timothv Peckham (son of Benjn late of sd South Kingston deed) 11 

day of Dec. AD 1788 
Boston Potter and Lucy Harry an Indian woman 25 day of Nov. AD 1790 
James Potter (son of Ichabod Potter) and Margaret Enos (daughter of 

Ichabod Enos) both of South Kingston November 19" A D 1780 
Samuel J. Potter Esq and Anne Segar (daughter of Mr. .Jospeh Segar) 

both of South Kingston September the tenth A.D. 1788 
William Prior Junr. and Elizabeth Shephard both of Newport in the 

County of Newport married in said Newport October 20, 1787 

By Levi Totten, Justice of the Peace. 
Charles Barker of South Kingstown, Innholder, and Mary P. HoUoway 

Spinster daughter of John HoUoway, Nov. 19' 1794. 
Isaiah Greene of Charleston, son of .Josluia and ICliza Tefft dau2;hter of 

George of South Kingstown, January 2.'J. 1794. 
Abiathar Roilman of South Kingstown and Meriam Hazard daugliter of 

Christopher Hazard, January 1, 1797. 


By Rev. Authur Wentworth H.i..milto.v Eaton, D.C.L., of Boston, Mass. 



Capt. the Hon. Charles Morris, surveyor-general of Nova Scotia for 
over thirty years, a member of the Council and a judge of the Su|u-eme 
Court of that province, was born in Boston 8 .lune 1711 and iiajjfized in 
the Brattle Street Church parish 10 June 1711. His fatiiur, Charles 

*This entry standi between entries dated ISov . 1789 and Xov. 1790. 

288 Nova Scotians of New England Birth [July 

Morris, who, according to tradition, was born at Bristol, England, and 
was son of Charles and grandson of Rev. Charles, a "Welsh clergyman, 
emigrated to Boston, where he became a prosperous sailmaker and mar- 
ried, 5 Sept. 1700, Rev. Benjamin Colman of the Brattle Street Church 
ofBciating, Esther liainstorpe or Ranstop. Her father, James Rainstorpe, 
also a sail milker atid, according to tradition, from London, was an inhabi- 
tant 01 Boston as early as IG'Jo, and deposed there 6 Apr. 16iJ9 (Early 
Suffolk Court Files, Brown v. Whitehorne). 

Between 7 May 1701 and 3 Feb. 1718, according to town and church 
records, nine children were born to Charles and Esther (RainstorpeJ 
Morris, namely, Sarah, Ann, Esther, Mary, Dorothy, Charles, James, 
John, and Elizabeth. Charles Morris, the father, died 8 Nov. I7o0, in 
the fifty-fourth year of his age, and was buried in the Granary Burying- 
Ground. Administration on his estate, both at Boston and at Hopkinton, 
Mass., where also he owned valuable property, was granted 7 Dec. 1730 
to his widow, Esther Morris. The estate in Boston was appraised at 
£2402. 19s. od., among the items being tliree negroes, Jack, valued at £60, 
Rose, at £40. and a boy named Boston, at £70. On his farm at Hopkin- 
ton he had two negroes, Toby (Tobias, as the church records give the 
name) and Pompey. The widow Esther Morris died 12 Sept. 1755, aged 
seventy-nine years, and was buried beside her husband. Their daughter 
Mary had died 24 May 1730, " aged about 24 years," and had been buried 
in the Granary Burying-Ground. 

Charles JNIorris, Jr., son of Charles and Esther, married, probably soon 
after he became of age, Mary Read, who was born in Connecticut, prob- 
ably at Redding, 14 Apr. 1716, a daughter of Hon. John and Ruth (Tal- 
cott). John Read, born at Fairfield, Conn., in 1679/80, a Master of Arts 
of Harvard in 1697, lived first at Redding, Conn., but after 1722 in Bos- 
ton. In 1723 he was appointed attorney-general of Massachusetts, in 1735 
he was elected a warden of King's Chapel, and in 1742 he was appointed 
a member of the ^Massachusetts Council. He died 7 Feb. 1748/9. Ruth 
Talcott was a half-sister of Gov. Joseph Talcott of Connecticut. 

On a farm in Hopkinton, Mass., where Charles Morris the sailmaker 
had acquired property early in his married life (Middlesex Deeds), the 
younger Charles and his wife Mary Read seem to have settled. On 15 
Aug. 1746 Charles Morris sold to Rev. Roger Price, rector of King's 
Chapel, Boston, a large tract of land in Hopkinton, on which was an un- 
finished house, which later was leased to and occupied by Sir Charles Henry 
Frankland, Bart. (Annals of King's Chapel, vol. 1, pp. 517, 518.) On 
24 Oct. 1755 Charles and Mary Morris conveyed to their son Charles, for 
£300 sterling, the farm in Hopkinton " whereon they had formerly lived." 
Other transfers of land by Charles Morris, after he removed to Halifax, 
N. S., are recorded in the Middlesex Registry of Deeds. 

In his history of Halifax {Nova Scotia Hist. Coll., vol. 8, p. 229) Dr, 
Tliomas Beamish A kins says that Charles Morris was captain of a com- 
pany at Louisburg in 1745 ; but while this may be true, no list of the 
officers in this expedition as yet compiled mentions his name. In Oct. 1746, 
however. Gov. Shirley sent six companies of a hundred men each to Annapolis 
Royal, N. S., to protect that place against recapture by the French, and 
of one of these companies Morris was captain. In Dec. 1746 the larger 
part of this force was sent to Minas, King's Co., to guard tliat settlement 
during the winter, and Morris was captain of the first company to reach 
the place. On 31 Jan. 1747 a detachment of French troops, under a 

1913] Nova Scotians of New England Birth 289 

Canadian officer named Jean Baptiste Nicholas Roche de Ramezay, 
marched from Beaubassin to Grand Pre and surprised the garrison in the 
dead of night. In the attack many New England men were killed, 
wounded, or taken prisoners, Lieut.-Col. Arthur Noble from Maine and his 
brother Francis, among others, losing their lives. Morris, however, to 
whom is attributed much bravery in repelling the attack, escaped, and in 
Aug. and Sept. 1747 was in command of his company at ^Vniiapolis Royal, 
Daniel Dyson and Robert Noble, lieutenants, and David White, ensign, 
being his subordinate officers. 

Charles Morris had probably been trained as a surveyor, for under 
Shirley's direction in 1745 or 1746 he made a survey of the whole of Nova 
Scotia, with a view to British colonization. This survey was sent to the 
Lords of Trade in England, accompanied by a concise account of the state 
of the province at that time, and a copy of it may still be seen at Halifax, 
In 1749 Shirley, writing to the Duke of Bedford concerning Nova Scotia, 
refers to the plan and report of Morris, which he forwards. He says that 
Morris has distinguished himself by his behaviour at Minas and recom- 
mends that he be employed in further surveys in Nova Scotia. 

Halifax, N. S., was founded in the summer of 1749 by Col. the Hon. 
Edward Cornwallis and a company brought out by him from England. 
Almost as soon as he arrived, Cornwallis emploj^ed John Bruce, a military 
engineer, and Charles Morris, to plan and lay out the towu. AVith this 
important ser\'ice began Morris's career as " chief land surveyor " or, as 
later, " surveyor general of lands" in Nova Scotia. When the province 
was opened to British settlers, after the expulsion of the French, he was 
occupied in surveying the innumerable grants that were made to the Massa- 
chusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island applicants for land, and at that 
time, and for many years later, he was perhaps the most important official, 
next to the governor, in Nova Scotia. In Apr. 1752 he was appointed a 
judge of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, and 3U Dec. 1775 he took 
the oath as a member of the Council. When the first Nova Scotia assem- 
bly convened, 2 Oct. 1758, he and Benjamin Green, another Massachusetts 
man, also a member of the Council, were sent by the Council to administer 
the oaths to the newly elected members. For several years l)efore his death, 
but from what date we do not now know, he was a judge of the Supreme 
Court, and when Chief- Justice Jonathan Belcher died, 29 ilur. 177'i, Gov. 
Legge apjiointed him to act as chief-justice until a permanent appointment 
could be made. 

In 1752 Morris is mentioned in a list of those who have lived iu Halifax 
since 1749, his family then consisting of 5 males over 16, 2 females over 
16, and 1 male under 16, in ail 8 persons. Besides property in Halifax, 
where liis house stood, perhaps in Sackville Street, he owned a farm at 
Windsor, N. S., and at Windsor he died before 17 Nov. 1781, his will 
having been made at Halifax 10 May 1781 and a codicil having been 
added at Windsor 11 Oct. 1781. He was buried probably in the Windsor 
churchyard, but his hatchment, with many others, hangs in St. Paul's 
Church, Halifax. His widow, Mary (Read), died at Halifax 17 Mar. 
1782, "'aged 67," and her tombstone may be seen in St. Paul's church- 
yard there. 

Charles and Mary (Read) Morris had, it is said, nine sons and two daugh- 
ters, as follows : Charles, born probably iu 17ol or 1732, for whom see 
below; John; a son (probably); William, born at Hopkintou, Mass., 19 
Feb. 1736/7 ; Ilezekiah, born at Hopkinton 11 Mar. 17oti/9 ; Mary, born 

290 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [July 

27 Mar. 1742 and baptized in King's Chapel 31 liar. 1742, married 

Legget (perhaps Thomas^, and died before her father ; Alexander, born at 
Hopkinton 21 Mar. 1743/4; Francis, baptized at Hopkinton 21 Dec. 
1746; Samuel, baptized at Hopkinton 12 .June 1748; .James Ranstop, 
baptized at Hopkinton 20 May 1750; Sarah, born in Boston and baptized 
in King's Cliapel 23 Dec. 17.57, married first Dr. ^lalachy Salter and se- 
condly, 21 .Jan. 1788, Alexander Abercroml)ie Peters, M. D., of Boston, a 
surgeon in the U. S. Army, who died at Wilmington, N. C 

Charles Morris, son of Charles and Mary (Read), married Elizabeth 

, and had Charles, baptized at Hopkinton. Mass.. 18 Nov. 17.59, 

William, baptized at Hopkinton 17 Aug. 17130, and between 1708 and 1775 
other children whose baptisms are recorded in the registers of St. Paul's 
Church, Halifax, N. S. He died 26 Jan. 1802, aged seventy (tombstone). 
On 29 Mar. 1774 he had been sworn as a member of the Council of Nova 
Scotia, and on 17 Nov. 1781 had been appointed by Gov. Hammond to suc- 
ceed his father as chief land-surveyor. Although not a lawyer, he became 
an assistant judge of the Supreme Court. On his death in 1802 his son 
Charles was appointed chief land-surveyor, and became a member of the 
Council on 2 June 1808. This last-mentioned Charles died 17 Dec. 1831, 
"aged 72." and was in turn succeeded in the surveyor-generalship by his 
son John Spry Morris, the office thus remaining in the Morris family for 
four consecutive generations. 

The Morris family long kept its high standing at Halifax, and its name 
is perpetuated in the well-known Morris Street, on the south side of which, 
between Hollis and Water Streets, stood the house of the Charles Morris 
who died in 1831. An oil-portrait of a Charles Morris, painted, it is be- 
lieved, by Robert Field and probal)ly representing the owner of the house 
on Morris Street, is in the Provincial Museum at Halifax. 

Authorities : Council Books at Halifax, N. S.; Nova Scotia Archives ; I\Iur- 
doch's History of Nova Scotia, vols. 2 and 3 ; Gov. Shirley's Letters to Gover- 
nors of Nova Scotia ; Register, vol. 27, pp. 418, 419, vof. 49, p. 52 ; Eaton's^ 
History of King's County, pp. 46, 47 ; History of Redding, Conn., p. 260 ; 
Hopkinton (iNlass.) Vital Records ; Reade Record, No. 5 (1912), pp. 3. 4 ; 
Year-Book of the Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts, 1»98, pp. 263-266. 


Copied by Joel X. Exo,, of Hartford, Conn. 

WiLLiNGTON Hill Old Cemetery 

[Continued from page 65] 

James Dawley died Feb. 4, 1874. Aged 79. 
Joel Dawley died Oct. 5, 1846. Aged 21. 
John P. L."died Mar. 28, 1842, a<red a mo. 

Charles H. died Oct. 19, 1841, aged 4 weeks. 

Cliildren of George S. «t Sarah M. Dawley. 
Mary W. wife of Stanton B. Dawley died May 10. IS 67. aged 36. 

William P. their son died Feb. 18, 1860, aged 4 vrs. 

1913] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriiitions 291 

Mary E. Daugliter of Capt. Thomas W. & Mary B. [iic] Delphey died 
Aug. 17, 1852. Aged 8 yrs. 
t Mary S. wife of Tliomas \V'. Delphey died April 13, 1877. Aged 73. 

Tliomas W. Delplicy died Feb. 20, 1873. Aged 67. 

Julia, wife of Peter Deming died Sept. 10. 1852. Aged 50 yrs. 

Marcia Deming died Dec. Id, 1801. Aged GO. 

Peter Deming died July 16, 1860. Ajfed 74 v'rs. 

Alfred Mitchell DeWolf died Nov. 20,^1904. " Ased 58. 
; Esther May DeWolf died May 17, 1903. Agedl7. 

Susan M. onlv child of Amariah W. & Eliza H. Dexter died oct. 20, 1850. 
JE. 16 Ys. 

Sarah Eliza, oulv daughter of Doct. Francis L. & R. M. Dickinson died 
, Feb. 4, 1854. 2\ged 4 y'rs & 4 Mo's. 

Annie, wife of Addison D. Dimock died June 6, 1862, aged 27 years. 

Hellen Mar, daughter of Origin & Eliza Dimock died Oct. 1, 1834, aged 

Origin E. son of Origin & Eliza Dimock died March 25, 1837. iE. 7 M's. 
"William Henry, son of Rev. A. V. & S. W. Dimock died Dec. 15, 1859, 
i aged 9 years. 

I ... Mrs. Lois, wife of Samuel Dunton, Esq. who departed this life July lo, 

I 1788 in the 36th year of her age. 

. . . Samuel Dunton, Esqr. who died May 1, 1813, aged 64 years. 
1 Anna, wife of Erastus Edwards died Oct. 12, 1831. Aged 64. 

! Erastus Ed^vards died Nov. 24, 1850. Aged 80. 

\ Erastus Edwards died Nov. 4, 1880. Aged 79. 

Mary Ann his wife died Dec. 8, 1883. Aged 77. 
Miss Jerusha, daughter of Erastus & Anna Edwards died July 31, 1829. 

Aged 33. 
Seth Edwards died Dec. 20, 1873. Ae. 61. 

Marv Vj. his wife died April 22, 1874. Ae. 48. 
Almira Slafter, wife of Dea. Royal C. Eldredge Born Dec. 29, 1804— 

Died Oct. 11, 1869. 
Anna F. wife of William Eldredge died Aug. 12, 1866 aged 33. 
Mrs. Clarissa Eldredge . . . consort of Mr. Elijah Eldredge who died Oct. 
^ 2'.)tli. 1809 in the 28th year of her age. 

Cvrus Whiton, son of Capt. Elijah & Bethiah Eldredge, who died Nov. 27, 

1835. Aged 19 Y's. 
Daniel Eldredge, May 14, 1824-Julv 22, 1901. 

Caroline li. his wife, June 22, 1828-Oct. 16. 1903. 
Deborah, wife of Hezekiah Eldredge died Sept. 30, 1887. Aged 80. 
Elam Eldredge died Sept. 1, 1898. Aged 84. 
Elijah Eldredge, son of Capt. Elijah ik Bethiah Eldredge who died Sept. 

25, 1821. Aet. 27. 
Capt. Elijah Eldredge who died Oct. 11, 18 43, In his 74 year. Also 
Bethiah, his wife, died Oct. 10, 1843, in her 73 year. Both interred 
in one grave. 
Elijah Eldredge died Jan. 13, 1856 aged 77. 
Eri Eldredge died May 31, 1864. Aged 61 Y'rs. 
Hannah Chatfee, wife of Lucius Eldredge died Nov. 11, 1876. Aged 78 

Dea. Plezekiah Eldredge died Dec. 14, 1881. Aged 85. 
Laura C. wife of Hezekiah Eldredge died Mar. ll, 1859, aged 61. 



292 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriiitions [July 

. . . Lucius Eldredge, soq of dipt. Elijali & Bethiuh Eldredge died June 

l.s, 1825 in the 27tli year of his age. 
Lucius Eldredge. Feh. 25, 1825-Jan. 10, 1865. 
Luciu. Eldredu-e, 182'J-rJ05. 

Amv W. his wife, 18;32-1902. 
Liu-v ll.'u-ifp, of Eri Eldn.'dge died Feb. 3. 180S. Aged 61 Y'r3. 
Slarv Ehlredge died March 20, 1882. Aged 62. 
Persis Eldredge died Feb. 24, 1878. Aged 74. 
Dea. lloval C. Eldredge died March 17, 1861. xE. ^'>. 
Sally, wife of Elijah Eldr.-dge died Fel). 4, 1881 Aged 93. 
.Sarali Eldrediie Dieil in Willington -Julv 2, 1880. Aged 88 y'rs. 
V.'illiaui Eldredge died Dec. 6, 18»9. Aired-63. 
^\. Irving, son of Win. & A. F. Eldredge died June 30, 1880. Age 4 M's 

4 D's. 
Ariel Eldridge died Sept. 15, 1849. Ae. 58. 
Bethiah, wife of Zoeth Eldridge died June 17, 1850. Ae. 89. 
Eetsey, wife of Arial Eldridge died March 1, 1873, aged 78 yrs. 
Elizabeth Eldridge died April 24, 1857. Aged 52. 

Ira D. son of Arial & Betsey Eldridge, who <lied Oct. 17, 1841, aged 23. 
Phebe A. Eldridge died March 4, 1865. Ae. 36. 

"William H. son of Arial i!c Betsey Eldridge died July 17. 1854. Aged 23. 
Zoeth Eldridge who died March 18, 1828. aged 76 vears. 
Betsey, wife of William Esty died June 2^). 1858. 'jE. 69 Y's 6 mo. 
Mr. Benjamin Farlee who died April ye 30th, 1776 in ye 38th Year of his 

]Mrs. Jean Farlee who departed tliis life April ye 21st 1786 in ye 20th year 

of her Age. 
Susan, wife of Horace Farnham, Died .Ian. 10, 1856. Aged 56. 
GeoruiL- E. son of William iS; Susan Farnsworth. Died Au^. 26, 1870. Aged 

10 Mo's 13 D'ys. 
Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Varny Fellows, who died Aug. 23d, 1805 in the 

81t. year of her age. 
Mr. Al)iel Fenton died 3Iay 30. 1822. Ae. 55. 
Abigail, vdie of Rodei'ick Fenton, died June 29, 1830. Ae. 38 
Anna, wife of Eleazer Fenton died May 21. 1834. Ae. 74. 
Mrs. Anne, wife of Lieut. Francis Fenton who died Z\Iarch 16th, 1780 in 

her 50th year. 
Caleb, son of ilr. Eleazer & Mrs. Elizabeth Fenton, who died March 17, 

1792 in his 17 year. 
Chester Fenton died Apr. 8. 1867 aged 82. 
Cyru*, son of JMr. Abial & Mrs. Lucinda Fenton who died Sept. 28, 1796 

in his 8 year. 
Mr. Eleazer Fenton wdio died Feb. 6, 1799 in the 37th year of his age. 
Mr Eleazer Fenton who died 3Iarch 10, 1807. Aet. 74. 
Mr. Eleazer Fenton, who died Feb. 12th. 1816 in his 61 year. 
Eleazer F. son of Roderick Fenton, died at Northampton, Mass. Aug. 28, 

1846. Ae. 24. 
Major Elijah Fenton: he Departed this Life Octbr 10th 1776 in ye 41st 

year of liis age. . 

Jlrs. P3]i/al>eth Fenton, Relict of Mr. Eleazer Fenton died 15 ilarch 1817 

ill lier 81 year. 
Era.^tus Fenton, son of Lieut. Nath'll Fenton & Mrs Rebecca his wife: 

he died July 3d, 1770 in ye 14th year of his age. 

1913] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 293 

Henry A. son of Roderick & Abigail Fenton died Feb. 9, 1850. Aged 26. 
Jerusha, wife of Mr. Asa Fenton who died May 31st, 1780 in the 3 2d year 

of her age. 
John Fenton died Dec. IG, 1807 aged 44. 
Laura T. daughter of Samuel & Patience Fenton died April 8, 1848 in 

the 18th year of her age. 
Mrs. Lucinda Fenton, wife of Lieut. Abiel Fenton died 15 Dec. 1816 in 

her 42 year. 
Mrs. Matilda, the wife of Mr. Eleazer Fenton, who Departed this Life May 

the 1st, 1797 in the 35th year of her age. 
Lieut. Nathaniel Fenton, who Departed this Life Sept. 23d, A.D. 1758 in 

ye 3'Jth year of his Age. 
Patience, wife of Samuel Fenton died Nov. 26, 1868. Ae. 70. 
Phebe T. wife of Chester Fenton died Apr. 21, 1874 aged 82 
Mrs. Philena, daughter of iilr. Abiel & Mrs. Lucinda Fenton died Nov. 

11, 1819. Ae. 28. 
Polly, daughter of Mr. Elijah & ]liL:s. Polly Fenton died Sept. 29th, 1802 

in ye 4th year of her Age. 
Roderick Fenton died Oct. 6, 1851. Aged 61 y'rs. 
Samuel Fenton died Oct. 17, 1863. Aged 66. 
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Asa Fenton died April 22, 1816. Ae. 56. 
Sophronia, wife of Roderick Fenton died Feb. 17, 1871. Aged 69 y'rs. 
Sophronia A. Daughter of Roderick & Sophronia Fenton died Nov. 2, 

1849. Ae. 18. 
Sophronia Elizabeth, wife of Norman D. Fenton & daughter of Timothy 

& Thankful Holt died June 11, 1860, aged 28. 
Emily v. wife of Lucius Fish died Jan. 13, 1839. Ae. 25 y's. 
Elias' Fisher died Sept. 4, 1892. Aged 82. 

Sarah L. wife of Thomas E. Foshav died June 2, 1867. Ae. 42. 
Rev. Elisha Frink died May 23, 18"52. Aged 70. 

Rachel Eaton, his wife died Dec. 10, 1874. Aged 87. 
Fanny W. Frink died Aug. 2nd 1864. Aged 45. 

. . . Rev. Mr. Daniel Fuller, Late worth[y] pastor of ye Church of Christ 

in Willingtown, who died of ye small-pox Decemr ye 6th, A.D. 1758 

in ye GOth Year of his Age and ve 31st of His miuistrv. 

.John C. Fuller, Co. L 21 Regt. Conn. Vols, died Sept. 16. "1896. Ae. 72. 

. . . iVIrs Mary Fuller, Consort of the Rev. Daniel Fuller who Departed 

this Life Febr 22d, 1784 in ye 71st year of her Age. 
Olive D. wife of William Fuller, died Sept. 5, 1870. Aged 75 years. 
William Fuller died Aug. 9, 1840 aged 47. 
Benjamin Gee, born June 1, 1826, died Sept. 1, 1903. 

Eliza Ann Smith, his wife, born March 25, 1829, died April 12, 1895. 
Daniel Glazier, Esqr. died Dec. 28, 1852. Aged 76. 
Daniel Glazier, son of Isaac & Lucia Glazier died at Providence, R. I. 

Mar. 19, 1855. Ae. 27 v'rs. 
David Glazier died Sept. 2, 1858. Aged 87. 
Eliza, daugltter of Esq. Daniel & Mrs. Elizabeth Glazier died March 2, 

1815. Ae. 8 mo. & 10 d. 
Eliza, daugliter of Isaac & Lucia Glazier died April 30, 1827. Aged 10 

mo. Oc 28 days. 
Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Glazier, Esqr. who died April 26, 1836. Aged 

Fanny, wife of David Glazier who died July 4, 1843 aged 69 

294 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [July- 

Mrs. Fear, wife of Mr, David Glazier who died July 7tli, 1807 age 33. 
Hubbell Loomis Glazier, son^ of the late Orlan Glazier & Sophronia M. 

Johnson, born in Williagton, Ct. Sept. 24, 1838 ; died in St. Francis 

Hospital, Hartford, Ct. Aug. 23, 19U9. 
Isaac Glazier who died Feb. 4, 1835. Aged 32. 
Lucia, wife of Isaac Glazier died July 30, 1840. Aged 44. 
Lucius R. son of Isaac & Lucia Glazier died April 20, 1827 Aged 2 y's 

& 7 mo. 
Mary G. wife of Daniel Glazier born Dec. 11, 1702 died Dec. 11, 1875. 

Ae. 83. 
Orlan Glazier died April 13, 1857, aged 52. 
Lieut. Orlan Durand Glazier died April 24, 1887. Aged 43. He served 

three years in the late war, and was wounded at Cold Harbor. 
P. Durant, son of Orlan & Sophronia M. Glazier died 3Iarch 6, 1843. Ae. 

1 Y'r & 7 M's. 
Sophronia M. Johnson, wife of Orlan Glazier, Born April 3, 1814, Died 

March 25, 1898. 
Syllenda, 2d wife of Mr. David Glazier who died April 4, 1816 in the 36 

year of her age. 
Squire Goff died Oct. 3, 1851. ^. 74. 
Susan, wife of Squier Goif died July 11, 1853. ^-E. 75. 
Betsey, Dau'tr to Capt. John Goodwill & Sally his wife who died Febr 

24th, 1797. Aged 1 year. 
Ann, daughter of James Graham, born at Tyrone, Ireland Nov. 12, 1817, 

died at Willington, Ct. Dec. 13, 1849. 
James Graham died October 21, 1854 aged 78. 
Jane II. Graham died April 28, 1868, aged 60 y'rs 2 mo. 
Joseph Hanks died March 29, 1796, son to Lieut. Elijah & Mrs. Mary 

Hanks, in the 13 year of his age. 

Lucindy, died April 9, 1796, daughter to Lieut. Elijah & Mrs. Mary 
Hanks in the 6th year of her age. 
Ellen M. daughter of George & Melissa Hanover died Oct. 14, 1853. Ae. 

14 yrs. 
Henry M. son of Charles & Candace Hanover died Dec. 28, 1833. Aged 

16 years. 
Timothy B. son of Charles & Candace Hanover died Sept. 30, 1833. Aged 

4 months. 
Urial A. Hanover died Oct. 30, 1903, aged 77. 

Mary AV. his wife died Aug. 5, 1903, aged 77. 
Mary Mumford, widow of Capt. John Hart & mother of Polly Turner died 

Dec. 1835. Aged 77 years. 
Mr. Eday Hatch who died Julv 19th, 1781 in his 81st year. 
Will Hatten, May 17, 1848-June 29, 1878. 
Willie, only child of Will & Frances Hatten died Jan. 31, 1871. Aged 10 

mo's 20 days. 
Amanda M. wife of John Heath died Aug, 1, 1880. Aged 50. 

Charlie, her son. Aged 1 y'r 3 m's. 
Mr, Ebenezer Heath who Departed this life March 10th, 1798, in the 91st 

year of his age. 
Capt. Ebenezer Heath who Departed this life Octr 16, 1805 in the 73d 

year of his age. 
Mrs. ICsther daughter of Capt. Ebenezer Heath & Mrs. Hannah his wife, 

who departed this life Deer, ye 23d, 1786 in ye 20th year of her age. 

1913] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 295 

Mrs. Hannah, relict of Capt. Ebenezer Heath died March 26. 1S23. Ae. 91. 

John Heath died July 12, 1861. Aged 69 y"rs 5 ms. 18 days. 

Origen Heath, son of Mr. David & Mrs. Abigail Heath ; he died March 

the 20th, A.D. 1811, in the 14th year of his age. 
Phoebe, wife of John Heath died Feb. 26, 1877. Aged 81. 
Mrs. Anna, wife of Jlr. David Hinckley who died :\ray 2, 1809 in the 53d 

year of her age. 
Caleb, son of Mr. David & Mrs. Anna Hinckley, who died July 26th, 1790 

in ye 8th week of his age. 
David Hinckley died Jan. 24. 1835. Aged 81 years. 
Eber, son to Mr. David Hinckley & Anna his wife ; he died May 9 th, 

1796 in ye 5th year of his age. 
Mr. Jolin Hinckley who died Aug. 25th. 1788 in ye 77th year of his age. 
Mrs. Mary, the wife of Mr. Ichabod Hinckley who died Jan. ye 8th, 1769 

in ye 38th year of her Age. 
John Henry, son of John H. & Welthy .J. Holmes died Sept. 24, 1851. 

Ae. o yrs. 
Welthy Jane, wife of John H. Holmes died April 21, 1851. Aged 30. 
Mr. Abiel Holt: he died Xovr 10th, 1772 in ye 75th year of liis Age. 
. . . Deacn Abiel Holt . . . Departed this Life Octr 2d, A.D. 1785 in ye 

60th year of his Age. 
IVIrs. Abigail Holt, wife of Mr. Nathan Holt & Daughter of Mr. John 

Merick who died Deem ye 1st, 1765 in ye 29th year of her Age. 
Almira, daughter of Mr. James & Mrs. Mary Holt died Nov. 3, 1813. 

Ae. 3 -VTS. 
Almira P. 'wife of Timothy Holt died April 29, 1874. ^. 65 y'rs 10 

mo's & 29 days 
Amasa Holt died June 23, 1850. JE. 69. 
Amasa Holt, .Jr. died Sept. 16, 1854. Aged 45 years. 
Asenath, wife of Leonard Holt who died Feb, 13, 1813 in the 27 year of 

her age. 
JVIrs. Barsheba Holt, wife to Mr. Nathan Holt & ye Daughter of Mr. 

Sam'll Williams of Lebanon. She died Augst 1st, 1769 in ye 33d 

year of her Age. 
Mrs. Bathsheba, daughter of Nathan Holt & Lydia his wife. She died 

Jan. 20. 1790. "^Aged [broken]. 
Bathsheba Holt died Sept. 25, 1880. Aged 88 yrs. 
Mrs. Betsey Holt, wife of ^Ix. Joseph Holt who died May 7, 1314 in the 

39th year of her age. 
Betsey, wife of Amasa Holt died Oct. 3, 1851. JE. 74. 
Mr. Caleb Holt who died August 18th, 1810 in the 80th year of his age. 
Caleb Holt, son of Mr. Elijah & Mrs. Molley Holt who died Sept. 1 6. 

A.D. 1811 in the 14th vear of his age. 
Caleb Holt who died Sept. 8, 1826 aged 67. 
Caroline D. C. wife of William Holt died Feb. 29, 1864 aged 52 years 

11 mos. 6 days. 
Clarissa Holt, wife of Dea. John Holt died Feb. 25. 1840. Aged 65. 
Deluka W. widow of Joshua Holt died March 17, 1885. Aged 79. 
Elijah Holt, son of Mr. Elijah & Mrs. Molly Holt, who died March 8th, 

A.D. 1809 in the 17th year of his age. 
Deacon Elijah Holt who died .Julv 4th, 1817 in the 60th vear of his age. 
Eliza, wife of Gen. Orrin Holt died Apr. 8, 1850. Aged''49. 

[To be continued] 

296 Notes [July 


By John Albree, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Hilassachusetts, 3 March, 1913. A stated meetiii? of the Society waa 
held iu Wilder Hall. 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.ji.. President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the annual meetiu;^ were approved, and the montlily reports 
of the Lilirarian. Corresponding Secretary, and Council were accepted. 

One correspoudiug member and nineteen resident members were elected by 

The paper of the afternoon, WhaUiuj Ventures and Adventures, was by George 
H. Tripp, Librarian of the Free Public Library, New Bedford. He described 
the methods of the whalemen in the dangerous pursuit, and related many inci- 
dents of the men who sailed from New Bedford when it was the greatest 
whaling-port in the world. 

At 3.40 the meeting adjourned. 

3 April. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ash- 
burton Place, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the March meetuis were approved, and the reports of the 
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Twenty-flve resident members were elected by ballot. 

The paper of the afternoon, by Rt. Rev. William Lawrence. D.D.. of Boston, 
was on Christ Church, known in modern times as the Old North Church. He 
related the perplexing legal situations that were met. growing out of the an- 
cient constitution of the parish, and how they were adjusted. The -work of 
restoration of the church was explained in detail, as well as the finding of evi- 
dence of the original conditions so that they have been reproduced with ex- 
actness. Lantern-slides at the close of the address showed what had been 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and. publishers have used the name of the Society 
in connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those that it isgues over its own name 
at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no ofl3.cial representative in England 
the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her time as 
a searcher of records there along special lines for the benefit of the 

Roger Kexyon at Block Island. — In his Lancashire Pedigrees, London, 
1873, the late Joseph Foster, Esq., iu giving an account of the noble family of 
Lord Kenyon of Gredington, states that Roger Kenyon, son of Roger Kenyon 
of Peel, Esq., was educated at Cambridge and died s. p. The elder Roger 
Kenyon was governor of the Isle of Man and M. P. for Clitheroe. and his son 
Roger was born, according to Dugdale's Visitation, 29 Feb. 1C59/G0. He was 
the"eldest sou, the ancestor of Lord Kenyon being the fourth son of the elder 
Roger, Thomas, who was born in 1668. That the younger Roger did not die 
s. p., but married on Block Island and had a son Roger, is conclusively proved 
by the Block I.sland records, together with certain letters in the Kenyon Manu- 
scripts, printed iu the Fourteenth Report of the Historical Manuscripts Com- 


ITotes 297 

The Block Island records give the marriase, 11 Oct. 1G83, of Roger Kenvou 
and Mary Ray and the birth of their son Roger, 23 Jaa. 1G84/5. This Mary 
Ray wasbomon Block Island I'J May IGOT, and was the daughter of tlie ven- 
erable Simon Ray, one of the founders of the Block Islaud settlement, by liis 
wife, Mary Thonks of Marshfleld. Their granddaughter Catherine Ray. the wife 
of Gov. William Greene of Rhode Island, in writing of her grandfather's family 
in a letter dated at Warwick, R. I., o 'Sla.w 171)3, states that her grand fatlier's 
eldest daugliter Mary "• married an Englishman, who carried her to Kimland, 
and she was the first American lady introduced to the king and kissed his liand." 
On 20 Oct. 1707 Sarali Dickens entered upon the Block Island records an oath tliat 
at the request of Mr. Roger Kenyon she wished to state that she saw liis lather, 
Roger Kenyon, married to his mother. Mary Ray, and that the said Roirer Keu- 

you was the reputed son of Roger Kenyon Esquire of in Lancashire. lu 

the oriiiinal record the name of the residence of this Roirer Kenyon is almost 
illegible, but it appears to be Mareshere or possibly Manchester. 

In the Kenyon ilanuscripts there is a letter, dated at Liverpool, 10 July 1GS3, 
from Edward Tarlton to Roger Kenyon at Peel, reading: "My son Edward, 
beinge arrived from Barbados, gives me account that your sonne took occasion 
to leave Barbados and is safely arrived at New York, in America, where he 
teacheth gentleman's children, and is engaged there to continue for two or three 
yeares, by covenant with a gentleman there." Otlier letters in the collection 
show that this son's name was Roger, and that he subsequently returned to 
England and became a fellow of Cambridire University. In a letter, dated at 
Stockport 5 Apr. 1694 and addressed to his mother, Alice Kenyon, he Avrites 
that owing to his opposition to the then Goveniraent he had left the University 
and was at a farmer's house, learning the art of husl)andry. He concludes with 
these words : " whei'e I am very well employed in learning the art of husbandry 
and courting my landlord's daughter against the days prohibiting matrimony 
be over." It is clear, therefore, that at this date Mary (Ray) Kenyon was dead, 
and that Roger purposed to marry again. Other letters prove that he had been 
sold for some misdemeanor and transported to Barbados, whence he drifted to 
New York and thence to Block Island. 

It would appear that the son Roger, born in 1684/5, sent to Block Island for 
proof of his father's marriage, and this explains the deposition of 20 Oct. 1707. 
This son died probably .s. p. Shortly after the date of Roger Kenyon's marriage 
a John Kenyon was at Westerly, R. I., only a few miles from Block Island, and 
was taxed there in 1687, and from this John the numerous Kenyons of that sec- 
tion are descended. 

Netoport, R. I. G. Akdrews Moriaett, Jr. 

Waxker-Edwards. — " S** day, March 15"> 1725/G. Mrs. Palsgrave Walker, 
(whose Maiden name was Edwards) is buried. Bearers, Sewall. Davenport; 
Dr. Clark, Col. Fitch: Belcher esqr., Palmer esqr. Was laid in her Husband's 
Toml) in the old burying place. Lt Gov there. Ministers, Mr. Colman, Mr. 
Cooper; Mr. Myles, Mr. Harris. After the Funeral Mr. Walker told me, their 
Marriage Relation had continued 44, years 2 Moueths 3 days." (5 ^triss. Hist. 
Soc. Coll., vol. 7, pp. 371-2.) This is an extract from Judge Sewall's Diary. 
The editors of the diary attempted, but without success, to identify the deceased. 
In their note she is correctly given as the wife of Benjamin Walker, merchant, 
of Boston. In 1705/6 Walker and his wife, with Joshua Lamb and wife Susanna, 
convey real estate formerly belonging to John Alcock of Roxbviry. (Suffolk 
Deeds, Lib. 22, fo. 399.) The editors are also confused by the name Palsgrave, 
as John Alcock had a son Palgrave, who later had a wife Esther. They suggest 
that Sewall may have mistaken Edwards and Edmunds, and that Mrs. Walker 
may have been a daughter of Joshua Edmunds of Charlestown, who is said to 
have married a daughter of Dr. Richard Palsgrave. 

The source of the title of Benjamin Walker to part of the estate of John 
Alcock is shown l)y the will of George Alcock, son of John, of the parisli of 
St. Katherine Cree Church, London," dated 27 Feb. 1676/7 and proved 9 Mar. 
following. (Register, vol. 50, p. 119.) Of his lands situate in New England 
he gives one half part "to my cousin Benjamin Walker, citizen and pewterer 
of Loudon," and one eighth part " to my kinsman Joshua Laml)." He also gives 
ten pounds "to my uncle John Edwards the elder." He makes Benjamin 
Walker, Zacharlah Whitman, and Peter Thacher executors. A sketch of George 

298 mtes [July 

Alcock's life is given iu Sil)Iey's Harvard Graduates, vol. 2. p. 420. His motlier 
was Sarali, danirliter of Dr. Richard and Auu Palsirrave. His paternal i^rand- 
fatlier was Or. Georjre .Vlcoclc of Koxbury. There is no <iuestiou tliat Benjamin 
"Walker of Boston, raercliant, is identical with Benjamin Walker, pewterer, 
who is mentioned in tlie will. 

In the parisli registers of Stepney, co. Middlesex, Entrland, is recorded the 
raarriaire. « .Jan. li;71/2, of Benjamin Walker of St. Botolpli. .\ldy:ate. pewterer. 
and Talsgrave Edwards of Green Banck, maid. Thus Sewall's statement of the 
maiden name of Mrs. Palsgrave AValker is proved to be correct, thoui^li he mis- 
states by ten years the lenicth of their married life. 

In IGTO tliere was in Charlestown a chlrur^eoa from Lymehonse. Stepney, l)y 
name .John Edwards, whose death is noted as follows in a narrative of Sir 
"William Phips's expedition to Canada in IGUO : Oct. 4, ■• tliis moruin<? dyed Dr 
Edw'ds on board ye Hospital." He married, according to Wyman f Genealogies 
and Estates of Charlestown. p. 330), Elizabeth Walker, who died a widow 2.5 
July 1694, administration on the estate being granted to brother Benjamin 
"Walker of Boston. We believe that Wyman Is wrong in his statement that 
John Edwards married Elizabeth Walker. It would seem, on the other hand, 
from the facts presented, that John Edwards was brother of Palsgrave (Ed- 
wards) Walker, and that Benjamin Walker was the brother of Elizabeth Edwards 
only by marriage. 

It is probable that "John Edwards the elder," who is mentioned in the will 
of George Alcock as his uncle, was the father of John Edwards of Charlestown 
and of his sister Palsgrave (Edwards) Walker, and that their mother was a 
Palsgrave ; but the exact relationship of the mother to Dr. Richard Palsgrave 
remains as yet nnknown. 

John Edwards, a son of John and Elizabeth, was baptized 13 Mar. 1C86/7, and 
married, 2'.J Oct. 1C94, Sybel Newman, daughter of Rev. Antipas Xewman and 
his wife Elizabeth, who was a daughter of Gov. John Winthrop of Connecticut. 
Elizabetii (Winthrop) Xewman married (2) Zerubbabel Endicott. son of Gov. 
John Endicott. Sewall writes in his Diary, 7 Dec. 1710 : " Friday, Madam 
Elizabeth Endicott alias Winthrop, buried from her son Edwards' : put into 
Gov. Winthrop's Tomb." 

It was prol)ably on this marriage that the following claim was based : '• Upon 
a petition of M'' John Edwards of Boston Sheweth— That whereas there is a 
Tomb intheSoutliBuryingplacebelonging to the Late Govemour Endicot, which 
has been unimproved for many years, and there being no family in Said Town 
nearer Related to the Said Govemour Endicot famely then his. Desires he may 
have Liberty granted him to make use of it for his family. Granted that the Said 
John Edwards has Liberty to Improue the Said Tomb until a person of Better 
Eight to it appears to Claim it." (Boston Records.) The Edwards tomb is on 
the north side of the Granary Burying-Gronnd, nearly opposite Tremont Place. 

This was not the only connection of the Edwards with the Endicott family ; 
for John Endicott, son of Zerubbabel, who was a physician like his father and 
grandfather. Gov. John Endicott, resided for some time iu London, where he 
married Anna, said to have been a daughter of Robert Edwards. HLs oldest 
son, Robert Edwards Endicott, was born iu Loudon. 

John Edwards of Boston, goldsmith, who married Sybel Xewman, was an 
undertenant of Madam Bridget Usher, previous to 1700, in her house on the 
north side of the town house, in what is now State Street. He was the father 
of John Edwards, the bookseller, whose shop in 1718 was next door to the 
Light Horse Tavern, on the south side of the town house, in King Street. The 
younger man died 7 May 1725 ; but the father survived him and lived until 1746. 
John, the goldsmith, was a member of the Artillery Company in 1699, and, ac- 
cording to the published history of the Company, joined it when he was about 
twelve years old. This history states that he was born in 16^7 and was the 
son of the chirurgeon of Charlestown, Dr. John Edwards from Stepney, and 
also that he was a tithingman in 1701, at the age of fourteen. Of course this is 
incorrect, as the goldsmith married in 1694 and had, 3 Jan. 1695/6, John the book- 
seller, and later Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, who survived their father, Antipas 
and Richard, who died young, and three dausihters, .\nn. Elizabeth, who married 
Bartholomew Cheever, and Mary, who married Ebenezer Storer. At his death 
his house and shop were on Cornhill. A few years before his death he married, 
26 Aug. 1740, the widow Abigail (Fowle) Smith of Charlestown, mother of 

1913] I^otes 299 

Eev. William Smith of Weymouth. Her daiisrhter Sarah bad married in 1733 
Samuel, son of the goldsmith. Abigail, daughter of Rev. William Smith, mar- 
ried Presideut Jolm Adams. Wyraau malces uo meution of the marriage of the 
widow Smith to Jolin Edwards. She survived him aud died iu 17G0, her daugh- 
ter Sarah, wife of Samuel Edwards, being one of the residuary legatees. 

Elizabeth, a sister of John Edwards, the goldsmith, married iu 1G97 .John 
Allen, iroklsmith. son of Rev. James Allen by his second wife, the widow Eliza- 
beth (Ilouchln) Endicott, daughter-iu-law of Gov. Eudicott. 

Maiden, Mass. Walter Ivendall Watkins. 

Historical Intelligekce 

MissoLTii Historical Society. — The Missouri Historical Society has now a 
permanent home in the Jeiferson Memorial at Forest Park, St. Louis. Mo., a 
tire-proof Iniilding of great architectural beauty, which was erected with funds 
that remained after the closing of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The 
Society has the use of the entire building except the west wing, and has abun- 
dant space for its archives and for meetings of any character. This new home 
of the Society was formally opened to the public on the evening of 1 May li)13, 
when appropriate addresses were delivered by President W. K. Bixby, Gen. 
James Grant Wilson of New York, and others. The New England Historic 
Grenealogical Society was represented at these exercises by Messrs. Addison Ly- 
man Day and Wilbur Fisk Warner of St. Louis. 

JIaxtjscript Genealogies in the Library of the Rhode Island 
HiSTORic.u:- Society 
The Rhode Island Historical Society has in its Library at Providence a con- 
siderable number of manuscript and typewritten genealogies, many of which 
contain information that can be found in no other place. In order that this 
information may be more easily accessible to those engaged iu genealogical 
research, the Librarian of the Society, Howard M. Chapin, A.B., has kindly for- 
warded to the Register the following list of these genealogies. M indicates 
a manuscript and T a typewritten genealogy. 

Aldrich, George, b. 1600, Descendants. M. 6 p. 

Aldrich, Moses, Descendants. M. 4 p. 

Angell Wills in England, Index of. By Walter F. Angell. T. 4 p. 

Antram, William, of Providence, 1679-1753. Descendants. By W. W. Chapin. 

T. 1.5 p. 
Arnold, .John, Descendants. M. 4 p. 
Arnold, Jonathan, of Providence, R. I., and St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1741-1798, 

Descendants. Bv W. W. Chapin. T. 8 p. 
Arnold, Jonathan, of Smithtield, R. I., 170G-1796, Descendants. By W. W. 

Cliapin. T. 27 p. 111. 
Baker family of Rehoboth. Mass. M. 2 vols, and loose papers. 
Balcom family. By A. D. Hodges, Jr. M. 5 p. 
Bartlett family. By John R. Baitlett. M. Go p. 
Bates. Samuel, of Scituate, R. I., d. 1746, Descendants, including Graves and 

Sarle. By Frank G. Bates. T. 18 p. 
Bernon family, including Allen and Crawford. By Z. Allen. M. 
Bowen, Richard, Descendants. M. 4 p. 
Bowen, Richard, of Rehoboth, Mass., d. 1674, Descendants. By W. W. Chapin. 

T. 14 p. IU. 
Brackett family. By Grace Brackett. M. 34 p. 
Brown, Ainasa, 1754-1830, Descendants. M. 5 p. 
Bui'zess family of Cranston. By Geo. T. Paine. M. 71 p. 
Burlinsame, Roger, of Stonington, Conu., and Providence, R. I., d. 1718. M. 

4 vols, and loose papers. 
Carter, John, of Providence, Descendants. By B. B. Carter. M. 4 p. 
Chace, Silas. Desceudauts. M. 

Chapin family in Europe, containing ancestry of American ChapLns. By How- 
ard M. Chapin. M. 74. 

300 mtes [July 

Cliapin, Joseph, of Providence, 1730-1809, Descendants, including families of 
"Willard. Hill, Thornton. .Greene, Waterman. Condit. Hopes, Eames, Bart- 
lett, and Downes. By AVm. W. Chapin. T. 13 p. 
Cliapin, Seth, of ilendon, Mass.. b. 174fi, Descendants. iucludin<? families of 
Cliapiu of Mendon, Chapin of Providence, Underwood. Starli weather. Read, 
Edsecumb, Pitclier, Fisli, Brown, Stratford, and Kelley. By Howard il. 
Cliapin. M. 'J p. 
Churcliill family. T. 2 p. 

Clarlv. Jeremiah, d. 1G61, Descendants. By Peleg Clarke. M. 8 p. 
Cole familv of Narrasansett. T. 4 p. 
Collins family. M. 20 p. 
Compton family, il. 5 p. 
Cooke family. T. 5 p. 

Corlis family of Providence. By Wm. W. Chapin. T. 4 p. 
Crandall family. M. 33 p. 
Dexter, Richard, of Boston, b. 1598. Descendants, including families of Sprague, 

Mears, Sigoumey, Gordon, and Grant. M. 59 p. 
Dungan family. M. (3 p. 
Dunn, Samuel, of Providence, 1724-1797, Descendants. Bv Wm. TV. Chapin. 

M. lip. 
Dyer genealogy. M. 10 p. 

Dyer, William, d. 1677, Descendants. By Geo. T. Paine. M. 217 p. 
Field, John, of Providence, d. abt. 1685, Descendants. By Geo. T. Paine. 

M. 287 p. 
Field, William, of Providence, d. 1665, Descendants. By Geo. T. Paine. 

M. 388 p. 
Frost, Nicholas, of Piscataqua, d. 1663, Descendants. By Usher Parsons. M. 

34 p. 
Gladding, John, of Newbury, d. 1727, Descendants. M. 40 p. 
Gould genealogy. M. 4 p. 
Halsey, Thomas Lloyd, 1751-1782, Descendants, including families of Creighton 

and Cross. By Wm. W. Chapin. M. 15 p. 
Hammond, AVilliam, of Exeter and Newport, d. 1798, Ancestry. T. 33 p. 
Havs^es family. M. 3 p. 

Hayward senealogy. By Marcus T. Janes. M. 6 vols. 
Hensha\v,"Daniel, 1762-1825, Ancestry. T. 24 p. 
Hoppin familv of Providence, including Howland, Bowers, Drer, Knight, Jones, 

and Morton. By Wm. W. Chapin. M. 38 p. 
Howard family. See Hayward. 

Humphreys, Josiah, of Barrington. Descendants. M. 6 p. 
Jackson, Stephen, of Providence. 1700-1765, Descendants. By Wm. W. Chapin. 

T. 27 p. 111. 
Jenckes family of Rhode Island. By Esek Esten. M. 18 p. 
Jones. Thomas, of Providence, 1746-1815, Descendants. Bv Wm. W. Cliapin. 

M. 19 p. 
Larkin family. M. 28 p. 
Latham family. M. 4 p. 
Manton, Daniel, of Providence, 1743-1808, Descendants. By Wm. W. Chapin. 

T. 12 p. 
Marsh family of Newport. M. 5 p. 

Martin genealogy. Addenda. By Emma F. Cunliff. T. 10 p. 
Mason, Sampson, Descendants. By Owen Mason. T. 87 p. 
Mason, Sampson, of Rehoboth, Mass., d. 1676, Descendants. M. 
Matthewson, James, of Providence, d. 1682, Descendants. By Almon D. Hodges. 

M. 74 p. 
Nightingale family. By Mrs. Lewis J. Chace. M. 36 p. 
Nightingale family. By Wm. W. Chapin. T. 15 p. 
Paine genealoijies. By Geo. T. Paine. M. 9 vols. 

Peck genealogy, photographs, a supplement to printed genealogy. 87 01. 
Peckham genealosy. M. 19 p. 
Perry, John, of Roxbury, Descendants. T. 7 p. 
Rhodes family of Rhode Island. M. 26 p. 

Root collection. Eleven cases of loose manuscripts, collected by the late James 
P. Root, an eminent genealogist, and dealing chiefly with Rh